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New York, July 4 t - 1903. 


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July 4. 

M155 CIipper'5 

Anecdotes, Personalities and Comments, 


STAGE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS 


A popular theatrical man recently enter- 
tained In this ctcnt metropolis bit node 
from tho South. While the old gentleman 
enjoyed the sights he was taken to see, and 
the pleasures In which he took part, he sel- 
dom refrained from expressing a comparison 
In favor of his South, which he, as a loyal 
Southerner, felt In duty bound to do. Es- 
pecially proud was he of his city, Shreve- 
port, La., nod this be praised far beyond 
Its deserts In his desire to do It full Justice. 

"Those buildings are somewhat higher 
than those at present In Sbreveport," be 
was forced to admit on being shown the 
sky-scraper district, "but, you see, there's 
so much more room there that we're not 
obliged to climb Into apace in order to 

It mattered not what wonders he wit- 
nessed In the North, he declared, or at least 
Intimated, the superiority of the South. 

The manager took the old gentleman to 
view New York Bay from the Battery, and 
on that day It seemed especially alive with 
craft. The ferries, plying in all directions, 
almost running Into each other, the larger 
vessels which moved more slowly, the noisy 
little tugs, the laden schooners, the ocean 
liners, the tramps, and shipping of every 
description were so numerous and so busy 
that the sight on tho bay was that day un- 
usually animated. It made a deep Impres- 
sion on the Southerner, whose thoughts 
turned to bis own city, where the river, with 
Its comparatively few boats, is the greatest 
show point. Turning to his nephew, who was 
curiously awaiting bis uncle's verdict on 
the grand spectacle before blm, he said, In 
the tone and manner of the one generously 
conceding a point : 

"Do you know, dear boy, that your city, 
With this wonderful display of shipping on 
the bay here, so reminds me of home that 
it might be called the Shreveport of the 
North I" 

la a production on Broadway, where stage 
money Is a part of the properties, the prodi- 
gal use of It has necessitated a frequent call 
upon the treasurer for real money to pur- 
. chase the play money, . 

; Tho property roan. has within the space 
of two or three weeks made several calls 
of this sort upon the treasurer, who aston- 
ished that useful member of the stage upon 
his last requisition by handing blm a twenty 
dallar. bill with the order! , 

"Here, Sam, go and get. that changed Into 
one dollar, bills and use toe real money ; It 
Is; .cheaper In. the end, considering what 
you're spending for the. bogus." 

' V 

A facetious actor, suggested the other day 
that the. "walk of the ghost" might be aptly 
termed a "spiritual promenade.' 1 

' 9 ■ ■ 

The . following Is a short conversation 
beard the. other day In one of the corridors . 
of the Knickerbocker Building. The Jra"' 
malls jxYioriod were two young actresses,;* 
oue exquisitely dressed In the latest mode,*; 
and the other In very ordinary attire. . '•'•'*•> 

Maud. — "I saw your show the other night. 
I thought you were going to have such a' 
great part, but you don't, seem to bavo much 
to do oxcept to act as 'feeder' for the other 
people." . .. '■ > .. 

Sadie.— "Well, It's something to be able 
to 'teed' well, Isn't it J" . 

Maud. — "Yes, but after the manager's 
promise to give you something really good, 
and not making good, only giving you a 
small 'feeding' part, I'd throw It up If. I 
were you, and try for something better." 

Sadie. — "That's easy enough for you, who 
have a bank account, to say, but what could 
1 do, who have only my .salary to dress and 
to pay my board with? A part even as 
'feeder' is better than noue — you see I have 
to 'feed' to eat." 

usual hard hit the long suffering target 
remonstrated, saying: 

"Yon and I, after all, are of the samo 
craft — we row In the same boat" 

"Yes," assented Jcrrold julckly, "but not 
with the same skuiit, my boy." 

An English guest of one of the club mem- 
bers beard the story, and finally seeing ■tho 
point, after 'a minute's thought, broke Into 
hearty laughter, vowing at the same time to 
spring the story on a friend, which be did 
half an hour later, though greatly wonder- 
ing why his listener did not appreciate his 
telling of It, which was the same as that ot 
bis friend up to the real point, which he 
lost. Here bia version was, "but our beads 
are not the same size, don't you know, dear 


A son of the Emerald Isle who Is night 
watchman at one of the Bowery theatres 
recently saved himself by bis ready wit 
from being discharged for neglect of duty. 
Several times when he bad been wanted he 
lias been found fast asleep, either from the 
effects of mixed ale or fatigue. One night 
the manager needed bis services, and re- 
ceiving no response to his call, went in 
search of Fat, whom he found asleep In the 
property room. 

"This Is the last time you'll have a chance 
In my employ to sleep nn your watch," ex- 
claimed the manager angrily. 

"Sure, I wasn't ashlepe on me watch," 
was the quick answer of tbe Hibernian, 
"how cud I when It's 'round tbe corner at 
Solomon's place I" 


At a rehearsal not long ago the stage 
manager was berating a venerable actor 
who had failed In one of his scenes to reach 
the height of nnger that he thought neces- 
sary at a certain point. The old actor, 
whoso method was strongly convincing 
rather than melodramatic, Anally, after two 
or threo attempts to please tbe manager, 

"If you will kindly tell or show me ex- 
actly what you wish me to do, I'll try to 

"Pace excitedly up and down tbe stage," 
directed the manager, "tear your uulr, swing 
>our arms wildly about your bead, gnash 
your teeth " 

"I will do everything you euggCBt," In- 
terrupted the elderly thesplan, "everything 
except I bo last. I will not gnash my teeth— 
my gnashing days arc over — I'm wearing 
store teeth." 

Ilnclinel, tbe great French actress, once 
said to Dumns: 

"If you could rearrange your life, whnt 
would you bo?" 

"That Is onilly answered," said the gront 
writer: "up to tho ago of thirty I would 
be a handsome woman, and from that age to 
lifty I would he a great genera) ; after that 
I would be a cardinal." 


At one of tho New York club* frequented 
liy players and playwrights one of them re- 
lated a bit of conversation that was said 
lo have taken place between Douglas Jcr- 
rold. the playwright, and a lesser light whom 
.lerrold frequently n:Hdc tho target for his 
hrllllnnt shafts of wit. 'After a more than 

SIR. AND Mils. II A It It V S, HA 11 1 l.i: II. 

. The above represents a- new musical act, 
which Is fast coming to the front' by reason 
of the cleverness and originality of the team, 
and tbe brightness of the comedy and music. 

UaudCD.lle and minstrel. 

— Manager ' Jos Oi-pbnhbimeb writes: !'I 
closed my season with Miss New York Jr., 
at Buffalo, and must • ssy that It ' was as 
good a season ns I have bad In years. Con- 
sidering tbe fact that I played mostly one 
night stands, tbe result of my season's 
work has Indeed been. encouraging, and as a 
result of tbe pronounced success of Miss 
New York Jr. as an . extravagant* I Intend 
placing this attraction In the best class of 
night stunds next season, under the manage- 
ment of the team, Marlon and Pearl. The 
show will be- mounted and played as a high 
class musical comedy. The Fay Foster Co. 
will be under my personal supervision. I 
have already engaged for this attraction the 
Cosmopolitan Trio, Terry Elmer and com- 
pany, Moeher. Houghton and Mosber, Prof. 
Crane, and Cunningham and Grant, who 
Join hands next season, after a nine years' 

Clarice Temi'leton, who played South- 
ern Park, Pittsburg, Pa., last week, la this 
week at West Park, Homestead. She Is now 
doing a single turn, and Is meeting with suc- 
cess. 8he gets many return dates. 

Shannon and Lucieb are on tbe Shayne 
circuit of parks, and are meeting with suc- 


their ilft'h successful week, and have made 
a decided hit. The Novelty Comedy Four. 
MoDevItt and Kelly, and Robin, Bryant and 
Savllle are all enjoying good health and a 
pleasant trip. Bryant A Bavllle'a baseball 
team defeated the Tumbling Hun Park team 
by a score of 8 to 0. 

John J. Subfpabd, who opened June IS 
on the Casey circuit of parks, was last week 
at Palmer, Mass. 

Remhuy and Uradiiau, who are doing well 
on the Pacific coast, opened for two weeks 
at the Cesur d'Alene, Spokane, Wash., and 
are now at the Crystal, Seattle. They are 
booked for thirty weeks on the coast. 

Tub Kates Bhotiidiis, who recently closed 
with the Qreat Barlow Minstrels, are play- 
ing dates. They are booked up until No- 

Nellie Buckley, who closed a successful 
season of twenty weeks at the Howard The- 
atre, Boston, June 20, will spend her Sum- 
mer vacation at the seashore. 

Qbnaro and Bailey state that they have 
been exceptionally successful on their West- 
ern tour. They will produce their new act, 
"A Cigarette Case," next season. The fol- 
lowing year they will be starred In a new 
niUBlcnl comedy. 

Edith Hart and Rudy Raymond have 
separated. Miss Hart Is now working with 
tor brother, Willie, and tbe team Is itnown 
as the Harts. They have Just closed Ave 
successful weeks at Wrlghtsvllle Reach Ca- 
sino, N. C. 

Beaumont and tlAYWARD have left the 
Queen City Gardens, Blmlra, N. Y., and arc 
now playing a threo weeks' engagement at 
Ontario Beach. They have signed with tbe 
"Foxy Mrs. KntzonJnmmer" Co. for next 
season, to play leading comedy parts and 
do their specialty. 

Fiu:i)i:nio La, magician, has Just 
closed successful engagements at Linden- 
wald Park, Hamilton, 0., and Glendale Park, 
Nashville, Tenn., with Olympla Park, Chat- 
tanooga, and Lebanon, Annlston and Hunts- 
vine, Ala., to follow. He has signed with 
Alfred Dnvles, ot Minneapolis, to bo one num- 
ber of an exclusive lyceum course, opening 
Sept. 10, touring the larger cities of the 
Northwest. He will be associated with J. 
R. Gagnler, who will fill the capacity of 
assistant and also Introduce his Juggling 

Notes mom the Al. 0. Field Gbbatbb 
Minbtbils.— "During the coming season tbe 
comedy contingent will Include the names ot 
Al, G. Field, Harry Shunk, Tommy Donnelly, 
Doc. Qulgley, Billy Murray, John Black- 
ford, Tommy Odell, Tommy Hyde, Less Fair- 
man, Billy Cawley. The vocal corps will 
have among Its soloists Beese V. Prosser, 
Joseph E. Blampbln, Matt Keefe, George 
Pearce, Wm. H. Atkinson, Tom McKenpa, 
Benson B. Batbrlck, Frank L. MIncb, with 
Paul La Londe as vocal dlractor. The 
specialties: Tbe Lelgbs (Percy and brother), 
billiard cue performers, their first American 
appearance, and the Parrentos, eight per- 
sons, In a classical statuary act, "The 
Sculptor's Dream" (also their first American 
appearance). Among the American contin- 
gent of specialties are the names of tbe W al- 
tons, six people, In their new specialty. 
'Foxy Grandpa,' and the Four Mignanis, In 
a new musical feature,. 'The Electrical 
Track Layers;' Burt Cutler's Military Band 
and Orchestra, Burt Cutler, Ernest Mlgnanl, 
August Mlgnanl, Hannibal Mlgnanl, Aldo 
Mlgnanl, Alonzo Mlgnanl, Burt Stuart, Mack 
Close, A. P. Snapp, Harvey Miller, Billy 
Cawley, C. A. Poorman, John Baker, E. A. 
Schulcr, Dean Jackson, C. A. Wolfe, Andy 
Dumont, Thos. Hyde, Paul La Londe, Ben- 
son B. Batbrlck, Lester Falrman, Joe 
Fletcher, Wm. Jordan. Will J. Donnelly, 
general agent: J. E. Hatfield, advertising 
agent; Edward Conard, treasurer; Will Con- 
way, secretary, and Al. G. Field, proprietor 
and manager." 

A birthday party was given In honor ot 
Agnes Esman, youngest daughter of Harry 
Thomson, on Monday, June 22, at which 
quite a number of friends and children 

fathered. She received numerous presents, 
nstrumental music and vocal selections 
were rendered, and Harry Kane, magician 
and ventriloquist, also amused tbe children. 

Baby Ldcile, of the Four Bullock Chil- 
dren, who Is only four years old, 
was a decided hit and a drawing card 
at Llndley Park. Greensboro, N. C, and was 
re-engaged by Manager Wertley for eight 
weeks on the circuit. 

Howe and Decker, who are In their ninth 
week with the Great Barlow Minstrels, are 
meeting with success. 

It was recently announced that the Em- 
pire Theatre, Seattle, Wash., was opened by 
weston & Herbert on June 7. Messrs. - 
- Weston As Emmet, the proprietors and mana- 
gers, write that the house was opened on 
May 22, and the business bas been to the 
capacity every night, with a fair attendance 
at the matinees. 

Morris and Dai.y closed a successful sea- 
son with W. B. Watson's Orientals, and are 
playing the Oblo parks, with Pastor's, week 
of July 0, and the Pennsylvania parks to 

J. Herbert Mack and Lotus Robib have 
offices at 1,430 Broadway, New York, from 
which their various enterprises will be dl- 
. rccted. , 

Hathaway- and Walton, who opened at 
the New Empire Theatre, Portland, Ore., 
have a ten: weeks' engagement on the coast. 
Including the. Empire, Seattle; Chutes and 
Graumhn's, at Frisco, and the Dewey, at 
Oakland,- after .which they return to Chi- 
cago and. open on. the Kohl A Casle circuit 
In. September,', for four weeks. 

Tub waonkr Sisters,. .who are In tbelr 
fourteenth week with the- Swallow 4c Markle 
Floating Theatre, doing their < specialty and 
meeting with success, are enjoying a pleas- 
ant engagement.- ' » t- - -. ;i ..»'■ , ■'■ 

Fickbtt and Kino, who are presenting 
their new comedy act, "The New Bartender, 
with the' Jones ft Harrison's Circus, In Can- 
ada, arc meeting with big success. 

Mr. and Mrs. James-P, Leb, assisted by 
little Madeline, produced their new act, "A 
Turning Point," by Wm. H. Daly, for the 
first time at Tony Pastor's, week of June 6. 
They .received a i flattering notice from Tub 
Clipper, stating it was a beadllner of par 
excellence. ■•.:■■•.'■ , 

Lew Ai.nERT.bas Joined hands with Harry 
West, late of Leonard and West, and will 
do a Jew' not. '— i.. 


report success. at }the Shay Bummer show 
bouse, and. will not go on tbe F. PlncuB 
circuit until. July 27. 

y.m.MA .WHhemjr, of La Pell and Wheeler, 
and Marie Heclow, of the Heclows, have 
Joined hands. 

-Dockrtadbr Minstrel Notes. — Lew Dock- 
stader and .bis great minstrel company are 
-now, rehearsing and will open their season at 
Elizabeth, N. J., July 4. The company will 
number about eighty people, Including the Im- 
perial Hussar Cadet Band of thirty pieces, tbe 
American Military Band of twenty-two pieces 
and an operatic orchestra ot twenty pieces. 
Lew Dockstader. Carroll Johnson, Nell 
O'Brien and Eddie Leonard will furnish the 
comedy. The -vocalists will be: Fred V. 
Powers, Manuel Itomuln, John Early, Harry 
Kills, .las. Bradley, William Hallett, James 
Wallace, and a chorus of male voices. Also 
Eddie and Max Ford, the soft end wooden 
shoe dancers. ' 

Francis Wood hSB Joined Fields & Han- 
son's Minstrels for the Summer season, 
doing his hoop rolling act. 

Keyb and Eva.vh report that they are 
meeting wltb success In their new comedy 
and acrobatic act. After a successful en- 
gagement at tbe Chicago Opera House they 
went to St. Louis for a return date. Tbey 
will appear at tho Olympic Theatre, Chicago, 
on Aug. -3i. 

Scott- and Leando, aerlallsts, have again 
Joined bands and are working under tbe 
name of Mildred and Mabelle. 

Bubto, Wilson and Lowande have fin- 
ished two weeks' engagement at Sohmer 
Park, Montreal, Can., with tbelr novelty 
act, "Tbe BIJou Vaudeville Circus." 

Harry, contortionist and ring per- 
former, late of Rlngllng Bros.' Circus, Is not 
with the Wizard Merrymakers, as reported 

Jim Gibson, of the team of Gibson and 
Nash, writes that be attended the district 
convention of the Knights of Pythias, domain 
ot Minnesota, Eleventh District. It was 
held at Luverne, Minn., by Luverne Lodge, 
No. 118, at K. of P. Hall. The convention 
was a great success, as lodges Included and 
out of the district of Minnesota were there, 
many bringing their families. He belongs 
to L'dgerton Lodge, No. 08, Edgcrton. Pipe- 
stone Co., Minn. 

Master Willie Baum, of John and Willie 
Raum, musical comedians, Is making a big 
hit singing "Just for Tonight" wltb Tommy 
Donnelly's Minstrels. 

The Golden Gate Theatre, st Virginia, 
Minn., reopened Monday, June IB, with the 
following people: John Fox, Minnie Wilson, 
Lou Doiithett, James Mulligan, Lizzie Young, 
L. A. Schldls, and the Zimmerman*. James 
Mulligan Is manager of the above bouse. 

Hi Tom Ward In engaged for the Sprite 
In Hewlette A Black's revival of the "Black 
Crook Jr.," to open Alvldo A Laesere's new 
Standard Theatre, Houston, Tex., June 22. 
Mr. Ward has been featured at the Stan- 
dard Theatre, Fort Worth, Tex. 

Raleiqk and Beard closed a successful 
two weeks' engagement at Crump's Park, 
Macon, On., and are this week at Wildwood 
Park, Columbus, Gs. 

The finishing touches on Watson's Cozy 
Corner, Pearl and Wllloughby Streets, Brook- 
lyn, are being put on and it could be opened 
In two weeks. Mr. Watson has definitely 
decided, however, to give the opening per- 
formance about the middle of August, and 
nearly all the boxes and half of the or- 
chestra are reserved for the opening night. 
Next month Mr. Watson will commence re- 
hearsing his various road attractions at bis 
theatre. His now theatre at Paterson (a 
Stair A Hnvlln house) will be completed 
about the first of November. 

The Three Malvsrn Brothers, who an 
playing a two weeks' engagement at Gorman's 
Theatre, San Francisco, Oal., have played 
steadily for the past twenty-five weeks. 

Notes took Fresbodi Park, Newport, JR. 
I.— This resort opened for the aejMOD. June 
22, under the management of M. R. Sneedy, 
who has spared no expense in beautifying 
the grounds and Improving the theatre. It 
Is located off Bellevue Avenue, the fashion- 
able society drive, Vaudeville is given after- 
noons and evenings. .The opening company 
Included Kenno, Welsh and Melrose, the 
Sully Family, Taylor Twin Sisters, Job; 
Zlromer, L*' Roy and Woodford, Weston .and 
Yost, the Female Drummer Quartet, the 
Twin Nlcea, and Leonora Hcmsey. The or- 
chestra of twelve pieces la under the leader- 
ship of Prof. T. E Allen, the past season 
at the Howard, Boston. An added attrac- 
tion this season Is the Japanese Village, 
erected by T. Suglmoto, where a score of 
Japanese entertainers are engaged. 

Curtis and Hunt (Billy and Jack), 
comedians, parody singers and dancers, are 
with L>e AIvos' Bully Boys. They are 
booked solid for tbe Summer season on the 
Pacific coast. . 

At tiib homo of tbe manager of the 
Southern Amusement Co., at Greensboro, 
N. C, Ed. Wertley, a new social club was 
organzed, and It was christened : "Mucilage 
Club," with tbe motto: "Stick, but Don't 
get Stuck." Tbe charter members were: 
Edw. Wertley, worthy president; Harry 
James and Mark Davis, promoters; Frank 
K. Williams, secretary ; Edney Kidney, vice- 
president; Slg. Gnllmettte, Arthur L. Von 
Deck, and Misses Adelaide Garr and Bertha 
Dorian. A beautiful charter, with all the 
photos of the members attached, was writ- 
ten by Prof. Von Deck, and presented to 
the club. __. . 

Ardelle and Leslib were obliged to can- 
cel all dates owing to the serious Illness of 
Miss Ardelle's mother, who resides at Roches- 

iiuoH V. and Bessie Lei, while playing 

Proctor's Twenty-third Street Theatre, weeR 
of June 15, were presented with a floral 
offering. After playing Proctor's circuit 
they will play engagements at tbe Summer 
parks. ■ 

Grace Childbrs, who was doing soubrette 
parts with Hyde's Comedy Co., has been re- 
engaged for the Summer season. 

Claud Kelly, who recently closed a very 
successful six weeks' engagement with the 
Ethel Tucker Stock Co. at Council Bluffs, 
la., will Join the Hoyt Comedy Co. July 
1, for a season of forty weeks, as a special 
vaudeville attraction, presenting his wax 
or flesh automaton act. 

Luella Cross, now with the Great Ray- 
mond Co., writes us that her specialty Is 
being featured, and she Is meeting with suc- 
cess. Maurice F. Raymond is en- route to 
tbe coast. 

W. W. Stoker, baritone, bos signed for 
the vaudeville feature of Harris A Parkin- 
son's Stock Co., and also to play some 
leading parts. 

Vina Campbell Is n her fifth week at the 
Standard Theatre, Houston, Tex., doing her 
vaudeville specialty, and Is meeting with 
success. . ' ■ j 

Clausen Sisters have Joined Watson's 
Brooklyn Theatre Stock Co. for next season. 

Charles anp Madge Hughes, who have 
joined hands again, have. good time, booked. 

Edward Leslie has signed with Ollle 
Mack for the Weber A Fields "Holty Toity" 
Co. ;...-■ a- '. 

Mr. and Mns. Edward N- Hoyt have .gone 
to Marlon, Woyne Co., N. Y., to spend, their 
vacation, v - •: .. ■ ' •'. '•* ,, 

Anna Caldwell is: spending a delightful 
vacation at the home' of her mother, -in 
Winchester, Moss. ' • : •■ • , -i ''.'•■*'*£ 

Tom Powell has closed a forty-eight week's' 
engagement as character, comedian with the 
"Railroad Jack" Co. -.Next season. heOttpubles 
with Chas.. Ivers in »■• newelngHig, idSujfclng 
and talking acit. They Bjpe, engaged BJenext 
season with Harry Ward's Magnificent Min- 
strels; . . ."■ I. ,.'. S r'AS-nJ taft : 

Fred V-- Bowers .ihas ..heth ".engaged by 
Manager .Jas. -H. Decker- "for^/Lew.r.-pock- 
Btader's Minstrels. •*«•*>'•« ' 

John E. and Rena Sanders will -close a 
successful tour of twelve weeks through 
Vermont on July 8. Mr. Sanders will, on 
■Tilly 0, assume the management of Bronson 
Park, Painted Post, N. Y., making bis second 
season there. 



Clipper Bureau, 

48 Craubonrn Street, 

Leicester Square, London, V c. 

Jum: 17 
Madame Borah Bernhardt opened l, • 11 
don season on Monday night at the -imwSS" 
in "Fedora." She is already well n< ?£i 
to the London plsygolng public l« tffi 
•>lece, and her representation of it «! 
londny night showed that It had !,,- 1 -JS 


J. A. Murphy and Elolse Wlllard have been 
presenting their Irresistibly funny "Dough- 
nut" act for the amusement of the patrons 
of the Eastern vaudeville houses for the 
past five years. Mr. Murphy's quaint humor 
never falls to score, and Miss Wlllard, be- 
sides uelng a clever comedienne. Is an excel- 
lent singer. She possesses a high soprano 
voice, which she uses with much effect In 
ballads of the better class, ber rendition of 
"Klllnrncy" being a feature. The bookings 
for tblB team are already far advanced for 
next season, as their services ore I n demand. 

Latoy Brothers, who recently closed a 
successful season with HI Henry's Minstrels, 
are now on the Joke Wells' circuit of parks, 
with Jay J. Cardiff's Pan American Mln- 

Frank W. Brink writes that he has dis- 
solved partnership with Geo. Strobell and has 
organized a new quartet: Ed. Esberger, 
first tenor; F. W. Brink, second tenor; 
Chas. Bishop, baritone and comedy pianist; 
and Wm. Running, bass. They are known 
as the Enterprise Comedy Four, and report 
Buccess with their harmony singing and 
dancing act. 

Huoh, Connelly, of Connelly and Rowe, 
was called to bis borne at Philadelphia, Pa., 
on May 31, on account of the death of his 
sister, Mrs. Charles Tuggert. 

Ernie and Honboqer, who Just closed a 
season of twelve weeks over tbe Gorman 
circuit, opened May 24 on the Shields park 
circuit for ten weeks, They are featured 
In their dancing, equlllbrlstic and acrobatic 

John B. Sanders, Lew Strono and Nbd, members of the Harries Meyers 
Co.. were recently Initiated in the Order of 
Knlghta of Pythias, at Morrisvllle, Vt. 

Adelaide Garb, of the Southern Amuse- 

m ,! nt 1 c ,°v Ore i ,1Bbl>r0 > N - c i m ade quite & 
hit with her lire and serpentine dance. 

Harry Lbiohton, who has been re-engaged 
& r S&LnS" SI Tocal director of John 
W. Vogel's Big Minstrels. Is spending his 
vacation at Mt. Clemens, Mich. 


The chief iiremler of this week ■ ill k. 
that at the Haymarket on Thursdnv' ...? 
log, when Messrs. Harrison A Maude' nnnS 
"Cousin. Kate," the comedy which ti,.- h ,J 
accepted from that fortunate yonna nS2 
Wright, H. H. Dayles, some tlmi HurHE 
production of "Mrs. Gorringe's Necklae*" 
Mr. Davles* new piece will have a shoi i r-ort 
beaded by Cyril Maude and Ellis j' rtrew 
snd Including Carlotta Addison, li.-uri™ 
Ferrar and Rudge Harding. ' " trlw 

..JXi J ree """JSifceB the withdrawal or 
"Trilby" on Friday evening, and that on 
Saturday evening he will .present a trim, 
bill— "The Ballad Monger," "Flodden rieEr 
and "The Man Who Was." The next M. 
event at His Majesty's will be the Autumn 
revival of "Richard II." One of the linest 
features of this play will be the tournament 
scene In tbe first act The drama Is to be 
played In three acts Instead of in live aa 
was the esse when Charles Kean gave'hli 
famous revival at the Princess' In March 
1857, and It Is proposed to omit the roles of 
the Duchess of Gloster and tbe Duchess of 
York, thua leaving only two female parts, the 
queen and the maid. Mr. Tree will of 
course, appear In the title role, Lily Bray! 
ton will be the queen, Oscar Asche, llolllns- 
brooke, and Lionel Brougb, the gardener 

It Is no new experience that tbe announce- 
ment of "last nights" ot a run draws sucb 
large bookings sb to compel Its extension 
ana the most recent Instance Is with "Th» 
.Light- That Failed," at the New Theatre! 
To meet the public demand Mr. and Mrs. 
Forbes Robertson have been compelled to 
curtail by some two or three weeks the short 
holiday they had arranged before their Amer- 
ican tour, hut the run cannot be extended 
much beyond the present month. 

Mr. Frohman's theatrical record In the 
way of traveling organizations and reclame 
was. made with complete success in the single 
performance of "The Admirable Crlchton" 
for which the Duke of York's Company went 
to Paris last week. The trip, which must 
have cost a large sum of money, was per- 
fectly organised, and Mr. Barrle's amusing 
glay was naturally received with enthusiasm 
y the English and Americans who formed 
the bulk of the audience at the Renaissance 
But. as might have been expected, the French 
critics appreciated tbe fine acting of II. R. 
Irving and bis colleagues much more than 
they did the play, the peculiar humor ot 
which tbey seem to bave hardly understood, 
while tbey found Its fantastic pantomime 
Just a trifle puerile. 

B. G. Saunders, In addition to the play- 
house be Is building la tbe new thoroughfare, 
Aldwycb, Is arranging to erect yet another 
new theatre on a site Just oft the Strand. 

"In Dahomey" is drawing the best all 
around business In London Just now. Con- 
sequent upon tbe success of tbe cage wait 
Introduced Into the piece since Its opening, 
Messrs. Williams and Walker have not only 
received Innumerable engagementa to per- 
form at private houses, but also to give 
private lessons In the steps. Everything 
points to a revival of the cake walking 

Marie George, who has finished her engage- 
ment at the Palace Theatre, bas decided to 
rest until her engagement with Arthur Col- 
lins commences at Drury Lane, and so hai 
refused nn offer to appear in musical comedy. 

Mr. Tree Is negotiating with M. Lo Ilargy, 
of the Comedle Francalse, to appear at His 
Mnjesty's some time during July, In "L'Autro 

"Les Deux Ecoles," tho brilliantly cynical 
comedy, by M. Capus, which was Intro- 
duced In London lost year by Mme. Granler, 
with the assistance of Mme. Mngnlcr and 
M. Rrasseur, Is now given by ber at the 
Garrlck Theatre once more, though without 
the support of those Invaluable artists. 
As for Mme. Granler, she Is as delightful as 
ever In her rendering of tbe many moodi 
of Henrietta Mnnbrun, the heroine, whose 
heart softens towards her divorced husband 
after her meeting with blm In that exquisite 
droll restaurant scene which constitutes the 
most humorous passsge of the play. 

Arthur Rourchler's Christmas programme 
at the Garrlck will consist of the stage 
version of Charles Dickens' "Cricket on the 
Hearth," John L. Toole having generously 
placed at his disposal the adaptation made 
thirty years ago by Dion Bouclcault, and 
originally produced under John Hofllngi- 
bead's management at tbe Gaiety. Mr. 
Iiourchler, who Intends to restore all the 
fnlry element, and to make fresh additions 
to It, wilt be the old toy maker, Violet 
Vanbrugh the blind daughter Bertha, and 
Jessie Bateman, Dot. 

Mrs. Patrick Campbell will start a seasoa 
In London, under the direction of Charles 
Frohman, at Sir Charles Wyndbam's Theatre. 
on Wednesday evening, June 24. She will 

§ resent, for the first time here. Hermann 
undermann's play, "The Joy of Living," 
using the translation made for her In Ameri- 
ca. The play will receive the same mount- 
ing as was given to It at the Garden Thea- 
tre, New York. Mrs. Campbell's season will 
be a limited one. 

Martin Harvey has accepted a new piny by 
a new author. It deals with the period of 
the parliamentary wan of tbe seventeenth 
century and Is written by "John Ruther- 
ford." This play will be produced at the 
Theatre Royal, Newcastle, during Mr. Har- 
vey's Autumn tour.. It Is at present called 
"Ihe Breed of the Treshams." 

"Aubrey's Sister," a new farcical comedy, 
by Roylston Keith, will be produced at tbe 
New Theatre, Baling, on Monday evening 

• Sir Henry Irving, will end bis season nt 
Drury Lone towards tbe finish of July, to 
make way for the Autumn drama, and makes 
a short provincial tour before proceeding 
for America, 

, The one hundredth performance of "Old 
Heidelberg" takes place at the St. James 
on Friday evening. 

La Belle Otero has been appearing nt 
a small Parisian theatre as an actress. Her 
French elocution was found, however, to 
be much less eatlefactory than her Spanlfh 
dancing, and little encouragement seems to 
be forthcoming for her new artistic venture. 
, Gurrero, who was out of the cast of the 
Alhambra ballet last week owing to a family 
bereavement, returned this week. 

Frank Lincoln was one of the entertainer* 
nt Blenheim Palace, at a dinner given by the 
Duke and Duchess of Marlborough, last wet- k. 

George Fuller Golden has, • I. hear, been 
signed by the Palace directors for tbe reht 
of this year, wltb the exception of six weeks 
which he had already signed on the Barn--- 
ford tour. This, I fancy, will make a record 
run at a single house, and Indeed Golden * 
success In London bas been a record In >■ 
self. Last week the Guards dined tbe kit.. • 
and Golden was the only entertainer presen . 
He . managed to make the king, laugh van-- 
heartily than the cares of state have per- 
mitted htm to do for some time. A lett; • 
received by Golden afterwards from V* 
colonel commanding the Guards said th j > 

JULY 4. 

-the king dec arcd hlmse f greatly pleased," dock, manager) — rca^T. 

and rarely enjoyed anything more. week when theTi«S « i» ll0Ulie '' r, " C(l 

Horace Goldln will be on the TaJace bill turc LnSii nl k a ,,0K, " l w °" "" 

»„t week, and again three American acta hit with her «w^ e „ h . a „"7 8l ' orcd 

w "l have the top. bottom and middle of tho Iv enured o'nl"„ B ' UR B , Da , 

won great success with tola 
J£ r J"" w .«* U>« bill names : A. 


Horace Goldln and the motorglrl, whoso sue 
o»B9 rootlnuea unabated. 

The latest development of the walking 
<jr»*e, which haa caught England firmly Is 
i be attempt of Mile. Florence, a little Ameri- 
can Indy. to walk to Brighton from Lon- 
don, a distance of fifty-three miles, on n 
Elobe. She started on Monday morning, but 
owing to the terrible state of the weather 
did not succeed In doing more than cross 
the bridge at Westminster. At the time of 
writing, however, she ■" 
cress and bids fair to 
on ber behalf that she 
Id six days. 

■ xt. J. O'Brien, of O'Brien and Bucklev, In- 
foro'S me (hat he has taken his second de- 
cree In Masonry. Tho ceremony took place 
in Clasgow, In Lodge Dramatic, C7I. My 
,-ungral illations to Mr. O'Brien. O'Brien and 
Buckley are at the Duchess, Balharn, this 


■ Len B. Slosa writes that he has secured 
the American rights of the successful Kng- 
Ilsh melodrama. "The Masked Intruder," 
which he Intends to produce In the United 
Males during the coming season. 

Itosle Eaton's last English appearances arc 
announced on tho Moss tour. She goes to 
America shortly to enter musical comedy. 
. Delmore and I«ce opened at the Palace, 
Plymouth, this week, where their net la 
billed as a special and extraordinary attrac- 
tion. They como shortly to tho West End 
for a long engagement at one of the best 
houses with Ihelr new act. 



— Harry C Morton, manager for Trlxl* 

Monroe, write*: "My arrangements for next 

the Reason nro practically completed. Tho com- 

ormerly pany will consist of over twenty people, 

l Grand and will prove nan of the strongest attrac 

musical lions of Its kind on the rood. Although 

m mmmm mmmm 




haii • - 1 ' ' — - 5g • 'r"i,:' '.'"' viumeviiic (lepiirtnien 

Isnnp * Ackermun. will tie used during the close attention and will I 
B'lainior. The comminy Includes sixty-live ' 

a Mining feature 

sinking goXoro' ^fiP^^'&^mtoteg /'M* -NffiSK"™ 15*38* 

can do the distance Robert Jackson, Marshall Tn.l orralne' < ""' n on *■ Kohl * «>»»"« circuit 

jonn G. McDowell, the Bobbin* li' " 

te'raST^' ^WC5| Kellyi 

Sfi'vi, lo , r .* to ' "'"mru Dyllvn, Mar 
M i» <r*!K "HSFfc Crawford and Manning, 
Mile, 1'heo, nnd the klnodrome. ' ufluul " t " 

World of Players. 

-KlNjoner Brnmatlc Co. Notn* : Wc tin- 

tSSfJm^^ ^"'"y-d^eliy; 

-d l_ 

■■Y'Vii' ""■ klnodrome. 

Btrels enter upon the third and IKS 22* fiSS Hu to hl J? u » 8 "ieBB. *Thc company won 
of their engagement ifinLT IkM 'offer l a ,T» thro ughoiit the engiiwment. 'aIIIo 
Ing a change lu Hrst part and vnud^vlMi * |KH ," ler l,a , established herself ns Houston's 
programme. The bouse will close for S 35* EMS* ao, , ri ', 8 " nnd * oc,ai 'avorlto. 
seuson July 4, •-----" 
comes with the 
Heals and Jos. 


business manager) - 
special engagement 
I'.llas Kotbslelti, sin 
Yiddish Stock t" 

Ham T. Jack ., 
huson, manager). — J 

I.-„"7 W i!!!!r., 1 "' Yo " n " Wl,ed f, ' r "«"!«••. nnlTlue special I 
**'«p.» •linn* Ju. j i, ij-i.tJ win i 

-s^LJ 8 *** riH, "honser »"«« «<•"« to Mil- Chnmberlnln w 


— Clara Coleman sailed for Glasgow, Scot- 
land, June 20. 

— Al. Lipoma Is engaged to play Jim 
Illinium' nest season. 

— wmtBin Crnno sailed for Knrope Juno 


Martin J. Dixon, manager of 

Avenue Theatre, (his city, haa bit... 
the Messrs. Udder « Co. the right.. 
term of years of "A Gentleman of France, 

clever child iierforiiiers and will do their 
'lies. In addition to this, Not 
lie In advance, nnd l'nif. I.. J, 
fill lm In charge of the cbnl 
lengo band and orchestra, of sixteen pieces. 
Tk* record prof. Chnmlcrlnlu mado Willi 
waller I,. Main's band nnd cither noled 
musical organisations places this department. 
al the very ton of the ladder. Tho I line, 
Mr. Morton adds. Is pmctlciilly all booked 

,r ih. Thiwi ?.'"' "". '■ .'" ."""illness to open In Western 

..., "L ». ,™ ' "'""ylvanla. In the latter imrt of August." 

„m- t . !"" „ — «»t»* '«•'» the Ciiatlo Kipmre T^tock 

of l.'rsnce" » ' i ' ri "l K!n,;<, n week's eiigugeuicnt 

mill proprietor: I'earl Allison, Jnek Bar- 
rett. Mi 


Is to be opened Aug 37 '"' ""' &U^^?>i^^St0^mi'^SSnSa ** 'iSSj^SK* .... I/>tidon wilV foTlow.'ntiir then s'h'o'wliV 

Fred Herbert and his dog Dink were Dlka, and Delia Ordler, chief of a llv log uU> ,„uT.;± na , K,;r lnmf « I. , " , V., ,n " ™W«I »"« 1'nrls and the Moath of Krance. She 

arrested yesterday for furious driving on ture group. K ^ L following to support the Kllnore Sisters, lu return In lime to entor upon rehenrsnls for K£a«i"=U'l ■.-"- EEL— ' 

a motor car. The case will come before the Sans Souci Park (Alfred Russell mana " lel , r ..'"« comedy, "Mrs. Delaney, of hfew- "Mrs. Wlggs. of the Cnubnge j5J3? In y il.. B ^H J N r.", ^'.''T.V ?":'. r ' . , 

magistrates i toworrow, but I expect that ger).-Great crowds were l« fal endanc? iS?t CP rt : *™ nk "'"Thy. Frank Hall, Kd. A. which she will play llcivev Mary. Mrs. ,.~ * w 1 Iw f ^' ^L 1 '" \'* ;l "I 1 ' 1 ?" " ." n ." 

DliiK will be discharged If his master pays week, attracted t"y an alliirine enterti' In h?"\ ''harlcs C Barrett, Elmer Jerome, Madge Cnrr Cook taking the title role iVti; ii.i iih 0x . t .. H n* ao,, L , ii" , .* ,,, # ,hnt only ' ',',' 

,be . flne .-, „ . . a«aSB«l^«t^«S5!^TB5TBMd V 1 ", 1 ' os . ( artm ? ."■ «-R«dle Morton, Claudius "Mrs. Wlggs" will have Its 1 1 1 Ua I .resent a- hV/Ui,,*' , T"?.!j l, ?ii. ot W ?.'* rM . wl " 

Jas. V. Marron, of Marron and Callaghan, weathct. This weeks vaiidwlflc aim. Zeb « '''Bhtncr. Albert Green, Andrew Raymond, tlon In Louisville, Ky., Oct. fi. i r «"»" g.wtfflwd^ A new, ptay, with th« slory 

was a Bureau caller this week. He Is over^ and Karrow, Heeley and I Mee ey Atartlnettl JJ nrv , Ma , d * l(, °' ' nura H . nlrl »' Francfne Si , — Fwnk C. Ilnrrls'ls nt I Ih home In St. 3 ,T ''lli"to SLSSSf' r", " M25? n , 

here on a holiday, and tells me that he is and Rossi, the Troubadour IVnr and tin J!" r ',' , "V IV""' n V yn """' Ii9tcr Mantell, Ine« I^uls, where he will remain for a few weeks g ll g' 3g!."t GJBff!S* , HS p "" ,,, "" !,, * " 

putting in a very enjoyable time seeing all «co. II. Adams Co It needs on 1^ warn , M . a , r i luw fc Mn . mlp i. I V , . n>l p ' An * v]n McBermott, and then rejoin Elmer Wnltcr'a "Mlllloimlro aL^'HJSJt^^iftff^SSSJS Sfi 

the sights of the Old World. B weather to realize Tthe InS.i hL! ™ Mllhin Bnylls, Mablc Hawthorne, Mablo Law- Tramp" Co. ™ wi"f* : wnn-lieH ami pillllary evciliiWouB -will 

rence, Helen Crelghton, Bessie Colin, and a 
chorus of twenty-five voices. 

ilnrcla Rdlth I-enurd, Emma 
Itallnnl, Kmlly Jewnl, Besslo Keyes, Andrew 
(iliissford. Harry Moore, H. II. Htrouf, llniiry 
in Iho Murray, Chns. II. Sherrlir. Mat Cowen, Mlsii 
L " A rn«»". Jack Cumpliell. Chns. Nelson, Mrs. 
. ...hi '''"*• NbIhoii, and Bohlile Nelson, our iiiiih- 
iu t .11 V!".-. ™" 0, ' n reaches ua every 

the sights of the Old World. 

"Bbroso" is this week nt the Palace, Ham- 
mersmith. The act was so successful last 
w*ek that it was retained for a second week 
st the top of the bill. Tlicy go to tho 
Moulin Rouge, Paris, next month. 

.1 regret to hear that BIJou Russell Is 
suffering from an affliction of the throat. 
Hhe Is, however, preparing a new dancing 
act of n startling and novel character. 

.Radford and Winchester arc In town thla 
week.. They go on the Moss tour again next 

The New Gotham, are at the Stratford SSWS.o^'bl^^^^llS 

l.mplre this week. They continue on the comedians. 

weather to realize,' "the manVgeriar"bope8"for 
big business. ' 

? «erJ^a T ^^u B ^^„^% M a?: &^A^&^Jg»%fV & 

wrnv^r^mu™' r^inm;^^*?. * lr !" , -Marshall and Ermine write that they 

So" gam r. B 4d t0 tt Um comedm 1 n C s I . and 1 ' at ft* XHsHhf ^ fr ° m 8WP,,Cn 

attractive. oUo will pecede tho burlesque, featured In he role 

VefaHartc, Marie Thcaresa, May Billiard Tlios. Marshnli I will 

i uth bverett are leaders among the They Intend playing 

Moss, Thornton and Stoll tours for six con- 
necutlve months. 

•T. Nelson Downs Is still occupying one 
of the most favorable positions on the Um- 
pire bill. 

iConway and Leland are on the Royul bill 
this week. 

Water Ciiutks Park (W. II. Strlckler, 
general manager).— This resort had Its share 
of the crowds last week, am' the Improved 
weather conditions will prohuldy further 

through the West 

— The Bngllsli melodrama 
of Life." which was successl.... 
at the Third Avenue Theatre, this city. Inst 
season, will open that house Aug. 3. Frank 

In August 
— Me 

essle. the bnby daughter of Mr. and 

T. Klntzlng has booked the piece over tho Mrs. Claude Bonrdmnn i l»in-t In Morris), 
pnpulnr price circuits, and promises two died at Farmer City, III.. Juno III, of mem 

Nlanlslaus Stangc, Iho llbndllst, uiul Ids 
wife mid sua arrived hero from England mi 
Juno L'.'i. 

..... .il r I' .'* B . "W", (Ajiua M. I in i iliii i 

SKg" ftfiiyqilgW 1 !l^.^ggP t q!lL»fc i ****!** sensations. An unusually strong Ijrnnoim croup. She hod been III only two lY,??'"'." 1 ,,ur h,,,in » ui1 wll » u ""» boy on 
oiiies. 'luing arouna inc. ilgure eight, east Is being engaged. days. B, ay }■•• 



1 1. (FROll OUR OWN CORtlBSrONtlBNT.) 

Western Barenii 
. Of the New York Clipper, 
Boom 502, Ashland Block, Chicago. 

Hummer threatens nnd otit-ot-door amuse- 
ment providers rejoice, Munugers of then- 
Ires, who have been proHtlng because of the 
1'iiHcasoniiblc weather, found their audiences 
decreasing as last week drew to a gradual I v 
warming finish, nnd thero Is a prospect of 
ijotoe genuine Summer before the Fourth of 
July. The current days bring a change of 
attractions and novelty to Powers' Theatre 
In- the engagement of Honr 

loonlDg the loop, and enjoying the laughing 
gallery arc among the popular concessions, 
and C. II. Nlemeyer's vaudeville bills at- 
tract goodly crowds to the tbeutrc. 

London Dime Muhkum (W. J. Sweeney, 
manager).— This week: Foslellls, Dan Hu- 
ber, the N'orscland Giant, and Prof. Frank 
are curio ball features. The stago show will 
be given by Nellie Small, Blllle Wilson, 
Madeline Kalrchlld, Babe Wilson, and Hull's 
motion photographs. 

Clark Sthrkt Muhhum (Geo. MMdlelon, 
manager). — Prof. Herdlnbcrg, u hypnotlsl, 
who dwells In a den of snakes, Is the rurlo 
hall feature. Whalo Oil Gus nnd Llttlo 
Monday will <cll of adventures In the Arctic 
zone; Marin Dell, human clock; Mamie Mc- 
Kay, armless plunlst ; Prof. A. Moore, colored 
magician, and Iho llulnnlds SlBters, nil 
around athletes, will be tbc other curio hull 

K. Dlxey, who 

iluslc," preceded by attractions, .while the principal theatrical 

r a Welsh Rarebit. ' features will Include Kennedy and I'dell, tho 

McCarters, Bessie I*e Voyc, und Frank Gnl- 

vet's performing bear. 

A i- ill; mat it. — Grace Cameron has retired 

will play "Facing the Musfc.' 
Ihe curtain raiser, "Over a W( 

I he Tenderfoot," at the Dearborn; "When 
•lohnny Comes Marching Home," at McVlclt- 
*r>i; "A Chinese Honeymoon," at the Illi- 
nois; "Out of the FoId,' r nl the Great North- 
ern I "levers nnd Lunatics," at the La 
nolle, and "Hnbes In Toylaud," at tho Grand 
Optra House, continue. Han Bond and 
water Chutes Park Increase In popularity as 
he weather grows warmer, the Summer liur 
en'iuos at Sam T. Jack's and Trocadoro are 
immensely prosperous, vaudeville at the Chi- 
cng" Opera House und Masonic Temple nt- 
m*;, , l owa .?— anu there you have tho amuse- , 

m?f?.[. s '"i H tlon In a nuts hell. But there Is T. C. Gleason will retain tho management of 
EX? ™ nlnB hcieuliouts in preparation for tho Bush Temple Theatre next season, and 
„,!n ,i 1 nn ' an . d "Vy companies are or- the Players'- Stock Co. will remain in pos- 
f ..> . R h ?X°. w,,b 'h" Intention of starting nesslon of the stage, with Grace Heals lend- 
out rrom Chicago about. Sept. 1. | n g Indy, and Joseph J. Sullivan, leading 

J I'Inois Tiibatrb (Will J. Davis, mana- man John A. nnd Alexander Davld- 

seri. — a ChlncHe Honeymoon" enters utsm 
its- seventh successful week June US. with 
"|™ ng„ssld aliout closing. On Saturday 
night Mury Conwell will succeed Estelle 

lug engaged. 

— • Notes of the LHIger-Cornell Co. : We 
opened one week's engngement at the Rich- 
ardson Theatre. Oswego, N. Y„ to a packed 
house, with extra seats In boxes and people 
standing. Ilusltiess kept up to the top 
notch. The opening was due to our bustling 
agent, Wltlard Grohamc. We received quite 
a number of letters from our recent "ad.," 
and the cnmpauy has been tilled with some 
of the best talent available. The company 
was Invited out by both tho Fultou anil 
Oswego lodges of Elks, and tho boys sny 
they arc all right. Everything looks for- 
ward to another successful season. 

— Edwin Maynard and Bnra MacDonnld 
write : "Wo opened our seventh season July 
IU, at the New Colonial Theatre, Peeksklll. 
N. Y. Wc play three night stands nt good 
prices, presenting 'Pygmalion nnd Galatea.' 
'Caste' and Mr. Muyniird'g new comedy, 'The 
Girl You Love.' Wo nro engaging a strong 
company, having already secured Msry Wy- 
man. Mrs. Wm. Mb Hooker, Utile Hunt, Win. 
E. Hooker, Albert Wymnii, Bert It. Carpen- 
ter, und are negotiating with a well known 

— Brondhiirst & Currle Notes: May Vokes, 
Hie clever Impersonator of "slavey" rliurnc- 

— Notes from the Olliney Stock Co.: lVn 
will ins'ii our season Aug, 24. Tho com- 
pany will he stronger I'luin over, Willi u new 

lers. having signed with Broadband: & Cur- r,"r y w . Hr ™' l «'' r !! ,mn Wi wl "' " " vw 

He for thcTr A Fool nnd Ills Mouey" Co.. I 1 /", ,' P h JB! cxcdletit apeclill iicntirry uiul 

for next season, Is spending the Bummer nt SKSS*"] EPSl.* ]"'?. .'■ | v J i K i'«»"P"' , - v ."' 

her home on Lung Islnnd" Norn Johnson ,,,:l " r > "■ ' nfl list of Jilgli cln«s vaudevlllu 

hc'lphr and will V reJuQ 7' c".k Vy. "r y frfo^™^^^*?? will 
while lltllu Qabrlol, who Is under two feet pHy " ""' ' n 'r wsoks In siicccshIoii, Ihen will 
high, mnkos love to her. W«l three; night stands, playing nn far Hast 

"" Peiiiisylvaniu, and as fur Went us Nebraska, 

IXit Knrr'oll. "iho following atan ?<!" nrYt S"! 1 ""'y' 1 " u "'' h ' Bt U )WB » aji'i'citleM jii 
season.- "Th. Lion andjlie 1 U ."My !^^*2ffiL*3B&* MS 

ho Blink Dlamoiid Express." u ^ ,,urr / «• «H« ««» engaged Harry 

i U. Baker, known lu thu West H t"l'' !, "." SHS"? U \»"»K;''. and lldllh Per. 

trlrnl ngont, announces his mor- , , i h . 1 ' J ;,!",, l, igeuim, fur Ids "Darkness nud Huy- 

from "When Johnuy Comes Marching llouie," and popular comedian. Homer B. Day goes ''Inge, on Juno 1,1, to Ornlee Benedict, of "" m J Vj. ,, 

i.nd Bertha Dnrel has replaced her as Cor- In advance." Minneapolis, a nonprofessional. — ST * T — I «,* W—, JWP .Wal IWJMratl In a 

Lady Nell." "Nnvada, or The l>evll's Mine. 1 ' 
"The Kldnapiiers," "The Benl f^ird Len- 
nox,' "The Light on tho Point," "Resur- 
rection," "A Night In Chlnalown" and 
"Cinderella.' Manager Welsh recenllv pnr- 
chsscd "Tho Black Diamond Express." 

— Henry I, 
us u theatric 



Kansas, Iowa nud Nebraska. M»rgun Hlbiiev In 
Jt present rusticuUng lu Michigan, wlillo 
Win. Stanford Is playing n Hummer sngnge- 
ini'tit with C. W. Purks 1 Ills Stock Co., us 
n specially feature with thut ntlrnoMon. 

Hurry M. Clark bus engaged Harry 

della Allen. Mlln Boyle has assumed Miss 
Darcl's former role. Miss Cameron retires 
to prepare for her starring tour, under thu 

direction of Fred C. Whitney lames 

J. Morton, who has been In town for u fort- 
night, linn gone, to St. Louis to resume play- 
ing dates. Ho will continue In vaudeville 

William A. Dillon, manager of "Tho 


Lake a buy fell from Hie gallery during tho 
automobile scene, but was not seriously hurt. 
Tho roster Includes: Nell Hlckey, Phil 

— Joe Bowers rind Lillian Curtis are jffH3Pwff'l ?f ,. ?B 'A "^jfe iff*"*' ."". P a K 

Hi: -' i_'i'.?_'" , ! ,n lV , L"." 1*" y 0*1,, and Joined 


BulTnlo Tragedy" Co., writes that Hie show hooked Willi lloyt's "A Railroad King." Hi ' "" " ,0 lumpltnl cm May Jill und Join 

Is a phenomenal succcesa, and Is playing to which 0|iens In Chicago Hio Inlli'r nttrt of "'" "i?' v " iy ., ".. .Murpliyslioro, III. 

S. II. 0. nt overy performance, At Bnrunnc August, nnd will piny to tho coast. n~i "i.i'm '1 H US slgmal hs music 

nnd has most of next season booked Maker, Hurry Stafford. Vera Elfreinovlnn, 

Mlnnio Oorden, Chns. Wliltclinus, 1<M. Kerr, 
F.dlth Wlllshere, Howard (lorden, Mario 
Austin, lOnii'Hl Seliniibel, CI Ind Altkliison, 
Lawrence Wllley; William Dillon, manager; 
Blnomlleld & Mitchell, sole owners. 

— W. B. Watson, of Brooklyn, N. Y.. 

writes that he has purchased u plot of 

Lin ' 

— Heat rice Gamble*, soprano slngnr, has 
neon engaged lo piny tho Ingenue part In 
Murray k Mack's ''Shooting tho Chutes" Co. 
next seiison. 

— Blennor Ciilhniin. nn American actress, 
was married on Juno 1".'. nt the Greek church, 
In liondon, Eng., to Lnsnr I^wirovlleh, u 

— J. Martlh Tree Is writing a new Iliren 

rt l.kll.ii,.,, I ,1., __ . L . I . . L I . . ■ S S-^_ 

d reel or with the Arnold Block Co., making 
his third season In that cupui'lty with Hio 
show. William (.'aiming Bites will lm In 



son, of the Davidson-Marble Co., were re- 
cently discharged In bankruptcy by Judgo hind on one of the mnln streets of Schenei 
Kohlsnat "Tho Tenderfoot*' Is sched- tady, N. Y. The size of 

the land Is 70x1 no. 

Hied to leavo the Bcarborn for Its road He will build nn olllce building, two stores, 

tour on Aug. 28. Tho Shubcrt Brothers and ft theatre to seat L'.noO people, It 

have u lease of the house, which begins will be a popular priced house, anil will he 

,„„,. Sent. 1. and when the present occupants placed on the Slulr & Hnvlln circuit. Tho 

wcHckkr's Ti'katrb (Sol Lltl, business vacato the work of alleratlon and repair company who will build nud operate ihe the- 
, m 1 H , n ,« !!<"•> .—Tho M'hltney Opera Co.. lu 
."ben Johnny Comos Marching H 

" I'Mworth as Princess 8oo Soo. Last week's 

tiDM' s ' wai) oa ,l,e «" B »«ity nl0Bt; of the 

,, wan Marching Home," en- 
ei« upon the seventh week of a highly pros- 
n,2n , u 1 '." 1 8"»doy night, and will remain 
ffM'SfW*' 15"a Doyle, the new Hiibuii 
i"i (ham, has won favor. 
■J&9? m ■, t "K*trb (W. W. Tlllottson. 
man ,iger) .— "Tlie Tenderfoot" Is out for n 
ord. its hundredth performunce will be 
'i iiirated on Monday night. Statuettes of 
ii" 1 '',' 1 '", Carle, as l'rof. Pcttlbone, will bo 
in™ i tc ™ t0 orchestra occupants. Business 
Jnili; n ? Mt \ «owflrt pitch, and the lively 
w ertnlnment grows In popularity. 
hn«i" ND °™* "ousis (Fred li. Hamlin, 
f', l "'' s , 9 ™ a . n »ljer).— "Babes In Toyland," en- 
['""e.. 11 ? third week Sundny night, bus won 
mJinediate favor, and Is crowding the house. 
tnvi=i? ors< -' oll8,,eHS of 'ta costuming and tho 
" "hness «f Its siNinlc Investiture arc mostly 
commented upon— a small fortune Is therelu 
'^presented, and bIiowb to advantage. 
„ '" WBn ? Thbatrb (Horry J. Powers, man- 
inL, lleu 7 K - D| xey Iwglns on indetlnlte 
pnuigemcnt Monday evening, 20. "The Little 
' n cess closed live weeks of good business 
hniurday night. 

-2HS Noai'HBRN Titi.'ATRHlEdwnrd Smith, 
S 1M ' l 5 er )'— "Out of the Fold" enters Its 
■crnno week Sunday afternoon, with n record 
of u, i "" 1 * 10 * 1 fhus far. Seldom are players 

v ,i„j "'evenly artistic ability so well pro- iwiiro won 

i ted with a vehicle for their display. Thco- Arthur lllgby and wife, Cora Strong, were 
™io llabcock and Sylvia Bldwell, In tho lead- hero lost week, spending a part of their Snm- 
'ni .roles; Maurice Wilkinson. Frank Nelson, rocr vacation. Mr. Rlgby will again he feat- 
WW Lnngdon McCormlek, the author, are urcd with John W. Vogel's Minstrels next 

uiiis plciionaly clever members of na evenly season Sim Williams, of Williams and 

"'client presenting company. Adams, writes from Hot Springs, Ark., Hint 

'<* MLM Tiiratrb (Mark G. f-ewls, bust he Is enjoying his vacation Immensely, and 

Incldeiillv transacting business for next sen- 
son ..Duncan Clark Is summering in 

Chicago and organizing Duncan Clark's 
Lady Minstrels for their llrst road lour 
since tho railroad accident which put him out 

will begin nt once. The house, it Is said, aire will be known as the Schenectady 
will bo changed lo u ground floor entrance Amusement Co. ( In corporal cd ) ; W. 11. Wal- 
ler tho parquet, and when opened under son, president : Venelte Pellatreaii, vice prcsl 
the new lesseeshlp will he called the New dent; Louis Hurlwllz, secretary, nnd John 

Gurrlck When "Babes In Toyland" ends Nenl, trca.aircr. 

lis run at the Grand Opera House It will — Notes from Rcntfrew's Block Co.: Tha 

go direct to New York to begin an extended experiment of running a Summer Stork Co. 

engagement at the Majestic Theatre at May's Theatre, Pliiua, O., was looked upon 

Anne Siitherlnad and members of tho Co- by many as a foolhardy undertaking, hut 

liimbus Stock Co. are making a tour of. success has crowned our efforts from the 

Lake Superior towns with Iho product'on very (Irst. The excellence of the different 

of "Du Burrv," which lately closed the productions, tha artistic manner In which 

I'oriliiu.i. (ism Thiiitre, Peak's Island 
II. W. 'I. Godlng, manager I.--- Tim stuck nt 
net musical comedy which litis not been '"Is house Is meeting with much favor. Tho 
named as yet. Tho feature will be "My offering fur the week Including June 1W-H7 
1'relly Vuller Girl, l.l/.u Jones," Introducing •"■. •"« King's Prisoner." lo whlrb full 
Topekn lii her original Indian act. justice wuh done, anil the snmn was wit- 

nessed by good Mixed nndleiiccs when tho 
wcalher was nt nil suitable for Hummer je 
sorls. For the week of 2I»-Julv I "Held 
by Ihn Kneiny" will hold the Ocm patrons' 
close attention, 

MirClllXtJM'H TtlKATtlW, f.'.inj CllTTAIIU 

Park (llariley McCiilliiui, maiiiiger). -Th« 

Manager Hurry C. Morton writes that 
.loo Lyons. Leruy Lyonnell nud Frank DiVOfl 
have- not liecn engaged for the Trlxlo Mon- 
roe Company, as lias been announced. 

— Mnnager Robert II. Harris writes: "Tha 
llnrils I'lirklnsun Slock Co. opens Ihe sea- 
son nt i^xlnalon, Ky., Aug. IT, nud 'Slaves 

>lf llln (1> nil!' ••■■11 .._.._ _C •»_* .. •■ . 

of tho Orient? will open at Palersou, N, J„ iiiaiingeiui'nt nt this resort engaged Ihe 

Sept. 4. W. K. Beat man has boon steadily publics attention In large mennure Inst week, 

at work In Bloomlngtnn, lnd„ building anil ~r -?• wl "M' Ihey placed npen the linnrds 

painting scenery fur hold al tract Ions, which thu Inlereslliig nnd mirth provoking comedy, 

will carry everything complete.' Two white I'lidd'nliead Wilson," The capable pliiyers 

ponies have tsen purchased and will be used were must happily easl In. their resia'cllvc lines 

In several of the plays. Among the people and In Ihelr second week's imgHgeiiiiMit gnvn 

already engaged are: Marlon Marcb, Mario assurance of high class entertainment, In 

He Truce, ircnn Lnchmsn, Mrs. II. II, Howe, follow wllh liberal support 

stock company nennun ut Hie Thlrly-llrst they have been handled, nnd the speclsl H. II. Howe. Havld Lachman, 

Street Theatre. It had been announced that electrical, mechanical and scenic effects have Crocked, Al. Evans, William II. f 

Miss Sutherland wculd spend ber vacation been heartily endorsed by (he amusement L. Hlgman, Felix Kant us, James Le 

In Europe , ...Samuel V. Steele, who some lovers of this city. As h sequence, our 

iu-l™iw .. " ■«"""" o.v i lieu. r. 

li| l f K J H Jl y . B,, icd by this cast 



years ago was Chicago's lending musical and 
dramatic newspaper critic, died at his home 
in this city June 31. He was widely known, 
and prior to coming to Chicago had traveled 
much In the orient. Among bis personal 
friends were Charles Blckens, Thackeray 
and the elder Solherti. Among Mr. Steele' -i 
souvenirs of Thackeray wus a pipe presented 

to him by the novelist Manager John 

J. Murdock has engaged Ibc well known 
minstrel, George Primrose, for twenty-live, 
weeks In vaudeville. Mr. Primrose will ap- 
pear under Mr. Mordock's direction, tngcther 
with two young dancers. Ills llrst vaudc- 

vcllo engagement will he at the Masonic J. N. Ilentfrew, and n select orchestra, under 
'temple Theatre during the Summer tho leadership of Anson Mont runs. 

— W. II. Harder and Emma Myrklo are 
nt Holland Bench, Port Huron, Midi. Roth 
of Ihe Myrkln nnd Harder attractions have 
had the new scenery boxed and nhlpiied to 
their opening points. 

— Gertrude liloii Mnglll's performance of 
Maslovn. In "flesiirreellon," with Ihe Bur- 
lington Stock Co.. St New Bedford, Mass., 
was praised liy Ihe press snd pi.hllc. This 
Is Miss Mnglll's second Summer season as 
leading woman with Ihn company 

business Is now it|i to the top notch. The 
plays so fur produced, "Soldiers of For- 
tune," Midnight in Chinatown," "Moths," 

"Hast Lynnc, "Hooligan's Luck. Puree 

Musketeers," "On the Verge of fluln" and 
"Fiiust," are to bo followed bv "Resiirrec 
Hon." "Lurellu Horgln," "Flglil for a Mil- 
lion," "Hon Cinsar He llaxau." and others. 
The company is ss follows: Wllhird Bohmc, 
Fred Bnrtlett, Curl Fleming, F. N. Murphy, 
Hempstead Prince. Chan. Arnnlda, Wm. Ham- 
ilton, C. S. Smith. Harry King, Baby King, 
Katherlne Stnndlsh, Nellie Lyons llenly, 
Carrie Ijiiwe, Grace Ilentfrew, Mr. and Mrs. 

Jewell Harris, Clara George, Hold. Hvinnii 

Will V. 
Stokes, II. 
. ..iifflnr. The 
specialties will be among Iho best to ho 
had, nnd will Include: Ln'Hene, sensations! 
fire dancer ; Liichmnn's moving pictures and 
Illustrated songs, llymnn nnd Be Tracy, Will 
Crockett. Evans and March, and Iho barb 

tone. Will II. H tokos. The stock roinpnny 2»-Jiilyl, Insures largo audiences for "Ca 
will produce all new royally plays, and the rulHo." 

management Is looking forward to a banner Riveiiton Pauk (II. A. Nnwinnn, miiiiii- 
seasciii. No expense Is being spared In send- (Wl.— TBO wentlior has boon rnlhor In- 
Ing iHilh companies out la mad shape. I rteinenl for ouidoor cnterliiltiineiil, although 
will niuniige tho stock comiisuy, while the average of sllondaiice for Ihn week 2'i 

■J7 was very griuij. Uormun's Imperials 
a meritorious aggregation of players, 

...,i|H)rt and appreciation 
from the patrons. T|p> offering for thu 
week. SB July i. will bo "Cgpt, Rwlfl." 

JBKrniiKfi.M Tiikatrk, (Calm A Grant, mun- 
ugers). -Tho Hiirbiiii iidwni'ilM Stock Co. hnvn 
thus fur met with most Haltering suecc'sn 
here. It would ho hard to Improve or 
crllbbie "flanch 10," as Interpreted by tho 
. 1!" 27, Iwfore gvod alli'mliince, and 

the Week, 


the nrlvauce sale of Heals for 

S L'^'aple , Dave Lewis; Lieut. Geo. Rich 
\uZt Robert Mansfcld; Nellie Blcbmnnd. 
g aytM qi hrue; Nellie Huntington. Adelc 
li»^ n " t0 . n: ^rnella Dlnkclsplel. Frank R. 
llJ32R: Nell, Black, Carrie Lnmoul ; Richard 
la "I?' (, «>rge Beane : Otto Rone, John 
Tomn'„ No l>°leon, C. O. Wolf; Cxar, H. W. 
v' a p ' ln 8:.Censar, C. S. Barklnnd; Carrie 
j, iJffiJJj W. Jcott. The run of the piece 

Mabo«ic Tkiglb Tubatm (J. J. Mur- 


III G. Slider writes: "Am In the 

of business three years Rgo. At Hint time seventh week of my Hummer engagement 

several members of his company were kllbal 
and Mr. Clark sustained personal Injuries 
nnd damages to his car for which the rail- 
road has since la-en compelled to settle. Mr. 
Clark has spent the Interim light lug the 
case In court, but having won the decision 
Is now turning his attention to the ad- 
vancement of his well known theatrical 
enterprise John M. Ward's pro- 
duction of. "A Human Slave" ia being built 

wllh the Carner Stock Co., at Niagara Falls. 
Am also engaged for the regular season with 
the same company, playing heavies." 

— II. W. Taylor, manager of the Cook- 
Church Stock Co., has signed Eugene Orel- 
way, for Juveniles : Joseph Mnssey, master 

'Slnves nf the Orient' will ho lu the hands 
of Frederick K. Mount. " 

— Maude Adams returned (o New York 
on June I'fi. She has been abroad since 
lost March. Two and a half months of Hio 
time have been spent ut Cairo, on the desert 
of Egypt and In Constantinople. Miss 
Adams was never In bettor health than she 
Is at the. present time. The long vacation 
has restored her strength and put her In 
excellent condition for Ihn work ahead of 
her. Hhe Is now ready for her season's en- 
gngement, which will follow that or John 
Drew si the Kiuplrc Then I re. 

— Belle Stokes was married lu HiIh clly 
on June HI, to Mr. Austin, a nnii-profc.ssii>ii- 
sl Miss Slokos was a sister of the late 
Mrs. John Stetson. 

— Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kullmsn sailed on 
June 27 for Glasgow, Scot. They will visit 
'he contlnont and also spend a short time 

tig: Col. nruuHi 
Siulrl mid Kessner, 

Ihe acts Introduced Including 
nnd great Dun,, dogs: Slulr] . 
Mclnlyro nnd Biro, the Maclinns, and Iho 
Ijuuker Clly Oiuirtct. 



Via I'eiiiisylvunlii llnllrpnd. Account 
Null. .mil Convi-ntlori llaptlsl YourtK 
People'. Union of- America.. 
For 'I hi; bencllt of .those desiring lo attend 
tho National Convention of the Baptist. 
Young Peoples Unliiii of Aliioilcn, lo be 
held nt AHiinln. Ga.. July ll lo CJ, the Penn- 
sylvania Rallrfwil Couituiiiy will sell round- 
trip tickets from all stations nn lis linn lu 
Allnnla, July « In (1, Inclusive, gond mdng 
on those dstc-s mid gimd to return until July 
— .. ID, Inclusive, ut. rule of n alsw/c Inn; lur thr 
with ther friends, Mr. nnd Mrs. Maurice round trip, ptu* $l.oo, . By (&l Ing ticket 
Grou, In Paris, returning lo America late wllh special agent at Atlanta 9 i,n "r before 
n Aiigiiiit. July. Ifi, and payment of llfty cents, an ex- 

TZJ™*^* t **2S!St.J H *. "f„ ( hariea A. tension of Una) roluru limit may bo obtained 

of properties, and Al. Des Roschcr, as stage Stevenson, has concluded to try bis luck to reach original storting point nut later 

carpenter. at acting, and Is now traveling with his than Aug. ID For sneclflo rates und full iln 

- Mrs. M J. Jordan Is very III at her mother. Ksle Claxlon. and pluytng a part foPmatlor. concerning "to'J Covers consult 

residence In Mt. .Vernon, N. Y, In "Tlio Two Orpbana." nearest ticket agout. 



July 4. 




ALBEBT 3. BdBlfi, 
Editorial aud Bphihbbb Mamam*. 

SATURDAY, JULY 4, 1903. 


AdT«tli«mrtt»-»2.80 per inch, **••* 

UB Advertlaeinettta iet with border, lb *< 
cent..*!* MticnipVlo1l , 

Om jenMn advance/Hi all month* V. 
three months, *1. Foreign £•»*«** 
Single copied will be neat, poetp.ld, on re- 
ceipt or. 10 cent*. 

our Term* »»• Cm * h ' M . 
THB CUPfEtt I. Issued every W^ D "™» 
morning/ The la.t fouMadvert sing) page* 
GO TO PBESB on Saturday at " *•«••«" 
"he other pages on MONDAY and TUESDAY. 
The Forma Olo«|n« promptly, T»«- 
day, «t 10 ••clock A. M. 
Please remit by express, money order, check, 
P. O oX or registered letter. All cash en- 
closed with letter la at the W*""f* 
Address All Communications to 
47 West 28tll Street, New York. 
Registered Coble Addre«, "AuTUOBitr. '• 


ot th» cuppib la *»*L* , K0 ° m , r ;",t 
A.niuud Block, Chicago, Walter K. "ill. 
manager and correspondent, where adver- 
UKinratn and .ubscrlptlon. are received at 
our.regilarlatea.,; ,^£ J.JfllJi.i 
Located at 48 Croobouru Bt, London, W. C, 
J PCoughlsu, manager and W rte*poua.«. 
where advertisements and aubscrlptlona aw 
received at our regular rates. . 

TH» Cl.lrl-H CAN BB ODTA1N10, WHOI* 

Balk and bbta.l, at our agents Brentanoi I 
news depot, 37 Avenue de I'Opera, Parle, 
See ; V. L.lleuthn. Er edrlch Btras- 
101 (Terminus Hotel , Berlin, N. W., tier- 
many; Diamond New. Co., Vt PraOo, Ho, 
»aua; Manila, Uook and Stationery Co., 128 
Kacn.u. Manila, V. 1.; Albert & Son, 187- 
139 King Bt., Sydney, Australia. 

only one' edition, aud that la dated 
from New Yorte. _i___ , 


No Replies liy »litll o r Telegraph. 

AhniiKSafcB on wiifcnKABouTB not oivbn. 
All in oukst i». ■BCll Biioui.i),wiirr« to 

UK AUVlilltlMHIl O.NH WBBK ONI.V. 1» Mil 

. DRAMATIC. . . 

M. F. MoN. Elmlra.~-We have no knowl- 
edge of the present wherenlmutH of I lie Piirly. 
Address a letter, In our .rare o ml we will 
advertise It In Thk Cl.ll'l'Kli letter list. 

14. II. T.. Mill. Ml, 

II. H„ llrooklyu, 

P. T., HI. Paul, ■ y ... 

Miss I,. P., Phi mont, 

ii. A. tl., TmiipKlii.vllle, 
'. P., Niagara Kails, 
A. J. n.. Chicago, 
K A. !.„■ Worcester, 
M. H. B... Boston, i ■• : 
\V. ,W. II., Charleston, . 
II. 11., C, Allegheny, ni|u 
••lNi.«itMATUiN, T ' see uuswor to M. I'. 

M j!"e! it.. LlnwiioM — The Cohiptoroelor niid 
CompttiKtaiih (adding uini'liUM'S); ore Holil 
nt Il^t) llnmdway,, Now %m City. ■ 

0. It., Clinton.— New York Sinmp nnl 
Steiioll Co., 100 Nassau Hlreet, New York 

,T.*C. M., Hoehester.— Address Mml Inkn & 
Co., 41>:i Mlxllt Avenue, New iork * ">'• . 

\V. It. S., West • Haven.— -Address M «• 
Seliener, l^tl Hoiilh Htroet, Phlliidelphln. Va. 

■HiliiHT & HWKKr.-'-l, A New York bus- 
tles, dlteet.iry will funilsh you a st. -. 
Addrems .eeeretary of the Ariora tinion. « 
Union Kqimre, New York City. 9, Wo do not 

kU j* h") VSiYlHe.— <Wo huvc no means of 

^"rsiV'V^f; Montgomery.— Address the NiHer- 
pi-lsv Music, Supply. Co., ,•»« West Tweuty- 
eluutti Street. Now York Oily, who can proh- 

M % "IVfpilwlu.KJ-WIMiout reoommetid- 
lnit iioy lu pnrlleulHr. Wo refer you to 
I'Vuiikllii Sargent, Umpire Theatre Ilulldlng, 

% a,' Oliph'iitit.-l. Yes. i!. Yes. a. The 

•""^Nxlotm-I Al the Knlekerl.o,.ker The- 
atre. 2. At the Onrrlek. :i. A Is right. 4. 

'"'jl'lc.! Charlton.— Address a paper devoted 
to voice culture. , ,, ... 

M. J., Cnrdnor.— Their vnluo would be 
rteteiinltieil by the olio who wished to pur- 
chase them. They have no (Uvd value. 

W. C. Minneapolis.— Watch our routo list 
eneli week. A|l(ftny _ Wa|t , h our v awlevlllo 
roulo list each week ; or, address i ■ letter to 
the party lu our cure, nml we will advertise 
It In TOR Ci.ilTKU letter Hat.. 

"CtiKTos."— t. We nut oiily answer yoti 
thai Ills published statomenls have been 
that lie will mil. at present, take out a com- 
pany. 3, See answer to M. I''. SluN. 

J. 8. I',, Plllsbi'ig.— Watch our routo list 

M, A. li.. New York. — The classification 
runs: Tragedy, iiielmlraiua. drhntn, roinedy 
drama, comedy, farce mid farce comedy. CM 
Micletv, riirnl, jomantlc or any other drnmu 
must belong to 'one of the above. The mu- 
sleal comedy Is what Hie Kreneli call n 
vaudeville. The musical elassllleatlon Is: 
(Hand opera and light, opera. Ilranehes of 
tlleso are the roiimiitlc ols'rn, I he comic 
opera, tbe extriiviiKaiisn and the hnrleslpie. 

W. D. W., IMroll. -Julius Calm, publisher 
of I'rthli's tlulile, Kmplro Theatre ltulldlhff, 
New York f.ty. BABH|iul(> 

J. F. Ii,. Itonloii. — A loses, as his team 
failed to nccoiaplUh that which be claimed 

" W "" UI •'"• CAU»«. 

E. E. H.. Hay City. — Whether the game 
Is private or uiieu, each player must show 
his entire hand to the board whenever n 
.■till Is made. 

II, |>, — According to your statement of 
the cose the winner ot the pool was entitled 
to the money. • 

.1. (I.. Waterhury.— It, Who needed but one 
■mint, won with high. ,, , „ . 

,1. W. II, , Hiiffolo.— Not having been called, 
the plaier Who opened the. pot wns not 
reijulred to show mure than openers. 

A. JI. V. Jr., Penn Yon. — Can not under- 
stand your query. Write again, and be 
more explicit. 


■ 8. A. C, Du Dols. — The reforeo of the 
flglit between Jim Corbett nod Peter Jack- 
son, In SnU'Kraiiclflco, stopped It, declaring 
It "no contest." 

, D. anIi A., Dawson. — Each bettor should 
be returned the money be wagered. When a 
light Is declared a draw all belH on the result 
of the contest are drawn also. 


1'. McC, Pawtucket— B wins the bet. 

A. J. .11., ArgdH. — We have not Men any 
fltiidi announcement. . . ' .. 

- To CorreapOTidentM. 

' Wtt. Rchafkr. — r<'ot doubting that you 
and others would like to see a good Rpecl- 
men of how* Stamina's problems huvc been 
ovet'hapled, we nreseut Enlg. 2,4^0, as It 
appears In "Lewis' Stainn'ui. 2d ed., 1810." 
Alexandre, "Utuutiet, '40,". gives Mr. Allen's 
version. We more than ever regret not 
buying Stamina's own work. ,. 

hlajL dg, KR7,KB.6.UR6, m, . 

411141 I t 

()B3. 8, (JKtst, 0.3 QUO, OKt4, l(U2, KZ. 

White to play nml mate In four moves. 

Lewis does not give the problem — possibly 
he found It faulty, as you did. Mr. Alleu 
presents the version found In Alexandre, 
No. 18, p. 20». 

W. A. Siiinkman. — From the numerous 
reproductions of your stupendous mil. In 240 
moves, we bave seen no claim of a shorter 
solution; and as the lOuropeun masters have 
had ample time to demonstrate n flaw. If 
any eklsts, we will give the solution when 
you ore sattslled no Daw can be found. 

Iliio. Khiirny.— No. ft, "Special Herlen, 
Monte Carlo," with title, p., tin I v received, 
thank you. We ore bound to shy that your 
"Itevlcw of the Openings at M. 0." is the 
most complete and valuable ravume of the 
kind, with tbe lenst redundancy, we bavo 
ever seen. We Intend reproducing It If— 
well, you know how It Is uhout space your- 

H. 'L. Jieki'e, New Orleans. — Just tho 
friendly note we appreciate : walk right In, 
here's a new chair at our round table. 

L. D. UlioumiTON Jr., Sec. State Ch. Ass'n. 
— Thanks for timely and welcome notice. 

Our Statb Cit. Association. — We ore In- 
debted to the secretary for a card announc- 
ing the forthcoming Summer Oiltlug Tour- 
neys. These will be held at Hotel St. 
Charles, Sylvan lleacb, Oneida Lake, N. Y., 
J m.v lid -'.Ti. Tin, chess features of the meet- 
ing will be: The 2d tourney for the Pro- 
fessor Itlce trophy, now held by tbe Brook- 
lyn II C. ; the class tournaments. Involving 
possession of Farnsworth and Wright cups 
a nd other, and other events. We hope 
this year to sec the breadth and generosity 
of Professor Ulce's offer more generally ap- 
preciated and acted upon than was the rose 
lust year. There are always various social 
enjoyments connected with these outings. 
'I'h Ik hotel Is nine miles from Oneida City, 
mid bus made n rate of $2,T>0'per day for 

will come en time— a proud record for the 
Jamaican Club. That warrants) us to cell 
the record "remarkable," (is things usually 
go. In addition to this, the personal score 
Is very remurkablc, aa see the standing of the 
leaders: J. J. Koblnson, won 10 'A to 5%, 
2 to piny: C. P. Weeks, the same: V. V. 
Hoblnsou. 11 to 0. 1 to play; It. A. Breckin- 
ridge, lO'/j, to fl '/j, 1 to pla y. 


OF PKOBLEM 2,411. 


In the position reached by 1 . . B to Q Kt 
so. P to B 7: 2..B takes P, K to bis 8; 
Il'.Kt to Kt 0, K to Q 8!; there appears 
to be no mate, and the problem Is tberelore 
demolished. After 4..K to Q 3, P Queens 
check: r,..B takes Q. K to B 8; there re- 
mains a mate In 11.. thus: 
r,..BKilll KtoKt* I «..BtoKtS K to Kt s 
1..Kt-B4+ K-R7 10..B-KS P-117 
8..K-Q2 K-RH |lt..Kt-R3, mate. 

Enigma 2,421 has received so mnny pralsM 
that we wish our. solvers to show that tbey 
have enjoyed It. 

Problem 2,421.-4.. K to It 4, K to his !l 
(a) : 2..K to Q 8 check, K takes B (b) ; 
:i . . Q mates. 

(u) Black con do a number of other thing), 
but a pretty mate awaits him. (b) If 2.. 
K else: :i..Q still mates. 

Development ot Chess Problem., 
Continued from JI. C. it. 

BY .1. W. ALLEN. 

*Two other examples of a, class of Prob- 
lems, fashionable In tbe £0's and early .'to's, 
are also glveti. It Is clear that such prob- 
lems must have strongly suggested the de- 
sirability of freeing the direct mate from 
I he trammels, of plausibility." 

ENIGMA NO. 2,42,-i. 

an wit. lewis (1827). 

* E H IS t t 5 

KRsi|, KB»,KKI8,KB7,i 2, KKt'2, K2. 

i I 4 i i i 

hlsRl, KKI2, 3, 4, 6, anil 8. 
White mates with B, or It. P tu moves. 
.by nn. c. p, xocn (18:14). 

* « I I ft 

glt7,.KKisi|, (Jll.t, OB3, UK.V1. 

* I i I 4 I I 

QR2,' 3, 4, iiikUi,QB3, 4, amir,. 
White mates with P In 13 moves. 
"In the ri'Klnii of direct mntes Memlhelin 
made hut little nilvouce on the nrohlem uf 
Siiimniii ; but the advance he loaile was ini- 
portaul, lieranse lu the right direction. He 
sought for a higher degree of brilliancy and 
complexity than had characterized the Slum- 
ma problem, lie loved to sacrifice almost 
all Ills pieces and mate with n scant re- 
mainder. He delighted In curious driving 
play. In forcing the Black K along a front 
ot his own Pawns or driving him in a sort 
of circuit, as lu the (Problem below). He 
sought, moreover, for singular mating po- 
sitions. Stamina made nothing of the male 
itself ; Menilhe I in wished the mate to be as 
surprising as the. process by which It was 
readied. Pure and economical mutes nre 

News of tlie dame. 
The siimes In. the late match, for, the. 

woTld% 8 champlon S hip. between,, U. ■ Jordan 
and H Freedmnn, will be pubUibed klmul- 
?"neously l ™ The 'Falkirk mml MMW 

Mercury Mr. Knight, of Albany, «. 

V was recently a victor to Springfield, 
Mis. A match of couelderoble .local Inter- 
cit Is w># going on between John Steele 
and Wiuiam fclchW nt tie offlce of H. M. 
Smith. .117 Main St., SprlngUeld. . ... ,0nr. 

lonir time local .expert, Jaa. McKnfce, has 
gone to Providence, It. L. with tho expec- 
thtlon to sttty there permanently. Dr. 
Sehaefer, In commenting on the trip, bovs 
that Jim will prove quite nu addition to the 
ploying strengfh of the town, ^ond should, 
mnke the Rhode Island champion. Mr. Shef- 
field, hustle to retalu Ills laurels.. .. ..Dr. 

Sehaefer has given up the gSqJwofJjntn. 
pionshlp by default; In regards tliereto he 
savs: K As The XotUuahamiMre Quardlan 
stiites that Ferrle Is the champion, and that 
n precedent was established when the late 
Yates resigned the worlds championship and 
Wyllle was tacitly accorded the title. We 
waded through The Turf, Fie Id and Farm 
for 1870, Tf and '78 and find that Wyllle 
clnltned the title by default after be had 
l»eu defeated. But the mass of vituperation 
we were compelled to peruse In search of 
facts has been suiBcleat for us to be satis- 
tied to let matters take their own course. 

A team match Is on tap between 

Paterae*, N. J., and the N. Y. players In the 
near future. 

Solution ot Position No., 17, Vol. til. 


Ill«ck 12 10 20 K 1 

White 14 ; 24 27 K 22 

White to play nnd win. . 

no 17 15 !• C 5 1 24 II) 

10 10 7 51 22 20 1 

17 13 5 1 9 10 14 10 

« 1 « 10 1 B 20 31 1 5 

II o in o is o i io n 

1 5 10 14 r. 1 27 23 •■ » 

n H r, 1 1ft 17 20 27 in U 

ft l 7 2 1 D ill 24 10 20 

14 W 11 17 22 10 » 18 

White wins. 

Itlimlla neons. 


We opened on May 2, and business lias b^ 
good ever since. The high excellence "f Tg 
perfonnnrice a,(d the flCow's equlpi„wV|, 
making n laatlug lmpresslou at every stand 
The .flow wll tour the South next Fall UU( i 
W titer, making an unusually long "'JSP 
Tlie rosteA'.lB: William Todt, Mrs wiiin 
Todt, Cliaa. York aud wife,' Lawreuce u 

i.uuii ,.*iuo. iuik uuu wiie, LAwreiii'i. i« 
Vaughn, O. W. Deltlno and wife ii nr ,* 
Rose. Anthony Bruxll, Cube M\vlm\Hi'J 
Huhnlh, Win. (Jasklll and Frank "ieuiy 

Tlie Rice 
Tho exciting battle over tho supremacy 
of Attack or Defence In this gambit goe. 
merrily tin. From all we are able to gather 
from public reudlng aud private correspond- 
ence., we should say the preponderance of 
opinion leans to the Defence. The Immense 
popularity of the proposition to Investigate 
this during gambit .practically Is shown by 
the greut Isxly of entrants In tho Plllsbury 
t'orres. CI). Abho'ji Tourney to promte this 
Imjiilry ; but when it comra to solid, convinc- 
ing weight ot opinion great deference must 
lie paid to the outcome of the substantial 
test being applied. to It In the Manhattan ft 
('., iieeause ut the carerui work expended on 
the ipiestluu by a body ot masters of .such 
etpinl aud lilgh skill, tip to our lust Informa- 
tion i lie score was a tie at six each, with no 
drawn games.' "Aud this, despite the fact." 
says Tin- Fault, "that tho Defence udoiited 

femirnlly as the most etllclent move, 10. , 
' to 11 II, on eivcli occeaslon." 
This fiirnlslies a rather remarkable com- 
mentary on oiiu of ISco. Ouuslierg's recent 
titiernucim. "The advance of these l'uwus 
by I he Defence seldom effects much good 
In . thin (It's), or any other gambit." At 
present this appears to be a cardinal point In 
ilil« Defence, nu In the Mlddlelon (J, (i., 
whence It probably caught tho Inspiration. 
See oue of tho newest games. 

(Ploy the .8 forming moves.) 

Roellilng. I'hiiiipH. 


1H..P-UU Kt-'ott 

jo. . i'-Kt j 1'Kn 

•21.. K II borne p.ain 

22. ,U H-liome Kt-K 4 

'-';!..!! V.I-1 KI.-OII I 

W..K HXKt HX 11, anil 

Itoethlng. Phillips, 
0..KtoKsq OloK.2 
10,,I'-BS P-B0 

II. P-K Kt 3 u llrU 4 
Kt-K 6 
X Kt U II X R 

14.0 1' XH SX^I' 
1A..U-B4 0-ltJ 

in.. Kt h:i Castles 


in.. K K 

.7.. (I to bee 4 KtoKsil 
8..K-U2 P-QB3 


White to piny and mate In ten moves. 

tiiiiiH' No. '2,'i'iH. 

Played In our "Couuter-Oauihlt Tourney," 

between E. W, Llbatre and Dr. Carroll Chase. 


White resigns Directly after this vl< 

tory Mr. I'bllllps, playing tbe Attack, tie- 
tea teil Major lluuhom. 

The Vtciiiin < 
. The London Timft gives the following 

table ot result. 111 tills most chess like of 


OtuoMt*. j\o.Wii.l»:lMfiitmlilln, lfa.Wu.Or.lKl 

Bishop's... 35 14 18 MORlO 5 1 U 4 

KKt>.....31 IS 7 10 Kles'ky.... 6 3 12 
Aiiguier... 11 3 n Isalvin 1 o ti l 

i il vine n totnl of games plnyed, 00; won, 
.'lit : drawn. 20 ; lost at). 

Now, "on tho face of the return.," that's 
a .'lone call to eipialltv ; the Rlnhup's and 
K Kt's vindicating the status ot Gambits to 
the entire satisfaction of the lovers of the 
tieiinilfiil nnd anterprlsliig. In chess. The 
other Oninblts fared badly, notably tho dash- 
ing and always entertaining Allgaler, But 
there Is one line of observation which no 
one seems to hnvo token into account. There 
nre two kinds of gambit. — direct nnd 
counter: nnd why are not the latter a. 
worthy of being, tubulated and having their 
results shown its the former) A really cor- 
rect estimate of the whole question In Its 
bearing on actual play ran never be arrived 
at till this Is done. The present Imperfect 
nomenclature of tho openings will always 
leave the results befogged. 

Ono writer has complained of nt least two 
ot tho Counter tlutiihlts "violating, lu spirit, 
at least, the VleliUa Club's proposition.' 
We don't see It. All that was stipulated 
wan that the two opening moves wero to be 
1..P to K 4. sumn:.2..P to K R 4, K P 
lakes P. After thin "the field In nil before 
them .what lo choose." Now. If the Defence, 
entering Into the spirit of the fray, chooses 
to offer a C.-O.. who shall say lilin nay? Per- 
haps that writer would like to have the 
2d player compelled by role to adopt some 
ot the .humdrum, exploded defence, de- 
nounced by bluff lleo. W'nlker, nnd so give 
himself, bound hand and foot, over to the 
Attack. . 

If we ever get a full .core ot all the game. 
In this iQtiruey. we will -Include the C.-O.'s 
In the tabulation, utid see what share they 
had In the Until result. 


■1..K 8-114 

3.. r oiiu 

4..KBX P 
7..Q-B4 + 


ti..q K3 

Dr. Chase. 



Mi Si 


it B-K 3 
l) Kt-Q '2 

lt-K I !• 






18.. Castles 

P-K Kt 4 

While, Black, 

, LlUulre. Dr. Chase. 
(7..KMOQ2 P-qB4 




tu.Kt (,K4 
20.. P-K R 4 
'JI..K -Its,, 
n..K II Ktsi| 
23.. P-K B 4 
2B..OI' xKt 



'Jn..Kt-BC-f- K-honio 
2Q..U-KBB R-Qs(| 

3u..Kt-qe-f K-hiM'i 
31..B-KI 6 4, and male 
"in about seven moves." 

P-ll Kt I 



Kit 8* 

The Fiiini Unttle 
In the senior division of K'i nnd 
league chninplolisblp tourney, 
Helms vs. II. C. Sftlbvcr Jr. : 

lUr..llelms. Mr. Selover.l Mr. Helms. Mr. sciovcr, 

Q'b Ch. 


to' be found In his problems, but only occl- 
ehess visitors. Addrem L. D. Broughtou Jr., dejotully. He did not aim at producing sin li 
■ v i' "' ' '* 18 ^'a"'" " •"•■ "rook- mates, he alined simply at the uncommon : 
I vm, N. i. „„,[ | D order to nttatu bis ends be mude a 

partial sacrifice ot plausibility. He made 

It. ' 

,,:, tentatively and timidly,, aud therefore 
Incompletely — olten taking trouble to equal- 
ize forces even In a very implausible posi- 
tion — but he took a step In the right direc- 
tion. This position Is typical ot Ills work," 
PKOBLEM NO. 2,425. 

• - BY JULIUS MENl.llltlM. 


Posltlou No. 18 

, Vol. ' I 



Black 9 

M 1 

.10 12 

14 15 

HI 10 

■1 -: 

■ *■ 





■ •■ s 



■ • 






■ ■ 





■ ■ 




2 24 2fi 27 28 

30 31 

White to ploy i 

ml win. 

, Game 

No. 18, 

Vol. 51. 



n v nu. a 


11 15 It 


10 15 

27 3i ii ir. 

17 14 HI 10 

iBJ HI 17 


10 10 

tl 14 10 


7 14 

31 27 28 10 

22 17 21 


24 HI 

28 24(b) .7 3 

tl tl (1 


18 22 

27 32 111 15 

17 13 14 


28 24 

20 25 10 7 

2 5 


14 18 

32 28 15 10 

25 22 1.1 


24 20 

25 22 7 2 

8 It 18 


18 23 

28 32 . 1 5 

27 23 211 


32 28 

3d 17 2 7 

4. 8 14 


22 20 ( 

0) 32 28 10 

22 17 1) 


31 22 

2 7 20 10 

3 10 12 10 

14 18 15 


. 23 27 

23 14 


22 17 

22 18 

14 7 Drawn. 

23 20 11 


5 7 10 

3(1 23 20 


11 4 

15 18 22 

:M 25 22 


18 11 

II 13. 11 15 

23 18 31 


24 20 

5 4 8 

25 30 211 


1 5 

15 17 IB 24 

2H 'J 1 20 


2 (I 

14 22 18 

311 20 25 


3 7 

17 21 21 25 

IS 15 10 



14 18 Drawn. 

14 10 28 


30 20 

23 10 15 

27.24 18 


27 .11 

20 22 8 11 

HI 15 111 


20 23 

10 (1 1 

11 18 23 


31 20 

1 10 Drawn. 


1. .1*1004 
■J..T-Q 114 

3.1) Kl 113 


11.. P-K 3 
H..K 11-0 3 
HI,. Hustles 
13..K R s(| 
l •,..(( li II j 
1H..KUX Kt 
18.. -K'i 
1D..K R-lisq 
1I..KRX 1* 
•it..O R-B»i| 
28..0HX II 
«..l'-l(5 k 
•M..P-R5 . 

r io o I 

P-K 3 
K Kt 113 
11 K 3 

Kt-K sq 
l'-K II 4 
K t II 3 
K Kt-t( 3 
11 -K aq. 
K Kl-K I 
K II -II 4 
lt-K II si! 

K p x r 

x 11-0 3 

ll-KI 3 

K R-B a 
lt-0 sq 
II -(0,0 . 

-.1)..I J loKl5 
30,.1'X Kt 



its., 11 



41.. Kt-K 3 
43 . Kt-K I hi, 
IU..KX P is 
49. l'-K 4 
51..P-0 8 
03.. |'-Kt & 
54.. I'- II 
U..PX P, 

u«. .1- «. » t ">*^ 

sploudlil UltUe 



P-K Kt 3 
P-Kt 5 -l 


P-Kt 7 
K-lll. 3 


lt-K Kt 

K 1)4 



l'-K 114 


and win. a 

Q.'s Co,, T„ I., Tot'tiMET.— A remnrknhle 
Dnish Is on here. Of the 00 gntnes on the 
ucbeduio all but u arc plujed, nild they 

To <ir*nd HMfilds IHrect. 

Through car iiy the New Yhrk Central and 
Mlcblanu Celilrnl leaves New York dally at 
4 i*. tt. for Detroit aud Grand Rapids.— Adr. 

New Orleans.— West End (Jas. Corco- 
ran, manager).— The iisnol big business was 
dime at. this lake resort week of June 21, 
when Venule's. Concert Baud pleased, as did 
Win. Reed and bis vltograph. Young nnd 
Devole, soft shoe dancers, scored big ' for 
their second week, while Hanlun and Singer, 
1 lie new attraction, nre proving big' favorites 
Willi their splendid Hying ring net, and will 
bold over week 28. tieorge Austin Moore 
will be the new offering. 

A'rm.trfic. PiUK (EiT. F. Scomons, mana- 
ger). — While business continues good at 
this betuitlfu) Sulhniet' park, still Managers 
Seninous & Mitchell nre determined to glvo 
the lovers of opera. still better attractions 
In tho shape of operas for which large 
royalties nre demanded. Manager, Muchotte 
lins returned from New York, where be com- 
pleted iirrniigemeuts with Wltmnrk & Sous, 
oh well as A. W. Tmns & Co., to furnish 
whatever operas the Crescent City patrons 
demanded, also clorlng a contract with Eunice 
i .11 rite Drake, late uf the UontunbiiiH and 
Anna Weld's Co, She will inuke her nppeur- 
iiuce week of 28. Another new member Is 
tlie concert singer. Curl Haydn, who will 
slug tenor roles, He replaces E. L. Weston, 
while Miss Drake will nlterniile with Lottie 
Kendall. The bill for week of 21 wag 
"lilrolle (llrotl'i," and pleased large audi- 
ences. "Isle ot Chnmpague" will be the 
bill for week of 28, and an elaborate pro- 
duction, with new costumes, etc., la promised 
by the management. ., 

Notes. — Unas. E, Davles hah returned to 
the city. ... ..Joe llerhnrd left week 21 for 

Fort Worth, Tex., nnd will llalsb the Sum- 
mer season with .the Fort Worth Stock Co. 

Morris Marks, treasurer of the Grand 

Opera House, l.s summering nt Bhy St. Louis. 

Gus Weuar, the St. Cluules Orpheiim's 

treasurer, Is now filling a similar position 
with the New Orleans llnscbnll Club, Gus 
also travels around tin; circuit with the 

Notes, iiiom tiir Wizard Merry Makers. 
— Wo nre In our tenth week and have not 
had. a losing night or n losing town since 
starting our. We hnrc hud seven bad 
storms, but our water proof top has with- 
stood the storlns. Our rnBter Is : Colonel 
L. C. Hnviscr, proprietor and manager; 
Ross Kellar. comedian : M. A. Acker, lec- 
turer; Vic. Havlser, prestidigitator and card 
expert : Mart Acker, musical, fancy ride and 
pbitol shooting, add the Havlser Bros., com- 
edians, singers and dalicers. The company 
Is featuring tbe play, "Killing the inhe- 
rent," In which Mart Acker does some 
dlltleult rifle and plslol shooting, assisted 
fit the Havlser Bros. The Moblielm Sister. 
Joined nt Oil City. From our "ad." In Thk 
t'bii'MiK We have gotten together a first 
class company, 

Kknnkiit ash IlATtw hnvo ployed Spring 
Lhke Park, Trenton, N. J., ami were at 
Kernan's Lyceum Theatre, Washington, D. 
C, mat week, with Hie Lyceum Theatre. 
Philadelphia, in follow. They are booked 
for six weeks lu parki, 

Chas. Stewart lla. charge ot tbe canvas 
with Ave assistants. The entire months 73 
July nnd August we will show along the sen 
shore. , 

' Notes FROjt the ' Crescent Stock— flu 
lluauclal cyclone which has been our lili-hiJ 
visitor since our opening, live weeks " Ku 
suddenly did a lightning change uct ,., 
Keene,N..H., June 12, and became a' fully «e 
veloped understudy for his cyclonic utahini 
of destructive fame. Kecpe, like every ,W„ 
stand we have played this season, wusidrlua 
us royal welcome, and the canvas theairS 
wis thoroughly packed nightly with pleased 
auditors. Friday (unlucky Friday) tuuriiln. 
rain and wind were our early visitors, sn r 
denly, about three o'clock In the ufternouu 
the. wind became a cyclone, and the deatru,! 
Hon ot the big wbltu top wus lerrlH,. 
Nothing was left hut a bunch of cimvaa 
rags and rlbl-ona hanging to tbe roue, 
With characteristic energy Mauager Kaitletai 
kept tbe wire hot after auotber cmivus 
mitflt, ond without losing a perfoniHioS 
(for we played lij tbe Keene Opera House 
three shows, add two lu tbe Ctan-mant 
Opera House), we opened under our uew 
1 liiivos theatre four days after losing the old 
one. Business has been capacity ut Clare 
iiiont. and Buslneas Manager Devlae prouilses 
ub the banner buBlueBB of the seasou | u 
Lebanon, N. IL, this. week. 

Jkhb Uraniio.n, who has been contraction 
nge,nt. with the RoHar & Mason Co. all seu- 
siTrt, closed with the company at Keokuk la 
niid returned to bis home at Benrdstowii! 
HI., for the Summer. The company i n ,j 
a successful season Had closed June 11 

Lester and Mack writer "We ore in 
onr seventh week with the Whitney ttuillj 
shows and Ore making a success, adding 
new tricks (md features every week, also 
Introduce our kneeling forwnrd somersault's 
We have yet fourteen, weeks with this show'' 
•Moral prow Tuttle's Olympic Snow — 
We are touring West Virginia. At Kiiig- 
wood not one half the people could get lu 
ilic tent. We were there for two days 
mntlnee and ulght. We llml people of West 
Virginia very liberal, and Intend staying in 
West Virginia for two months. However 
Howard and Eurl huvc Jollied. The fni' 
lowing people nre now with the sbow: A, 
!•', Tutlle,, Mrs. A. K. Tuttle, Jessie Troy, 
contortionist and trained dogs; Stewart 
Bros., triple bars, traps and rings ; I'robiism, 
comedy tramp, juggler; Charles lluebiier, 
comedian and dancer; Howard ami Karl, 
citiTylng perch, wire aud sketch. J. l>. 
Moore, violinist ; E. P. Cnlrell, organist ; K, 
S., George, cornettlst ; Geo. Hhyriick, ehiiudr- 
Iter man ; Butler, boss canvas mini, with 
three usslstants; Johnnie Nell, props; 
"Wbllle" Cook, Kred Leonard, Imiss hosller. 
The show is doing a big business, and every- 
thing runs very smoothly. 

Notes from the East Inihan Remedy 
Co.— The big drought of Oftyejglit days in 
Northern Vermont Is broken, and 11 delugii 
of ruin bos fallen for Ibe lust fourteen days 
lu a steady sfrcrim, without a ray of sua. 
shine to relieve it. But lu spite of Die mia 
we are doing a good business. We booked 
Into Hubbard! own, Vt., eight miles off Hie 
railroad, und went by team. On our urrlvul 
we were astounded to llml that Iluhlainl 
town contained but a country store aud |Hist 
oUlce. and the storekeeper's, residence. On 
Monday night we bad the hall half full (it 
seats three hundred und titty), und Ibe rest 
of the week we pluycd to tbe cupiicily of Hie 
ball, with not even ataudlag room. Wn 
wero at a loss to (hid where tbe people camo 
from, but found they wore all Summer board- 
ers from New York nnd vicinity, and onr 
live ci.iri'Kiis, which nre sent to us from a 
newsdealer In Bustou, went tbu rounds of 
the city folks, after we read them, iu ex- 
change for the dally New York papers. 
Everybody Is happy with the show, uii 
kicking and nothlug to kick about. We 
nlay Salisbury, Vt., -lone a2-27. Every- 
1 Isxly sends regards to the only "Showman's 
Bible," tbe good old CLlI'l'KIl. 


Show.— We met with our llrst bud night on 
Suturday, Juno 20. Tho show was by Hie 
side ot u river. It rained so hard we sturted 
to get wagons ready for a quick move. No 
trouble came until live o'clock Sunduy mora- 
lng\ when we were In four feet of water. We 
started people out of sleeping tents for places 
ot safety. Wuter today (Bunduv) Is six feet 
high. We have all mir trunks aud clothes safe, 

also dug's aud monkeys, but we can not get 
to our repts, and seats are eulug down with 
I he rushing w.iter. We will try to show In 

bulls next week, but It will be ut a big loss 
for HUb little fhow. T|il. Is our llml losing 
stand. Salaries have beeu paid In full to 
time. 'Mr. and Mrn. Ten Uvea's double danc- 
ing was a success here. We get our 
nam every week. 

WtTTi.Kii Snow Notes. — We are touring 
New Hampshire and Vermont, tiuder can- 
vns. ■ Have Wet with nil kinds of ruin 
storms, and huve not rolled up a dry ciinviis 
In three weekB. Business is good, aud wn 
await Thk Oli> Rkj.iaiilk every week. Ros- 
ter: M. Y. Wittier, manager; tbe Mee/.o 
B00I111. 'Troupe ot Hindoo magicians and con- 
jurors, Wlttlor's Vaudeville Circus, the Tee 
Troupe of acrobnls, the Botlys, aerlullsts; 
Pooslt'kncM and Wittier, bur teum ; Hie Up|i- 
ley Sisters, wire act. Concert: M. Baus- 
giinie, secret cabinet; Lute Rumvllle, come- 
illiin: Iluck KgglCBton, Hinging clown, and 
the (iiibers, juggler.. 

Ciiandall Snow NoTHS.— We are doing a 
big business, despite tbe contluiied rainy 
weather, and press nnd public nceord us Hie 
praise of being one of tbe best vniidevlllo 
shows under canvas. Ered Berlow, Ohnni 
and Wntton, and Tom McAvoy, with his 
high diving dog, Patsy, nre the latest ar- 
rivals. We nre playing the principal Sum- 
mer resorts in the Adirondack Mountains. 
The roster: Milt 3. Crondall, nolo pro- 
nrletor nnd owner ; Mrs. Ella Crundall, Baby 
Loin Crnndall, J ere Kennedy, business mou- 
Jger: Harry Roberts, stage manager: Tom 
McAvoy, amusement director; O'llara and 
WntBou Tessle, McAvoy, Ered Berlow, Crnn- 
dall and Crnndall, and Eriink Bosworlh. 
Mexico ha. charge of the canvas, with four 

Notes prom CApr. Stbwabt'b Bio Snow, 
!l,', 1 . 0l '„ t,le management ot John Shoot.— 
Ihls, tho "Bnrnum" of nil Bmall shows, has 
been out tbtoe weeks. We are In the oil 
fields of Indiana nnd doing flnelv. Our big 
tpp Is 00x00, our cook tent 20x40. We have 
six lengths of eight tier blue seats, six 
lengths of seven tier folding back and foot 
rest seats, and a 10x10ft. elevated stage. 
We carry twenty people all told. Copt. 
Stewart is at his home, Fort Wayue, Intl., 
fitting out a No 2 show for fairs. .It will 
be one of the largest and best equipped 
vhudevlllo shows .tlmt ever ployed fairs. 
Ills tent will be 50x80, cook tent. 20x30 : 
tire.. tog tent, 20x110, arid will carry eight 
lengths of eight tier seats. He will carry 
about llftcen people, mole nnd female, and 
give both. stago and circus acts. Mr. Stew- 
art has got some of the largest and .best 
fa rs booked, 11 ml a. be I. one of tlie ablest 
fair groupd showmen In the country he 
khows ..where oil the good fulrs are. He 
will open , the lost. week. In July, and pluy 
Hie Northern fulh until Oct. 18, then go 
South for the Southern' fairs. 

JtfLY 4. 


. .mn —"A Midnight Bell," ut the Cas- 
,»?:?" mid "Toll Onto l.nrt," at Music 
,lc ,r1 ,U f • irrout cbnrtges, nnd only new curds 
"^ of l.o wwkiy vB«««evlllc shifts. Tho 
tfggJ i i. something phenomenal, und 
SnSSSlrt *n uriicsB the mercury takes a, 
uS ami This statement docs not refer 
, WB .h" ii Id'inr shown. Thoso rcsortB need 
10 'hoi weather to thaw out. 
h "ZX NT Tiikathb (Jno. B. Schocffol, 
25 . i -Might weeks of full houses, wllh 
Kisffis WwEfift Is the record of "Peggy 
! m i-iirls " It IB far nheiul In box office 
"a!™* of'nny Summer show ever playing 
RMu* wid win run into the regiUsr 
UBS Sm without any trouble, (Jcorge 

? Alonw. Plummer, nud Is a worthy ml- 

imL in the M* . I'"'"! Nicholson Is study- 

ne 1 .1 Connelly s purt and will succeed 

!i.i toiler next week. 

%msU Tiikatrh (Rich, Harris & Chns. 

* ' ' w _ ..... « .. ihi i-4i 1 * 'A ( * Ii 1 II n tilt KnniMr. 



itii ? I I'onnclly's purt and will succeed 
■ iRllcr next week. 


i-rnbrnan, managers).— "A Chinese Honey- 
monn" (InSed Its long ongngcihont Saturday 
Xt after the best week, flnanc ally, of 
ftS run .This bouse Is iiow dark until 

%*mo TluUtM (Stnlr & Wilbur, ninn- 
-„„. _u looks llku n Sunirifor slny for 
"vftrk Stale Folks," now piny ng Its sixth 
t«pflt Hi big audiences. Orchestra under 
iV kIhcc Is unusual this tlmo of the yenr, 
|8 II \U» occurred several times With this 

"iftwaWft (State & Wilbur, managers). 
—The Aubrey Stock Co. mndo a good lin- 
nrpmlon lust week with a production of 
"Devil's Island." The stock Is n well 
lialanred ono mill quite worthy of a generous 
natroiuigr. "Toll Onto Inn" Is put on this 
■Ml with "The l'*l re Petrol" to follow. 

Casti.h Sqiiaiih Tiihatrb (J. II. , Kjmcry, 
manager).— lloyt's farces arc very iioptilur 
ifllh local playgoers, n "d always sure of a 
«nd reccpllon. "A Contented Woumn" was 
arrenlcd Ibis treatment Inst week, nnd the 
revlvnl of these farces Is a wise move on the 
imrl of Itic management. "A Midnight Bell" 
i- lining done tills, week, with "A Texas 
Steer" underlined for week of July «. 

Keith's Thkatrk (B. P. Keith, mnnn- 
»r).— Mrlnlyre nnd llcnlh, and Mdslriil 
Pule were ouslly Hie stars of lost week's 
Mil, which, from i>" all around point of 
view, w«s a good one. The business wns of 
the S. II. 0. type, nnd abend of lust Hum 
mer's record. Snlllc Slemhlcr. Alfred Ar- 
nrsiicn, 'Mr. anil JLrs, Wllllnni Ilobyns, Wood 
and Ray, Collins and North, 'Myers and Itosu, 
1'IHToril and Dixon, the Crulgs, and tho 
Watermelon Trust me new failures this 
in'rk. Mclnlyre and Ileal b, and the Fu- 
dettrs Woman a Orchestra continue. 

Howard AniRKABi m (Win. McAvoy, uinn- 
nscr).— This house Is keeping up In 
bhapc with (be fust pace set by the oilier 
Indoor ilicutrrs In the inutler of Htli'iidiince. 
Thin week's hill Includes: Kdmiiinl Hayes 
und Co., Iicw Bloom, Jdlllan Shaw, Hugh 
McVey, Alex. Wilson, Vera iiroy, Harry 
tic Bnr, Wlnstiinky und Sullivan, Frederick, 
and (he burlesijucrs, lu "A Bed Ji'lro festi- 

Pauck TlOUTIiH (Charles II. Wnldron, 
manager). — A burlesque, entitled "Muldoon's 
I'irnlc," gives Thomas and Wutson ami 
others of [lie house stock plenty of chances 
to make merry this week, f.iiiklns and l'at- 
ii'iKoii. Iiernl and Bcrol, iMnx Bitter, Mlnnlo 
llliii'liarl, and I'itkiisoii and Watson furnish 
'in Yiinilevlllc end of Hie bill. 

IiVckijm 'I'iii:atiik Hi. II. Biitchcller, uinn- 
»Ecr).— '"J'ho Sultan's WIvch" nnd a vaude- 
ville bill, consisting of the Ahdiuniu Comedy 
Four, Joe Ilaymiin, the Brennans, Bonny 
I'-lsa, Wills and Collins, und Murloa Suutcllo 
Is (Ills week's offering. 

Austin & HTONini Mphkum (8 tone *i 
Shaw, manngers). — "Kasblon. I'lalo Meiiul- 
le« of lite Past und Present" Is leading feat- 
ure uf current bill. The uiigregallon cou- 
slut* uf a dozen fair ones. Mile. Ola, mugl- 
i-lan, Is also a carlo hull card. Hinge: Mlko 
Sioll, Kluiliall and Donovan, Blurkford and 
JVesI, KrnnelH lloyl, Murray and Kllvn, 
VVillhiin Biggins, Beatrice Karle, Hynii und 
iJoiiRiiiNM. iiuit Mnrlow and I'liinkelt. 

NicKKi/ii.r.oN ffj, B. Walker, innnnger).— 
nook of .hinc U(l, curlo ball: Sailors' Con- 
tention, llnrry Burns, bag puncher: Keone, 
lotnoily Juggler ;. Anger Brnlbers, (lying ring 
arllslH, and nlbers, Sluge show: Uoff uud 
Imiic's Variety und Specially Co. 

Noui.sibkim I'aiik, Aiihurmlaln.— Week of 
Jimo 2I>: Quaker CKy Quniicl, Herbert l»c- 
Sgg> Kllli>en and Murphy, Morrlsey and 
inch, and D'Almal'it dogs and monkeys. 

tui;scBNr flAiitiKNs (Wm. II. ONell, man 
»wr).— New York Comedy Kour, Kciineynnil 
uulmne. Howard Brothers, and Bun nnd 
■ ml" , f,l, '"lsh Ibis, ivook's show. Sunday 
i. ll Inriuiimi iiio uliovo, and. or hcudllncrs, 
Morion Mnnoln and Anna Caldwell. 

PoiNr w Pinkh (Wm, II. O'Nell. mnn- 
pger i . — I his week Inaugurates a season of 
'{Mr antra lo be given by the Pines Musical 
iSSSS f n - I'rlncliiiilH Include: Irving 
rooks, Kimiic Kclley, Krnnk M. Itnlnger, 
IloiiRlns Kllni, .|„|„ PH Kcvlln. Wllllnm 10. 
■•MP. Hose l.c llnrle. Virginia Alnsworlb. 
MPlHMa t'.irnmlngs, Kiln Obey, Annie Moyd 
«nd hrmlnln Mlslor. "The Telephone Clrl" 
',* '"« nnenlng piece. Marshnll P. Wilder, 
!ffl*J nldwcll, Proctor nnd Lewis. Keuney 
"«d l Inhnne, W. V. and Master Williams, 
n ' »''" Cadot Band supplied tho Hiinday 

n I*xiniitiim Paiik.— MUinrdo, Udell ami 
JJKS (hTln nnd Plait, and Cook nnd Hull 
•re hern 1,1, WO ek. 

MKIiroil|>,Boui,KVAKP TilKAritn (.1. W. (ior-, inunoger).— The cyclovelodromn muilo 
« ecldisl lilt Inst week, nnd Is held over. 
SI. « "" lho ''"I nre: .lessle Coiilhoul, fill- 
li«~i ,,n >i»"H. unci Monlgrmiory, Jlowurd and 
Harris, und Beed und Shaw. . 
f» n . .'"T''"" l,n Lawrence Is spending n 
I™n ekH , v "onllon wllb trlnnils (n Swamp- 
th„ ;.'•;.• -""well llnnsol will roll™ from 
»iii i" Mll ° *PW™ t'o. early in July. Ho 
"... sinr next season under the mnniigemcnt 
?hi. M ' S7 .''• "lohards Allen Em » 


"A? n !i ,y ' '""* l,cc " i-cengnged for. Our Hill's 

Ho ,1m'"i c nn,, G«aton" Co. William 

nSfi'L •"'» disposed of his new play, "A 

w«.i ? n X": I t0 ,,,rcrt VoK, ' ,, . ot tl'o (lr «" of 
ftS™ 9 Vokes. loslc Sadler, of "Peggy 

tm\ J ! ,rlH . ■ ( "•• *M signed a three years' 

liM l w ." u " Pn, 'y W. anvage •Ilonu-n 

sSXL Hi »""• n<v "t season In '"Jlio 
•j'wdiemnii . under thc management of 

V ''•.. '.'ttvlln & chns. A. Moore Lew 

.!„''• who |H summering In Boston, goes 
\ Ih^' 1 " " t,xt B9r«W with John W. Vogcl's 

">l r 'ls Wllllnm V, llortgp, late of 

ti iffi f|, ,°. ln 1 ' ,lr1 ''" <-' - "is hcoti cngnged 
WIpEL y . lll 9 niatrlmnnlnl agput In "Mrs. 
£SFV°I Cnblinge Patch," fo bo produced 
„'■-"• h.v I.lebler & Co, ..... Will i. Block, 
nlJ™ R r 1 .. of '' hc Defender" Co., suys lho 
iir,,l. v " ,?l w " it* regulur season at tho 
WWII Norllicrn Theatre. Chicago, July Ii. 
nUJ.'-jownh Wnbor nnd Bobcrt W. .Mc 

Kn n. i Vl ' 1 ' 1 ' ln t<,w « -'"no BC Joseph 

22!',™. »M returned bona from n must sue 
I.-.T sonson Willi (he Knur Cohans, lie 
fur riiii'' °. f "•? 'ending rides hi "Banning 
with ii • ! "" 1 Boob out again ne\t sen«»a 
shall i. ,',fl nin «ny Mr. and Mrs. Mar- 

"•<">" Iri noii, 1 ,; 1 ; mat p " 1 ' 1 of thclt boiici '- 

lfNK'"^"'~T ,le week opened up with ceosc- 
«( n,? 1 ^ i 1 "" 1 huslnesB was at a standstill 
nnrt i . p t ,r ""' but • ,,mc 2 « brought sunshine 
r,' '?„"''»"' of snttsfnclory business for tho 

l'*' of the week. 
gor! 'w Kw , Tiikatiib (.1. I. Klynn, mnnn- 
inix inT 5" rrt| onlnl Comic Opera On, won Un- 
JWNJIatfl favor. In "Pro DUtoIo:" each mem- 
and nL 'ompany wns In excellent voice, 
eoce? i m, "' n il'Phuisc from good slued nudl- 
Kmn M r a B l Q "taHIl, Oeorge Mnctfnrlane. 
licli k 'r "" 1, " ,r ""d M «rle Tyler wore es- 
•««nj favored. Bon Lod 8 o' kept the audi- 

w« ^ 8 n a l | n K„« n .!eMp^' n T. , ' 1^,cn, ■ Tac <•"<>«'» 

^v«s also excellent. For current week tho 

same company, In "The Mascot." ' 


nrnn, manngcr).--Thls house had a su"cssfiil 

Ttff fS2 l\\ tbc ^l""'?" 1 Trouimumirs 
" H ,. ,h0 /"ractlon, and busuess was verv 
satisfactory, of the specJaltlcs, the cuke 
& W T T$ ■PP"««ae- for the pnrtl.d? 

irn'.fi™,' ) V - (itrrra «n» Novolty Co. Is.lhl) 
iitlrnctlon for current week. The hill In- 
cludes: Kn vor uud Sinclair, In "Tho Ma- 
gulres;" Karl nnd Wilson, Holarct, the Pow- 
leys, und iteuo and Smith. 

Hampton Beach Casino (J. H. Steinberg, 
manager).— Business has been verv satis- 
factory thc past week, with an cxcelfent bill, 
lor current week the manngement offers the 
following artists; Tlir 8 Marionettes, Bros. 
I-anolc, Prank Mitchell and James Marrow, 
he Ureal Lorella, and Honey and Cook, In 
the playlet. "Laugh Uiuder." 

MiiimiiN.-c. W. Phillips Is stage man- 

nger at Hie I.akevlcw Theatre Joseph 

Smith, tenor soloist of the Colonial Comic 
Opart Co., met with a very painful acci- 
dent Ji,, during a rehearsal of a. future pro- 
duction, when a bar which ho wbr leaning 
ugalnst broke, causing him to fall buck- 
ward lo (be singe, a distance of about ten 
feet. A physician was summoned, uud 
upon examination found tho right arm to 
be broken, and oilier minor Injuries about 
Ihe body, although not serious; It will 
bo some time before Mr. Smith will bo nblo 

to appear with the company The I.owoll 

Orchestral Society held Its twelfth annual 
meeting 'M. The season, from a musical 
standpoint, lias been a most successful one. 
Mons. rami J. Borjcs was again reelected 
conductor, for Ihe thirteenth seuson. A. com- 
mittee was also appointed to nrrungn for 
Ihe usual Summer outings. The society 
uow numbers llflv members. 

S|irinKiicid. — At lho Brand Open 
IlonsX; (Chns. W. Km.. In, manager). — The 
melodrama," The Horrors of Klshlnefl," Juno 
211, presented by a compnny of New York 
players, for the benellt of Ihe Klshlneff suf- 
ierers, wns greeted by n small audience, 
most of whom left before the show wns over. 

Hami'iikn Paiik (J. P. Burke, mnnuger) 
has enjoyed n fair patronage, considering 
lho Inclemency of Ihe weather. A bill 
bended by Yengcr and Yengcr gave genernl 
satisfaction last week In llie theatre. Tho 
innnngemenl: announces an excellent vaude- 
ville bill for this week. 

I''hiii:nt I.aki:, Palmer (P. J. Cnsey, imm- 
agcr). — As Ihe warmer nail pleasant wiiilher 
advances thc pleasure seekers have MM out 
In goodly numbers, nnd .is a result the at- 
tendance at thc Hustle Theatre bus shown 
it big Improvement. Tom Brown's Truubu- 
dours this week. 

Norm. — Kllccn Spcllnmn, of Mm Henry 
Savage (i.i.Ti.l Opera Company, will spend 

Ihe Bummer at her home la Hits city 

O. I,. Southland, of the Court Square Thea- 
tre orchestra, left on Monday for thc While 
Mountains, where he Is to play at 

one of thc hotels for lho season 

Mary llowo, soloist wllb Unas' Orches- 
tra, has returned to her homo In BriK- 

llehoro, Vt Curl Scbulvi, who has been 

spending the past six months In Unrmany, 
has returned to Westllcld. Mrs. Scbulx. 
who has been studying music: abroad, will 

return about Aug. 1 A stir has been 

made among the storekeepers of PKIslleld 
who have given window privileges to tlnrnum 
& Bailey's Circus, which exhibits here July :i, 
by u young man representing himself as 
agent fur the circus, and niithnrlxcd lo ex 
change the lithograph ticket for the admis- 
sion ticket. After explaining to them It 
would bo necessary to go to the advertising 
car to exchange Ihe ticket for a reserve 
scut coupon, be would lake tho ticket and 
disappear, und nothing moru be henrd of bun. 

Klsle Payne, of. this clly, u recent 

graduate of tho American Academy of Dra- 
matic Art, lu New York, now with lho 
Mortimer Snow Slock Company at llar- 
maniis Blecckcr Hall, Albany, N. Y„ Is re- 
ceiving kouio lino nollccs from Ihe press of 

that city Caroline A. Slock has been 

visiting old friends In Ihls clly (or the past 
two wc?ks. Miss Slock bus signed with "no 
of lho lurgc burlesque companies for uuolucr 

+++ — 

' oiiin. 

, ..£ ARm "' "'• ''■ IJiMarche, manager). — 
'I'he Beggar Student" Is being revived cur- 
rent week, flic many nnd Important- prin- 
cipal parts being well filled by tho (lardcn's 
popular players. "Boccaccio" was sung week 
of June Tl, to fair business. Tho attraction 
for week of July U will bo "Tho Koyal 

STAR (Drew & Campbell, mnnagrrs), — Tho 
second week of the Slur's Summer Burleinuu 
Mock Company offers an even moro ambi- 
tious hill than Inst week. Billy Van Is tho 
inn I ti attraction, being cast la Ihe last bur- 
lesque, "Bollviir's J usl Ice." The opening 
burlcsqnc Is entitled "The Wrong Time. 
The vaudeville nets are: Agnes 11. Bchler, 
1 he American chuntriisc ; Charles nnd Hva 
1'arcar, European pant. mil mists and acro- 
bats ; Keegun and Klynn, In "The Klon- 
ilykers:" .1. C. Hart and company, Id tho 
original novelty, "Tho Pipe Hitter," and 
Itccd and Klynn, song Illustrators. 

Manhattan Brach. — Bostnck's grows In 
popularity In spite of thc rainy weather, nnd 
nn exceptional bill Is being prepared for tho 
holiday ihls week. Aglntln's Dlnrono, tho 
monkey that loops thc loop, will glvo lho 
exhibition several extra times on tho Court h. 
Nearly nil Ihe other nets to bo nut on are 
new to the public, and some of the season's 
favorites that nre Included In the programme 
will bava new nicks (or their animals to 
perform, and Ihclr acts entirely changed. 
Mr. drub, the baby gorilla, rcmuloB lho 
greatest attraction of tho zoo. 
+ ■» 


Cincinnati — If present plans go through, 
und thorn la every renson lo believe they 
will, Ihls clly will havo another theatre on 
the list bidding for patronage next senson. 
M. C. Andcrsou, of the Columbia nnd Walnut 
Street Theatres, was in lho city early last 
week, and stilted I hut the uow burlesque 
circuit which Is being formed will Include, 
Cincinnati. Although It has not been slated 
where the new tlicalro will bo erected, 
Anderson bus an option on it lot near lho 
heart of Ihe city, where It Is believed the 
bouse will bo built. Anderson states that 
the house can not be completed In time for 
(he opening of Ihe senson In lho 1'iUI, but 
will likely be ready to o|icn by Jan. 1. 

C'iikhtkii Park (I. M. Mart In. innnnger). 
— The opera senson will o|smi June JS, 
with "II Trovatore." Anna wcliler 
will bo Ihe lending soprano, wllh hlvla 
Crox Scabrooko alternating. Bernlct. 

Holmes will sing contralto purls, and l.loyd 
(lAiiblgnc will sing tenor, with Waller 
Whcnllev to nlternnic. Slnclalre (.ore will 
slug hnrllnnc, and Prancls Motley bass, 
with Wllllnm Schuster nltcrmitlnc. Mux 
Plchnndler Is tho musical director and 
Oeorge Kgner si ago director. In the ramie- 
vlilo theatre, Juno liK, are: Burkes musical 
dogs, Pongo and I,eo, Major Sisters, IiM 
Pu liner, und Spalding. 

Conbv IsbA.Nii (W S. Clnrk, mnnnger).— 
Pain's "l-nsl Days of I'mnpell Will begin 
u twelve days' engagement June .10. Im 
vaudeville bill Juno 1.'8 Includes: WoM and 
Mark, I 'rlor und Morris, Louts W. Bales, 
und Donovan and Morris. 

Tub Zno (Waller Draper, mnnuger).— 
John C. Weber's Military Bund has been re- 
tained for June L'8. Business B»od. 

I,uni...w IiAooon (J. J. Wciiver, manager). 
— Phlnney's U. S. Baad w|ll close Its en- 
gagement after week beginning Juno 28. lho 
vaudeville show begins July 4. 

Nbwh Notks.— University students pre- 
sented "As You Mke II," In Itii met \\ <;o< la, 
last week Ollle P. Notennnn, of thu I, id- 
low liiieooii. was mai'i-lcr .|uno Mlo IWHM - 
rue Anna Shussler. . . •Manager Mux Mosc n- 
iN-rg, In charge of the vaudeville theatre nt 
the I.udlow 1-ugoon, returned from it hlcngij 
last week • .J.J. Weaver, vice president and 
manager of tho Mullow fojWMt, h *2g™& 
to »»rs house, sulTerliig from the eff ts 
of havlnif a tnolh drawn. After thc loolb 
xvns pulled his Jaw began swelling, whb-h 
was followed by a hemorrhage. »"«"•• 
dlllon was serious, bill Is now m i h 1 n- 

proved Bundinnsler Sousn h is been el i- 

Laged lo give three concerts ut tho lull 
festival In September, 

Cleveland — At the Colonial (A. F. 
Marsh, manager).— "WhlrllC,lg.'one o 
Wcls'i- & Plelds' big successes, Is being put 
on In a must" creditable manner, iwk 
June 1!». The new chorus and principals 
uro doing admirable work. The mirth pro- 
voking comedy. "Thc Con-curers," was ho 
hill week of 5BI. und Sam Bernard, Bobby 
Harris, and Sldmnn, as the "ermna com- 
e.llans, were Immense favorites, Burisirn 
I'l.lgety" will he given week of July tl. 

l,v..'Ki:M (J. K. Conksi.ii. in.iiuiger).— 
Vniiglm Olnser. late leading mnn of l-.iigc.le 
Itlulr's company. ojn;us n Slimmer season 
current week, with "The Prisoner of /<:'"">■ 
Mr. U laser has surrounded himself with a 
most excellent company, Includ ng Sujiiiiiu! 
Si.nlje, Virginia Kline. It. C llery. II. »■ 
Noi'lhriip, Chun. J. Wilson, 0. C, AudcI BDd 
V, & Duff. 

pltal. Bans' lintel win Hie scene of a 
lino spread for the profestlomili and ama- 
teurs aft cr ward. 

Casino and St'MUlT Park arc doing a 
fair bnslnpss, considering tho cool and rainy 

'it - 

Klmtf*.— At Korlck's (lien Park (Her- 
bert . Salinger, manager). -Tho Manhattan 
Oiiera Co. gave excellent Bfttlsfhcthm, In "The 
chillies of Normandy," hist week, tin Fri- 
day tho foot bridge across the Chemung 
Blver wns washed uwny 00 account Of hlRh 
water, and no show waa ttlvcn iiAHl Sat- 
urday evening, when the damage waa re- 
paired. This week "Fm Dlavolo" will bo 
presented. ' i 

lliAi.To Tiikmki: (It. W, McConncll. man- 
ager). — The bill uiinoiinced for John '20 and 
week Is: Martin Leury, Peurl Davis, May 
Mrlson. lOlsle llenes, Carrie Hill, tlTAcc Sol- 
llfcn, and Dc Hose. Business Is good. 

QUKKN Citv GARnilNS (M. 1.. Si. II I vi. n. 
manager I. — Arrivals for this week : Olliney 
Sisters, Anna Bnynor, the Two, Cnldwclls, 
Hurry Burns, and the Musical Holmes. 



people. . An cnllroly nr\v stage Jias.bccn c«n- 
struclea Mi the .northwcal corner- of .tho 
quarter bloclt, XsiWplefc lh every aefarl. The 
opening of ihe nnrk was set for 31. but bc- 
caiiRo of unpropltldus weather was continued 
urn II 32. 

Fritr'h Nkw Tiikathpi (A. Dollmsn, mana- 
ger). — Walters and llaann, Norwisld Bros.. 
Bragg and Ashton, John P. Brace, Penrl 
Weston, Klectra, lioulso Lister, Jennie Gui- 
chird, Alf. P. .lames. 

Kbickson'm Music Ham. (II. D. OrlfDn, 
inaimgei'). — Mtio Trcscoll, Hlln Howard. 

HllAKIKR'B CONCHBT IIai.I, (I'lll II. Dnvls, 

manng.T).' — Pearl Weslon. Mao B. Stanley, 
1/isinuro, Helen Bunhnell, Nellie Uuodwln. 

CKNTiur, Park ( lienndor Bros., uiunagcrs). 
— Millard Bros., tanflo. 

BiiuTnlo.— At Ihe Teck Theatre (Waller 
S. : Baldwin, m.iimger).— Tho Baldwin Me:- 
vlllc Stock t:o. offers for week of June 21) 
"Mnnto Crlslo." "In Mlzzoura" week of 
July ll. "Davy Crockett" malntalued tho 
good patronngc obtnlnlng here. 

l.vt'KUM Tiikatiik (J. i.niighlln, manager). 
— Walter 8. Baldwin's rompany Is presiuit- 
Ing "My Piirlner'' (his week. "Trlullv 
Chimes" next week. "Ten Nights In a Bar 
Boom" proved It good drawer. 

Acauhmv (Dr. Poler C. Cornell, innnn- 
ger). — Tho Whll IB ker Stock Co. Is plnylnir 
Ihls wwk la "Dangers of a Ureal City. 
"Tho ltcd Cross Nnrso" week of 0. Business 
Is excellent. 

Siika'm Carokn Tiikatiib. — (lenrgc C. Bold- 
fnce und Bertha WulUlngcr, In "'nie Woman 
Who Hesitates Is Won; 1 ' Poolcy and Tcn- 
brookc, liilinonr nnd 1st Tour, Thor Trio, 
Doherly Poodles, Johnson nnd Wells, Sheiiu 
and Warren, the Montrose Troupe, nnd tho 
klnelogrnpli. Iliislness Is well mnlntnllied. 

l,ACAYl'.ri'K TIIKATIII'I (Chillies M. Bllgg, 

innnnger). — The slock company Ihls week 
Includes: Chiirrnlon, Churlcs Fnlke, Fields 
nnd Wooley, Tnscolt, Bessie Clifford, Klslo 
llnrvoy, Harry Hastings, Mmlly lleaupre, Joe 
Mullen. "Black Crook" |k being given, 
also "I'he Fly Widows at Itocknway." "In- 
nocent Benulles" Is the title for week of (I. 
Business gond. 

Notks. — Pnln's spectncle, "Ancient Home, ' 
nl (be Athletic Field, this week, tins been 

extensively heralded Justus O. Miller, 

leader of lho Porly-sevenlh Iteglment Bund, 

tiled VO Baud concerts at the various 

public parks nre again In vogue and very 

popular Wllllnm P. Curl soils for H.i- 

rope 'I Mnnnger John ll. Stirling, of 

the Slur, Is busily nrriinglrig things for lho 
nmironchttig season of his pretty house and 
his various road coinpnnlcs. 

Ilmhcsli-r. — Lyceum Then I re (M. K. 
Wollf, manager), — The stock nt this bnuso 
grows steadily In favor. Last week's pro- 
iluciiou, "All the Comforts of Homo," de- 
lightfully entertained crowded houses nt 
every perforinunce. "June," with nn ac- 
companying curtain raiser, "Tho Old Uuard," 
Is the programme fur week beginning Juno 

National Tiihatiik (F. It. Liiem-lier, mnn- 
uger). — "A Teoi|icratiiti! Town" was well pre- 
sented Inst week. Koch member of this well 
balanced company scored n till. Very largo 
business ruled throughout lho week. "Har- 
vest, or Wetlded and Parted," Is lho ut- 
Iruillon 21) und week. 

BAKKIt TllKATRK I Warren P. Lay, mana- 
ger). — Owen Davis' verslun of "Under Two 
Kings'* was the inngnet which drew tho 
largest bouses of thc slock season lust 
week. Fllxiibclli Brever won success In thu 
rate of Cigarette. The supiiort was excel- 
lent, and Ihe production ly 
mounted. "l.Vtiysbuig" will bo thu bill (or 
the week commencing June 2D. 

Cook Opkiia Houhk (.!. II. Monro, mnn- 
nger). — "Woman Against Woman" enter- 
tained crowds that tested the capacity of 
Oils house Inst week. The play won popu- 
lar approval, and was well presented by the 
capable company, beaded by Jessie Bonstnlle. 
Tho appropriate offering fur week o( June .".. 
Is enlltlcd "A Colonial lilrl." 

Ontario Bkacii Park (John J. Collins, 
mannger). — Melt's Military Band gives a 
coucerl: twice each day at this resort. A lino 
exhibition of il reworks Is given twice each 
week. Tho a 'tendance Is on Ihe Increase 
since the weather bus been moro favorable. 

Noti'.h. — Will T. Hodge Is at his homo In 
this clly, after a successful season In 
"Peggy from Paris." Next Thursay he wll, 
sail for ICuropr, for it live weeks' stay. Mr. 
I lodge will, ('rente I la- principal male pi.rL 
lu ii production of I.lebler & Co. next seo>ou. 

A I bun). — Tho Kmplre Theatre (11. II. 
Jacobs, muimgori. — Km Klngdon-Courtenny 
Slock Co. Increases In public favor as lho 
Summer season progresses, iih nili-slcd by 
the crowded houses that greet them. "Tim 
Wrong Mr. Wright" was repented June 22-21 
by the request of many, uud "Tho lmporl- 
lllico of Being Karnes!." 2C-27, was very 
successful In every way. "Out of tho 
Storm," u one act piny, preceded It. "Wheels 
Wlllil.i Wheels" Is announced for Juno 2U- 
July J, and "I^ird and Uidy Algv" 2-4. 

IIaiimaniih Bl.KKCKKR 1 1 am. III 1 . It. Jacobs, 
mnnuger) has the Mortimer Snow Slock Co., 
In popular plnys, doing a good business. 
"The Fatal Mni'-rlnite," June 22-24, nnd "Sil- 
ver King." 20-27, divided the week, and both 
drew well. "IjiiIv of Lyons" 211 July 1, und 
"Hold By tho Knemy" 2-1. ' 

PiiocTiui's 'I'iikatiiij (Howard (Irnlinm, 
resident mnnnger) holds lis own with a lino 
slock company, which gave, all lho week. 
"Tho l^itlnry of l.ovo," lo largo nud well 
pleased audiences. The piny tor Juno 21) 
and week Is "A Gold Mine." 

Notch. — A very creditable circus perform- 
ance was given Juno 22-24, by local and pro- 
fessional talent, for a deserving charity, and 

was liberally puli-onlv.od Kleclrlc Park 

and l.uguiai Island had encouraging open- 
ings on Sunday, 21, notwithstanding tbo 
backward season. 

■ i ■ 'i 

Ullcii. — Majestic Thentrc (Wurren H. Day, 
mannger). — "Young Mrs. Wlnlhroii" nnd 
"Tho Itesurrectlon" were the attractions pre- 
seined by Hie Miijestlc Stork Co. lust week. 
Cool weather helped to draw ,blg houses. 
Ktrin.H Campls'll Is a new nddlt.lon to the 
stock company, nnd her might In Ihe csst 
Is fell. ''The l/lltle Minister" will be tbo 
ullrnctlon Ihls wepk, 

Htica Park. — The formal opening of tho 
vaudeville performances occurred 27, when 
the I Myden Mnle (.'horns gave an efficient 
concert, to two thousand people. The regu- 
lar Summer bill will be rendered evenings, 
with matinees Wednesdays ond Sal unlays, 
nnd n concert Sunday afternoons. TlilB 
week : Tiqwy Turvy Trio, Homdle, aerial net J 
Kedmonii ami ilnrdner. John Oram nud Ihe 
"Bniken Crndtp'' skelch will he the ut 
tin. Hon. Tho rrnrelliig circus, that picks 
up nmnleur society people to fill out the 
bill, met wllh excellent, Rtleccaa hero 22-27. 
Society people seemed Inspired tq be eliher 
clowns or side' show •Rli'scHon. and a"go''ilv 
gum was netted by tho Homeopathic Uoi- 

Ml. i.niiis. — Isist week wns, In gi'neril, a 
successful ono (or Ilia nl fresco offerings. 
Haiti on the Inst two days brought tho aver- 
age, down, hut ihe rest of tho week was (air 
west her, and attendance was heavy. 

J is.. ma it (John Jii.inopnulo, inli linger I. — 
"Barbara Pldgely" wns - offered here last 
week, nud gavo great satisfaction. Tim 
Criinin luul a specialty that aeeqicd to please. 
Misses Colin und Barbe did very well. This 
week, "Belle of New York." 

Kiiiikht Park Huito.ANns (Col. Ilnnklns, 
Tiiiinsger).- -IjisI week was u rcconl breaker 
here. H was the week of hcneiit for lho 
Police Belief Association, and played to ca- 
is.clly all lho week. Tho bill WBS clever. 
Kill" Fay waa tile strong favorite, eBpeclally 
with tho men. Madam tlerrmunn, Macarln a 
Animals, Howard oinl Hhind, Snyder nnd 
Bucklev, and the Oloasons were tho rest o( 
It. This wis'k wc havo: Kcrguson and Mark, 
Is'w Hawkins, Kllswnrili and Hurl, Kliinxii 
and Aran, 'i'nisk and lingers, nud Maurice 

Lump's Park (J. L. Wollraff, manager). 
— Allriidancu here wns very good. Tho 
Mllsworihs, In ll.elr sketch. "Tho Silk Slock- 
ing," were fculiiriMl, und tin. Burlnns, Mona 
1>V Nncc, Queen Dora, Carter and Itynii, and 
ICm Scott were olhurs in a very acceptable 
hill. Mr. Wnllrnn.' bus for thu current week: 
J. Kdninnd Dc Noyce, (ho Jesses, Carter nnd 
Boss, l.uln l.i'liM.I.I, llurlou uud Burton, und 
Howard and Alton. 

H.VHtiAiiHN's (lliishngcn Bros., mnnnger). 
— Miss Kobct'ts and her ballet chorus, wllh 
electrical eff nil s, proved a drawing; card. 
The balloon ascension by Prof. Hcanlnn also 
pleased thu peopje. Tom nnd Mary Klnne- 
u.iii, Smith and Arndu woro nlso In lho bill. 
Tin, current week's bill Is proving very 

KlIKIINKR'S CARIiKN (II. K. Bice, lllllllltgcr I. 

— Tho IJaidey-Baleumn Combliiatluii. In 
"Pink Dumlliovs,' pluyisl to good business 
lust week. Both Mr. Iliuiley and Miss llule- 
laiin were well received, . and tbo support 
won ilcsi'ived This week "Borneo 
uud Jnllcl" Is offered. 

Wkkt Knii lli.uiirrs (Don J. Willlnms, 
inanuger). — John T. Piiwors was heiidllner 
hern last week. The Whitney Bros., Sisters 
Connelly. Vontollo And Nlnn.Kllroy and Brit- 
ten, Bulb Sella, and Cunnctlv and Klein 
were ihe other fun milkers. 'Ihls week uu 
entirely new vnudavlllc bill Is on. 

Mountain Park. — Lust week's vsudo- 
vine hero Included six la number, several 
of which were high grade. John A. West 
made good, nud Merlin's dogs were popu- 
lar. Deo. H. Austin.* Co. woro well in- 
cnlved In their .wire work, and Jack Nor- 
worth wns ono of lho most popular tin in. 
This week: Will Pox, Adele Purvis Onrl, 
Itydcr's monkeys, the Ullsworlh Sketch 
Club, and Tamil Kltchll.nre lho leudlng feat- 
ures of a very clever bill. 

Snui'iiiiAN (llainlii. aster I rules, umiiiignr). 
— The concerts of Junes' Band draw fairly 
well lust week. A special (mil are was Ihe 
noses of Victor, the si rung mnn, In the cine- 
trie fountain;- Hnrrento's llamla-- Roma 
opened heir 2H, for an Indefinite slny. 
Walker's high diving horses are proving a 

drawing card. 

Knnsna Oliy.— (At Forest Park (Moyd 

Brown, resident manager). — Tbo new park 
continues to draw big crowds, although tho 
cisii weather Is a delrlment. Tho bill In 
Hopkins' Thentrc drew good houses all of 
the week. The acts were: Purcell and 
Brooks, eccentric comedians; Clotllde An- 
tonio, contortionist ; Kugnnn Kllswmlh and 
Madge Burt, In their comedlellu, "Doincsilc 
Pels;" Alice Itsyisoiul, cornel Usl, and P.VI1 
Miidgn, In her churncier cluing™, who held 
over for the second Week, and Hlekey nnd 
Nelson, In ll. eir always funny net, "Twisted 
and Tangled." This week (lie new people 
will be : Jack Nor'worlh nnd I/oiilso Dresser, 
Howard und Bland, Hnlhnn, Pnrmaun Bros., 
Juggling Mathews, and the young American 

Fi.hctrio Park (Slim Benjamin, maun- 

3 or). — The opening will tiiko place on Sun- 
ny, Jiiiiii 2K, wllh Inncs una bis band as 
the chief attraction. 

AiiiirioiiiiT.i. — l.esler I.nnei'giin's Players 

cuvu "lloiHlmnn Blind" last week, in good 
bouses, which thoroughly enjovisl tho pec- 
formuiice wjilcb was seiui for the llrst rlmo 
liera. This week Mr. iKincrgnn's now play, 
•'Klslo Vcnner," will have Its first produc- 

ci.iitkiuniih. — Rat. Kd. Butler, proprietor 
of tho I'i'iitury Theatre, was In Ihe cty last 
week and announceil Unit Ihe theatre Would 
be reopened as u burlesque house next season. 

Carpenters und decorators are nt work 

finishing tho Willis Wood Theatre, mi Dm 

■ 'is'iiing Ibsi season Inferfercd wllb some of 
the final touches. 

♦ ■» 

Nt. Paul — At lho Meiroisilltnn opcr,\ 
House t V. N. Si'otl, niutiiigeri lho Ferris 
Stock Company played, to very good busi- 
ness, In ."Womnu Against Woman," all of 
week of Julio 21, scoring thu blgifesl succcs 
of the ciigiigeiiient (bus far. For week o( 
28 "UnnluV' AWl hold the Isamls, 

KMi'iiiK (A. Welnboiaer, mnnuger). — Busi- 
ness wns very satlsfhclury week of 22. Tho 
usual variety bill will Im given. 

lit: M iii.ks. — The St. ' Paul Horse Show, 
nt Lexington Park, 9MNt wllh niiUlneu 21, 
was nn lniiiieiise success' from an artistic. 
point of view, but probably not from ii 
ilnunrlnl, as Ihe uiuiiugciiipnl gave the saini. 
oil a most lavish settle, sparing no rxjieuse, 
and It will not be sliniigo If the recplpls do 
not reach expenditures. Thu 
very good, though Hot big. I'he exhibition 
was given under u huge .•auvns. Ilghled by 
oyer Iwo Ihoilsuiid electric lights, add (ho 
Immense uiupliltheiltro was us light us day 
In (he must reiunle pnrtk- I,. N. Hcull and 
W. U. CurllliK are chill led to great credit 
for their cnterprlslug liberality, and their 
efforts will certainly bear iiuihki.i1 frnliti 
In thu (ul nre, If not nt lho present ukhlblllon. 

tietilry Ilros.' Show tomes 21), Pore- 

puugh's July 3. 

i i ■ 

Do I nl h. —At lho Lyceum (C. A. Mar- 
shnll, ii.anageri (he Northwoslnm Opera Co. 
Is In lis .(bird week, and business Is very 
good, "the China's of Noriuiindy." Juno 
22-21, and "Frn Dlnvolo" 2D-27, drew well. 
Por 211 and week "The Mascot" and "Tho 
Pirates of Ponminee" will. 1st sung. "Thu 
Charity Ball" was plnyed at lho matinee, In, 
and nl the Hrnnd Opern House, West Su- 
perior, Wis., for Ihe belielll of Ihe Children's 
Home. . . 

Metropolitan opkiia II'iphk (J. A. Con- 
don, mannger).— Tho Wilbur Opera Co. la 
In Us Inst week. .It was to bo for leu 
weeks, but only lusted (or four, as lho 
business did nut ciinm up lo exited.. I Ion. 
Mnnnger Condon has gone Knst (o ougngu 
a dra ma tic coiiipnny for- the house. 

I'Aiii.nii Tiii.Aiiui (W. J. Wells, manager). 
— Business for 22 and week wns fairly good. 
Thu bill for 21) nud week Includes: Km I 
and Itlchards, Lucia Doulhlll. I'Vnnk ,\1. 
JnhuKoti, Kid y Max, Tom dale, Mluule It., Sid Kdwurds, Flura Banks, nnd lho 
slock. The comedy (or tho week Is called 
"A Model Bushmill." 

Tun Moon Hiuin.' Tmhatiik, under canvas. 
Is In thu last week or Its slay In this purt o( 
ihe clly, and will go lo the West Kml of tho 
clly for Hiren or four weeks. ■ • 

Tin; liiu.P'.'ii July I'ulr mul Carnival, wllh 
the Peiiirl Show us lho big allriicllon, will 
opeii hero for one week July A. 

I'iiuki'aiiuii & Ski.i.m Buos.' will put up 
tbolr big tents Juno 211. 
♦ »» 


HlMikntie.— At Ihe Spokane The. lire (Dan 
I,. Weaver, manager). — Mary Wandering. In 
"Tho Stubbornness of ficrnlrtlW," cumo 

Jnn .' 22, 211, opening lo a big house. 

Auditorium (llnrry c. Hayward. | 
ger). — Por thn week of 22 lho rlhlrlry I'om 

.miiy will present "Dnvld Oarrlck" uud "Tho 
Neighbor's Wife." liood business continues 

the rule. . 

CiNKooiiAi'ii (C. II Peckhnin, manager). 
— For tho Week of 22 thn openings urn: 
Harry Hart, and ownii nnd Ln Mar. "fa 
paclty business Is lho rule. 

NATAToiiitt.M Paiik (Cnsh Bronson, mnnn- 
K er). — Tho new fiirea are: North nud South 
and Ihclr singing dog Dixie, nnd l/coiinrd 
und 'Miirlcll. Big business marked thn open- 
ing week of this new place of nni.iseiiieiil. 

i.'ogtm ii'Ai.knh (.lacoh ihmta, mnnngerl. — 
The same (smple with an cnllro chnngo of 
hill. Is announced (or this week. 

CoMiuim (I. i>. Holland, manager). — Tha 
sumo bill prevails this week. 

NoilMiS & Uuwk'h Know Is billed for 211, 

Nentlle. — At lho firnlld Opera Huuso 
(John Curt, mining. t). -Mary . Mniinnrlug 
iiupenred In "Tho Sliililioriilioss of Oernl- 
dlne," lo cllpiiclly of house. Juno ,1k 20, K. 
II. Sothorn, In "l( I Wern Klhg," llO-Jnly 



Tiuitn AvKNUU Tiikatiik (Wui IIiiiihcII, 
iiiiuuiger). • Wuiii't' Hunford's players week 
of Juno 21, in "Tempest Tossed." Week of 
2K, "Knst Lyiine." 

P.uihon Tiibatiik. — Olson Bros,, Kdwanl 
Canton, Madam Lloyd, Prof. Slu.miwerk, 
Morey Long, niovlug plclun-s. 

Ciivstai, Tiikatiik. — New isuiplu: Tliomp- 
son Sisters, Ihe Ureal McKlillloll, odell und 
Powers, Fred C. Uoburls, und moving pic- 

I'Koi'i.n'H ami Park Tiikatiikh (J, K. 
Hinlih, mniiiigcri. — New neopln: The Prim- 
iclbis, Flood mid lliiyes, W. M. Bnllcy'u dog 
circus, McKlssIck and Jones, Biilferiy and 
I'ule, liny Curtis, DO Mora Hlsleru, nnd 

Zcllil l.ovell, 

Cn». i.jimi Tiikatiik. — Now peoplo: Bern- 
ney und Briidliiiiu, ' Jucksoii Hlslers, Lillian 
Aby, Jim Howe, Williams anil Ln Itose, Stella 
Clnlr, Buy Curtis, Murlu I.csslng, und llya- 

Lkhi.'iii Park,— llrnlu nnd lloneggcr, Muun 
nnd Franks, Hurry Sawyer, Im llulz 

I'orilnnd. — At tho Marqiiam Oram! (Cal- 
vin llelllg. munuger). — Mnry Miiniicrlng pre- 
sented '."I'hn 8luliliorhuoss of Ooraldlne," to 
tllp capacity, June Hi, Id. Wm. Wallace 
crahatn gave an Invitation violin rocllnl 2(1, 
which wan attended by up extremely largo 
audience. lie was assisted by Mrs. Itoso 
IllOck Bauer, sonruno, and Kdgar IS. Cour- 
se n, pianist. Coming: K. II, Holliern 25- 
27, In "If I Wern King:" Nat Hoodwlu July 
2, ll, In "Tho Altar of Friendship." 

.C'lttniMV'H TllKA'rnH (Corrtrny & Itllssell. 
managers). — Kdward Shields' contlniiiuis 
vaudeville did good business week of 14. 
Mr. Shields expected to transfer the hill 
to Shields' Park 21. but because of In- 
clement weather performance that evening 
was given In the theatre. Thu nouso wus 
sold out. 

KAKKIi'H Tiikatiik lOcorge I,. linker, mull- 
nge.r). — Thn linker Thelitis CM began a two 
weeks' engagcini in on lis reiiirii from S«- 
uitlc. 21, ji;-i'seiiilng "A lllhlcd Fool," to 
two largo audiences. "The Arabian Nlgbls" 
will bo tint v" 28. Hood business marked 
Ihe closing Week of the Ralph Stuart Co.. 
ending 20. Tbo offering was "Tho Vir- 

I'.Hi'iin; TiiKATitn (ileorge L. linker, man- 
ager) did a big business the opening week, 
beginning 15. Following Is Ihe .bill for 
week of 22 : World anil Kingston, Wells 
Brothers, Andrews and Thompson, Blossom 
Seeiey and iiiiiiiehn. Lester and Ciirlnln, 
iiatbiiwny nnd Wnlinn, . Ilnnk Whltcomb, 
Powers nnd Theoboid. Mie bioscope, 

Rn ifi us' r.niK (Pdwiird Shields, mana- 
ger). — This place of amusement has been 
iiirnplftely reonslriicleil (or Ihe present sea- 
son. Snd Is now liirnlshril with roniforluhlu 
i.i'lices. arcing 'd mi tiers, both on gfoiind 

and alcvatcd, which will ucwmiuodato 8,200 

Urunvlllu, and Do Long Dainty Co. 
»«» ■■: 



Mnnlrrnl. — At Proclor's (II, ICdgerlon, 
manugori.— Tho W. S, Burkina Block Co., 
Dial wns honked (or July 1, bus canceled tho 

Tiikatrh Fiiancaih (F. iiuworth, mnnii- 
gnr). — Tbo Aubrey. Hlmk Co. had n good 
week's business, wllh ."Wc'uus of Tennes- 
see," June 22-27. 'J'ho stock, lu "The Plro 
Plilrol," HO-July 4. 

Tiikatiik IIovai, (P, W. 1/0 Clair, mima- 

gcr). — Tho llflh week of the (Irani Stock 
Burlesque Co., (o big business. Kxlni iiclrt 
were : Juckson and Douglas, Billy Andrews 

nnd his trick mule, Thlhcrt mid bin Vyclo 
whirl, Jack Marshull, Cushiuun und St. 

vreau, mainiarr). — The jh-i iiniiii-ii I slock colli- 
puny. In "Monte Cilnto," to hlg bualn-ns, 
June 22-27. Next production, "l,c« Pauvres 
of Paris," 20.1 uly 4. 

IlivKiisinr Paiik (Trembbiv & OTnrrell, 
managers). — The park had fair ntlmidaiieo 
week of June 22, lo we the slock cninpnnv 
In "Tho Mystery of Long Branch ;" Ihe c.ilrn 
nets were: Krnnk I, Prnyne, M. II. Hnriniiul. 
Florence Corbln, T. Wilson Beniile, Bach- 
mnn's Ladles' Orchfistrn. "Tho Soldier's 
Honor" and new iu-Im wsok of 20, 

SnusiKii Paiik (Lnvlgnn * Lojole. mnnn- 
gcrsi. — Big receipts week nf 22. The bill I 
Join, Ui Clnlr, l.'ora Mlskel, Lnveni nnd 
(Tone, the printer Kniullr, the 'I'bree Bio 
Brothers, and Lnvlgun's Mllllnrv Blind. 

WiNiismi II a i,!,. — The Diving Canada, ani- 
mated pictures, drow good houses week of 
22 ■ 

Walter L. Main'U Ciiicvu Ullcd (ho teuta 

n, . ...... , 





Under the Cents. 

Roster or (toMliB BKW,' BlU It. It. 
Snows. — Gollmar Bros., sole proprietor! ; 
CIiahi A. (Jollmnr, manager ,; B. Rj .Gollmar, 
treasurer; W. .8. Gollmar, equestrian mana- 
ger; I'rpil C. Gollmar, advance manager ; 
■ I:. M. llurke, contractor ; George Neff, man- 
uger at advance car No. 1 ; * rank Masalu, 
iryitiog'r of advance ear No. "J : l*J. Grant, 
porter of sleeping car; Kd. Jones, porter of 
slipping car ; Mark PaukJln,\ porter of sleep- 
ing ear: Harry Werts, privilege ■ car man- 
ager; Frank- Shade, <nn«i«r of transporla- 
i inn ; Del. Matter, .candy - stand privilege ; 
Frank Whlttaker, bona properly man; John 
gulglea,' Uobh <if ring Block-; Doc. l'arkhurst, 
boss canvas man: John Showles, assistant 
hogs canvas man; Jack Roe, boss of men-; Curly, Itosa of aide show top; 
1 '.rnerv Utile s, boss aulinal matt : Lew Hniltli, 
j io.i9 elephant man ; .George Holland, bosa 
hostler: . K. Benson, assistant bom boat 
lir ; Al. June*, bona -chandelier man ; 
Harry Werts, cook bousa privilege; Parson 
Wlilie, front door man; ft. B. Pettenglll, 
twenty-four Jiour nuiii: Mike Kelly, boss 
ling- maker: Wm. Adair, mail niaii: Frank 
.MeCnrt, ■ license adjualer ; Or. J. K. ritz- 

5 era Id, pre*B agent and orator; Prof. King's 
Illitarv Band, comprising tbe following 
musicians: Jasper Warea, Walter rink, Lew 
Cllne, Fred Iliiffer, F.iuil Waltera, B. K. 
J:iv, Wuller Clurge, Bert Coleman, C. K. 
Wood, flua. Mooney, Prank Sea bey, F.d. 
Fowler, Cbas. Newof, Ed. Nagord, E, U. 
Oudgel, Jack Jenkina, Ed. Martin. Geo. Rose, 
Frank Jenkina, B. s. Mann, una. Kllng, 
Wm. Prankllu, F,d. Muusey, Rob He Oroff. 
imil W. J. Dunn. I'erformera In two big 
ithowa: Petet Family (Tom,. Lliule, Ray, 
Walter and Charlie], acrobat* : flrob Fam- 
ily (James. Gustle, Willie,. Kddle, Allle and 
Y volte i; acrobats; M. Andaa, Japanese 
irinipe of acrobats: Alex I.owande, vomer- 
Mm It rider; John Willis, somersault eques- 
trian; Mrs. Jno. Willis, female principal: 
Maine i,a llaiige, principal act;' Carrie Lo- rolling globe: Zellu, band balancer; 
Otto Weaver, band balancer: Willie Grob, 
Jmnil balancer; Adnlr and Uulim, cake walk- 
ing, high wire walkera; Silben, aerlallst ; 
Joseph I.n Rex, contortlonlat : Allle 
i iroh, contortlonlat : Fred and Kitty Mar- 
line, uerlnllslK; John Mora, trapeze and 
nerlnl lairs; (Jiialle Zellno, Juggler; Hattle 
Adulr,' Juggler ;. Pearl Wallace, juggler; 
Harry aim Gustle Brandon, serlallsls; Ml 
1. hlil nnil Mnto, ■ balancing ladder ; Joa. 
«,roli and Son, balancing ladder; Clius. 
IteiK-h and Slater, balancing ladder; tbe Wal- 
laces, bicycle riders: Wm. Adair, head bal- 
unclng trapeze: Jas. Mardo, revolving perch ; 
Sititiiu Kid, Prince and King, cake walking 
horses: Alex Lowando, mule hurdle: Frank 
Paul, mule hurdle; John. Willis, hurdle: 
(inllinar Itroa.. herd of performing elephants : 
Mile, l.lzeite. tight wire ; Nina Turlington, 
light wire: Frank Alio, tight wire: Moore 
Morn nnd Letin and Peter, caatlng act ; 
Hurry Brandon, Cbus. sillier, Frank La Mar, 
Chils! II. Paul, Oeorge Paxler, .Frank Atlo, 
Fred Martins, Melluu, 'George, I.eiio, Cbaa. 
Torltou, Joseph Tokex, Frank Zeldo, F. Wal- 
luce nnd Giut. Franklin, clowns ; John Wlllla, 
jockey net : Alex I.ownnde, Jockey act. Con- 
cert people: Joa. Fitzgerald, manager; 
Harry Urnudon, Torlton and Torlton, Oeorge 
Prosier, Clius. H. Piuii. Pearl Wallace, Art 
Wullncn and Zerallo, Annex people : Frank 
Mei »it, manager; Jhua, aoake eucbanlress; 
Robert Campbell, Highland piper; tbe Tai-I- 
ions, comedy musicians: A. C.'Wnllnce, ma- 
iilclan; Mrs. Wallace, proguostlcator; Ma- 
Cnrt's ■ trained pigs; Art Crane, dancing 
manikin, and Ham Price's colored Jubilee 
dinger*. Thus tar i he abow baa been doing 
a tine business. We made a two days' 
atnud. at. Winnipeg. Man., and turned them 

iiwnv al both' evening performunees, and 
press and public apeak In glowing terms of 
mil' show. Not. one Instance, but every town 
«ud city In which we appear the press and 
public' nave bean with us. 
• .I\uv.\i:n Bill Show Noteb. — We hnve 
lost closed pur; seventh yreek.of wljat prom- 
ises to bo, tlio moat Biiccessful Benson the 
Pawnee Rill Show baa ever bad. We have 
encountered extremely bad Weather, but our 
business,' notwithstanding, hue been phenom- 
enal.' 'Our al reef parade la oue ot the linnet 
am given with any "Wild West," and the 
must novel given with any tented organiza- 
tion. There are seventeen different lnn- 
iniages spoken with l ha show, and, with their 
national cum iimes and trapping!, tbey muke 
it very interesting feature . for our parade. 
The side abow Is a revelation, not only to 
lie general public, but to all show men 
who hnve visited na thin Benson. Everv 
one attending (lie .abow leavea It with 
.Words Of praise. Ilebnv la K complete ros- 
ter of our aide show: . ll. Q. Wilson, mau- 
uger nnd orator; he la assisted on tho front 
hv Doc Mluturu ("Noodles") : Fagun and 
lid. I. it ll". Gen. Aherne 1ms charge of 
ihe cinivas, with ten aaslstanta. Tbe atlrac- 
ibius urn: Mvrtle Oorbln, four legged 
woman ; Mra. ft. 0. Wilson, mind reader; 
Amy I'n liner, sword swnl lowel' ; Beatrix 
Itnderlco, smikc charmer ; Jerry Thompson, 
•'OWbny whit tier; Hundhoo, Hindoo maglelan : 
Fhciihuiii,' Mexican feather worker; F. Kit- 
tnmurn'H troupe of Japs, seven lu number: 
tbe Hoys (Annie and King), Alblnoa; Four 
AiiMtrallun Bomneraug Throwers, Cisco, tbe 
AiiHtrallnn wonder : All Baba, Ugyptlan II- 
luslnnlat ; J. It. Jamea, crurltlxlon act ; Goo. 
lievcre, .t at toned man; Voiing's . Bohemian 
glass blowers, Tom Glbaon'r Oeorgla' Mln- 
Ktrela, F.ddlo Thorn delights the youngsters 
with Punch, 'nud doea the lecturing, and 
Gregory's band of twelve pieces furnishes 
the music, lOvery one with tho 'abow la 
well. We are,' lodnv, twelve miles from 
Welsh Bros.' Nhow. Quito n number of them 
visit us today. 

John Rouinbox Show Notch.— R C. Car- 
lisle, usslstnui manager of tbe John Robin- 
son Rig Shows, called together ibe mem- 
lieva of the circus at Blatlnglon, I'n .. May 
:tl. In ihe pnriui' of tbe American Hotel. 
'Iliev responded and decided to organize a 
brunch of the ' ltenevoleiii Order Of Alilerl 
Clin Tigers, No. '.'. The lodge was railed 
vo. order by It. 0. Carlisle for the election 
of temporary ofllrera. The ' following were 
ilnly elecied : (ieorge - Stnmpp, president ; 
i long v si uui| di. vice prealdent ; II C. Cur- 
lisle, recording snore,tary : ■ H. IX Vim Hkalk, 
lluiinclnl secretary ; C -B. Fredericks, treua- 
urur ; John t). Itoiilnaon. grand, treasurer: 
Alnrt Smith. Horgxiuit' at nrins, anil W. Jl. 
Ciirlls, onler gourd. Itro. Geo. ' Htlimpp 
iippoluted it committee of live to draft by- 
mws and coustllutlon. lUinylhlng piisscd 
•in* nicely and we adjourned. at tl.iin v. m. 
'I'lie aeiHiud meeting took place nt Tamnnua, 
i'n.. Juno T, and the election of peruiuuent 
otllcers resulli'il as follows : Rd. Cullen, 
president : I ten. Stinnpp, vice presldoni : It, 
C. ■ 'a ri isle, recording aeci-etary : Ban Dale, 
financial xecrelarv I ('. ll. Fredericks, Ireas- 
user: John (l. Robinson, grand treasurer, 
nnd n board nf Ave directors: HnrVy ' Hale, 

appetite of Alphonae, our "buman ostrlcb," 
is getting rather expensive. On .several oc- 
casions he baa swallowed a aix pence or a 
half sovereign, and asking for them has be- 
come pfcrt ot ' his dally patter. " Friday, 
June l'J. at Birmingham, an old gentleman 
offered him a live pound note to appease 
his fastldloua appetite. Not to be buffaloed 
Alphonse tore the bill In' two parts and swal- 
lowed them. The old fellow took the num- 
ber nf the bill,, and will doubtless ask the 
government to reimburse blm. At Worcester. 
tine lit, Jake.Po*ey, our Biiperlnteiiilent of 
siock, met Willi ,n painful accident, a horse 
falling on him nnd spraining the tendous 
of the left kuee. June 10, Prof. Gr'fliu, 
lecturer,' wan remembered by his associates 
with a' handsome gold medal, a shield with 
two crossed swords, Inscribed as follows: 
"Presented to Charles GrilUn by members 
of tbe Annex, Bufllalo Bill Show, Birming- 
ham,, June 10, IHO.'I." The occasion 
was tbe genial professor's birthday. 

Notks FROM iu« W. M. Colcman Suows. 
—We are In our seventh week, meeting with 
big ' success. 1 Wei lloylan la aole owner 
and manager; J. E. Noble, general agent: 
May Adesfca, treasurer; Prof. James' male 
and female baud ot fifteen; Jim Zack, gen- 
eral superintendent, with twenty men; John 
Krnll, equestrian director. The Four Ilun- 
vards, casting act, nre making a hit with 
their somersault, hand to bond, and double 
somersault, full twisters; Prot. W. G. 
Nichols sends thorn nwiiy laughing with his 
bucking mule. Our clowns are : Wm. (.roves, 
John O'Donnell, Kddle Moss, Bill Cassldv. 
Fred Johnson, Louis Pruchnlack and Pete 
Corualla Jr., singing clown ; Rose Cornalla. 
Kremo Bros.-, band to hand acrobata; Fmnia 
lloetcher, swinging percb and slack wire ; 
Fields Sisters, double traps; Prof. Nichol- 
son's troupe of trained dogs and ponies ; 
Three Jordoni, Roman ladders and balanc- 
ing percb;- Master Fred Jobnson. pony 
hurdle, and Five rie Montrevllles, trick bouse. 
We are featuring, tbe Fight Cornelias, acro- 
bats. Concert people : Cbas. darvln, Bov- 
Ian Children, Harrison and Krnll, Jay De 
Ome, and the Four Heagler Children. We 
have, added three more cages, tableau nnd 
band wagon. 

Nona, fkom Pat Chappcli/r "A Rab- 
Bit'h Foor" Co. — We opened our season 
April 1, at Broldentown, Fie., and tbe show 
baa been a big success ever since. We have 
two advance ugenta ahead of tbe show-, and 
have used more paper than we did tbe whole 
ot last season. Receipts of the show have 
been big every night. We have lost but one 
night this season through bad weather, and 
our performances are giving perfect satis- 
faction. Our roster: Pat C'bappell, owner 
and general manager; D. Jrland Thomas, 
singe manager and private secretary: James 
K. i 'happen, assistant manager and ticket 
seller ; Mitchell P. Chappell, boss canvas 
man ; Lewis Cbappeil, assistant boss canvas 
man and hostler; Arthur Homer, leading 
comedian : Billy Bradlev, Will (ioff Kennedy. 
I,ou Payne, Cliff D. Brooks, Albert Hunt. 
Wm. Thomas, Lewis Williams, F. N. Collins, 
Amos Ullllard, Prank Hopkins, Willie Lewis, 
J. M. Qaylea, Freddie Goodwin, Oscar Hicks, 
Cbas. Williams, Ham Cohen. Will Hampton, 
Rogers Glcmin. draco Dodd, Laura Isigiin, 
Lizzie Roberts, Eva Leach, Pearl Wyuit, 
Wdll Htegttll and Cuba. ■*• ••«.« . *i.»*' 

cihrence «. Priuity, 'CIihh. Davis, Iluggv 
Sliiiiipp and \V. It. Davis. Mart Smltli, 
sergeant ill arias. The flection of officers 
closed, ami we have about one hundred and 
lifiy tnenihcrs. The outlook for the next 
meeting Is promising,' nnd will number two 
hundred or more members lu good sluudliig. 
All members were well pleased with the 
night's proceedings, ami we came to a clone 
III 10 P. It. l 

Notch prOH Buffalo Bill's Wild 
touring Great llVltaln. — We Mulshed a fort- 
night's engagement In a blase of glory at 
Nirnitiighain. On Sunday. June 7, there was 
born In the wigwam of chief standing Rear 
iCol, Cody's Indian Interpreter!, n squaw 
I ipoose. I'lie following Tuesilav Maneger 
• Irnhnui bad the much talked nhnnt Indian 
lulu and mother on txhlblllnn In the annex, 
and they proved u potent attraction. The 

vu. Avail Tivnii, 

We have a TOft. 
round top. with a 40ft. middle piece. Our 
brass band is a feature this season. If busi- 
ness continues as it. has been we will have 
no "kick" coming. 

Rortkb ov mi Oat at MxLBOunvc Shows. 
— Wintermute Bros., proprietors ; Cbas. Dry- 
den, Juggling anu dancing barrel ; Howard 
Hcnll, cannon ball act ; Tbos. Hayee, alack 
wire and rings ; the Realls, strong net . 
\m Bay Bros., double traps and bars, and 
Hattle Beall, tight wire. Our troupe of 
ponies, dogs ana goats are conaldered by 
all who see them the beat exhibited with a 
wagon .abow. The band includes: John 
Haxelwood, , deader ;. Lew Schoup, cornet; 
R. K. Dodge, clarionet ; A. B. Johnson, alto ; 
It. C. Hoffman, slide trombone : Claude K. 
Ling, baritone; A. it. Bant, tuba, and Al 
bert Mlddleion, trap drummer. Clarence 
lleuch baa charge of stock; "Monk" Doiner 
Is In charge of canvas. Our season opened 
May 1', at Palmyra, Wla. We are touring 
tbe Uaatern part of Iowa, and altbough wo 
had conalderable cold and rainy weather to 
contend with the fore part -of the season 
business has been good. Tbe past two 
weeka we hare been "standing tbem up" nt 
nearly every performance. 

Indian Bill Noi'gs.-— On Monday night, 
June »', at Columbia, Pa., twenty-two mem- 
bers ot Indian Bill's Wild West were Initi- 
ated into Susqiiebnuna Aerie, Fraternal Or- 
der of EHifles, No. 'J»3. Through tbe In- 
strumentality of Thus. Nallor and John 
llelnin, ot New York Aerie, and Frank Blair, 
secretary of tbe house committee of Musque- 
huunu Aerie, a special dispensation was se- 
cured, whereby the following could be ad- 
mitted : Heury J. Leonard, Harry P. Bow- 
man. H. T. McGulre. Alex Jones. Robt. Me- 
Klsslc, Bert (L Amaden. Wm. T. Harrington, 
Charlie Roso, Donald McDonald, A. J. An- 
derson, Walter M. Leslie, Albert Ackermiin, 
s. H. MoNalr, Cbaa. H. Gllbertaon, W. C. 
Lone, BenJ. J. Lander, Lew Lavelle, P. P. 
Craft, tins Ilurkhart, B. A. Boudesou, Clar- 
ence Krlcksou, W. C Bradnard and Win. F. 
cbumbera. A moat enjoyable social session 
was held. of|ei' the Initiation, music being 
furnished by the Indian Bill Mexican liund. 
At l.ilO A. ai. all marched In a body to tbe 
show train, which was all loaded, and only 
waiting for tbe new Unglcs to move to the 

next aland. . 

Sautkli.b Notss. — The sldo show with 
the Big. Stnitolli] lllg 1L R. Shows, .under 
the uiiiuagi'iiieiit of Jas. A. Morrow, Is do- 
lug Just twice tho business It has ever done 
lu the history of the show- Manager Mor- 
row makes all. openings and concert an- 
nouncements ; ' Goat Smith, John McBrlde, 
Lew 'Mack and Jas. Helfin are the all duy 
"grinders ;" Foils. Morrow, bag puncher ; 
Prof, lico, 'Melllvan, tattooed man ; Clius. Hll- 
lei i, magic; L« Clair and Melio, Hindoo 
box mystery; Mile. Leland, fortune teller; 
Harry Moulton, ventriloquist and Punch; 
Joe Crnuier, rubber neck man ; Sampson, 
lion slayer: La Belle French, dancing girl; 
Misses Russell, Simpson, Smith and De For- 
rest, In pose* plaaticque, and Prof. Davis' 
colored minstrels and band of twelve pieces. 

J. c. Hamilton, general agent of Mason 
Bros." Pavilion "U. T. C." Co., writes : 
"We are In our ninth week. Business keeps 
up to Ibe Btaudard, and that Is capacity, at 
every stand, We have hud two weeks of 
rain, but It docs not seem to hurt ua. Have 
had opposition from live of the larger tented 
aggregations In the last three weeka, but 
there still seems to be room, no matter* 
how thickly dated or bow heavllv billed the 
hliowa may be, tor good old 'Uncle Tom.' 
F<ir tbo winter' season tbey will have a 
grand spectacular production of "Pen Nights 
lu a Bar Room :' will carry thirty-six people, 
uniformed hand aud orchestra, two cars. 
ponies, mules, chariots, Hosts, all special 
scenery, noil the drama will be mounted and 
presented on atscalo of great magnitude, 
l have been, re engaged for tbe Winter sea- 
son, and will have two men In advance with 
me, and special paper, with banners aud 
other advertising novelties to bill like a 

C. It. Smith writes; "The Porenainrh- 
Sells Bros,' Concert Baud, under the leader- 
ship of YV. N. Merrick, gave a sacred con- 
cert at. ihe new- Menominee Opera House 
June 111, -to a good house. The band Is com- 
posed of thirty-live talented niiislcluua. Alter 
the llrat number the audience gave a round 
of applause. Muster laay hiintroan, the 
boy tenor, who Is' a feature with tbe band, 
scored strongly, Mr. Merrick Is one of the 
■ illicit directors In (he musical profession, 
and with his present organization Is able 
to present to the public one of tbe best 
halida traveling." 

Notks FnoH RlMUM Brothers' World's 
Grbatxht SiiowH.'-'-Cnarles Hberinan, watch- 
man on No. 3 section, bad tbree lingers 
mashed June 16, while assisting In un- 
loading a pole wagon. Fred tilbson, a 
seat man, met with a peculiar accident a 
few days ago. While attempting to open 
a window In the rtlendlve csr he thrust 
bis hand through the glass. An artery In 
his wrist was severed. A fine specimen of 
Hie black antelope, was born during the 
week and Is n great favorite among tbe men 
who nre under. Menagerie Siiperlnlendent 
Jetiks. Mike Hoouev returned to the show 
at Detroit and Is again riding. His eyes 
are greotlv improved since be submitted 
to an operation at Kingston, Ontario. A 

' wee black ponv colt Is the crowning feature 
at tbe horse tenia. The little Fellow la 
called Meagher, in honor of Kerry Meagher, 
treasurer of the show. Iteno McCree, who 
is rldlug with tbe big' show this season, was 
warmly greeted at bis old borne, Toledo. 
Several hunches of flowers were sent to blm 
In the dressing room. Thursday, l'3. when 
tbe dig show reached Muncie. lnd., tbe per- 
formers learned that ' Charley Robinson, at 
oue time with the famous Herbert Brothers, 
acrobats, was burled there. A fund- was 
quickly raised, and after tbe matinee a beau- 
tiful bouquet was placed on tbe grave. 
The perfect, system In vogue In all tbe many 
departments of the Mingling Show Is a reve- 
lation to ibe newspaper men who are dally 
visitors. It Is really marvelous to them, 
and to all laymen for that matter, to be 
shown the system hy wblrb tbe illnglings 
draw eighty-live cars Into a city at four 
In tbe morning, unload them, give a parade, 
erect acres of canvas, present two shows on 
time, and tben load again, nil In one day. 
Numerous complimentary articles have been 
written on this subject, and tbe general 
opinion advanced Is that tbe big show has 
tbe most practical system extant. Credit 
Is due tbe superintendents of tbe departments 
for the manner In which they handle the 
show. A. L. Webb, tbe steward, takes out 
the flying squadron each night before eleven 
o'clock. The squadron Is the first Bectlon, 
loaded with cook tents and other parapher- 
nalia of the kind, and wJtu parade wagons 
nnd a portion of the menagerie. This train 
reaches the next stand long before daylight, 
and Wlebb Is enabled to get bis tents up and 
have breakfast ready by the time tJie other 
tralus arrive. Kobert Taylor is bundling 
the trains In a masterly manner, and usually 
lias them loaded and the beacons snuffed be- 
fore 1.30 a. >i. "Happy Jack" Snelllng, who 
has had the canvas for years, has gathered 
together a remarkably good set of assistants 
and men, and gets numerous tops up In 
double quick time, while Spencer Delavan 

. and Edward Jinks, bis aaslstants, pull 
t he entire show from tbe cars to - the 
lot lu less than two hours. At Ham- 
ilton, 0., record time was made by tbe boss 
hostler. Although the haul from tbe runs 
to tbe lot was over a mile, be had every 
wagon there In one hour and forty minutes 
effer the first van was unloaded, Charles 
Miller Is again in charge of tbe properties, 
and gets through with his work without tbe 
least bit of confusion, Tbe worklngmen are 
all experienced, and work like trojans. No 
i, hows bare been omitted, and only on two 
occasions has It been necessary to call off 
the parade. At Detroit and Toledo tbe rain 
fell lu torrents, nnd at the last, minute the 
parade was abandoned. Tbe weather cleared 
n bit In both cities during the afternoon, 
nnd business was splendid. Ruslness has 
been away above Ibe average in every stand ; 
In fact, It has been almost a series of turn- 
nwsya. especially In opposition towns, like 
Detroit, Toledo, Muncie, Danville, Blooming- 
ton, etc. With fIiows ahead of the Iting- 
llngs and shows behind them, tbe attendance 
lias been better than ever, and present In- 
dications point to tbe fact that this will be 
a record breaking year. Tbe fact that tbe 
ItingiiiiEs have the best show they have ever 

C resented, and can handle it without tbe least 
It of friction or delay. Is. no doubt, respon- 
sible for the Immense business. 

Baiinum A Notes. — Tbe phe- 
nomenal success of the great Barnum & 
llutley Circus la amazing tbe entire amuse- 
ment world. It Is unprecedented, and yet to 
one who becomes acquainted with tbe meth- 
oils employed In operating thin gigantic en- 
terprise there is little cause for wonder. 
Little cause for astonishment when Its per- 
fect organization Is considered, tbe harmony 
which pervades Its every department, the 
unanimity of action of all hands concerned, 
the overshadowing Influence which la an In- 
spiration nnd u guide in the carrying on of 
this gigantic enterprise. "Harmonv Is the 
watchword. It found lis being In all 'round 
square dealing on the part of those in com- 
mand of tbe various divisions emanating 
from tbe general In command, James An- 
thony Bailey. And from the humblest em- 
Glove to the highest salaried agent every- 
ouy knowa that to do his' duty, means re- 
cognition. Petty Jeulousies are not tolerated ; 
ilsb Is not made of one and flesh of another, 
nnd nil are treated with the utmost con- 
sideration at all times. This has been tbe 
real secret of Mr. Bailey's success as tbe 
proprietor and manager of great nmusemeut 
ciitoi'prlscH. Without tills perfect or- 
gaiitlon he would not be able to 
properly cater to the public, much less to 
present tho Orentest Show on Forth. Tbe 
Barnum & Bulley Circus has never been 
obliged to suffer the worries and tribulations 
of some other organizations on this account. 
Fvcry person connected with tbe enter- 
prise feela that be Is a part and parcel ot It, 
nnil consequently works for Its success. 
When one lakes Into consideration the fact 
than In a period of over a quarter of a cen- 
tury Mr. Bailey baa never had to loae a 
moment's peace of mind because ot a strike 
on the part of his employes, It Is gratify- 
ing evidence of tbe manner in which ne pre- 
sides over tbe fortunes ot bis mammoth In- 
stitution. There has never . been a atrlke ; 
there bas never been a cause for a strike, 
it Is .true that on one or two occasions 
rumors have been put Into circulation that 
u strike wus on, but the rumors were set 
afloat by petty shows seeking td make capital 
at our expense. Louis H, Cooke. Mr. Bail ov' a 
personal representative, bas this to sav : 
"A short time ago we were obliged 'to 
abandon an afternoon's performance, having 
arrived lu town late In the day. It oc- 
curred to us on nnothcr occasion Just shortly 
after we started on the one day stands. 
witch gave rise to a rumor thut tbe men bad 
gone on a sir Ike and refused to set up the 
canvas. The rscls are Just these: Our 
show is so cumbersome, so mighty, that tor 
ii lolig time it wus a perplexing proposition 
how we would ever lie able to make the 
oue day stands in time, and particularly 
when long Jumps were to be made. The 
railroads have been strained to tbe utmost 
to haudlc our four tralus, comprising 02 
of the heaviest cars ever constructed, and, 
of course, proper transportation meaus much 
to us. Then our new sealing arrangements 
nre Ihe heaviest ever uaed with a circus. 
The reserved scale are of Iron and are what 
Is known as French opera cbalra. Kveu In 
our general admission seats we provide better 
nrcoinniodatlnns and more comfortable than 
«>ver known before, actually providing foot 
reals lu that department. Instead of 
ropes, about the arena are uaed 
heavy nickel pipe rails. Our poles 
are Immensely hill and equally beavv, 
and require horse as well as' man 
power to erect tbem. We spread more can- 
vas In our horse tents than Is to lie found In 
several of the advertised tbree ring shows, 
and our 'menagerie lop' Is larger than the 
'hlg tun' of auy other circus. lu a word, the 
show Is such a stupeudoua affair as to con- 
stantly require the exercise of the greatest 
Ingenuity to get It up In season, and a force 
of men never dreamed of even bv tbe Im- 
mortal Barnum. However, we have every- 

thln« working In apple pie order now, nnd 
we fbalt carry -ant our "itinerary to a • sue- 
cestui Issue. By the way, we were obliged 
to change our dates Jn several Instances In 
order to make our railroad connections, so as 
to itlve the performance on time. The proper 
provisioning of tbe show, top, entered some- 
wbnt in the causes for making changes, for 
we have 1.000 people to ;feed three times 
a day, our 1100 horses, besides our menagerie. 
To announce that Barnum & Boiley •» 
men have gone on strike Is very sn- 
novlng tn.Mr. Bnlley, for one of. his 
proudest boasts Is that there never has 
been even. any cause for a strike since he 
llrst became a manager of an amusement en- 
terprise. Furthermore, every man In hlB 
emplov. even thehumblest laborer, grows in- 
dignant at sneb reports. After tbe Bkow left 
Madison Square Garden, and we began our 
season under canvas, we . experienced all 
kinds of perplexities, and for ten. solid days 
nnd nights Mr. Bailey never alept even the 
proverbial forty winks. He is the head and 
front of the Institution, and to his genius, 
and bis genius alone, bas It been made pos- 
sible to continue our lour this season. His 
genius is of tbe transcendental order. When 
his trained, long experienced lieutenants, no 
matter of what, depanment or division, get 
Into deep water be wadea in, figuratively 
speaking, and rescues tbem from their pre- 
dicament. Of tbe abow Itself It Is scarcely 
necessary for me to say a word— the press 
of tbe country Is doing that, and doing It 


the Grkat Pan-American Circus and 
Fniini'EAN Mrnaorriii Is still In Canada, 
doing, we are Informed, a splendid business. 
Waller J. Nichols Is tbe railroad contractor; 
Cbas. Cllls, local contractor ; W. S. Dunning- 
ton, manager of advertising car No, 1, and 
11. Rosenthal,' special agent. 

Notks from the Curito Circus, Brewer 
& Husted, sole owners and proprietors; lien 
Thompson, manager and treasurer: Arthur 
L. lluBted, musical director: Cbase A. 
Hoopes. assistant manager and secretary ; 
B. De Wolfe, equestrian director, and it. C. 
McDannlel, boss canvas man. — We are In 
our fifth week In Northern Ohio, and doing 
a good business, under n aeventy-flve foot 
round top, .wllh two thirty foot middle 
pieces. We number twenty people at pre- 
sent, and carry a band and orchestra, under 
the direction of Prof. Arthur L. Husted. 
On or about July 14 we expect to greatly 
enlarge our show, and will play all good 
slued towns through Ohio and Pennsylvania. 
The Old Hei iahi.k comes every week, and 
everybody Is happy. 

ftnsTKii of litniKMis' Tix Top Circus. 
— Geo. It. Doremtis, manager: Mrs. Geo. H. 
Doremus, treasurer: William Harding, tramp 
juggler: Shorty Dodd, monologue; Little 
Louie, song and dance; Harry Steliman. 
banjo king: William Harnley, Illustrated 
songs; ihe Avon Bros., singers and dancers; 
Jennie Davis, serlo comic; Mra. Merle Dore- 
mus. In electric fire dances. Business is 
good. Our top Is 40x80. Joe King Is 
boss canvas man, with five assistants ; Art 
Smith, props, and F.d. Dnley, charge of 
tights. We are playing three day stands. 

The Ryan & Troupe are en route 
with the Forepaugh-Sclls Bros. Circus, 

Lp.w Mack, sldo show talker, writes that 
owing to severe Illness he was obliged to 
close with the Sig. Soutelle Big R. R. Shows 
nt Putnam, Conn., June 10, and Is living 
on a farm In Massachusetts, where The 
Clippf.ii Is a most welcome visitor. 
♦ «» 


Washington — T w0 comic onera .< \. 
companies, a atock company ureseiiiiL l0fk 
dartf drama, a variety show, 'and ^„ g " a "' 
ban resorts, where music Is dlspenZi " r ' 
prise the list of amusements enteruinlnJ' ,?' 
national capital. The business ".,* ?' 
Interurban resorts last week was nm. ."" 
as a Whole though the SWkSsSS %! 
best patronized: At Chnse's i flraM ,."* 
H. Wlnnlfred D.WIH. man ge " ".fe 
Mascot" wos ihe hill Inst week to imnat j£2 
houses. TblB week closes the nuw!,, i 7 ^ 1 
able season this popular Sawta'.*"*: 
enjoyed. ,' "The Bunging BliFh ihe !,' 
ond the house was nearly, if not nt.i,! ''"• 
out a week In advance/' Pro! Mft.** 
Chase and his efficient manager Mli" i U 
Witt deserve and receive the sln g ee r es" ' |Ll M 
nf the multitude of pntrons, wi, ui , , k " 
crowded tbe spacious theatre it "lir, iS" 
formance during Ihe season now enTiinf 


mnnoger).— The Griffin Comic «*!'' 
openeM last week, In "Tbe Girl froiuPariV" 
and immediately Ingratiated Itself i n ,o L 
good jrraoes of the music lovers. The, Of 
pnny Is one of tbe finest ever anpearlnahiS" 
nnd the season will undoubtedly ejtonil ft 
Into the hot weather, If tbe standard MsV 
llshcd last week Is kept up. tm, Eft 1 
"The French Maid." "Ijidy Slavey' D ,,T' k ' 

COLUMBIA THEATRIC (Lllckett * Kt'nl 

managers)-The Ned Stein Coined vK' 
Co. presented "Caste, 1 ; last week, Seat if 
mlrably, but the business was fair nnlv lift 
week, ••Camllle." Allda.Cortelyou, the leS 
Ing lady, who has made a most Mfc 
favorable Impression here, sustains ihe ihi! 
role. " 

Lyceum Theatre (Bugene Kernan. m aDa . 
ger).— Last week the Fads and Follies Kin 
iesquers bad good sized bouses. This' w»t 
Pat Relay's Own Co, The Black CrsS 



Ba'n'fMr" UKR: - T " e "• * M »"- 
Cabin John Bridoe.— Haley's Mlllihrv 

Band and fireworks day and evening 
Thr Coi.k Ynti.NfiKit & Frank Ja'mfs hi» 

torlcnl Wild West gives two perforMnrVa 

« »» 


Philadelphia.— Several days of last 
week, particularly Saturday, the weatuer 
cleared up and grew warmer, and then tbe 
public, long restrained, made aucb a rush 
for tbe outdoor purks that the transporta- 
tion facilities were taxed to their utmost. 
This was but a taste of what will come 
when tbe weather starts to behave Itself 
properly and seasonably ; In tbe meantime 
our three open theatres are making money 
while tbe sun refuses to shine. 

Keith's Bijou (John J. Kelrans, resident 
manager).— Plnero s "Sweet ' lavender" is 
tbe offering by the stock company this week, 
with "Mixed Pickles" to follow next week. 
Fust wck's double bill, "Dr. Hill" and "A 
Woman's Won't," met with tbe greatest suc- 
cess. Tbe company Is at Its beat In comedy, 
nnd tbe crowded condition of tbe bouse last 
week attested to tbe popularity of tbe hills 
being offered. 

Keith's New Theatre (H. T. Jordan, 
resident manager).— Still tbe 8. It. O. sign 
Is being frequently brought into use, the at- 
tendance at this house being unprecedented 
for the end of June. Tbe attractive list 
of features for the current week Includes : 
Tbe Russell Brothers, Sidney Wllmer, Al. 
Carlisle's pony and dog circus, Cbas. Ken- 
na, Jordan and Welch, Selbini and (irovinl, 
Leslie Brothers, Leroy and Lavanlon, Hmer- 
son and Omega, Hendrlx and Preacott, Corb- 
• ley and Burke, Shellv Duo, Weltxell, Hoey 
and Austin, and Keith motion pictures, i 

Lyceum Theatre (John G. Jermon, man- 
nger).-T-The Black. Crook Ilurlesquers fur- 
nish the entertainment for tbe current week 
at this bouse. "The Tbree Big Busy Bees" 
and "A Night In tbe Tenderloin" are tbe 
titles of. the burlesques offered, and tbe 
olio Includes: Tommy Nolan, Cora White, 
Lane SlBters, Sberldan Knger, May IUuk, 
Ada Lane, Rich Wilbur, Hayes Kennedy. 
Fdltb Hart, Willie Hart, Bessie Bartell ami 
lesele Cody. Crowded houses greeted the 
Little Ktfypt Ilurlesquers last week. Next 
week, Pat Relliy's Burlesque Company. 

Willow Giiove Park (Management Phila- 
delphia Rapid Transit Co.)— This is the 
closing week of tho engagement of Herbert 
and his orchestra at this pork. The last 
copcertB are given on Friday, nnd on Sat- 
™™ a > .couujifnces the engagement of the 
Kilties Buna. Wihcn weutber permitted last 
woek the crowds In attendance at the cou- 
SSLJC*, Immense. For Saturduy. ' the 
I'ourth, a line display of fireworks Is 

WooosiDB Park (Woodslde Park Amuse. 
ment Co., monagora).— Glannlnl's Iloynl Mu- 
rine Band continues to furnish highly popu- 
lar concerts at this park. Special attractions 
are provided for the Fourth, including (ire- 
worka. " 

Chestnut Hill Park (H. P. Aucby, man- 
ager).— Chlaffarelll's Band, which met with 
n hearty reception Inst week, continues until 
July la. when a return will be made to free 
vaudovJIle for a short time. The other feat- 
ures are all continued, with a special lire- 
works display scheduled for Saturday even- 
ng. This week tbe vaudeville programme 
lu tbe Palace Theatre (Geo. H. I.ukenB, 
manuger) Includes: L. F. John's Orchestra 
Vjra. I'lsher, John Bnrry, Irene Vaughn 
Frank H. Stroud, Daniel Collins, and Danle 

Not'ek.— Edwin Mddleton, for many yeara 
a member of tbe atock company at 'the (II- 
rard Theatre, will be with the company at 

lorepnugh's next season The starring 

tourof Paula Udwards. in "Winsome Winnie'' 
under tbe direction of Nixon & Zimmerman. 
Is to be Inaugurated at tbe Chestnut Street 
Theatre early In September. »•«« 



Louisville.— At Jockey Club Park (If. 

J „H ,,1 ii m " n 1 B:, ' r) '— 4 h, '«"l »»d his baud 
continued to draw good crowds during the 
second week of his engagement, which Jnded 
. l "! e ^'.- .?'" programme during tbe week 
Included old mid new ragtime music, which 
was highly enjoyed by one of thr largest 
crowds thut has vet assembled there. Brook's 
Chicago .Marine band Is underlined for week 

« ■ > 

Cai.lao.han and Hobkon'r Entertainers 
•re it Long Branch, N. J., thta week. 

Milwaukee — Oscar F. Miller Is aavlnt 
full control of local amusements al iu! 
present time, his Albambra aud Slar then 
tres being the only bouses open. The llostun 
Ideal Opera Co. opened at the Allinmlira 
June ill, In "Bald Pasha," aud scored an 
Immediate lilt. "Fro. Dlavolo" and "it 
Mascotte" will be the bill week of 28. Bnsi 
iiess the opening week was excellent. The 
Innocent Beauties returned to Ihe Star The- 
atre for two weeks, commencing 21. The 
company presents a number of clever neonie 
In the olio : Prince Sisters, McFarlaud au-l 
jwurray, McCall Trio. Bastedo Sisters, and 
"Little Jlmmle," the last named twlug a 
marvel In many ways; be weighs i24lh tin; 
goes through a burlesque turn of tweiiiv 
minutes at the Grand Opera In a manner 
that entitles him lo the honor nt being a 
top liner, Manager F. II. Trollinan cliuueet 
his specialties for week of 21, hut offers the 
same company. In "The Derby Girls." 

ArAitK.MV (F.dwln Thnnhoiiser, malinger i. 
—The season wll reopen July (I, the 'llian. 
liouser Stock Co. presenting "A Midsummer 
Night's Dream." i 

Foiist Keller. — Manager Richard nerker 
offers the Curtis Sisters, Henry Fisher, Frit- 
zle Blanche, and Guy Vladou week of i"i. 
Business continues good. 

SiNB Sottci Music Hall (Chaa. E. Witt, 
manager). — People week of 29 Include- Link 
and Koehler, A. A. Preston, Murray ami Mo- 
loney, nnil Edith Rnymond. Business ei- 

Notcs.— Manager O. F. Miller, on bla re- 
turn from New York this week, announced 
tbe engagement of Adellna Pattl for one con- 
cert at the Alhnmhra Theatre during the 
first week In December. Mr. Miller intends 
making. extraordinary arrangements with a 
view to breaking ail records. The entire 
Stale will be heavily billed, aod special 
rates on all railroads have been proml-wl. 
ibe senlng capacity will be Increased from 
2.r>00 to li.txio. with standing room left for 
MO additional. . Prices are announced at 

from IS to *S Phil and Nettle Peters 

nre still in town. Mr. Peters has comuleieil 
his arrangements for his German Village. 
which Is to be located on Ihe South side. 
July 4 Is the dnle for opening. Fred W. 
Briinkliorst. of tbe Albambra, Is lo furnish 

the orchestra iMort Singer, manaiiei': 

Chns. McGinn, advertising agent, nnd wis. 
Koenlg, treasurer of O. V. Miller's St. Paul 
Theatre, the Dewey, were In towu the past 

week, renewing old acquaintances .The 

cant, of Riley C. Ohamberlln's beneilt per- 
formance of "Brother Jo's Spectacles." o* 
It will be presented at the Pubst Theatre 
July 1, will offer, in addition to fir, 
« liamberlln : Eugene Moore, Albert Brown and 
Gun C. Weinberg, a trio of local favorites, 
who should carry Ihe affair to a sun-essfiil 
end far beyond the usual run of popular 

benefits Bart J. Ruddles, press agent 

for F.dwln Thanhouser, has returned from his 
vacation, which was spent at Waseca, Minn. 

• Cora Armln, who has appeared with 

thei Tlinhhoiiser. Stock. Co. several times, was 
married to Hubbard Leonard Welch (aqu- 
proiesslonai)' nt Waukesha, June, 2,'l. ...'.. 
Edwin .ThanhoiiRer has engaged Jacob 1>. 
Schetter's orchestra for the Academy the 

coming sen Hon. James Latourelle, of St. 

Paul, who tips the scales at 424m, is a new 
comer In the vaudeville ranks; he Is billed 
as "Little Jiiiimie," nnd creates no little 
surprise on his appearance. Aside from Ids 
slice, "Jlmmle" has considerable talent In 
the musical line, 'and his burlesque on Italian 
grand opera. In which he furnishes Ids own 
music, .Is Indeed very. clever. .... .The Davld- 

Bon 'Theatre narrowly escaped a thlnl visit 
from lire Friday night, '20. Fire was dis- 
covered in Ihe hotel annex nt 1I.30 »'• "■• 
and while the flames spread to adjoining 
Hi tidings, and caused' a loss of over l wo 
hundred thousand dollars, the theatre proper 
was not damaged. ' '' 

' «.» " i 


Mobile.— At Ihe Monroe Park Theatre 
(Mike A. McDerraott, manager).— The Bus- 
ton Ideal Opera Co., In "Fra Dlavola," hod 
hlg business first half of week of Jupe 22. 
nud was followed the last of the week hy 
Phe Mikado,'! to splendid business also. 

Mascottk Theatre (Ducournau Bros., 
managers).— Good business for hot weulher 
prevailed. at this house week of 22, aud ihe 
favorites still remain Indefinitely. ■ , 

Notes.— Jake ■ Tannenbaum. manager or 
tbe Mobile Theatre; left for New York PU* 
-'J, and was accompanied ss far as Cleveland, 
<).. iiv Ills wife, who will slop off and pay 
a visit lo her sister..... '.Professor Wright. 
who made a daring balloon ascension at 
Monroe Park Sunday, 14, and whose bal- 
loon caught fire shortly after be bad h'" 
tbe ground and was destroyed, will make 
another ascension Sunday, 28. If his ne» 
balloon arrives In time — it being eipecied 
daily. He closes at 'the park ■211, aud opens 
at the Meridian, Miss.. Park for three weeks 

July 2.. The Boston Ideal Opera i"-. 

No. 2, opens there for Summer season on in' 
same date. The park Is under the manage- 
ment of' Mike McDermnlt. and the opfni 
company Is under tbe direction of M. A, 
Mosley, mnnoger of the opera company play- 
ing here Everv kind of amuseiueul si 

Monroe Park Is on the boom. Tbe miniature 
rallrond broke all records week of 22, sun 
the bowling nlleys are tested to their ca- 
pacity nightly. Tbe refreshment aland » 
reaping a harvest. 

JULY 4. 




." .•„ j nwdotcs, Personalities . 

|f&W:.v : ":::::. 

BEf©ks? : ^ :: 

i u #W^.dnv::: ::::.... 

jg? Empnn 'Letter 


434, 441 

. ,".'. . . 484 

. . 484, 439 



.". .... 4311 

.; 438 


/. 48»,440 








"'.'.'.'. 430 
437, 442 

huh ••, ;;•■, 


01110 Ms." ".'.'.)'• '.'. 

jllsnourl •• 

ilr»go» • • "* ' ' 



Caaaos •; *"• 



iviironttn ,v • 



TennewtW. • •••• • ••• 

Colorado: .■••• 

Bbode Island 


Teiaa '• " 


Illinois . •■ 

MM4 ••••••••;• • 



Went Virginia, 

.... 487 
.... 437 
.... 487 
437, 443 


437, 441 



,...'. 437 



. .... 441 









. 443 



■■E l «rtt ■ T U trT •■ Atl *■• 
B|«. Snow Towns. 


Amelia BIsBhsm .Well Received on 

the Cessl— The Various Honsea, 

with Vew Exception!, Have iii« 

Bualneaa. " 

gircisi Dtifptcba to This New York Clipper 

Sax r"n*NCWCo; June 30.— At the Colum- 
Ml Theatre laat nlgbt Amelia Bingham abd 
mmpany hetfan a Ave weeks' engagement, 
nrrsentlng '.The Climbers," to a good houac. 

I'AUroBMi Theatre.— The second week of 
Nance O'Nell began last night, with l'c- 
dora" '■■ (lie bill. Bualneaa has been fair. 

Alcimr -Tiiuatre. — The seventh week or 
(be engagement of White Whittlesey began 
Sunday, 28, with "Monbars" bh the bill. 

CBsiiAi, Theatre.— James Corrlgan Is 
tilling a three weeks" stay here. "JoBbua 
Whlicomb'' Is the current offering. 

tfaiND Orou House.— The first presenta- 
tion, here .of- "In Central Park" was given 
Sunday,. .28, to a packed bouse. Camllle 
Vtlllai and- Kitty Kerwaln have joined the 
company, tj. "R. 0. business rules. . 

Tirol! QfBKA Hoube. — "Madelaloc, or the 
Magic Kbity' Ik tin- current offering. Bual- 
neaa la only- fair. . "■■•• ■ ■ 

WdM Theatrh.— The fourth week of 

Twlrlx-Whlrly" began last evening, with 
iiii- nmmi inu'licii house. Business has been 

Orpkeum Theatre.— The . bill opening 
Sunday,. 28; Included : Julian Rose, wang- 
doodlo four,' Uarney. Pngau, Vernon, Hayes 
and Mealy, Drawee, Lydla Yenmaus Titus, 
IK the ..World. Trio, • 

Chutm.— This. week's bill, opening 20,. In- 
rlndeaiKraltt and Daly, Conroy and Pearl. 
llayward and llayward, Kartelll, Krank 
<'," timl the anlmatlBcope. 

Qity'alA'n's • Thhatbe.— Opening 20„ the 
Nil via .: Fred Wadcll, Waldron Bros., Marsh 
1 nig.. Prlfqroae and Mclntyre, the Great 
huton, Clinton Montgomery, Robinson and 
'-"nil, Ueorgi! W. Moore, and the bioscope. 

•uuts Mapison, lessee and manager of 
tbe Oton .theatre, Baltimore, Md., Is In this 
' ty, ylaltlng his mother and sister, who re- 
™» here. ||« Is being extensively enter- 

heltb s attracting a filled house with an ex- 
cellent vaudeville offering, tbe BIJou stock 
giving a capital presentation of "Sweet La- 
vender, to good patronage, and the Ly- 
ceum having a good drawing card In the 

Black Crook Burlesque™ The weather 

was. good enough to enable the parks to 
attract good sized crowds. 

Louisville, June 30.— Kurkamp's Band 
was substituted for Brooke's Chicago HHrlne 
Band at Jockey Club Park Sunday. A large 
crowd was present to hear Mr. Kurkamp, and 
during the evening be responded to three en- 
cores. Agnes Champuux was the soloist, 
and she made a hit. 

On tic noaUr" 

All llontra Moat Reach (la Not Later 

Than Monday. 


Aubrey Slock. Western, Mlttenthal Broth- 
ers (W. D. Fitzgerald, mgr.) — Boston, 
Mass., June 20. Indefinite. 

Aubrey Stock. Eastern, Mlttenthal Broth- 
ers' (W. ft. Hill, mgr.)— Montreal, Can., 
June 21), Indefinite. 

Arnold Stock (J. F. Arnold, mgr.) — Uuckroe 
Beach, Va., June 20, Indefinite. 

Anderson Stock — Anderson, Ind., June 20, 

American Htock, Terry ft Wagner's (Harry 
J. Terry, mgr.) — Sault Ste. Marie, Cnn.. 
June 20-July 4, Sault 8te. Marie, Mich., 

Bingham, Amelia, Repertory (Frank McKee, 
mgr.) — San Francisco, Cal., June 20-Ang. 

Baldwin-Melville, Repertory (Walter 8. Bald- 
win, mgr.)— Buffalo, N. Y., June 211, in- 

Bergen Stock— Washington, D. C, June 2ft, 

Bulfinton Stock (Eugene Phelps, mgr.)— 
New Bedford, Mass., June 20, Indefinite. 

Hamilton Stock (George A. Hill, mgr.) — 
Pawtucket, It. I., June 20. Indefinite. 

Iliiflintiiii Stock (James v.. McElrny, mgr.) — 
Fall River, Mass., June 20, Indefinite. 

Baker Stock—Portland, Ore., June 20, In- 

Bryan Stock — Zanesvlllc, 0., June 20, In- 

Burrlll Comedy (Charles W. Burrlll, mgr.) — 
Champaign, HI., June 20, indefinite. 

Burrlll Stock (Chnrlca W. Burrlll, mgr.) — 
Springfield, 111., June 20, Indefinite. 

"Breezy Time" (Merle 11. Norton, mgr.) — 
Iron River, Wis., July 1, Cloquct, Minn., 2, 
Virginia 3, Ely 4. 

"Breezy Time," Heth & Martin's (Grant 
Heth, mgr.)— Prescott, Ont., July 1, Corn- 
wall 2, Newport. Vt.. 4. St. Johnsbnry «, 
Lisbon, N. II., 7, Rumford Falls, Me., 8, 
Canton V, Livermore Falls 10, Farmlngton 

fin xi mi, Kate, In "Tbe Two Orphans" (W. 

W. Randall, ' mgr.)— Charlottetown, P..B, 

I., July 2, 3, Plcton, N. S., 4, Sydney B, 7, 

New Glasgow 8, Halifax 0-11. 
Corrlgan, James, Repertory — San Francisco, 

CalT, June 20-Jnly 18. 
Castle Square Stock, No. 2, C. C. Allisons— 

Amherst, N. 8., June 20-July 4. 
Curts Dramatic (M. 11. Curts. mgr.)— 

Varsaillles. 0., June 2»-Jiily 1, Bluffs 2-4, 

Cbapln 0-8, Virginia 0-12. 
Curtlas Comedy (8. M. Curtlss, mgr.)— Fort 

Worth, Tex.. June ;s0. Indefinite. 
Chandler-Slurgeon Comedy — Defiauce, O., 

June 20, Indefinite. •• 

Cutter A Williams Stock (W. H. Cutter & 

J. W. Williams, nigrs.)— New Albany, Ind., 

July 1-81. 
Crescent Stock (C. F. Kagleton, mgr.)— 

Woodstock, Vt., June 20-July 4. 
Dlxey, Henry E.. In "Welsh Rarebit and 

"Facing Ihe Music" (Nathaniel Rotb, 

—Fort Fairfield. Me.. July 2. Cllrbon 3, 

Houllon 4, Danforth (I, Frcderlcton. N. II., 

7, Moncton 8. 
Post Theatre Stock ((ieorge Ix> Solr. mgr.) 

—Battle Creek, Midi., June 20, Indefinite. 
Ruber, Kathcrlnc, Repertory — Providence, H. 

I., .tune 2», Indefinite. 
Rosendl Stock — Denver, Colo., June 20- Aug. 

Rice's Comedy (Herbert lllacklslon, mgr.l — 
Brltlgevllle. Del., July 1, Laurel 2, 3, Sea- 
ford 4, Delmar 5, Greenwood (I, Milton 

Russell, Klngsley. Heporlory — Milan, Mo., 
July 2-4, Mareellne (I 13. 

"Romeo and Juliet," Slmvelle's (II. F. Tre- 
velllck. mgr.)— Richfield Springs, N. Y., 
July 0.- 

Sothern. R, II. , In "If 1 Were King" (Daniel 
Frobman, mgr.) — Seattle, Wash., June 
30-July 2. • 

Spooner Dramatic, F. K. and Alllc (W. Dick 
Harrison, mgr.l— Austin, Tex., June 20- 
July 11. 

Stanley. Carrie, Reperlnry (Charles B. Burns, 
mgr.l — Fullertnn, Neb., July 1, Bclgriivo 

2, Spalding 4-18. 
Sanford, Walter, Stock— Seattle, Wash., Juno 

20. Indefinite. 
Snow, Mortimer, Stock — Albany, N. Y . June 

20, Indefinite. 
Seward Stock (Arthur J. ChlMin, mgr.) — 

Paditrnh, Ky., June 20-July is. 
Shannons, The. Repertory (Harry Shannon, 

mgr.) — Ludington, Mich., June 20, Indefi- 
Suzanne Stanford Stock (II. S. Randall, 

mgr.) — Penn Van, N. Y., June 27-.luly 4. 
Scott's Stock (George W. Scott, mgr.)— San 

Antonio, Tex., June 20, Indefinite. 
"Ten Nights In a Bar Room" (W. A. Kller, 

mgr.) — Kdmund, Okla., July 2, Stillwater 

3, Pawnee 4. 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin," Sterson'H, Kastorn 

M.eon Washburn, mgr.)— HlglitHtnwn, N. 
J., July 1, Freehold 2, Knyport 3, Ukc- 

rt, Col. Wm. F. Cody dSSfsSklk 

July 1. Hereford 'J. SwiSSS 

rdarc, VVales, 4, Car- Baker. I'eu. iSui 

• B»rr * L»K»I1«, 

i'o.'a— Abbotaford, Wis., July I. JE&&l^. . 

!er 2, Medtord K Rib I-oko 4, SJSt'"^ 1 

fl, Weatboro 7. Ogetna 8,.Prentli-c KginWl 


"Elate v'nincr" ReueWea Ita Premier 
In Kri^ana' Olir— Indoor Rcaorta 
'ontluin- to do Good Baeliieae. 

I-JIICAUO, i Juno ' 30. — Genuine Summer 
"/'"''jar attracted people to Sano Soucl and 
1 "• "utdi t'linies in great throngs on Sun- 
""J and Monday, und there was a conae- 
off In patronage at the the 


ftrei.,., ..•r A Clilnese Honeymoon" entered 
i« seventn, week at the Illinois, "The Ten- 
S®W' "t» twelfth week at the Dearborn, 
J2& Ju| mhy,' Comes- Marching Home" its 
HhB , week It SlcVlcker's, "Out of the 
'"'"„ Its- seisind -week at the Great North* 
"a, l^vei-H and Lunatics" Its second week 
« the ,|s Salle, and "Babes In Toyland" Its 

nini week at. the Grand Opera House. All 
BJEJlLa falling off In attendance...... 

sEZ .« Dlxey. opened his engagement at 
bSJW MonduJ night, .to fair business. . . . 

»''*» burlewiue at Sam T. Jack's and the 
'Wadjro attracted good business The 

iicngo «J|ic|n iiouso vaudeville, and a line 
{™ltr<uniiu> ut Masonic Temple, drew crowd- 

(w,',*? ,,IN ' 1T '»N. June 30.— The Cbaae Opera 
,™l'»ry opened, with two splendid perform- 
««'«a.of "The Hinging Glrl, K to packed an- 
•Majfl, „t ch aile:H , fhig'ls tbo closing week 
lie season at this house "Camllle," 

m( j r .) — Chicago, III.. June 20, Indefinite. 

Dllgcr-Corncll, Repertory — Cortland, N. Y, 
Juno 20-July 4. Owcgo Ml. 

Durban Kdwards Stock— Portland, Me., June 
20, Indefinite. _ „ , 

Umpire Stock— Rochester, N. Y., June 20- 
July 4. 

Bdmunds Stock (W. O. Edmunds, mgr.)— 
Quebec, Can., June 20, Indefinite. 

Krlipse Stock (Lloyd ft Gentcr, mgrs.)— 
PeterBburg. Ind., July 1, 2. 

Emerson Comedy— Lock Berlin, N. Y., Juna 

"Bi?rl JU o y f ^Pawtucket" (Klrke U Shelle, 

mgr.)— N. Y. City June 20, Indefinite. 
Ferris Stock— Omaha, Nebr., June 28, lp- 

Ferris' Comedians I Marry Bubb. mgr.)— St. 
Paul, Minn., June 20. Indefinite. . 

Franklin Stock (A. A. Jack, mgr.)— Chi- 
cago. III.. June 20, Indefinite. 
.Goodwin, N. C, in "The Altar of Friend- 
«lilp" (George J. Anpleton. mgr.)— Port- 
land Ore.. July 2, 3, Tacoma, Wash., 4. 
Vlotorda, B C, 6. Vancouver 7, New 
Whatconi, Wash., 8,. Seattle 0, Spokane 

Grant's, Ben, Stock-dtfontreal, Can., Juno 

20, Indefinite. . ,, .___.«« ■„ 

Glfiln Stock— Richmond, Va., June 20. ft- 

Go'ldlnTcomcdy (O. M. Cottei. mgr.)- 

Alblon, -Mich., Juno 20, Indefinite. 
Garslde, t.'ondlt ft Mack Stock— Bristol, Pa., 

Htmmele^'Xyrlal Stock-Detroit, Mloh... 

June 20, Indefinite. «._._« 

Hunt Stock (M. A. Hunt,. mgr.)-Alpena, 

Mlfb., June 20-July 4, 
Holman Comedy (Hurry 

HA^ff^Skja^m W Burrlll 
mgr.)— Kankakee, III., J"»o 20, Indefl 


7. finrinae I-ake 0. Lake Placid 1 10. 
Klngdon Courtcnay Stock— Albany, N. Y.. 

\i l™ e M" 1 ," I'omedy Stock Company, had a 

""6c and delighted opening at the Columbia. 

iiiii n' ' I ne . ''"rench Maid," by the Olffln ■ "' ellm gtock (E. G. Oros 

at ■M.. Con, l!"ny. ! had un overflowing opening L \ju, He Okla.. June 20-July 

' (Dn 1 .iirriiiA»i. ■ . . ii. lit.... it.... '■"'".' . . ....... 

Klng n DriSnatlUAItoona, Pa., June 20. In- 

Lewls. J rch"t J stk^Port Hope, Can.. June 

_. . .., n Grosjean, mgr.) — 

wood .. 
"Uncle Tom's Cabin," Stetson's, Western 

(Wm. Kibble, mgr.)— Park Hill, Ont., July 

4, I,cnui, Mich., 0, Mount Clemens 8. 
Van Dyke ft Baton, Repertory (C. Mack, 

mgr.) — Davenport, la., June 20, indefinite. 
Van Dyke ft Baton. Repertory. II. Walter 

Van Dyke — Hannibal, Mo., June 20, In- 
Vallamont Stock (N. Appell. mgr.>— Wll- 

Hamsport, Pa., June 20, Indefinite. 
Wiedemann's Big Show (Willis Mass, mgr.) • 

— Cheyenne, Wyo., July 11-12. 
Whltaker Stock— Buffalo, N. Y., Juno 20, 

WllllnmH Stock— Cnstlne, Me., June 20-July 

1,'lBlesboro 2-4. 
Wlnnlnger Brothers, Repertory — Washburn, 

Wis., July 1-4, Superior 0-8, Iron River 

"Was 8hc to Blame?" J. G. Stiilta's (Jed 

Carlton, mgr.) — Osage, In.. July 4. 
"York State Folks" (F. E. Wright, mgr.)— 

Boston, Mass., June 20, Indefinite. 
Aborn Opera (Milton ft Sergant Aonrn, 

mrrs.)— Brooklyn, N. Y„ Juno 20-July 4. 
Amsdcn Opera— ijincaster, I'u., ' June 20- 

Sept, 5. 
Butler,' Helen May. and her Ladles' Military 

Band (J. Leslie Spahn, mgr. ) — Boston, 

'•Pi'., June 28-July 5. 
Brooke's Chicago Marine Band— Louisville, 

Ky.. June 28-July 4. , 

Boston Ideal Opera— Mobile, Ala., June 20, 

Boston Ideal Opera— Milwaukee, Wis.. June 

20, Indefinite. 
Boom's Comic Opera (Adnlph Mayer, mgr.) 

—Webster, Mass., June 20-July 4. 
BIJou Carole Opera— Long Branch, N. J., 

June 20, Indefinite. . 
"Babes In Toyland (Honilln ft Mitchell, 

mgrs.)— Chicago; III., June 20, Indefinite. 
"Beggar Prince" Opera (F. A. Wade, mgr.) 

— DeB Moines, la..- Juno 29, Indefinite. 
Cliane Comic Opera — Washington, D. - C, 

June 20, Indefinite. _ ' 
Central Opera (Leopold Fuenkcnsteln, mgr.) 

—Bust Liverpool, O.. June 20-July 4. 
Colonial Comic Opera— Lowell, Maai., Juno 

20, Indefinite. '. _ „ . . „. 

"Chinese Honeymoon" (S. B. Shuhort. N ion 

& Zimmerman, mgra.)— Chicago, III., Juno 
28, Indefinite. ' „ „ „, . „ „. 
"Chinese Honeymoon" (8. 8. Sliubert. Nlion 
■ ,&. Zimmerman, mgrs.) — Atlantic City, N. 

J„ June 20-July 4. ' • 

Duss' Metropolitan Opera House Orchestra 
(11. R JohnBton, mgr.)— N. Y. City June 
20. Indefinite. ■ ■ 

Glfiln Comic Opera— Waahlngton, D. C, June 

20, Indefinite. .., ,„ , 

Groves-Morton Opera— Chicago, 111., Juno 

Heraid Square Opora (Prank T. KlntzJng, 

mgr.)— Ilnmllton. 0„ June 20-July 11, 

Jomeatown. N. Y.. 13, Indefinite. 

. Howe, Lennn. Orchestra — Albany, N. Y., 

June 20-Sept.-. 0. . ., , „ , 

Kilties Band, .Cameron Browns (T. P .J. 
.Powers,, mgr.)— Belleville, Can., July 18, 
Philndelphfii. Pa.. 4-11. 

"King Dodo." A (Henry W. Savage, mgr.)— 
Chicago, HI.. June 20. Indcflnllc., 

"fx>vers and i 
20. iiulefinli 

Manhattan Opera- 

' Norllicnsler'n Opera— Duluth, Mlno., Juno 20, 

OlymnlB Opera— Now Orleans, La., Juno 28, 

PI Inne^s^U. 8. Band (Fred 8. Phlnney. 
" June 20-July 4. 

~", Savage, 
>. Indefinite. 
Prlnie of Pllsen" (Henry W. Savage, mgr.l 
— N. V. City June 20. Indefinite. 
ning, Blanche, In "The lllotide In Black 
(George W. Lederer, mgr.) — N. Y. Llty 
June 20, Indefinite. 
Itoblnson'i ■ Opera— Wheeling. .W. Va.. July 

"ItJinawnys" (8.8. Shuhert. Nixon ftJHp- 
mermai, mgrs.)-N. Y. City June 20. In- 

"SiitliTn'of Sulu" (Henry W. Savage, rngr.) 
-ManhnUnn Beach. N.Y., June 20-July 

•Tenderfoot"— Chicago, III., Juno 28, In- 

"VAyagcrB''— Chicago, HI., June 28, ludeft- 

Daly's, Wm. Josh — Dlngbnmtoo,' N. Y., June 

20-July 4. 
Knickerbocker (Detne * Fellowa, lugTB.)— 

Entenore, N. Y., June 20-July I, Spring 

Uke 2-4. . . 

Illinium ft Bailey's— Danbury, Conn.. July 1, 

1-Oiighkeepsle. N. V., 2, PlttBflMd, Main.. 

3, Greenfield 4; Flli'hburg 0, l<owell 7. 

Lynn 8, Salem 0, Gloucester 10,. Haverhill 

Buffalo Hill's Wild West 

— Gloucester, Kng.. Ji . 

Alhergnvenuy 3, Aberdarc, 

din fill. 
Burns ft 


4'helsea < 

0, Phillips 1«> FltlHd 1). 
Big Southern (Miles Orton, mgr.)-^Marys 

vllle. O.. July 1, 8t. Marys 2. Waistkoneta 
3. Bellefoutalne 4, N. I^xlngton 7. "Com. 
Ing S. Gloucester 0, Athens 10, Mlddlc- 

Busby Brirt hers— Parker. So. 'Dak.. July 1. 

Alexander 2, Mitchell 3, Parisian 4. 
Colorado Grant's— Now Vienna, 0.. July 1. 

BlancheMtcr. 2, I^veland 3. Lawrence-burg. 

Ind., 4, Aurora 0, Milan 7, Osgood 8. North 

Vernon 0, Medortv 10. . . .... 

Clark's, M. L.— Corning, Mo., July 4, Ncclys- 

vllle S. . ... i ... • . , 

Forepaugh ft Bella BroHicra — Rico Luke, 

Wis.. July 1. Eau Claim 2. St. Paul, M til}.. 

3, Mlnneapolli 4, l*-'CrmMr. Wis:, II, 'Wi- 
nona. Minn., 7, Rochester 8, Mauknto 0, 
Mnrsbnll 10. Watertown, So. Oak.. 11. 

Oollmar Brothers'— KHIarhey, ; Man., July 

1, Slorden 2, Neche, No. Dak., 3, Urnflon 

4, Crookston, Mlnn.,«.'' 

Gentry Show (W.-O. Tarklrtglon, mgr.)— 
Weflsboro. 1*., Jtl|y 1. Corning, N. 1., 2. 
Waverly it, Owego 4. MlridtfloWn ft 

HargraveV-llulyiike, MaSH..'Jbly 1, North- 
ampton 2. Amherat 3. Ware 4'. Jeffersmi 
«, Worcester 7, Clinton 8, Hudson 0, Wall- 
bam 10, Cambridge H- „., ., , « ., 

Hall's, It. V.— llahtroft. Wis. Jn y 1> Al- 
mond 2, Grand Rapids 3, 4, Wlldroso 0, 
Wontoma 7, Ncshkoro 8, Princeton I', 
Green Lake 10. Rition 11. , „ 

Indian Bill's Wild West— South Norwalk, 
Conn., July'l. Wdlllmnnllc 2, Mnrldon B, 
Waferbury 4. Danbury 0. • 

KiilKht'*. gj,i a wrrt , O.. July 1. Hoyls- 
vllle 2, MeCpmb 3, Lclpale •«. I>eshlt<r tt. 

Keystone (Said Dnek. mgr.)— New Salem. 
Pa., July 2.Y'W! 3, F^ist Prospect 4, Hlar- 
view tl. Yiirk Haven 7, Balnbrldge 8, El'xa- 

llnkiw, Kari. l'rtictor'ii.KinTatk,Jun«»Jiilj4; Vn»tnr» 

Antrim A Peton". fltwuri Btsch, Brldgspert, June » 
Joly«; Ps>tnt'a. N.Y.O.,«ll. 

Aminos, fnlon I'ark. nenv«r. .InnrSN July A. . 
Andrawa * Tlroinpnon, Umpire, Portland, Ore., JuneW 

Jul) i ' 

Andarton, HaJf. Park. Putnam. Cono.. Jni»»Julyt; 

Arnsiwm, AlrnM. B>lltr«. Bmtaii, June 9 Julr «.. 
Armmroni A Holly. llanlsaV Poloi, Toruiito, June W- 

Armnrotif A Wrtaht. Park, w. l.noU. Jum W-Joly t; 
. Psrk, flnclnn»tl,a-1l. . . _ 

Atltiui, Wll-wn A Clarke, BliUM's I'ark. Portlsml, Ore., 
JaMP July II. 

" "Ion. Dsrlon. ".. Juno W Julr II. 
.as., 8. Y.n.Jun«:"U(ilyA. 
k, t'-sntuO, June » -July I. _ , 

i.Colltni Harden, Culomliii". O., JunsW 

' H«ll«r no Park, Mad". June 39-Jnly 4. 
Psrlor. fuiliilli. Nlnn . Juno » .tulv I. 
[Adieu Orcliestra, Wtsislda Park, Mnntrcal. 
Jims W Julr A. 
»Vm. Wert. Pr»K.,.. 

Baker A boyle,' ilnTtrnaloi'a, AtliBllc t'lly. Jauo »■ 

H«k«r. fonmi). Krilh'm N V. I'.. JuiieW July 4 
Bstemsn. Tom, SheedyX New B«ll<inl, June a.liily 4 
Hitrrim-x. J.~le A Willie. Kelllia, N. V. I!., June *i July I. 
Burr A Kcana, Capitol Park, llsrtfnnl. Conn., June. »> 

Hsawtt. M.irtluirr. Mlironl, Haw .. June IV-July 4. 
B»io». Ijiule, Coney lnlun.1, 1'lnelnnxl. 1 1 , June ai Julr 4. 
lislM' MmltnlTrlo. iv.yle'a. Ailsollel'liv, JunpJ , .Uulv4. 
Harrrlt. Hell* A Hitreii Unylo'a, AlUntltf t'lly, June i< 

B«"n y .» llainllton, KslthV N. V. C June ."> Juiy t. 
Bskrr A Arniatrnni. Tuiiildliiu MB I'nrk, Bildgplon, 

N. .1.. Juno W July 4 . . • _ ." 

Bosch A ilsite. Co,l»r Point. 8auilii»kv,0., Juno 'JS.Inly I. 
Holilor, Aiinee. Stnr, Cleveland, Juno Jl> July 4. 
Hiillnl A Artlior. Crialal fjardrna, N. Y.C., Juno W July 4. 
H.nlluini A Krwnian. sprli^liaiik I'atk, London, fan , 

June'JIiJuly II. 
Wniiiloy, Mualral, SaWaills Park, Taunlon, Maw., Jauo 

so July 4. 
Banner. Emello, lllvorniout Park, l.yiiiihlnirn, Juua J9 

Bell'. Senator Krank, Rock Sprlngn Park. P. Urcrpnol, 

O. June W July I 
Baarli A Oajw. Terra Haute, June V July ,< .. , 
Bell Hlrtern. Bllou. NurTidk. Vs., Junem Jutv 4. 
Bewla. Mile., Walileniere.Park. Krla, Jano JSWnly 1 

Bell Hlrtera. Bllou. NurTolk. Vs., June 'J 

Ideinere.Park. Krla. J.... ~ . ■ 

iloriiolelD Trie, Lakeylew l-aaltio, KaaMasS**, June » 


.1 n I v I. 

Hlckell A WntBun, Rlvonlda Park, Haglnaw. Mlrli 

39 July 4. 
BOsnaiirtln * NewmAn. lleuderpuin'B, Coney lotnn.l 

N. V., 

.111111'*.! July l. 
Miami, Lew.lluwanl, Bonlun, June W-Julj 4. 
Blackfonl A Won , A A h Button, Juno Jt July I 

belbtown II. . 

I/>wry Brothora— Dubois. Pa.. July Ii 

Main. Waller L.— Wntcrvllle, Mc., .July 1. 
Augusta 2, Rath 3, Rockland 4, Hldilcfunl 
0, Portsmouth. N. II.. 7: ' ' • 

Pan American— New Glasgow. N. S., July I. 
Antlgonlsbn 2. N. Sydney. C; II. I., 3. Syd- 
ney 4, Plcton. N. 8.. 6, TntRmnguuchtj 7, 
Sackvllle. N. it., 8. ' ' „ „ 

Pawnee Bill's Wild' West — Hanoi ton, la- 
July I, Alloutown 2. Kaatoh-3. Somervlle, 
N. J., 4, PlBlnflcId 6, Bayonne 7, Bilaa- 

Pelhnm Pavilion 'Ptieatro— HtM) Grove, Ps.. 
Juno OTJuly 4, Fajrvlew till. 

Hlaker'a. Ill .. Hog<,Hlee|il(rhaao, Koi;kowoy lloilcll, H. V., 

June JKJnly 4. ,. . 

llluwuui, Mule. Umpire. Sealllc. Jnn» WJnly 4. 
Blow, i.ik. A Co., Pmcior'a. Nasart, .liine (> July 4 
Bond, Kreilarlo, ACu , Kelili'a, N..V. C, Juaeai Ji|ly I 
Hehmo. W. A., A l/itlle, llwjk Hill Park, Triiilmi, N J , 

June»July4. '_ . . . 

B<»«. K lltv. Summit, Toledo, (>.. June 1» Jnly 4. 
Holies A llyor. Ilowanl. Hueion. June J» July I. 
Hocitlinian. Waller, North Adama, ««•«., June IB Jnly I: 

B.iv.1. Ilarr'y K . interview I'ark, Jurors. 111.. June ?o. 

HoKenilan Trio. Unn PaNro, M. .V. 0, June 1* July 4. 

Bunlfaco, Urn. (' A Co.. Shea's. Hiillalii, ,li|lialrl) Jul* 4. 
BonVea (I). Sam Iteevan' Park, Foaturla. 0,. Juno JMjuly 4 
is Park, Caindou, N.J, June 

-Marlon, O.'. July 1, Duln- Brn'wnA Barloletia', uiii)iiliin T s! wVisiula. Julya-ll 
rllle 3, Athena 4, Charles- iimwn'A Held, r 


liru.'Ve. Kthvni, Portland, Oio., Juno fJ July n. 

Rlngllng Brothers'— Kreeporl. III.. 

Iflgln 2, Racine, Wis.. 3, Belolt 4 
Hohlson's, John-Mar' — 

ware if Nelsonvlllc 

•Haliolt's' F<H>t"' f.omedy (Pat Chapnelle, 
mgr.)— Stcphcnaon, Toon., July I. Mont- 
engle 2, Deekerd B, Tullnlioma 4. McMlnn- 
vide II, Bhelhyvlllc 7. Me.Mlnnvlllo 8. • 

Slg. 8aiitel.c'H-4Miorryneld. Me.,. -Jii y J. 
Mnchlas 2, KasliKirt .1. Calais 4, Did Tottn 
ll, AUIIInockel 7, lluultoh 8, Fort Fair- 
field 0, t^arlbon JO, lllalno 1 1. ." 

Sun Brothers, No, I— Webster, Mas;.- July 
1, Mlllbiiry 2. WeaHmrn. 3, Mllfurd 4, 
Frtmlnghnm «, Marlboro T, Huttaon 8, 
Clinton- 0.. • - ill?'. ". ', - 1 

Sells ft Downs'— lliivre, Mont.. July 0, fl. 

Sliver Fainliy'o— Tbompsonvlllei Mich.. July 
1. Bear Lake 3, 4, Arcadia D. Frankfort ft 

Silver Brothers'- Boy fie City; 'MIMi., July I, 
Oharlerolx 2<4. -*. •• " ' , r !*_ '. ' 3L .'.. 

Tin Top (Georgo K. DoromiiH, mgr.)— iVHM 
Islund, N. Y.I June 20-Jilly 1,'Glenwood, 
N.J., 2 4, McAfee 8, Vertrtli 1)11.. • 

Wallace's— Mvansvllle, Ind., .JJl/*i-'ifl. 

Welsli llrotlicrs' (M. II. 'ft John T. Welsh, 
mgrs.)— Towanda. Pn„ July; ;1, Tunkhan- 
nock 2. Plttslon 3. Berwick 4. Dan*IHa 6. 
Bloomaburg 7. Plymoiilh 8, East BtroddB- 
bnrg 0, liangor "),' Naeareth II. 

Younger ft James' Wild .West— Washington. 
Ii. A'., July 2, Lancaster, l'n., ft ' 
. • MINtlJI.I A IN Kill -H. 

Rostock's Trtlned Animals— Coney Island, 
N. Y.. June. 20. Indefinite. 'j ' 

Bennett's Big Show— Winnipeg. ,Man.. Juno 
20. Indanmte. . _ . „, 

Coylns Museiun (B. R. Coyle, mgr.)— Bloiix 
City, in.. June 20-July 4, 

DpsMthi cWlnental t'arll vhI— Anisteriliiin, 
^t. Y., Juno'20-July 4, Springfield. Mass.. 

De Krisko Brothers' Amimotnent— St. Louis, 

Mo.. . June 2Ji; Indcllnllc. '■ ', „ , 

D'Eloinr ft Sully Voleran Krcmeti a f.arnl- 

• val— Portsmouth, N. ID, June 20>Jiily_ - 4, 

Bunir»ce, ileo, c, A Co..' Miss's. Buifah 
Bnfoa llX asm Iteevan' Park, P " 
Bovre A Unsure, Wondiyimo 

■ July A. 
Bradaliaw, Laura, Harlierlon Park, Usihertoii, t).,Jnn« 

W July I 
Braiii A Aahtiin, Knta'a, Portland, tira.. .'una W July 4- 
BriHika A Kelach, Mimr.M I'ark, Toronto. June » Jnly A. 
Bniekinan, Jaiuei, Lion Pslime, N. Y. t) . Juno ju Jul* 4. 
HracP, John P , Krll/'a. Poitlarel. Ore., Juno W July 4 
Hmeliiird, Mllo , Atorunado Boiinli.iae Diajlli, I'al., June 

llrltiv'lsya. The. Hhay'e, llBS jatl i afaaf., Jiiae W J«Iy 4 
HrlttoiiB, Tlie. Itanions Park, (iiaaif Karlda. Juno 8» July 
4: lleavea' i'ark. Knatorls. I) . ll II. 

•-■tt, Mnniiliin'a. HI, L .. 

reeloaly Park. Newport, It. I.,,l|iiis W 


moke, P.tnym, ronianu, tns.. .mnoair.iuo o. 
Uruna A Ntnali. iipurn llimaa. Naonali. Wll , June sOJuly 

I; iipera iiniiae. Wauuu.a II. 
HniuiBBo A cinrk.disnil Hlaod. Puehlo.Juno W.luly A; 

Crvulal, lieov.-i, n ll .> 

I)r..»ii A Barlolittl. Niku Hide Hifk. Aknui, Juna 90-J.llV 

A; Manoloh Park, HI. Louie, ill. 
Hueke>e Trio. Caalno, Trrrs Haute, Juno JO July A; "an 

nlon Park, HI. Liuta, a II. 
Hiirlmi, II, B., Chute", Han Prsii., Junn».lulv4. . 
Hun. i BIJou Rlrcua, Hratulyolne I'ark. Hdnnoclsdy, Jnly 

Burdock Rlatere, Lake View Park. Mlddlitowo, Conn., 
June » July 4. •. - 

Hmlil Hrua.. Kini'lrv. 1'orllnml, urn . June WJnly 4. 

Bnrko'a Moaloal lhi|(a, (lliestor I'ark. Cllulnoatl. Juno » 
July 4. 

Burna, llarry.OursnCllyilanftna, Klmlra, June ».loly A. 

Barton A Burton, I .nini' » Park, Hi. Inula, June T Jul* 4. 

Uurtiin. CouitnayA Irene, laimp'a park, Ml. Louie, Juua 

Hurry, John, ctsxtnut Hill Park. Phils., June « July 4. 
Burrows. TravieACn.. Woolwoiili Konf (lanlru, Lancaa. 

lor, I'a 0-«.lnlv4. 

Bu»li. Kr»ok. Waahlngton Park, Bayonne. N. J., June ail- 

liiitlar. Ksllanr. JorTara, isglnsw, Mich.. Jam D July a. 
Huaklrk A llleti, lUllway I'arli, Butler, Pa.. JanaJ» July I. 
Clonic*. Carl. Kami. Toledo June If July <; Weiifma 

n.. n I. u.. ,-n.. All ».' 

W July 4. 
_ owi. Tr 
l*r, Pa. June- 1» July 4 
Tuali. Krai' 
July 4. 
tier. Ka 
.kirk A, 
.i.atloe, I. ni.. Bay Clly, Mich., fell. 
Cartel. Iluliert, A Co., Waahlngton Park, Uaynopt, N. J„ 

Jant W.luly A. ■ ' ' ■ 
Carter A flora. Lenip'a Park. Ht. Louie, June ft July 4. 
('■nip, Shoppard, Caelno, North Heaofi, N. V.; Uloier 

Park. i-ll. k ' 

CarlliiAAItui, Lake iJrovo Park, Auburn, He-, 

i!a-nmre A Pkirenee. iprlnabank Park. I^BHloa, Can,, 

June »Jnly4: LoKiVIh Park i.'nalno, Akron, 
Carrie, Mile , Olympla, MrKesnimrt, Pa-, 

II II..rlilraj|o. lit 

Jqna V 

a, CaSu 

.1,0. nil. 

Ii|aatu July Ii 

CarlLlea Pony A D«nc clrcuB, Kiilth'e. i'lilla, June » 

July 4. 
Cain A ilnuter, Midway Park, Mlddletnwn.K Y., Jpna'AI 

July J. 

htSMiS'n., June Or at «. ; mhJ I K.ece FeddcH,aj,-N«shv...c. l^^^^^^'nA,^ " 

^era-Elmlru. N. Y., June 20. HaSTi MVnltra. Co.-Be..«fonte. S&t^^gtet^g™* 
K ■ , Pa., Jlino 20-July 4. .• . _»» Caelaane, The, lliinemalor'ai Allantlo fllty, Jqnu ». 

l^mbrlgger'a 'Um (Ous Urabrlggor, mgr.)— j„i yt . ' 

Unslng Mich., June 20-Jllly 2, (Ifnnd caatle A Colllpe, (llark'a Harden, Term Haute. June J). 
4, lonla 0;8. cjroanvlllo 0-1 1 

lunt. mgr.)— Alpena, Ph nnay'a V. «. i»ann irrea "• ■"' 

4 Flint 0-18. mgr.)— Cnclnnatl. O. June 20-July 

ry Uolman, mgr.)- "Peggy from Paris" (Henry W. ha 

y "0 Indellnl ™ mgr,) -Boston. Mass., June 20, Indel 

Ledge 3, . 
]mhI Days of Pompeii, Pain 

0„ June 30 July 11. ., 
O'Brien's .Oluss Blwwpleiura (John^H. 

O'Brien, mfrr.) — Nantuekot Point, Mass., 

June 20, InSeftnlte. 

caeiella't A Hull, Wamioa jlaach Pork, Jlay City, Mich., 
i.iiii iuuiui, JwjgmW&ti Bl*er«lde Park, Haalnaw, »H. 

Caraon A Wlllard, Park. Bay (Hly, Midi., Juastdluly 4; 

liaisons Park, flrandHanlds. ill- ■■ 

Carroll. The meat, Prllie, 1'uillanil, lire. June WJnly A. 
CaeevA noon. Flmplre, Portland, (ire., June as Julys 
f'uriiiiuil, Ore , July ill 

#Wjf5^i}f?4?f&m, !*S"*W»^ rt i!* 

i ft rleeman Amusement Co.,, Western 
al .Dover,' O., June 20Ju» 4, Ciim- 

rt-ii- ... . "■':. '..^ 

Woodavllle, N. 
Vt., H-ll. 
Kolilnaon ft 
— Oinal , 

1tt*lrtffn 11 

Swallow ft Marklo'a Floating Palajce— Snillh- 

land, Ky„ July 1. ■ ■• > •> i ■ ■ ' „■' 

Three RenoH'i Floating Palaco— Metropolis, 

Wlllard''a P 'rempio"of -MiamIc <('. B. Wlllard. 

mgr.)— Cincinnati. O.i June 20-Jul.v 4, 
Wright's Carnival Co. III. W. Wriglil mgr. I 

— h'lOln, O., June 20-Jul.v 4. Shelby 0-11. 

Juan £>. 

•nrroii A Clarke, eieroor i era. irenum. e. •'•■ 4 
July 4i Mdlri'ior Park. O jaii*ralla,f) ll. 
i lilmiullla A Ni-«ell. Ualdouiere I'.nk. Krlr, Ju 

ttJS" r.«fay'ett'e. . .". , Pat ' nellTy'B^Own u^^i^liifuS^W^m, O.A™ 
wmpaijy attracted two crowded bouses at Ml . , , , 1 , K '„,| V ' 4 'cat ettsburK. Ky.. llAug. .1 
Che I ' 5 ".T"" l ' :: -'"P«uln John Bridge and 
*■»! i hiiKc Uke were well patronlted. • 

aan"."-* 1 ' r ' cr ' J,ln e 30.— Lester Loner- 
tnr s new pluy,- "KSItilo Venner," received Its 

nuL/eiodiutlon at the Auditorium Suiidny 
Ktoek. '" '!" appreciative audience. The 
*• 'JiiiDiiiiy gaye an pfrcctlvo performance. 
div'VJ 'i !,rlc " larK opened Its season Stin- 
tbe'ri, .'.-"Hpicnae crowds. Innea' Band was 
'"ndan " ,t r a<,tl <"« At ForeBt Pnrk at 

« ira, nnrtlcy, Stock— Portland, M*. 

m,.i,^ b F^x$y*y {f *-™»*«° c.ty. 

Mo^u J BrSr;'%\f «tcK-D,,.,.th. Minn.. 

"Middoo'n'H Picnic." Boom'H (Wn,. A. M-.on. 
mgr. )— .Mlddlolown, Conn.. Juno .» juiy 

N.tll.«o» fl»l:Dos n Ange.ea. Cal., June 

20, ,n yf e M .y/Stock-St. John. N. B.. June 

IbbJXC Pil ,' 1 i£'r the different attractions. . . . 
In i!h ^ '"! T ncat ™ n good vaudeville bill, 
an aSS lll 11 ,,Br "'. Norworth and Louise DroH- 
W{ »ere ibe headllnera, pleased a large audl- 

iJSSF'Ji: J, '"?e 80.— Weather favored the N WSS« 

Bor r im,'" m ' ,lo,l ». "I* Pai-" buBlncss saw Ne w Yo>k Players— Worcester. Mass., Juno 

9Mf^mSt^.^SSm»mJiSir. Jo." _ . 


S o? a tbe"Fold"-Chlcago. III.. J 

y— Sun Frap- 

fork Slate Folks," at Q ,6% Nnnc c, ft Co.. Repertory— San 

•°lht I n '''. "Jf d bl « homa > " A M,d ' Cisco. Cal, June 20, Indefinite. 

•'ast . «'" Utt <' » ("ne presenUUon at the 0a l K "r Jane, Btock— Denver. Colo.. Ju 

The 29 Indetlnte 

.ne present 

HbrT/J ""■«' o,la,rgo attendance. I . . ...J 
IiibIc ii.'i'i' k . , °- P"«on -Toll Gate InnV 




Mi"" I 1 '.'. 1 . 1 ' to good "bualneaa." ."."Excellent 

, apltBi l V.' r 'T a ^ b0u »» S "Keith's"" 
" 1 ", W I?« waa. made b; 


the burlesque 

July 4 

■"uiiea ""w waa made by the burlesque 

"«»™ m l'wums "The Tenderfoot" 

' "Ma* in o,o Colonial July 20, for n run. 

*'occl*J!I : .':, r,,, V. Jun « 30.— The week com- 
■wa »ory well attbe theitrea last night, 

Pa^u.Mers.oek (CnrsePny.on. mgr.)- 
l^BS fc^tfSrl Pr.ncb, 

Whitney Opera, presenting " w, j 1 cn i-' IO vv n .?i r 
Oomes March ng Home" (Fred ('. Whll- 
nwT mgr.)-Chrcago. III., Juno 28, Indell- 

"Wlia'rd of Oa" (Hamlin * ■BlUi-hHI, mgrs.) 
— N Y. City June 20. Indefinite. 

Bohemia, Boom's (Wm. H. Wllllnms. mgr.) 
—Putnam. Conn., July il-ll. „„...,„« 

Boom's Colored Company (Sam \\. Couslnj. 
Mgr.)— Merlden. Conn.. Juno 20-July 4, 
New Britain 0-11. „,_., . .... _ 

Black Crook Builesqiiers— Philadelphia, Pa., 

Canahan 'ft' l)r Hobson'a Entertainers— Ixmg 

Branch. N. J., June 2»-Jiily 4. 
Rellly, Pal. Ilurleaqucra — HillBdelphla. I'a., 

Vernon's' 1 Vaudevilles (BenJ. B, Vernon, 
mgr.)— Araltyvllle, N. V.. July 1. Center 
Moriches 2, Good Ground 3. Southampton 
4. Kaat Hampton fl. flreenport 8, River- 
head 0. NorJhport 10. Huntington 11. 

Vaudevlllo and Dnnclng. (.. II. Kernan s— 
intamouth. N. II.. June 30-July K Mar- 
blel.eiid, Mass.. 7-0. Newburyport 10-12. 

Bryant ft Savlllc , a— Reading, Pa., June 20- 
Julv 4. Pittsburg -H-ll. ■ .„ , 

linom's (Fields ft Harueon. rngra.) — Athol, 

'"Mass.. June 211 July 4. North Adams 0-11. 

Ileneh A Bowers— Salem, 8o. Dak., July 3, 
Parker 4. Centervllle fl. Yankton 7. 8rot- 
luml 8. Tyudall 0. Amaour Iff. I'arkston 11. 

oESSutitni l^w— Atlantic City, N. J„ July 

on. .'•.'.. 

mmwz Rome 

This Hat la made an •• neiiOIr 

•Brit* BS II IS poaaltllp to mole* • 
list of Tandrvllle booklnajs. Krrora 
which annr nnneiar in this aaMrt* 
encnt fnnii lime to llmt> will lia 
ow-laar to late caiacellallons or iraai- 
tea* of dntea, of which wa have <• 
slenend epon the porformara for no- 
llsTealloa. We therefore aalr. nil per* 
foraners to co-operate with as, •=« 
send n» all oaaeallatlonasnsa traas> 
(ers as sooa as ther oeear. 

Adamlnl A Taylor, Aviui Park. Vounselown. O . July All 
Ailarne. Bit.. Woodlynne Tark. faiiHlen, h. J., JnueW- 

A Co., Bana Bond, fSBasaa, JnueW- 

Ad'aiua' Jas. B„ A Da., tana Park. Conay lalanrl, K. Y., 

Addlwn a" Livingston, New' Standard, llnuelon, Ts«., 

Ahmon?'}*)' Caelno, Hockswsy Heach. K, Y., Jans W- 

Amuht, Mr. A Mra.. Clsrk'a. Harden, Tarro Hauls. June 
in Julv 4. 

caldwella ll), Vne.ii Clly Hardane, Klmlra, 
Carew- A llayee, Hiivernalor'a. Atlantic ll|ty, Jiipi nj, 
I •iirroll i Hlsrke.' Menwr J'Mk. TranUiB.' 8. J. , June W 

line 71). 

|y | ' ' * 

Chatham Hlalore, llanlan'a Pulnl. Turonm, Juno W ,ful> 4. 
Chamtierlaln, Mr. A Mie., llamiueraU'liCe, 8. Y. C, .It 

^l r |,,ly 4, . . 

ciirlnloiilier, Paatlnie I'srk, Marlon. I nil ., June JI). July I. 
Clark A (luniaii. slinyilo'e. Hprlnsllelil, ll .June VMoli I 
cluylun. Jeuklne A Jsepur, Kiiiplic, Poylemniitli, hue. 

ctllVord A iilioo, Kolili'e, BoMon, June 29 July A. 

Clark A Teinple. I'eliu-oii Park, Jsiueelrian. N. V , Juno 

2t> July I'.'Hyrai'Uaci'i It 
Cio.k'A Hylvla. I'aelor'e. N. Y. C. JuusW-Jul' t. 
CollloiA lloyiiolila, liakwmel Psrli, PHUIiura, Jem « 

Col lon'a I'mnodv lyunksys, Hloiu Allty, la.', June W Julr 

I hi .l.-eph, Mo , Ii II ■ • 

roiu.iT A Halley, I'aik. Itsveililll. v»i» . Juno M Julr I. 
corliiev.i Burke, KellVi. I'lilla.. June JU July A.- 
Conyan A llar-on, lalai^ Park, I'ortnnoijtli, ll. l.,.|i|ne J9 

Cia'iiiA Hall, Uxlnulon Park, Hoaloii, Jiinosn .Inly I 

l-i.liohnd A Co|»l»nd, Mnnlialtan. Norfolk. Va , Join 

July 4. • ■ •/» ; 

July I. 
Adauie, llso, II., 
July A. 

Alloo. Ploaakf, WaahlBfttnn Park, BsyoarM, K. X, Juno VmrnUxk. lawra, Henderaoire,C<HMy leland 

Tl -lllly I ... ....._ ■■ >. ■ w .,........'_..' ..>«m. I4....I.... III. n. I I.... 


m. Ray, Avon Park, YounaeUiwn, June Vt July »; Audl- 

torluui, Hi.illli Bend.S II. .. • 

Coiri'iy, II L. Carnlvnl. Cloyaland. Jans Jtl.1 illy 4. 
Colljy raiiilly, llaniona Park, Hrand Raidda, Juno :v 

July 4: BanaHourl. f:iileaao. Ml. 
colliv A Way, KiertKsly I'ark, Nrwpurl, Ii. f.Jui* »i. 

Julv 4. 
Ciillliia A Norih, Keltli'e, BoRtno, June S-July A, 
Colellle A McBrlde, Caalim I'ark, Terra Haste. Jqn« »- 

July A. 
c.iiirov A Pearl, Chutse, Han Krau. J'uio m.iulv I. 
Cook A Hon, Temple, (Mtr.ilt, June J« July I. 
(look A (lake, Henwlck I'srk, Itliaxa, N. V., June 2-i.iuiv I. 
Cook A ('union, Mora I'ark. Vouneklnwn, Jnna '."• Jui\ I. 
Cnlllne. Daniel, ChreinnA Hill Park, i'lilla . Juno ."i Jnlyl 
cole A ciemene, Doylo'a, AUanllcCliy. JiineWJoly I. 
( oiitlioul. Joeae, Houlevard, Medfi-nl, June W Julv 4 
Cortiln. Klorenro.lllverelilp i'ark. MiiotieaI..liilie/i,luly I. 

' H Y.lune 

AhneVlla.. UkealiM) Park Caelno, Akron, p.. JuneW- 
Al'aaeandronl, minor, aolimm Park, Montreal, ' Jata W- 

Aile'n! Uon A Bartlii, W'}"t'a Peoria. Jyae ■ July A. 
Alllaoaa. Th*. II. AB„ N. V. (;,,.iune2»-July 4, 
AmMM'/o.peVi '"'*'"» WrSi reorla. June JtJJaly'f 

Amairi A 7 Manjils, Wasli ajA BaAjT .tfe', June 
J» July 4 ; Krl.'e Caelno, NisrUi lkj«h. Jj; V.i*-) 


A^^KKraM^. Z&i^mSZ*™ 

Courtland, Harry, Doyle's; Atlantle Clly. Jims n July L 
(relsi The, Keltli'e. Hmlml, Jlinn J) July I. 
Cralc, Mareli. (Iraiinian'a, San Iran . lone -fl-July I, 
Crals A Ardall. I'roclrii'e ZV1 St., ».n:. June ll July A. 
Crawford, If. 41. II., Chloaga, June tl July 4. 
Crawford, Kttla. Bur, (tleveland. Julie n July 4. 
Cuttya. Mueleal (Si. Klerirlo Park, naltlmore, June 29 

ciirtleA Adams, Ly.-einn., June r) July I; 
PriK-ior'eeili Ar« , si. Y. (!,. a-IL 





■■•. ( 


* -if 

■ ; m 









i'ikIiiiimi , 1 'rank, I'leiten, Haii Kran., June ti July 4. 
runnlnirliaui A Lord, rlaUistln l'ark, Taunton, Mas*., 
June at-.liilv 4. ' • - 

cnfciili*tiin>, Star. Cleveland, J tine ill July <. ' 

- Mltnw><Mr. A Mm. Stuart, MtrryifoeYlnt Park, Brnoe. 
jrll-k, Me.,Jum>&.JuJJ4. 

Hasina. Bnl,y. Me-nlitiltail/ 
D'Jislelle sisters, Electric I'ai 

Hey I', CnlnnilAn.'O.'. Jtnie ?j July 4. ', ' ' 

llarrljnn, IreebodrJ'urk, Newport, R. I., June » July 4. 
;}at»«jf .•*, H.; « Co_; I«i.n»h|, l'oto-,,,_Juui- w.i„i v 4. 

Mjrf.f M lirnt,* o>.i, Wal.l'jntra.l'atk, Krla. Juiio »• 

Norfolk, Juno A Jlily*, 

1'ark, Newark, June ft July «. 

Urnntsjrt, Bdnn, i.i nn 1'r.l.Ve . S. Y, i" .1 n ile » Ju ly 4. 
DariiKxIy. Hurliertup I'ats, Jlarhertiin.'O., Juno 29 July 4: 

MenafleldTell. ' • * 

Uecy. C.'lialM ,t Ward, Shields' l'ark, Portland, Ore., Juno 
Wulr II. 
•lyf™* * 

Liilalu* Dai-rill Trio, Sadler '« Wells, London, Ewt-I June 

W July 4. " ' ' ' • ' 
Lloyd «, W^iltoue, Masonic TtOiakt, ('lilcmjo, June n- 

I.yiUm ■* IHClilllll. Heuileraou-a, Coney Inland, N. V., 

Daly; fare .* Ronau, HI. Nicholas Harden, N. V. (,'.. June 

9 July 4. . . , .. 
Daly * Mnran; (Mar, Milwaukee, Judo 28 July 4. 
Do Arm 01), (Ireenslwro, N. ('. .June 29 J u I y II. 
D'«, Iji» rence * Ella, Bijou, flan Diego, Cal., June 29- 

.1 1 1 1 v II. 
Uercau. ' Hubert, NerumbeKa far*, Auburndale, June 211 

July 4. 
LVlhiure," The Hisses, St. Nicholas Harden, N. V. ('., June 

» July. 4. 
Hellsle 4 Hall, Linn Palace, K: V. C. June SO July 4. 
He Kar, Harry, Howard, Huston, June W July 4. 
Deacon, Aroldi', Inland Hark, Portsmouth, It 1., June ill- 

July 4. 

Or Imre, Atlantic Harden, X. V. C. June W July 4. 
Heinoulo, * Belle. KlttarsylllePark. Alleiilnwn Pa., June 

2» July 4: WiKsHjmne, Pnrk. Cnmdoh, N.J. 6-11. 
IM Lont, MIR. HnreJiiffii Springs Park, ftareloipi. Juue 29- 

July*; Ldke Uenrs-.- Casino, Lake Heora-e, 0-11. 
Uelphlnn k Deliuora. Kmplro, Portland, Ore., JnlyS 12. 
l)K<iello Sisters, Ocean VlowCailno, Norro'.k,Va.,Juui>2':i 

Julv 4. 
Do Lome, Mile., Traction Park, Durham, N. L'„ Jqne »• 

Iipv.niiiu-y t Alien, Empire, Portland, Or*., Juno 2d- 

l)« V roe,' Eddie, Bnysnno. N. J„ July (1 1 1 

Hereniler Brow.. Klectrlc Park, Newark, Jum 1 2) July 4. 

lie Onto, ilanrar. Umpire. P.irilnnil. Ore.. July ft 12. 
Ihdtlnoe, The.iluvernatiir'e, Atlantic City, June 29 Ji 
Ins (Mru Broil., Woolworth's Lancaster, .luiio w Jul y I. 


linniiiiit r'amlly, Idund Park, Port<nioulli, R. I., Jane 


JUly 4. 

. AB ,N. V. r.', Juno 29 July 4. 

I'lii'l 4 HlUl'Inll. I\l"'|l'» Ilk" I'.uk, Jiiiln.'K Julv 4. 

I'uiitiu. el , Kurem l'ark, wati'tliiiry.iluuii., June w July 4. 
I'm, J-.llU.. Ti'inple, llrtloll, JiiiinWJuly 4. ' 

raUkluer |hWi|wi W»*lfl ^(W k PaFk.Newilaeen, JuneH- 

July 4. 
t'auaii, llaruov. iiipliouui. Nan Kran,, Jill)* H-July 4. ': 
Piirley-Jai. k lluuiilo, Hi. Nlrliolui Harden, N. Y. l\, June 

IHwfv ■. ■ • • "• • 

I'.iiriiiuii, Mater, rualnn, Terro Haute, June 29 July 1; 

lllyinpla, 4Milfl,l.liliuii||[|,ll In. ■ • 

KorKumm A P»<-iiiiiie, Leki'Cnnirary I'ulno, Ht. Jowpli, 

JiineWJul.v 4, ■ 1 • • ■ , 1 •, . ' , • 

FeiKiixni A /il'ick, K"|o-i 1'n.rk lllgli)aud«, 8t I.ouli, 

Jlllio ■» ,lulv<: llopkllMl'llA, Kall-ani:lty. Mil.. 5 if 
peuliillt A l|»dplliro,('l|MW» l'«rk,'|'l|li'auii, Juno 2H July 
4; Klvervlew Park, Aurora. III., all. 

I'll Win . I'lnu.'.init Hill Pink, I'llUil., ,llllie.2» July 4. 

Kl*liet', Henry, Kornt Keller, Mll»ai|kvc June W.luly 4. 
jlujaralil, (f. v.. Vark.Oautoii.O., Jimi»July4, 
Kl'ui'ilu, Nollli', Pleoaure Keui'li, HrldKeporL Juue 2H. 

July 4 ; YViiolvurtli lianloo, Ijniiiimtei:. l'»„ «t-ll. 
riynu, 'Jim, Kellli'n, N. V. I\. Juno » July 4. 
Plpinl Brpn, Llkiildo Park Cuallio, Akinu, o, Juno 29 

July 4. , , 

Kollv Trio, Paator'n, N. V. (!., June 39 July 4. 

{'iiil'a. Muii'., Empire, Purtlaud, Hi v .Inly il 12. 
lyun, Tinn. Slur, novelaiul. Juno 29 July 4. 
Forrvnter, Bolnia, Hoeller'* Park, Baltimore, Juno 29 July 

Kurd Hlniore, V enliiuKlim l'ark, Uuyonno, N. J„ June 29 

July 4. 
Pin. t:il»r)iin. Manhattnn Heiiidi, UeiiTer, June 29 July 4. 
Kiiwleya. Til", (lauoliy. L«o* I'nrk, June 29 Jn ly 4. 
Kinkier Kauilty. Kuliuiur Park. >f<iutionl, .lutio 29 July 4. 
Kredorlik. Himnnl.ltoMon. June 29 July 4. 
Kiuliel A llniiv, Oi ,»«ial Oanli'iia. N. V II., June 99 July 4. 
Kmukllii SlSiorn, Iteimlidi Park, lUiaca, N. Y., June ». 

Kin'riit .( Kndiilphe, Proctor'e IMIli St., N. V. C, J uue 29- 

July 4. 
Kri'iii'ii llron., Fn'i'lnnly Perk, Newport, It. I., June 29- 

July 4. 
Krnyuu, Kpuik I, Itlvemldu J'ark, Montreal, June 29- 

Jiiirtl. • . . 

Kiiuio, Hlniirlie, Knrnt K.-ller, Milwaukee. June 29 July 4, 
Kraner A Mao, Touiplu, llniiiinarnmllli. I.mi'Juu, Knit., 

Juno W.luly 4; Empire, lliutlniia, 0-11. 
tlallinhi'r llnrrull l'u.. Kellli'n. NY 0.. June 29 July 4. 
(lalyul'a Munkeyn, llauiuioriU'ln'n, N. \. U,, Juue 29- 

Hilton A Nel«un. Iljiyle'n, Allanllo Oily, Juue ■ July*. 
Culiardnii A Eitelllla, slil.ldn' Park, fkeleni. Ore., Juuo2.i. 

July 4; ttlilalila' Pnrk. Taonuia, Wiieli., 8 -11. 
nutfuiMix.Tlie, Avon Park, Vniinyntinrn.Juue 19 July 4. 
Uavlii A Plan, Uiiluiili'O I'nrk, Lenlnittuu, Jlaaa, Jim* 

iinnl'nor, Went A Kunnlilne, (lodrri'y'n Pavilion, llraud 

Itaptdn, JiiovtM-Jnly 4. 
liarduorn, Mimical, liodtri'y'n Pavilion, Hraud itapldn, 

,)|y4. _ • . . : 

(lanpanl Brtln.. Ilauluii'n Point. Toronto, June 30 July 4. 
i lllmiire A (a Tour. Hhea'n, Butlklu, Junu J9,luly 4. 
t ; llniv, Huyniin V Hont«iiui*ry. (luuluvard, Medrnrd, June 

39. 1 Illy 4. 
illlinure, Pliyllla, TnKudern. N. Y. (!.. June29July 4. 
iiirllulloil.t-rynialllcai'li, IHillalu, Juuu29 July 4; Ullca 

Pari, llllea 1 , 41-11. 
• II vim, Mick. Iluylo'n. Atlantic City, Julio 29 July 4. 
illlilu'v Klnlora, yuoou city ilatilnii«, Klmlra, June 29. 

July 4. i 
lllenruy, JtllH'l lllcliiniuid, Prootor'a, Newark, June 29 

iliniuum', John A' llertha, Ton'ipli', Pntrolt, Juno 29 July 4. 
Hloiiruy Draw., Yglley I'urk, North Adaum, Juno 29 July 4. 
HlurliiJ, KaUntlal'ark, Taulitun, Naan., Juno » July I, 
(Itinliiu, Olih. Cliemor Park, PliiOltinaH, July till. 
liiildMiilHi A lluppo. Wii.illio»ii. Park, Uaindon, N. J., 

Juno'Jil.tlllv I. ,. 

ilnrdiui A llayon. Pavilion. Smith Bond. Ind.. Juno 2S July 

4;iHprluiliatik Park. Lomlun. (int. . li II. 
4loltlle, k" 1-ialr A tloldle, Doylo'a, AtUntlu city, Jono 

29 July 4. 
UiinelliiK, Hurry, lllvrrnhln Park, s.iplnaw, Mich,, June 

(loriiuii, Don, Bellevue l'ark. Toledo, Juno. 29. July 4. 
ilnrtliui Hlitorn, Hucky Point, Priivliloiice. Jlfne » July 4. 
iiulinaii.Prof., Sehuier Pnrk. Mnnireal, June tp July 4. 
(lonhen Oomody Koui, Electric I'nrk, NffoHfk, June 2.1. 

ili'dtleib. Fred A Amy, ProniKHt llelglitii Park, Peoria, 

Julie 29 July I. 
lliuirli'v Bum, Park, Ml. Yomou, 0., Juno WJuly 4; 

Strutttinl Park, Delawme, 0„ (Ml. 
4 1 race n (S), KockKprlnin I'nrk, K. Liverpool, ()., June 39 

(Irani A (Irani, Brlgblon Beach, K. V.. Juue 39 July 4. 
41ray A Urahaiii, Welle' Park, Durham, N. ('., June 29- 

drain, Sidney, Temple. Delrolt. June 19 July 4. . 
iirey.vera, lliwain, Bnntim, Junel9J|ily 4. 
Oruet A (Iruet, Walilopiore I'nrS, Rrlo, .lutiti JP.July 4. 
Uulae, Itlok 4 Killlo, llanluo Park, T.'rri' fltpte. Juue *.i. 

Ili.yK A Haven, Orphomn, San I'rnn. Jilno 29 July 4. 
lUfhawav A Wiiluui, Empire. Sai^le. June p JiiH 4. 
Illliien. Lola, Renwlek Park, iiliara, N. v.. Juue W July 4, 
H.iuipioii, Mary A Co., Temple, Detroit, Juue W.luly 4. 
Hart, J. (!., Blar, Cleveland, Juue 29 July 4, 

n. * ('((■«■", AudltiTriuin, iVurfoikrVa." June'3»- 

Ifattm AWatt'erl.'Beltptde -i'arV.Toledfl. Inne 28 July 4. 
Harrourt A »av, Empire. Anbt»bula. June 29 Jury J. 
Ha)e«: >,dnniriil, A On., Xneliiril, Bonteu, June SvJtily 4. 
Hayen A Wynne, Proctor 'jr 23d St., N. Y. C, June 39. 

HnnllhK'A Ah Rld/Hlveralde Viirk, Raglnaw, Mich., June 

. 2!|J.u)y*. ," 

Halif«4i\Vlilt{hea.i.flhleld»' Park, Ralciii, 0re.,June3n- 

July 4; Shield*' Park, TawHua, Waah.'. ill. 
Hawthorne. A Hurt,- tlendation't. Couey.liland, NY., 

June 29 July 4 ' i r . ' 

IlarrlnA Wiliom. Bellevgo Park, Toledo. June 29 July 4. 
llanley A Klynn, Tructloo Park, Durham, N. o., June 29- 

July*. • • 

llarftiant, M. It., and wife : Rireralde Park, Montreal June 

JJ-JUly*.. '. ,'. . i , . 

llowley a Wane, (lueernator'n, Atlantic. L'lty, June » 

July4. .■ t_ .•.■..;... ■ 

29- July 4. 
_i July 4. 
, . Joago, June Si- 
July 4; Rimolia Park, Orahd Xaplda, Ml. 
Ilealy k Karnum, ti/urli'a, AtlanHe city. June 29- July 4. 
Ifeolow. Chan., [dlowllil Park. Jiowur k, (h) June 28July 4 ; 

4:iilllnn(lardeD, (lotuniliiia, (VU. 
Hi'drh A I'ren-iitt,' Kellli'n, rhlla , Juilo'29 Julv 4. 
Ilvleiia, Edith, Hamuiemf ;ln'e, N.,Y. (•,,. June 29 July 4. 
Ilellatunn, Tlio, Lnkoalde I'nrk' I'aAluo. Akron, ()., Juno 29 


June iM illy 4- 
Lyuno a Ken 
it July 4. 

nneily.'Cook'a Parki.EranaTllle, Ini), June 

unwioy a niBB, viuveriiaror n, Aiianiic.i.n 
• July'4. .' r , . . • . : .. 

Halm 'Arthur, Empire, Purlin nd, (Ire., Juue 3S 
.Hal). Vim, Prnotor r n ZW St., E Y, i:„ ,lun«49J 

llorrniann: Ailelalde, Manonlel Teluple, I'lihwi 

Moo A-Mac,4?gnlnoPafk.'lllngh»ml<in. Juoe39Joly 4 
Mnck, Mr. A M(n. Bobby, Konwlck Park, Ithaca, N. Y., 

June*) 4u ly 4. . •'.•'.' 

Manon KeelerJJo., C.0. 11., Clilcegd, June »July 4. 
Mirih', Dan a rj^jy, Uai l'ark.. Youngitoa,p, 0„ Jun* 29- 
'Jllly 4f>:ilctrlc Park. Kortt; tj-ll" ; ; 

Marcun A Uartollo , Karii), Toledo, Juue 2Wu ly i. 
■ MJhr,.Agnen; II. * M , K. Y. 4T Jun* 29 July 4 
Marllnotiln. The, Royal, Montreal, Jun* JJJuly 4. . 
Matldq* i'. Wayne. Kreebody Park, Newport, K. L, June 29- 

Maflitwi k Aelde'y, Proclor'a S3d St., H, V. C, June 39- 

Matliown'A Uw, LliinPaiace. N. V.C.', June 2u July 4. 
Imhh, Lillian. Empire, Portland, Ore.. Julv 813. . 

Martini A Maxlnnlllon, JeHera, Saginaw, Mich., June 29- 

J«ly «-i - ' ! ' . ' 

Matiiee, 6ara. Nflwn, R. 0., July 1-17. . 

Mark A Rllratt. Reeien- Park, Kixtorla.O., June 39 July 

4; Hprlptbaok Pnrk, London, Can., d il. . 

Mand. Dan A Dolly, Idora Park, YoungnUiwu, June 39- 

Mortuie' A' Bali'uo, Proctor'n Sth Ave., K. Y. 0., Juno 29- 

Mnf'ro Twnte.'Ht. Nlcholan (iardon, H, Y. 0.. June 29- 



n»,^ ^>,a,'l. Culvata, June 29 July 4. 

Do Mullin, Tho. Winona Bomb, Hay l.'|ly, J4|cll„ June 29- 

July4t rtlvornldePark, Kaaliiaw.n-ll, 
Do Nnver. J. Edinond, In'iup'n Pnrk. Juno 28 July 4. 
Da Lankein, fUn, Hnvenlulor'n. Atlniillc 1,'liy, Juno 29- 

July 4. P 

BlnrhldantTrlo, Proctor'e 3W,Rt„ N. Y. P., June 29- July 4. 
lamnnd A Hone, Klvertiin Park, Portland, Me., June 29 

July?. , . 

Donley A Tnnlllrioiko. Khea'n. RurTalo, June 29 July 4, 
Ilium van k Morrlii, Coney lelaui), Cincinnati, June 29- 

July 4. 
Dobortye Pooi)le«,Bhea>, BuHalp, June 29 July 4. 
Dorian, Berth*. Hleiidele l'ark, Nnnh vlllo, Juno 29 July 4. 
"■uracil A liunneli, II. A H., N. V. ('., Juno 29 Julv 4. 

imnvau, Kannle, Hinlfroy'n 1'avlllou, iiraild Haphln, 

June 29 July 4. 
Dorian. R«rt|1a, Ca-liio, Nanhylllo, June 29 July It. 
Doyle. Kiln ard, Southern Park, .Plttnbiirg, June 29 July 4; 

Central Park, Alleptown, 11-11. 
. Doulhott. Lnila, Parlor, llululli. Juno 29 July 4. 
Hrawo". iirpliouin. San Krai:.. Juno 211 July 4. 
Drew. Stella, llUoii, Norfolk, June 39 July (. 
Iiuncan, Oliim. II.'. Paator'n, N. Y. C, .lime 29-July 4. 

HiAln, Jul.. Eiii|ilre. Seattle. Juno 3" July 4. 

Dvllvn, J. Boriinril, 0. (I. II.. Chlragn, Juno 29 July I. 

Purl A ltlrhardn. Parlor, Dnliith, Juue 29 Jury 4. 

Earl*, Vlolul, I'ulace Harden, Canlon, ()., Jun* 29- 
July 4. > 

Eaile. Ilenlrtoe, A. AS.. Bunion, Juno 2d Julv 4. 

Eurl A Wll Cauuble Lake Park, Salem, N. II., June 39 

■ July 4.. 

KUIwariln, Sid, ('urloi- l.inlu! h, Juno 29 July 4. 

Ml*f, Clule. Kill/'*, Port hind. I ire.. June 39 July 4, 

Kltryn, Brooke, Empire, Portland. Ore., June 29 July 4. 

lildrlilg*. Prean, Wmdworlh Roof Harden, Lancaster, Pa. 
J line 29 July 4. . . ' . 
- KllnworthA Hurt, Korcnl Park lllglilaudn, r|l. I.onln, 

Elll«, Joe, Ulnild Pnrk, Portmnmilli, R. I., Juno 29 July 4. 

Elwooii. Wuodlynne Park, Caindeii. .v J„ .innli w July 4. 

Kuieraun A Oiuoga, Keltii'e. ltd In.. June til July 4. 

Eminei. RiigOue, Htivpriialor'n, Allautlc city, June 39- 

t>ri'-.' June 28- 

lleeley A Meelev, Haiui Kopcl 

Hickman lln>K. (S). Keltjre. K 

I Ilka nn, William, A. AS^'BoUon.' JdBjr»9,liily 4'. 

lliirnliin Hron, A. A S., Bonlou, JitneW Jtlly4. 

HINvern (.1), Captuln'n Plee, Hafli' Beach, N. v., June 29- 
July 4 ■■...., I 

Hill, Tom. Empire, Seattle, JiinoiM July f . 

Hluen A Kliuball, -Plnijaure Hooch, Hrlilgopurt, June 29- 
July 4, .'..'•' 

Iloliao A Kenrnoy. Royal. Montreal, June 39Julv 4. 

jloran.-Eddle, Proctor'n Mb Atro., N. V. (>., June 39 July 4. 

Howard k Linden,. Avon Park; Yoongntown, June 29- 
July 4. ,. 

Ilnpplt A Co., Llnil Palace, N. Y. C, June 29 July 4, 

Unit. Krunoen, A. A K, Ronton. June 29-Jnly 4. 

Hnifiuini A Kidra, Kuiu'tm Park, 1 1 rami Itapldn, Juno ,29- 

Howard A Alton, l>inp'a Park. St. Louie, JunetSJuly 4. 

lluulen A Kloretire. Proctor'n 2M St., N. ¥.41., Juue 29 
July 4. 

Huer A Alintln, Kultli'n. Pblla , June 39 July 4 

llow>rd ,\ llania, Huruuiii'a Modfoid Boulevard, .luuo 29- 

jluiruil'4 Rurke, Ki-llli'm. N. Y. 0., June ■ July 4. 

Ililwe A Mutt, KvltllU, N, Y. C. June 2B Jul y 4. 

Howard Broa., Crencerit Hanlenn, Ronton, June 29 July 4; 

Oelpruu.l'ark, Jauientpwti, N.rY-, 44-11, . 
IlolTiuan, Kittle. Inland Park, Purtinuouth, R. I.. June 

39 July 4. ,:• '. 

Howe, llei rv A Wnltern, C. 0. If,, Clilcago, Juno 29-July 4. 
Iliilmen A \Valdon, Electric Park, Kent, O., June 29- 

July 4/ '.!..■:.. 

lloltncn, Mueleal, gueeu City (lanloni, Klmlra, June 29 

July*. • n.. i ■ ■■ 

Unwind A Bland, Korent Park, Kapua City, June 29. 
„ JUVJ. „ ,. ; 

lloonhu Ximnven. Hanlmerati'ln'e, N. Y.O., June 29 July 4. 
Hueho, .Miinleal, 4,'anlD0. Huhoken, June 39 July 4: 

llovli- nKavllh in. Atlaiillo City, f, II, ' ' 
llu'ghonTrlo, Dnvlo'a. Atlantic Clly. J uue SI) July 4. 
iKin.'r A J.litle, siii«i,p« Caik. null .in. pre,, June ZS.lnlv 

4; HhlMdn' Park, Tnciiinii.jWiinh,, Cll. ■ 
lunenn A Itvan. Olenibile'Pnrk,'Nnahvl|1e, June SB July 4. 
Italia, liuiina, Rlvernblo. Park. Montreal. Jbne 341 July 4. 
-Ihuii". All. P., Krltr.'n Portland, Ore., June 29-July 4. 

July 4! 

June 29- 

, Mary,' Rnrtnr'aBtli Ave., .V. Y.O., June 39 July 4. 

vnrtin Aynlpg. Erie, Pa, June 21 July 4. 

MarUn;A,4Jrnuoh,'. Mifiiohoe(er,Ia., June 29 July 4, CHI- 
xenn' Park; Muacailne. II. 

ilonvro, Ha'u. 8., Oak Summit Park, Evounvllle, (i.. Juno 
JB-Jnly 4. _ 

Mareuaa llartelle,* Park, Newark, 0„ June 29- 
July 4. _ 

Manning A'DuCruiv, Walilenrnte Park, Erie, June 29- 

yiartiu A Nltram, Golden Oate, Virginia, Minn., June 29- 
July It. 
Marlon A Pearl, Proctor'n. Newark. June 29 July 4. 
Mareol'l I Ran Rellofn, 0. (>. H.. Chicago, June 24-July 4. 
Mahr, Agnen. Tumbling Dam Park, Hrlilgeum, N. J., 

June 29 Julv 2. 

Max. Kitty. Parlor, Dulnth, June 29 July I. 

Mortlnettl A (Iroml.Siin soucl, Chicago, June 2d July 4; 

Slaii'nlpn'al'ark, St. Lmila. ft II. 
Marnhull A liorrnlhe, •'. O. II.. Chicago. June. 29 Julv I. 
Ma «n ii, Noil In, Sheeily'a, Now Hodioru, Jun* 29 Jul v 4. 
Major JHntorn, Cbenter Pafk. Rlhcllmatl. Juno 28-July 4. 
Manou A Kilburn, Woant's, Peoria, Juno 29-July 4. 
Harlow A Clunker, A- A K, Bontnn, June 29 July 4. 
Mayliow, Stella. Manonlo Teirtple. Chicago. Juno 29 July 4. 
Marcus A Cur telh'. P.-irni, li.h'do, June 2S J uly 4. 
Mathleiti, The, Highlaud Park, Elkhart, Ind., June 29- 

July 4. 
Manard A McDonald, Paator'n, M. Y. C, June 39 July 4. 
Muv k Allien. Olvuipla Pilrk, Cbnlpiliooga. Juno 29 Julv 11. 
McNauiie, Kciiwlck Park, ltbnca, N. Y., June 29 July 4. 
Mclntonh, Tom, Ponm Lake, Palmer, Dunn., Juqe 2V July 

McDowell, John 0., 0. O. U., Chicago, June 2S July i\ Do- 
troltli II. . 

Mcl'hee A Hill, Hippodrome, London, June 29 July II. 

McVoy, ITugh, HnWanf. Ronton,' June 29-July 4. 

.McCunn Kaiplly, (luvernatnr'n, Atlantic city, June 29- 
Julv4.' ... 

McCunn A Crant, llendornon'n, Coney Inland, N. Y., June 
3V -J uly 4. 

Mcl.iiluo Slatera, Lincoln Park, New Bedford, June 29. 
July 4. 

McAvuy A Irnln. Hovlp'n,. Atlantic City. June 29-July 4. 

MetkeT-Raker Trl?, Proctiir'n 3*1 St., N. Y. C, June 29- 
Jnly 4. _ 

Mi'laiu Trio, llenderun'a, 4Toney Inland, N. V., Juue 29- 
July 4. .. . . 

Merrllla.'Tlie. Masonic Teipple, Chlragn. June 39 July 4. 

Mead A Bennett, Hondernon'n, Cunry Inland, N. Y., Juno 

29 JNlly jk . ■ • 4 I * 

MoreJltli slntcm. Anbury Park. K. J., June 39 July 4; 
Proctiir'n 2M lit., .1. Y. (!.. «- II. 

Melville -A'Connav, Tiiiubllng Dam Park, Brhlgetllll, N. 

J ,.11100 20 .lull 4. 

M« tvl lie, May, tiaptaln'a I'ler.'Biith Roach, N. Y„ June 39- 

Jiily 4. . 

Einmeil, Hugh. Shields' Park, Poiiltml, 

July 4, Mlileliln' lMrk;«aletn,MI. 
' RnVperiira nf.Munlu 14), Orphtiltti,' lam A., Jtl 

Riiiplr* (.'omeily (4), Ooile'v Allamlo citv. Juno 29 July 4. 
: Eplui, 4leii. A Loretta, Terracn (hirdon, N. Y. II., Juno » 

Eit'li'* HriiiOggcr 1 , Seattle, Juno 29 Jn'y 4; Nalatorlaln 

B«n««, tfbai., Ilundurnon'n, Coney Inland, N. Y,. June 39. 

July 4. __. 

Eniuoipl*; Munlrnl. Rlrfeldn 1 Park, Saloni, Ore,, June 28 July 
'. (f| Shleldn 1 Hark, Tacoinn. Wanh., I II. " 

Knlier Slalom. (Ileiplajo Park, Nb-Iiv11Io. June 29 July 4. 
Eradn. May. HoIiiiibi Park. Mnutl'al, June 21 July 4; Colu- 
mn Park. Janiontpwn. K Y..H II. 
Ktlntixl-VKiinTiil, Leilmttnu Park, rlontun, June 29 July I. 
Rverefl Alntera, Kurt Sheridan Petk, lllghwooil, III,, June 

39 July 4; Troradoro, Chicago, 41 II. 
liaapii i St. Jiihin ('rociur'a, Newark, June 99 July 4. 
Kvereit- Slnlern, Kurt Hltonnaii Park, Hlghwo4>d, 111., 

Hrand llnpidn. Jum 
MoeVn iSI.'AlcoMril'Kte, Parla. Kr., Jun* 39 July II, 

John'-nti. Kjrinik M.. Ilirhir. nnliftli, Minn., Juue 29 July 4. Meiiau'e Dogn, Raniiina Park 

.i.iini»i.ii A Wllle. Sheifa. Rnflklo. Juno 29>lulyl. j,,k. i 

.lolmnHuie A Worn, Ithdlo. KliiHjjrn; July ttUl;. . • MoeVi (Si. ... 

Jordan feV Welch, Kelth'a, l*ll«* June Msllllr 4. • M, V or A, Manon, I'antor'n. N. Y. 0., June B-Jiily 4. 

ffflfimU Merrymaker* Park, Brunswick, Me., June . Mllov, Xathiini.-UeMral Park, liiiuklrk, N. Y., June 39- 

29July 4 .'•.',..>,' i 

.InrilanA Crouch. Oklahoma (llty. O. T., Illlic 39-l|lly II. 
'" ry, Waahliigton Pafk, llayonn*, N. J„ June 39- 

July 4. 

Milan. Nellie, sboedy'n. New Bwlford, Juuo ai Julv 4. 
MI«rn.'lJ..i, Priitoi'; Mb Ave , N. Y. O, Juue 39 July 4. 

Knfueelil. May, I'.tc tin'H Villi St., N, V. C, Juno 29 July 4. 
Klrlelll. Hhiiton; SairKrAiii June J9S*ly4. ' * 

L'-.... I , r. I \t',nla .IrlK'u 'I niinanloe I > > . , _ 1- I I.. I, I 

Krin»i. M<y, SMr. ( 'Ike-elauil; June 29 July 4. 
Kei|ua, Clmrlon, Kultli'a, Plilla. June 29 Julr 4 

Katie, in'unanL-Woollvorih n.'ljincaauir. June 39 July 4. 

->«ii»ii. Nay, stjr. C9u— - 

..eiiua, tdinrlos. Kultli'n. - . 

Kennedy A Jnnioi, •.I'yndtiir'ii ZU St.. N. V. 0., June 29 

Kelk, llaii A llemle, A|liintle Hnrdou, N. Y. P., Julio 29- 

Ke*ton, Doruihy, Cailno I'nrk. Terre'HauU, June 29 July 

-. i'., Julie '/.i July I; 
Y„ Ml. 
Merry iiiooilnu Park, Brunswick, Me., Juno 

Keatnun/i) neevca, I'nrk, Ko»lorlo.<l„Julr (VII 
KerniA f.'ulo, Ukellde Panik,' Webh C|ty ( Nii., " 

Kelly A Vlolette, lakonldo Park (laslqu, Akron^D., June 

"' 'il,l "'" I . .•'•'.. 

je Paiik.-Webblilty.Ni 
Kenii'.'ijy a Konnuy. IJucti|e l'ark, Hejtlnyi 

July i;-il. 
ore, Juue 39- 

39 July 4. 
Keith. EdwHrd,f 

.Mltchelln (8i.- Atiauili; Oajdap. N..Y 
' IlifiilersoiPs.ilohey Inlnild, N. 

MllletUM (f 
. '39 July A: 

Muntl -Mlrandl Troup.', Doyle's. Atlantic city, June 29 

Mprtlin A Kimnull, Avon l'ark, Y igstnn, Jiiue2|) July I 

MfirriH,- Leon, Ponlea, IHp|H)dronio, London, Eng., Jun. 

3D July 2.'. •• . •" ' ■ "( .' • ' 

Mont rose Troupe, shea's, HuHalo. June 39 Jul v 4. 
MiH.te.A .Hlaht, oYiKilwiirth Roof Hanleu. lancuaUr, Pa., 

June 29 Julv 4. 

Muraji. Ilaield id, Evamvllle, lud„ June 29 July 4; Dm- 

HRrtJilJiMir ,'■.';■ " -■• 
.Mouirell. tlioutiv Aumont, Mom-ow, Kuiala, July 1-Aiig. 

-|4X- ,.',',•.,.'■'.:.• ' ~ 

Moore, Kelcey. Hlendale Park, Nanhvlljo, Juue 29 July 4, 

ilpldf Park, Salem. Ore, June 1-1 July 4; 
.... \%r» ; TMolila. JrS5 (, j IV 11. 
oeaaii. Reran. SUr. niotultuil. Jiiiie.30 . 

tttSl iTde; Wh oi«. ML. -July (fir 

pll»fjv A'flaylH; Llcoilm Plilla.. June W Julv I. 

"ME I'iUltin, f-- '^•- l -' ■■■ r - ■■ ■• 

n.'. .r'i -i.i. ..i„, a I 

Moor*. Jpliu A Mi-lil,,li. Park, Naalirlll*, June 39- 
Rlch, Norutnliegn Park, Auliurndale, June 29- 

litorl, Ins 

I, T*rre Haute, Julie '.".July 4; 

Miniiiilc-R4ii.ll Chli'iku.ll II ' r 

H«4l»IU'l""i l,lur . Clnvoliliiil. Juno 39 July I. 
KenlhiilvA Wilson, Aiullliir|uui, AtlantJ,o City June 39 

July II. . ..;, .. j. ,. ,1 _;. 

Kenuuily A I'luhane, Crescent Onnlons.'Jiiue 29-July 4, 
Kanvoin, The. summit park, litlui. June '29 duly 4 ; lake 

side Park. Syraoueu, *- 1| ,j ■ ■- .,, ■ 
Koiilnill A IMuuian A. A'H., Huston , Julio 29-Jul) 4 
Kia.Is «i',«lodtr«'a t'nvlllr.ii.i'lrand Raphia,.lulie 29 . 

,ra... ? hi, 

orrlnAiUtly. Oi 


...July 4. 

KIpkA stnnye. Piisior'o. N^Y. C-. June 39-Jtily*. - 

King, Jim., Str.iHotM I'ari. lle|nwatc, Jilnu 19-Jiil v 4. 
King ,t lluhor, Wanlilnglou Purk, Blijuutlo, N. J., Junu 

•JJJuly*. •• -,,i . . ;_ 

Klllen .1 Murphy, NorjnnbegaPatk. Auburndale, Juue 39 

Klulu A ollf ton. Ilnag lake, Wuoiuocket, R. I., June 29 

Julv 4 ; I'l.'-eeut Polk. Providence. 0-11. ' 
Klein, till limn. A Nekernon, lletideriun'H, Coney Inland, 

N. V., June » July II. •• 

Klolniors, The, Electric Park, New Londoo, Conn., Juue 

Kuppe, Junction Tnik. Reaver, Pa. Juqe 39 July 4: Rock 

Silting Park, Hunt Liverpool. (>., ti II. 
Kraft A Daly. Chutoa, Kan Prim., Jnne 29 July 4. 
Kr.lton, Tlio Ureal, llraiii)inii'n. Ran Kran,, June ti July 4. 
KuiiiliiB Trio. Valley Park, North Adiuun, Jnne 39 July 4. 
La Cumin, Amial. Celor.m Park, Junie.itowii, June 21 

July*. , , ■ . ... , ■■ .. ■ . ■ 

I.i lllille, Wllllaui, Nopth Adaipa, Mase.,, Julie 39-July 4. 
l.u niiir A West. Commodore, Cincinnati, June 39 July 4. 
l, l Dell Trio. Electric Park. Baltimore, June 39-July 4. 
r.nwriiiice, Al„ Proclur'a Mh Avenue. N.'.V. (.'., Junu 29 

juiy 4. ■( 

la Dalle, Krederle, Olvuipla. Cbtllauwfo. June 2* Julv 4 

. tlMiian HKtern, liluid, J(aj-k,,PorUuiuuth. K. ' 
39 July 4, 

4ott A Haiti 

Kurt KbtTldau Park, Chicago, ti- 1 
I.itietla,: lakeside Park Oanlno, Aknm, (I . June 19 July 4 

39 July 4, 
I, i Mot t A Hoitncs, i'ulno, Keeknk, 

I., Juue 

la,, June JJJuly 4; 

lark In A P 

July 4. 

ittereon, l'roctnr'4 33d RL, N V. 0., Juuo 39 

lattHI. Eil..'.hcn>, To jJo, June JfMuly 4' 

i-alleraoii, l'ioctiir'4 2Jd si., N 

oetor'a, Newark, 
Laurelle, Jeanortu. Proctor'a, Newark, 
l.-iTanka, Mil*., Wouuvicket, It. I., Juip. 29-July 4; Prorl- 

Liuder A 8riAley. Proctor'a, Newark, JuHo 39- July 4. 

■'rector's. Nun ilfk, June 29 Julv 4. 

I.nkoin. Harry A Ourrlo, Chutes, Ran Kran., July t- II. 
-..ncn.ter k Jenklua, )I mlc, Hall, f ' 
Juuo 'J.l J illy 4. 

i Brighton Beach. N. V. 

Lavlde, cnuioniu, Trio. WaHhlugton Park, liavonue.N. J., 

Juno 39 July 4. 
Laiigtlou. Ilardie, Sjirlngbank Park, London, Can., Juue 

S July 4; South Botul, Iuil.. 6 11, 

(Iraiiinali'H. Ran Kran., June 39 July 4. 
Harden, I'auioii. II., June 29 July 4; .Paa- 
tor'n, N. Y. C„ Oil. , - ; i , . 

Moitun, PhlUiJikenlde Park. Ware, Maa*., June 39 .luly-4. 

.Moiu-«„(I«ii. Auntln. WentEnd.New Orlraim.Juni'29 July 4. 

Motau A Wlison.'Huvenmrolv, Atlantic City, June 29 
July 4, „ .... .. 

Motion, (inhiude. Now castle, Pa., Juno 39 Julv 4; link 
wood Park, Plltehiirg, Oil. 

.Vorrtgonipiy, (:|lpUin,;Omupiau'*i Kfn Kran., June 39- 

Miiriihy A Wlllanl, (Vilar Pplnt, Qandqaky, 0., June 3d 

MiirpKvA'Audrewii, Gomiau'a Park, Leilngton, Mass., 
June 29.1 ul» 4: . - 

Murray, Sullivan A Dupree. Central Park, Allentown, 
Pa.;Jtiiii)»-Jul>?4', Caiiiden, N..I..C-1I. 

Murray A Maloucy. Sunn Ruwl. Mllwaukiie, June 2J July 4. 

Murray A Slilllvan. A. A S.. Bonton.June39 July*. 

Murrllla, Edna, Electric Park, Newark, N. J., June 29- 
July 4. 

Mullen A Corell. lake Mnnnalienlc. N. I' - June 29July 4. 

Mvorn A Ruta, Koltb'a. Kuaton, June 29 July 4. 

MyornSlntern, Woodljnno Park. Camden. June 29 July 4. 

Neln.iu Trie, Bellevue Park, Toledo, June 29-July 4. 

Ni'utnn llron., Wayside Park, So. Frullilnghiini, Ma**., 
June 39 July 4. 

Neiivllle, Lillian Harlow, Ramona Park, Hrand Rapldn, 
June 29 JuLV-l 

Nuwiill, V.d.',' Dunkirk, N. Y.; Juno 2» .Inly 4. 

Mew York Cuinudy Pour, t'rencont Hardunn, Ronton, June 
39 Julv 4: Talaipiega Park, Aulehnro, Mass.. it. 

Nlghtoiis (4), Hauinitirntoln'ri. N. Y, !>., June 29-Jutv 4. 

Nlndoii, Huy. rural Keller, Milwaukee. Juno 29 July 4. 

Minora, The. Empire., Denver. June 21-July >l. 

NIcoA Cuy, Kreohuly Park. Now|s,rt, It. 1., June 39 Julv4. 

No-nun (0), .ledum. Saginaw, Mich., June 39 July 4. 

North, South A Dixie, Park, Spokant, July 4 11 

Norrlnes, Tho. Forest Casino. Rocky Point, R. I., June 29- 
.lull l: Palaoe, Huston, il-ll 

Norton A Rusnell, Farm, Toledo. June 29 July 4. 

Norwoinl Brqihora, Krlta'n. Portland, Ore., June 29 July 4. 

No**. Kenl, Jellurn, 3tnglniiw, Mich., June 29-July 4; 
Shea's. Ilutr.ilo. ft il, 

Norwortli A Dreaior, Foreat Park, Katmandu, June 29- 
July 4. 

Olive, Mile., Kltornlde Park, Saginaw, Mich., Juue 29- 
July 4. • 

Ola, Mile.. A. A ft. Boston, JuneWJulvt. 

Orvlllo A Krimk, llendernop'is Coney Inland. N. Y., June 
J'.i.Julv 4. 

Orr . Walter II., Seattle, June 39 Julv II. 

Olten, Nick A Leon, Jacobs', Peoria June 29-Jnly 4. 

Uivlov A Randall. Proetor'n »| St., N. Y. C, Juoe 29 July 
4; Savin Rock Park, New- Haven, Conn,, ti U. 

Oilnim A Diilley, Inland Park, Purtiuiuiith, R, I., Juue 
119 July.*.'. ™ 

Lnryttt, Jullun,'n. N. Y. City, June l»Jiil>'4 
Latin llron , Wells Park, Atlnuta, lla , June 3d July 4. 
'••itllo, Kd., U'oinllynne Park.l.'amdan, June l»jglv 4 
.eight nil, Paxa„Atlauta, lla,, Junu » July 4. 

U> Olnlr, Joint, Avon Park, You uga|uwi|, June 29 July 4. 
'• ite..tun6l»Jr* 

l*lulitou A ulglitoii, PaA.^Atlanta, lla., Junoil , 
ho cinir, J.ilin, Avuti Park, Young ' 
" apmali. Ciialniil'iug, Tprre 
I.e liny A Ion Yptilon, Keith's, rhlla. 

no 29. 

June 21' -lull 4 

Uly 4. 

I.cei. The, 4'nnlnn, Put-In. Hay. O., June r> July 4. 

1.0 Clair A Nunbll I, Tumbling; Dam Park, Hrldgetun, N. J., 

June 29 Julv 4. 
Leslie, Edward, 'Hi tuple. McKecsport, Pa , June 19 Julv 

4; C. il. II , Chlc.ntu, llll, 

Lester A cuiiiilti, Kntplro, Seattle, June 21' Julv 4. 

l.o Blanc Sisters, Winnlntock. Vt„ June 39 Ju ly 4 

l.imlli Hm<., Kt'llli'e, I'ldlii., June 39 July 4. 

leijiold. Lulu, l.eulp'h Park, St. le.ul- June « July I. 

Looiui A Luuiia. shloldn' l'ark. Piirtlaud. Ore., June'JS- 

,lnfv(: Shloldn' Park, RSleai. (5-H, 
Lewie, HntuosA Lewis, lakeside Park, Coneaut, July Oil. 
Lo Page. Teiuple, Detroit, June JSJiily I. 
Loon A Adeline, (luverualor'n, Atlantic City, June 2.'- 

July 4. ' 

Lltohllehl, Mr. and Men. Nell, Sacattdaxa Park, (Hovers 

vflle, N. Y.. Juno 39 July I. 
I.lldiey A Traror. <--- n. IL, Chlragn. Juno 39 July I. 
MIHo .t PrllaVow, Jlerry Meeting Park, Hrmiawlck, Me, 

Junes-July 4. 
Lllfn RpaiUels, Du Hole, Pa , June 39 July 4: Prorldence, 


Lnrre Trio, naliwond l'ark, Plltnlmrg, June 39 July 4. 
L'Hrkliart'n Kltiihaiil's Rurklhlre I'ack.J'lUndeld, Maaa,, 

June * Jul* 1. : . ... . 
Imv tln.TIi*, Paalnr'i; N. Y. 4\,'Juyiel»,liily4, 
Lurfile. 'p»Srge. t>«^PiWk,fe»tMrl. !4i|..4un* »Jnly 
r 4:(lnvTihi*riir'n. AtJaiftlf.nly.Cil. . ,, ' . 
Lulk A KuF-lilcr, Samf-UiUol, Milwaukee, Jun* XI'- luly 4. 

Luce; A Lll'V, Collllilliatlou 


DeailKwsd, so. D., June 29- 

Owley A Randall, Proctor'a 3.VI l|t., N. Y. C, June 29- 

Jul>,«- . 
1'atller'n Dog (llrciia, lllen Foreat Park, Lawrence, Maaa., 

JuneSO-Jiily 4. 
Palace Trio, Shields' I'nrk. Portland. Ore , Juno 2s July 4; 

Shield.' Park, Saloni, ML 
Parcnr, Chan. A Era, Bellevue Park, Toledo. June 29 

,lulvl;Toini.le, Detroit, fill. 
PaKrev A Hilton, llcnderwn'n, I'.uioy Island, N. Y., June 

Palmer, laiw. Client or Park, Cincinnati, June 29 J uly 4. 
Patterson. W. A., Chestnut Hill, Phlle., June39 July 4. 
Paullnettl A Phpio. llovie'n. Atlantic cllv. June 39-July 4. 
Paulo A Dike, Sam T. .luck'a, Chicago. June 39 July 4. 
IVrmntte llron.. Forest l'ark. Katlnaa City, June 29. Inly 4. 
Perry A Randall, Inland Park, I'orisuiouth, It. I„ June 39- 
July 4. . 
l'ettlt, Daniel, Clival nut Hill Pnrk, Plilla., June auuli 4. 
Pplot. Hrand Kalla l'ark. .loiillu. Mo., June 28 July 4; 

Lake Contrary. St. Kuseoh. Mu., (-11. 
Phillips, Ronnie, Karni.t-dcdu, June 39-July I. 
Phillips Slnlern, Clark's liardeo, Torre Haute, Juno 3S- 

Piccolo Midgeu, Avnu Park. Youngnlown. Juno 29 Jul v 4. 
l'llcerl, Harry, Washington Park, Bayomie, N. J., June 

39 July 4. 
Piper, rtani-o. Ilamnir rsteln's. N. Y. IT., June 2 9 July 4. 1 
I'ltau, Mr. and Mm. Al.. lanchl Park, Reattle. June 39- 

July 4; Shields' I'nrk, Salem, lire ., fill. 
PoUipa.ll, l'rocior'noth Ave., ft, x. C June 39 July 4. 
PuwOrn, Jiiini T.. Pnupect llelylds Park, Peoria, June 

39 Julv (.- 
P.'.ami A lao, l'li*aler Park, «nelnnail, June 28 July 4. 
Putters, The, JetTeN. Sulnaa,- Mujli., Juuo 9 July *. 
Polk A Kiilunn, KellinT-y V CJlin* *-Joly 4. 

Powers A TheuUld. Khll.tro, Kenllle", JilUe :W Julv II. 

I'lusur, Reese, I'asiun Park, Terie Haul*, Juue u July I. 

Preiton.A. *.,23»n« Soucl, Milwaukee. Jun* 29Juy 4. . 
rtSZa k Prevo-i, Kaniuna Park (Irand Rapliln, Jun* li. 

JuTy4'. Ran<Amcl. (!)ilcag|i.5-Il. . • 

Piiomwi A Mclhtyre, oFaumun'*, Hen-Fran., June 29- 

Pri'ten'. & K'.-Soluiier Park. Montreal.Jun* 39 July 4. 
Prior. MjirrlnA Louis N., Baua', Peney laland, Cincin- 
nati, June 19- July 4. v. ... _J' r ,-, 
Probst. J. A., CO. JL. Clilcago June 28- July 4 . 

3uatrel)i. Blectrlo Park, Newark, .luoe » July 4. 
uaker City Quartet, Norumbega.Park, Auburndale, 

Rafniiiul A Vack, Luna Park, Lima, June 9-July 4. 
Bariiletti A R4> Lair. Uurernator>. Allantlp City, Juue 29- 

Raleigii'*.Bea»d. Huntayllle, Ata.. JuneM-July 4. 
Ramsey Sister*. Southern Park, RlttnOur*. Juoe 39-July 4. 
Kauiw A Arpo. Forest Park l|lghlanda, Jpne 3SJu ly 4. 
itljlmonil Mauile, Cartaln'a Pier, 'Bath Beach, K V., 

Juno 29-July 4. . • «,,,.. 

Raymond A Clark, Empire, Portland. Ore., June» Jnly4. 
Ravnor. Annie, 4jueen City Hardens, Elmlre, June 39- 

. July*. - -■ - — --• "- — " 

Raymond, Edith, San Spud, Milwaukee. June 39cJuly 4. 
KelfTBrhn.; PaTk, Canton, 0., Juno 39 July 4. 
Rldon, Mme. A.Op., 11. A8..N1Y. OAJime 29July 4 
Kennler A (iaurdler, Paator'n, li. Y. (.'„ June It-July*. 
K"esoBnin.,Kelth'a.N. Y. C, Juno, 29 July 4. 
Kexos, Tho, Jetfera, Saginaw, Mlclt,, June 39 July 4. . 
Keunos.'Tlte, Auditorium, Norlolk, Jdne »Julv 4. 
Revnuliln, Jouen A Reynolds, Carbonate, .Leedellle, Colo., 

.Tiin*29-.lnly4.' ' ' .J „ : „ ,. , 

RevnariL Kd. K.. Music Hall, Rrlihton Beach, S. \., Jun* 

•jBJuly 4. ... • • . 

Reed k Shaw, Boulevard, Xodford, June 39J»ly*. . , 
KenrottaA La Rue. DoyleX Atlantic City, June WJuty 4. 
Rlanon (4), Bellevue Park. Toledo, June sSJuly 4. 
RIC*. Mlsn, Idora V*". Yi.un«ntowu,.luno|39July4. 
Klre Family, L'rencent Park, Providence, June 29July 4; 

Middletown, Cunti., 0-11. - 
Rlalta, St. Nloholan Harden, N. Y. C, June It-July 4. 
Rlcluirdn. Kdlth W.. Paator'n, N: Y. O., Juno » July 4. 
Rial, Vera, Munlc Hell, Brbhioii Reach, N. Y , June 39. 

July 4. 
RIciibono'HlHiiraen, llntnmemuln'a, N. Y.'C, Juue 29- 
Jnly 4. 
RlcoBron., Washington Park, RnvoiiDo, June 29 July 4. 
Hubynn, Mr. A Mrn.. Keith's, Boston. June 29July 4. 
Riicliefort A May, Lexlugton Roof Hanlen. Baltimore, 

.1 uii'i2l. I uly 4. i 

Rogue<, Musical (4). Linn Palace, N. Y. C, Juno39July4. 
Hoyn en, Madison Ave. Park, Burlington, la., Juue 39- 

Kolwrts., Hayes k Roberta. Coilfrey'a Pavilion, Hrand 

Rapldn, June 2.1 July 4. 
Rntwrtn A Rawnon, Wpaat'a, Peoria, .lun»39July 4. 
Kohblna, The, 4X O. IL, Chicago, June 29-Jply 4. 
Rn/lnos, The. Masonic Temple. Chicago, June 39 July 4. 
Rogern A Lavlne, Manhattan, June 89 July 4. 
Rossi Bros.. Sam T. .luck's, Chicago, June 29-Jnly 4. 
Rininey A Francis, Crystal Hardens, N. V. C. Jiiuii 29- 

Rose', Julian, (Irphetun. Ran Kran.. Juno 29 July 4. 
Itolilnnnti A llrniit. Cruiiiiiaii'n, San Fran., June 29 July 4. 
Koi.insou. K, E., (^«nul>le Ijike I'nrk, June 39-July 4. 
Rmvo, William, Hiiilfi'ny'n Pavilion, Hrand Ruphls, Juno 

29 .1 ul v 4. 
Russell Hms., Masonic Temple. Chicago. June 33 July 4. 
Runsoll A O'Neill, Pleasure Beach, Hrldgepnit, Juue 29- 

Itiis.ell,' Bucklev, MoOregor Park, (llena Kalla, June 39. 

Julv*; Newark. X.J. ,li II. 

Bunnell, I'll II a Carrie. Findlay, 1 1., June 29-July 4; Coney 
Inland, Cincinnati, 0-11. ..-; 

yen A I i.iuirtans, A. A S„ Rpsuin, Juno 29 July 4. 

uliarei, KullenMarlgiiy, I'Jfla, Fr„ July A August. 
aUurna. Keith's, NY. (;., June 29 July 4. 
ankey Bros., I,'. 4>. II., Chicago, Juno '2s July 4. 


Sawver, Hurry t'llntou, Shloldn' Park, Spokane, Juno 29- 

Juiy4. . . . 

Sawtelle Blntern A (ilailvn Rears, Valley Park, North 
' 'Adams. Mans., June 39-July «; Webster, 0-11. 
Sailor A lliiiiiurt-ttn, Froelmdy Park, Newport, II, I., June 
■ 39 July 4: 

Siitour, Louise. Pmclor'e 33d St . N. V. C, June 29 July 4. 
. Kuntoro k Marlon, Aveh, Cleveland, June 29. Inly 4 . 
Scott Iiro-., W.ioluortri's. IoincaHter, June 29 Julv 4. 
Scott, Mike, A. A S.. Ilo.totl. June 29 July 4. 
HevuionrA Dupree, Rock Springs, K. I, Iverpool, ll., Juno 

."J July 4. 
Seeker, Wll kca A. Seeker, Tumbling Run Park, Potlnvllle 

Jnne 39 July 4. -. ..* 

Rryipour sisters, Dnyle'a, Atlantic City, Juue 39 July 4. 
Slllilnl A Hinvlnl, Keith's, Plilla.. June 29 July 4. 
shaw. Lillian. Howard. Huston. June 29 July 4. 
sh.'iin A Warren, Shea's, Knllalo, Jiuio 29-July 4. 
Shea; Thun. T„ Music Hull, Huston. June 39 July 4. 
HllormanA De Forest, ilamiiiernteln's, N. Y. i!., Juno 29- 

vfidy 4. 
Khvpfnird, John J., Herkshlre Park, Pltbdlold, Mass., 

jum- 2» July. 4. 
Shelny Duo, Keith's, Plilla., June 39. luly 4. . . 
Shaw., Mr AMis. Larry, Putnam,. Conn., June 29 July 4; 

Sluller A HJnckloy, 1'leanpro Hoach, Bridgeport, Juuo 39- 

Sheldon. Vlnla. Electric Park. Helllmore, Juno 39 July 4. 

HIiMoih Bros., Ilu vernnl ui'n, Atliinllo City, June 29 July 

sidoula. Ramona Park, (Irand Itaplda,, Jnno 29 JUly I; 

, .Sana Soucl. I'hlca-r.i. till. 
Simpson, Wo.ilivorihV, Laurasler. Juno 39 July 4. 
Silvern * Eiuerle. Keith's. N. Y. c , Junu 29 Jul i- 4, 

Sliulnniin A 'White, llndlrey's Pavilion, Hrand Rapldn, 
Junu2J July,!. , 

Rnilrl A Konaner, Qu'jislgamond Lake Park, Worcester, 

Juno 29 July I. 
Kuyderjl Buckley, Fnroil Park 1 1 Ig hi and n. Hi. Louis, 

June 2s July 1. . 

Spencer ,» Hold, Riratoga Park, PolMtown, June- III- 

Spier, Maurice, Forest Park Mini. lands, St. Louis, June 

3U.IlllJt*.. . 

Stanley . Cbdra B., I>ntriil Park, Portland. Hre,, Juno 29- 
July 341. .. 

stelneri X Thomas, Puntor'a, N. Y. (!., June 22 July 4. ' 

Stephens, Hal, Farm, Toledo. June 39-July*. 

HiAototi \ Herman, Aitdltorlutn. Norfolk, June 39-July 4. 

si eidolon A Cheney, Meyer's lake Park, Canton, ()., Juue 
39-Jply*. - . - 

stiiulcy A Im Roy, Ouvornater'a, Allautlc (Jlty, June 29- 
Julyf _ 

Kteivart A Raymond, Uiivcnmlor'n, Atlantic City, June 

. 39 July 4. 

Rtmut Frank IL, Choatuut Hill Fork, Phlla., Juno »■ 
July!.' : 

sinurt, winlirod, Electric Park, Newark, June 29-July 4. 

St. Alma's IMta A Monkeys, N'oruinbegu Park, Auburn- 
dale. June 2y-.lolv4. 

Rt. Onge llron., Berkshire Park, PiUsOeld, Moss., Juoe 39- 
July 4. 

Sully A Phelps, loua Park, Davenport, Juue 39 July 4: 
Peru, Ind., tt-ll. 

Muttons. The. Park, Sprlngflelil, 111., Juno 29-July 4; Weat 
Endllelshtn, St. LTuln.dll. * ' 

Sutton, Lurry, Oily Opera Houae, Truverae (,'lty, Mich., 

.Iilll«[.v4: N|alilnl_li|Uii. lell. 

Talbot A Kogern, Park, Kiw Brutiswlek, N. J„ June 29- 
July 4; TitiuliliiigRiiu Park, Pottnvllle, Pa., 0-11. 

Toiler. Hildll. Shields' Park, Salem, Ore., Juno 2d July I 
Shields' Fprk, Teeoii|». Wash.. O-ll. 

Toil. Kuyinond. lakevlew Cunlno, Kaluinajoo June 3K- 
July I, Klvervlew Pnrk II. 

Thnrue, Mr. A lira. Harry, Celoron Park, Jamestown. N. 

V.. June J I Julv 4. 

Thumpnqii, Minnie .May, llanlon'n Point, Toronto, June 39- 

July 4, ... . 
Thurqe A |lold»worlh, Columbia Uardcu, Cortland, N. Y., 

June 39 July 4. 
Threkeld A Wlcko, 1'ro.sjiect Helghta Park, Peoria, June 

29 .lull 4. 1. . 

Thor, Mimlrill. Trio, Shop's, BulCalo, June 39 July 4. 

Thi'o, Mile , c. i). a , Chicago, Juuo 39July 4. 

Th irntnn, llniiard. Keith's. N. Y. I*„ Ju mi 'Al-July 4. 

Thomas, Hilda. Proctor's 23d St., N. Y. (!., Juue 29-July 4 

Tlerney, J11I111T., Riverside Park, Saginaw, Mich., June 
39 July *. 

Thipoll A Klltnent. Olyuipla Park, Chattanooga, June 29- 
July 4. 

Titus, Lydla Yeuinans. Orplitum, San Kran., June 29- 

Toiiner, Evelyn, Suhrner Park, -Montreal, June 39 July 4. 
Towner. Puryln A Towner, Harden, (Jhiyuland, June 29- 
July 4: Reliefer's tlanlon, Columbus. 0-31. 
Tumor. Pearl, Rtnr, Olovelmid, June 29 July 4, 
Trask A Kogera, Korent Park Highlands, St. Louis, June 

2-i July 4. 
Tyrolean (Jiilutet, Llun Polaeo; N.Y. C. June f9July 4. 
Turner, Walter, Proctor'n, Newark, Jnne 29-July 4. 
Troubuduur Knur, Satin Soucl, Chicago, June 2S July 4. 
Trask A (iliiddon, Electric l'ark. Newark, Juno 39 July 4 
Truiibadi.ura (3), Auditorium, South Bend, Ind., June 2S- 

.Inly*: Farm, Tolodo, Oil. 
Trumpeters. (||, American, Lincoln Park, New Bedford, 
June 39-July 4. - * 

Tmlnor A Hntlon, llruok, Marlon, Ind., July O-ll 
Udell A Pearte, lonlogti.ti Purk, Boston. June 29-July 4 
Uijthun, O. II., Korront Park, Kansas City, Mo, Juuo 2d' 

July 4, Delninr Park, Okluhuiiia City, Oil. 
Valvunn llron,, Lake Ornve Park, Lewliton, June 39- 
July 4. 
Vaughn. Irene, Chestnut. 1(111 Park, rhlla., June 29 July 4 
Van Broa., Proctor's. Nowork, Juno 9-July 4. 
Vail, Billy V„ star, Cleveland. June 29 July 4 
Venn, (luveriiotiir's, Atlantic tlltv, Juno 29-J uly 4 
Voola, Lion Palace. N. V. I.'., Juue 29JuIy 4. 
Verenc. Roaullnd, SabUtla Park, T»umou, 11«m., June 

Vernon ilmheiim, San Kran.. Jnne 29 July 4, 

Vice A Viola, Park, Walerburv, Conn., June 29-July 4 

Von Hoite; Antonio, Huyaraator's, Atlantic City, June 29- 

YValKlnger, Bertha, Rhea'*, Buffalo, Juue 29-July 4 
Walton, Harry, Empire, Portland, Ore., July » 12. 
Ward, I'haa, « A Co., 11.4 8., N Y. C„ June » Julv 4. 
Wai vdiiw (41. Orplienm, Ran Kran., June w-.luly *. 
Waddell, Katjierlne. sun, Cleveland, JuiieSDJuly I. 
& i t\ U £tf' Nj** AtJaUlUOIty, Jnn»29July 4. 
Waddoll, Fred., Uraiiinah'a Sail Kran,, Jdne » July *, 
Walu, Alliortc., CMlnn Park, Terre Haute, June 29July 4 

c* ,7u r ne"39.iul'' , H n, ' y " ,, K "° r P5*""3t*s 

w f*",r,*. ^, M,r ',!' :n !V | i«' "loneester, N. ,l„ June MJiity 

4; Illll'sUrove I'nrk. Trenton. N.J.,611. 
WaWo, Rhavily'a, Pawtuokel, H. I,,.lune39 July 4, 

Wilton A Lewis, Ouvornator'e, Allantio 1 
July 4. 1 ' >' ''ate ; 

^yf''-^'""; '"""• ***'.«*«»• 0, Ju„ e 

Ve»«^BeA'«ley-A; CajlUns, ll*nderson',,,„„„ , , " 

N; t...lura>3>.Juiv4. . •-' ' " f t -Wai 

W.eJlsJdius., Euinlre,;Pnrtlanil,Ore..Jntio ■. i„, . 
Weatop. Pearl M<i\. Potilau'd, ( lre .. j lw l ■« ", ',?■, 

'ite)\. Leu, Electric Park. Newark, J til ■ u T,i '> '• 

wueii; Keith's, pwio:, .hiiie 29 Juiv ' ' ol »' t - . 

Jirty *.* - ,J ".'"': . h, . V " ^ . , f» , ! ,, ''• «»»"' ''-y,Jo.e; 
West. Jubn.A., flreat-Kalle Park. Jr.elli, «, , 
VW i ; bi,«» M * P«k. .Webb Clt:. o-ll ' *•*■»! 
mfrjW^WS.1. P.rk.T»,m, M ,„ h 

'fSSS^i'f^. "J*""" P*rs. Ilaiull,,,,,, 
Wolcu Hios,, Lake View Park, Conneaut, u, j„ M| 

W miyll* } '''* lV *- (: '"" k '" ''" rk ' E ""«"l', June- 
wW^siuart A Co;, Masonic Temple. .01,1, :,„, ,, Lrl . ' 

Whltnii'n, Frank, Alameda Park, Rniler, Pa ' 

July 4. '•*->,- Mine ; 

White A Rltnmons, Hniirrey'a 'Pavilion |..-„, „ , 
■ .. lope 29-July 4; Lake Michigan Park Mu.iJl"# 
Whltcmnb. Hank'. Empire. nen|t|e, inue i \,',T^ ( "■ 
Wlnclieslera, The/AuiTliorluni! n*iZw'i'f\» . 
WHIlSm'a, Peck's .Oakland. Cal.; Jnne29 Julv j 
Wills .A Barron, Captain's Pier, Bath Bosch. X r M„ 

W .iufyV rln ' Wen '"" 1 •*•*• *** City,. .Mii-i,..; Jua , , 
WHson a- went, Bijdn, Nnriwk; jnno 29 Juiv 4 

Wilton Bros., Ilaiiimerstelnn, ,V Y.ll Jnnati i„i , 
Wllllainn, Olvmpla Pdrk *Chnit»no„g, JK SHSj • 
Wjillama, Frank A Ida. Avon Park, Asiiiiiusulan, "Vui. 

W m'.&. Jun^^ , '"' k ' »* 

Wllnpns.Thc, Lnkevlew Park,' Connennl, 11. m uu , . 

July 4. . . ' ' •'""" - 
WlUanl. A ;ilarlow, Proctor's .I8U1 si., N ¥ ^, 

July 4. ■*■ 

ffll'f" *. j" 1 ""'. 1 ' Royal, Mpnjrpnl, .lone 29 July 4 
Wllahb, Alex., I lownr.l. bokliin. Juno S .l.ilv ■* 
Wilson. Minnie R, Parlor, Iiuluth, Juno39Jui V 4 
Winslow Mine. Wynne, Ti-niple. Delrolt, Jon,, tajok , 
Wlustanloy A Sullivan, Howard, Hosu.n . 1,1 e» 1, '/ 
Wlndqin .felfers. Ruglnaw, Mich . June ffl..iV,|. [ "' » 
BK!v!f rt > V; m, '< v , r " , ,*" ,l ' ^l.nclniml, June '2a.l U h 1 
Wobk A Ray, Keith's, Hostoh, June 39. Inly 4 ' 
Worhl'irTrlo, The, Of nheuirf. Xkn Krhd., Jiifaaisj l„i, , 
Woodford AMarlbioroF.mplre.Porthinil.iiro...iune'2)j,,; 
WollA Mlltou, Temple, Detroit, June 29J,,ly 4 alm 
Wopd culls. The. Park, (auton, June 39-Julv 4 ' 
STH,* Klngntpu.Kini.Iro, Portland, llri'.,'.luu»39 luh 
World's Comedy Jt), Idora Park, Vonn»stu"u.J„!»;; 

WoimL K'roncls,CiintralPark, Alhoi. Mass.. June» hh 
Wyniali A Harduer, iJeiitral Park; Dunkirk, ™? ',' 
i9-.lulv4i Alamcdll Palli. Butler, Pa.,«.|| '" "* 

Woodvllle, Jim, Manholiaii, Norfolk. Juno 29 Julv 4 
Yule. Tom, Parlor, Duluth, June 29 July 4 ' 

Yalta. Duo, lli-iuliirson's, CniH'y Island, N. v ,,; ml . - 

Yuckfey'A Bunnell, |Sieel Plor, Alloii'lic City, Juoe 2 

Veoiiiau, Ueorjie, PriHdoc.'a 2!d IL, N. Y. IL June ■ j„i 
4 ; tilymnlo HuV, McKeeaport, Pa., Oil. " 

Young, OllleA Brolhor, St.- Nlcholiw Harden N V r 
.lillie 39 July 4. ' 

rw/ng America 1 Quintet,' Korest Park, Kansas city, Ji,. 

Vijrke k Adi|ius. Kami, Toledo, June 29 July 4 
Youngs A Brndkn, Lakeside l'ark, Daylou/ll., June 

July 1 Idora Pnrk, Youngstowu.O II. 
Zarn A/ara, Kurt Slivrlilap-Park, lllghwisnl, III., Juue 

July 4; Rainonn Pnrk, llmild Itnpld-. . 11 
Xiirues, The, Atlantic Harden, N. Y. C. Juue 39 July 1 
/..•I; Raymond. Edgewnter Park, Cctlriu, Ik, June 9 Jul 

4: Brooke, Murluu, Ind,, ft II. A Zurn.ii , Suns Hotiol, Chicago, June 39 July 4 
Zimmerman, Al. A Pearl, (Tom, West siii«-rl<.r W 

J mu: 29 July 1 ; Central. Menley, Oil, 

We have pcepartad lmn <i r Bvalllaa 

«*rdi «ill ureal ly raollltat, 
▼audeTllle: performer* la aeudlng • 
tbelr In... L 1 11 «•- 1 la naln if tlirae eardi 
the performer merely hue to nil ..u 
ikeiioiei, name of theatre, and riij 
or town and State, plan- a one een 
atanip Id doner and mall. Tliey wll 
fee farnlwhed torn application' to thli 
otttoe either peraonallr or Ly letter 

Ulifb the Bill Postm 


Waller A Maillll. Krb'a Casino, Worth Bejcli, N. V, June 

Wnldroii Briin. iira'iiniin'n, Rao Hran., June 29 Julv 4. 
Walters A II jwn. Krlia's, Porllaud. or*.. Juue 29-July *, 
Weston, Al. IL, Hlawallui Pnrk, Ml., Veruoii, 0., 4une 29 
July *, 

A few lines from 'New York Local. .No 
2: To ihiiKo liitoivHli-il In 1 lie nihil me of lite 
lolmr tiiiivi'ineiiiu we wont to soy n few words 
about our loin I. We point wit li pride In our 
progreMH. Slilrtlnp; nine yen is iiri> Willi a 
linudfiil of men mul little In Hie tt'onsiirr 
we still liiul liope that we tuljcut win. fnlili 
- that we could wlu, and (leteiuiliitillnii Unit 
we, would win.. We hove always euilouvorril 
tu- further the local's advancement , In'lnt 
loyal -In dealing with employers, and itnin 
Ing 'therehy the good will of ull. Utile by 
lliiliy imr Inetil grew. The lui'inliershlp In 
creuked, and with this the treasury lu 
creased. Today we take rank ninonf Hie 
fun'itiDat hi labor organlicutlonfi. llnr ndlifrs 
and laymen ever bavo the IocuI'h luleriiit at 
itelu'l, and we steadily Increase our siieurii 
'I'lie affjee of bURthesH agent Is llnplilly filled. 
The position requires Its holder to moot unitiy 
trying and comuljcnted 4|uesllonH, autl unl.r 
' 11 rmiti. who Is capnble"of meeting the varied 
emergencies ns they arrive can satisfactorily 
llll it. The fnct-tbat thelocaHs prosis'ruiis. 
and that naught but harmony prevails. Is 
conclusive proof of the faith, the meoibeM 
have in their business agent. 

' Harry Drury, trustee of the N. A. It. P. 
& li. of A., leaves July 1 or his vacation. 
and as « side Upe he ytl\\ stir up the un 
organized bill posters he meeti*. 

The regular meeting day of Indlniui|ioii< 
Local, No. 7, has been changed from Hi* 
fourth Sunday to the fourth Sntiitilny ta 
the month. Any member of the Nullor»l 
Alliance wJto liappeDS to be In Indhinauell* 
will tilwurs find a warm welcome cxteuiM 
to them from -Hie boys In that city. 
■'Ci D. Proctor, of I^cnl No. :i, l'lllshiirK, 
Is In' New York City, and will uriAiibly 8" 
out with a circus. ' , , 

Roster of advance car No. 1, of Hie «>reat 
Cole Younger & Frank James lllslorhiil 
Wild West: D, P. Phillips, car limiioKtr: 
H. 1). Barnes, secretary end steniigraplifr. 
L'has. iMuny, boss bill iiostcr, with the fol- 
lowing bill posters : A. C. Klopniim. ** 
(Henntor) Vay, John Peltus, Tom Sniimlers. 
8am Itucker, John Ireton, Oeo. Sloan »'i" 
Harry Marts : T-ee Cyrte. In chnrgt.' of WK 
graphs, s»/ith the following an«l»tiint» : J™ 
Bavis itodgers, Al.' Du Kour, Conn MlirpWr 
Harold ltutlldge and I'M. Snyder Purler. 

Frank Raymond, a member of the .V A. » 
I'. & B. of A., Is In New York City. _^ 

Charles Abrams. of I-ocal No. '-', li«* E 
turned to N(»w York after a two wef" 
ylslt to Cincinnati. , ..„. 

Kdwurd Hanson (Silvers)-, who has Mg 
traveling with circuses since 18H4. Is «o» 
n ineiiiber of Local No. 2, aud has "<*' 
working for Walter flllmoro the pnsi ^nm- 

J-ocal No. fl, of Denver, Colo., iiriiiiii** 
the boys of Itlngllng Bros.' Car N«- '" 

Sood time when the car reaches Hint <"•> 
tily 0. - ■■-■.. 

Stage iftecfeaninr 

E. 0. Marvin, 'of I^cnl 71. ,wtjMJ 
that .he put In a long, pleaMttiit s"' 
son with Hie Ollle Mack altmctw«»; 
opening In Plilludelphla on Aug. :'•". AV" 
"A Night, on Brondwly, 7 ' anil i'" lU . l 1 n .' u n : 
With tliat coinpnny until It cIose4l In ««''", 
go,, on April fo, when he was troiisfer r »» 
fo their "Pickings from Puck" «»•• a r 
llnlslied the Spring senspn, closing »' "L 
lantlc City on May so. At Klndlny. „ » - '" 
Jnne 2, he storted to work for the t^SSm 
Co.. after signing coutracts for next «™*" 
wltii Ollle Mack and Jos. II. Caltes, for <"" 
"Pickings from Purk" Co. ' .„,,..,- 

The Umpire Theatre, the new w«*3 , "j 
houae In Portland, Ore., which win- ___lj*"3 
Juhe 15, now lias the following r.-i'-r , 
stage employes: Stage cornenter. la""-. 
Krled : master of properties, Bert * s,, '" l |"„' 
second hand, C. B. Miller; flyman. ■*■ 
Wfil*. ' , , mm 

Bert St. John has been elected m*P 
by j/ocal, 4H, I. A. T. S. «., of Aki ••». « h 
to attend the iia|lonal c4jnventlon, hi «« w ™ 
In ColumbtlB, O,, Jul* 13-10. 





Deavcs, n. 
Dcwltr, Bllllc 
Kly, Geo. S. 
Kvorett, Wm. 
Klllott, J. II. 
Eddy, mil 
Kdgcrton, Jll 

c upper Pom Office. 

i. order to afrotrt mii«take» and to 
,'JJurc the prompt delivery of the 
•liters odvejttaed tm tul» n»t. an 
!™,1<>]«' plainly addressed m<nt 
J. Jen! for «nch .letter. *««.» written mmnMa 
JfXr for th« "letter, .Ift.icd with the atoc . k Co , 
?,, I name nn.l address and the line Evans, Art. 
Jl ,,,.iiie»a followed by the sender, E iu 0tt * j. u . 
miipt o'»o be enclosed. ■ •. ■ • ■ » 

I'lease mention the date (or nam. 
•rfrt of THB OMMMfiH, In which the 
letters sent for were nilvert lied. 
. I, ADlES' LIST. 

Allien, Sadie 
Adams, Anna 
Atmtlo. A. 

irkwfB ^ar.o 
Allen, Phllya 



Maude W. 
Buatiec, Puosy 

Bowen, Olga 
Brown, ljuura 
Black, J. 
Brewer, Nellie 
Plgger, Laura 

Girls, » 
Biiekhart, Lll. 

I lone 
Bills, Mrs.F.U. 
Burg. Clara 
Baker, Ircuo 

Brandon, Nell 
Burn, Bnhcttc 
Blaok, Olga 
Babcock, , „ 
Barbe, O. 
Bland, Lcona 
Cross, Lulu 
Coleman, Men. 

Carlton,- Birdie 
Colfely, Km. 
Colton, Mabel 
Cfoas, Lulu 
Clare, Helen 
Cnenell. Soph. 
Cameron, Irene 

Carlton, Zellu 
Curtis, Heta 
Clifford, Marie 

Mrs. Bert 

■ h rankle, Co. 
Chapman, Kit 
Cllnc, Mnggle 
. Cot, Mamie 
Chrlsllhc, Mile 


Mrs. C. A. 
Crawford Hint 
Clair, Helen- 
Carroll, Sadie 

Desmond, May 
Dale, Virginia 
nrffngc, lienor 
Dovnlc, Mrs. 

Piipreo, Mnude 
Dorian, HerlliB 
Dimes, Mm. 
DeSlion, Kutb 
iniviii. Ant. 
Helnnc, Mile. 
Dork man, 

Mrs. Chns. 

Mm. Th ok. 
Davis, James 
Doneonn, Nell 

lie Wolf, Drlnn 

Bllooro Slaters 
Emerson, Belle 
Edgara, 1 [clone 
KngHtrom Sis. 
Elliott, May 
K variH. May 

Emerson. Noll 
Emery, L. II. 
Ktacrsoh, Bell 
Edwards, Jen. 
Bills, Laura 

Fowler, Km. 
Fox, 'Mndgo 
Frcdo, Sudle 

Floyd, May 
Fortune, Ccc 

Floyd, May 
Ford, Maud L, 
Qrctc, Grace 
GroBlcan, Klla 
Oturnblc, Beat. 

Mrs. Fran. 
Gordon, Alice 
Grant, Ccssy 
Oypr.cne, ■ — 
Glcnmorc, Lot. 
Goodwin, Mrs. 
Howard, May 
IlarblBh. „ 
Mrs. M. 

Hoyt, Eva 
Rill, Ada 

(lull. Lottlo 


Mrs. Bllllc 


Moore, Nellie 
Mitchell, Kit. 
Meredith Wist. 


Montrose, Bea 
Mason, Helen 

Evans ft 

St. .Tohn 
Kllct Bros. 
Exposition 4 
Flynn, Joe 
Flnley, T. 8. 
Forbes, M. 
Frey & Fields 
Ferguson & 

Fordhom, Art 
Frye & Allen 
Foster, Artb. 
Frawley, J. F. 
Fleming, W. C 
Freeman, B. V 
Fielding, I. B. 
Fenuola, Two 

■i r onueis, a wo 

Mnmlo Fcrttlock, J no. 

Milton, Belle Ferguson, J.M 

Mack, Flor. Knlk, Chns. 

Maxarn, Ml I Ho Fell, Geo. S. 

Mullen, Josep. Bckhart. O. J. 

Melbourne, 1,11 Faust, Victor 

Neville, Doro. Fnust, Jack 

Navctao Slat. Eox, Fred E. 

Newton, Mario Forbes & 
Newell, Forbes 

Maude L. Fox, Edward 

Nichols, Mabel Fonberg, 
Palmer, C'alh. Geo. M 

Pierce, Mnsle Falkc, C. II, 

Plticus, Lonlo FranclB. L&D 

P&yton, Kuth Fields, W. C. 

Price, Lillian Forber, Mohs, 

Prdtt, lima Frit/., E. M. 

Pantzcr, II. Ferguson, Dick 

Price, Muud It Flynn, J. J 

Plcliard, Julia Fcnbcrg, 
BJclianls.HHua Geo. M. 

Roth, Loudlo Fcnnandcz ft 
Raymond, May 

Eeona Flslier, Chos, 

Richmond, Goodfrlend, 

Lizzie Oscar 

Radcllffe, Good, H. II. 

Lylcne Grimes, .loo 

Reed, 'Mrs. Gntb, Karl 

Randall, Vctra Gallaber, Jan. 

Rlnlto, Miss Gregory, F. L. 

Rose, Marg*. Gamble, Tbco. 

Roberts. Gilford 

inn. May 
Hyera. May 

Holm. Anna V 
Hansen, Marie 

Hawkcs, Car. 

Mrs. Mont. 
Howard, Kva 
H4nn, Mrs. Ben 
HeuBhaw, Vln 
llnnson, Marie 
ITomcr, Ada 
.fcihiiNon, Rose 
Jones, Ada 
Jones, Mamie 
Johnson, nose 
Klngsley, Julia 
Kurt, JobIo 
lie well, 

Mrs. Victor 
ICIrnlfy. Nell. 
King, Rose 
Lorraine, Rlie 
Lincoln, Jjll'tt 

Isabcllc Pitt 
Lclnln, Leln 
I^nne, Alice' V. 
Llpmnn, Km. 
rjnvlilo. Violet 
IjubOrde, Flor. 
Lnvarnle Slat. 
LaVntt, Marie 

LeHlle, Mild. 

Linden, Daisy 
LaiPct'tre. Lor. 
Lcoeh, Eaver 
Lnwion, Eug. 
I/ottJe, Mrs. 
resile, Nclllo 

Dclp. B. 
lice, Minerva 

■Mimic a 

I ,n tie, Ada 
I/cCoy, Josle 
Moi'ton, Jane 

Lcnora Goldalnc, M. S 

Robinson Golden. Bleb. 

Sisters Guy, Geo. R. 

Ryan,Mrs.T.W Gagnlcr, J. B. 

Seward, Pearl Golden, Geo. Ii 

Smith, Mnmlo 
Stanley, Mario 
Swal'td, Bosc 
Stick ney, Rose 
Stanton, Vesta 
Stevens, Mln. 
Sellde, Znrnh 


Saxon, Pauline 

K ii ii tee, Alf. 
Kronnn, I«o 
Kotllns, Stir 
Knowlcs, How 
Kclcey, J. N. 
Kelly, C. J. 
Kempton, Ev. 
(wire perl.) 

Kuehlc, Cbas. 
Koplln, J. W. 
Ledn, Burt 
Lend, Don 
Lyric & 

Lord, S. J. 
Lnssett. Dan 
Luce, Grunt 
Loon & Adeline 
Lcdegnr Trio 
TiOwery Bros. 
Levy, Phil 
Llllford, Har. 
LaNole, Ed. 
Lyne, James 
I jil' I ace, Mons 
Ij«e, Henry 
Lnhann, .1. 
1/amimt, Mar, 
Luclers, >Mgr. 
Lemont Bros. 
ImPolc, Geo. 
LoatT, Chns. 
Lllltc, G. W. 
Lofyctf, J. H, 
Lundle, Frank 
Lee, Harry 
liOltoy, J. A. 
Lester, 8. M, 
Lyle, II. J. 
LcVcne, Snin 
Lucler, Bea 
Lund, Bert 
Lukens, Geo. 
LaMont W. 
Lurns Bros. 
I>oCI«re, John 
Lucler, Chns. 
Lawrence & 

Lee, Jack 
McKec, Harry 
Marks, II. H. 
Martcllc & 

Mason Bros. 
Morris, L. II. 

Morbnch, Ed. 
Murray, Tom 
Mnckey, Geo D 
Milton, Chns. AV| Stewart. Cnpt 

Bio, Adolnb 
Itlckeby, Mr. 
ltlggB, Chnx. 

n.viui, ii. h. 
Rogers & 

Lit w vine 
Itlcc, M. K. 
Itnnr. Claude 

Rosalro, Bob 
Ueynnrd, Ed K 
Relit Bros. 
Rellly, Dick 
Roz7.ini, Jihi 
Ruby, Burt 
Roberts, Four 

Rider, Dick 
Rubins, II, II. 
Raven, B. Ii, 

Rogers, Mr. 
Rozcll. W. G. 
Itonaldo, E. 

Ross & Lewis 
Rankin, McK. 
Rose, II. C. 
Reynnrd, E. If 
Reeves, Cliff. 
Reeves, Henry 

Reynolds, V G 
Rogers & 

Rice & Cub 
Relyen, C R, 
Rosalre, Rob 
Reno, Eupetio 
Rlgby, Art. 
Rio, llnd 
Rowland, Ed. 
Reno, Geo. It, 
Itcndc, Hall 
Slcgrlst, ' 
Sedley, Hurry 

Winter. J. J. 
Welch, l«m 
Watson, C. P. 

Wilson, F. II. 

WMtetaw, An 

Voung, OUic 

Yost, D. M. 

Yeiigcr, W. J. 


fttrnma, El It. 
Zat '/Mm k 

SSelflc, Jew o. 

the Wilson Trio, Chas. and Kva l"«rrnr. 
RoHSle B&us, Don Gordon, and Harris and 

RlNllt.INn BROH.' Cinnitx exhibited hero 
S3, sod although It rained the ontlro day 

mm\u m mmtni 

at HDAD of list. they packed thn tent Mh and n °w '».•>« JflWMnaMKl"*"* 

j» m. "!'■■' »»«■ »j»j». ,-MiinS >i>hh ,-iuiw wit* hv fur thn best neon «*» llieatrc, t hlcngo. 

-•*♦ ■ hr« ?fi» ^Son * Annm HbnaoN has Just llnlsheil a sue 

,„ bs-j. - ncre " * s won. ecssful engndoment of four works nt (ieorgo 

DBATHS I N TUB 1 'ItOFKSSION. ^M.~.wn«h,« ru««. Kiclu'H WMlport ftttk. U.Utlmorc, and opens 

Akron. — At I'likosido IMrk Casino (Httrry »t 'frlmnpr's ravlllon Oceiin L'llv. Md.. I«C 

Frank' ZiMMBaMAN, the boy who tried to "awn, managerl-Tho M.t.lcnl Thar, n >d $tmP8 the mSSt '' ' 

"loop tho loop" on roller skates, ut Indian- a fair bill, dcgplto Inclement weather, drew Ax})A Holm hnB imt r]tMU , { \ „ |,| K i,i y mm. 

npolls, Ind., on Juno IK, arid fell headlong, »'{}*<** "LP"? «' P iS X&hSLxSJ OTW>> engagement at llio.tlcm Mimic lull, 

fracturing his skull, died on Jnne 2L-, la that Kol^y ao<l V' , 1 . 0110 ,'.. 1 * Gotte ' tho "cWtolis, | ta | t l muro> , m ,i opens at Trlmper's Pavilion, 

cllv. ^ 1,>otl Bros., Mile. Alltw. . Ocean City, Mil., for (ho rest of the. season. 

Dasikl P. Finn, at one time business man- sprlriKtleld. — At Soring Oroya Cnslim -pim Mkrbmtii Tnio, aorlHllals, ore la 

nger for Julia Marlowe, died on June 25, nt <!«.,. J. Dnlle, mnuBser).— -In suite of bad (heir eighth week with (Uo Heck Gcuoral 

Iai* Angeles, Cal., from consumption, In his weather the crowds at this resort during Ilia Amusement Compnny. 

forty-third year. Recently he had been as- prist week have been large. Lew Wells, In DfuurrliY Fastaw, of llio Fantas, lias en- 

slstant manager of Thompson & Dundy's his humorous mlxup as tho merry tramp, Ma tlrcly recovered from her rccont Illness, and 

amusement enterprises. Hfs employers sent proven a great success. 

him to California a week ago. 4 ■ » 

Gbobuh Buiit died June ft, at his homo In ■■ - 

Terre Haute, lnd. His death Is ascribed to VIBQIfllA. 

heart failure, und was very sudden. Ho was ■ 
born In Pnrkmnri. Ohio, June 0, 1S43. His 
grandfather, Judge Pnrkznnn, was one of 
tho first settlers of the "Western Reserve." 
Prof. Burt was publisher of Hurl's Melo- 
dramatic Journal, also of ninny songs and 

the team opened tbelr Hummer season nt tlu> 
Casino, North Bench, N. v., with Midland 
Beach to follow. Last week they wero at 
Forest Park, W'nterhury, Conn., and are 
booked iiu to Sept. 1-i. . 
TUB iloi.iiSWiuvcllM, Charles and Leslie, 

wero last Week at the CnBlno. Wheeling, W. 
Va„ and this, week nio ut Olympic Park, 
McKccs|mrt, Po, 
.'Mastkii F. Ai,an l'ikiiian reports great 

Itieliiuniitl. — The Ulffcn Company dis- 
banded Julie '20. its cloning was unex- 
pected. "The Banker's Daughter" was an- 
nounced as Into as Saturday morning. 
acaukmy of Music (Thos. G. Lcntli, 
comiKisItlons for bands and orchestras. Ho manager).— Tho Dalton Stock Co. opened success on Hie Sheeily circuit with his chut- 
served In the eniinclty of chief musician of 05, fop remainder of week, "Bust Lynne" acter chungo and singing und dancing spo- 
the Twentieth Regiment In the regular army nH the attraction, und, If encouraged by good clulty. . • 

during 1871-70. Ho settled In Terro Hauto attendance, will continue IndollnJtcly. Tho Wh.maic J. IteQuuH writes Hint ho re- 
la' 18811, and for a number of years was a opening house w'us ipilto satisfactory, though slglieil on Juno 7 us iniiniiKer of the In- 
band leader and teacher of mnslc. Ho was ml i c h nffccteii by the street car strike. Ittmbla Roof Harden, at Corilnnd, N. V. 
nlso cngagwi in the mumifaeturc of musical "Oasto" Is Hie offering for tho week of I. S. Potts, agent of JohhW, Vngel s Big 
novelties of bis own Invention, und mndo «i). Minstrels, lias boon engaged for next siuihoii. 

many articles used by bands and orchestras. ni.iou (Chns. McKec, manager).— Isabel lo This Is his tenth season with Mr. >»g«'i t 
Ho leaves n wife (Flora A. Nowton) and two urquliart, In "Tho Turkish Texan." and 11 forces, and • titter a few weeks rest .nt Ml. 
diuiglitcrs. Lucy and Nellie. 

.lolix C. Wai.hh. 11 veteran 
Jdho 10. nt the Actors' Fund 

Statcn Island, after an Illness 01 scverni ojj proved one or tho strongest bills tnnt unsrs, aro siiii on inr ihwiii »•■' ■.':'» ■ •■ "' i ,, .V"rt 
years. Ho was born In this city In 18H8 strong aggregation over put on. Desplto and am making a decided hit with iliclr 
and began his professional career in 1807 the. street car strlko Uicy bad fair iiu- «i;l. Tbey ato tills woek at Now Brltuin, 
with W. ft Burton, nt Nlblo's Garden, dlehccs. Colin. . , . j„ l , 

Later ho was prompter nt the old Bowery Note.— Manager Jake Wella is so well I^itiiMR QAUnT, formerly of Clark and 

on) and two Urquliart, In "Tho Turkish Texan." and a forces, and 11 f tor a few weeks' rest at Ml. 

strong supiiortlng company opened '.!» for lllenwni, Mich., ho will report for duly ut 

actor, died WO ck. "Tho House tnnt Jack Built," In Culumbiis, O. : 

I Home, on t ho liands of the BIJ011 Musical Co.. week of 1'amiu.o and I-ona, ncrobals nnd eipi II- 

1 of scverni o.> proved one of tho strongest bills that brlsts, aro st II on the Boom circuit of parks, 

id CR Thcntre, and he held the same position at pleased with "Tito House that Jack Built" Gaudy, undofwciit it serious operation nt 

'i'oto Booth's. He had been under the care of j Uft t ho is considering splitting his present .lOllot, III., Juno lll, alia has boon very III 

j.'llnrry the Actors' Fund for tho last ten years. n|j „ Musical Company Into two, heading for thn pust fourteen weeks, bill Is m fur 

Seiirode, Walt and was the second pcrsiih to enter tho na with Otis Harlan In that play, mid thn ' 

Stone, Giles Actors' Homo when It was opened lost other section with Llttlo Chip and Mary 

Sun, Gus 
Starling, Geo.S 
Stuart & 


year. , Marble. 

, Kbkdrrick Mrvbus, tho pioneer vaudc- 
tIIIc manager of Wlkesbarre, Pa., died Juno 
17, In that clly. 

Improved in health Hint alio expects lo 
resume work early In July. 



Meyers, .Tiillus Smith, W. II 
Mount, Clark 8chiitt,_F. M 

Gordon's Mlns 
Great Two 'A 
Golden ante 

Gruot, Jock 
Gancll, Harry 
Garnel, Joe 
George, Harry 
Garvle, Chos. 
Goodman, Art 

Gus I. 

Sawyer, Mary Ollmore, Gus 
Snlldo, Mine. Grant, Alf. 

Shelton, Tllllo 

Mrs. Clco 
Hall, Minnie 
Slim it, N limit. 
Shannon, Iior. 
Stuart, .May 
Stetson A 

Nlscon Oilman, B. B. 
Tyson, Grace Ooodc, Leon 

Dnrrpll, Madge 

. Millie 
Del Monte, 

Maud I, 
Kd wards, Fan 


Guy Bros. 
Gordon, J. fl 
Gllmorc, R. 1> 
Gorman, Thos 
Gnno, Obas. 
Gross, P, II. 
Oordon, H. J. 
Olennnn, J. L. 

Thomas, Delia 

Trescott, V. D 
Tuson, Nelllo 
Victoria, Kttn 
Vonlctll, Kva 
Van, Ma. 
Wilson, (lortlo 
Wrttdo, G.vs 
Wndlelgli, KHa 
Wiley, Ruth 
Wliythe, Berth 
Watson. Kato 
Wood, Vivian 
Will in in", 

'Miss Lou 
Waldorf. Janet 

Gruey, Dan 

lice Inch, CllOfl. 
Gnsinio, Fru'k 
GlInscrcMy, T, 
1 1 races, 8 
Hngiin, Bert 
Helscy.Mnrl M 
Hayes, Hdm'd 
lloffiiiiui, Art. 
Harris & 

Henry, HI 
Hill, P. II. 
Hale, G. M. 

Hobnrt. Will 
lindilt'lil, Ron 

Wiirlng.MlssK. HasHngs, liar 
Walcolt, Grlda Uulplno, B. L. 

Whytc, Bertha Honelltt, Joo 
West, Marie Holser, B..L. 

Wcbntcr, Dot 

wavron, Bin. 
Zolmcr, A mi in 
Znmora. Kv. 
Znra, Mile. 

Allisons, The 

Allmon, .loo S, 
Allen., Hick 
Austins, Toss, 
Arthur, Frunk 
Alvnni, Great 
Allien, Gall 
Ailnms k Jury 
Allen, Frank 
A hern, Wm. 
Archer k 

Arthur, Gus 
AullfTn, Jerry 
Armstrong & 
Abai'hl, Geo. 
Alierns, Tho 
Ashley, John 
Allen, L. k B. 
Illaney, H. C. 
"mints, 4 
Burpee, C. H. 
Barnel, ft A. 
"ennett, II. S. 
gelport, Claud 
garfett iirosr 
Bltley, Kdw. 
Rrnoks, Coru. 
„ Ihirney 

Belts, Geo. H. 
' „ , Julius 
Belmont, Ml Ci 
Baswii, Mort 
Brooks. Lawr. 
„ , Jackson 
Baker, i,;,i w | n 

Helmnr, Harry 
Bentham fifc 
„, , Freeman 
"Islipn, Phlla 
n Mr. & Mrs. 
""wrnan, Then 
""Hows, A. K, 
5" nil's, Jos. 
B'li'ke. Tom 
Bnrlon, Al. II. 
Harlow k 
„ Wilson 

"»rr.v. John II 
{Jnrncll, d. A. 

„ , Iinwrence 
5»rt. II. 
""•ssey, Jack 
Brock, R. II. 
S"«oa. D. B. 
Buell, Henean 

Bloom, Kdw'd 
Browor, W. S. 
Brandon, Russ 
Barton, II. R. 
Bcntly, B«ri D 
Blcvlns, Clem 
Boyer, Will 
Bench, Bobby 
Booth, W. H 
Barnes, J. II. 
Byers, T. C. 

A. J. 
Iliiteiiiiin, Tout 
Briiner, Roy 
Brooks, Cor. 

BaHeman, Tom 
'■ Lawr. 

Berst, V. D. 
Barriiiglon & 
Brooke, Claud 
Bnrdick, II. ft 
Bennett, Clar. 
Bailey & 

Boyle, liar. 
Belmont", Hnr. 
Blondcll. L. D. 
Cutty, W. 
Clark Bri>s. 
Clark, Geo. 
Cooper. L. H. 
Cole, W. S. 
Cronln, Mor. 
Cnwley, Jus. 
Curtlss, S. M. 
Carney, A. 
Connors, W. C 
Coburn,- J. "A. 
Cannon. C. ft 
Clark,' Geo. 
Couture, Dnv, 
Craig k Ardell 
Cnuiinan, Guy 

Collins, CaptB 
Collins, Kdw B 
Cnrman, Grt. 
Craig, Albert 
Corrlgno, Jas. 
Cornello. Pros 
(tele, Geo. 10. 
Cohan, Gus 
Coutia ft ■ 


Herbert, T. L. 
1HI1, Mur. K. 


Imtham, G. K 

A. U. 
Cook, C. A. 
Cook & Hull 
Corwcll, T. L. 
Ciiwtliorn, Joo 
Camp, Kliep. 
Crane, II. O. 
Cooper, II. L. 
Case, Chns. 
Carroll, Billy 
Crawford, Wm. 
Citrney, Gits 
Cogan A Bacon 
Colton & 

Carlton, Sam 
Crotty, Joo 
(Mnpmnii, Geo. 
Coy, Wm. 
Chandler. Geo. 
Conlon, Wm. J 
DcCoc, Harry 

Davis, Geo. C. 
Decker, Frank 
Drnne, Grunt 
Davenport. II. J 
Dunbar, II. C. 


Diamond, J. II 

Dillon ft . . 

DcAlvii, 10.11. 

Drcxel, W. 11. 

Dllger, Fred 

Dawson ft 


DoBue, Hobby 

Deonzo Bros. 

DcVon, Fred 

D'Arcy, Fred 


Prof. J. 

Dawsoa ft 



.7 nan 

Dnnte, Carl 

DeVrles, Sum 

Donohoe, Wm 

Dooiey. Larry 



Downey. Hiss. 

Dobbs. Wilbur 

Denton. Hal 

Drew, .7. ft. 

Iievlne. K. Ji 

Dale. ai. 
"uell, Benean Conroy & Mack DfeVaan^, Har 
B"ton. Chns. Chapln. CT C. |D>IWarnoAIvy 
Baker, H. K _ Campbell. W. Darragh, Jns. i, A1 

""■ger, J. B, I Chick, John iDoncette, Tbe« KJeln, bdUlo 

Stock Co 
Hale, John S. 
Harris ft 

Hnydcn, Ralph 


llouscn, J. J. 
Holmes, W. L. 
Hill, «co. A. 
Hughes, M. B 
llognn, It. A. 
lliirdy ft ml , 
Von Slot 
Hassan, 1' J. 
HorTmnn, .Tnck 
Hlckinnn Bros 

Hodge, J. II. 
Hlnze, Rokle 
Houlihan, Geo 
Herbert, T. I. 
Hall, U»U 

Bros., 3 
Haves, Tommy 
Holt, Alf. 
Hobbs, V ft H 
Herbert, Tlios 
lloffmnn, Jack 
Howard, A. G. 
Hnnvey. L. A. 

Geo. F, 
Harrington, W 
Hatlleld, J. P. 
Hartsetl Trio 
Hantsell, Bug. 
Hill. Geo. A. 
Hart, John 
Hoosc, F. L, 
Irwin, June 
Imhoff, F. B. 
Irwin, Mr. 
Irwin, Win. J 
J eh kins, Tbo 
Johnson, Rose 
Johnson ft 

Jordan, Fred 
Kelley, Tlios. 
Kcehlc, Frank 
Kershaw, Tom 
Kelly, A. P. 

Koplln. J. W. 


Kellv. Ward 
Knight Bros. 
Keennrt'. John 

Marlow, Dave 
Murphy ft 

Markliarn, liar 
Martin, Joo B 
Mnngenn, Jack 
Murphy, T. II. 
Mnrtynnc, II 

Milton, Frunk 
Miners, The 

Moore, Frank 
Murray ft 

Moore, Lou W 
McGco, J. J. 
MoBvoy, Lnwr 
McVeigh, Jno. 
Btlkcr Co, 
Murks, Thos. 
Mooro Marty 
McDowell, Ray 
Miller ft 

Martlnc, Joo 
McWade, Mdw 
Murtln, Nor. 
Mason, W. K. 
Madden. L. B. 
Mack, Chns. 
Mldgley, Snger 
Maxwell, G.W. 
Millar, Bert 
Mann, 11. 
Miingetic, Jack 
Maekln, ft 

Mnilden, T. J. 
Miiirliin, G. Ik 
Morrison, L F 
Mackliilosh, D 
Miller, Fred 
Myll, Louis 
Mack ft . 


Melnall, Kdw. 

Mi'ieon, Hnr. 

Mcrrltt, Hal 

Madden, Louie 

Morris, lliii'. 

Mason, Wm. 

Miirtyn, A. J. 

Miilvy, ft L. 

Miirshnil, Leo 

Murray, Jlta 

Mack, nine 


Ncvlns, ('has. 

Norrls, J. V. 

Nnsinyth, B, 

Norcross, J. 

Nichols, Klw. 

Norrls, Wes. 

Nelson, J. II. 

Noldcnt, Bug. 

Nau man, Aug. 

Nichols, T. P. 

Newton, Jos. 

Nygarri, Bd. 

Neff, R. <•'. 

Newton, Wm. 

Nlssen, Wall. 

Norman, Den 

Nnwn, T. J. 


O'Shcn, Oscar 

Osborn. J. A. 

Ober, Geo. 


O'Neill, Jim. 
Pelot, Mr. 
Patterson. Al 
Phccnlx, John 
Porter, Oscar 
Piatt, O. O. 
Plant, J. D. 
Pntet Fnmlly 
Paul, Oscar 
Price, Cnpt. 
Pnyron, It. V. 
Plerrlor. Capt 
Patcnaude, A. 
Powell ft 


Parker, II.. M 
Pantzer Trio 
Parker, IT, M. 
Payton. R. 0. 
Parrott, — • 
1'hlllps. .7. II. 
Powers. J. T. 
Prli*. II. M. 
Pnkall. Carl 
Paul, Oscar 
Post. Ralph 
Packard. T. C. 

I ton mil rip 
prevost, How. 
BoZclle. Blllle 
Robinson. W C 
Reynolds. Mn» 
rthSReli: II. C. 
Upbblns, licit 

Norfolk. — At Ocean Vlow Casino (Jnko 

,' 'iwi'n k" p wi, .«i 8 mT n 1*3&R We"", manager) business for week of Jilno 

Samoyou. of age. In 1870 he erected the Jrst va ude- .,., WRH vc ^ r Vaudovlllo will bo tho 

Manuel vlllo theatre In Wllkcsbarro and managed ntlraclloli for we*R of 20. 

Swan ft It for ten years. Buou TngATRK (Abb Smith, manniter).— 

Bnnibard , Jonn FaanKBicK fooK, on 1'tor, died N imjoiHo for Week of all art I Hello His- 

.lime 36, ut the Bmergency llospllnl,. Denver TOfii Markliarn, Hlclta Drew, Dowlcy 

Colo., from consumption. .Ho was 11 member , M( , nn | nR nnrt wilSoli mid West. . 

Of tho Jane Onkes Stock Company In that Manhattan Thhatiid (Fred V. Fleck, 

city. Ho leaves a widow. manager).— People for week of SB ur.r. 

hUKM Rkmmkiw,, a basso _ singer, for nnt(KtH ftllrt i,, lV eenc, Jim Wondvllle, thn 

many years well known In IIiIb ™"nlry. MaTihBttan Quartet, Baby Dbvciie, Mat C. 

died June 'J4, nt Znrlcli, Swlt».e land, lis t^kp, ami Copeland and Coitelantl. 

death following a opernl Ion. lie AtimToiiii'M Tiihatrk (J. W. Burton, 

was bom In Uiisseldorf, on the Rhliic. sixty muni , a( ,r).— For weekof 'JOllie fnllowlni 
years ago, and came to New lork In his 
St.Cln'lr, IJIIIy early manhood. From 1870 to 1800 ho up- 
Stanley & penred In innny concerts given by tbo Ocr- 

Commctla man societies. 
Steele, S, B. Haiiiiv Tlimir 'MnanicK, a circus nttnrhe, 

Shooman, died June lo, at Providence, R. I. 1 lie 

Prlnco deceased was born Doc. 24, 1858, In 1 New Hctprnhtirn— At tlib .AWdeiny of Music ^■S5mi7 , ~' '"" *" 

Snalllc, Percy York City, was thp son of "Hilly Boyd, once Kroncli, irtanagrir).— 1,'lio llnrrlaoh- ti,, ili,iin-s have been very unlet over 

n well known cl mis performer, and >i"d \ 0iun! , ,;„. p „.(.cnto(l "Caflllllc" ami "Tho bore fnr Ihe ims moi ill At Ihe Winter- 

bam connected will, tho Bdrntun ft Bailey gj»™ 1rl,'; to s.hhll atlo.ldatlfe, w-ok )? f JJSm UiiSb *lJm*M IRW#lMni«i 

Circus. _ .... junp ai*. Tho pcrforjmncei 1 were . wwmlly BtaS Johnson, tho likycllsts; Kintwir 

sot lkfyln»r........Co!*_ younger, and I' rank nrolhers, Sum Kllun, and Woodward's mil 

Shen 11 ft 

Strauss, Thco. 
Swan, Mark 
Sherman, .1. J. 
Stanley, Jnck 
Bpyre, Bug. 

ng pco- 

pln are limikeil : Whiter Sfnhtoli and NOIibi 
llcrinan, lliinsun atod Plnrce, Walker Sis- 
ters, .Hie 'i'lirec Itenl/cB, Moll Grant, FloSslo 
Holdon. Irene Sullivan, John O'llara and 

Bonn Brvln. 

(Kllun Ollll OWN L'OUIinNfONIlHNT.) 

111:111. is, Jlllin It. 

Onco again I nin hack on tbo coiilliieiil; 
of Biiropn and would liavo sent my inonihly 
letter a . low wooks ago, but news bus been 
so scare, especially 11 bout American itclu. 
Hint 1 postponed my writing. 

I romalu horn until July 1, when 1 go to 
Purls ami will give the renders nil I ho news 
of Unit gay city. 1 have had tho pletisuro 
of meeting Herman I'erlnl, the well known 
leader of tho Casino and llio Hrliuberc 
forces, who Is making Ills first Biiropemi 
lour and Is certainly having 11 linn Lime 
Ho In accompanied by Ills wife, who expect s 
to enter vaudeville over hero. I also re- 
ceived a telegram from Leo Harrison ami 
Max Rogers, who arrived today In Burope. 
and who expect mo to show lliein Purls 

Smith, Thco. 
Siouto. GeO, L 
Sun Bros. 
Swan, M. B, 
Sherry Bros. 
Slltion, E. 
Shea, Tlios. 

Shea, J. J. 

Sharp, Chns. 

s G1rl," to' srtlhll tiltnildiinre, wek of ~ 

.„ !l!f, Tho performances were generally foi 

Jamks IX .Mackin, a variety performer HQt mr.vlnir Col* Younger rind Frank Pff 

radr^SL* 1 He HSX r» ,y m W "iSJ Is 'fiffi 'V".' " 1 " 1 jjM 18 * 1 «■■ vek, Z "S. " I ons "» "nil malifo Tretnondinis 

Ma' ^ r 'la iwTaril 1 linTbiS i In tho prafes: "°^" ut two perfoi'n.ances 24 , „„„. olllim rcn , Hl n.H ahother m.inth. hnv : 
sloii for several years. 10s Ilrst partner ♦*♦ — 


was a Mr. Murray, with whom he continued 

Stnnlcy, Kdw. until ho mot and married Hawl Plerco, nnil 

Him ft Homer tho team became Mnckln and Pierce. nH 

Hnowdcn. Curl wero great favorites In lliii far West, ami 

Bltinrt, II. M. wOrn playing nt tho O. K. Theatre, oklii 



homn Clly. when Air. Maekln was taken III. 
Tlie remains wero Interred In that city. 

W. A. BAttKi;rt, ring master with the M. 

L. Clark Show, was shot and killed at North 

Little Rock, Juno 8. no was shot about 

tl o'clock at night, and carried to tho hosiil- 

Cnmnietta ml. w,hcio ho lived nboiit tbreo liohrs. His 

Tompkins, Win body was sent lo Alexnndrln, Ln., by remimt 

Thrclkcld ft of his wife, und was burled- at Pllicvl le, 

Wicko Ln. Mr. Barker lind boon connected with 

i'enny, lOrncst the Clark Show for six or night years. He 

Tiistln. Paul was forty-two years of age, and leaves u 

Tucker, Jack wife rtnd three children. 

Stilly. J, F. 

Snssc, C. L. 
Htlirodo, Walt 
Seymour (Jug. 
Slanley & 

Mcmphln. — At tho Now Lyceum Tl 

in- (Frank :0ray, malinger). — ''Faust" 
presented June 10-^1, by the Hiltltmer Opera 
Coinpatiy, t.t> goinr iitteijdniii'e. , Tom Greclio 
inndn Uls ilrst uppenrilticc of l ho season us 
Faust, unit was tendered a most cordial lit- 
ceptlon. Mr. Gtne'nn's voice has greatly Iiu 

ing M 

paid her linn so us shn could Uo relenseil 
from her Vienna contract. Shn stays over 
hero for a long llnio to comn. At llio Apollo 
Theatre, III Berlin, I wio thn well known 
Condo, who IniM been hern twnlvo yeais. 
Ho has )ust joined a colored show for tlm 

KiiHsbl this yenr has all the American, 
talent bunked for tho Summer. Tlionn who 
me III Moscow aro: llinnlliil, at the Bstaii- 

sends evoryboily his proas nnllces, hut no 

.mores. Hho hus lovoirto a.decljfed favrtjlto „ lm ,. Alt „, U(1 ,„„,„ , m ln My fa in'llilsslaii. 
with tho Lyceum patrons. Claudia AllirtjiM, oihers thoro 1110 tho Mill 

'Thorn e & 

us Kdwlngs, deserves mention. ; A nurapor 

Hkniiv Kouiti.Klt, a musician, died Jiihc , ,i nv v faeo's apiieilreil In llio clIoriiM, wlilcli 

, ■_ • . 1 1 1 . .1 1 . ■ . 1 .. .■ ..A>l ununn o.h irli vrnil r"U . . T. . . . a.a > . ,_ j. , 1 asT_„ .'...i7 .. a 

. aiihatlnn Comedy 
Four (Williams, Mack, King and Davlsi. 
Thesa Isiys luivn Iweome so fnmoils over lie™ 

Pessler, Wm. 



kn^ in uotVnje draniatjc am. vriudevllV, ty^^A**®^' 
|!, i ;s[reB 1 ; n slnce , l. , ef .fflho^d. '^le? X.hi'r well^l. IhnOss and tJR, 

and worn |n Mt. Potiirshiirg I sen Ln Hells DKale, 
favorites of 1I11, clever llttlo dilncor, who shortly relllrts 

Van, Hilly V 
Vogel, Win. 
Vogcl, Geo. 


Alfredo (10c. 
Vonlc, CHfC 
Vonlcllo ft 

Vincent, Frank 
Van, Cbns, A. 
viiin.ii-. Allan 
Vice, Fred 
Wore, Sidney 

Brik'st Piintzer, 
:ot inni'i'lcd lu 

• I,,rtc ,^,', o^ Jte^-S^li"l«M^?S«»« his eloan comedy; 1# Vino nad Aftta proveil it tlclo Veforrlng to It Inloly. 

W«Jgg-g flgLqy JSJSfiFSJSS'X» tine team In their. Woi'k . Miss Alnm pi-ovrd of the PmSar Bi-olho's. „ 

irofcsalona debut Ht thn age >r 'went jr. bbo v( , rw , H |, ty ,„ high kick, col.rorlloli, sand Um>\on lust week, WIlllO Wlnlilm. who miii- 

lmd continued In the iiiofesBlon cvir aincv. ||l|l|H| . Iln(l '| m iAnehl«. wlillo Mf. I* Vine, i-iuil prelty Lnllnh' Helhlnl alsiiit u yenr ago, 

• • * wllli his teeth iiiibiiiclng of. one ikuion chairs, when she rntlred from the stnge, Is ngiilii 

iirescntcd n new feat Unit brought down tho shortly lo comn oul in it new ncl. Frlln 

house. Junn 2II (o July 4: Knlsoy Moore, HnutU, of tbo well known Rraalr, II rot hers. 

OHIO— (Sen Pilgo 437). 

YoiiitKsi'own.— Idora Park (ft Stanley, 

manager).— Programme for week of Julio .....iiui 

The Mitchells. Mr and Mi's. ' y N ',^' KH ._ T |', ft Koul . t „ „f j„iy w lll 

twel arid Hiidley, an. rc) , oril brcoKcr for (rfK m wnl , , IM .,„ 

ImicsB rind Itynn, Perthi( Dorian, Bsher His- nlso' lias his young niece doing a Juggling 
tor's, John and Mnbel Moore, Walt/., the mil- act that Is really marvelous. . I saw lice per- 

•22 embraces: 
Danny .MitOn 



formauco tbo other day, mid shn will surely, 
bo a ho a sensation. 
,v al- Johnson, the bicyclist, left in Join 11 clrrliH 

Dick "urtd Allic MeAvny. fjnfttrtffl^Mffw trncrbin's!"hTlsMeiV, flio orio' legged 'cyclist, iiiTranco^wi;iln'"w^ 
been mine for week of 2!) for: cook nnil mllk( . H h i K aTiJ. i.., „ • tttik frr 
' Clinton,; World's Comedy „9'iartctlc, Dan uild gf*J SStSSk of elglrty fe"t 

„ 1HCAVIIJ. i.ivf in. »..«..- sws ■ 

Kr\'.i ?!:.*!?». ,>cc " ""KSS l ?I. Vr 11 ii JELt&iJlSS, !!!!! makes "his dive li|tb a lank fr.ini' h)s ii'lcyclo ciniiH'ile'kotoirT lit Cirpeuliiigiui." Tho Iliig 

Williams. OMJ ciinion, World's Comedy Qunrtctlc, Don una ||t rjj p | fvn1[o „ of e |j,|„ y fflct . nallmm as- gsssens, .well known JiigglcrN, Urn resllng on 

K CBt , *-.i. Dolly Mnnn, and^Mlss^Blcc.^ t ^ ^ ,.,,„ H ion, 'cycle whirl, sluck wlro Act, day and ii.olr Iswiitlful farm Irt Treuiburg. Soiisa and 

night fireworks out of doors, while tho Cm- his famous band urn-Just. Ilntslilng his (;nn 


Geo. ft' May 
Welch, Lcou 

y Mnnn, and Miss BIcc. 
Avon Pauk (Jos. W. Wcss, lessen and 
manager) .— Mnnnger Wess provided for 
week of T2: Tho Melvlllcs, Charles Hcclow, 

Ward, Bob Sophia Burnhnm, Tommy Hayes, Wheelnn 

White, John Hnr i i>i,elps, the HoldswOrtlis, and Cllmtot, 

Winter. Banks 

West " 



West, t.'f 


Waldron BroB j, 1 ,, w m m «n ititrTiilo. to assume the ninn 

Waldo. — ngement. of the Teck 'i'lieAiro Slock Co.. . ;. 

Wlaemart. Geo \,y mmn nvne Rink, violinist and elociillonlst, 

Wolfe, Will 1,, } mm o W |th her parents for the Summer, 

WtncbcHter, „f( or „,, engagement with the Bock Dm- 

Kugcno mntl( . (jo .Wayne G. Christy Is spend- 

«.i uwih »."">■ mi. ^-1- llin JIIIIIIOOI Ollllll 1. 

slno offers acts, both luntlnco und Hnentsl lour. Fliiniicltilly ho hus Isieuit 

night Centennial Park Inaugurates a failure ; artist lea [iy n tremeiidoiis silc'ccss. 

season of light opera July 4. Justin Thatch- Ho luls been badly advised, charging too high 
er selected uls corilpiuiy from New York, and 




tlm curt. She has boon In Vienna replen- 
ishing her wardrobe tn begin her ton months' 
tour, opening In Paris, nt tho Folk's Mnrlg- 
ny, July 1, for two weeks, when slm goes 
to Drasdnn In September, then to' Hie Winter- 
gnrten, Ilnrlln, October rind November, und 

$S-"o "# RersVaniey; 'which proved "a hK with tho KB;',^,^ Jf || rds," played 

SSS, wii'i"' big audience. lo pnckeil houses 21 -27. As llio weather Is 1 see Grildln, the magician : Wood and llnles. 

Wrtber. Wlll'd 

N. J. 
Wells, W. ft 
Wterti: ft />o 

Jutlgn (18c. 


Toledo,— At Hie Form Theatre (Otto Y. 
Kllves. mnnnger).— BiislncsH continues big. 
The hill week of June '2'2 wns a strong one. 
The Bllnor Sisters nnd Kldpey Grant wero 
big fnvorlles. For "2H arid week : Hal gtf 

warmer big. business rules, 

Among thoso liooked next Winter over hero 

»eo Gofdln, the tnttglelnn ; Wood und llnles, 

Bvnrhnrt and Chung Ling Sou. Bvcrhurt 

Manhaitan Bkacii (J. Bdgar Clifford, sails for America shortly. 
manager). — This Mummer resort. Is pulling i,» 

on strong vaudeville bills. Programme 'li- «•«■•*«■« ium. 1....... mi 

•2H: Jessie Hmlth Bronx. Clovor Tann, Ihe CAWAUA— (hrt Pngo 4.17). 

Florodora Six Pretty Girls, Mile. Bcnelln, 

Weaver. Col, 
Wills, N. M. 
Wolff, Har... 
Weaver; Ceo. 
WlltOfl, E. W, 

BBUTM Pabk (.T. W. McCormlck, man- Five trains a 

from New York to .Clo- 

the Daniel It. Hyun Co.. Is spending his 

n.p r ; —The bill SI nnd week gave general clnnatland St. Mills' by the N6w York Cen- vin-nllon here Ilertrnin Harrison, who 

■sBtls-mctliin.-inid rtTurns were fairly good. I nil, Including "Tho Limited," leaving New wns with Henry Miller Inal yenr. Is spend- 
Bookcd for 28 and week : Tito Four llluoos, i'urk at 6,yo r. ».— 4Jv. . „ ipg Ula .vutallua HJtU Wa puuum Uw, „ 


■V ■" 




...^ . p. m ii» " ifnran and Wilson, placed Wa. theatre. In -the 8talr- a Havlln 
M r2K2tt "a Vn'Gof re bStlUo. circuit. The Empire will be redecorate . 
i.skafweston and Luxes,' Slack,Sls- other Improvements made during the Summer 

Review •»* • CaBnsaeat.— Tba rootlnu- 

lit Inn of Inclement weather taut week kept 
nmusement seekers away from tbe open air 
resort*, whlle'lndoor attraction* continued 

vacation. — 

Kiudoy concerts, as usual, were largely at 
tended 28. 

Proctor's Twenty-third Street The- 
atre (J. Adstltl Fybes. '-general manager)' — 
TUe cnrrenr bill Include* a Hat of well known 
h<>r*er Glrr ar the Herald Square, the last entertainers, and good attendance ruled SuUan of Hulu" in the opening attraction at 
three named cloalnc on that 'date Draraaa afternoon and eten/ng of ■June 29. Bllda this seaside resort. U waa welcomed by a 
rpree named closing, on mat oaie. uraroi. Thomas, assisted by Lou Hall, heads the crowded bouse 27, and will continue for a 
by the F. K. Proctor atock companlea, with bill, and the success, won by thl 

rflf*— ' SQiMJta . flA*PR», Snmmer opera 
at ; Twaicic GabDrx, Creator* and • hi* 
hand at St. Nicholas Garden, Henry , B. 
Dliey at the Oabrjck, and "The Kolcker 

pea ranee In comic opera, 
scenery are from I' 
Prosperous business 
of the operas this season. 

n Bbaih.— At the Pavilion "The lavishly billed. 

hi orlifna! nrod™tfon Boyce and Rogers. On Friday of next week. t0 Rock ftian*d July; 7. ..'.. .:The Osaka? 
h^ marked tne running July 10, Pawnee Bills Wild West .will, be M unday Merchanta 8treet Carnival. 22 .», 
fl ^>r, here for the day, and the town la already | nclaa | Te , have been favored , with One 

Ma Ml ATT A > 

♦ »»- 

MASSACHUSETTS— (See Page «7). 

weather, and is doing good business. 


Cedar MaVH Auditorium .(Barry Hu- 
bert, manager). — Rose Mattir, Bohemian 

. his clever pair fortnight, "The same cast will be seen as Worcester — Worcester Theatre (Fell* ■-•:-• 

added vaudeville featnres. were presented at warrants the Position- of honor. Their pleax- was In .N>w Yort Dockstader'a Minstrel* R . Wendelscbaefer, ^ager) -The New ffln, violinist »« ^ BohumJanaa. c<r 

Proctor'* Fifth Avknub Fiftt -eighth lag "ketch, ''Tto tone Star "met with a will follow. Pain, the pyrotechnist, baa had York Players will produce •'Haael Klrke jmun, viomj >j ^ Green's Opera 

Iboctoim ^kifto avrndi *W H_ „»,«] f , Tor . The ^Meeker-Baker Trio. .In hard time with nls "Destruction j>f week of June 29. Last, week "Christopher netthrt, j 80 **^ ■" ne g^^y ~£™. ■\"^ 

Htbeet and Osis HnKoakn.Axn. Twbstt- their comedy actottatlc act, were aa popular Vouuell." "it bas rained nearly every night J r /t wa i pUtved" to excellent attendance, 
vifth StbitetJ Variety entertainment aa of yore. HoMea and Florence. In their «| DC e the opening. 

was furnished at Crystal Oahdkxs, Pboo- 
ijib'b Tv/KNTr-Tni»n 8tb««t,' Tost Par- 


Hi hit. vs. the DRWKt, Hi HTKs 'A SbamoN'h, 
und I.ion Palace. At H user's the 

operatic sklrj The Fairy of Klllarney.' 
were well liked. Others who lent good aid 
were: Matthew* and Ashley, sidewalk con* 
veraatlonaliRta; Eddie Hayes and Mona 
Wynne, singing and dancing act: Owley and 
Randall, comedy Jugglers : Dlamlnant Trio, 
acrobatic dancers: Kennedy and Jamea, In 

Bkiohton Ukaoh — tx the- Moric Haix 
(Win. T. Grover. manager). — Another strong 

UKtWpr. Consol. St. -Hr. Co.. mapn- aaasasai » 
ger»).-J. W. Gorman's I mperlala, including -«•• •■• " 1D 
flarfy Smlrl and Itose Ressner. In '-Tto Beil July «• ••• 

Animal Show, No. 2, pleased two big crowds 
Rlngllng Bros.' Circus Is billed for 

: .Advertising Car No.- 1, a. G. 

usual vaudeville and curios were seen their acfi ?Dr. PalTr;" Cra'lg and ArdelY, In 

.Siiinmer vaudeville waa also presented at a musical act; Louise Satour, ballad singer: 

BaiiillTOX'BKAeH, HbNkisbmox'R Mimic Ham.. White and Bancroft, la a singing and talking „ ventrllo.|tilal act; Vlra Real, the singing leased by tbe managers of the Park and CDa P" „„j„ At . 

and Park Coney Island. Bet. ■ and GeorBeYeoroan. German comedian, girl ; Charies Krnst. black . face comedian, i/jtbrops. Fort D of«*«— ^' i^a iabk, t.onry i.iona. >rile imlutecbnoscdpe continues. £ a(i t he trained animals. given 29. when Yeager and Yeagera ag- (Beth Meservey, mam 

' " ' Kelth'a Theatre (E. jr. Albee. general (.'oney Island.— Hbndirsox's Mcsic Haj.l |regatlon of colored comedians will make season In vaudeville w 

Froctor'a Fifth Aveaue Theatre (J. manager). — It would be difficult io engage ( r '~ Kaber. manager). — The bill given this 

AiiKtlnPvnes, general manager)'. — The stock a list of stronger or more entertaining vaude- wee i |, B V erv good one. Those who appear 

i. Bering far the current week Is "Pink Domlu- vllle features than Is to be found In the pro- are; Melawe Trio, nawthore and Burt, Mc- 

oea,-" and thecrnwda liiat attended the opening gramme offered here this week, and the c'une Miles. Weston, Beaaley and Collins, 

performances, atrernoon and evening or June Opedlrig performances June 29 were largely >| ea( | an il Bennett, Laura Comstock and Co., 

ml. Thurston, the magician. J'alfrey and Hilton, Orvllle and Frank, Yal 


the Midland Theatre 
nager). — The Summer 
j^— k will open June 30 In- 

tlief? appearance. Two performances will stead of Julv, aa announced^ . Busby 
i" glvwMcb day of the week. Sunday ex- Bros. 1 One Ring Circus did good business 

cented at two performances June 22 The Vore- 

^ T £ H ._WJIIIam Beach waa a guest of pangb-FjRh Wild Weat Is billed to appear 

Fran* Lamb, of the New York Players Co.. July 12 Rlngllng Bros.' Clrcua has 

this week. Charlea Bowser, of last yearns made «[ a _ D g, e , n ]f n, _ i j_J . B Ef*3l. „„t re D J . u . 'J li' 

■0. gave every evidence of approval. j*si- «tteL«^ 

lacy Mraklne, Wul McAlllatar, Vlorencf Reed card expert r and Illusionist, heads the Hat )0 luio, Lvtton and Mttlefield, Blsonette Summer atock, also stopped over, to renew The Hfty-alith Regiment Band re- 

aud Mrs. Bva Vincent came In for a big for' the (bird successive week, and tbia fact and Newman, Klein, Ott Brothers and Nick- old acquaintances, while on his way from turned from Indianapolis June 20, where 

Boston to New York The new theatre ihey furnished the music for the Modern 

being erected by R. C Taylor Is about ready Woodman Convention. In the band contest 
for "be roof, which la good assurance that' they secured Urst prize of s JOB. 
this new house will open on time the coming Burlington. — Rlngllngs' Clrcua appears 
season. July 13. Car No. .1. with A. 8. Rlngllng 

a and twenty-seven aRslatanta, was in the city 

Lyaa.— Shays Summer Snow Houae. June 22 At Ebners Summer Garden 

Twentv TboiiHond Leagues L'nder the Sea, BaBg p i„ t \ a hant (J. J. Shay, manager).. (B. J. Ebner, manager) the following. people 

was opened to the public last Satnrday even- owing to the severe weather all laBt week are amusing the crowda: Cbas. Carter. Ls 

Ing. It ls the most vivid Imagination ever tL | 8 nouge waa e \ oa ^a. x-lg week's attrac- 
dreamed of, and tbe most daring piece of 
stage mechanism that has ever been at- 
i lempted. The passengers In all reality board 
i-nmed.v. Clilueee' acrobats: Al. Lawrence, parody- singer; Pglk and Kolllns, talented „ submarine boat, and those left behind see 
lulmlo; PorapejL In a musical act ; I^o Mlera, batilolirta t who are Jost back from Europe; ,he monster steel craft sink beneath thn 
(Mrifone Ringer : Eddie Hqrau, dancer; Mary Gallagher end Barrett, Irish dialect com- waters of the tank, which holds eight him 

tired thousand gallons of .water. Under the 

Iloufynhn : • 'Kopuln Graylhorne, Florem-e In Mr. Bond's support being excellent. Mr. 

lived: Lady Maggie Wagstaf, Margaret Bond, as the debonair man of the world, 

jtrew : Mr*. TiibbK, Mrs. Lvu Vincent : Rebec- guvc a grace and charm to tbe cbaracter. 

in. .Margaret Klrkar-. .Miss Barron, Loretta The Three Hickman Bros., In a novel com- 

Jlealyv I Tlie.-vaiHlevllle hill given between edy : Silvern and Rmerle, expert gymnasts: 

the acta- Included: Marline and BaJmo, Howe anil. Scott, Hebrew act: Joe Flynn. 

Madden, mbnologlsl, and Rose Jrannetie. edlans: tbe Reese Bros., in clever gun and 

singer, .all of whom aided In the make up spear Juggling; Tommy Baker, in an enter- 

of a pieasurable entertainment. The kala- lalning mohologue; Joale and Willie Bar- 

t eclmoncope, with new views, waa a continued rows, In songs and dances: Howard and 

utti'Dctinu. i- Burke, eesentrk- comedians) Bean and Ham- , 

Huher's Museum (John H. Anderson, ilton. barrel Jumpers; Hatauma, Japanese when the passenegers again disembark tbev 

manager). — As t lie propltloua weather for equilibrist aud juggler, and the motion pic- see a T |||gge of real F.sklmos with the dog's 

amusement "inkers continues, this resort ls tures conjpJ«t.e.Uie i blll tor .this week, 
iiirrexpondlngly favored with a regular mid- Pastor's Theatre (Tony Pastor, mena- 

thla bouse was _ 

tlons Include : David and Carrie Brlnkley, 
Master I.orlng Grimes, L'afferty and Graut, 
Solora, and Frank Mill ou. ' ■ 

Gobuan's Summer Theatre, Salem Wil- 
lows, Mass. (M. J. Doyle, manager). — Al- 
though tbe weather laat week was not favor- 
able for open air snow business, perform- 
sea It continues with changes of temperature an0M wer e presented nearly every day, and 
In the different climes as well as wonders lbeTe wag fa. attendance. Gorman's Ala- 

Mott and Beatrice, Major O'Loughlin, potts 
and Harte. Wheeler and Wilson, and Jean 

nette Carew At Madison . Ave. Park 

IP. W. Bobleu, manager), Burden and Re- 
linn, the Rays, and Beverly . and Danvera 
are drawing well. . 



of tbe deep In their respective spheres. 
Finally the boat grounds on an Iceberg, and 

and Polar bears. A walking trip Is tben 
made around tbe Ice froaen village and n 

wees urr; \T-iii|nui - -aiiriii inFiijfr, iu u auu umutb ui iiiuiuiuk, uau uv ucitiuug 

Hour, diving contest : Olga, queen of anake effect upon tbe alr.e of the audience, nor the trained animals have already taken a arm 

ibartners ; Geo. Fraueea, who thrives on> a spirits "of those who bad assembled to par- hold on the audiences of the park.. Tbev 

diet »f stoueB, and George Warden, musical lake of the capital programme placed before are quartered In a hippodrome covering a 

juuvelty. Lutertalulog vaudeville perform- them. While Jupiter Pluvlus reigned with- space of ground 180x160 feet, with the most 

uuiT*. combined with picture displays, serve nut, brightness aud merry laughter held full ■ 

to crowd the tiljoit theatre at different 

lK-rlodn of the day. and night. . 
Majestic Theatre (Geo. 

general nu»nnger).-fTbe Wliard 

opened It* twenty-fourth week Jul 

eicollcnt business still prevailing. 

H. Nlcolal 


Crystal Gardens (Klaw 

29, with 

~k Erlanger, 

sway within, nnd the following excellent bill, 
admirably .'well arranged, accounts for this 
pleasant Condition of things. Callaban 
and Mack, In a bit of Irish characterization 
and musical as well, which waa heartily en- 
joyed and, liberally applauded ; Annie Hart, 
who received n warm welcome from her old 

Improved equipments. The performance Is 
by Carl Hagenbeck, and presents an Inter- 
esting entertainment. 


bama Troubadours are the attraction this 

No'tkh. — Prof. Williams, 
Gem Theatre since Its opcnl 
ter Williams on the Summer . 
now presenting a musical act, and Is meet 

Ing with much success Major Bishop, 

manager of Bishop's concert ball, who has 
been confined to bis home by Illness for a 
number of weeks, la rapidly improving. 
■ » 

Fall River. — At Sheedv's Theatre <M. 
F. O'Brien, manager). — Bufflogton's Stock Co. 
presented "Lady Audley's Secret" laat week, 
to large business. Week of June 29, "Miit- 
clooh's Picnic." Specialties will be given 
by Nellie Burgers and Jamea E. MeKlroy. 

Providence. — Two or three days of sun- 
shine during .the past week have effected 
nisnlst at the a sudden opening of the belated Summer 
asm! is with Mas- »e*»on, but. .In spTte of the exodus from city 
•aavaaaS ■aavS 'o seashore and mountain, Summer am.ise- 
"' ' ments here are drawing well. 

Keith s , (Charles - Lovauberg, resident 
manager). — "The Lost Paradise" was- played. 
to crowded houses, during tbe week of June 
22 by the Albee Stock Company. "I.or.1 

and Lady Algy" bqilda the boards during the 
week of 29, and "All the Comforts of Home" 
Is down for July 6. "..''_ _, ' 

l'ii„vi[,t>TK Opera Hodrb (Felix H. wen- 
delschaefer, manager) i-^-The H. L.- Williams 
Opera Company gave "The Chimes of- •Nor- 
mnndv" and "Carmen" week of 22. 

tuauagers). — Tbia resort presents tbe same time friends, and .who made them scream 

hill as was offered laat week, and packed with old time songs and dances: Cook and 

houses have riled since :tne opening. The Sylvia, singers and dancers; the Folly Trio, 

current la tbe second week. In 
Knickerbocker Theatre (Al. Bayman 

Newark. — At Proctor'a Theatre (J. Aus- 
tin Fynea, general manager). — An unceas- 
ing flow of novelty makes thla bouse, the 
Mecca of all lovers of good vaudeville. A 
new departure ls made tbia week in tbe ap- 

Dally, Joe Ellis, Coogan and Baker, and 
Kittle Hoffman 

A Co., proprietors), — Blanche Ring began 
mi June 20 her fourth week In "Tbe Blonde 
in Black." Continued good houses have re- 
warded the performances thus far. 

German comedy; Edwin Maynara and 

a MacDouald, In "Our Millionaire pesrance of Walter Turner and I.lla Blow, 
..Katle and Edward Lovltt. aero- In "At the Turf Inn," with all the scenery 

Cumin . 

hatli' novelty; Edward King nnd Abl Stange. 
in "Warned, an Actress ;" Chris. Meyer, and 
"atfcn, ' 

Viola Mad 

In "A Polite Kicker:" , Ren- 

Manhattan Theatre (Harrison Grey nler and (Jaurdler, In songs snd dances 
llske. mauager)).' — "Tbe Karl of Paw- Edith W. - Richards. Instrumental music 
tucket" holds Ita ground well in the matter Steluert and Thomas, German comedy 

and accessories necessary. Tbe complete and It received a cordial endorsement by full 

programme names: James Richmond . Glen- houses dally at both presentations. J. Guff- 

roy. La Clel, Harry and Sadie Fields, Van ney and Lillian Held entertained tbe audi 

1)., .-. . \S..w-. I^.w. .. n ,-l Tf,-,. ,.l Da—* UaI./m. l.*n.,(4 __— a_. V.-.. _. , .j. _ *. t. « _._•,_ MIL _ - - - .. — t • 

Katkerink Rober and her company played 

"Du Barry" week of June 22, at the l.mpire 

Theatre (Spitz * Nathansou, managersi. 

w _ n Tt W ,' Qk _, . „, u .„ "Uncle Tom's Cabin" waa tbe bill farm 

„ l**" Bedford.— At Bbeedy a Theatre (D. and -Romeo and Juliet" will be given. July.O. 

R. Bumngton, manager). — "Nniures Noble- At r cki Point the Summer aeason of 

man" was the play presented tbe past week. va „deville opened June 28, with the follriw- 

1 Ing attractions; Alice Shaw, Marie McNeil, 
Rlttv Wolf, Blanche Lattell and Alice Porter, 

•if business. This la the llfteenth week. 

Madlaon square Garden — The pres- 
ent In the fifth week nf John S. Duns and 
the Meirnpolltan 0|>era House Orchestra, 
coupled with "Venice In New York," which 
has scored a big success. 

Broadway Theatre (A. W. Dingwall. 
mannger). — This I* the tlxteanth crowded 
week uf "Tbe Prince ' of Pllsen" at - thla 
tlientre. Its run will easily extend through- 
nut the Summer. 

Patradi** Boot Gardens (0»car Ham- 
inerstein, manager). — Mat week's Mil la 
held over Intact. It names: Hlrcobono's 
hurses, Franca Piper, tbe -Hoosler Zouaves 

tlttl n - m -\ t i' uutu a i|n i i tup 'iiifviiri (imisivvi ua ui iuii|' w m 1 -*' a 

Galettra troupe of monkeys, Sherman and valuable professional 

Charles H. Duncan, vocalist and comedian: 
Julius Larvett. magician, and tbe vltagraph 
complete the bill. 

Thr bntkrtaismbxt to Bro. Geo. 8- 
Rohinnon und the Inmates of the Home for 
Incurables, at One Hundred and Eighty- 
third Street and Third Avenue, this city, 
ou June 20. was a praiseworthy snd like- 
wise -an enjoyable affair. t To Master Bro. 
Geo. K. Wallen, who gave earnest effort to 
promote success, much of Ihe credit la due. 
Wor. Bro. George Loesch, Bro. Fred. W 
linger, Bro. Arthur " 
Wm.' D. Lang were 
of arrangement!. 

Bros., Marlon and Pearl, Bert Baker, Fred 
Lauder and Marlon Stanley, In "Detained 
ou Business," and the kalatecbnoscope. Good 
business was tbe rule last week. 

Electric Park (C. A. Duulap, general 
manager). — Vaudeville bills of distinction 
are Judiciously arranged here each week, 
and. with the coming of good weather. 

. The current week •* 

tbe Sbaw Slaters, the Norrises. Ida Howell 
and Helen Austin, tbe Gordon Slaters. James 
and Maud Ryan, and Smith and Smith. 
The Crescent Park vaudeville bill for ,» 

ences between the acts 
bill la "Monte Crlsto." 

Ei.ciwos.' Theatre (Flowers & Shannon, 
managers).— This house was opened one | n clud"erWnes''anV'itemrngto'n7 Zajalle and 
nleht. June 24, by be Mechanics Athletic Vernon. Rice and Family, Morris and Blalu, 
Club, for an athletic exhibition. A good aod Jiilia West 
sl«ed audience was present. ■ _ At Chf.rtnu't finova the vaudeville per 

Notes. — All business has been called off 

crowds will be the dally portion of this new at Marine Park, Lakeside Park and Pope 

resort. Will H. Hill's remarkable perform 
amv on the high wire attracted so much 
attention last week that he has been re- 
eugaged. Tbe popular vaudeville show en- 
lists this week tbe services of: The Gotham 
Comedy Four, Trask aud Gladden, Lem 

Beach, owing to the continuous Inclement 
weatber 28,000 paying patrons wit- 
nessed the performances of tbe Barnum A 
Bailey Circus, which exhibited here June 18. 
The newsdealers were cleaned out of 
Clippers early In the day by the Barnum 

formers for tbe week of 29 are' tbe Judge 
Family. Forbes and Forbes, Morrison and 
Berwick, Cora and Marguerite Rogers, Mamie 
Harnlsh, and La Rue and Dell. 

Notes. — Harold Kennedy, comedian, has 
Juat closed a Boston engagement, and has 
Joined the Rober Stock Company at the Em- 
pire Huxtable and stock are giving 

tbe actB at the Em- 
new.:' a' compos'- 
i, leading man' uf 
waa played by the 

lis Foreat, Edith Helena, the Four Nlghtons, Arthur Dunn, Bro. Billy Gould, Bro. Alex- gypsy camp, and pony track are Increasing Nellie Mason, with moving picture songa or ^hestra at Keith's durlnaT the T week of*.!, 

the Wlllou Brothers. Mr. and Mra. Chamber- ander Clark. Bro. Bl|ly Wolf, Bro. Y. C. In Tfavor each week. and Nellie Miles, In xylophone aolos. • oronfMra at , ^"l" 8 during tne.weea 

liu. and the skit, "Punch, Judy a Co." Gouttro. Bro. Harry Itoe, Cnsmore and Klor- Notes. — Manager Stuart, of Proctor's, - ai J , . *** , T~~.'. 

Atlaatlr Garden (W. Kramer's Sons, ence, Wm. 1'iilne, James Raasone, Mrs. John took a vacation last week, and Mr. Qulnn. Tannton At xabhatla Pork (Jnoonh MICHIGAN. 

uiaiiflgers). — Charles Lawlor and daughters, K. Incc, Lucy Monroe, Howard and Adams 

In a character singing sketch ; tlie Three and Emeaf Ball. The affair was given under 

Mitchells, colored comedy trio; the Zarues, The auspices of St. Ceclle I<odge, No. 5(18, 

trapexe artists; Dart; snd Bessie Kelly, char- F. and A. M 
inner and comedy sketch team ; Cerllla Early, 

vocal comedienne, and De l<ora, magician, 
are here this week. 

Casino (Sain 8. A I,ee Shubert, mans- 

Sets i. — Thla -la the eighth week of "Tbe 
luuuwuys." and good returns are reported, 
from tbe box oflkr. 

"it. Meholaa Garden (Hnshiui 4 Howe 

Pain's Wrewohks txiiikition at Man- 
hatlnn Beach whs opened, night of June Si. 
with "The. Last Days of I^nipdl." It was 
witnessed by a crowd thnt was remarkable, 
la view of vthe rather unfavorable weatber 
conditions. Every .feature of the show. In- 
cluding ihehallers, with .their brilliant light 
effect*, the acrobatic foats and tbe eruption 

Amusemeut Co., lessees). — Tbia house re- of Vesuvius, which forms the pyrotechnic 

turned to vaudeville June 29, and the mr 
rent programme names: The Marco Twlus, 
illlle Young ami brother, the Deliuore Hla- 
isrs. Xtily, Tafe and Ronan, James and Roii- 
ule Farley. Ihe lumbar Bisters, Klalto, and 
llerrlltl aud Link. 

Ilciier Theatre I Sullivan & Kraus. 
ninuaRerst.-7-WUh favorable weather, aud 

rlltniix of ihe show, waa warmly applaudnl. 

MosTuoiiEiiv and 8tomk'h "Wlxard of 0«' 
bsselinll nine defeated a team of the B. P. '). 
E..' at Jasper Oval, on June 25, by a score 
of 8 Io «. 

PAt'i.i.Ng Hai.l has been engaged by Henry 
W. Savage to play the part of Mrs. Crocker, 
In "The Prince of Ptlsen," now taken by 

shows which (appeal -to- tbe 'tastes of their Helen Bertram, who Is tb go abroad for a 

Trlxle Frlgania will succeed Miss 

|iatcot|», business continues at tbe top notch 
here. The New Henry Hurlesqiiers have been 
selected <■> provide the amusement for this 
week. and. judging by tbe size of the audi- 
ences June 2ft, lUs-company will do all that 
Is. expected of It. - The performances open 
with an.eiueilnlnlng skll. entitled "Tbe Gay 
Deceiver," aud ls replete with bright sayings, 
music and action. In the olio which nil- 
liisrs aiv: The Three Madcaps, acrobatic 
dancer* ;. Jas. T. and 'Isabel Murphy, singing 
nud talking skeli-h : Harry Mnuvel snd ('has. 


Bertram ou July G, and Miss Hall will 
take the role later In the Summer. Mr. 
Savage IS organlxlng two companies to pre- 
sent the musical comedy next Fall, and 
Miss l-'rlfflnia will bead one and Mist Hall 
the. other. 

Quia . 
who has charge of Proctor'a One Hundred 
and Twenty-lift h Street house, was here, 
looking after the local Iheatre. 
,«. , 

Atlantic City. — At Ocean Pier Theatre 
(Harry D'Eata, representative). — Tbe Miller 
& Kauffman Players. |n "Resurrection." 
drew good houses week of June 22. This , 

ssme organization presents "Private John strong vaudeville bill,. In spite of 'unsatlsfac- Kidder :" Le' Page, jumper : Johu and Bertha 
Allen" week of 29,- and "The Hunchback of tor.v went her. . Gleeson. and-ElUe Fay.- iJist weekla bill wjs 

Notre Dame" week of July 8. 

ocean Pier Music Hall (Harry D'Esta. 
representative). — "The Strollers" closed a 
most successful engagement of two weeks 
June 27. Coming: "A Chinese Honeymoon" 
week of 29. I*w Dockstader's Minstrels 
week of July u. Wllllard's Juvenile Opera 
Co., In "Pinafore," opens an engagement 
29. to appear dally, except Wednesdays and 
Saturdays, at the mnlluecs. 

Ocean I'ieii Arena i Harry D'Esta. repre- 
sentative). — Bostock's Trained Wild Animals 
continue, aud to good business. 

Bijou Theatre (Huntley A Moore, man- 
agers). — The Huntley-Moore Stock Co. re- 
mains Indefinitely, and Is meeting with suc- 

Steel Pier (J. Bothweii. manager). — 

Tannton — At. Sabbatla Park (Joseph 
J. Flynn, manager) the attendance was light — r - ^ — ; — > ' ' - 

to witness the entertainments of the Boston Detroit. — The Temple ■ Theatre (J. »• 

Specialty Co.; week of June 22, owing to Moore, manager).— The hill for, week of June 

continued wet weather. For week of 29 29 la: Mary atnmjiton and company, present- 

tbe New York Novelty Companv will be the Ing the: satirical conceit entitled ."The JW"- 

attraction. -. drama:" Mrs. Wynne" Wlnslow, soprano : 

Tai.aqleoa Park (R. M.' Bevlns, mans- Sidney Grant, munologlst; Wolf and ■ Mil- 

ger).— Week of 22 did fairly well with -a ton.. Cook and Don, In "The Captain and tw" 

-'rong vaudeville bill,. In spite of unsatlsfac- Kidder:" !«' Page, .jumper : Jobu and Bertha 

>rj wenther. .. Gleeson. and-Elue Fay.- Ijiat weekla hill w»s 

Bvrm .m A Bailey's Circcs came 22, and Urst class, and the attendance up to the 

gave two performances, to Immense audi- high Water mark. 

ences. . •• - ■ avenlk Theatre (H. H. I^mk'n, . mana- 

s ger).— 'Business continues excellent, and the 

l*wre»ee.— Al Olen Foreat (J. J. FWnn. performances .ire- the talk' of the . towu. 

manager).-The Whirlwind i:nterttlne?s "}T r SS*S Hnrlo , w J n hU J?Jlih"nT 

came, to fair business, June 22. Booked of <Jue P° lobelia, supported by an eicelhnt 

for week of 29. the New York Novelty Co. ' company, and a well trained chorus. *™ r ™ 

Caxobie I^ike Park (J. W. Gorman, man- Dn ™?* n,e . *uwe*« week of 2 1. n« *' 

ager).— The Alabama Troubadours pleased ren t attraction is "Pnsae Cafe. ,_ The p,«u_ 
large crowds daily week of 22. 

clpals of -the cast are: Bobhle Harris. Joke 
Bernard. Blllle Taylor, Sam Sldman, Ar 
Xorth \.t.n,. tr tho v.n». -«._.„ lD,,r Whltelaw. Fred Galllck, Ted Burns, 
• w^P^MMd"San"^r)^v!i-V M ^^ Josephine.: iwman. H.rr?'.T.. MacDonneJI. 

very <bangeable 
Orchestra Verdi, and tbe Royal Marin? Band E? a . ,n *I.'-- Comln *. , "'* ek ot - M I Kumlns 

■JS M ZLSS5^ musical director, and Arnold Klralfy's a#> 
emi Thl JJP"""'"' lft - » no b- chorus of fifty voices. 
*^T«»»»J»hf Isa^aaas, The busfneas was Whitney Theathe (E. D.i- Stair, nana 

•Bohemia" opened 
good bi 
good considering -- the 

Mb'e « r) .__The Hlmmeleln Imperial Stock Co.. 
inn, r n "Knohs o' Tennessee," week of '-'' , ; 

=■»--■ o..^»»...» i... k«~. .^^.i.i^i "•»-««*tra veroi, ana me itoyai aianne nana Mbii* r>mnn ftt.ii««» n^.'v. S . ' "> Knobs o' Tennessee," weex m -■•■. 

- Jt.r«, ■ i^^»r «r .V. ^.M P, ?nSi« of Italy continue to erAtexUln big crowds. In f,.V*J Ca L m on r j, 1 H lenroy ' H «X tt~" - "Eagle's Nest" diew good houses week «f 

nsslstant treasurer of the Herald Square the caalno Murphy and Gibson, with Rlcton m ?5h?r it nS^i.W hi!J '.ir? i 8 * *?^ % --■ 

nd Lore, and Payne continue. aaiaaaf satai! h^itv Y« SV 0r J ,h ' B 8 "' ' 

Doyle's Pavilion Theatre (Frank gygl THL ™.*f.*B W-t-P" Jaji aaw> oraarl Ranlds.— At Ramona Pntk The- 

Goldle..m.nager).-Bu«lne5a booming, An : KXZ^K^L K r -*l£ w £;3 c " "SH* atre ?Ort. !ttm ? ianager?.-Week of Juw 


Ilarlrm. — Hnrtlg A Seamon's Music Hall 

Willi Miue. Paul's mauager for her io give 
A Blagle concert at tbe West End Theatre 
on Friday. Nov. ST. • 

Marshall P. Wilder, the well known en- 
tHttaloer, was married ou June 24, In this 
cliv. to Sophie Cornell Hanks, Iter. Dr. 
Houghton uffiilatlng. 

Seneral manager). — This bouse continues tc 
n a great inislness. being paeJifd nightly. 
The offering for this week Is: Brauder Mat- 
thews' i-amedtr, "On Probation," with all 
the bouse 'favorites In the cast. Trie play 

niour .Sisters, Wm. McEvoy aud Jack Irwro,- 
Tlm Heaiy and Ella Karnum, Nick Glynn, 

'■•■^ 0,c * — At Mountain Park Casino (W; 

R. HIIL manager). — Tbe opera company' gave 
production of "Dororhy' week 

GardR«r*-and niovlug pHTirres.: 

James H. Cole and Marguerite Clement. Ma> 
Walsh, Gates and Nelson, Harry Courtland, 
and Goldle, 8t. Clair and Goldle. —7.-' — 1 .— .«-^~. uc»i 

was handsomely mounted and won applause JS^ k ^^^ t ^i^^tJS& ™* «" ^Tbe'x .h£&P$„>IV$£ ■*" 

from the Monday night audience. Tbe BSFfc. ^ff^M^ff-^JSTm S '* M «* P "»"•»> ot th « "SBa Theaire/bai 

a satisfactory r ._ 

J' J <"" > '--. 10 good sited audiences, despite 


Get the Habit 


■ i.«i. < 


i "■■ 

"'■fv'. . 

jinx r i 


•- M A 

■4frt# JllUC ** turn (h/ijjd u,*> u'ii »".ui 

SiMgw* are • hsllnff -thfinwlTM tor aot 

» g^Xgy LV AlHA->- tgw Raja. 488). 

' wMiaburr.-^Jiucb.'.cool ud- comfortable 
«*tner wa« enjoyed" b *f e durll J* th » we "j 


'". p !v?\''thbat*«! '(Slxon & Zimmerman 

...keie'r*).— I'i"l« the management .of WJ.I- 

RTil Totteu, treasurer of dbia bouse, 11 

JSert *M gJ*en-'J4,lln wbichSarah Tnun 

red and made a .micees*. 

oir.aNE Gammcs (A. I* McSwIgon, man 

., _>rne Bohemian- Girl*- Is-ibe opera 

-ed for, performance- S.11 and week. "The 

Musket eeT" (dre w well up to 21. 

'Alioa-a-i.— At I-akemoDt Park Theatre 
,r W Mark*,, manager). — Tne cobtluuoua 

!J.V weather,- week, of June 'J*.',, bad some 
'rift Id keeping tbe attendance smaller than 
» uiuiaTly Is at.thla time of tlie season. The 
Lies nave been .well filled, however. The 
■ •kemoot Stock Co. remains. Indefinitely 


OBntSFmtr'^f. Sb^w, 20, bad a 

lilny day, but did. good buslnes*. . .. .Our 


2i2t flttractibn of tile aeaaon. will .be Al- 
Sona's Industrial Exposition and Midsum- 
mer Carnival, featurjng the attractions of 
S flasklllJIund.v^ovlit Carnival Co o,H?n. 
hi for one week on July 120. .1. C. Mistier, 
rfo Is general director, representing tbe blml- 
„.** men, Is sparing. no expense to make rhlg 
« rala week, and Indications now point to 
i hi* being tbe largest' carnival ever held In 
,be State of PetMtsylva&la. . . . 

Wllllamaport — At Vallamont Park Pa- 
illkia tbe Vallamont Stock Co. continued 
to draw record breaking bouses, producing 
•A Peaceful Valley" week of June at "Tbe 
,ilrt' l Heft Behind Me" 29-July 1, "A 
Flrtat for Honor" 2-4, "Three Gaurdsmen" 
H-iV "Fnnehop." 9-11..... ..Pawnee Bill's 

Wild' West -Show bad tbe first sunsblne In 
ihrep wteks, and turned hundreds awny 22. 
..Welsh Bros.' Circus played ro- big 
basinet .In Miino.v. ' 22. : Col. Welsh spent 
tae day here -'with- Major Lilly (Pawnee 
BUI )-...... Gentry- liros. , show here ; 10. 

. ■- m •••4 «,» . 

•■.r-TBXAS. '-. 

Ft. Worth. — At - Roof, Garden Theatre 
(Joe /.. Wheat, manager) tbe Curtlsg Comedy 
l'a. was favored with good business wee>c 
of June 15, "Kip. Van Winkle" and "East 
ijnne" being put on In a very creditable 
manner. Tbe°week of 22 opened with ' Mag- 
aulla Blossoms." by tbe same company. Tbe 
Jlorrlsons, and Ila,rry Lee appear iu spe- 
i iiltles. ■ 

HTixnuh Theatkb (Frank De Beque, 
fflinagerl..— Four 'new people scheduled to 
ope'ri, --. faliw to put in an appearance. 
Sol Don and Happy Jack Williams opened, 
however, and the bill Is a good one. Tbe 
niber people: Jen and 'Oeorgle Powers, Vera 
HIHer, Mllle Weston; Ethel Russell, Utile 
Chester, and Lulu I-awton. Business opened 
lit- ■•*. • 

Oiown TiJMTRE (Pbll Epstein, manager). 
—A good bill at this house, week' of 22, Is 
preceded by a one act, comedy, depicting life 
la the wild -West, 8tyled-"*Big Foot Wallace." 
Jessie llaynee, In negro songs, and Cum. W. 
Ripe 1 , In* a German-. specialty, are tbe open- 
ing- - . .The. Verdlers, hold over In .another 
rlD'glDg and dancing specialty, add 'are re- 
reiving well, merited applause. Tbe others 
making dp th« olio-are-:- Cbas. Hoev, Nat 
Blossom, Alvln Daxlilngion. Jim Wolfe. Ux- 
ile Mitchell, ..Nellie.' Williams,. Rose B. Mlt- 
.•hell, and Ada Yule. Business opened to big 

M 8 *- , : - .. i - 

•j ... • •-;— ! — -' » ■' " .. ■ 

.Saii Antonio. — The Grand Opera'House 
ind Ktuplre, Opera House of this city- have 
loth been "dark',' for tbe past month. Geo. 
tt.Sqott'g Stock Company opens at tbe Em- 
pire. Opera House June :.'8, for on indefinite 

•bgagement at popular prices . Kllery'a 

Hojftl Italian. Band bare finished ploying a 
Kn night engagement In the Beethoven Sion- 
nerfbar Hail, Jn thin city, and were en- 
thusiastically received by large audiences, 
aiaoji persons. present pronouncing this tbe 
Innst-band that. bas, ever visited this city., 
Aaatlk.— At < Hyde Park Theatre (Bd. 
Besserer; manager).— Tbe Spooner Dramatic 
< o. presented .the following : June 15. 10. 
The Pearl of Savoy ;". 17,-18, "Ben Bolt." 
•ad -in; no,' -xeii Gwynn." drawing fair 
rrownV. -This Is the first week of the four 
WMks' engagement. ' -i- •" - ' 

--.,., . «»» 


T*rre Haute — At tbe Casino Tnrk The- 
■Uy .(llrelnig St liobertson, managers). — The 
hOT for week of June 22 Included: Zara and 
(An, Hester Falrman, Mr. and Mrs. Burcb - , 
i annle Donovan; nnd the Buckeye Trio. Busl- 
'.^.^""♦•ry.'Jfood.- Coming week of 2» : 
.?' M "«jj a nd:-McBrlde, I*o and Chapman', 
Albert C.,Wallx, Dick and Efile Guise, Doro- 
>by Kenton, 'nnd' Reese' Prbsaer. . 

Ombk's GAitnfcS;— Taudevllie week of 22: 
VlDo and . Searle; Mr. ■ and Mrs. Albright, 
r™V, f -' ow * r . M Bookout. Coming week 
iik-,1 Snwy^r and Sawyer, Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Alhilgit, castle'and Collius, and tbe Pbll- 
"jw sisters. . -' r ' . 

SiUsxon "Katzenbach, treasurer of tbe 
'■rand, left 2a for French Lake Springs for 
■ "hort vacation. 

rtMJ 1 IMPS'' -*£ tbe Grand Opera House 
ii ,?-_ D, '.' K «nn. ' manager).^-The Anderson 
i. « t0 - closed, a two weeks' engagetuent 
June. 2ti, and.-ifia 'house will be. dark until 
fjijjf' -. wben the. regular season opeus. with 
. "Uffalo Mystery," at popular prices. 
UL' ' • "■•' order of Eagles held State ent 
umpment here 18, ID J. . . . .The Greut East- 
.f?„ tn rnlval .Co.. CWII1 Edwards, manager) 
jves a week'j 'entenalnmeut, under the 

■<wplc*B of the Red Men, July fl-11 

.BiS!' c °rn*U. with tbe Two ilcDonalds 
'f.nuie and Johnnie)', of "Humpty Dumpty" 
r. i. * v i ar F 8 |Y «K Concerts under a .tent,, to 
i a ' r „™»ness..i...The Hawthorne Sisters 
"re.vlsirlng relatives here. 
■J?*"""— ^Tbe'.fMarlon 8ummer Theatre. 
ml J V niauagement of W.-H. Moore, was 
E, •? llne W.-W-.a, large. audience. The 
ti;. .V '" dev nted to vaudeville, and an In- 
ti,7 /.* 0| " was presented, consisting- of 
vf.J u f" H 8'atexs. Evans. - De Vees and 
tiuJL' l *9 *hd : Cbaninan, Carlos Paly, Ed 
r.,i ,- ver ' Kmllyr.Sawyer, DeVaro and I> 
i<!n»' " le Mack Sisters, Burt Parker, /elmi 

'.-■.■;.. ; - - - \%*t* $443 



ST. LO DIg, Jmlf lf „ # 



Now that we have per- 
f act ed our mall order 
methods, there Is no fur- 
ther-need nor excuse for 
your wearing ready made 
garments. You are as near 
the fashion centre of the 
world, -New York City, as 
If yon were living there. 

You select your sample 
of cloth — aend os yonr 
measurements, made ac- 
cording to our directions, 
and we do the rest, and 
guarantee complete sails- 
fuel lou. "No Fit, No Pay," 
that's the way we do It!! 



cl Overcoats, 


OXFORDS— Eveiytbing in Style. 

Tbe catalogue shows stylish business clothes at 
$11; also Cutaway Hulls, Prince Alberta, Tuxedo 
and Evening Dress Suits at various prices up to 
$co. Between these two extremes we can surely 
aailafy any reasonable taste. 

"We pay express charges everywhere." 

W. C. LOFTUS & CO., 

Custom Tailoring ouly. 11W Broadway, N. Y. 

When you vtttt Mm rmkanii* (n ana iarH 
Mr. Luftus. Our store I* next 10 Prodnr'$ fi/lh 
Aoemi* Thratr*. 


Cliansre Often. Those Playing Organ given pref- 
erence. No drunks. Must muke (rood. URRMAN 
MED. CO., West Perry. N. 11.: Box 101. 

WANTED, Oivau Player that Can Work In 

Acts, or Good All 'Round Performer that Can 

Fay Organ. Good treatment and sure money. 

Week and ten dar stand*. Join on wire. Address 

DR. A. J. MILLER, Caldwell, Ohio. 

WASTED- For Repertoire, Leading Man, 
Leading Woman, Heavy Man, Stage Director, 
Property Man to act or do good specialties. Other 
usefiil- people write. All must be Drat class and 
have good wardrobe. I pay all after opening, 
whlctl occurs in August In Illinois. Stale all Id 
first letter. Address ROBERT SHERMAN, 

2-146 Polk St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Tel, to ,230 llenulpln Ave. - - 

WANTED, All Kinds Med. Performers. Sketch 
Team, Soulirelte, Sister Teams, Irish, Dutch and 
B. F, 'Comedians, who can make good and change 
tor weeki 1 -, Will buy song machine and slides If Al, 
ami cheap for caah. Can use Al Lecturer, bul 
mast lie good. - -W. J. Mansfield, Iljdetown, Craw- 
ford Co., Pa -- : 

WANTED— First class Medicine Performer*. 
Irish, Dutch or B. F. Comedians, Female imper- 
sonators. Can place a few more Coniortlonlsis 
and oilier silent acts. Long season, SURE SAL- 
ARY. Address CLIFTON REMEDY CO.,(i)raxd, Hi. 

ORGAN FOR SALE, $10: worth $90. Ten 
Canvas Benches, $10; coal $17.73. Stereopilcon 
and 100 Slides, $10; cost me $40. Vitaacone, $10; 
cost $13). Half with order, balance C. O. D. 

DR. B. L. HDDSON, Algonquin, III. 


1 1 /61Q3Q 

llrsSJ 1 , 1 d .X&tao': and Button The 

umM is heiftf .overhauled and a new heat- 
SJ*I installed...'. J. Manager Klnneman 
ffitu for , N >«';iVork July 5 to.complete his 
"""lings for (he - W mlng aenaon. 



a. ,?''■- FroJrpect tfejghta drawn better 
as the weather warms up. Week of Jun* 
»L ."i and Amy Gottlob, John T. Powers, 
'"relkeld and .Wfcke, and Millie Amela. 
tnr. A 1? H . THfiiTM (P. A. Weast, proprle- 
•?i. r"" 8lnew Ib reported fair. Week of 
h!;. i. m »nd Bertie Allen, Mason aud Eli- 
"urn, Everett, Sisters, Roberts and Rawson. 
J»cobii' Thkat»I! (A. V. Jncobs. propri»- 

«i, ,» "suig tnient tc. 

X JS- }}!". Rr - of tbe Hosar Trio, who has been 

. 'or two - Weeks; la rapidly recovering. 

,;-;JT** rtimcir that Baby. I*rene had 
■M „ 

'Wy^i^u^^-^pjpggggyjfjjy, (0 fi;e"|rfirene*. 
kin ' V S"B**" Edds'iand . Emerson, uf Pe- 
SajRI 'ormed a; circuit which now In- 
Ea9i!S|MKi rft Pekln, Lincoln nnd 
ji k-onrllhv Thev ,are -due In New ■ York 
""> >, to book for the three 

anli".' Irnm *- bidder last week at Jacobs' 
!^J^fn killed Is without foLndnllon. The 

,-au j£d miirTTFirnpynnce to flie'I^irenes. 

• Mona'ge.r» Eddstand Emerson, uf Pe- 

book for t ha three bouses, 

ATOR at Liberty.' Up to date machine, turns and 
gong slides. Double Cornet, Alto or Baritone In 
Band, Sing, Play Parts. Fine wardrobe. Sober 
and reliable. Operator, Box 101, West Deny, N.ll. 
P. S., For sale, Iulhs drum, snare drum and cymbals. 

WANTED, Reliable Professionals making one 
ntglit stand*, to carry our line of Advertising Fans 
and Calendars, which are sold to Druggists, Sbue 
Dealers, Hardware Men, Banks and Merchants In 
general, Elegant outfit, convenient to carry; good 
commission. $3 per day can easily be made l>y 
giving the business a few hours each day. Write 
today. GKO. H. JCNCl A CO., 1007 Walnut Street, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. ' ■' '■ - ■ 

WANTED— All 'Round Comedian for Indian 


R. P. D. NO. It. Le wist on, Niagara, Co,, N. Y. ' 

WANTBD— Magician thai doea Punch, Snake 
Charmer, good Door Talker assist openings, Banjo 
Player, with loud voice, Tor Ballyhoo: Canvas Man. 
Fair ground work. Salary . low. CBACNCEY 
MORLAN, 2414 Kenwood Ave.*, Indianapolis, Ind." 

big lent sliou-.carmutt a. special baggage car, 
making two and three week stands, Man to fake 
organ add do straights: good Sight Reader pre- 
ferred. Evan E. Blair and the Three Evereta, 
write. -Qther'Medlcihe Performers, write. KnOck- 
era, kickers and lioozers save postage. Salary 
paid ever/ Sudilay morning, rain or shine. Slate 
all vou do lirst letter. Tickets advanced If neces- 
sary. Address DR. W. 1). MOOltE, Manager. 

• • Shawnee, Ohio. 

MED. PEREORMKRS-Wumed. Versaiile 
Comedian who fakes organ: Piano Player, f^ing 
season's ' work. Best of treatmenL Write all 
quick.- Tickets if neeeasarv. LESTER'S EN- 
TERTAINERS, Goodenow, ill., near Chicago. 

'WANTED, All 'Round Med. Performers: week 
stands; live under waterproof canvas; I pay all 
after. Joining. Must work In acts and put iliem 
on- No tickets to strangers. State all flrstletler. 

' ' DR. P. L. HERMANN, Newfane, Venuoni. 

i-,Vv< REORRIA. 

' , . . i . * . 

Atlanta. — Ponce De Leon Casino (Jake. 
Wells, manager). — 'Too ;Much Married. - ' 
presented bv Julia Itedmond, supported by 
Al. Hayes. nnd n very clever comiiany, drew 
good sly« bouses June Tl and week. The 
I'an-Amerlcan Minstrels .furnish tbe-bHl lit 
and week. \ . . ... _ •. .' 

'HiEOMOXr'-' I/ark. — Poln'a "F^st Dnys of 
Pompeii" attracted vast crowds, that were 
highly enterfalhed by the grand production. 
Every Hpeclallroppeared to excellent ndvant- 
age, 'anal received well merited applause. 
• A tvrt <M8B was made against President 
.Inures. G. Rossman, of the Ponce 1> l^on 
Amnsement Co., for vlolotlog the Bundoy 
Inw^-hv keeping tbe niiroctlop open on Sun-: 
drfr'ltt Tonco De Leon Park. Recorder 
Rrovles. aDerrheorlng both sides, dbimlssed 
the Vase upon .the ground that the city regu- 
lations bad not been violated. ... . 

A Word to Our Friends From Some American Innocents' Abroad. 



Palace Theatre, London, Exclusively for Three Months, 




oirl : 




Manager FRED ' MEL V ILLE 


UMMil, W. C. 


I .am plensed lo cert Ify ti> ilic talent 
■nil eitrrniely rlever. penvruinura of 
5 our yniiii« lsd), ili« Molafclil. 

Her rr|ii,ieniaifnu or, »h» doll Dgure 
Is •Imply perTi-rt Hurt l|)f 'Itluslnn wnn- 
aierfMI. Kollhfull)- yimr*. 

FHKDCK MHLV11.I.K. Ks.). . 

Greatest and Most Successful 
Comedy Eccentric Show- 
in the World, 




Aunoit's Theatre, Moscow, Rissia, 


Fanny Fields 


For Such a Fine Time in America. 

Row that tbe letter Is Written 
Who Will Take II r 


Barton and Ashley 







BwnniH v have no n 
are a 

e wr have no opiioaltlon. " AVe 

Hraijra ■ POMTIVK novelty. 

Bijou Russell, 

Working Steady! 





Un'Nor. 14, ii«- niiH -n'ow'efponatat tin- I'liiuce 
Tor two week-.' Ilcforc tbey lafl tile atii^i' Hih drat 
dIkIii Ho'y were prolonged fur ili uioilltia. Hooked 
up iu iuu7, iiif win retimi li fry Vflllou par.-li and 
vlolel beilHou l.oiirf Moiid. With Iwal wlHliea to 
the •■ONI Niianl" renin Hie VOl|l,Cluwn," 

Sole owner anil trainer uf Frl^o, the marvplouH 
California llniiiolio Mule,. unit author of "Afn-r 
Ouveni tianjen BmII." . e" 




il s. i. rammm 


..J .1 • 
'- ■•ill 


Bimv always/. 

ONt.'K WK ll8KI»TiM)tl'l'C<IAI,.N"lW !tVBt!llTli;B 


i j inwarin, 

,. . {American Comedyroar), 

F ourth year In Ku ropo', hUII ver y 'ninl.le . 

"uvltvu i . I'Aifry." 


Playing two illtrereni theatrek.ln l^rlx! I'toiongcii 
at 1.01b mill re eiiKuK'"'' for uex t vear. 

CAHINU. fl.30 I'. M. P«»MajlWU«Nrio ( lMI I'.ll. '.VKlEUUl . Wwk. . . 




Address All Coramunlciliona Regarding These Column* to- ', 

CLIPPER BUREAU, 48 Cranbourn Sfreet, London, W. C, Ej^lfe 

MINNKJIOTAer-iHeeJ'aKe Mfi.) 

Mlnnrapoll*. — At the Lyceum Thentr> 
(Dick Kerrla. roanaKer,. — TIiIm Ih- tbe unlv 
lioiiKp la the rlly llint Ik nut i-loxed. Tlie 
Kerrla »toi-K Coiii|mny will give "Heart nnd 
Sword" June 2V and week. . "The rami 
l.'ard- - wuh Keen by very larse, well |de«He.l 
iindleneea, J1-'^7. 

T«K liKXTKV Rrcitiirrn f'mri:H had bl|> 
nnd ever Ini-renHlni imtroiiOKe tSKfi. While 
here Mr. tienlry offered M. . W. Savage 
llC.tMH, rnab rnr Dan I'nteb. hut II whm rr- 
fiiMed. Mr. - Hnvnge nhlil Ji«).imjII fur 1.1m u 
few yenrH ngo. - • • 

Tub. Adam PunMUMI a\o Hki.iji Bro- 
Tiikiim' I'll. irm. .us Shown lulled la Ujllle.l 
for. July •#..- ''.•■-• 


l-'orKi:" for Ioki imlf of wHfk, , "flrntiKtnrk" 
nnd "Wife for. Wife" werV ffle plavM IiimI 
week, the funnel' druwlng mo liiiUylly that 
II wbh jmt mi fi.r two e«rra"))i( ! rftirlimni-eM. 

Sirrr.H. — Til* Klliel 'I'liiker Htoilt I'd. upeiia 
L'M. tit Hie Siiintnei - tlicuii-e. u^l.rike .Miimiwii. 
fur the rent or the hoiimoii. . . IKhaj I'ark 
mid Coiirtlmid lleaeli nre butli drnWIuK large 
itowiIh i lieie dayH. - - .*■■,?.■• . , 

*'» '.' '."'"il 1 , 


Halt I more.— Kteetrlc I'ark 4 *'.' Venne- 
man, tnauager, hna the, loeal ainilHeoient field 
practically lit Itaelf. being the. only rewirl 
giving a regt/lnr uerfomiaitre for wnlrb ad- 
ioIhhIoii l» eparged. The bill for June .'tl-July 
4 Include* : Tbe Hlx-MiiHlnnl CtittyH. Moon. L'a- 
dleuz, Ivenoedy and Itooney, the Iji )>.il 
Trl.i. and Viola Sheldon. 

.The Cot* .Yop.wer A Frank 'Jamfh Wild 
Wkmt Show will exhibit at lndiiKirlil I'ark 
July X . . . . . , ' 
,* ' ' . «■» — ■— e- : 


iimBtta.-^At ttdyd v a_TbjfOtre.(vr,::J. par 
„. (Hi, manager i. — Tue HerrU Htoek t'umpauy 
.opena !lta nltitl) week June ifi, |u "Tenben- 
aee'a Pardoer" -for first bait and "Vslley 

Wheeling,— At the C(ilUt,T(lMtrp (R 
H. l'rnnzbelrn, . - njanoger+.^Ttp, . Wipuen'n Club of Ibla .Mly nr^Henteil I lie 
o|iera "fhvnllerln RtlHtlenua ' June 24, to the 
i-Htiaelty of the bouae. — ■; 

I'ark ('amino i i ii.iirad lllrwh, ninnitger) 
— TblK lieniitifill pleil.Kiin. reaort Will 
with ltolilnmin's Opera Co.; IH>etMrtory,,Jiily 
U, for Iwu weeka. • 7. < •• . 

Tut: Thapkh Cahmvai, cloae<l June 20, lo 
big luiHlnem. ■ They (.pulil jioL glvu uuy |ier- 
formanceH 20, on J<'c%nrr%f,iq terrible 
Hiorm, wJilrb awepf over MuV ground* and 
blew Dearly nil of the tenia, dowi. Keveral 
were Injured, but not «erlnu*Ty, 

*** -■■ ': . 

Kkknki.mj Wiiiteh : i "I atn no longer with 

Hylveater. I am working nlun'e i nil have 

Ju*t . l.weil mi engiigenieht nt -Tunihllng 

(tun fork, llrldgelon, N.-'.J.. ,n«U Union 

i iJike 1'ntk, .Mlllvllle. XeJ.-. { mtJ f* WtHtH 

! lo follow, after ivbleb f wllf IWIt together 

|iny tiew~«ovelty. Wblib WliVW-mlled 'The 

Human Hplder.' working In a.Wg wel»; doing 

I i-ontortlou- work nn.l all work. that can be 

'dona on ring* and tr»i.»ie." - . , 

W,ANTRD_V»ii.l«villf re.inlu.'M n«kal Man to 
dounlo with cotuedlan Mn.nuaicalai'li.niiiatlplay 
organ' for aboW.-and-lriah and v Dutch alngin'g'.aiul 
rtanrlng romeillan. Work In ramp. No llrkeiM. 
Omer», writ*. J ACK.-fl. RKKD E , MHcihaH, U- 


PRKVORMrfRSi and Sfl.MICIA'NM fur cil> Sllow. 

Sleep ami eat-on Int.. Slate vonr jMrnl . aalary 

flrat leiler. Adtlrea* bl.lVKR imos.. , 

- .. . . ' i jjj fin e sireei. HiiiTni o. s: y. 

W ANTKlJi-l^adlng '■■ Woman '■ for Heavy atut 
Kinollotial work, to ciippori xtar aotur.lo u|wn l|n- 
ihetllately. SUle qiuillJlcallonv: in detail. - Three 
nlgliiK'and wrekxiamlH. Name lowenl termn. We 

p:i> eXpeiHe*. after vmi Join. NKH ■ 1:1, HON, :»Sj 
St. Ann St., Xew Orlean.i'.ljt. - , 

- WANTBD AT ONCat-lioo.l- Tamil of Hoog 

nn.l iNtl.e Men. Perfnrntprx, all kinda, up.ln thr 
nu'.i. (.iniu'en". that .an rake organ. Mum Jolm at 
onee. 'No llekct.-.: no wnnteu,' ..•'..;. 

_^_ MP.IiIOINK SHOW, drant, Imllana QajjNt.- 

. LITH oorAphh . one" ceiu i . mS .irjp>i,i»reil 

Onr- lining spacu; 'Vaudeville, . Drama,' Hui- 
I4xqne. , Re|iert6lre. •■" fpr- lOOtaamptiH. 
Opera house eoniriieta, too.. per -JQ0., . H..DA VK.N- 
H)KT;2R$ Weal Van Buri'B St., Ohlqaltd, llf. " 

POR SALtC «'HRAP~,wri. Merry Oo 'Koiiml, 

nearli -iitw..niiri>v ginollrje engine, :p; ■ h'orl..' 
lMJWer,; eau lie, awn rUnDlna; rltniet. Piano, H4 gf-\ 
organ', dfi.. shark Willi Txli Banner, Little Home 
and Hat Knler linnner. All good* are iftvt ulaan or 
no sale. .Sell one or liv Hi* Int. ,' 

.J. K. CAHII.I., 164 W. Herman HI.. Hallo,, Md, 

KNKHMKTIC MAN of uill-ilc laaiiM. Willi 
tB.iMu. wanted for lintiieaaii Anmioiiieni Knier- 

»,lui, I In.u.elitiill,- .,f .lirMll,„a 


..linn .... lu.ii.ri^r All 

(ipiM.riiiiilti of llfHllme. 

\V. WOOD, T Want Wl 8t..N.Y. 


SKKTtil TKAM, 3 "Ingle 'Perfornien ami silant 
Aria, :i good Street Lecturer*. Prefer I hoae that 
iilav organ. One week -tan.N. DH, M. N. J.A 
VfjRK, Oenler Road Pint Il lllCe. l'a . , '.' 

Ing plavHCan 1st arranged for by renpunalblei Kep- 
ertolra Vompanle* on very low rojrallltH. They are 
all tried Kiii'oaa*ea, and liurealway* made good. 
The' are not old play* under new tills*. "Man, 
oueen of Scol*, ,, "ThelnlB,""Re«urr»i!llon",'' "The 
Beautiful Slave," "The planter'* Daughter." "A 
Fatal Marriage," "Tim Hitltan'* Daughter," "A 
bachelor's Housekeeper," "Tne Story of a Crime," 
"Under Hie City's Lights," "A Little Huavliodv," 
'■The (lunmakernf Muncow," "Nan the Hepgui'* 
li.iugliter," "Annette the Dam'lng tllrl," "Jui-K the 
dlant Killer," "Little Hed Riding lloo.l," "Cinder- 
.-'in." "Aladdin," ami others, all limit caai. Mou- 
brelle and emotional lead*. Have ajaa the faree 
. ouiBily, "The Dnotnr's Warm ReeepUnn.'' 
Addresi^Tlu' Brmik ltli P lay, Human, UriMiklyn.N.V. 

WANTBD— C'lrnus I'erfornicr*, all kinds, n. 

sirengilien big shuw: Man with gu.ul I'li-tiire Oul- 
lli for eoooert, Musulam of all klnd<lo*ifenglheii 
i.iiti.i. Wrlie unle.k. Car show, fluod treaMueni 
and ai'Ciiinfnftdsilons. 1', 8,-ANu good Skeli-li 
Team. K. M, BYK RM. Mgr., Northwoml, N. Jhjk_. 





AddreHH. l.ri'H.11 CALLS N. V. 


Ohio, Chi c ago Junction. 


I 'op.. 4.(1(10, and grpwIhK rnplilly. Von don't 
waul lo iiiIxh It. An up lo duie Inwh with 
money lying, liM«e. I 'iiinjin ule* lemki'd iiiuter 
old malinger, lileiise ivliook. 

V.,\\. LAYKH, M anager,' 


Strong Cornet, Alto* Trombone. 

oilier Musicians, write. Wale luwea't salary Aral 
leiier, and . he ready to loin at uin-e. , Aodrea* 
K, I). HAVWUHTII, BatJilmasier, VOl/NURK and 
JAM US' WILD WK8T,Tork, l'a., July 6;,Ubi'aa* 
ter. Pa., .; Ilurrlsliiirg, Pa,, *, . 



oniiverneur. N.,V„ week June »; (Jantoii, N. V. 
week July I Ml LT J, OKA NDAI.L. 

Tuba Player Wanted. 


M'I'ATKALL.- MI.'ST JOIN ijI'ICK, A.l.lie-s 

Wheiit'ajRonfJIarilnu, PT. IVQltTH. TKX. 


Temperaln and relluWu popple wrttej alaljug low- 
est salary. i No more fares itr-.tlukeu udvaiieed, 
Tiigse Dial want ihelr i.o»ul bills paid by me liefun* 
they jmp need iiiji wyllr, ■ John J. Ilarrlbgldii, 
soft shoe datleer; return' ihoiiey aitvaiu-ed,. ii*,yuii 
dlda'lJoHj. AdilrepillAltRV WotlllWAHD/ . I 
■ •■: j '"•*''»' ' ' -.' md riey, Maine, J 

Wan. i Ml, Tom i*< <»ple 

Tiint d.iuiiie miakr rliirarylftW bin aiire. 
II W. CI.AUK, Mar. PMIII|m' Hi T. ('. <'o.', 
No.' it, 1 H<iiiiej-*el, J'a. '•■ 

I'eiiny a ri'ade, doing lug bqalnew). iitt»lr.-* in hear 
from I, uff man, wire workers, or somebody desll. 
lug apuee, Will -rent wloiluw. Address I'KNNV 
AROAHti. ««•■ LaokKWan ha-Ave.. HcruBlon - , Pa. 

WlNTPIl Bomei-sniill Dug.: and All Pel. 
« «V rWi formi,r.s. FOB HALK, Films, 
Trained iipal, High Diving Dog,, Hhadowgraplia, 
Hand Organ, PROP. HARItV HMITH, Plue Oriive 
MID. Pa., il iilid 4: fagtajajl l'a,, j and .7, Outre Co.. 

Side Skew and Platform Men, the Twe 

IlKADKD UOOADOLA.I* getting al| Hie money: II'* 

a gold mine; pro .- only It'.. . Hon. I fur Hit. W, 
NKjJ»(iN, g Van .Vurdeu jE No. (lapUirldge. Ma«r. 

We Wait SUiore All 'Reuffd^MedleiN Per- 

PORMK1LS, and Two First Ciu*. U-i:liirers. Vou 
i'tli lulu m (ibit. Tell III III , first leuer. TIIK 
MORMAN jj F.DIC'INKUO.,HprjpgHel d, III. 

SPECIAL, lHlllll Fully equipped. 
T. II. WI,1MCT T,'H(« fl'Wliy, N ew Y ork City. 


Htroug voice, good appearance, M work wlih 
geiitleinan lo refilled mralgtrt alnglug ael, vaudr- 
vllle. Addrea*- PAHTNKII, ('are of L'LIPPKK. 

Wanted, Mnstcfans — 1st Violin, 2d 

VI0J.IN,, Baas, Finn-, Clarionet, Cornel, 
TromlHine and Drum*. - Hummer uiigugemeul. 
Address Oi D., 46 Vauxliall J-'lals, Nashville, 'i'cuti. 

Kuropean Aerial A rllsia. 

Was ted to B17, Several Periermlii fttU* 

Awl-'froiiiMt of Ihigt. Mid.1 lie young., .(.'an 
us.- xevernl per f" s. -I lie I'll, ) 

flB. »V. .V. Hl'ANUJ-tf K, WsRbJBgton, Fa, » 



JtLY 4. 

Proctor's Fifth Ave. Theatre, 

PWorihcrsaridMansR-ors lowliness aJRHAL NOVELTY, that, Hi REAL-HIT, add the Host Magnlfl- 
cent Htigcd character Specialty In America. Ynnrs, In ohinktlme, ■ 

EDIHE HUMAN, me Comedy Dancing Chink, 344 3d Ave., New York City. 

■— — — — ' — ■— ' — i ■ ■ i i i ii i 

Who an thoit TWO FUNNY YOUNQ FELLOWS at th* ENDS with Holds & Hanson's Minstrels? 

Why, I *.»,»..- , 

Ajul thfjharc Receiving round* and rounds of well Mrtted apntaweat ^lA^'"™.- 
irhTC foFlhelr' Originality Bml New Act In Olio, entitled IOiNNllMMH. I'lNMOSSO- 
TlHH AND NKUIlOKYNI.'MErJ. AT UNKJITY 10 MM|t »WBt, nl(! f, , , M v„iJ, , ;Pi-, u 10 - 
rlMwd lo hear from Western managers. Addresa Per Ro ute K & H. MlNHllthLS. 

— """ " 


We were compelled to 'retime work. Vie 
Imvo enlarged our Studios— added 4 foreign 
artists, and to those who appreciate 


Paring ncRlgnu, Drawing* and Colorings, <Kt 
are In a position to accept a limited amount 
of. high grade Scenic Work. We also do 
different Monesacs of trunk Hconefy. 

DANII5I.S' SCK«il«; STimiOS. 
aillM Withssh Ave., tMilcngo. 



In the now Amusement Resort im Board Walk, ISntlth' Beach, Btalen Island, flood space for 
Palmist or Small Oypsy Camp. Alao Two llond Shows on percentage. Want all kinds or l'cirny Slot 
Machines. Call or Vdilreaa JAPASBHK PLEAntlBK PALACE, BO South Deacll, Slatcn Island. 

Wfcn Ton Am In Need of Mono* 



ma First Arenas, 

Bet 14th and lMh Bt*., N. V. 

It Makes N" Dineronco How 
Largo or Small the Amount 
Kctiulroil, or What tho Article 
Yon WIhIi lo Fledge, You tlan 
Do Better Hero Than Elsewhere. Exceptionally 
Liberal l/>ana to the l'ro'c wkIoti. (luorta Forwarded 
to All Fart* of tho Untied States and Canada. 
All Pirn!**. Kept One Year. Est ablished 80. 

Blldos and Accessories; Now and BWABd Hand, 
Manufactured, Bought, Hold, Remodeled And He- 
paired. Entertainments furnished. (lormnn-Amerl- 
osn Olnenntog rsph A Film C o.. Ho E. Win BL, N. Y. 

A. GOODRICH, LAWYER, Ml West Hsdlson 
St.l Ohloage; oetahllshod 1804. Ilualnoss legal and 
qu iet. Branches and facilities la other Btstos, 


for any Instrument or immher of Instruments. 
Bongs, worda aud mnslo, sketches, etc. Bend stamp, 
OHAB. L. LHWIB, 4» RlchmondBt,, Cincinnati, 6. 


40 mud 51 W. MVtti Street, Si. Y. 
DIDP1IU0 Htereoplloons, Sob*;, Posing and 
DWllUHlHO. Hfhicl Blldos. Li st for stamp. 

POtl BAliB or Bent, Mechanical Wax Figures, 
Illusions, pino snakes, Marionettes, Paintings, 
sniffed Animals, Show stuir. Bend stamp. I liny 
BJWWJHluT. J. I». SWEET, Allanllf Oily, N. J. 


Kit). ; Hterenpt leoni, Hong Slides. Bargains always 
on hand. Outfits nought and sold. H tni wanted. 
AMERICA N EJUJlIANOB, 030 Ualsoy ul, Brooklyn. 

IIOWOllTH'S Tahloatix of Erin, (5 oestrUtuI 
scone* of Ireland, 4 Irish comedies, Costumes for 

■L.V.IttJj pictures; oothu andsoftlt; gonfl, like n»w, 
rtdidj for read. JOlIN 1I0W0RTII, llto Lebanon St., 
Maiden, Mass. For Halo Cheap. 

Wanted Immediately, 

Lady j& 




Addresa DAVID B. BUFFI NTON, Hhecdy's Theatre, 
New Bedford, Mass. 

PAItUOTai, Monkeys, Dogs, Squirrels, Dana- 
rltt, Flnii. The largest vftrlot j of live stout In lliO 
wnMtt always on Iihihi. Till; ATI. antio AND PA- 
CI Flo BIHI) CO., '.'44 K. Madlnon St., Chicago, III. , 

cniaiMBi A tii'mi a HUliRB, Tremont, III., 
open rnr enKagomciiis; good show town. First 
cnt wsHmaitdo. write to FltBlt II. Tl tOtlT. 


best line or goods for least htuney. flhlps. pipes, 
itlttbS, silvers, p(i|js,liiiliy linlllos, tuldlig and cittie, 
Fitlrs' suppllos. Write for prices. Ohluugo Vial 
A Mfg. Cn„ UBS West Lake HtrtlOt, ClllCSgO, III. 


.shouldirppty roriowCat t 
mid nil iiatihiilaiv at the HXuIMn 
Hasl lllh ht.; (IEIIMAN HAVINUH UK 
Ksthlillshetl Vi t oars. 

'■'\'r EUROPE 

rates of |iavsHge. ■ oxchnngi 

age; oxuiinnge 


H.uig: ••como.'Bouhd Most Every Night," »e.! 
OrOhoalfatloiii'loN.; Two Blep: "tlnagllisljvs MoHj.'l 
1te,;Urohesir«tlou,'loe.; Hung: "1 Woudorlf Hho's 

Waiting bv thoBliliuylkill," ibo. (loo. UcCliarlcs 
MiisI q Ciinilmrty, iajo N. Bond HI., Ilaltlinore, Md. 

MIDJSjO OALLItitV ForHiile. InuseTniiinllis. 
Dew fMitr (luilriintccd to run 0. K. llurschol Spin- 
more Makeaihoi ws. H arryMuFaritn.inilncy, III. 

Hltmillnn with Olreus or other 

Btnils, by 1 Cornet Slid l Trombone Player. 


Ida, by lOnr . 

Roskl A Wahlstrom. Ilox 7M, Maynard, Maan, 

PAUTNHIt WAlV'l'Bl), Voting Miiii. Who oat] 
dn.good ground and hand li> hand balancing, am 
lanbd ring, work. Would Join good liana bal 
ariclng toam or good utidersiander for hand l< 
ItaiiiMialHnrlnn or • tlrst mass ring net. Weigh), 
IlOlh. HAND H AhANQ KU, ca ro of OLII'PKlL 

WANTED, Kxporlonccd Tbcatrloiil Mitnagei' 
with capital, agalllHt a new tiielodrAnia. Address 
for particulars. DRAMA. P. O. Ho x Wl. j'llUa., r*a. 

WANTB1I— For St'eveiiH A Miawnian Company. 
UootlMed^ porforiners tluit can 'do oomody old 
man part aud apuolally. Tell all In letter. Join 
(in wire. I.UAMI, 111. 

WANTED, KOK V. H. AIIM V, Coiupctunl. 
Band Musicians, abtu bodlod. iinniarrlcd men, be- 
tween ages of 21 anil :iv e.lllsuna of Pultod Slates, 
of good eliiruiMur and temperate haiilis, who can 
aiwak, road and write, Ktigllsli. For Information 
afppljr to' Hecriililng Ollloer, 73 Iianover Ht., Bos-, 
ton, Muss.; tt/i Third Ave., Now York City; :itvi Ful- 
ton Hi..,, M. V.t 613 Brnadway, Alhanv, N. 
V.; Mali) and Mcneca Sis., Buffalo, N. V.; Itastablo 
Building, Syracuse N. V.; BUS Filbert Ht., Phlla- 
ilelpbla, pa.; am West Fayette St., Hiiillmoro, Md.; 
:uk) West Fourth SI., Cincinnati, Ohio; ft West 
MadUon St., Chicago, III., or Third and Olive sk, 
-Ht . bonis, Mo. " 

> i'iiih fur great new Kggand llandkerohlef Trick, 
You got ono line, large handkerchief, s niucbanl- 
cal eggs, 1 Hlliall haiulkerchlcls, and full Instruc- 
tions, complete and ready to work. Kate/ to i>or- 
r r > i in. All you noert la iippiirulua and seerol. Prof. 
Bvivcsier, hoik Bo. hiih Hi., Bt. Louis, Mo. Bend 
niainp for now list of greatest bargains ever nilerctl 
In Magic and Juggl i ng (lomls. Bout post paid. ; 

WANTBD, Black Face Comedian under 2fl' 
Banjo, (lunar, Mandolin Player. Comedy Sketch 
Team, state ago, experience, etc. B. A. \v., Caro 

WANTBD <1I)ICK,H. and 11. Musical Team, 
man aud wife that do singles and doubles; change 
tor week. Toil all and name lowest. Tickets' Mo. 
Tavlor'a Comedy Concert Co., Kcwunna. Jnd. 



(Cp-to-ilato In every detail.) 
Buck, Jig, Skirl, Novol Cake 
Walk, ei tie ii i inn, Singing and 
Bug-Time Songs, Vaudovlllo 
Acta, Ktc. 

Miss Annie O'Bny ami others. 

(Open all Hummer.) 

For Spale, 

Pluah Chairs 



IB, ill, 41 West lKth 8t.. New York CHy. 


Itcnertotrc People with sptclallics for summer 
and Winter season. Ststo salary and full partlcit- 
lats In tlrst letter. Salary musL below: you get It, 
Aildrosa OSCAR HANKLKB, oarc Tabor Ornnd 
Opera llouso, Denver, Col. , 

I indorse PROF. MUCUS aa the only Performer nud 
Professional Dancing Teacher In Oninnco. 

FREU J. WlbDMAN, Theatrical Agent, 

1ST I* Ballo Bt., near Madison, Chicago, III. 


the Ideals, 


With Feature Specialties. ALSO EXPERIENCED 
HEAVY MAN. Both must have good wardrobe, 
and dress pans correctly, lino line of parts. 
Slate all particulars in tlrst, and solid nholos. 
HllelicS a polite negative. Other Hep. People, 
write, Huntarsals Aug. 17. 


Whitney Tlieatre. Detroit. Mich, 

PUR BAI.B-Strong man mum, tlood as new. 

ordinary man supports weight of in men on tils 

bream Feature net anywhere, t'io.oo takes It. 

It. M. HOItlN. Holtesdale, Pa._ 


Performers In all lines except Biding Acts, Alao a 
few mnrv Musicians for Rand. Must lie able In Join 
on recti pi of wire. Address l.RK THOMPSON, 

Mei . "I'm Itu circus,' 1 Norwalk. Ohio. 

WANTKD, roriHingland's Mlnatrul and Spe- 
cialty Co., People In ah lines, Blalo lowest and 
SB vou can do in Drat. One and Ihreo night 
stands. Those playing brass preferred. HE SOTO, 
Mo., July » to n. Silence polite nog. 

WANTBD— For TVels Bros.' Show, Haritone, 
Trtrnetand-CnnlorUwllaJ.. For SsPWJ'oiiy .Pa- 
rade Oharlnta, Cinderella, Jack the < Hunt killer, 
Rnhlnaon Crnsw. HI. Overgo Hie llrngon. Cost 
jaoo, win sen for tioo. 
.PLOVli THoyEit, Mar.. tHmitstmrg. K y. 

tiOUD "citANOB for Lady with I, title Mean's 

to Assist in Beautiful Danclllg Act; no experience 
vccjuUed; must wshss. Ad. IMrincr, t»re CLlBl*!!, 

For our Big. Fair and Raeos, Hopl. 1, 2, u, 4, lima. 
Also send contract and prices to 

UIC HAUD Alt TIII US, I'res., Iliookvlil... Ph . 



Address .1. s. KIUTCHFIBLD, cure Sparks' Circus, 
East, iirmi.v, I'onna. 


Lnilviu niiui who kiiiiiiH Imw In Cuke 

i « lire or u Mnllilel' I'yllloil SilKke. 

Steady position lor right pany. For particulars 
address 11. ARMANI), care of N. T. HARRIS, 
P. O. Box NOwBH, New Orleans, La. 



Ohaunooy A Oo. 

II AUK Y T1IOM r«0\, 

MAYOR (IF THE BOWERY, will apeak on the 
Steamer Ornml llepublle on tho Synillciilo tjiics- 



IN'dT HEAT H Ii, KV BIIgv HIe, llid. 

ADDRESS WANTED— Mr. McCleaiy, Formerly 

of PlitlailelphU, and rccenlly iisslstanl or Koru Hie 
magician, send me your address, you will lie bene- 
lilted. 8. Baldwin. 1031 Market SI., I'hllailelplila. 


cheaply aud quickly. Antatoura supplied. 
CHAS. E. Mll.l^i. 437 \V. list St., New York City. 

45 Sets Song Slides (Colored), 15c. a Slide; 

no War, inc.; Fine Stewart Banjo, $iu; Washluiru 
Mandolin, $4. ('all or mull stamps. 

SMI TH linos., :is) W. 41sl St.. Ne w York . 

WANTED QUICK -Three Med, , Performers. 

CoiAl'Job. Salary sure. Prefer those Unit play or 
viimp organ., dihers, wrllo. Mint. (ll.HMAN 
MEI) . CO.. Hurley. I'lalerfo., N.V. 

Slll€ 8liow I'aiiH in»s 


SENECA STUDIO. Buffalo, N. V. 

Wanted at Once, 

Sketch Team, 

Man and Wife, who can change for 3 
night* ami ilotslnglei. 


Caro of sianilanl Show Prim, Si. Paul. Minn. 

America's Best Known Writer, Humorist and Playwright. 

Musicians Wanted, 

E-Flat Clarionet, Flute and 
Piccolo, French.Horn 


or Altophone. 


Denver, Col., Care Plolo Hlioivn. 


Properly Mini, lo doiilile lulia or Imrliuiic; Mini 
fur Irish lllddy, doulilo Irombono or tuba; tlrst 
class Agent. Farce Comedy Pcoplo In all branches. 
wrllc for Summer mid regular season. State all 
first letter. Address, as per route. 

ORANT IIET1I, Manager. 


To Strengthen the SILVER BROS. CIRCUS 



OPIK RJBAD, Author nnrl Writer of One of the Very Best Sketches Ever 
Presented in Vaudeville. 

A 25 Minute Scnsutlonul Comedy which this Famous aud Popular Aulhor Has SPECIALLY. WHITTKN lor 

Who Will Present It this Coming Season In Vaudeville. 

FILHON and I'.ltROL have absolutely only eight weeks open, viz.. Nov. 2, 9, 10, 23, 30, Dec. 7, 11, a. 
The halsnco of tholr entire bciisoii Is completely llllod lo Juno ». Address 

N ssrsd CRROL, Klmhurs't, III. 



hook n« Over at Proctor'a »3il St. This Week. 

Saratoga Springs, N. Y.— 6em Concert 

oaih i kii. nn enfur the season. Talent wanted all 
TBkiHne, . ■ ^oko. wTWkkfhI^b, Prtipr, 

JlVlj.UKLMjL'ollN. Hooking Mgr. ____ 


(Late Bualness Manager of Rosier A Blal's Music 
ItHili.wouid.ukc me management of a vmiduvllle 
house Ul any city. Address ■ caro ■ CLIPPER," 

Al Hketuh Team, Juggler, outside Attraction, Per- 
formers and Musicians. Wire as per route. Show 
doing big business. 0. I.OTK BILVEIt, Mgr. Sil- 
ver Bros.' Circus, Boyno City, Mich., July 1; Char- 
Icrolx, Mich,, July 2, 3 and I. 


To Join Boperlolre or Dramatic Co., Introducing 
Cornel Solos; II1111J0 Solos. Fancy, Buck, Jig Hint 
Reel Dancing. Coon Hinging and Elocution; can 
play pans; oau chango specialties nightly. Muther 
to travel with her. Can do anything In tho stage 
line. Age 14 years. Per address, 

II llllllKli: STREET, I'utclsnn.N. J. 


SO or 70 foul Combination Car, Baggage. Diner 
and Sleeper Combined. Address R. 0. o A IlllNEIl, 
(laro of Chicago Show- Printing Co., Chicag o, HI. 

MXF« I C IiVlV «s 


Clarionets, Drummer, Bass and Tuba, Violinist lo 
double Trombone or Tuba, Cornet doulilo Violin. 
Salary lirtoetrporWeok. M. P. KUlfUBR, 
« llsiidmaslcr 71st Heg't, Hand, Norfolk, Va, 



Four weeks' cngagoihonl, to open J illy 2T. Address 
ED. J. LEE. Phoenix Tltcatro, Cnluinhiis, O. 



Sept. 30, 1002. 
Dec. II, 11KW. 


Sella at Sight, and 'Way until Midnight. For 
FairB, Ploiilcs, Excursions and Seashore Resorts— 
the nulekcsl. and surest seller ever produced. 
adds being sold loilny. Bolaila for M.| trade 
prlco. U per dozen. ■ 

The M. Llndsijy Rubber Co., Mt rs.. 208 B' wa y, N. V. 




Man for Heavies, Women for Juvonllcs and 

Heavies, state nil Hint, lei tcr. Answer to 

Manager Dramatic Co.. Uurltilgt i ill, VI. 



t ha rue ler I,cndlng . Mini. 

I'lnnisl or Sinnll Paris. 
Stock or Itcncrloli'u only : hnve large number 
of plays ilnd imrtH. Addresa* enre or 
StirTllllltN IIOTIOI,. Illiiiilnphiim, Aln. 


Monologues— Dutch. Irish, .low, Kid, Coon, Tramp, 
lluho, i'lc. each, seven for - $1. Allen's Type 
Written Comedy Sketches. Cross Fire Bugging. 
Aula, etc., for any I wo characters and any dialect, 
f 1 each. Always on hand. Special sum, |"> to {6u. 
OBO. II. ALLEN, 4M E. 23d SU. N. Y, Clly. 


tiuoil Invest inetil for munch-uly. I have good 
Picture Machines, alao l-'ourol EiIIsoii'h latest 
KliietcscnpoH, with eight new t;ells, For Hale 
t'henn. lothhy aloolors, nave your Hluinps. V, 
TRKDN. "O.'i l.nekawiituut Ave., Seninion, I 'a. 

10q. — OrigiD of Weas-10c. 

la a completo success. Replete with- original sug- 
gestions. OCR EN- <t CO., 

312S .foliage Pro ve Ave.. Chica go. 


HI A Uli H MILTON, Snubrette. Wardrobe, 
ability, spcelallles, llrsl clasa. Address EDWARD 

t:t RI'.VN, Mi- Ashlnnd Block, Chicago, 111. 

Nolhlng loo expensive so long iih It la now 
in) t-hiiwv. Slate lull purtleiihiiH, lowest 
eiiali price mid where 11 mm nil us can be 
seen. Address A. Pit IIW IIOMM, 

:tsr>r< Lnuclister Ave. I'lilludelphlii, I'll. 


FOR .; : . , : 

The Limited Mail Co, 

(live (tolghl, weight,' lowest salary and full parlle- 
iilars In llrsl letter. SEASON OPENS EARLY IN 
AUGUST. Address 

BLMBB B. VAflCE, Lake View, H. J. 

Dental Manager 


TAL OFFICES. Must, bo thoroughly experienced 
lu dentistry. A ipialitlcil dentist preferred, Per- 
manent, position. Answer fully, stating refer- 
ences, experience tind compensation wanted. 
Address "DENTIST," 

41 Park Row, Romn so, Now York. 


Busby Bros.' Railroad Shows 

Flrat class Clowns, tiooil musicians. 
Also Good liar Performer. 




A hook of Inst ruction (ALL BRANCHES). VALU- 
Price. 2,10. II. BBOMAN, Box 4(1, Fair Haven, N. J. 

To-Rer.t— »Lrtwch Rccm, 

At near by Summer resort. Business established. 
Particulars, apply le • 

J. II. VS., P. 0. Ilox 148, Rye, N. Y. 



Allen's Foot-ease, a powder. It cures painful, 
smarting, nervous feel and Ingrowing nails, ami 
Instantly lakes the sling mil of corns iiikI bullions. 
It's 1 he grealcsl comfort discovery of the age. 
Allen's Fuot-Euse inukes light or now shoes reel 
easy. It Is a certain euro for swcullng.callnus ami 
hoi, llrcd, aching fcol. Try It today. Sold bv all 
druggists and shoo stores. Ily mall for Ho. In 
stamps. Trial package FREE. Address 

ALLEN 8. OLMSTED, I,c Roy, N. Y. 


READY; I30.0U. Send for circular. 

J. II. (1ASSER, Wcbslcr. Mass. 


[The .Cutlery King 


The man thai knows your wants and ssndj 
Ihsm qulok. Writs for Cslsloaue-THE MOM 


,256 E. Madison St., CHICAGO'. 


Wo Imvo 200Clftllonshnnd 
picked 11 ml pollHlicd pink 
nuil Mil ilo Panama Shell". 
Whllo they Inst wo will sell 
thorn nt 9A.50 per kmmi and 
711. ,,-,- 100. 


eoloieil, on 11 in. 

fled mul Hold 

lllleil ring .with 

mlislpiaio Lord's 

I'l-iiycr heart ImnRle. 

tVeluivnsobl several 
ImndreclBrosnti) wire men llilssca- 
boii. TlieyeollkoulrcitsUckcta. 

If yon want to mix with Ins 
lira ones send for our Wlm No. »«6 Ittnc. 
Workrreciiliihoolo. Tlioinosl l»ni. (l.ttwsSlSi 
eoniplcto book of Ibo kind ever Issued. 
Ruftr.s, Tluinusn 4 Ct., IfiD Wabash An., Celoute. 



Cures aJJ... 

Dliciiurges in' 





for After Shaving. 

In.1.1 tint yimr Imilier uvt M'"",' 1 ',! 
Toilet l-nwilcr ode, ho sIuivm yeu. II ■ 
*nllW|,Uf, i"! "HI MIK.VKXT .inv "f '« 
Wfiny si; In fli'.r.T^cs oltrll cnulnn JfJ '■ lt 

A i«„lllvc icllcf.for I'ltllkl.t II"*- 

1 11 uimi tad aixntHK. 311,1 .11 nniirnmi'i n niic ain. . !•'■ 

movesnil odflr nf |>cr<iplr.illoii. Art NtaaMrS— flat«lll tB * 
Seld evet yw here, of innllcil for 56 com. Snwplf t Wft 

r.KRllAltn )it:v\Kv CO.. srowiirk. % *.. 

Stalfman's Dresser Trui 

within reach. No heavy tri>' , i D 
liKht.smiwthdriiwerH. H™" 
much mid costs no more tsu 
good box trunk. Hand ri"£ 
nlTiiottindcstri.ctllile. 0»«" 
alwiysiwonnmae*. S< nt a ,°; Jt\ 

s^m — mptb ESSSi c - L'i i m y at 'M> 

r.A .Stellmon.85Vf, Baring St, Coj»a*g! 

',*!,&« CHICAGO. 

July '4. 


KERRY-MILLS' Stirring M^rch Spng, even bettor, by far, than ''Fare Thee Well, Molly barling.'-' 


ARTfWR LAMB and KERRY. MILLS' great Descriptive Song. .Both of : the, above mentioned 'songs have the CrOateat Slides that 
r "' ■ MR. WHEELER< has ever produced. i 

RALPH POST'S great little Waltz Chorus Song. They'll all sing It with you, just as they did "The Good Old 8ummer Time, 

"a*gbod song I by a good fellow. 





MAX SILVER and IRVING JONES' funny Goon Song, funnier than anything yOu ever heard 



And when REN SHIELDS wrote ho was there, a lot of extra verses and a song that they Will laugh themselves to death over. 




The .best thing they ever did. 

. _ . .__ WIDE WORLD. 

This Song is thelug Hit of "The Wizard of Ox." 


1 1 .45 

Tho Very Catchy Coon Song. 

n i 

KERRY MILLS' Great March/ Ready for Band and Orchestra,! and all other combinations. 
Professional Copy and Orchestrations in any key, free of. charge. Send program and stamps for postage. 


Slay JM m Jb ■ 

anclsoo Taken By Storm 







,, f R«B-i»rofc(wlniml copied to recognized performcra or Hiohc wilding tip to diitc programme. 


NEW WITMARK BUILDING, 144-146 W. 37th St., Inst Mow Harlborongh Hotel. 



., Mil 

Goo. E. Roberts, IVIoru 


Prof. Pamahasikas Marvelous Bird and Dog Circus. 

Want to "'"lie or manage i>|icrii houae In » «ood town. 1 have the gMft. 

•M \.*«*-V 


Join ImrncdlAiely. j)nc who inidcnilamla seat*. Unci i»e soher ami rellahle. ootkltWAOBR. AI»o 


«ne snow per ,1,1,. Wlr e „f write. *. ». M cPHEE'S BIO UNCLE TOW'S CABIN CO., 
July 3, nwVH Isle, Me.:4, MaralKIl, Me.; a, Bildgewalcr;7,AKliland:8, Fort Kent. 


Will purchase a Imir Interest In one of tlio iiiuoi 
popular Heperfolre Organization* In aiihtIuh. 
Ilooked uuil contracted for ihlrty-ucvcii weuka. 
Net nrolllH Imvii nnvcr hecii Ichh than 8KVKN 

I'llllll.KA Ml 1)01, LAKH. RNUOM for HClllllK HUll 
fall particular* rurnlahcd. Only rtytpimalhlc par- 
lit.-, will in' recognized. AililrcHH '■ 




To enlarge Dm hand wild Hie' (Iran Wallace 
Shown, Cornet, Clartonoi, OIiob, Bassoon, anil nil 
oilier ItiHlriniieiitg. Address at once, with lowest 
milury, C. /,. IlKONHON, 

Ah pe'r.roule, or 70 K. MudlHon St., Ohlcngo, III. 

At I_ibe.r*y7 


Will hire with flint "limn companies only, 
state All In lirst letter. AiMmmb 


MOB, Sixth Btrcol. Caoul Hover. Ohio. 


GENTRY BROS/ f*» shows. 

OHOAH JiiVF.H, llandiriasler, Corning, N. V., 
July 3: Wwver ly July it. Oswego July 4. 


Approved of liy Hew' Viirk Managers. Hooking 
guaranteed to right purlieu. Dancing, singing. 
Three rinlck changes for woman. Address 
: \ . k. B„<a w7Sm at., now vprk. 

the: cleos, 

The Only Lady Doing tllaoi Hwillg* In Mid Air. 



la Mulling it 'lr<onniloii» llll wllli 







M. WITMARK & SOUS, Publishers, 

rUPP I>roff«iil«iinl Cuiilt-a In Iti-roanlxetl I'err.ii-iaera Mf) PADnC 
rnr,t~„, ,|oi., S,m.U..« t p-lo-Uol.> Vr„urui„mv. ~WU VAlflJO. 


Early In July New Wllmirk Bldg.. 144-146 W. 37th SI,, Ju»l below Mirlborouuli Hotel. 


Chas. K. Champlin Stock Co., 




pjioUiauml pto(rriinirnen, "lute nulary mid full purtli'tilarH. Scanni oihiim Aiik. .'II, lelienrHalH two wveka 

CHAM. K. CIIAMI'I.IN, lied Hank, N.J. 






HeiiHnn iipciia 041. H, 1IKCI; elnaek June 11, imil. Can itlwaya mm (rood people, AIihIiIuih, 
Performcia, Chorim llirM, No railroad fan", mlvaiiced; don't auk for It. 

Addre-i« W. A. I.OIlll, M>nitKer"A Wlw Coon" Co„r,7 W. ilalli HI., New York Clly. 


A FIRST fitftSS S!X€fKJ>-*fiS «KC^€eafiRETT£- 

FOlt UiiYT'M "A III NUII OF KKVS." UIIH UOTIINKIl, Itoom la, Dinplre Theatre, New York. 





July. 4. 


That will lend Equity to the Traveling Manager, Embracing the Mother of Burlesque Houses, 







more cities wii.L be; Added irf the near 


The Howard Athenaeum 




Burlesque Company, 50 People. 










For Further Information Concerning the .< 
Independent Circuit, address the Projector. 


I3*3<-* Broadway, New York City. 











.' MICHAEL O'BRIEN, Singe Director. " " 

Carrying the ENTIRE SET OF SCENERY AND ELECTRK- EFFECTS for Ihe production of this oiic act, including.transformation from exterior. of the church to the interior. Everything that 
money and brains can do is done to msike this one of the grandest acts of its kind ever produced. Yours 'triily* ■; M, SHEA, Manager. 

Notk.— All immediate 'communications must be addressed to 

M. SHEA, General Manager. -09 Bedford St., New York City, N. Y„ U. S._A. 


Chinese Comic Acrohnts, 

Invito Hirera fur tlii-'t'nmlnc Season. Juno "JO. 1'rnetor'n r'lflh Ave. fMuly'tl, ' Kclth'K 
riillnilcliililii : Jul.r i:i. Ki>lth T s N. V. I'crinniiciil address J1IW KIlillT AVK„ N. V.. chit «f 
MUS. COOKSON. HUSTON JOl'RNAI. : .Mnrllne * llalmj. their -BPtMa .Wf.of the or- 
fllmiry nnil Ik thoroughly enjoyable. U'hlcollMarilnc & llnliin. Chinese Comic Arrolmls, 
they offer sonic good tricks. I'l.l I'I'KH : Miirllue & HiiIihi. . Iwn vi<ry rimm! omlciicrnlwlK 

wanted; for 

riders NIGHT OWLS, 

Tjp lo Date Specialties or All Kinds, suitable ror Biirlewtnc: Udtcs for Chorus. All costumes hir 
moiled. Address ' FRKD RlllKtt, I'. O. Box «. Fair Haven, H. J. 

,W A IV V 13 I> , S* o ** 

Military Carnival and Circus 

At SPICKS Id HKUtT, ». U. N, Y., YOUNG'S WROVK, THOV, S. Y., JULY 10-'4J, 
Midway At Irac I tons, Nltom, Free Aeln, Prlv liege, and Games, Ferris 'Wheel. The 
biggest thing In New York State this season. Address . 

. WM. B. DOBBINS, Manag er, Armory, Troy, N. Y. 


"*"""" I. RON W. WAKIIIirnN, Propr.: ORO. PECK. Manager. 

W ANTrit Actors in All Branches that can llav Urnsa, IjiiIv for Snuhreile wllh strong specially, 
naniliU, i, H ,ly fpr I^-hiIk, niu»i bos Rood horse woman: ilood lsioklng Long Haired linn wllh 
sirens shooting act, Cowboy* and Indiana. Stale as*, height and weight and lowest salary. We ply 
board. Ana. ttEO. FKUK, COURIER OFFICE, 214 West 4W 81., New York City. 



the Greatest rVe Attraction for Cottnty, Stato and 
Street . Fairs, nor hour's show: In • handsome 
Shi'tlaml ponies,, 10 doga. comedy, monkey- and 
mules. I'HKV AUK IT. I'eniiHiicui address 
• TRtlK. CHAS. K. KICK, New Albany, Ind. 



Now and second Hand Slereoptloona, Films, 
SmiR Slides and Suppllea. Picture machine* re- 
txi lit with all Itnprovoincnla. Rheostats any volt- 
age Mechanical cfltect* for acla inado. Expert 
repairing douo. NEW YORK FILM EXCHANdE. 
N, riiWHR, Mgr., 117 Nassau St., New York. 

Phono 33H0 Cortland. 


Writes write in Ihe new iiook, 
10c.-ORlt.IN Of IDEAS- lOr. 

New you write. oi KEN A CO., 
3V1* Collage iirove Ave,. Chicago. 

WaRtid, Sketch ■ Team, S. and D. Siubniti, 

Planl-d. First Violin. Slide, Alto, Baritone, People 
for II. and 0. Stale all lliflrat letter. No tele- 
grams, IIRADI.EY BROS., Cresen. Iowa. 

r^i3 FRW WIBKS OPES. *""| 


\ - T T > °' l> - ln .j l ^'^, > .-n "vll" S'Ji'ruwviwi \ 





•FtOOR " • 




We are the Orlglnalora of Two Persona Punching One Bag at the aatne ilme. "Thla le.the gr«al«H 

Open to slun with good burlesque show for nextaeaeon. 

act of Jtsklnrt en^the' read to-dav. liar none. 
Addrons BIIRSS ANU MITCI1F.I.I., eare of 
City, caro nr 1L A. Lewis. 

N. Y. CLIPPER, or per. address, MO EAST 16TH ST.rffr Y. 


An HltialonUt ofwldo ropniallnn who has appeared aticcemf u lly wllh tits own company In everylari!' 
ci yon earth waul, clever. Magician a»a>slst«ntforiwoveara' American and foreign tonr. Ifsatlsfacmrf 

grapldst; acts wnlcli.can lw done in 
^El>. - 

.including gonOBnuonw- 
.- otic" or require no special soUlng. AilENT ANO BL'SINEHS 
MANAQBK WANTED. Week stands; no one night business. Have capital, experience. l>eautlliil 
paper. Mrtreai EXPERT, care of N. YVCLIPPBR. 

V. B,— Baldwin. John Fay or wife, E. s. lfenough, D. 
•lease write. * ' 

__, care of N. _ 

Dudley or others up In SPIRITUAL line, 

i w N o T It 

"Hms.1i t|>a Act Yon W 



.M -'-■ : 7 '•■•>■ ■ • i" . ■> 

ant/* You Hake No Mistake In Booking Thla One. , Fall 
Value Received. A Positive lilt. A Feature on Any Bill. 
V --' < Billy "HILL and EDMUNDS " Anna. ' 

^i!^j2lSJ l, A#r«I?f* , 'i'i ,B *. BV PL P* B *v9»»'' " ie brtehtcBt little lot Keen In years. In IhsU 
1KS1- SSSJil'ii ''« U i J ? r \\ '•"S^ 1 en,l,, W^A CUT* OIRL.'*-TOod singing, talking, dancing and i» 
n,JnXA^.*^o fl £ntJ«Rr. d »*J! c £S?J hls ,ni1 laM week at Riverside Park.Aaavllle, N.C>A«k' 
a.'? #"»rL- g Marf ntnpa»p mA»A.aRRg''-lf yon are InoXIng Tor nn act l-n feature, JM« I' 
£:•„-?« ~«5" l^Vv» e n W L!5J^'!?i , ?. 1 7 r • Tlicl "V ,0,^ ' , w'nnte. Prefer company playing tho Ami*. 
^" ? S^ B W!ariI AliA0ER8 0F rAllKS AI *1» VAUDEVILLE 110C8BS-\Ve have some Immedljle 
tlBle. Address RIVERSIDE PARK, AshvlUe.N. C. 

. i- .- 




JfM report nt Benton Harbor, Midi., 
u I V 8. without fell. Specialty Pe.oulc 
J ,h. only ones that are allowed to 
"rtvl trunk. HCJ8CO A HOLLANU, 
«» rr ' Proprietors. 


Us*: our 


S7..-,i> |^ r 1OU0 
tl.00 per 100 

Samples Free. 
We have rlie 
latent assort- 
ment of fih»|it 
Song Honk- in 
C. S. 

Special Covers 
printed to order 
at cost. 

TRACTING AGENT and Culon Hill Poster*. l,ong 
season. Wire or wriJA. 

H. D. WHITTIER, GenT Agt., 
milltnantic, Conn., July 2; Merlden .1, Daniuirye. 



'OMMt Park, I, line Rock, Ark. 


«il«t !.<■ able 10 book lllMl rOlltC a Successful show 
uid work ahead. Slate yonr e.\|ierleu<-e. Address 


BOX 17*, UTICA, N. Y. 


A young in a n desire* to travel with 
.onie company. Some experience In the 
• buw business. Sober, nice dreaaer. Can 
tarnish reference and rerommendn- 
. Addreaa II. J, HANSEN, 
Box 40, Hex la, Texas. 


By Spooner Dramatic Co. 

■ingle: Mutt change Hiree tinier n week. Join at 
once. Wire or write, stating- all In first. 

F. K. SPQONEB.' Austin, T e xan. 


« Shetland Ponies, -jo Miniature Cages, 1 Tally ho, 
1 IWft. Tup, wlHi 1-60 aud 1-10; ] flOft, Top. with 
- --i | j;v'j|,. uiiih Seats, Lights, Slake*. PoIeK, elc. 
AL<o icon. Pnllnian Sleeper at a bargain, nrwlll 
"sue. THK NEW S1PK SHOWS, Kokoino, Did. 

Fred Waddell, 


Engaged for s weeks on the Coast for Pueltlc 
land. Co. OPEN. TIME AFTER SEPT. 1. 
Per add.. 4744 Onion Ave., Chicago. 


JlU for: su Clnliy Harris and Marks that donldes 
<n*i, Imp Drummer, good Bosh Canvas Han that 
Jss had' circus ■ experience. Must Join ul mice. 
"•we lowest nalarj- In lint leUer. Ad. 

„ , ■ ■*• • PROP. E. WILLIAMS. 

.A merican show Printing; Co., Milwaukee, Wis. 

~\y t\ "VTy.Tl 


''V"'!? <"»n sing and read music at sight. Sal- 
„il * i '- ou per week and lung engagement for 
"jsi partj. No Minday work. 
-j ' .SPARKtf A- ALLEN'. Deadwuod. S . P. 

Aiiinre (or Wright Carnival Hand. Address, with 

3! 9 '"*• °- w - M» '-EY, Tin"". O., June 28- 
{"j*4 : Shsihy, p., July 8-11. 

Mliam Pavilion Theatre Co. 

-2*£2*»«1MK, Mun and Wife for All 'Round 

vur . !" rc """"if**. Must do speclallles. Low, 
■ »n mm. |,ong season. Address Miles' Urove, 
"i. Ju ne a-Jiily j» Fulrvlew. Pa., July n-ll. 


All i- FK1R,,(| NT TRIO. One Ijidy, Two Men. 



l>o\v SSz_ F'RE BUR Address 

-~?L j yiRE WORKS CO., Louisville. Ky . 

Side Show Paintings, 

."•"•tlonal Portable Fronta. 

LUIIEN uK PAOO, «0 Bond St., N. Y.CIt.v. 

6. SHINDHELM, Theatrical Wig 

MAKER. Good work for low prlcea. 
118 West 38th STREET, New York. 
»m1 iiunn for nrlne Hat. 

Guvernator's Theatre, 

"ID ayaxfS 1 "■■W CITY, K. J.. 

- 5 ' * KHW^ . M a nager. 

*°ltuA»lzmi« AND BOOKINO THK 

w^ 1 ^ 3 ^ COMEDY CO., 

» r -e»*)U-19UH. UKfl It. AV 

McOregor, luwa. 




KFAVFh" a7tS?&Ja MAYF.K an, IMaS": 



CASINO B£fe^2S5f*gi 




b. f. xsasits's 

International Circuit. Theatrical Enterprise!. 

R. P. ALBEE, General Manager. 


8. K. HUOUUON, booking Mauager, Association 
of Vaudeville Managers, St. Jamea Bldg., Broad- 
way aud 20th St.. N.Y. " 

Huber's "V h . Museum 

ORO. H. HUBRH, Propr. 
WANTED AT ALL TIMES, Living Curiosities, 
Freaks of Na'ure, also First Class Vaudeville Acta 
fur Theatre. Address J. II. ANDERSON, Ma nager. 

The Bickett Family, 

Address URANIt RAPIDS, Mich. 


a ■lib WF.RK IN THE SOI TH, 


And her Ladles' Military Brass Bnnd. 



2 ladles and 2 Gents. Permanent Address, 

CHAS. BAN'VARD.Wi Muntl.elln Ave.,Chlcago, III. 



luthelrorlglnal romedy, entitled -MIXTURE." 
En mute J. W. Gorman's Parks. 





Are (he Originators of Spinning and Juggling Tam- 
bourines mi Hands, Kuees, Head and Feet simul- 
taneous. Act copyrighted and patented. 
Klvnn's Circuit for 12 weeks. 



Gorman and West, 


216 E. 10th Street, X. V. 

Car!.!, and Otto 


Home uddress. 211 E. nth St., New York. 


MAY IRWIN'S successor found III 

PUollio Bell Leonard, 


PRINTERS' INK MakeKTIl'iili-aliil-THINK! 
wrrtT>TlT1 Regards to "Beach 
KOPPE. ' v '!»Ke,"andFeuu- 
XJa. V^ A M, XI, ,,.]■ ,v Hadcline. 
"OSCAR"— How much did I gaiu In Nashville' 





If tou have next week open, write. 


Lane and Suzinetta 


• •n 





Brandy wine Park, SrheiiMtady, I ¥. 



low Writes Exclusively lor 

The Evening World 

A Chicot crltlqut apptirs every day 



Uncle Tom Co., M 

Actors who play brass or ilo concert turns, slide 
TronilHine. Cornet, ularloiici, Trap lirumincr: also 
other good Musicians for B. A «.: 0«'d Tom 
Agent. A Two Car Show. Addres- 
K L ENT IIIIO S.. Ames, la. 

The Musical Holbrooks 

•'BIO HIT." 

Address Na 130. Washington Ave., Chelsea, Mass. 





run srnKrrr men. canvarsers. pei^ 

MEX. FISH 111X11 AMI "I'l'IVII" WllliK- 
I'.KS and oilier iiierclmul s|ie,-inlNts. It W a 
-tun page Isaik i>H|ie<-lnllr devuleil In such 
Roods mid novel! I, k Hint you ,an mnke big 
uiouey on. 




For Rep. or Farce ('onwilr: lioilrpla.r parts, IkiiIi 
sing: single nnd doulilc >|s;cialtii-K. I'liangc acts, 
comedy or straight, each night. Miss Wu-kevrrv 
line il|tenili<° Soprano. Flue Picture machine, 
latest Illustrated soiig>. 

Musical Act, Illustrated Song Act 

I'ermaueiit add., rllARI.ESTON. ILLINOIS. 



Hough ft Howard's United B. B. Shows, 

Ti-onilione, Baritone, Cornet nnd Trap 
Drummer. Also Good Dos; Man. 

Address IIOWAKU H. TOWNSENH. Bandiuasler. 
(.'Imago Show Print lug Co.. 

12s Fifth Avenue, Chicago. III. 


Must be good looking. ,|iilck study, wardrobe, ami 
not overSTt. .',in. Write all or wire. i. W. IIKIS- 
MAX, Riverside Stock Co., Aahevllle, N. (.'._ 


For the Col. M. L. Clark Circus 

Musicians of nil kinds, nlso Trap Drummer 
and ii few Actors. Write nt Turning. M>> . 
Julr 4: Xellrsvllte, Mo.. .">. Afler tlini, per 
route In THE CLIPl'EIL 


for Myself nnd Three DuiigluerN. I will fur 
null a Couiplele Ludy On-liestru. furnishing 
First t'lusa Music, conslstlug of First Violin, 
Second Violin. Huhs, Cornet and Drums. 
Address THOMAS Ii. HOrilF.I.KAI. 
1 Helkuap St.. Wonfm er. Mn ss. 



In our inimitable style. 
J. T . CHAMBERS, 3ia Walnut St., St. l/)nl>, Mn. 



J. C. Rockwell Dramatic Co.. 

Han to Manage Stage and play p>ns, Man for 
Comedy uiul Characters, and other good Reper- 
toire People. Stale all in Orsl. letter. Address 
J. C. ROCKWELL, Burlington, VI. 

Wanted at Once, 


For t bree ulglit and week stand re/|>erinlre. salary 
sure, an miisl be low. Those doing »|ieelaltles 
preferred. Answer yuli-k. 

PRINCESS THEATRE CO., Lindsay, Ontario. 



Splendid Show Town. Mining (own. Monthly 
pay roll, $4j,oO0. Drawing pop , A.ouu. Capacity. 
-'.iK). Booking for 1ih.«-i. First class nllractluuH 
write. One show a week. 


Repertoire People 

wire quick. Never close. Also DIKKJTOK. 

Ad dress IKENE JEAVON8. Bo livar, Pa. 

"At Iiitoertjr. 

Trombone and Second Violin 

Desires engagement with first class minstrel or 
ilieatrlcal company. Experienced, solier and re 
liable. Addn-ss CHAN. E. TOOPf, 
Wilmington. Ohm. 



One or Two Good Performers, man and wife pre- 
ferred; must do at least two turns each in big 
show. EMMA SNYDER, write. Address 
KRANK ADAMS. Southern Show, powersvllle.Mn. 

Man with IflOl Edison Machine, with good collec- 
tion of Film", for season of 12 weeks nt Park. Must 
ls> good advertising slide writer and assist around 
suSc. J- A. KKWIN, Peru, Ind. 


Add. FRKDJOHDAN.l-Ji X. Wit St.. l^-lmnoo. Pa. 

Wauled, Two Good Performers 

(M. ami P.), for a first class 

vaudeville -ketch. I will re 

i. W. HCIIWARr/, 

l K. Rid Street. N. Y. No stamp, no reply. 


Written to Order, 
hearse theni In II 


The undersigned Invites offers for Summer anil 

regular season. Join any place and pay uiy own 


H. R.fare. WAI.TERI 

.Oklahoma city. Okla. 


out on afterpieces. JOHN DOUGHERTY, 

W-J Howard street, Camden, N, J. 

Come Up and Call On 

Now at hum* In thannost ofllrea 
In New York Clly, at 31 West :ilal 
St. Take (he electric elevator. 


Cat tlil.uul ami pail, it In yout 




UO -aa N. nth St. fgW Haute, ina. 

Thomson ft Vandiveer's 

Circus, HtMigttlt ud Hlppodnii Tuts 

Have a record uf over fur! j years as being superior 
In Material, Finish, Workmanship, Style, Durabil- 
ity and Economy to all others manufactured. Ke- 
UmaUM given on application. 

No. 380-231 K. THIRD ST., Cincinnati, 0. 




The best show town In the Slate for the size New 
stage: new scenery; senllog cap.. 4uo. Pop., :i,f,oo. 
K U. A. WR IOIIT, Slanager._ 

Prizes anil GilLs Tor Alt (imiikf, Jewelry mill 

Novi'lticn for Soaveuir Slutuls, Parks, 

Scasli"iv, Curuivalx and TbeatreM. 


529 Broadway, cor. Spring Street. N. Y. City. 

Managers Opera Heuses, Northwest Quarter U.S. 

Mr. Fr:mk <l. King Iiiin pnn-liasm) I In* aule 

i in!. Is hi I l,r ritllioilM miiii'ilv, 


Willi Its iirlgiiuil printing, elc, for I In- sen- 
son of l!H).", and -I, In your territory. No 
p.iiiu.>|o| <Ki iiiai s|i|3i.i hi:i no 111..11;. -hi ijiii 

Tali llnthswny SI., <:ievel«nil. II. 


If. \. .tliimi's All American Slum, 

Al H-rtat Cornet, must l» sight reader. MONEY 
SURE. Also lady performers. Would like In hear 
from good Slater Team . All kind musicians, write. 
Adjresii T. H.. RIJWJANIl, OlierlHMI. 


Cornet and Vlnlln. Cornel and Piano. Tuba, Trom- 
bone, Trap Driimmer, Alto ami Clarionet. State 
lowest: It's sure. OPENS AUG. 10. 

Address HARRY DULL. 
No. 42 fi Lamed Street. E. Delroll, Mic h. 

llfBI,8»:A80N 190-1 and 4,lFlllK 

A Oeuteel Heavy, oue playing brass preferred; an 
Al Cornet Player for II. ami <).. Trap Drummer anil 
a Property Man who can play Slide Trombone. Car 
also use u few other guoil tieople. Heiouni opens 
Aug. B. Address J. C, LEWIS iSI llunkard), 
Hu.x ■-'07Q, 81. Joseph , Mlclilgnii. 

Wanted at Once, for Ladies' Band, 


(Lady). Slate experience, lowest salary, elc . in 
Ursi letter, for long engagement, others write. 
A ddress HELEN MA Y BUTLER, Kaslou, Pa. 




Stale full imrHcular*. Address U OX jM.Ruc lie lle. III. 


Crescent Stock Co., 

leading Juvenile Man; al-o I'mpcrly Man, with 
Speclallles. Suite SuiiiDler salary. Manager puts 
expenses. Must Join on receipt of wire. J. W. 
Ulrlch, write. C. T. EAUI.KTON. Woodstock, VI, 

For Sale Cheap, 

Over Eighty Costumes, 

Six different kinds, in good condition:' also Hum 
Hels Elalsirale Scenery, suitable for either Farce 
Comedy or lluriesque. Apply to T. W. DINKINS, 
Itu-j Broadway, Room 2UT, New Y ork. 


Hummer lle-mi llole.l. .Easy work. Waul to liny 
Second 11 .iiiil E-llat Alto SuxApnoue. Address 
W. II. COOPER, Lender of orchestra. 
H otel Rider, Cambridge Springs, Pa. 


Edison Slack— Live Sulilejtji. Special rates by the 
week. EUGENE CLINK, gj Grand Ave., Ulilcago. 


«« CTTw TC» zav f~* ~^tr »» 

Cast: Guild .'!. (10 Willi order, , Nonc.C. O. I). 

_K. il HRO wn K,_atl_t II nrim, Chicago. 



comtioHcr, Arranger and Musical Director. 
267 N. CLARK AT.. Chicago, III. 

Car lin and Otto 


B. II. DOYLE. Ift.Ml. Vernon St., .Mlddcfonl, Me. 


Choice assorlmeul imported Gowns, Opera Cloaks, 
almost Hew, Bargain. 44UUth Ave., New York. 


That woulil In, Hnilitlile for "lially Hoo" 
work ontaKlo our nlmw, sticb ns Mind Ueail- 
crs, I, uiy witb (lullit anil Den ol Lutge 
Sunken, Tyrolean Singers, ('crforiiiingCocka- 
loos, Miisiciil Team, il.ike to lienr from 
C'olliiiHi. Sword Walkeis, Swonl .Swallowers, 
Ludy Fencers, Clay MiHli'lors, or uuvtliiutf 
cInc thai will nlo\t and hold a crowd lor a lew 
uiinnten. A hcuhiui's work to the tight at- 
traction. Call on or uddreiui 
MANAGER, Morrli' "Volcano" Exhibition, 
Corny Island. N, Y. 

MOTION PICTURES, complete outfit Willi operator 
for Parks, Ijiwii-,, Fairs, etc.; latest imported 
dlins from Europe, 2UU up t» date, subjects. Films 
reined by the week or month, weekly change; also 
the Juvenile operas, Llllpiiltaiis anil Midgets. 
Write for aiicclul circulars, terms, elc. 
F. II. DEUKEK A CO.. 1,-si Flflh Ave.. New Yurk. 

Lady Musicians Wanted, 


Must lie gnod sight readers, and handle standard 
music. Write full iiartlculars. send photos, which 
will he returned. Long engagement. Good salary. 
Address BOX Hail, Spokane, Washington. 


ALU. 7 |; .nH H. ATTBACTI0K8, 

Merry-Go-Around, Vaudeville Artists, Good Kid 
Show, Colored Troupe, Trapeze Performer, or any 
other good Outdoor Attractions. Send sample uf 
cut as soon as possible, also price. Privileges in 
let. Crowd last year estimated at 1'J.nuti. Address 
C. II. WINKMAN, No. 24 K. tlliHl., Auburn. III. 


Man lor Ltads and HoavlH, Comadlan with 

Spaclaltles. Juvinlle Woman: Rtparlolrt 

Peopio In All Llnaa. Writs. 


particii.ahh. irro. 


No. 1421 Missouri Avenue, Hi. Louis, Mil. 




AUG. 4, A, 6, 1, 'OH. 

correspond with tin- undersigned. - 

TIION. M. HOPKINS, Tnsley, \ a. 




Free Samples, Contracts. Tickets, Envelopes, Km. 

Pkg. STAGE MONEY, ,lto 
AT L-ll 



John C. Sully 

Irish aud Black Pace Comedian aud All Aruiiud Sort 
and (wiiiidcui Shoe Dancer: Hot Buck Dancing. 
Put mi ads. Change) fur one week. Address 

BEHMi'DIAN, Adams Co., Pa. belters „nlv. 


rcuucslcd lo t'oiniuiiiiii-ai.i with Hielr father, Wile 
LIAM SUCKLING, Coillily Hospital. Portland, Ore. 


Hand Tenia In slock. - Write fur estimates, 

___ 9 tu 13 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mloh. 


"Bravlsslino, l.ouibin." "Paris: "Uplodate, Hurls;" 
U D MADIkinil L«. IswgAcrc, Londuu, 

II. D. mAnintLLI w.i., ■•», u«„ ram mn., 

Paris. Two lo three years 1 engagements guuran 
teed to big attractions. 

Su'aonl'rl'uik., VIOLA NAPP, 
Monologue Novelty Act, liilroduclug WOODEN 
SHOE TOE DANCE ami Pantomime Dances. AT 

Address m LYMAN ST.. CLVLI.AM), O. 

Choice Lot of PYTHONS, all sites. Also Bulls, 
Turtle Head and Fixed Rattlers (all broke to 
handle). BOSCO DENH I'JO.oo, UP. 

J. uui'K, at N. oih si., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Huttiiian, Butter* 6c Carr, 


SUITE U10, Oil, 1)14, 


second Hand Films, Hong Slides and MaeblOM 
Bought, Sold and Exohaugod. 644 WASHINGTON 
ST.,JUHim 44, Huston, Mass., tipp. Adams House. 



Address General Delivery, Ml. Clemens, Mich. 

PPINTINIl 6.0Mol-ia Sheets, 80 words or less, 
rauillinV«", Send for samples of all 
kinds or small Show Printing. CHEAPEST IN 

Reynoldsvllle, Pa. 





. rilggOW aUILMNO.NIW Y0«K. AA i 




CATALOOUB, SSc, : Hill'. C'ATAIa, r,c. None 
free. Ouly N. K. Agent for Muliulinii, 10c. 
W. I). LIlltO Y, ic.l Co urt HI., Iloslon. Mas,. 

ST ARR Oom«B>dy Oo. 

TON, Mgr. Sum mer ad dress. McGregor. Iowa. 


Hold uiiderupualtlveguaraniep 

lo Is) as represented, send for 

„ circulars. Us ORTH WESTERN 

allOOn co,, 7i-7:i Fullerton Ave., Ualcsgo, Hi, 



July 4. 


H xm. 

Presenting the Most Elaborate Act of its Kind in Vaudeville. The Best and Latest Music Played on Startling Musical Novelties. 





Tlic lint l«, In lliulr novel musical performance, imrt I'iiiiI lliimin, In "Wanb .1 tin Annt," were also star fenlnres.- BALTIMORE HERALD. 

Till' Musical IIhiih nrcseul uric of llm l>r-,-i ads of lis kind seen Ml Inn Masonic Temple this season — UIIIUACtl 1NTEII 1 ICEAN. 

Thctiiiislcal Inrn of Ihe llarls on a half dozen dltrerctit kinds of Instrument* look the hiitise.-THB DAILY NEWS, Milwaukee. Wis. 

ThcMilsicalllarts, agctillcniaii mill ln<ly. present » linppy mixture of mi-tody, pure toned mill highly pleasing, from instruments which never graced tins city ittori 
Rllvcry lone, m f U mmnm in<r«t charming hilar car, Iml whatever Inslruinenl rli«y played. Iliu music had Ihe same wonderful melody.— DAILY l,KA HKlt. New taslle, ja. ,. . ,..._,„,. ,,.„i nritrlnnt 

Then comes Hie Musical Harts, exponents or rellneil music, Introducing h iimnlicr of Hovel musical Instruments, which ihcy play exceedingly well. Their musical paraphernalia h i.irico mm or.*. . 
and llielr work In nl llm lilgbesi order.- POST, Liulsvlllo, Ky. _ 

Tlicir chime of tells Willi Ha 

Next Season Open. 


Jctfy and August. 

Add. ACADEMY THEATRE, Buffalo, m. r 


A National Recognition. 



High Grade, Superbly Mounted, Strongly Diversified and 

Eminently Successful, 

.oral Manager), Performer*, MMMI iWlille Knee), Musicians; Dully Parade, 


one hoiu . 

III III.MtV. Mole l>ro|irfelor, 

llolcl Saratoga, DinrlHirnStrocl, Chicago, III. 


Alt Wardrobe Furnished. Benson or III Weeks Standi, Opens An«. ti . 


Tula will lie an InnuVulHili In Hurlcsuur, na I hare already engaged aohiu nl I he lacsl Inlrnl In flic 
business. A full cnrlnnil of special Neennrv anil electrical oirccls and especially designed wanlrolic 
S Address CLIFF W. OKA NT, Malinger, Inlet, Atlantic City, N. J. 



iii.'/ini I.. ... n« n c ..... -■....... «... ...... .,.....« ....... .1..,.!.... ■._,..»■-...■ ........ ■. .i...i. n 1...11............1.1.. 

PEOPLE III nil lines lor repertoire. Those doing speelalllcs preferreil. (iood wardrobe llullspenaiihle. 
Slnlo age, height and weight. Semi photos mid proRriiiiiiiioH (wliH-li will lie promptly returned), and 
niinie lowest sitlnry (pay your owioln llrst teller. Agent and Male 1'ianlai, also write. MANAtiKIIS 
in Ohio, Indiana, Kcnliickv mid Went Virginia, send amtm I line. Have a lew weeks open for Al I line 
only. Address IMLtlKR A CORNELL, Jamestown. New York. 

The Roberts l^oxiir 



"The Doll Maker's Dilemma. 

Last wee.k'Kfimi'K, Phlla. Coiilriiel read three allows.; (liven two on Tuesday. Two curtains, an encore 
and a Law each performance. "NIJFF SKD." Al liberty ne.M season. All play responsible parts. 
specialties. aw w. -toTii st.. new yiikk. 


i> ,. :'.»; ' 

ThcWtraellon I represent Is nearly honked solid. You all know I can secure I he very hcsl tlmcoh- 
talnahle. "BURY THE HATCHET," and I'll throw no more bouquets. Jnsl two or three more Jicople 
wauled up In "The Two Orphans.'' (Iitess the parts, I'll do Ihe rest. Address 

. P. H.--I haven't liciird I rnnjllinl Rood agcnlvcl. It. F. MITCHELL, Itnx BM, Ncwluirir, N. Y. 



"Tangled Flags" and the Gentry Stook Co. 

MaiHgcrs In Ohio, lud., Midi., Wis., III., Mo. and Ky., HMB (ll'KN TIMK. One nlBlit for the former. 

Can uae it few csrly fair rinlea fur thn latter. Also A KKW (loon actors and PI A MAT lor holh. 

IIKMTRV and Clll'TKY, No. 4SW A St. Ferdinand Ave., 81. l,ouls, Mo. 



ASSISTANT A ( U-; NT, thai can post bills. 

Wanted, for Balance of Summer and Next Season, for 

Prefer lliose dolnc specialties. 

U.'ll. KEN'O, as per route. 


A fcodd Advatioc AKenl lluil Is Hot' afrttld to put 
up pii|»T, iwn more itood I'eiforinets and two 
Clarionet Players. Iron Mountain, Mich., .Inly 4; 
Norway, Mich.. «. 

Small Organized Rep. Co,, 

and hand prelurreil. Have complete 


with paper 

Canvas Thrill re, Ml V.Hi, Will hire or share Have 
line plunlste and Inslrinuenl, Hlus. sonir outlll; 
play tuliii in liiiud. Only rellnlilu people who can 
put on swell show vaudeville acts, write. Can use 
clleiia seals, - TKNT SHOW, 
firniid Mcailuw. Mlnnesola. 

For sale, the best traveling hotel on 

wheels (twelve stuul wheels), nurt. Piillnmn Piilme 
Coinliluallon Cut, lint ami cold water, piano, nlllee, 
live stale rmiins, dlnliiK room. Fully eipilppeil to 
aceoniliinilnle hi people, (litaranleeil to pnsaall 
tnsivcellohs. Spot i-nsli price $ii,fion. Atldivss 

•I UFA. KDWAUHS. Sudaltn, Mo. 
lOpereenl.oirirsnlil beloreJuly 4. 


Tilt! only practical course hy mall, Anyono can 
learn It. Press mil Ices ami particulars lor Se. 
slatnp and voiir tiermaneiit address. 

ffl. W.HMITII. ftltl Hwklmer St. , .lollel.lnd. 


Man [or Piano or Oriiau. Prcfeivnen to one who 
ran tin specialties. Olhers, write. Slop III lintels. 
Harry l\ Kynar, wrlle, TOM CODY, Melcnir. Ill._ 

WANTED, Singing and Dancing Comedian. 

Midi he Al Comedian. Prelervnee In ilmihllue 
l.rass. Address KISKMI.MtTII • HHNDKKSON 
FLOATINd THKA THK, Kvansvllle, Intl. 

Wanted, Colored Quartet to Play and Sing 

Next season In "Mv Old Southern Home" Drama, 
(infill pay It) rllllll parties. OSOAK L. AI.LKN, 
• H ooin •-', lje.S BroioUvay. KeW York. 

I'liK SALK, Slinnlex Name Plate Machine, 
good order, fBA; Hlot Phonograph, tin: Kusenleld 
Picture Machines, »10: Projecting Kluetoacnpe, 
hue model, |r>. C. HAY, Cuiutierland, Ho. 

YVANTRO-Yiniilevllle Tenm. skeieh Arils), 
etc. Correspond in once Willi Ihe umlcrslKiieil. 
Two shows n week, Wediiesuiiy and Thursday. 
Slate net, term 9 . etc, 
C. P. IU I I.K, Mgr^JIIJou Tlotal re, St. Joseph. Mo, 

rM>ll»NCK, Alnhnma, linera House, now 
ImokUlK season U08 anil .'04. Pop., lP.UOn. llooil 
(bow 'own. Rapidly, J, illUaitljl'loii, 




Stale lowest salary. Address 

C. S. MARVIN, CaviiL'H, Inillami. 



Must lie able to transpose or fake. Must Join re- 
ceipt of wire. Slide salary anil all llrsi Idler. 
W. W. HKLL, Mgr. Foresi Park, Plltslmrg, Kas. 


A Piano Player 

Thai can read "and fake;" that Is u good, quick 
St'KNIC ARTIST. A home lor the right one. All 
you do, particulars ami lowest, tlrsl letter. 
A. L. ill.ACKMORK JR., Lynchburg, Virginia. 


Managers and Actors 

In all Hues to assist me. I'm an old acior iinaldc 
to work. Any favor shown will he great ly npprc- 
claleil. Help, Jnsl what you can spare. 

OTTO IIOI.MAN, l.llllo Fads. Minn. 

At Liborty, 


And thoroughly up In the linsitiess. Address 
LIU'ISK LA VALLK, care of (iardcii Theatre, 
('anion, Ohio. ^ 

SONG STEREOPTICON (Fine Lenses) with 

Kicciiic lamp, rheostat oNy. liyil. in. acetylene 
Int. generator and cnrl>tde:oiilv jSft: also a lot of 
"Films, cheap FHAKCIS WlllTK .carenf t'LIPI'K II. 


COMF.HIAN.' Will send tickets to those I know. 
Must he aiiie In Join on wire. Address 

M K UKKO«K. ••larkslnirg. Indiana Co., Pa. 

I ITU AC flttrl U Lcilcreil Metropolitan Mcrrv 
IlllaUO VHAar. Makers- sultulile for Comic 
opera. VattdovJIht, Ueperiolre, Minstrels, etc— 
s'aiuls: A sheers. ', sheeis-. samples $1. Address M. 

II Thmop, K.Y. Film Ex change , It; Nassau St. . N.Y. 

IB anil ex., slogle .10 ami. ex. Write. . 
rilU-Kl-TA DRtti CO., Boa Island, in. 


No. 37 Kingston St., Boiton, Mm., U. 6. E 

Msnnfactcrora of Hllkolene Tiglita, li.60: Worsted 
Tight*, $2.00; Cotton Tlglila, $1.00; Krpiejilrlan 
Bhlria, namo price as tights. A special fllscoent 
of 10 rcr cent, allowed on all good*. Qlvc u» a 
trial; that In all we ask. Write for prices on any- 
thing lu the knll goodj line. Depoalt required on 
all order*. 



AT WOOIISFIKLD, <)., Ia>twecn Wheeling and 
/.nnesvllic, in Hie heart of Hie Mtinrnc. County oil 
Held, ts now booking for MM. under new man- 
ami all fully protected. ItlgMnuey for flontl Shows. 
Parlies holding eonl rails please write again. is all 
time Is Hereby canceled. IIAHOLD KKI.I.KY, 
Hanagrr, Wooil.Hi lit. O. 






No Reasonable Oiler Reliiscil. 
PKAP.CK ft SCIIKCK. I'i.s. liay St., Baltimore, 



20 great Parmllcs, five- new Comedies 
and Afterpieces, two Original Acta for 
sketch leanui, eight Grand Monologues, 
Including two for Tramp and Hebrew, 
now Hebrew Talking Act, besides hun- 
dreds of Original (lags, Comic Kpltnpha, 
Doctors' Testimonials, etc., etc. M pages. 
ON k i>oi,l. ,v ll per copy. "Hmlgct worth 
one limiilreil limes Hir price.'' 


L. J. It. limit., (agent for JAMKS 
MADISON), 1404 Third Ave., New York Oily. 




'he scenery of woishfl hills Willi creeks and 
springs makes II a charming nlace for Home. It 
is healthful and restful. Fare l"e. Many families 
ham located, and among I hem quite a few families 
of actors who Hurt It convenient lo their business 
and a line place for home. We sell large lots, box 
150ft., on umbered mils, al $2ft; $10 cash unit fft 
monthly; send for literature; names or actors given 
hyrci|iicsl. Atoiison A- Co., 144 Li Salle St., Chicago. 



We manufacture Iheiii; buy from us nnil save 
middleman's prolll. ltF.MF.MRKK, all of our lu- 
stniiueuis are gimranlced lo be A No. I. The only 
thing cheap nboiii them is I he price. Wrllc today 
and be convinced. IT.AKCK A SfllCtK. 

lfi S. Cay Street, Hull I more, Md. 


KI.Kt -I'lIIC DAMKH, $.1.0(111 INVKST- 

.11 KM', Kl.ABOH.ATk sPKt ill t.K. 
Musi Brilliant Kvnliillnnsnf Light. Color ami Me- 
llon ever seen, Address, FKIST 11(11 LIHNti, 

K)4 W. tiTth SI., New York, N. Y. 

Otic noil. Rnuiiil Top, an Middle, sfl. Wall; one 
40x«ili, one 4sll. Itoiiml striped Top, two Fine 
Crank Pianos, 11 md Organs, (jasmine Torches, 
Baker Torches, Canvas Seal Benches. Folding Or- 
gan*. Send for Free Bargain Booklet. 

R. II. ARMBRIJSTKR. Springfield, Illinois. 



At Moderate - Prices. Large Slock, Immense. 
Variety. IllnslriUed Catalogue Free. 

A. ROTF.HKKRC, 14.1 Illinois SI., Chicago, HI. 



Must tic Holier, reliable business Man, ami not 
afraid of work. PROPERTY MAN, PLAY A SMALL 
PART. Lang season. Address 

KAIILK DOTY, Jiinesvlllc, Wis. 


Of All Kinds Hullt to Order. New Spectacular 
Bluff and two complete Faust Seta on hand. 




WKBH ITU. CO., as Street, Chicago. 

At Liberty, A I Contortionist. Trapeze, Rings, 

Clown lorn. Silence ami Fun. Change for one 
week. OikmI Med. Co., under lop, preferred. 
Address JOHN IIAKKINSON. Itarlcville, Ohio. 

iKHtKiiti' mru. to., 

114 Lincoln St., Boston, Mass. 

Vernon Galster, 


rcr. Ad.. — i mwwwct AVfc. tiynwjg. x. f. 

Clever Conkey, 

.11 (ill LI Ml "lu.ban" clubs at "Itullau"-apnll--, 
"lmllaii"-a lo "linliiin" music until "Indian" 
Siipniicr. ("Yee-e-H'.'') 


ATTOHMIT, $M SlWrtway, R, I. City. 





DANCERS. Address 

TlW. MARTIH, No. 1508 Trilnine Bide., Chicaso, III. 



Violin and Cornel, Minstrel, Fares Cnnirny, Hiii-lc«<|aic, etc., requiring a first 
class Leader, four seasons will* John W. Voxel's H>n Minslrels, address 

lau'ltKVKRK HOUSK, corner Clark anil Mlrliigun Sls..Cliii ago. 111. 


For the Mirthful Musical Comedy, 


ACTORS, Choras Girls, Sister Act, People for Band and Orchestra. 

Preference given those who double stage. Pay vour own expenses, lajug season. Salary sure. 
Slate all first letter. RAND PKOPLK addreKs CIIAS. J. SWAN. Wis Ellis Ave., .'Hlciico. 

All olhers, DANIEL F. NcCOY, Sole Manager, Sidle 511, Hand McNallv Hldg., Chicago. 

When You Are in Love, 


FREE : Professional Copies and Orchestrations. Send Up to Date Programme. 
THE WELLS PIMISMM CO., 32? Dearborn St., Chicago, III. 

Wanted, King-Perkins Co., in Old Farmer Hopkins, 

fscnlccl Heavy. Character. Second Heavv lo Maim.,. Ih.. ui nn i n „ ,„,, ...... .i__ , .„„.«'.!,... .„ .,.« 

el Jleayy.Cliaraelor, Second Heart ^lo Manage Stage. Singing and HanclnB Comedian in play 

I Jew; unless you have a fcalnrc specially, Al 
e tt'i'iTu ..„,.. i- i u i,. n «... 

llt'hi coim-dy delccllvc, ilisgiiising an Irish Cop and jew; n 

, , , r |? l , ,,l , n : 1J,,w 1 dl» | c; , l."i'd are a capable actor, DO NOT WRITE. Light Kniollo"na~l"jiiveu'iic Woman 
£ J, J',,,' ', "r S££ "" ,s . ,mv - "'""'K . n . i,llln) specialty. Ltdy J'ianlal capabls of playing Hie lest kind or singing ami dancing speelallles ami brilliant, catchy overtures. Send Photo mid pm- 
«;„« . Z1" f P revi "" s ,! l l , f"K' , i»t'»'" (which will iNsn-liirncil). Stale full parlictilars. salary (pay yonr 
own.) Season opens Esllierville, low.i, Aug:. :;l. Address FRANK G. K INC. Mgr. King Perkins Co.. 
. Kallicrvillo, Iowa; GRAND VIEW COTTAGE. 


?!. V!A' r '.". "iV ,,artN ' W ""'« ■»•»• ""»r Bond and Orchestra. Show oiiem Ang.31. Can 
Clemen*, .Ulili., H. win |.,. Roolh. « rile. Pe.ioa.iruf iiililres. 
* H WKSTI^d ST., New Vorfc; WM. K1DBLK, Manager. 



SKETCHES SONGS. written lo order. 
****-^" "• "-.S^SgrTS^ 1 ?"--"."". S'"""g Character Comedians: 
chsueceKs Kr.,„. aV« ".'.". "i»i"Jhi.. I,K *f. , ''. N : J"" ri *" ,cn . "A Laughing Burglar," has met with 
H^y^|,,m^^.-.i"~^ h --- Hl "'" r1 '- " Haa Pleased Ac best l U H UM , 

24S Second Street, 

I'ARI.IM' \ ItrilK I'l'KTi vi l-v v •......, -'Liuuf nunrifl ii.ioi-.ini 

Kro ,1 si.',, , , iti't ?o r \ 1,,hM „'''_ N: J""f*"R-li. "A Laughing Burglar,'' has 
lin e w'.bihnJ^'l, 1 ' nothing but a laugh. I, i,, w j>h:aseil ilie best .« 
Heel New York t Hr "** ' " K rv '"" t ' n J ' " r "' ■**» •»«! Wl 

For vaiiilcvlllc nmlerial, write 


SPARLING A BI'RK. Iliimniutid. Ind. 

■ O IN/1 A N — ^ «, K- r-: __. 

Retweeu the IhJee of £ ",|,,i„_t V.hlL A £}.±\*>' »MU_Sfl PIG. 

eoiulnuous uproar ol laugh 
minii'.'s, people lo ptuv nn 
privilege K _T_hlR season fe 

name. H " 

hin,' i "«/. S hi? i _i , . K ' ! , " ,l,,| "«. Comedy. Tuuilillng. we'kecp our audience in » 
°a!J i'"'l f 1 J s,r " n F |M ."' ,! '' A " wc ■* '» '"<- nan "fa stage Tor lifleen 

ft., t = , J i ^^'&SS^^^^A mm ^ k "" w vbM """ 
<>^K \I{ \ ami OKAPKTZA. 

. 8.— Knockers, don't stoical, fur wn .■•_-_•. „ „,„,„. ..... 7 

nn l squeal, fur we carry a pig for (hat purpial. 

care Of Carroll Dranuillc Co.. 
Salem, IV. Va. 



HITTSlltinO, PA. 


"ITS UP to YOl'." Copyrlghl. n»"d 

T&^_»_J?_S?] , H-«___!'. V 2 INTKNll HAVINO A NEW ACT WRIT 

J.J. WARKES, 715 WcstmlMlor BL, rrovldcoce, !>• * 

THE jSTE^V : YOfcfc- ' CLIPPER. 


&&m 1 

S*3fi£ 1004 &&Q 


The Idol of the South, IYI jPL BEL 


gTB dNGK9T REFKRTOlfeR CO. IN TIllE WOHLD * I'Vnf"''^""!! »' Se™^. A Blazln. , , Mm 

™ M'M|i«lih And Blot It Paper Rye* Carried 1.10 Style, la All. - WATCH FOR MISS PAIGK'S At ToMollll.E. 

Largest l.lnr of 




_ _ _ . ___ __ . _ __ * Of PARI 

I, Sleetrlr. gpcrtMnUr Dances. A Wealth of Dr aperies and Kneels. Carrie. All K leclrlc Apparatus. Five Thousand Dollars Kxpended tn GRAND! UOHUKOUHtl MYSTIFYING III 


,„«racAL K.«o, i. . "-a^juasisa asses!' *"• ""• ■■» "■■"—•»« 


y ' TOK PRlNCK OF KM'Kll 1'AIIV Kits, 4 


"Author nnri Co median, In Original Songs •nil Monologue." 
The Beat Monologue Artlit la or out of vaudeville, and ul xv»> « »>.-».« "lae mil In (hat wont rome ofT." 

THE JOLLY COMEDIAN, ■ ■ « '^n-w- <**.* m •— . 

Carries a Sixty Foot Carluud of Scenery and Electrical Kneels.- A Repertoire of Rurally Comedy Dramas Willi all Special I.ltlio and Block Paper and a Herd of Ttalned duals 
MANAGKR8.— The shove Is for voiir I--*-- 
FOR 8ALK— MMS. Cinderella, written -.j.eriuliy for Miss Paige 

fO OPEKA IIOl SK MANAGKRS.-The above Is for your information. Write us. WANTKU-I'eople In 'A 1. 1. LINKS for shove Co'x. good S. hml D. Houhrelte, 3 Uhartioler Women, Union Stage C*r|ienter and Property Man. 

Address all communications IIKNHY F. VYILLAhl) * CO., 1S.1H Broadway, Roam 14, New York. ' 

After July HI), Wllke.ltarre, Pa. 

for the ever POI 


Square Theatre Co. 


,,i rnn IIRAVIRS; must he eopalile of doing some leads. MAN FOR liKNERAI, 
-...■vvas' m'uHtbe good. SINGIMO A»U DANCING COMEDIAN; uinatplay Strang 
B r,'mriY MAN FOR PROPS AND PARTS; must .In good specialty. SINGING 
.To IiWlNG SOtlBRKTTB, UOOD TJSKFIJL WOMAN to play anything cult for 
A -.,i,aee.cteri HOOD ALE. •ttOVlUl SKETCH. TKAM: change for week, must 
!"'.lt. , Al TsiSTKK TEAM; must do parts. Also PIANO l'l.tVKK, ALL MIST 
l'.Viircu UKLIABLK PK11PLK; I am through with drunkards. STATE A I.I. 

J. 11II.LM AN, GEO. A., .1. II. HKIA'KTT, 


Must have good line of Special Paper. TIMK A LL KILLED, 

ifi/. STATER, pklahohna City, O 


All Ladles and Gentlemen Engaged with the Above Company. ASSEMBLE FOR 
SSSftauS AT WEBSTJBff flALL, llfl to US EAST 11th xTHKRT, hear 4th 
An.,!», Y.C., ON TUESUAi, JULY 11, at 1U A. M. Sharp. Acknowledge this call 
•I letter to 

P. S. CLAHK. 853 Broadway, Suite 1, 2, 3, lew York City. 

P.S.-Speclalty Artlstt, please send Immediately Scene, Prop. List and Billing 

Hitter. ....... 






1 Rep. - .People -hi Jill Lines. 

tolmtte given those Willi specialties. Want Band lender and all People Pliwlng Hrass, wHle. 
«"it«llln Orsl letter uud be ready U> Join by, wire. Tills ciiiiipunv irnvels In own private ear. hulun 
*«.lsitsure. - . ' - ' . d. i. PRKMCOTT, Mgr., Boone, Iowa. 




Lending Juvenile Woman, Character Mun, General Business Man 

■and a thoroughly experienced Stage Director. Ability, appearance 

e essential, state lowest salary. Pay your own. Send pliotograpn, 

•e returned. Three nights mid week stands. Show opens Kankakee, 

••* wardrobe 
••Irk will in- ... 

Hl-.Aag. 1U. Address JAS. A. FELTZ, 75 Plymouth Place, Chicago, 111. 

P. 8,- Can u.e two useful Actors for JORDAN DRAMATIC CO. 


Knight Si Decker's Monarch Minstrels 

Jwll. Bus and Tuba, Clarionet, R. and O. ; Song and Dance Team, 1st Tenor Singer, Musical Act. Can 
"^.useiioudAcls uuuullng Instruments In baud. Mgrs. In A'enH" Ohio. lud. and \ eat V rgluia, 
■Mlfal i| lue . pay' HdJrei 5 (. ar e ottlRAND OPERA KOOSK, Qrsnd Rapids, Mich. 

\?v r iV]?»i'rB>r>, 

JJ SOIBHKTTR. wllli sneclaltles; LKAD1NG LADY, HEAVY MAN and CIIAH- 
•«»ii psrls. write. , Open July S. 

.l.GRIESE, Rugby, Mil. 

la his Death-Defy lug, bare-Devil LOOP-TIIE-LOOP ON SKATES. 

" K «*« »nd Preltlest Attraction In the Stales. This Is the only loon i hat can isj put on the stage. 
OPEN FOR OFFERS AFTER JUNE a«. - .. .. — , . 

. AUDRKSS FRED HRANUT, Manager and Owner, Indianapolis, Mil. 
saSg : ~ 1,ra nk Davi s has sold nil I nterest In the Sknle Loup. 



'**&* "x\ Ia,er - ¥eople "P cu 8un(lRy n,8 " nec - Can ^^"'"j.r.'ERWir/'enUn'il.""' 

^fca^^^^^^^ **»■*• i^(Hf _^^_ — ^^^^^-^^^-^^^-^^assa^aassnaBBBBl 

«« u-eivtv, T\z%r o MACKS, 

ill,,. MAB and BERT, 

few »™>ng spbcialty; nnuo ^aSfegm'iSS^*?; 


^■''B'^NoteliyAelg and Agent. HILL, (IHTHR1B A SMITH. Washington O.H., Ohio. 


AfTTglft-r-i-ar ^ ^s>4sa IN ALL LINKS. THE BrMT 0«LV, KOK R. ami O 

"«SICIA»S '*JiB^^^eWVB, V eSSt 

Sylvan Beach, N.'Y. 



The greatest excursion resort uf the suite, and 
one of Hie very few thai did a paving general 
business durluK the hud season of lust year. S.'.u 
Cottages, 12 Hotels, 24 Hoarding Houses. Now 
book lug ai tractions of all kinds fur the coming sea- 
son, (irciit location for Tent or Canvas Enterprises. 
All attractions located on the KRKB MIDWAY, near 
the large I'ublii; Picnic Park. Wanted, Vaude- 
villes, orients, Various Theatres and. all kinds of 
A museinents. For space and concessions, address 

DR. M. CAVANA, Mgr. Midway, 

' - : ' S V LV AN BE ACl" rj. Y. 


All Kinds 


I Carnival 

For the Knights 





Oct. 1 to Oct. In. Attend- 
ance, Lust Year, '.'So.uuo. 
Can use' Oriental and Foreign Shows of All 
kinds on percentage. Also all kinds cf Mechanical 
Riding Devices. Who has a lilnlutiire Railway r 

Address "PONY" BOORS, Mgr.. 
tltnomsSlT-'ibf 1st Nat. Rank Uldg., Omaha, Sell. 

Attention, Band ami Orchestra Leaders ! 

Do you want to Learn to Compose and 

Arrange Music 1 If so, send ac. stamp for 
trial lesson. Nothing to pay until yon have 
been taught Lessons I, i una, 3. ir these lessons 
do nut convince yon that this Is Strictly Legit- 
imate, then, They are Free. Don't write un- 
less you have a thorough knowledge of the rudi- 
ments uf music, and Mean Business. 

C. W. WILCOX (llaruionlitl, 
' ' 133U Broadway, N. Y. 


REST Of CREDENTIALS. Per. address 

A. flARr'IELIi, Box lit. EiUvurdsvllle, III. 


From loo to 4uo head of Horses and Cuttle. Can 
shelter entire YVul West. The drought East and 
llieilniMl .West will deinand high prices fur feed. 
I iralse nlost o( the feed, ami therefore urn pre- 
pared lo shelter at the followlog prices: Large 
burses, $3.(0 per head per month; $» per head per 
month for ponies, $'i Tur callle. 0'ITO FUNK. 
Rural No. U. IHINlioro, Hunt Co., III. 


Can orTer Good Vaudeville Acts 
1 lo 10 Weeks. 

Send roulc, open dales uud salary. i 
J. W. flORMAN, lBoTremuut 81,, Boston. 



season of K> weeks, Willi 


NORMA PORTER, Norma Porter Band, . 
•- ' ' 116 ohesiuutst .Cleveland, Ohio. 




Owned and managed by aiinlston Electric . 
(iasCi). Fourth vaudeville season opens June 16. 
SIX performunces u week. Single uud double 
siiecisllles or merit desiring one week In break a 
Jump address as above. 


1st Class Violinist and musical director, and teacher 
on all Instruments. Double In brais. Would like 
a good location where there Is a tlrst class theatre. 
Strictly sober and reliable. Large repertory. 
Address MUSICAL Dl HECTOR, 446 Barnard St., 
Care of Mr. K. Coleman. SavMu iinli, da. 



I want lo buy 4 to o First Closs Yoiiug Puiiejw, but 
they must be well trained. Also I want a small 
Troupe of Young Dogs. about i In number. Address 
FRANK ADAMS, Southern Show, 1'owcrsvllle, Mo. 

Shooting Gallery Supplies 

latest »^«^-T^rBa^Oakv 

sol N. Second St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Fer Sale Cheap, Stein Merry-Bo-Roynd, 

In Al condition, seats 
Traveling with a Carnival ^■■ 1L 

Address w, J. ft., care wm. HrOowB, 

118 Mackinaw St., Buttulo. N. Y 

60 people, for $800 cash. 
ral Co., bnt mast sell at 



41 WEsI Mtk irBCBT, Wt4l TOaUb 


Actors Doubling Brass and Musicians for 
Band and Orchestra, 

Trap Urflmmrr ( wti li own muni), Al Lender for b. und 0. with good rep. nf up to data music, Property 
Man and Actors for Cell, litis. ALL ACTORS HOST DOI'IILK HRAHS. Small Siiiiliri-itn callable of 
plating boy pan, Leading Man anil Woman, \ onng l.ailv fnr Charaelnrs, At WOKKtNIl AUENT flint 
will llinograpli und luiuille brush If necessurv. Actors DOI'HLINll IIRshS and otliera.lnlug speelftl- 
ties given preference., WANT ONLY THE BEST l'KOPLK, TO WHOM THE llltlllKMT SALARY WILL 
Hi; PAID. All must luive good wardrobe, and wear il on and oir. Stale age, weight, helghl, experience 
anu luwesl salary. Expenses paid. Acting People send photo,; same returned. Long seasuli and snre 
niooey. Season ooens near 81. Hani, Minn., Sept. 1. (Western actors write). Would engage FIRST 
CLASS OIUiAMZEli UNIFORMED BAND nfll ur 10 pieces, incliiillng drums, nil In DOUBLE OK- 
CHESTRA'aiiA re])«rt Sept. 1. Address all letters to 

11. II, IUTTON, Cure General Usllvery. It I. a, X. Y, 
^»»e-«a-— «— — s— e-^*-Ne»— ^— 

"Wliut you ran do today do not put oflT until tomoirow." Hook 




ORIGINAL from Start to Finish. 

I Willi a Whirl mid a TwIN, 

And a Toss und a Hurl, 
We Untitle, Manipulate 
Allll Mukeuu Arl Cp-lo-D.ili'. 

Tblsweek (June !*H) Keil^s Theatre, Uostnn, Mass.. Addressi All Ageuli. 

McGill and 




i A I Repertoire People, jn All Lines, to Complete Co. 

l-irge Character W/miun, Light Comedian, with sp.sialllex (strung Hue or parts'): Musical 
Director (male), who can arrange; A I flcntecl Heavy Mull, Young Woman for Leads ami Heavies, 
Small Suiiliii'ttc, wllh Mpciialllcs, It vou cnii'l iiuikcgooil doii'l answer. Stale age, helghl, weight 
and full particulars, Itrst letter. Keheursals in I'lilhidelpl.hi, Aug, 21. Iluuut East. Wardrobe, 
eXlHTlellce, siibrlely ABSOLUTELY NEi'KSSAItK Address Mi (III. I. .V SHlI'MAN, Alloolin, Pa. 

Conslderjwo weeks' silence pnilie negallv.i. •'■ - -. . 

n i ii mi in s— — — — <— ■— ^— — mmmmmm^mmmm+m^mimmmUitoiimmmmt^* 


1 HIKMJS, MANAGBRH, HOIISKN AND A 'I'l'll ACTIONS Please do nut .onfu.e 
a person culling himself CIIKHTBR UK MOMIK i.lll. ..... IIARItY III I.I, has 

not eiigage.l t llKSI Kit DK VONUK fur bis Weary Willie Walker Co., us perlatt 
issue ol Ml UHOIt. 

De Vonde's Big Traveling Stock Co., 

Huudsoiiie Juvenile Woman, Muiall Juvenile Mnn, Colored Buy lo look alter 

Personal Wnrilrohe. 

The Plays next season! Ten Tun Door, The Bond or llutiur, Doomed, Uen llnrrod (Detective), The 
Old Willow Farm, The Kulal Kiss, While Heart, The Bleeding Sapphire, Black on Red, Tito Monster. 
Sume Plays in let. * CIIRSTF.R UK VOMDH, Ktumford, Conn. 


S. 7 ( 8 AND d, 


DR. K. BROWN, ) 

WANTED, Two Mnre Hands, white and colored; A Hot Lec.tiner and (Mien Hun intakooilt another 
show; Performers In every line. Address DR. X. VI. WITTMAN. II. D., 

. Lagoiiiarsliio's lloiel, I'adui'ith, Ky. 


The National Stock Company ««>^">' 


Those ilnliig speclallles pieferreil. Slate hiwcsl salary llrsi leller. We pay all alter Joining. Send 
photo, which will he returned. Address (£ M. CORNYN, oweiiSniind, Out., Canada. 

COMPANY OPENS AUG. 12. .,. ... ,_ ., ,.-.:.,..,„•;.... 



American 5tock Company. 


i und COMEDIAN. Address 


Room 6n, (Irani! (Iporil iloille Klllldlllg, Chicago, III. 


WANTS a Man for Heavies and Juveniles. MUST have FIRST CLASS WARDROBE. SEND PHOTO. 
State LOWEST Hummer, also lowest Winter salary. (Pay own hoard.) Address 

WILBUR MACK, Mansllelu, Ohio, until July 4; after that, Citlleilsburg, Ky. 




i — — — ■ ^ssejsss^^iii^^ssia«aaa«»ssw 

A. KOEHLER & CO., Theatrical Oostumers. 

FURNISilKD,TIIEATRICALJEWELY. f>4 UNION S<{UAKP. (East), between lllhatlil Islll Hts., New York, 
Mention CLIPPER when culling ur wilting. 



July 4. 


JOHNNY RFI I The Champion Acrobat of the World 

#^^l IH^B^ 1 mm Warn Warn mam j will meet all comers at all times. 

Now work Ins In 
Conjunction with the 

All Competitor. May |mm their Nam., at the Box OBlee. For Open Time amlTerm. address w V.r»«1 ^..^ 

WILSON «s PLIMMBR, Vaudeville Exolatange, 8CS3 Broa dway, ixew Yoik Cat. v. 



■ 1 in 1 1 


For the Summer or next season, come and see 
us. Place your order now and avoid any delay 
when your season opens. Our book for next 
season will be bigger and better than ever 
before. Our books sell on their merit; our 
prices are right, our service unexcelled. If 
you cannot call, then write; your letter will 
have our best and very prompt attention. 

"Still the House on Broadway," 

1440 BROADWAY, Cor. 40th ST, 




I 1 I Eiii Ei 11 r\ ■ 



FOREIGN millHIIIUI IMH, tins, per onnnm. 


per Una. 




The French Juggler and Slisdowgruplilst hi I'nrc* t. rurk Highlands, work* will) s>n unusually long nulr 
nr ImnclH, 111k lingers, Willi which ho prod hick tho shadow pictures, nro the NIMBLENT KVKll 
MMHN. Thov seetn In be ulmosl hiiieloss, fur he knosils litem Into I lie iiiobI unusual shapes, lie Is 

Have A Few Weeks Open tills Summer. Full unci Winter Hllcil. A HcmlliiMT mill lira* fur 1'urks 
sn>l K' 11 .ir 1 im dons. All klurlM of priming -lllho stands, ;i Hlicels, 1 sheet, clc. Address, 

' 42 COTTAGE PEACE, Englowood. N. J. 


' . Leaders that Are Capable of Arranging and Take Full Charge of Chores. 

Mimt be strictly sohoi .mil reliable, Address < II AS. »'. « :ROM WELL, 


Rutland. VL; July nil; Whitehall, N. Y. Regards to friends. WILL SEGUR, Manager. 


The Hky Scraper., of Ion tonal Comedy— ••Have a Doughnut." 


WO write SkOtOtlflS, rurnillcH, Monologues, Nuslo to Words and 

' ' Wonli lo HtiBlo, Publish »nrt Popularise Songs; wo pay royalty. 



High Class Picture Frames. Theatrical Work a Specialty. 

11(1 to HO W«»t tllltb Street, .\aw York. ..... Tel. 1H4U Pla.l. So. 


W w AP^ Baa BmF ^sjf invites offers for the cumino season. 

Week of », succdj'B, r.wiuckoi. reimtuout muueas, u uolden street, providence, it. I. 



Reliable Manager, with capital, reputation and 
experience, wishes to engage Magicians or others, 
who do Spirit and Clairvoyant Work. Especially 
desires lady or gentleman familiar with the work 
recently given "by the BALDWINS and ANNA 
EVA KAY. Would llketo heBr from rilOFESSOR 


GRANT HOUSE. 8. W. cor. Eighth and Spring 


lOOS 1904 


»,00t) copies ready July 1. The many changes make 
the old catalogue useless. Drop a pnslal for a new 
one, ho as lo avnlil delay. 

C. A. TAYLOR Trunk Works. 



Can be bun glit. 
W. h«v. no Agiticl.i- 

39 A 41 E. Randolph St., 
180 W. Madison St., 
131 W. 88th St., 


, . v.. tvunw . ...... > 



Drawing capacity, 60,000. For' privilege* write at 
once. M. 1. 1' AHMOD V, <;iilnn llnlel, Auburn, N.Y. 

$15 Serge Suits, $$.49. 

Men's 1 12.00 Serge Hulls, I 
Men's S'JA.OO Serge sailn-llned Sulla, (8.88. 
Mon's ll'.'.oo OasKltncrc .Hulls, f I w. 
Men's J Ift.oo Casslmoro Suits, $0.40. 
Mon's $18 .00 Cimslinere Stills, IT. in. 
Men's $10.00 Youtha* Suits, $3 99. 

Cameron, 207 Flatfansh Ave., B'klyn. 



Spootacnlar, Extravaganas, Vaudeville, Burlesqne 
and Minstrels. Managors and Performers writs 
us If you want anything. We've got It. 

GLOBE SCENERY CO., Tiffin, 0. 


1 FOR 



BERNE6AR & CO., ci\u inn'ati. o/' 

For Hans Hanson Co., 

iiiiiii.ii- brass. Juvenile Lady, String Bass, 'Cello, 
v tula to iloiililc Clarionet, Sltriu Trombone or Hurl 
tunc; t'oruet. in illrcc.t band, also good Second Ad- 
vance Man. Address JAB. T. McALPIN, • 
64 3 Wells Street, Chicago, 111. 


ft Afifl ftDIUV Apnrotonloof wltand 
UUUU Onnffl bnmor. Jtutoau 

Wit and Bnmor. 


Eire Kendall's 1st Book-100,000 sold. 
By Mall, 25o. each. Address EZRA KENDALL, 
60 South 7th Ave., ML Vernon, N. Y. 

Acme Studio, 

49 AND 61 WEST 28TH ST., N. v., 

Art Photographers* 

date and novel olTGcts In Lohby display photos. - 


Cabinet Photosof yourself for solllug.tis per 1,000, 
Send photo or neg. and Vflc for samples. 
lUI U IT t per 1,000. FORTUNES, 60c; Samp. 100. 
C f nf U A P 111 II t C Vor L. Letters and Fntnrw. 
dUII nlBljl1inCOEDENA8TUD10,Pblla.,Fa. 


Especial* arranged for traveling oompanles. 

Exhibitions furnished, 
with Only real Torpedo 
Psrncoute Explosion 
Act. No agents, 
Prof, elms. Kabrlch, 
11 Centenary St., lilnghamlon. N. Y. 



Lyceum Theatre, Philadelphia. Pa. 

Wanted, for Frank Adams' Southern Shew 

GOOD COOK. Address 

FRANK ADAMH, Powersvlllo, Mo. 








Reciutlons and Readings. 
Catalogues Free. All drs 
matte papers for sale. 



Entered the variety profession In 1S0B. Did Ihe first Wnoden Shoe "Dutch" Song and Dunce c»cr 
done In NEW YORK, at the Elghlh Avenue Opera House (34th Street ami Eighth Avcnuci.ln ihk 


.jll whst 

accepted the position of Business Manager, Treasurer and European Agent, ami has continued us suck 
e ver since. 




RufTalo Bill's Wild West-Touring ENULAND, 




Composer of •■Bfcaiiac,"' "Always," "Wail," "When I Think or You," etc., 

"JAMBS DECKER, mm. riu. 

Lew Dockstader All Star Minstrels 

As a Ml'K.<lAi. FBATCRK, at Ihe LARGEST SALARY ever paid a bsllad singer. 
Nil. BOWBRS and MR. HOll WITZ liuvo wrlUen all the special numbers for Hie above pro 
dnctluli. Address :H EAST Jlsl STREET, N. Y. 

B stntMla for 'III MTF.P." Cute witty and Small 

II for 'IS" .Im- Myra, it Kentoiisi In nil 

s for -st Truss" Thry have met with of lnle 

T ror 'TIM K" filled for nezt Hensons dalcn. 

t: for 'i;\EHliY" Spirit vim In' llielr net 

R for 'RESULTS" td.-y linrc Kilned throuuh thin fnel 

K for 'KEITHS" Twice nilny, no doubt you nil know 
E for 'EASILY" Duster the hit nf the shon- 
A for 'APPLAUSE" from liox nailery and Stnlla 
T for the 'TABLE" nnd Joes fanny full* 
O for 'ORIGINALITY" unction nnd wit. 
N for 'NO MORE" Only "Buster yonr IT" 
Written by BURTON and BROOKS. 
Limn, <).. Jinn- lit, McDeth Park. Oncn. POHtorln, O., July U, ne'eves Turk. 



401 Strana, jL.ondoii, , W. O. 

8s. 8d. PER YEAR 
Single Column Inch 


as. od. 




A Good All Aronnd Man Preferred. 
Pleasant and Permanent Position to 
the Right Man. 




THE CHA8. K. THOMPSON SCENIC CO., »'4n-!ti<S lllvard Street, Detroit. Mlrh. 


Mis., $7.oo; win., fs.oo; lain., $9.00: win., $10.00; 4Mn„ »u.oo. Olrons Tronka, MllBIlS, ll.oe. BUI 
TrnnkB, aos'jaxis Inside, » 11.00. Lltho Trunks, nxxwy.xU Inside, $14.00. Shipped on receipt of IW 
bal. 0. 0. D., e»oept over uoo mllea, then remit wholo amount. - • 

BIMONB A CO., CENTRAL TRUNK FACTORY, Estab. IBM, 48-« North 7Ul St., FWIadelplils. 

H. Y. AOINCY, Cor. 30th 81. A Bro.dwty. PricH 7Sct». wor. th.n at PMIi- Fictory. 




OTTO RIO, Manager. _. 

MIL ITARY CnODS Uniforms, Guns, Swords, Revolvers, Gannons, Tenls, Rl^ 
17 ■ „ ■ **i*#V»*Oa EvorjlhlnB In the Military Llno-fiillydcscrllicd ill our lntC« 

MsotzIiio cataloguo, containing net cash prices with upwards of llluslrullons. Price of cutslnRni'; 
is cDnu-mallcd on receipt or o cents In stumps, mentioning this advortlsotnent. Cusloiners write IIJ ■ '»' 
our "OATALOOUE IS WORTH ITS WEIGHT In GOLD." We have the luiResl Blmtk In Ihe world nl nil list! 

goods from Oovenimonl ancUons. Doalers Supplied. 

..».» l..o largest b,m.» >■■ 
Frauds nnnneimuii,679 Broadway: ^cn_lol^• 

At Liberty in Sept., Thoroughly Trained Musician 

Graduate In Harmony, Counterprlnl, Fugna aud Violin. 20 ycttrs' Experience as 0rchestr»B»^ 
"-icher, well up In all branches of lite Thoatrlcuf BtiHlnesa. SOLICITS OFFERS IR0» 

Address 0. B. CONDUCTOR, 403 8. Bib St., Vlnceunes, mn._ 

Conductor, Teacher 


X2 D ^«. 5,°T 00RA P, I. 0I J A p ,? 8 ' rAL CARD - m ""■ "■ how yon look. If you cannot call for »«»»« 
W J1.7 1 L , ,ff5 ke .? ", r P ^ tal 4^ 10 . tos irom »ny picture you may send us, and return same with «• 
order nilod. SSc. tor Three rhotos, llaDoaon. POSTAL PHOTO OUTFIT FOR SALE. „ „ 

PARIB1AW PHOTO CO., aaa Blsth Ave., N. »•_ 

National Theatrical Exchange 

P„.J'.°"/?.J > ..'? t !i, , "i PI "i no W»l»"„«a^ Ineorporalod. General Thealrlnal Bttslnowt. VooUwJ»V*' 
Parte, Opera Hoiibcb, Thcalrcs, Roullntr CompuutOB. NATIONAL THEATRICAL BXcHANIiK. 
■ ORAM. J. CARTER, Presl, and Troas., Chicago Opera Houbc Bldg.,CHIlA''»' 



Consnltallons and Bellable Opinions, r»f 



300 Broadway, 

New Vorlt. 



166 WEST B'WAY. R. T. 





Easy to put up. Everlasting, attract 1 vo 

Send for sample. New lltnstrsted catalogue lust otit. 

m 4 - 











, For a limited time I Professional copies of the shove to recognized artists sending an iin-to- 
i date programme. Kindly send sumps for mailing. Orchestrations. 10c: copies of the 
to non-professionals, 25c. each. 


34 E. 2 1 st St., NEW YORK, 



I! flno.K., HIT II 

11 rei i 11 

Win All 


CONTAIN: Latest Songs, Jokes, Reel- 
talloua, Kiddles, Epetaphs & Monologues. 

75 Cents per 100, 96.00 oer 1000. 

Cash with order. NoC. O. D. Samples 10 o 


For Fortune Machines, Gipsy Camps, etc. 
The Best In the Market, Fortune and III' 
nitrated Horoscope of Hand on Each Slip. 

$1.00 Per 1000 Assorted. 

Photos for Fortune Blips, I 250 per 1000. 
Sample, 10 cents. No Goods s«nt O. O. D. 



■.mature Railroad Co. 



For Parks, Summer Resorts, eto. 

Hauling Capacity,, 35 Tons. 

Earning f 1 ,600 In six days. 
With proper oare wil l last 20 yra. 


ppmiri , . mnwttwwwwwvw 


LV »„l° "? y ln workmanship, Bhape and quality. 

35L£ , ^ illker Arches. Black tents for moving 
tSSf" .l 00 * 1 Becona nan< l """a fom 86xw to 
a»KSl V ^""WitiB. 

D «KR a L00K.WOOD, Successors to 0. J. Baker, 
418 Delaware St., Kansas City, Mo. 

Medicine Hen's Supplies 

Anything you want Cheapest 
bouse on earth. Elegant 
printing, and all yon oan use 
of It absolutely free of charge, 
(•end for free lectures, sam- 
ples and "pointers" to-day. 1 
can save you money. 

J. T. K. CLARK, 
913 Walnut St, Kansas City, 


°ai Generator*, Airships 
and Models. 


„ Boi 181 Madison 8n., N. T. 





- *:>* rcr t. 




MORE cire should bo exercised and men 
thought given the •election of ■ gun than 
any other article money buys, Fewer accl- 
denH happen with Martin gum than with 
any other make. This Is particularly true of 
Martin Grade* " B." which It dot only a general 
favorite, but a special favorite of trap ahootera. 
They say that itla auperior to other maktebecauM 
It la reliable, quick of action, ilmple and esiy to 
operate and has one-third lesi parta than any 
other gun. It has a tolld top and aide elector and 
throws the empty shells away front. Instead of 
Into the ■ hooter's face. The barrels are made of 
the highest grade of 
*'S peci el Smokelesa 
Barrsl Steel," equal Id 
quality to barrels for 
which many -makera 
charge mora than our 
price for the entire gun. 
The Merlin Handbook telle how to cara 
for and how to uie firearms. This val- 
uable book free If you will tend etampa for 
postage to 




Oopyi-lgtit your acts, plays, sketches and 
songs. It will PAY you. Many Copyrights 
are worthless, because invalid. You can- 
not afford to take such chances, w. 
Siarantee a valid copyright at email cost. 
pinions and legal advice. Patents and 
Trade-Marks. Bend stamp (or particulars. 

Columbia Copyright and Patent Co., Inc. 
a jajjcj gas. paajBjpjasj o. a. 


Call on Call 

Or mall your orders for 
Canvas Shoes. Cloth 
Soles, $1.00; Leather 
Soles, $1.60; Canvas 
Pumps, sue; with 
Leather Soles, 60c; 
Dutch Pumps, 36c; 
Leather Soles, We.; 
Elastic Supporters, $1; 
Worsted Tights or 
Shlrt»,$2.00 each; Cot 
ton Tights or Shirts, $1 

i T ■ ■- -~nr each; satin Trunks, 

Collar and Ouffs to matob, spangled and trimmed, 
$6.00. Be sore and send size and color. Catalogne 

""" S. B.CAXL, 



Largo as Oat. Solid 
gold Ring, any size 
jon want. This Is one 
of the many BAR- 
GAINS we have. We 
carry a very large 
stock of watches, 
Diamonds, Jewelry 
ONLY $8.00. and Silverware. We 

have the Greatest Line of GIFT and PREMIUM 
GOODS of any house ln the D. S. Money refunded 
If not satisfactory. We are responsible. Our Cata- 
logue Free to any addreBS. Write for It. Send this 
ad., M. BAZZETT A CO., 146 State St., Chicago, III. 


720 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. 

|j Largest Stock of Slides, Films and sup- 
«"Jr piles ln the Northwest. Good Films 
wanted. Bargain Lists. 




With Electric Arc, Calcium or Acetylene 
Light Illustrated Song Slides, 25c, col- 

L. HWTZ. 802 B. 28d Street New York Olty. 


Fine Magical Apparatus, 

Grand End of Century, fully 
Illustrated. BOOK CATA 

loovb, uo., free by man. 

Catalogued ParlorTricUfm. 


4MtthAve.,BT. I. 

Money Makers 


Art the BEST and 

Thty Bit the Monty snd 

Grip Testa, 

Picture and 



Write for 



1M7-1457 Woodward Aweaae, 

Onr Color Dial and Card Machines are the Leaders. 


► Poles and stakes, SKATS, Flags, Bta. 

^E^tlDD'S mm 6.ICUS UIITf, 




273 Madison Sl„ near, 


Supplies and Conjuring Apparatus. 

YOST A COMPANY, 48 N. Ninth St.. 

(Established 1870.) PhlladelpMs. 

arOesortpUve oatalogne for stamp. , • 

v- ■!■• ..-...■■. -*• 

i <• 






$'6'-" AVE. COR. 27 a S^fAnl 
x roar patd upon ricbipt or pmes. 



BllkoUa. Tight., M.oOi Worsted 
Tight.. sa.0O| Cotton Tight., 
Sl.OOi Silk TlfhU, from ea.VBsipi 

Shirt, to match all same prle. 
aa tlghtat Parnps, KB e.atsi Gait- 
ers, Klastle Sapporters, 

$1.00, Cloth Say porter. .SIS seat*. 

Bead for catalogue aad samples 
of tight, tree. Positively a de- 

Ksltrsqalrsd. Satisfaction goaran- 
d or money refunded. SPICER BROS., 
M Woodbine St. Brooklyn, B. T. 
Old irtan" *"* now »<M«sm.» 

jl Eslabtbhed 1883 . 




Broadway Theatre Bldg. 








Always Kept 

ln stock. 


Sole Agents for Chicago 

a i. ii 




DESCRIPTION. From Government Auction. 
No matter what yon want ln that line I can 
supply It. New or second band. Send for 
catalogue. B. B. ABRADAMS, 

223 South SL, Philadelphia, Pa. 




Burlesque Comedians 



Addr... WALDRON & BRYANT, 1358 Broadway, Room 16. New York. 







Original Song-BooKS SI per IOO SlOper 1000 

Combination*"! "d '•*•-■<"> ( | per IOO SlOper 1000 
Olrou««-ii<»k«ii.T.('. H.-i>»ok SI per IOO SlOper 1000 


> ft OI"llTC STR " T MaN < °* N * 

'MlirN | JSvasassa, fakirs, 
■•■Asall I W.iD.-SHOtM minim. 


0»Dt« IDDKI9S 

will Roaairaa 
ss itn i„. »ob rsioa Liar op movblvim 

The Bus Sun Attractions 

N. V. OFFIOI, 1439 



All Special Paper, Scenery, Costumes and EnVcts for Each Production. Oan place with Mltmtrel Show, 
Comedians, Singers, Dancers, Specialty Artists, Property Men, Electricians and Musicians— doultlo 
llass and Tuba.Kluto and Piccolo, Cornet to Double Violin, Trap Drummer, Loader or Orchostra who 
can arrange. For Dramatic Show, People In All Lines; Tom People In All Lines. Stato lowest salary 
and full particulars Oral letter. Dramatic ahows do not pay hoard. To aoi'or, reliable ladles and 
gentlemen we can offer a 40 weeks' engagement. SHOWS OPEN AHOllT BEIT. 1. Silence a polite 
negative. Address all chtnmunlolona lo 

FllKU D. FOWLEH, General Director, 14.1U Broadway, N. Y.CIiy. 

rffiffli"" A NEW LIGHT 




KEROS£M£.1:^.::;-YV;.JB...MPOF.E MANAGER. .:'• CA.'.OI tMf 

or mantle i ioo . f r a nH lih st; cmcArjo; "I o r- r. i h er 

"50.000 worth of ZOBO 

Musical Instruments »oId last year. 

" It tin got to be a very bad night whan I do not get 
my $20 "rsk. oil." I am using lour of your ZOBO 
Cornets In my show and they ar. dandles." 

P ROP. DIBBLE, S tste Lin. Mills, Pa, 

All you fellows who think thnt Zofoo Is nny old thing or a 
kind of toy— why you're making n big mistake. Semi for 
catalogue toj-day atid.gebtlie duck meat out of your eyvs, 
STRAUSS' MRJ. -CO, t3SW.14tir5t.Dept. 37, New York. 


Announces startling reductions for his Artlstlo and TJp-To- 
Date PhotograpliH. Nothlngllko It haaever beennlfered by 
any photographur Ills SH.OO Venetian Panels reduced to 
S3 00 per dor,. Hurprlaes everybody. Artists Proofs which 
cannot lie obtained elsowhcrx for loss than PKll 
!><■/,. In bis atudlo are Sl.uo per do/., gn.00 Black Car- 
bons reduced to SX.OO per doz. Olio largo photograph 
i given with each order or fifty pictures. In largo lots lie 

cads them all. as he does not employ solicitors or soud Invitations for free sittings, which have proven 
expensive to those accepting them. 


In general to visit his studio and Inspect the work— Accessories up-to-date, Posing original, and all Re- 
quirements for professional scenic effects. Work finished In 24 hours If ruiiuusted. 

10 West I4th St., Bet. 6th and Oth Ave*., Mew York Cltjr. 

We Have For Sale and 
Lease Baggage, Stock 
and Box Cars, 

tort. LONG. 


te for particulars 


Desirable for show 
Reasonable terms. 




W. A. Y AQER, OenU Manater, 

- BLDO, 



Why handle rooky goods when yon oan handi* goods "that will sell them- 
selves r Kiectrto Belts from $1,00 per dos. to $t«.oo. Large variety to select 
from. We also make other styles of Appliance, and Medical Batteries. Ons 
third eash required. Hot springs sulphur Soap, wrapped, $2.10 per gross. 
Equal to Williams. Trial order win convince. Largest Manufacturers of 
Eeotlo Belts and Appliances ln c s. a. Established 1978. Oatalogne fret, 



no SINE. 



THE THOMPSON MUSIC CO., K7f> Wabash Ave, Chicago. 


rors, Trlik Matches and Jewelry. Catalogue FREE. 

EXPI.ODINO casks, Red. White and 
llluo Canea, Cano Rack (Janes, Hubtier Halls, 
Confetti, Ousters, Rustic Wood, Shell Ooods, 
Rosettes. Celluloid lluttous, Comic Art Mir- 
NEWMAN MFQ. CO., Cleveland. Ohio. 

We /re Headquarters on All Street Fair, Ctunly Fair and Celebration Goods. 

BIOIITS OF PARIS Looking Glasses, Parisian Art Mirrors, Confetti, Confetti Dusters. MEXICAN 
CANES, Ribbon, Oas HallooriH, Devil Balloons, KESBIJKHK0T10N PLANTS, Song Hooks, Moustaches, 
ittiTARY ELECTRIC FANS, High Pitch Coeds, etc. If you are a Strcetman and want to make money, 
write Immediately rorour new ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE or the latest and best selling novelties. 
We sre ACKNOWLEDGED BY ALL to be leaders on Streetmen's Goods. We handle Street men's Ooods 
exclusively. OUR PRICES WILL 8UKPRI8E YOU. 8EK0TA A OAKS, 167 Mb Ave., Chicago, III. 



Jul* 4. 


New Model Out July I. 


It Will be Next to an Impossibility for it to Get Out of Order Under Any Circumstances. 


Including ROLL. 



Passion Play, Philippine Battles, Devil's Castle, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, 
Blue Beard, Joan of Are, Astronomer's Dream, Trip to Mars, Gulliver's Travels, 
Christmas Dream, Mysterious Box, and a host of others ready for Immediate de- 
livery. NEW FILMS JU8T COMPLETED ARE: Cake Walk Infernal, Misfortune 
Never Comes Alone, The Marvelous Wreath, Belzebub's Daughter, Don't Cet Gay 
with the Manicurist, A Shocking Incident, Caught Courting, The Hair Dresser, 
A Model Courtship, The Beauty Show, and one hundred others. List ready. 

All Films 85 .60 pe r 50 feet, or ELEVE N CE NTS PER FOOT. 


IIUIWCDCll linnn Complete with Klectrioik Cfl EVUIDITInll UfinCI Oomplete with Electric Lamp and Rheostat, *fe 
URrffEnOAL InUUEL, Lamp ml BheoataL #OUi CAlllDll lUrl fflUUCL, Calcium Lamp, FUj(a and M Slides. flOi 

21 S. Eighth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 




Shamrock Hi and Sir Thomas Lipton's Fleet 
' Leaving Scotland en Route to America. 

Bend for New Film Supplement, No. 1TB. living title* and description! of Over 
One Hundred New Subjects. Following ire a few of the latest: 


Little Willie's Last Fourth of July. 
Happy Hooligan's Fourth of July. 
Blasting Bocks In Harlem. 
Washerwoman and Chimney Sweep. 
loan vs. Blacking. 
Daylight Burglary. 
Baw Recruit. 
London' Zoological Garden. 

Shooting the "Bapfds," Luna Park, 
attaa Slide and General View of Luna Park. 
Mary Kane's Mishap. 

Bdlflon Exhibition Ilnntoseope, f 115.00, 

Glimpses of Venice. 

The Vatican and St. Peter's Church, Borne. 

Street Scene In Hyderabad. 

King Edward and President Loubet Review- 
ing French Troops. 
I Kd n " 

King Edward's Visit to Parts. 

Egyptian Fakir with Dancing Monkeys. 
Bating Macaroni In the Streets of Na| 
Egyptian Boys In Swimming Race. 


lag Pigeons in 
Church, Venice. 

Front of 8t Mark's 

Eilioi Universal Ilnetoicope, $75.00. 


OFFICE FOB UNITED KINGDOM: 52 Grays Inn Boad, Holborn, London, W.C, England 
EUROPEAN OFFICE: 82 Rempart Saint Georges, Antwerp, Bslg. 


MB KINBTOGBAPH CO 41 E. 21st St., New York City. 

KLBINB OPTICAL CO 82 State St, Chicago, III. 

PaTTBR BACIOALUP1 038 Market Bt. tian Francliw. Cal. 

Bend 8 cents for postage 
on Catalogue and Price 
List of our latest designs 
of theatrical lamps. We 
also carry In stock Moving 
Cloud*. Lightning and 
Fire photographed from 
nature, which gives per- 
spective that can not be 
accomplished by the de- 
sign being painted on 
us. Also nave Ratn- 
iw, Water Ripple, Band 
Storm, Bala and Bnows. 
New and novel effects 
made to order. Estimates 
cheerfully given on every- 
thing In the ELECTRICAL 
theatrical line. Follow- 
ing Is a partial list of 
DUCTIONS that I put on 
"Soldiers of Fortune," at the 
the Republic; Amelia Blng- 

fia," at the Fourteenth Street; 


last season: "Bleeping Beauty and the Beast" at the Broadway Theatre: 
Bavoy ; "A Oentleman of France," at Wal lack's: Henrietta Ores man, at 
ham, at the BIJoa; "A Chinese Honeymoon," at the Casino; "Foxy Grand; 
"Arlxona," at the Academy; B. H. Sothern, "If I Were King," at the Card 

1237-1239 BROADWAY, 

WANTED, for a Successful "MUSICAL COMEDY" 

.E IN 


Including Sonlirettes, 1 very SHALL SOUBRBTTE tor strong boy part COMEDIANS, GOOD PRO- 
DUCER; Al Pianist and Arranger, Stage Carpenter, Property Han, Working AGENT and Banner Han. 
salary, pay own, age, weight height and send photos, samo returned. Season opens Aug. 29. near 
Boston. Address B. B. HUTT ON, General Delivery, CUca, N. Y. ■» 

Crawford's Big Companies 

Can Use a Few Mire High Glass Repertoire People, Also the Latest Vaudeville Acts. 

Would like to hear from the better class of repertoire people at all times. Large salaries, but you 
must make good. Have good opening to feature olever lady with ability and wardrobe. State all In 
first letter, also If you play brass. We pay all. Our companies play the largo cities In Iho Eastern 

Address W. 0. CRAWFORD, Manager, Neenah, W1b. 

States . 


Best Equipped Property Shop In Now York. We make everything used back of the curtains. 






Keith's, Phlla., Pa., week of June 2»; Kelt 


, Now York City, week of July a. Week July 18 and later 



F. F. PROCTOR, 8*lt Proprietor and Manage*;. 

J. AUSTIN FTNES, Genaral Manager. 


Devoted to Refined Entertainment. 
Proctor's 6th Ave. Theatre, Proetor'a 
BM Bt. Theatre, Proetor'a 68th Bt. 
Theatre, Proctor's 125th St. Theatre. 
Proetor'a Newark Theatre, Proetor'a 
Albany Theatre, Proetor'a Montreal 


Presenting; Beit Playi. 



If yon do not receive a reply. It may be 
because the time Is filled; you are therefore 
advised to write again In four weeks. Do 
NOT enclosed stamp for reply. 


Blots of acts ; If can open and close in one ; 
XACT time of acta, and of "close In;' 1 
hilling for newspapers and programmes ; and 
• to 11 o'clock A. M., SHARP. 

Playwrights, Authors and Play Agents, ad- 
dress J. AUSTIN FYNES, GenenTManager. 

Vaudeville Artists and Players, address 
P. P. proctor JR., Booking Department, 















Send for Mammoth List of Used 

Picture ■aohlaes, 8 1 ereopt icons, SUdes, etc. 







XMMce messLOt i . 


Central Location. Elevator. Stoaai 
■eat* Haastaa Water, Bath, Btectrio 
Light and Telephone la every roesa. 


J. Aldrich Libbey I Katharine Traver 

Are a Tre mendoai Saecess Is Detroit with 



By WS. GOULD, and 




M. WITHABE & SONS, Publishers. 

PDEC Professional Copies to Recogniied Performers |JA ninnr 
rllCC aBa or those Beading Up-to-Date Programme. "P1U VAKllvi 

Witmark Building, 8 West 2f>tli St., New York. 
VERY SOON, NEW WITMARK BLOfi., 144-146 West 3 7th St., Just Btiow Marlborough Hotil. 

TTol. S, Season 1903-1904. 

Julius Cahn's Official Theatrical Uk 

More eoaaalete than ever before. Price, one dollar, including monthly gold. 

JULIUS CKHN, Empire Theatre Bldg., New York City. 




For Taking American Gange Film Up to 33011, 


and with He 

MANlPDLATI0N~^ , . e 8 t ,V-1 e 

of Photography can Operate It with Cert 
Tight Film Boxes, with Bobbins and Trl 


Write for Toll Ilst'of Cameras, Projectors and Film BubJectJ. 
We have Manufactured more Cinematograph Macbloes than any 
other concern In the world, and are the largest producers of LB 
subject* of all kinds. X 

L. (JaOnjoot & C ? 

Offlces sad Showrooms: Hand 22 CECIL COURT, near Alliainbra, Charing Cross Rd., London, ff.C 
„„„„ „ „„„,. E a*: Btndl0 "d °P« n Air Theatre, Longhboro, 8. E., and at Parts. , .„ 
Postage to England, 6 cents. CaWe address: ObJecUtl, Lortsn. 

10 AND 1 12 GREENE 8T. 
(Near Prince), New York. 

Theatrical Supplies, 
Grease Paints, . . . 
Tights, Wigs, . . . 

•Bill esta. 


50, *. 

Gold f Silver Trimmings, 

Spangles, Etc, 

«■ Mild goods C. 0. D., iwbjtct to Imaictlaa, 
M rsaalra a DaowK ea ail OrtJan. 



Bend tea. 




A Musician, formerly or Oofreyrllle, Kansas. He 
left hen about three year. aaoV I Sara boo.) for 
W. B. OPIUM. Executor of a WlK 


Roover's Name P I ates 

m.n.mun.un. 10 SeOOBd Baini. ^ 

10 Seoohd Hand. Latt* 

model, with l«t*nt JS? 

:enus«<l M1 

150.00 EiOB, 

Separately or To^etW' 

"A SHAP.^ 

pint mone; taW U«n- 
We hanu/sriure, TO; 
Sell or Exctisnge tsi 
thing In the Hsriet. 

/ Bios Amusement ft* 

*** tlSlJimKerFltjrTsM- 



Snbatantlal, loud, pn» » 

Photos,, e»j 

atow to play f|»*; 


receiptor 10C. UM{B 

Qlaaaophone Mir., ■ Lenoa A?e^ Hew jogig. 


Good, Sober and Reliable 
Chandelier . Mac 

Address GENTRY SHOW, No. 5, per r '\°J e ^ r w, 
Wellaboro, P*„ July 1: Corning. N. Y., -: ■ l l TO e 7 
N. Y., «; OwefoTSl. Y., 4; Mlddletown, N- ■»• 





Copyrighted, 1903, by the Frank Queen Publishing Company (LtnTlted) 

Founded by 
PMNK QUEEN, 1853. 

NEW YORK, JUI.Y 11, 1008. 

VOLUME U.-No. 20. 
Price 10 Cents. 

Istiifc, Personalities aid Comments, 


STAGE FOLK and Sometimes OTHERS 


Fnnk Abbott, who is a most diligent press 
rtpresentatlve, sends the following story 
renaming Nat M. Wills, who will next sea- 
uo be on the list of ex-vaudevllllans. Fob 
kurlsf up bis unlijue line of work, In which 
te ii Inimitable, this tramp comedian will 

get away from here I'll have you locked up," 
a threat to which the lanky person paid no 
attention, but proceeded to stand upon one 
foot, and placing a hand over his right eye, 
waring the other mysteriously at Wills, he 
whispered the word, "kalllla !" 

The comedian, deciding to be no longer 
detained by the apparently harmless lunatic, 
and seeing him unsteadily balancing on one 
foot, quickly tripped the other from under 

denounce you, — so beware!" (Signed) Most 
truly, Jntnos Furbush, President, Sons of 

A member of the Huston frees Club Is re- 
sponsible for (lie following story told of the 
Into John Stetson and Charles Puttee, who 
wns fur tunny years legal advisor of that 

The two were out on Milton Buulevnrdo 

known nmong tho theatrical fraternity. 
Though already well provided fur with "this 
world's goods," ho has been made at least 
two nickels richer through tho dedlcntlon of 
tho Hooker monument, which recently called 
out n parade of 2!>,000 soldiers and veterans 
In Iloslon. The; celebration likewise at- 
tracted ninny visitors to that city. Among 
Ihcso who were visiting tho beautiful Durlc 
Hall, In the State House, was a man whose 
accent nnd general appearanca proclaimed 
him to bo nn Kiigiisliiiinii. Ito was wander- 
ing aimlessly about as Mr. Cantwell hap- 
pened to pnas. 

"Hey, my man," said tho Englishman, nc- 
rusting the clever attorney, "will you be 
good enough to direct ma to the Statuary 

After necessary directions tho stranger 
an Id : 

■ starred by Broadhurst & Carrie, In the 

2 L ,hnt ll08 been n<uned " A So 11 ot Re8t -" 

™«h title, however, may be changed If his 

«o»sers accede to his recent request, which 

*" actuated by an occurrence in Philadel- 

n>,i dUrlng hlB eD 8 a gement at Keith's. 

"Us clever "tramp" Impersonator, with a 

" w to a little 'timely advertising for bis 

» piny, "A Sott of n^., aur i ng tne 

*■• of his vaudeville season, has been 
™ n K the title In his billing matter. In a 
U»» lcUer t0 hl8 managers Wills gave 
j 'allowing Incident as good reason for 
""Wns the name of his play, fearing nn- 
wasant demonstrations If the change were 
M made. 

0» Monday night as Wills emerged from 
bWk i ° door at Kelt b'». he found his path 

"*«« tg a. tall, lean Individual who began 
iti* mysterl(>U8 sl « n « with his hands, 
we fame time pronouncing the peculiar 
■"* "Juggolo." 

Imm i"i nt '" tnat ' old man? " aaked Wl,l8 » 
22 Uiy de c'alng that be was being de- 
btin i, 80dus narm| eM lunatic, who, by 
J2 h " mor e<>. could more easily be dls- 
J™ ea of - At bis question the man resumed 
ton T rontor «">»». then winking solemnly. 
*ort i . r P^aonnced the unintelligible 

(eel ?" ahbet '" At tn '" W1 " 8 be * an t0 
not nnly annoyed but a- trifle anxious, 

Zji "— wha t craxy move the fellow 

""«»( next make. 

^ here !" be exclaimed, "If you don't 

him, and hied himself hurriedly from lire 

The next day, while In his dressing room 
preparing for his turn, the following letter 
wss delivered to him. It wns written on 
badly damaged stationary, but In good pen- 
manship, and with some pretention to phrase- 
ology : , 

"Sir:" — It began. "You are nn Imposter. 
You have no right to delude the public by 
advertising that you are a member of our 
Glorious Order, The Sons of Kcst. I 
waited for you last night with the kindest 
of Intentions. My desire was to fraternize 
with you as n brother. You not only failed 
to recognlie our secret signs nnd passwords, 
but you asssulted me with felonious Intent. 
Now sir. If you continue to announce your- 
self as a Son of nest, I shall as publicly 

one day "trying out" n span of line horses 
which the manager had recently purchased. 
Ab they whirled along In tho vicinity of the 
lnsano asylum, tho great gilt-handed clock 
which adorns that Institution enma Into 
view. When Fattce saw that the hands 
pointed to the hour of twelve, bo suddenly 
remembered nn Important engagement that 
bo had made for that time. 

"Dear me !" he exclaimed, "the morning 
has passed so quickly. Do you think that 
clock Is right?" 

"lllghtl" repented Stetson. "Hub! that's 
a hexx of a question to ask. If 'twas right, 
what In thunder would It be over there on 
tho hug house for !" 

From Huston comes another story, this 
time on that popular young attorney, fa- 
miliarly called "Jock" Cantwell, so well 

. "I fear I won't bo ablo to And It,— will you 
'bo good enough to go with me J" at which 
request the obliging Uostonlan accompanied 
tho Kngllshmnn to tho objective point, Ar- 
riving there tho stranger roacbed Into his 
big, loose pocket, and llshlng forth two 
nickels, said, "thank yon, my man," as he 
handed them to tho astonished Cantwell, who 
as nonchalantly pocketed tho same. To .bis 
friends who heard of the Joke, his explana- 
tion for accepting tho tip was that at bo 
was so poor he needed the money. 

Yet another story from Boston, tho re- 
puted centre of erudition, groat writer* and 
precocious children. 

A little chop of live was holding a strtig- 
gllng rabbit by the cars, now and then giv- 
ing tho little creature an Impatient tap, as 
he repeated, "Two and two!" 

On hearing this, from tho next room one 
of his fond parents hastened to ascertain the 
cause of the boy's Impatient repetitions. 

"What on earth nro you doing, Jobnnyl" 
asked his father. 

"Two and two!" reiterated Johnny, pay- 
ing no attention to bis father'! quest<on, 
who began to think the child's hitherto 
bright brain was becoming affected. 

"Two and two, you Ignorant little thing I" 
txclnlmed Johnny, angrily shaking the little 
whlto nnlmnl. Al this strange demonstra- 
tion the father rescued It from (ho hands 
of the youngster, who exclaimed: 

"Hay, pop, that little beast is a fraud. I 
heard (he other day that rabbits multiplied 
very rapidly, nnd (his one can't even add," 



July u 


News of the Game. 

In commenting on the recent tournament, 
belli at Newcastle, The Providence Journal 
soys: "Tlic two move restriction la what 
bent tbo Scotchmen. In other years each 
man lias nominated an opening for Loth men 
to play both sides of, giving one an oppor- 
tunity to book up and be coached during 
the play. It Is a pity that these big tourna- 
ments are played on the drawing of the 
white and black moves from the bag. The 
only advantage In playing this lottery 
checkers style, as tbe great Wylllo dubbed 
It, Is that It shortens tournaments beauti- 
fully." Angell, the San FranclBco ex- 
pert, recently split even with Lasker, the 
chess champion, In a checker simultaneous 
contest. Hilly Howe won bis two games, 

In Individual play, with ITof. L Ex- 

champlon of England, Willie Gardner, Is 
now considered the greatest living exponent 
of blindfold, simultaneous checkers. Re- 
cently, In a twelve game exhibition, he won 
ten and lost two. to show how thorough 
Mr. U. has this style of play Id hand, the 
following will well Illustrate: A player, 
who had been analyzing and pushing the 
pieces around, was ail mixed up. Whan Mr. 
t>. came around to play, It was stated to 
him, and he Immediately ordered the pieces 
set up and run the game down to tbe po- 
sition desired G. I,. Henson, tbe noted 

English expert, who did so well In tbe last 
International, has accepted a position In 
Germany, which will Keep him In that 

country for at leaat two years R. 

Stewart won a special prize — a gold medal — 
offered by A. It. Klrkwood, of Govan, for 
making the best score against the English 
players In the recent International. 

nounccd Mates" we have fewer than expect- 
ed, for a reason to be given later. 



Enigma 2,423.-1 . .Q to K It sq, K to Kt 
3; 2..K to Q 2, I» to K Kt 0; 3..Kt to B 
8 ch ; and Q mates. (If Black 2. . H to It 2, 
or 1' to Q 5. or else ; 3. .Kt to B 8 ch Is his 
hele nolr) : If 1. .1' to Q Kt 0, or It ; 2. .Q 
to It 4, K to Kt 3; 8. .Q tks Kt P ch: {or 
3. .Kt to B 8 ch ; and 4. .B mates) and 4. . 
Kt mates. (In this var., If Black 2.,1'toK 
Kt 0; 8..Q to It 3 ch. and Kt mates, or If 
2, else: 3..Q to B ch. etc.) It 1. .11 to Q 
Kt 2; 2..Q to B4, BtksR; 8..Q to B 6 ch, 
etc. If here 2. . 1' to Kt : 8. .Q to It 3 ch, 
etc. — "Not so very 'mighty.' I have seen 
finer and better problems by this brilliant 
and highly accomplished author." — W. S. 
PROBLEM NO. 2,423. 

Solution of Position No. 18, Vol. SI. 

Black 2 5 7 10 12 14 15 10 10 
White 21 22 24 20 27 28 80 31 

White to play and win. 
21 17 27 2.1 22 18 24 6 20 3 
14 21 G 14 ID 22 2D 

White wins. 

Position No. Ill, Vol. 61. 

Illnck 1 3 K 22 20 

White 10 20 21 K 
While to play and draw. 

To Correspondent*. 

ltuo. Wai.cott. — You are worse than we 
were about Dr. tusker's penchant for little 
trips across the big ferry. 

W. A. Siiinkman. — Thank you very much 
for offer of assistance (u re that formidable 
solution. More fully by post. 

lino. Spknckii. — You "escaped a great 
ninsay," and our Denver brethren had a great 
loss In missing a "neck tic sociable" with you 
holding the centre of the stage. So "free 
confession" Is sometimes good for the body 
us well as tbe soul. 

Wm. Sciiafbh. — Bro. Spencer owns right 
up, nnd will do some more — only better; 
knew we should please you, and many others. 
We have sundry designs on you, to be 
broached shortly. 

W. II, Walker. — Trust n recent chess 
package reached you, and proved alike agree- 
able and prolllnblc. 

lino. Ki.mkny. — Am. Ch. Weekly received, 
thank you: will sec If our file Is complete, 
nnd report. Will utilize the duplicate an- 
nouncements — to your benellt, we hope. 

Bro. Mimii.KTON. — Thanks for your happy 
turn to our Counler-Gnmblt thought. There 
Is n striking Illustration to bo drawn from 
our pugilistic friends. 








P moves 
P moves 
P moves 
P moveB 

1:3 S q 

(a) 0..K to Kt 5, 

9.. B-K. Sin) 
12..K-Kt 7 
13.. P-B 7 + 

K to Q sq 






14..PJR, or O) mate, 
also leads to mate In 

Game No. 10, Vol. 51. 
From Xotti Guardian, 
Between Messrs G. Jewett and T. Biggs, 
for the championship of Sheffield, Eng. 

Mr. Jewett played black. 

14 10 15 18 25 15 18 18 

22 18 ID 10 20 22 10 10 11 8 

6 15 4 8 18 22 18 22 
25 22 21 17 17 13 10 24 10 24 
12 10 14 21 8 11 27 82 22 18 
24 20 28 lli(ti) 10 7 14 10 8 4 

8 12 10 23 12 10 22 20 

27 24 20 10 7 3 20 10 13 
10 15 11 15(C) 10 10 25 20 2 
24 10 18 11 3 7 10 11 3 7 
ID 24 8 15 10 28 20 25 13 

28 10 31 20 7 10 10 7 7 11 

7 10 14 28 82 25 22 13 17 
32 28 22 17(d) 22 17 7 8 4 8 

3 8(a) 14 18 32 27 22 18 17 22 
28 24 28 22 17 14 24 10 8 12 

(a) Robertson's Guide glveB this as a 
losing move. 

(Id Tbo Guide stops here and says White 

(o) The following, by A. J. Heffner, will 
draw : 

2 20 28 15 22 10 14 31 27 

10 7 10 23 10 22 20 23 18 

« 10 2 10 14 18 9 11 10 

7 2 13 2 20 31 20 11 
10 15 2 14 18 8 22 
81 20 18 17 10 23 20 14 17 

10 22 13 18 23 30 23 Drawn, 
(d) Mr. Biggs got off the track bere. Tbe 
following shows the win: 

20 23 18 25 8 10 28 24 10 

4 8 2B 22 10 28 10 7 13 17 

23 10 2 22 18 16 15 18 

8 11 7 3 28 32 7 2 24 10 
10 7 15 18 14 6 10 14 
14 18 3 8 82 28 2 S 12 10 
10 10 15 10 14 10 13 20 11 

White wins. 

five moves more. "As B and K alone can not 
mate, tbe solver simply plays to get tbe 
Pawn np to do the business." — W. 8. 

EnlKinn No. 2,420. 

In our copy of Del Rio (1820) tbe fol- 
lowing problem forms tbe frontispiece, show- 
ing the translator considered it at least one 
of that great Italian's best : 

£ » I * I 

hUKt2, Klisq, QR6, KKt8,KKt3 

Ml i S t 

hlsKte.herBsq, Ksq, KR3, B4, K3. 
Black to play ana mate In four moves. 

Development of Chess Problems. 

Continued from B. 0. U. 

"Tbe development of tbe problem by the 
Italian masters of tbe later eighteenth cen- 
tury was logical, but for that very reason 
led to nothing. Del Rio, Lolll and I'onzlanl 
(1782) Improved considerably on the practice 
of Stamma, but modified his theory In no 
essential respect. Their sense of beauty In 
chess, however, led them to lighten the 
Stamma problem by getting rid of Its su- 
perfluities, so far as this could be done with- 
out breach of plausibility. 

"In the hands of these men the resem- 
blance of the problem to a brilliant ending 
from actual play remained essential ; but 
they strove to reduce the position to Its 
simplest terms. Superior Ingenuity also en- 
abled them to do more with the short prob- 
lem that Stamma bad done. Such problems 
as the present one are typical. This posi- 
tion illustrates the fact that from the flrst 
a tendency existed to make use of quiet key 
moves In tbe composition of short problems. 
Such keys could be adopted In a four move 
problem without detracting In any way from 
the plausibility of tbe position. But It must 
be observed that the Italian authors show 
no preference whatever for such keys, and 
use tbcm only rarely." 

Problem No. 2,420. 



Our Uorres, 
S..y Kt-K2 

White, Black, 

Our Corres. Amateur. 
«..BxB2dP Castles 
10..Q-B3 QB-Kt2 

U..Kt-hls6 P-KR3 
12..P-KR4 P-K4 
13..QKt-B4 QKt-R4 
14..KKtXP KRXKt 
15.. K II X K+ K-Rsq 
White mutes In four. 
Published some years ago In St. Louit Re- 
8.. Castles 

P Q Kt 8 


U Kt-113 


B-B 4(») 










.P-B 8 

P-B 4(n) 






B-K 3 



Kt-hls 3 







lL.QBxKt KPxB.and 
wo have this position: 

Tonrm-v Announcement. 

Wo have now sufficient data on hand to 
nnnounce definitely the close of our "Counter- 
(ininblt Tourney, to wit.: Aug. 15, next; 
leaving two weeks to make up reports, de- 
cisions ami award of prizes, and so nave 
everything cleared up nnd the final results 
announced In TllR Ci.iitbk for Aug. 20. 

Rut II must lie remembered that nil our 
chess nintter Is made up one full week In 
mlvnnrc of date, so thnt the final reports 
from our contestants, which nre still In- 
complete, must be In M Iron's hands (Comp- 
ton Village, N. II.) by Aug. 8. We feel 
obliged to any thnt a failure to report, with 
explanations (If any), by thnt date, will be 
considered n delinquency on the score of tbo 
time limit as originally set forth In the rules 
governing the competition. During the month 
we shall secure our Judges, lay our material 
before (hem, nnd, doubtless, receive their 
awards In due season. Indeed, half of the 
games are already prepared for the Judge In 
that section. In the department of "An- 

White nnnounced mate in 7 moves I 
(7) Neither Is this good; it prevents his 
Pawns from assailing the, B. 

(a) 1' to K B 3 would cost a piece. 

The Vienna Gambit. 

Bro. Helms, from special reports tabulated 
by Hcrr Georg Marco, has collated several 
points about these games of much value and 
first rate Interest, showing beyond dispute 
thnt the results of a tourney are not "all 
there Is to It." As a matter of dry figures, 
the Attack won 32 games to 37 for the De- 
fence. Well, let's analyse a bit. 

"Six different openings were experimented 
with, and a careful study of their several 

variations results In what may be termed a 
complete vindication of the legitimate K s 
Gambit, Including tbe K's Kt, Bishop s and 
Kleserltzky. , «_*_•»«■ 

"This may be better understood when i It 4 
added that the Attack sacrificed tbe K ivt 
In no less than twenty-one of the games ! as 
this sacrifice Is an extreme metbpd not re- 
torted to of necessity, and heretofore recog- 
nized as demonstrably unsound. It Is not lair 
to Judge the K's Gambit proper by the ver- 
dict of figures wherein these hazardous lines 
are Included. . . . 

"Of the twenty-one games referred to. 
White could claim but a paltry three, and of 
these two were to MacDonnell's variation In 
the Muzlo, by Marshall and Maroczy. Elimi- 
nating tie twenty-one games for the sake 
of comparison, there remain sixty-eight con- 
tested on a more conservative and practical 
basis, and the result Is that the Attack has 
the advantage, and that by six points I 

"Here are the games In which tbe K Kt 
was sacrificed during tbe opening stage : 
Allgaler, played 11, won 0, tost 8, drew 3; 
Kleserltzky. 3, 1, 1, 1 : Muzlo, 7, 2, 5, 0. 
Total — played 21, won 3, lost 14, drew 4. 

Tbe Rlee Gambit. 

Our latest Information of this notable 
battle at tbe Manhattan C. C. Is that the 
Attack and Defence are Just even, with nine 
victories each and two drawn. The follow- 
ing, "one of the best games," is tbe more 
interesting as Black does not play tbe now 
almost universal 10. .P to K B 0, though 
his substitution does not prove much more 
effective. The game Is spirited and Inter- 

Under tbe Cents. 

3..K Kt-B3 
8.. Castles 
10.. P-B 8 
12..RXB + 
15.. Q Ksq 
19., B X Kt 

PtoK 4 
P-K Kt 4 




Q-B4 + 





R-Kt sq 

M..R-KBsq P-QR8 

21. .P to B4 






R-K7 + 
Si.. B-B 7(1 -f- K-home 
32..R-K7 + K-Qsq 
83..R-B;d+ K-home 
34..RXBP B-K 6 
35..R-K7 + K-Qsql 
B8..R-K B74- K-home 
87..R-K7+ K-Qsq 
&§..Kt-Q5 BXKt 
89..BPXB K-Bsq 
40..P-Q6 Resigns. 

P to Kt 3 
K R-t sq 

Tub Gambit Ctclone has struck Iowa. 
The I. Ch. Assn. bas added a K's Gambit 
corres. tourney, as a "rider" to Its fourth 
regular tourney. This latest ventnre started 
In with eighteen entrants. "One might as 
well be out of the world as out of tbe 
fashion," quotes Cortalr. And again Bro. 
Walcott : "Of what use are convictions with- 
out courage? Let them tote on their at- 
tacks." Bro. Mlddleton, In re C.-Gs„ 

says : "In chess, as in life's conflicts, It 
frequently occurs that tbere Is nothing like 
playing a 'Roland for an Oliver ;' and If It's 
not good to attack early. It Is good some- 
times to stop an early attack with one of 
your own/' 


No. 13. 

White to play and mate In four moves. 

Game No. 2,420. 

A correspondent favors us with three 
games, with a suggestion not to publish his 
name. The time bas long since gone by wben 
the chess world cared much for games unless 
told who played them. As these two shorter 
ones are amusing, and have piquant termina- 
tions, we give them in compliment to an 
esteemed contributor. 



Was born In Moravia, N. Y., In ISfiO. lie 
followed Horace Greeley's advice wben be 
was twenty-one nnd went West. He lived 
In one of the Prairie States until 1800, 
when be moved to Chicago, and entered the 
real estate business. In 1801 he trans- 
acted the largest acre deal In the history of 
Chicago real estate, making a deal of 
$480,000 In land where West Pullman Is now 
located. He was appointed Chicago manager 
of the Equitable Life Insurance Co. In 1804. 
a position he retained nntil he was, four 
years ago, appointed State manager of tbe 
Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance Co., of Phil- 
adelphia, a position which he still holds. 
Three years ago he branched out Into the- 
atricals, and made an Immediate success. 
"The Gambler's Daughter," a melodrama, 
which bas for two seasons been a big money 
maker In popular priced houses, was his flrst 
Lie hit. Last season he put out "A Ruined 
Life," and this play, with the one previously 
mentioned, will be retained next yetr with 
two companies for each piece. On June 21, 
at the Great Northern Theatre, Chicago, Mr. 
Crescy made a production of "Out of the 
Fold," end tbe piny will be added to bis 
attractions next season. "Dora Thorn" and 
"The Price of Silence" will be two more 
melodramas In hi* next season's list, and to 
(he management of these road attractions 
Mr. Crescy will, on Sept. 1, add the duties 
of proprietor and jnnnager of the Marlowe 
Theatre. Englewood, Chicago, where be will 
play popular priced attractions In the Stair 
& ilavlln circuit of bookings. 

— Chas. T. Toylor. of Tavlor's Southern 
circuit of parks, writes: "We opened our 
season May 4, and are doing a big business. 
I am running my own stock company, with 
vaudeville between acts." 

41 » 

Was born In Toledo, 0., and made her debut 
In "Hands Across the Sea," under the man- 
agement of C. B. Jefferson. She later was 
loading lady with Stuart Robson, and ap- 
peared with her sister, Anna Belmont, In 
the original production of "What Happened 
to Jones." She was then a prominent star 
In vaudeville for four seasons. She is very 
attractive, has a pleasing stage presence, and 
her work has always won favor. She Is the 
wife of J. J. Rosenthal, under whose man- 
agement she will star next season. In a 
dramatization, by George T. Richardson, of 
Dwlght Tllton's novel. ,r MIss Petticoats." 
♦ »» 
Fonr 24-IIonr Train* to Chicago, 
In addition to the 20-hour train and three 
slower trains dally, has given the New York 
Central the title of "Tbe connecting line 
between the East and West" Do you won- 
der at this?— Adv. 

Midsuumeb Notes or Welsh Beos.' 
Newest Gbeai Snows.-The 1003 season 
of the Newest Great Is now in full bloom, 
and the management bas much to feel proud 
of and thankful for. The weather has been 
remarkably fine, and business everywhere 
enormous. The newspapers have devoted 
columns of golden praise, extolling 1 he great 
merit and the cleanliness of tbe exhibitions 
presented. In addition to this many city 
officials in towns visited have used the ex- 
pression "come again, gentlemen. Yours Is 
the cleanest and best conducted show that 
ever visited our vicinity." The company of 
performers and musicians In the big show, 
concert and side show are the same that 
opened with us on April 15, at Lancaster, 
I'a. 8lnce the Inaugural date tbe show has 
Increased the seating capacity by adding 
one more 50ft. middle piece to the big top, 
which now consists of 120ft round top, with 
four 50ft. middle pieces. The street parade 
Includes one hundred and forty horses, 
ponies, mules and donkeys, three bands of 
music, musical chimes car and a steam 
piano, besides a long line of handsomely 
carved dens, tableau wagons and numerous 
led bay animals, forming In all a "real 
drawing parade," and one that Is favorably 
commented upon by the onlookers. All of 
the folks with tbe show have enjoyed ex- 
cellent health; this, together with the su- 
perior accommodations afforded. Is the cause 
of much contentment with this little big 
combination. Recent distinguished circus 
folks visitors Include: Gil Robinson, J. W. 
Goodrich, Sam Harris, Adam Forepaugh Jr., 
l'rank Morris, Tim Keeler, H. H. Whlttler, 
Augustus Jones, Pete Sun and Geo. C. Karla- 
vagn. The following Is the roster of the 
show: Managerial staff— John T. * M. H. 
Weleh, exclusive owners and managers ; M. 
II. Welsh, director general; John T. Welsh, 
general agent; Clinton Newton, assistant 
manager nnd press agent ; Chas. W. Gilder, 
manager advertising car No. 1 ; V. O. Wood- 
ward, special agent ; Harry Blanchard, mana- 
ger advertising car No. 2 ; Edward Kennedy, 
secretary ana ticket accountant ; Howard 
Martin, superintendent of dining tents: 
Charles Lovell, superintendent of tickets, and 
Frank B. Rhodes, manager of privilege car. 
Performers — Mr. and Mrs. Jack CoubIhb, 
the Three Flying Valenteenes, Frederic Wel- 
come, the Katamura Japanese Troupe, John 
White Jr., George Colby, Lottie Aymar, Prof. 
John White's animal acts, Warde Sisters, 
Gascocal Brothers, Ida McCormlck. The 
following comedy actors: Garry Vanderbllt, 
Mackey and Clark. "Rube" Newton, Paul 
Klotz, John McGady, Grlmaldl Brown and 
Edouard Sanford, and Charles Valenteene, 
equestrian director. Big Bhow band — Her- 
bert Swift, conductor; Charles Gerlacb, John 
S. Kutz, Fred Woodcombe, David Krick, D. 
P. Waldo, Fred Barney, F. P. Handley, John 
Bernhard, Geo. W. Taf, Bert Davles, E. W. 
Gerth, F. P. Eshelman, George Vogel, Chris 
Jacoby and Fred Mackey. Museum and 
side show department — George H. Irving, 
manager ; Major and Ida Llttlefinger, Mr. 
and Mrs. Archie S. Robblns, Miss Valetta, 
C. H. Roberts, Miss Roberts, Prof. Casper, 
Captain F. Latellp, the Three Sisters Hya- 
cinth, Prof. Harts and Madame Irving. 
Operating department — Charles O'Brien, su- 
perintendent of canvas, with two assistants 
and twenty-five laborers; George B. Wltmer. 
boss hostler, with twenty grooms and 
drivers; Jas. Veney, superintendent side 
show canvas, with eight laborers; John 
Lloyd, master of properties, with nine as- 
sistants ; Patrick Murphy, master of trans- 
g>rtatlon, with ten "ralse-your-backs;" Geo. 
oyd, master of wardrobe, and W. Fields, 
night detective. II. Stanley Lewis controls 
all of the advertising privileges, Including 
programme, banners, etc. This is Mr. Lewis' 
eighth season with tbe show. Frank B. 
Rhodes controls the privilege car, and a fine 
"light" lot privileges. The same high stand- 
ard of morality and the entire absence of 
grafters pervades the show, the same as Id 
past seasons. 

Rats fbom Sun Bbos.' Wobld's Progres- 
sive Shows. — We are making our flrst tour 
of the New England States. The show Is giv- 
ing excellent satisfaction, and making many 
friends. Business continues up to the stand- 
ard, with advanced prlcea at many stands. 
A. J. Dixon, advance representative. Informs 
us that prospects are good ahead. Pete Sun 
has just finished building a handsome new 
baggage car for the No. 2 Show, which Is 
now touring West Virginia. He rejoined 
No. 1 Show at Mlllford, Mass., July 4. 
Roster of No. 1 Show Is as follows: Sun 
Bros. (George and Pete), sole owners; 
George Sun, manager; Pete Sun, general 
agent ; S. Edw. Corbette, treasurer ; Wi,ey 
Ferris, equestrian director; Prof. John 
Shelly, musical director; Ike Sherman, or- 
chestra leader; performers — Ferris Family, 
Urley, Lillian and Wiley Jr., equilibrists 
and gymnasts; James Hart, Chas. Wilson 
nnd Johnnie Parker, triple horizontal bars- 
Master Beno, hand balancing; La Vanlon 
and 81ster, flying act ; Hartsell Bros., narry. 
Eugene and Charlie, acrobats; James Hcrt 
In lofty backward diving : Roland Chnraplon. 
Juggler : Leo Collins, high slack wire ; Bar- 
rett and Johnson, revolving Mexican ladder; 
Madame Rosaline Stlckney, troupe of edu- 
cated dogs, twenty in number; Prof. Ed. 
kaen and his great talking horse, Black 
Jack ; Comodore, the only rope walking mule, 
also a school of educated ponies; George 

^. Jr, iK the e S? IIe6t „. nnd youngest clown 
before the public ; Richard Brothers, In 
Greek and Roman statuary; also a strong 
line of leaps and tumbling, and a bunch of 
clowns, headed by Reld, Crelghton and Par- 
ker \, ^?. e c °b<*" consists often first class 
vaudev le acta, headed by Chas. La Nolr, 
the well known minstrel. Our side show Is 
getting Its Bbare of the business. Openings 
are made by Louie Chasnu. In this depart- 
ment we have our animal cages, and nre- 
p.^.S e Co ,£ elts ' In m J nd "adlng; Madame 
nhJlSZ wlt £. a DU ? 1 J5r $* '"go snakes; 
Chasnu, In his great Hindoo box mystery 1 
James Venable. Punch and magic, and 
Lueala, the camel back horse. MuBlclana 
are : John Shelly, John Walters" P. E. Kee'er 
L,. -* 1 '"^?' A1< $■ Williams, Ike Sherl 
mer, r. F. Pierce, Fred E. Teyon, F. H. 
Allen, Joe Raymon. Fred Moore and Will 
Snow. Chas. Gardner has charge of re- 
serve and concert tickets. A. C. Allen! 
steward: Harry McBrlde, chandeliers: Otto 
Summerfleld, master mechanic ; Frank Knoc- 
v^ "&",. . watcb : Jack "enson, boss props. ; 
V an Height, superintendent of canvas : Blllv 
Butts, assistant ; Uncle Blllv Randolph vet- 
E'E f'seon. Frank E. Marvin, boss 
hostler, and a corps of efllclant assistants 

Tlffi^nSS L be S , tock "i excellent condition 
ihe parade we give would be a credit to a 
sixteen car show, and the spread of canvas 
we put up surprises the "natives." canTaa 
Notes prom the Tom Fraskltn Ntb Co. 
iT. fln. c . otnpan -I wcnt " nder canvas May 13. 
In a 60ft round top, w th two 30ft middle* 
seats for 1,200 people, and the TflneJ? outfit 
lhan money can buy. We have dlsre- 

Bfl? 1 ,h ?," rst laws of a ^nt and car?y no 
band. After our opening nieht s in n 
prevailed everywhere^ fte roster o? - the 
^ m P"V ny ' K w| th one exception, le the saml 

08 .* .£ al V b< *1 for tvro * earB Past. Rain did 
not affect us to any great extent. 

Indian Bill Noteb.— P. p Craft nn-. 
agent of Indian Bill's WHd West™wa, P nre! 
rffrm £*& a a,amoDa "udded Ea^ e ? 
AnJSL/ i ,be mcmb *w of the Wild West. 
tiXfwMw ".* manager and proprietor of 
th ?,""2 West, made the presentation snirh 

sole owner. — We are touring ceinV.i n.,"*" 
sin to good business. Tbe only d--i*l. •.*•• 
the company has met with has i,"n . . S*> 
of rainy nights, and the loss of • „ A^t 
One was burned up at Oconto Wis , loot «. 
the other was lost at Wlttenber ■ u'i. ,' 5 . 
16. Wben tho parachute left t h» h.n 3< 
there was not enough ballast *> X !mi > 
away and disappeared, and af:'. r R ,, r ?J lrt 
for several days the balloon c.'jin -f?^ 
found. Tbe company Is traveW £? *i 
now, as the horses and wagons uer» 7 n ( mi 
use to the show, and a heavy ,.Vn.„i t0 
they were shipped to their win-.., o,?*' *> 
Roster: R. VT Hall sole prop «*. *"& 
Barth, manager; Capt. firkson ,'d,,^ 
representative; Ohet Warren 't r i, ,* 
Mae Hall, accountant ; Oscar TuL -.« V^' : 
ment director; Louis Buch, musi,7l hi". ?* 
Bobt Engfer, ticket taker, \v„ A lr< ?«i 
special officer; Fred Ruggles. rhef. ,"• 
Carr, boss canvas man; Bin \v,ui„; " a 
props. Performers— Taggart I'ruiii» if*5 
barth, Zarretia Bros.. B Itobt. aX '{? 
monlo Family, Davis and Bend On» t2? 
Slg. Montez, Mods. Bruett and John MtU? 
Band and orchestra— B. V. Hall baad ». r 
ter; Louis Bush, orchestra loader r?*: 

Warreo, Frank Mertz, Jim Mcrtzi.2! 
Francis, Bart Flannery, Al. ii.„ J H2 
Craig, Eddie Shlnner, Joe Cram .nd^ 
Bass. Everybody Is enjoying Rood heilt? 
and a long, prosperous season Is looked for 

Roster of Sio. Sautellb's It kTbC 
France Reed, bareback and Jockey rM., 
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cousins, carry lar . ' 
Harry Smith and Chas. Watson, hurdle M i 
Holmen Bros., horizontal bars «nd i' 
volvlng ladder acts; the La Ba-nnt 
contortionists and perch acts- Bin- 
pony, dogs, goats and monkey in. 5 . 
also riding Hon : Drako's trained sheen ini 
dogs, the Barnells, marble statuary and ii7 
cling acts; the Latells. acrobats and oa'd 
Balancers; the Jeanettes, acrobats IZ 
aerial acts; Miss La Baron, chair balancing 
Jackson, boneless marvel ; Newman. wlthYh 
pie circus; Mike, the wonder; E| mil 
Eddy, bounding rope; Harry La Mont '.id 
bis wonderful dog; Crlstmass, nrlnciM, 
clown ; Tommy Troy, Happy Hooligan, H.frr 
Newman, Friday and Shorty, clowns- John 
Deer, Indian rider; Mons. Dauphin llrht 
and heavy weight balancer; Chaa. WaS 
equestrian director. ^ 

The Gbeat Mabinellas, ring gvmca>'< 
have been with John Robinson's Circus i S 
April I 22, aod are engaged the entire set<ci 
which runs to December. 
m I f; W- Wakefibld, last season wltk tbe 
Wallace Shows, is dow official representa-irt 
of the John Robinson Teo Big Shows. 

presentation speech. 

? r °\ a "X-$™«% "Sown" as G s^S 
;r, Is with Mason Bros.' "U. T C " fo 
» Is playing the part of Uncle Tom and 

blgh^throwl^t.i 11 ^ 1 !^ »rt. .K do"ln2 
band. tbrowlD * w,,b •""»*» In front of the 



Notes fbom Davis' "D. T. C." Co — 
We are In our ninth week under catTu, 
and business is good. We bave enlarged 
our tent to a 70x40. Our street parade 
is a hit and tbe talk of tbe town. Jh- 
ager Davis has spared no expense In rat 
Ing It a success. Our stock and wagoag 
are in good condition. Mr. Davis iad> 
a flying trip to Jackson, Mich., to pnrthast 
two more new wagons and four bead of 
horses. The weather has been a little oat 
of the ordinary, but it did not hurt twi- 
nes*. While playing Emmett, Mich., some ol 
our people went down to Port Hnroo to 
see the Ulngllng Bros.' Circus, and got tack 
In time to play to a packed tent Mr. 
Ackerman, our stage manager, celebrated his 
thirtieth birthday June 18, and be re- 
ceived many presents ; among them wis a 
diamond ring. He gave tbe compao; i 
banquet after the show, and we esjoj-l a 
sociable evening. Manager Davis made a 
fine speech. Martin Bowers sang, Earnest 
Fergason played a selection on tbe violin, 
Little Marie Conners sang. Nettle Banett 
sang, and L. A. Redfleld, Wm. Huatlogtoc 
Fred Scbneck and Orln Lewis, lmita:ed a 
German brass band, and Dusty, the picka- 
ninny sang. Everybody is well and nappj 
and tbe gent In white" greets us every 
Sunday morning. We all hustle for fhi 
Old Reliable — may It live forever. 


riNE Co., No. 8, now touring Indiana — 
Dr. E. G. Russell, manager and lecturer: 
Dr. Buffalo Frank, office worker ; Mrs. Pearl 
Russell, secretary and treasurer, and son; 
and dance : Rich Kattman, comedian ; lire. 
Grace Kattman, soubrette and organist: 
Prof. Ed. Clayton, leader of band and or- 
chestra: Jole Russell, wire, rings and tra- 
peze; Harry Lewis, double and single tra- 
peze ; Harry Bunis, comedian and ballad- 
let ; Mont Booto, light and heavy welcbt 
balancing. We bave two fine cars, inn 
by our own auto traction engine. Oat rari 
and a 60x90ft. top are lighted by electricity, 
furnished by our own dynamo, which fur- 
nishes a brilliant appearance for tbe serpen- 
tine and Are dance, given by Mrs. Russell. 
also for the electric fountain. Our steas 
calliope will be bere next week. We have 
not played a losing week since the flrst of 
tbe season. The Clipper visits us regularly 
each week, and tbe "ghost" also. Jole 
Russell was presented with a fine com 
watch by his father for feats performed <a 
the slack wire. This boy 1b a wonder, even 
though be Is but twelve years old. »« 
travel In our own private dining and sleep- 
ing combination car. 

Lambrigqeb Zoo Notes. — We opened a: 
Mansfield. O., Ajjrll 27, and have done a 
nice business, despite the fact that tw 
weather baa been unusually bad. We hate 
enlarged our collection of animals : now nan 
sixteen large cages of rare animals, an 
we give a performance besides. Our roste! 
Is: Gns Lambrlgger, sole owner: Jlrs. J a, » 
Lambrlgger, treasurer; C. V. Lambrlgger, «* 
slstant manager ; John Sappa, oriental mc- 
slclan ; SuraUe, magician and figures: Dc* 
Tassar, gun juggler; Jas. K. Anderso-, 
tickets, and Fred Hide, In charge of canvn, 
with four assistants. „, 

Notes fbom Herbs of Life Medicixi to. 
No. 8. — We are Iaylog off for a week. Tie 
season so far has been great. We go ' n j 
the Dakotas. At present we sre carrjntj 
the following people: George Dickson, iroj 
Jaw act and magic ; James Lelsam, sons "^ 
dance; Billy Bwartz, strong man; Man; 
Krohn, Blnglng and dancing soubrette ;„ 10 P. 
Relss, dialect comedian ; Bessie Iius3ell, ere; 
cutlonlst; Joe Lasker, ventriloquist »°° 
lightning change act, and W. A. Russell, 
manager and lecturer. The "ghost 1 anpes" 
on time, and Tm Old Reliable Is ioo» w 
forward to with eagerness every l'r loa ,£' .„ 

Notes fbom Lato & La Plantes viao" 
8hows.— We are In our eighth eu«esstci 
week, touring the small towns In the i*r 
vlnce of Quebec. The roster: F. '^L ',.',.'. 
gler, wire walker and trapeze; T. P" 1 "^' 
grouud tumbler; the La Tlantc.--, trapes 
rings and percb, and the Adlnleni Sister*, 
contortion act. ,, _.,« 


—We have added a new 80ft. ml.Wle nl« f ; 
and bave put in about two fiu n,lrell „„ a V;r 
seats, to accommodate the crowds, n"'!. 
of the company: L. C. Havlser. MtPK 
Victor Havlser, stage manager ; M. A. *« 1 
lecturer; Weston and Wllber, Be«satw«i 
dnncers ; Mart Acker, vocalist and corneal" 1 - 
Business stays at the top notch. n .- lnc 

Fbank B. Hdbik, manager of k°» • 
Frank's GypBy Camp and other attraction 
was severely burned and Injured, ye • r l Mn 
formed, In stopping what might ' n! ",,Vtic 
a serious Are on the broadwalk, at -"'" , M 
City, N. J., night of June 26. Seeing » 
flames coming from a large Oriental" !;. 
Manager Hubln pulled down the JU" 11 !".* iu 
terlal. He was severely burned, and " 
given a vote of thanks by merchants. 

— Ethel Fuller goes with "The Han vTW 



an d minstrel. 

TT^on Notes.— Bice & Barton's 
nSSw Villa, Centreport. LI., 
-' H nf a very pretty birthday 
5 «J ifm honor of Harry Morris' birth- 
5ft£! 23 Geo. W. Rices extenslva 
J, June ■"• .hrown open for the oc- 
5 SPftS front °part of the inn and 
nk* "niuroinnted with colored lanterns. 
£ * 1 ',. 1 ir? "d about sundown, then the 
Kl"*" *i»,iclng was the feature of the 

* «T£mi r m* when the doors to the 
"•"ft.!?* hall were opened, showing banks 
rte*".l2Si iVrnuty rosea. At the head of 
I*fi*&t5 T honored chair, completely 

* 2J wlfh "ems and roses. Mr. Mor- 
**£ .Jtbe banquet with an address. His 
i oj* ^. 1 •.Gentlemen, ladles, friends, as 
*■ ! V the hill of prosperity may we 
' "SEa a friend." TbeiTMrs. Al. Bell; 
""nffS a crown of roses on Mr. Morris' 
jlft'Sa commenced the merry 
*?• Klrst on the bl were Ed. Mor- 
fff, sVTCfclV Mack, of Calllban and 
*,. in » mu«lcal stunt. Mr. Morris made 
"i't bit with bis famous song, "Hinkey 
^ Wfisrs. ltlce and Barton gave imlta- 

* „f old time minstrels, Al. Bellman Bang 
2 t, Selections, andllarry Bryant anc! 
C c p.tton did some buck dancing. George 

«« clever 'n his ragtime piano play- 
l - vL Charles Waldron, Mrs. Herbert 
'» Airs. Harry Bryant, Mrs. Al. Bellman, 
f tt MortacK, Mrs. fi. B. Patton, Nellie 
Jon and Mrs. George Bice entertained 
, rntlemen with some of the latest songs. 
, Solon was one long to be remembered, 
{ .,, a complete success. Mr. Morris was 
, wiolent of many mementoes. 
Stri Tbainob, of Tralnor and Button, 
r-« from Marlon, Ind.: "We opened the 
hm Summer Theatre June 23, and the 
ii was packed. We had a great open- 
."bill and everything went off fine; not 
ad act on the bill. There are: Leo and 
SSl in their sketch, 'Wanted, a 
■lfv ? De Varo and De Carlo, black face 
Tti, bar act ; the Mack Sisters ; Carlos 
if boy soprano ; Burt Farkes, female lm- 
«:a:or; ielma Rollas, balladist; Eddy 
nil tbe aerial Adonis; Curtis Sisters; 
Ih Sawyer, contralto vocalist; Evans, 
iNi sad Evans, society sketch, and 
door and Button, eccentric and grotesque 
tetxt. This Is pronounced by press and 
41c to be far and away the strongest In 
iber and best In quality of any vaude- 

* bill ever presented In this city. The 
uigtment— P. Bosbrugh, W. H. Moore and 
R.jeim— intend to continue this policy, 

rire the people their money's worth. 
j tlso intend to keep the Brook Theatre 
nine. Last night they Initiated me into 

Eagles, Marlon, 227, and they gave me 
tbe claws, bill and feathers necessary, I 

assure jou. There were three of us to 
'trough — one big policeman, one big con- 
tor, and one little actor. They only 

time to give one of us the work, and — 
, what's the use — the actor got It." 
isile, Noel and Collins opened at 
■in's Pastime Park June 29, with their 

sieging and dancing act, "Back from 
Minstrels." Miss Noel Is making a 
rted success In black face character. 
arts from Lexington Pabk. — The Pryor 
hers are herd this week, making tbelr 
1 week on tbe Gorman park circuit. 
: week tbey play Maine for a few weeks, 
er of bill for this week : GUroy Haynes 
tgomery, Eldora and Nouna, Ah Ling, 

and Gilbert Sarony. Pryor Brothers, 
r finishing circuit, will take out tbelr 

company, playing Canada and New 
and for an Indefinite time, 
is following PEOPLE have signed with 
Utopians for next season : Emmonds. 
leraon and Emmonds. Joe Madden and 
i W. Jess, George B. Alexander and com- 
, Mcllea and Wyatt, Nice and Coy, 
ge H. Diamond, and Belle Harvey, 
tel Zelerko, musical director ; Chas. Cox, 
inter; Chns. T. Lester, electrician, and 
following young ladles for the chorus: 
le Hamper, Estelle Asbton, Beatrice Ad- 
Kittle Evans, Inez George, Vivian Day- 
Lottie Knlgbt, Hattle Benjamin, Tlllie 
bar, Nancy Tempest, Jessie May, Mar- 

Easton, Buby Parker. Blanche Bose, 
e Lewis, and May Gathmann. Jess D. 
a will continue ss manager and W. V. 
logs will go la advance. 
is Hebberts ore now In their second 

on the Flynn circuit of parks, and are 
lug with greet success. They have a 
magic act completed, with many new 
i that are receiving rounds of applause. 

are booked solid up to September with 

Flynn. Next Fall they will have a 

I magic act, In which they will carry 
assistants and special scenery. 


thing up to date. 

on and Berth Allen, after closing 

Eastern engagements at TJlmer Park, 
llyn, went to Olympla Park. MeKees- 

Fa. Then they play parks throughout 
is and Michigan. Their Summer sea- 
closes at Godfrey's Pavilion Theatre, 
i Rapids, Mich.. July 27, and then they 
1 Mrs. Allen's home, at Oshkosb, Wis., 
it up during the month of August, after 
i they leave for 'Frisco, to open on the 
eutn circuit week of Sept. 7. They 
been very successful with their new act, 
re booked solid until up In 1904. 


■a at Tastor's June 22, In their new act, 
ed 'Mam'selle Mephisto," written by 
Jarrlemore, and it made an Instantane- 
»na pronounced hit. Managers and 
« were kind enough to say that It Is 
woDgest act of tbe kind ever seen, and 
ger Pastor was so Impressed with Its 
» that the act was Immediately en- 
iior an early return date as a feature. 
« and Clara Fellows, sketch team, 
players and comedian, now with the 
r concert and Comedy Co., under can- 
lavc been out eight weeks. 
(■j Dalton (late of the Dalton Bros.) 
-lara Boyle were guests of Thomas K. 
i in Stockton, Co]., recently, boating, 
?£ »nd fishing from Mr. Byan's yacht. 
ff ( -°" r ' r| Kht and wife, Dick Mack, 
ur. and Mrs, Larry Connors were also 
fma. Mr. Dalton opens a twelve 
1 engagement In and around Seattle, 

'ROE m. Di Vebb, who Is engaged as 
»ut manager of Olympic Park, Lake- 
im'.." 13 sl 8ned for next season with 
•.Whitney's "When Johnny Comes 
nig Home" Co., to play a black face 

ili 11 )*? was a Clippeb caller last 

•Tr .? ted tDat he ■ spending a few 

at J<ottle Gllson's farm at Pearl Blver, 

He farther stated that they are 

iv ,1 C * ,n shape for coming season. 
,_ 2,. Um - Habby 8. Bartlett are 
» ™ i ""varying success with their 
j musical act, and have been working 

,k at P»***j and beaches since they 
lte ' r ? e season with "The Minister's 

C to, Ell,a,! ' Professionally known as 

i.njne, announces her marriage to 

tj Keardon, a non-professional. In Chl- 

a£, Jnne 19- She will retire from 

'J' OI i°w'No are at Washington Park, 
1T C V N - '■< this week: Frank Bush. 
tSKB Tr| o- Bice Bros., Harry 
. r ?.ra Sisters, Flossie Allen, Harry 
id r Bnber, and Robert Cai- 

**jmm writes: "I will hereafter bill 

2. I u .1 del ' th e nft m« of Zephyrette. 

n„ th M veudevllle feature of the 

'^"jn.Co., and has been well re- 


= 1 i.m. w 2 0D *.* novelty hoop roller, with 
^«'<Js & Hanson Minstrels, reports 

Fields & Hanson's Notes.— The Symphony 
Quartet Is meeting with great succc/s Their 
singing is of the highest order, and they 
respond tp several encores nightly. Ail 
SH.'SE fe ave donne<1 tne ir Summer caps, 
S„m„ .„ r T , homa ?. LI P ton - wh| C» bears X 
S ame ' ' n ,f llv er letters and gold trimmlnsa 
Fields & Hanson's Minstrels. Kox and Ward 
are surely up to the times. They keen the 
audience in good humor from start to flnlsh 
.LJ^ti .specialty. Francis Wood, our 
champion hoop roller, Is a sure novelty. He 

o a S J?h f ew . ei".*- 1 *. <' "ny. In his Qnlque 
and classical act Geo. Donnldson, of the 

?n, arte k.'?. wlnn A ne „ 8reat favor ,or "'a slug- 
n „^ P !L d3 .^ n . d '•""son are bitting them 
u ,ard with tbelr musical act. TheTr spS 
clalty Is a hard one to boat, and. Judging 
by the applause and shouts of laughter that 
greets them. It Is safe to say that they are 
among the leaders of musical specialty acts. 
ȣ S MP* J! - doln B a side issue, entitled 
Watch the Professor." which Is a burlesque 
on the leading magicians of today, it is a 
big go. We have made such hits that tbe 
managers of the parks are requesting us to 
play return dates. We are all well and 

Massoney and Habelmann have again 
signed with Waldron ft Bryant's Trocndero 
Co., making their third season. At present 
they are enjoying their vacation. 

Madge- Howabd, after closing a successful 
season with Hnrry Brynnfs Burlesque Co., Is 
spending the Summer in the mountains. 

Thos. II. O'Neil, who wns booked to play 
last week at the Sea Breeze Pavilion The- 
atre, Irondequolt, N. Y., U now at his 
home In Oswego, N. Y. ( suffering from a 
severe attack of rheumatism. Mr. O'Neil 
was compelled to close bis engagement at 
Iron Pier, Syracuse, N. Y., on Krfilay. week 
of June 22. 

Derenda and Breen have dissolved part- 
nership. Mr. Breen is working with bis 
wife. Maggie A. Carroll, Australian lady 

Geoboia Gardner and Job Maddern have 
attached another Btrong link to their chain 
of successful productions In vaudeville. On 
Monday, June 22, at Proctor's Newark The- 
atre, where they were featured, they made 
the most pronounced success of their career 
us a team In Will M. Crcssy's latest comedi- 
etta, entitled "A Rise In Rye." The sketch 
Is bright, humorous, and replete with action, 
and Is unquestionably one of the best sklta 
Mr. Cressy has ever written. Besides fur- 
nishing two excellent character opportunities 
for Miss Gardner and Mr. Maddern, there Is 
a strong third part in the new comedietta. 

T. W. DiNKi.Ns writes: "There is no truth 
In the report that tbe Innocent Maids will 
play the Independent circuit of burlesque 
houses next season." 

Sciiakfeb, Stilwell and Sciiaepbb closed 
their season with the Rush & Weber Black 
Crook Co. at Cleveland, O., and opened on 
the circuot of parks at Ilanlaa's Point, To- 
ronto, Can. 

Reynolds and Gracib write that they 
have Joined hands with Wsltcr C. Jones, and 
In the future will be known as Reynolds, 
JoDes and Reynolds. We open at the Car- 
bonate Theatre, Leadvllle, Col., June 0, 
with the entire circuit to follow. 

Cameron and Toledo, while playing Lake- 
view Casino, Kalamazoo, Mich., were enter- 
tained royally by Will J. Donnelly, general 
manager of Al. O. Field's Greater Minstrels. 
nt his Summer at Long Lake, and 
enjoyed a pleasant trip on his Hoe new steam 
launch Marie. 

Chas. J. Fat and Wikb, with Manager 
Will Severance and Prof. Adam Miller, are 
spending a few weeks fishing In the Upper 
Adlrondacks, after which Mr. I«'ay and his 
wife Join Bob Manchester's Vanity Fair Co. 

Steinert and Thomas will appear next 
week at Atlantic Garden, this city. 

McInttrb and Rice are booked for July 
on tbe Gorman circuit of parka 

Habri Klein and Pearl Clifton are this 
week at Crescent Park, Providence, R. I. 


Are exnert hoop rollers, balancers, wire walkers and Jugglers. Mr. Ilarbeck entered 
the nrofesslon twenty-seven years ago, and bis wife has been In the business for 
eighteen years. During their stage career they have been Identified with many of the 
leading companies on the road, and have played most of the principal vaudeville 
houses In almost every country on the globe. Mr. Ilarbeck began his professional career 
m J Fj*£82S£m tSSS drifted Into the line of work which the team Is now 
doing Their greatest successes have been made In recent years, and their services 
have been In great demand in foreign .countries. They lay claim to being among the 
greatest travefers In tbe profession, having crossed the Atlantic Ocean ten times, be- 
fides traversing most of the big bodies of water in he world. They have made one 
comnlete tour around the world, and played In countries rarely visited by American per- 
formers. A? the present time they are one of the leading features at the OMki ..Japan 
Exhibition The Ilnrbccks own a club house in Newport, R. I., and It Is there they 
spend most of their time when they are In America and not performing. 

The Troubadour Foub write that they did 
not play Electric Park, Baltimore, nor Wool- 
worth's Roof Garden, Lancaster, Pa. They 
are at Sans Soucl Park, Chicago, this week. 

Walteb Leioii Is spending the Summer 
with his sister on a ranch In Oklahoma. 

Tun Majestic Musical Four (Collins. 
MnDell. Terrlll and Simon) have recently 
concluded engagements at Electric lark, 
Peeksklll; Washington Park, Bnyonne; At- 
lantic City, and this week are the featured 
attraction* at Spring Lake Park. Trenton. 
They have signed for next season with Quln- 
Ian & Wall's Minstrels, opening early In 

"tuh'kumins Trio arc meeting with suc ; 
cess in their new act, "The Bogus Count, 
over the New England circuit of parks. 

Eoward C. Ybaoer, tenor bnllndfs ..who 
Is singing; on the 8teel Pier, at Atlantic 
City, N. 1., with Murphy & Gibson's Min- 
strels, nas signed with tbe Wm. II. West 
Big Minstrel Jubilee for season UWffc . 

The De LAcsrs are in their second week 
at the Crystal Theatre, Denver, Col., and 
have Pueblo to follow. ... . _„.„. 

Crotti Trio are at their home at Orvllle, 
0.. for the Summer. Tbey open on the 
Keith circuit In September, 

Sid Febn has taken charge of all book- 
ing at Chesapeake Bench, Md. 

Manaoeb Martin Lehman, of the Or- 
pheum Theatre circuit, located at Kansas 
City. Mo., and who has been spending n few 
weeks visiting New York, with his wife and 
daughter, left for Chicago last week. There 
nre whisperings In vaudeville circles that in- 
dicate still another extension of the or- 
pheum circuit „ . . .. 

Karl Oath gave a song recitnl at the 
San Juan, at Asbury Park, N. J., where he 
Is staying for the Summer, on June 2.J. 
nnd It proved a great success. He will 
ngnln be with John V. Vogel's Big Minstrels 
next season, It being his second season with 
that company. 

Jack Hughes writes : "Since closing my 
season with tbe Rice & Barton Co. I en- 
joyed a few weeks' rest at my home, at 
Webster, Mass. I have separated from my 
former jtartner. Recently I produced at the 
Palace Theatre, Boston, a new act, with three 
people, and hereafter It will be known as the 
Hughes Trio. The act is booked solid for 
the Summer." . _. 

Tub bi'iio Sisters (Babette and Clare) 
mourn the loss of tbelr mother, who died 
recently at Detroit, Mich. 

Frank Habcoubt, of Harcourt and May. 
was the guest of Conneaut (Ohio) Lodge of 
Eagles, which was Installed on Sunday, June 
21 ; one hundred and twenty-three new mem- 
bers were on the charter and all had a 
very enjoyable time until late In the even- 
ing. Frank Tripp, pianist at the Empire 
Theatre, Ashtabula llarbor, furnished the 
music for tbe occasion. 

Tub Eldons have Joined Moore Bros. 
Stock at Duluth, Minn., for tbe Summer 
season, nnd have made a big bit with tbelr 
repertory of specialties. They have signed 
for next season with one of tbe big reper- 
tory companies. 

Emma Cotbelt, now with the Morris 4 
Ilerger Carnival Co., will Join II. 8. Mitchell, 
with tbe Hoosler Circus Company, In August. 

Pearl Livinosion Banabtbb and Maude 
Gilbert Aldbicii, who have Joined hands in 
n singing specialty, have been engaged for 
W. B. Watson's Brooklyn Stock Co. 

Wallib Mack, advance representative, 
writes : "I have been engaged by Smith & La 
Hose to book tbelr new "Octoroon" Co., and 
time Is coming In fast. They will carry 
special scenery and printing. The route 
will be New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and 
Illinois. Tbe season will open about Sept 
14, near New York City." 

Fobbar. tbe Juggler, Is playing Summer 
parks and meeting with success. He has 
signed for next season with L. M. Boyer's 
Who, What, When Minstrels. 

Doc WiMttkt general agent of the Ted 
E. Faust Minstrels, writes: "G. D. Cunning- 
ham, manager of the company, has opened 
a press bureau In New York City, and press 
stories are on the wing. Mr. Faust Is liber- 
ally backing Manager Cunningham's Ideas. 
The company will certainly be equipped In 
swell style. Pets Detzcl, a discovery, has 
signed to do an end and take part 
In the big dancing act. Ills work Is 
phenomenal, nnd he will be styled 'The 
Dancing Marvel.' lie Is at work on two 
new songs. Ted Golbrnlth, who Is to be In 
charge of tbe trio of second men abend of 
the minstrels, la at present at bis borne at 
New Philadelphia." 

Notes from Cauda Johnson's Octoroons. 
— We open at Fenton's Vaudeville Theatre, 
BufTnlo, N. Y., week of July U, with the fol- 
lowing people: Kd. Price nnd Beatrice Wells, 
Lew Francis and Ed. Williams, Magnolia 
Quartet, Kd. Davis. Will llnss. Lulu Mauley, 
Pearl Douglass, Annn Jordon, Bessie Os- 
borne, and Caddu Johnson and Verona 

Tub Cheat Richards opened In n new 
musical comedy, entitled "Sweet Sixteen," 
June 29. at Iron Pier Theatre, Cane May, 
N. J., under the management of J. II. Wills. 
Claudius and Coruin, and "Uncle Lukb" 
will not play the Boom park circuit, but are 
at St. Louis, Forest Park, Highlands, July 
f>, Immediately followed by the Masonic 
Temple, Chicago, and the Orphcum circuit, 
opening In San Francisco, Cnl., July 20. 

Bert S. Kennedy, black brownie, has been 
lying very low with pleurisy and pneumonia, 
at Huckllcld, Me., for the past three weeks. 

O'Donnbll linos., Irish pipers, dancers 
nnd tiddlers, are the main feature In the 
Irish village at Luna Park. Coney Island, 
N. Y. Tbey arc booked for the season. 

Johnny Heii.i.y, a baton Juggler, writes 
from Chicago: "I have fully recovered, and 
have been discharged from the hospital here, 
where I was confined tor the past three 
months with rheumatic fever. I open at 
Ijiporte, Ind., July 4, with Prospect Heights 
Park, Peoria, III., week of July G." 

John 0. and Alice McDowell have been 
engaged for next season for the Warner & 
Altman "A Montana Outlaw" Co. 

Dickie Howard states that recently nt 
Denver, Col., he ptirchnscd the bulldog 
"Pantz,' one of Craig Bradford's fighting 

lizzie Herliiiy and Neli.ib Donavan 
will separate after their Boston engagement. 
Miss Hcrlehy will Join the "McFndden's 
Row of Flats" Co., and her partner will re- 
tire from tbe stage. 

Fbosto and Harvey, song Illustrators, 
who recently closed a fourten weeks' en- 
gagement with Kentfrow's Jolly Pathfinders, 
as a vaudeville feature, arc at tbelr home In 
Rochester, N. Y. They have a few parks 
booked, but will open the regular seiiKon 
on Aug. 24, with the Lonsdale Bros.' Big 
Minstrels, as Interlocutor and drum major, 
respectively, and do I heir act In the olio. 

Thompson and Skrida report success on 
the New England park clrclut. Tbey play 
Forest Casino, Rocky Point It I., for two 
weeks, commencing July 5. Next Bcoson 
they will Introduce their new Irish comedy 

Sammy Charcoal, the humming coon; who 
Is with J. W. Gorman's Troubadours for a 
season of sixteen weckB. Is working nloue. 

Koite writes that he has canceled bis 
Southern dates and is coming Hast 

Km si a Zti'ii Iisb returned from Cornwall, 
Can., where she has been visiting her parents. 
Miss Zeph bnB Joined bands with I.cno nnd 
Ridley, and the trio will be known as Lcno, 
Zepb and Ridley. 

Fields & Hanson's Minstrels are scoring 
unbounded success on tbe Boom circuit of 
New England parks. 

Nellie Johnston, of the Tiger Lilies Co., 
Is spending ber Summer nt the home of Cora 
De Forest at Newport, It. I. 

John Delmork and wife have spent a 
successful season in Baltimore, Md., and left 
for Washington June 20, wllb Occau City, 
Md. ; Capo May, N. J., and Providence, R. 
I., to -follow. 

Charles L. Hammond, hoop roller and 
baton expert. Is In his twelfth week with 
Lucler's Minstrels, where bis net Is one of 
the features of the olio. Next season ho 
will Introduce his hoops with electric effects. 
Humes and Lewis, while playing Kings- 
ton, Can., were entertained nnd escorted 
through the camps of Ibe British army, 
where the army was In camp. A banquet 
was held by tbe officers at the marquis tent, 
where the leading otllcers were entertained 
by n number of the profession. 

F. W. Berry, of Howe, Berry and Walters, 
announces that bis wife presented blm with 
a daughter at Celeron Theatre, Jamestown, 
N. Y., on June 25. 

Herbert Blackiston, manager of the 
Cover Opera House, opened his first per- 
formance at Brldgevllle, Del., July 1, with 
Rice's Comedy and Vaudeville Co., with the 
following well known people : Vllow Temple, 
James Trultt, Lester Fnrrls, Mrs. tester 
Farrls, George II. Pratt, l'rof. W. C. Cowen, 
II. Blackiston, manager. 

Alice Dorothy opened nt tbe Casino 
Theatre, Ontario Bench, N. Y., June 8, and 
Is booked at that place tor the entire Sum- 

Hows and Scott's new act Is meeting 
with succccss, tbey report, on the Keith 

Nat Haines and Will Vidocq. with their 
families, started on a tour of the watering 
places extending to Aug. 31. Tbey are 
booked solid for next season. 

Tub World's Comedy Four (Conlnn. Ward, 
Dobbs and Leigh) played Idora Psrk, Youngs- 
town, O., last week, after closing nn en- 
gagement at 8nm T. Jack's Theatre, Chlcngo 
Harry M. Price and Madeline Saihil, 
German comedy sketch duo, played week of 
June 22, at llergonhau's Theatre, Midland 
Bench, N. Y., and were rc-cngnged for week 
of 20. 

Frbo Wardell, club Juggler, opened nt 
Ornuman's Theatre, Han Frnnelsro, Cnl., Willi 
the Chutes, and Portland and Seattle to 

Max Rqyeb and Etta French, who 
opened their Summer season June IS, at 
the Wabash Pavilion, Logansport, Ind., have 
the Burt circuit or parks to follow. 

Eddib Hayes ano Mona Wynne played 
Proctor's Twenty-third Htrcet, this city, laBt 
week, and are this week at Keith's New 
Theatre, Philadelphia. They will shortly 
play a return date at Tony PaBtor's. 

IIii.L and Edmund, and Bare Ki.ore.nte 
report success playing the Southern pnrk 
circuit Their new sketch, by Arthur J. 
Iamb, entitled "A Cute Girl," Is, they In- 
form us, winning favorable comment from 
the press and public They were at River- 
side Park, Ashevllle, N. C, weeks of June 
22 and 20, with the Hclsman Dramatic Stock 

Marion and Deanb, In their comedy skit, 
"It's Up To You," have been well received 
on the Melville circuit of parks. 

Waldo Whipple opened on the Jos. J. 
Flynn circuit of parks June 20, for tbe Hum- 

The Capital City Trio, Juvenile vocnllsts 
and talking comedians, have been compelled 
to cancel all dates during June, on account 
of sickness of "Little Kntliarvne." They 
ore booked up Into August, ana hope to bo 
able to go on the road after July 4. After 
ploying Keith's circuit next Fall, tbey con- 
template going abroad. The trio Is composed 
of Little Katharyne, Master Lawrence, and 
Miss Georgle, snd are tinder tbe manage- 
ment of Prof. L. Huntington. 

Phil La Toska writes: "I am meeting 
with success this season with my new net, 
and I am at present filling n two weeks 
engagement at the Bijou Theatre, Ban Diego, 
Cnl., with San Bernardino, Coronado Bench 
and Los Angeles to follow. I am booked 
solid up to September." 

Raymond Merritt writes : "I open In 
'Frisco, July 12, for fifteen weeks, after 
which I return Kast. My new talking, sing- 
ing nnd dancing act is meeting with suc- 

Bmckford and West (Lotlle nnd Mnrle), 
who recently closed a successful season with 
one of llurtlg ft Seiiinnn's shows, and were 
last week nt the Howard, Boston, have n 
circuit of New Knglaml parks to piny. Tbey 
report that their act, entitled "The Girls In 
Bed," has met with success. 

TitaEi.KEi.ii and Wickk wrlto: "We nro 
spending a pleasant Summer, In spite of the 
bnd wenlher. We are In our sixth week of 
Mummer parks, nnd are booked solid up lo 
Sept. 1. We opened at Sprlnghaiik Park, 
London, Can., and close Aug. 24, at Olympic 
Park, Chnttnnnogn, Teun. Wo don't causa 
nny great outbursts of enthusiasm with our 
net, but wo get our share nnd the results. 
We arc nt work every week, and Hint is 
what counts. Miss Wlckc Is winning many 
friends with her singing. She has n very 
fine opcrntlc soprano voice of great range 
and power. Wo have decided lo keep on 
with our musical act, nnd not put ou the 
magic inn act 'till next season." 

Burnett and Wevkrson, who opened their 
Summer season May in, at Torrlngton, Conn., 
were Inst week nt Mnstou, Pa. Their net has 
met with success wherever they have ap- 
peared, and they nro booked solid for the 

John 0. McDowell Is now In his sixth 
week of success in his black faro monologue, 
over tho Edward Shnyno circuit of narks. 
Ho was a big hit nt Cedar Point, Sandusky, 
(>.. Inst week, nnd tills week ho Is at Lake 
Side Park, Akron, O. 

Notes from Wm. Jam Daly's Minstrels. 
— Wo nre now Inking a trip through New 
York Slate, nnd 1 llilnk Hint by making a 
chnngo in locality wo have brought good 
weather. Wo nre playing this week to tho 
capacity of the pnrk, ond each performance 
brings big crowds. Our first part, In court 
costumes nnd while wigs, nnd the end men 
In red satin suits, presents n beautiful 
picture, but in addition to elegant costumes 
we carry the vocal mnterlnl so essential 
with minstrels. Our vocnl choir Is a fenture, 
nnd the soIoIhIr, Arthur Thrasher, Arthur 
Cnrlton, (Ins D. Wllks and Glover Wore, 
continue to do excellent work, In splto of 
this Injurious weal her to their voices. Cow- 
per nnd Miller, singers, dancers and com- 
edians, arc making good, nnd tho Unity 
Quartet received the highest praise for their 
harmonious work. Mac nnd Mac hold Iho 
audience to Die Inst inlnule, and send all 
home In good humor. 

Tiioh. B. Allen, musical director at Iho 
Howard, Boston, Inst senann, is now lender 
of the orrheslrn nt Freeuody Pnrk. Newport, 
It. I. The orchentrn consists of nine pieces, 
K. J. Qulry, pianist and manager. 

Mar Joyce lias lust closed an eight weeks' 
engagement nt the Orphcon Theatre, Daven- 
port, In., where she was quite a favorite. 
Miss Joyce In going to rest a week at one 
of the hikes In Wlscons'-i, after which she 
expects to go out to tho Pacific const 

A. It. WoiiiiiiiiLi, lias engaged for the 
High Rollers next season the following 
Initios: Misses Lclllott, Lntlnn, Ilnllle, 1'opo, 
Annie llimly, Belle nnd Carrie Krniiklln, 
Violet linnet h, Mnmle Irwin, Pnula Mnson, 
May Warden, Mnrjorlo Ferguson, Theresa 
I.eland. Carrie Lees nnd Alice Nowlln, Louisa 
Rndner nnd Iinogeuc llrlntriip. The season 
opens Aug. 24. 

John J. Welch, the innn In white, who re- 
cently closed n successful twelve weeks' en- 
?ngenient nn the (Irnumnn circuit In Call- 
urnln. In now playing Kd. Shields' circuit of 
linrks. nnd Is hooked for twelve weeks. 

Hayes and Whitehead, who recently 
finished a twelve weeks' cngngcnient on the 
(Irnumnn circuit, are now on the Kd. Shields 
clrrult, presenting their new act, entitled 
"Tho Piano Player and Ills Dancing Friend." 
Harry Aliirioiit, of Prior and Albright, 
Is working with Is wife, and they nro this 
week at Cincinnati, (>., with Commliun to 
follow. They report success with their new 

Duncan Clark, who Is summering nt Chi- 
cago, Is organizing his Lady Minstrel Co. 
to tnke the rond next Kail. Kor three years 
Mr. Clark has been out of the business, en- 
gaged In legal proceedings against the rail- 
road which wrecked Ills car, Injured him per- 
sonally, and killed several of his company. 
During that lime ho has had no attraction 
upon the rond, but Clark's Lndy Minstrels 
will go out In September well equipped with 
new scenery and n selected company. 

Fii.ron and Kuiioi. recently entertained 
Oplo Bend and II. H. Cnnflcld, another well 
known writer, nt their beautiful home, In 
Klmhiirat, a suburb of Chicago. Mr. Becd 
bus contracted with Mr. Fllson to write 
for his use in vaudeville a comedy sketch. 

W. Lawrence Oai.i.aiihkr, manager of tho 
Casino Theatre, Lawrence, Mass., Is stopping 
at Pleasant Bluff, Riverside, It. I. Mr. Uuf- 
higher will control four vaudeville houses 
on tho (Custom circuit during the coming 
season. Lawrcnco Aerie, F. O. H., 210, pre- 
sented Mr. Gallagher with a gold Kagla 
elm nn on May 110, 

Memphis Kennedy writes from Lander, 
Wyo. : "I nin on my third lour of Iho Yet-' 
lowslone National Pnrk, and expect to drlvo 
In about Aug. 1. This town (Lander) Is 
the furthest (Incorporated) from a railroad 
In the world, being ono hundred and thirty- 
Iwo miles from Rnwllngs. I asked for n 
Clipper when I first came, but won't do 
no again, for I was told I could get one In 
the hardware store across the road, nnd the 
clerk showed mo a pair of sheep alien rs, tho 
popular mid only 'dipper' known In this 
section. They expect the Iron cnyiiso to 
come snorting into this town 'some time!' as 
yon will notice by enclosed clipping from 
the Inst Isniio of Tho Mountaineer." 

Aha Bijttneii hns been spending Hie Sum- 
mer ns Hie guest nf Mrs. Wm. Sliver, of 
South Boston. Mass. Miss Iliiltner, who, 
during her three Hummers with Manager 
Wnldroii's Palace Thentro Htock Co., hns 
become a great favorite, hns entertained 
ninny friends during her vacation. Hho will 
shortly Join Clark's New Knynl Burlesque™ 
for her second season, as principal buy. 

K.m.merhon, Harris and Kmmkrnon have 
closed a season of thirty weeks playing 
dates. Next season Ihey will head their 
own company, In "A Trip to Hntiirn," a 
farce comedy, In three nets, written by J. J. 

A ha pouter was born to Mr. nnd Mrs. 
Frank W. Berry, of Howe, Berry and Wal- 
ters, Thursday, June 25. Mother nnd child 
nre doing well. 

Flo. II. Wallace, coon shoiitcr, after a 
very pleasant and successful tour of Iho 
West nnd Honth, Is nt her Hummer residence 
at Highland Pnrk, New Brunswick, N. J,, 
where she Intends spending her vacation this 

The Jimoi.iNO Mathieuh nre playing 
parks till Aug. 2, when lhey play the Mar- 
seille Temple Theatre, Chicago, with the 
orphcum and Kohl & Castle circuits to fol- 
low. They arc hooked solid null I Jan. 14. 
Sparrow, the mad Juggler, Is Inld up In a 
Brooklyn, N. Y., hospital with rheumatism.. 
Tin Hahtblmeh, Dorrls and Louis, foot 
Jugglers, opened on tho Liihclskl circuit Juno 
22. nt the Novelty Theatre, Hacrampnto, Cal. 
Williams and Adams, after closing a 
successful season, are spending n few weeks 
In the Hot Hprlngs Mountains, Hot Springs, 
Ark. , " 

Kerns and Cuib nre spending a few days 
at Reed's Lake, Grand Rapids. Mich., as 

f nests of Edward Provost, of Provost nnd 
■revost, who are playing the Kd. Shnyno 
park circuit for the Summer. 

Dorothy Kenton, hnnjolst, reports suc- 
cess at Roblson Park, Fort Wayne, Ind. 
Last week she plnyed Cnslno Theatre. Terra 
Haute, Ind,, and has the Masonic Temple 
Roof Garden, Chicago, to follow, 



July n] 

World of Plavers. 

Notes fbom Island Pamc Theathh, Ports- 
mouth, It I., M. J. Corcoran, manager; 
Steve O'Connell, musical director; Chas. V. 
Hoffman, stage manager.— Th a theatre 
owned Juno 15, and tho attractions offered are. 

hive been drawing largo crowds, and la Uar '£ Ranch;" Genevieve Tucker. Molly 
"lieu to the capacity at every performance. Miller, Ursula March, Florence Cooke, Oeuc- 
lt l» one of the finest equipped theatres In V levc Lamour, Hortcnsc Rhodes, Marie Itebs, 
his Bectlon and Is all enclosed. It Is built Eva Flint, Annie Mack, Olllc Spencer and 

-T«n. Independent Opera House Circuit 
News- Geo. W. Scott and Col. Geo. H""' 1 
SS sole Townera and D««»&I^3^Sg 

ra«rtfc ttevrtjwm. earned}"; 

their Summer between tuolr homes and 

-Itecent engagements for next season ^»<™"5S£ "SS~^ST mTIwS «* !»<*" u Va D «tn«'' TlThTnow' "at work upon 
I K*^K&&*£j>* .Ste Cffi !,15 "!?i r win snond a "art of the 8>mer ^ast on »h 

i'^f'-n^'^iif'rce'nTurirandalw another, 
for the past WW fS™it Tlnsh Between 

Summer last" on the stage |J» -g^ "&■ «* 

two books, jrtyj^ 

on the regular opera house order, with Ave 
hundred opera choirs, and complete acts or 
scenery. Since It has been "pen Bevcral 
hie offers have been made for It, but as Man- 
ager Corcoran was the first to ven dure here 
and build a theatre, he will not sell for any 
amount, as he thinks he has got n gold mine, 
and as long as he has the attractions that 
he has given so far the pnbllc wll attend. 
as It I. only eight miles from Kail WW 
and nine from Newport. It la lit up by 
1,500 electric lights. All Btrcct cars s op 
In front of the theatre, and wait until the 
close of every performance. Bathing ana 
boating are also an attraction, with Bhore 
dinners and dancing. The company for 
week of June 20, was : Coogan and "neon. 
Perry and ltandnll, Osborn and Dally, Joe 
Kills, Kittle Hodman, Archie Deacon, La 
Orange Bisters, and the Dumont Family. 
Mr. O'Connell, musical director, mourns th; 
loss of his mother, who died June 20, and 
was burled at Fall River JO. 

Tub Exposition Foub hove signed with 
Qua Hill, for "McFaddcn's How of I' lata, 
for next season. ., , 

Bkbt 1'ebby ani> Mar Wii.sox, after clos- 
ing a pleasant two weeks at Madison Pork, 
Hurlington, la., went to Clear Lake, la., for 
two weeks, and have a return date of two 
weekB at Burlington. 

Zbl, banjolst, whose net was featured last 
week at Terro Haute, Is this week at the 
Brooke Theatre, Marlon, Ind. 

Davis and Wilbon, who are In their nfth 
season as a team, were last week at Munroe 
Park, Toronto, Can. , . 

LouiB Batks, femalo Impersonator, played 
Coney Island, Cincinnati, 0., last week, with 
big success. . . , , 

Gkoiigb and Lobetta Errs closed last 
week a successful two weeks' engagement 
at Terrace Garden, this city. 

Flobbncb Gii.iikbt Fox, of the Two I oxes, 
has recovered from a painful accident, a 
fractured skull, and hns resumed work. 

Pei.ot, juggling comedian, report s mc- 
cesB In the west. He played Grand Falls 
Park, Joplln, Mo., last week, and hns Con- 
trary Casino, St. Joseph, Mo., to follow. 

GU8HIB Nelson, late of Hanson and Nel- 
son, has signed for next season with Gus 
Hill's "A I lot Old Time'' Co. 

Fbank Clayton, musical and monologue 
comedian, who recently closed a three weeks' 
engagement nt Huckroe Bench Casino, Hamp- 
ton, va., was last week at Lexington Hoof 
Garden, Baltimore, Md., and then plnys the 
Southern circuit of parks. He Is bunked 
mild for the Summer as well as next senson. 
Tub Munich, Obm, who recently finished 
a two weeks' engagement nt Dclmnr Garden, 
St. Lmils, has signed with the American 
Amusement for too season. 

Gmiiuon Sihtbrb, BcsbIo and Alice, arc nt 
Itoeky Point Casino, Providence, It. I., this 
week, with Boston to follcw. They have 
slngncd with the Topsy Turvy Burlesqucrs 
for next season, to do their boxing and bag 
punching act. 

Bahbinoton and Inform us that 
Choir new act, which was written for them 
by J. J. Warren, has proven n big hit. They 
are booked solid for (ho Summer. 

Jbanrb and Rbnaud. muslrnl team, were, 
on June 24. initiated in Hie Mucilage Club, 
No. 1, at Greensboro, N. C. Mabel Palmer 
and Maud Mounson wero also Initiated. 

Adelaide Garr, fire and serpentine dancer, 
who was well received at Lludlcy Park, 
Greensboro, N. C, baa been retained Indefi- 


his wife; will spend a part - 

at Abbeville, and Co). «»»^ir hit wM 
leave for Chicago, not only to visit, but win 
combine bualneW with %WJ*U-^ffiS 
people for next season and looking niter 
printing, scenery and properties now m 
preparation In Chicago. At present these 
:The°LadVori{ewp«tFwade'-IthTne,War: SffJgOJ^-^^/lM 

11. A. Homan, for "When Johnny Comes 
Marching Home;" Boy Mndcn, with "The 
Ministers Son;" C. fiddle Morton, 




Adams, with J. I* Ilodcrlguci's company 
Frederick Seaton, with tho 
Lincoln, Neb. ; Ilex Barlow, 
for "The Little Princess . 
lyn, Mnbcl Yates, Barbara Swagur and Regi- 
nald Barlow, with "Along the Mohawk;' 
Martin Franklyn, L. H, Miller and Frank 
Diirant, with the Lincoln J. Cnrter attrac- 
tions; Ralph Rollins, with Richard Buhler, 
Ktnrrlng In "Paul Revere;" L. E. Atkinson, 
with 'TJtoh ;" Nicholas Coglcy and S. 8. 
Sylvester, Willi J. M. Ward's "A numan 
Slave;" Joseph Maurice Sullivan, with 
"Sweet Clover;" Elmer Jerome, with "Tho 
Lady of Newport;" Fred Brlggs, with "An 
American Gentleman;" Annette Marshall, 
Frederick Montague, l'attl Rosa. Billy Rob- 
inson, Thomas Iloclr, George Berry, Regi- 
nald Barlow, Louise Carter, James Hester, 
with the Metropolitan Theatre Stock Co., nt 
Duluth, Minn., and W. A. Adams, with 
•Sandy Bottom." 

for , T ,B5?i Tnll Boy, or Laugh Between 
called "The ,V P al Vawcett writes : "For over 
forty J ars I "ave bee? ejecting the humor- 

are doing big business, and at 

mm mMmm mmmm 

fug and talking acts In . — ---■ 

lie featured with tlic No 1 show, touring 

the South next season. The No. 2 show w HI 

he In charge of Gordon Short as manager 
The No. a show will have Mike St. C 

,e Tompan Most everything they had rirg 

as manager, and all shows arc booked solid P^ h , ln « $7 ° c , otbe s. We laid oft until 

"J®£$& has engaged for his Eastern ftne ^«<S£&*$£°®Z £&% 
'Weary Willie Walke?' Co : Chester De ^y^'ne^'scenery, wardrobe and paper 
„„«.'—,.. b^i rtifford Wodetzkl. ^ nd ^ s a ro akers and tailors Me busy on our 

kiiiiii; Leonard. 
Above Is a portrait of Eddie Leonard, one 
of tho coming minstrel Btnrs. He Is not 
only a singing comedlnn but a song writer, 
and la considered one of the best dancers In 
tho country. He has boon engaged by Jus. 
II. Decker for Lew Dockstaders MlnBtrel 
Company for n term of years. Ills compo- 
sition, "Bessie," will be featured with tho 
above minstrels next season. 

"Tub Vikings," a version of Ibsen's 
"Warriors at Helgoland," was produced at 
the Imperial Theatre, London, April 10, 

"Tonton," a vaudeville, In three acts, by 
MM. Perlcaud, Roxenbnrg and Bonnet, was 
presented at tho Palais Royal, Paris, April *J. 
"Tub Golden Luck," a four act drama, 
by W. O. Hyde l*es, wns produced, for copy- 
right purposes, at tho Lyric Opera House, 
Hammersmith, London, April 7. 

"Lb Sirh dk Vbhuy," an opera bouffe. In 
three acts, by Gaston Do Cnlllavet and Robert 
De Flers, music by ClaudoTernasc, was pro- 
duced at the Varieties, Paris, April 10. 

"Tub Curb," a niolodratuntlc. Grim farco, In 
three acts, by Wecdon Grossmlth, was acted 
at the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin, Ireland, April 

"All Thboijoit Arajiblla." a farcical com- 
edy, in three acts, by B. M. initial and Mrs. 
Calvert Itoutlcdgc, was produced nt tho 
Crystal Palace, Sydenham, Ting., April 20. 

"A Club Raid," a realistic dramatic epi- 
sode, In threo scenes, by Harry Picon, wns 
seen at the Theatre Royal, Aston, Hug., 
April 20. . 

"Lbs ArrAinBs Sont Lbs Affaires," a 
comedy. In three acts, by Octave Mlrbenu, 
was produced ot the Thentro Francals, PurlB, 
April 20. 

"Dick's Dilemma," a play, in three acts, 
by James Freeman, was first acted at the 
Town Hall, Ilford, ling., April 10. 

"Chinerisciib Flitterwociien," a vaude- 
ville, in three acts, by MM. Dance and Tal- 
bot, was produced at tbe Central Theatre, 
Berlin, April 25. 

"Tub Moscow Doctor," a play, In four 
acta, by II. P. Gardiner, wns produced at 
the New Palace Pier Theatre, Brighton, 
Kui.. April 2T. 

•Tub Maruiderb, on tiiB'Towbii or 
Love." Rerlo-whlmslcnl opera. In threo acts, 
by A. 10. Soldle, composed by Donald W. 
I.ltt, was seen nt tho Grand Theatre, Swan- 
sea, April 28. 

"LiiiuiH and Colonels," n comedy, In 
three acts, by Rev. A. J. Steed, was pre- 
sented at tho Aylsham Town Hall, Eng., 
April 28, 21). 

"Tub Goon Horn," n play. In four acts, 
by Herman Hcljormans, translated by Chris- 
topher St. John, wns acted nt tho Imperial 
Theatre, Westminster, London, April 20. 

"Ilin Fatal Beauty," a musical fnrce 
comedy, In three nets, by Arthur Shirley, 
with lyrics by II. Chance Newton, Herbert 
flhelley and W. Parke, music by John Crook, 
W. II. May aW Jesse Williams, was pro- 
duced at tho Theatre Metropolc, London, 
April 27. 

"Dantb," a drama, In a prologue ami four 
acts, by MM. Sardou ami Moreau, rendered 
Into English by Lnuren™ Irving, was acted 
at Drury l-nne 'llientre, I,«nOon. April SO. 

"Tub Medal and the Maid," a musical 
comedy, lyrics by Chns. II. Taylor, hook by 
Owen Hall, additional lyrics by Geo. llolllt 
and Paul Rubens, iniiRlc by Sidney Jones, 
was Been at the Lyric Theatre, London, April 

"Petite Mere," a comedy. In four acts, 
by ttmlle Bergernt, was produced at the 
\audevlllc Theatre. Paris, April 20. 

"La Nkhik." a play, In two acts, by II. G. 
Ibels and Pierre Morgand, was produced nt 
the Vaudeville Theatre, Paris, April 20. 

"Pbtith Jeiinb Homme," a vaudeville. In 
three acta, by MM. Willy and Llivey, was 
acted at tho Bouffes-Parlslens, Pads, April 

"Brbakino it Off." n farcical comedy. In 
throe acts, by F. C. Phillips and Walter 
Parke, was seen at the Hastings Tier Pa- 
vilion, Eng.. May 4. 

"Sweet Olivia," a romantic play. In three 
acts, by Chas. Mannan, wax acted at the Thea- 
tre Metropolc, Birkenhead, Eng., May 4. 

"Sakuntai.a," an Indian play. In five arts, 
by King Knlldnsa. adapted by Mam Moller, 
wss produced at Ihe Royal ScliniiHplcl Hans, 
Berlin, May 18. 

— Spencer II. Charters, who closed a 
forty-two weeks' engagement nt Montrenl, 
Can., with Thus. H, Shoo, Is spending a few 
weeks with hlB parents nt Hnrrlsburg, Pa. 
He has been reengaged by Mr. Shea for 
next season. M , 

— James Crossley, a dramatic critic of 
Montreal, Can., died Juno 11), In that city. 
Mr. Crossley had been connected with sev- 
eral papers of that city, and was well known 
lo the dramatic profession. lie was, up 
to the Inst six months, connected with the 
Knrnliiy Sun, writing under the nom de 

plumo of "Tlmon." 

* — Notes of the Ynlo & Ellis Enterprises : 
Georgo Herman, tho acrobatic comedian, who 
was for four years with Yale & Kills' "The 
Kvll Eyo" Co., has been engaged by Chns. II. 
Yalo for his "Everlasting Devil's Auction 
Co. Sidney R. Ellis has written five new 
songs for next season's production of "A 
Prince of Tatters." Tho music for theso 
songs hns been composed by Al. II. Wilson, 
who returned to Bulfnlo litBt week from a 
fishing excursion with William Dc Haven, 
and will spend several weeks In and around 
Buffalo prior to going to Atlantic City, 
where the senson of "A Prince of Tatters 
opens. Charles H. Yalo has arranged with 
Iiih European agents to Becuro four hend- 
llners in vaudeville, which he will placo 
with his "Everlasting Devil's Auction" Co. 
Mr. Yale spent several days in Now Yont 
last week, nrratiglng his routes tor next 
Bciuton. . 

— Julian Mitchell Ib back In town from 
Chicago, where ho hns been arduously work- 
ing for (ho past six weeks upon his latest 
production, "Babes In Toyland." This new 
extravaganza has scored a prodigious suc- 
cess at tho Grand Opera Houbo In that city, 
and Mr. Mitchell expresses himself eminently 
sntlstlcd Willi the results attained on tho 
first night. Ho will go to his farm at Lone 
Brunch for a months recreation, and will 
I hen return lo this city to begin rehearsals 
with the number two "Wizard of Or" Co. 
It will bo Mr. Mitchell's aim to make the 
production as nearly as possible a dupllcato 
of tho original. The scenery and costumes 
will be of the same elnboratc nature und a 
company of eighty-three people will be en- 
listed In the production. . 

— B. W. Carpcuor hns been engaged for 
next Benson by C. V. *Inlcn, to piny tho Ju- 
venile lead in "For llcnrlh and Home." 
Tbe company opens Its senson on or about 
Sept. 4. and Will tour tho Eastern States 
mid middle West. .*_»«. 

— Wnllnce k Gllmoro have added the 
Grand Opera House, Cannudnlgnn, N. Y., 
to their circuit. . . 

— Florence Cecil, lending lady of "A 
Little Outcast" Co.. who has been In Johns 
Hopkins Hosplnl, in Baltimore, where she 
t.mlerwont three Biirglcnl operations. Is rapid- 
ly recovering, and will leavo for her home 
this week. 

— Rowland ft Clifford announce that they 
will send out three productions of "Over 
Niagara Falls" next season, and two com- 
panies playing "The Game Keeper," Smith 
O'Brien slurring In tho Eastern company, 
while Thos .1. Smith will bo seen In the 
title rolo of the Western company. The 
live attractions will open the latter pnrt 
of August, three nuii|>nuli'a playing East, and 
two will go to the Pacific const. The en- 
tire scenic equipment for nil attractions will 
bo new, and Is new well under way. Two 
new productions will be made about .Inn. 1 
by this linn. 

— J. A. Itrnalus has opened a dramatic and 
Mimlevllle agency In Pittsburg. Next August 
he announces (lint he will open the Hilda 
Tucker Slock and Repertory Co., carry I ni; 
a brass band and orchestra, spa-lal scenery, 
and all royalty plnys. together with n new 
play, which 1ms wen written for Miss 
Tucker, and which will be a spectacular pro- 
duct inn. 

— After a season's work in stock at To- 
ledo, Ford Belmont is staying nt Geneva, O. 
Next season Mr. Belmont will go on the 
road with a repertory of plnys. 

— Edward Archer, Arthur Butler and Ed- 
mund Norrls nrc engaged to go with Willis 

Monde", Estella Seafert, Clifford Wodetzkl, 
Krnnk Ilomlzco and Blanch Rose. We. will 
have a band of twelve, and open early in 

"Il'sylvla Starr has been rc-engnged by 
Saylor & Miller for next season, to play the 
lending female roles In Hoyts "A Trip to 
Chinatown" and "A Stranger In New York. 

— The following arc re-engaged (fifth sea- 
son) with Blaney's "Across the Pacific Co.. 
Mnfor Mort Epler and his Bough Rider 
Concert Band, E. W. Dickson, Loo Hubertus, 
Paul Dodge. 8. Ling, H. Goodrich. Milt 
(.Tallin, Harry J. Charlton, Fred keener, 
Hurry King, Jns. Doran, E. C. Cole, I. J. 
Wilson and Ben W. Gregory. 

— Louis James nnd Frederick Warde will 
appear next season In a new play, written 
by Collin Kemper and Rupert Hughes, based 
upon the life of Alexander the Great. The 
new play, which Is named "Alexander the 
Great," will bo given its first production In 
Chlcngo. _ . 

— Edna Aug sailed for Europe on June 
25. Her slBtcr accompanied her. They go 
to Cherbourg, thence to London. 

— William C. Carl will sail for Europe 
on July 4, to visit Alexander Gullmont, at 
his villa, at Meudon, Prance. He will travel 
In Italy, and return here In September. 

— "The Queen of Laughter," a new opera, 
by Isabel De Witt Kaplan and S. W. Brady, 
will be produced next senson by the Bos- 
tonlans. Agnes Kane Brown, of Cincinnati, 
hns been engaged for prima donna roles, to 
replace Grace van Studdlford, and Gertrude 
SUmmer has been added to the company. 

— The stork visited Charles RIchman'B 
cottage, at North Asbury, N. J., on June 24, 
nnd left a baby girl for the actor. 

— Notes from tbe Lome Elwyn Co. : 
Despite Ihe Inclement weather we have 
been playing to exceltnt buslnss. At Bel- 
lows Falls, vt., on Saturday nlgbt, and In 
a pouring rala, the theatre was packed to 
tho doors. Our repertory of plays Is very 
strong, nnd the specialties far above the aver- 
age. Rotter Is as follows: Elwyn St Currier, 
proprietors; Lome Elwyn, manager; J. C. 
Matthews, advance ; Wm. Currier, play di- 
rector ; F. J. Harvey, stage manager ; It. W. 
Smith, musical director; Will Scgur, elec- 
trician; Geo. Powers, props; Lome Elwyn, 
Wm. Currier, Fred 3. Harvey, James Hall, 
Will Malone, Jack Reagan, Geo. Powers, 
Mrs. Wm. Currier, Mnyme Tyrel, Acnes 
Parsons and Lillian Scgur. Our specialties 
arc ; Zephyrettc, electrical and Sre dances ; 
Hall nnd Parsons, sketcb team; Jack Rea- 
gan, songs and dances ; Hlnkeo Dee Trio, 
and Geo. Powers, Illustrated songs. Every 
body Is well and happy, and Tub Old Rkli- 
aiile Ib a welcomo visitor. 

— Record Stock Notes: Preparations for 
tile opening of this company on Aug. 3, Is 
now well under way. The scenery, now being 
painted, will be equnl to any in tbe business. 
Wo have secured {be following plnys, two of 
which we have purchased outright : "For 
Itef Child's Sake," "Resurrection," "A Wo- 
man of tho People," "The Devil's Daughter," 
"Tho Sign of the Crucifix," and a tragedy, 
the title of which we reserve until protected 
by copyright. Miss Mitchell's wardrobe has 
been materially Incrensed by new gowns. We 
have now twenty-two weeks booked solid, 
moBt of which being return dates from the 
past two seasons, nnd our tour will embrace 
Ihe entire flfty-two weeks, the 8ummer of 
l ".hi i being already contracted for. 

— Recent engagements by the R. L. Crcscy 
Amusement Co., for "A Ruined Life" Co., 
nro : Harriet Davis, Arthur Byron, Arthur 
.1. Pickens, II. K. Noblett, Adolald Marshall, 
Perce It. Benton, Wayno Arry, Fielding 
Timelier, W. M. Kinsley and B. B. Smith. 
For tho "Dora Thome ' Co. : Marie Bar- 
burk, Charles Plcrlot, Helen Carroll, Roy 
DeWny, Charlea Hart and Gertrude Gilbert. 
R. L. Crcscy announces that be has secured 
nn assignment of tbe lease from the trustees 
of the Christian Science, Church, who now 
occupy the Marlowe Theatre, Chicago, and 
will open the house for the regular season 
about Sept. 1, Instead of Oct. 1, as previously 

— Harry Corson Clarke Notes : Muriel 
Stone, who has been re-engaged by Mr. 
Clarke for next season, In "His Absent Boy," 
is spending the Summer at Denver, where 
she hns been specially engaged for the Man- 
hattan Reach Stock Co. William Hutchinson 
Is passing the Summer months nt his home 
In Salt Lake City. He will play the part of 
Col. Mnckayc, in "Ills Absent Boy," and 
have charge of Ihe stage. Vlolette Craig, 
tho Nlta of "Ills Absent Boy," is at her 
home nt Salt Lake City, and will later join 
Mr. Clnrko again, for his Autumn season. 
Mvna Ketcham Ib In Chicago, preparatory to 
joining Mr. Clnrko. James E. Sprott, busi- 
ness manager for Mr. Clarke, Is getting ready 
in bis department for next season, with the 
pleasure of n llrst visit to Denver, Col., where 
lie has ills Summer headquarters. 

— Cutter & Williams' Stock Co. Notes: 
Business with us nt Marlon, III., wns very 
good, nnd during our slay we made many 
friends. 'Manager Mat Kuaell, of the Warm 
Weather circuit, added a now park to his 
list, namely, Glcnwood Pork, between New 
Albany and Jeffersonvllle, Ind.. nnd he nt 
once decided that Hie Cutter ft Williams Co. 
kIiouUI bo I ho opening attraction, This fact 
Is very good evidence that our company Ib 
more (ban making good, as we have opened 
two new theatres so far. Our recent C(,ir- 
pkr "ad." brought us many answers. Ted 
V. Arnold, comedian, nnd F. S. Thompson, 
stupe carpenter, have joined us for the re- 
mainder of the Summer, and also for next 

— Henry J. Yorkey has been re-engaged 
wltli W. !■:. Nankeviiie'H attractions, ills 
fourth senson with that Arm. Next season 
ho will direct the stage, also playing Jim 
Mason, the tramp, with tho Western "Human 
Hearts" Co. 

— Frank Christie closed his second Ben- 
son with King Dramatic Co., nt Hamilton, 
Can., and opened nt Wllllamsport, Pa., with 
the Falamount Stock. It Is his second sen- 
Ron there, having becomo popular nt Wll- 
linmsport last season. 

— Ed. Mack writes that he Is In his 
forty-eighth week with Fits A Webster's 
"A Breezy TImo" Co., doing the eccentric 
comedy part. 

— Luc Francis, Gus Collins, Georgo 
Mnssie and Wm. Wllkenson have signed with 
Win. Kibble, to go with Stetson's "U. T. C." 
Co. next senson. 

— ('has. E. Tmlor. electrician, hns signed 
with Lovejny & Lean for next senson, pre- 
senting "The Two Orphans." 

— John Birch Is engnged with Andrew 

— Vic Leonzo announces that he Intends 
to star Florence Burns next season, In 
"Brother Against Brother." 

outfit. We expect to open 

new outnt. »ve eM«.-vi. ■.« -*-- - 
brighter and better than ever. 

— Earnest Ferguson Is on his ninth 
with Davis' "U. B T. C." Co., doing 

b George 

on _°W Edward De Witt Is engaged to p ay 
turheaVy, in Core Van Tassel's production 
of "The Volunteer." „. _ f 

— The following are engaged for A Hot 
Old Time" Co.: Eddie Weston, John Mc- 
Mnhon, Lottie Symonds, K. L. Francois, 
Omnia Nelson, Leola Maye, Walter Webb, 
II C Brown ng, Three Nelsons, Imperial 
Ouartet George A. Chenot and Charles G. 
Allen, with a chorus of ton girls. A com- 
plete ' equipment of ^encry and handsome 
costuming, we are Informed, will be pro- 

Vl — Advance Agent Geo. A. Sullivan and hlB 
wife are spending the Summer In New York 

m — Erroll Dunbar sailed for Europe July 1. 
_ Minnie Monk, Harriot Wlllard;, John C. 
Fenton, Ella Warren Harmon and True ». 
.lames go with Manager Mort Hanley. 
Ja ™ 8 j.B. Dodson, who will play tho char- 
acter of Slmonldes, In Klaw A Erlangers 
production of "Ben Hur," at the New York 
Theatre, In September, has recovered from a 
severe <ase of ptomaine poisoning which 
prostrated him three weeks ago. . 

— Wm. E. Hooker and wife, Kathryn 
Hooker, have joined the Edwin Maynard & 
Sarah MacDonnld Co. for next season. 

— Tom Waters writes that "O'Flynns 
Stone Wall" Co., under bis management. Is 
still successfully touring Maine. The mem- 
bers of the compnny are all in the best or 
health and enjoying the superb fishing for 
which this country Is famous. At I'.astport, 
on June 23, we caught ninety-throe benutics, 
actual count. We are on our way down the 
coast, nnd will close our Summer tour at 
Brldgeton July 10. 

— May Nannary s supporting company em- 
braces Monroe Salisbury, Fred Andrews, J. 

— Arthur J. Chlsom, muni ,. r 
Seward Show, writes: "We a,v ,,,,/„ H 
second week of our stock cngag, i„„„. ™ JW 
Casino, Paducab, Ky., and HKiu«totLS 
business. The company has miitti" ff 
friends. The Casino is a be nil f,,i ' * 
theatre, located at Wallace Park, a a 1°"! 
having a very pleasant engagement, \ffiffl 
remain here until the middle ot i,," 
when our regular season begins. nvS r s '' 
ery Is being made, and by the time «,,.?' 
the road we will have one of toe best r« 
tolre companies out, producing :iii mw „£'• 
that have never before been seen nt noSii? 
■prices. Tbe company will be headed 6»V!X 
and Minnie Seward, and will Include mES 
wall known people. Our time Is mi KS3 
solid, and we look forward to a very m£ I 
ant and profitable season." ' w 

— Will T. Seeger's "A Busy Day" rv, I 
Notes: We closed a successful uorUiwMia£l 
tour last week. Manager Beegor bold. VS " 
Hiawatha Stock Co. at his luuse for £ 
months of July and August, nigh e ul 
specialty artists -will be booked each mS 
during these two months. Around j|Zi 
notte, double -voiced vocalist, achieved Ell 
nomenal success as the male prima dunn, I 
with "A Busy Day" Co. Mr. Melnotta ■nil 
remain with the Hiawatha Block jS. "SI 
ABhland, for the Summer. '' "I 

— Henry F. Wlllard writes: "I wish i„| 
state that the rumor that Mnbcl Paige «, ,i I 
myself were seriously injured by our auto I 
mobile, Is incorrect. The facts arc the mi. I 
chine got beyond my control, but. at do tins I 
was Miss Paige In any danger, havit.1 
alighted from tbe automobile previous to lis I 
contortions, and beyond the fact that one I 
ot ithe steering knuckles was hrokeo, tiVI 
machine is In perfect condition, ami win 1. 1 
used by Miss Paige during her tour next I 

— Harry Levy has been engnged for next I 
season by Chas. L. Young for t he executive I 
staff of the Davis A Darcy attractions, nu- 

merous among them being "In the l'altce o( 1 
the King," "The Christian," "The Uoad to, 
■Frlscq,' r and others. 

— Recent engagements for "McFndden'i 1 
[tow of Flats" are : Marguerite Ferguson, 
I. E. Rome, Exposition Four, Mue I'liHii- 
W. II. Mack, May K. Baker, Lizzie llorlluv, 

Frisco,"" and others. 

Recent engagements for 

Delia Ranne'y, (Jr.rtle Dunbar. Mamie iJi' 
Uns, Iner Thomas and Lillian Tyce. 

— .May Isabel Flsk, the monuloglat tin] 
writer, has left for Lake George, where she 
has taken a cottage at Hague for the s«|. 
son. Mrs. Flsk while away will finish several 
plays and short stories she Is under con- 
tract to have finished by next foil. Among 
tbese Is a play for Mrs. Langtry, and an- 
other for Martin Harvey. 

— Alice B. Hamilton has abandoned 
staring in repertory, and has signed for tbe 
soubrette part in "Slaves of tho Mine." 

— The Eagle Quartet, all of whom ate 
members of the order of Eagles, which was 
a feature of "Pennsylvania" last season, will 
be with Its successor, "Slaves of tho Mine," 
for the coming campaign, Its members will 
be William B. Daly, Jos. 0. Gibson, Johnston 
D. Flynn and Louis Fltzroy. 

— The New England comedy, "Maud Mul- 
ler," will again go out this senson under 
the management of R. E. Johnston. 

— Crawford and Duff, Eagllsh drolls; 
Maude Emery, aerial ; Mamie l.cnnnrd and 
Musical Director Robt. W. Edwards have 

z&Sfz ^m.v/CpV^ni »m3# " r * 

vleve Bllnn, Charlotte Huntington and Lena 
Lorraine Ellnore Hatch, the dramatic so- 
prano, will be a special feature with the 
company on tbe Canadian tour. 

— The new opera house at Elkadcr, la., 
will be opened Nov. 1. 

— Bessie Claylon has bo far recovered 
from her recent slight Indisposition that sho 
accompanied Julian Mitchell, her husband, 
to Chicago, on July 4, when he went to re- 
join "Babes In Toyland." On their return 
from the West Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell will 
probably enjoy a brief European trip. 

CEO. E. n.llth 
Entered upon his theatrical career at the 
age of seventeen. Tbe well known song and 
dance team ot Cnrlln and Clark played the 
most Important vaudeville houses In the 
country for nine years, as top liners. Mr. 
Clark later joined hands with Louise Gandy, 
and the team, known as Clark and Gandy, 
played Keith's, Orpheum and other most 
prominent circuits for four years. Last 
Fall Mr. Clark assumed tbe management of 
the Orpheum Theatre at Terro Haute, Ind. 
He Is at present sole owner of the Orpheum 
nnd Clark's Garden, both of Terro Haute, 
and has proven himself capable and worthy 
of the great success he Is achieving. 

— Arnold M. Alexander has been engaged 
by Chas. E. Blimey to play l'ettlgrln, tho 
lawyer, supporting Lottie Williams, in "Only 
a Shop Girl." 

— Edgar Morris has boon re-engaged with 
Lincoln J. Carter's "Eleventh Hour" Co., 
milking his fourth season wltb that attrac- 

— Rush A Weber Notes: Garland Gaden 
will continue under our management next 
season, and will be sent over tbe Stair A 
Ilavlln circuit, In "Across the Rockies," 
which Mr. Gaden produced tbe last three 
weeks of last season. The autbor, J. J. 
McCloskey, Is rewriting the last act We 
Intend making this one of the strongest 
melodramatic attraction on the road. Our 
season will open In Washington, Sept. 14. 
Mr. Gaden and Laura Lorraine are passing 
the Summer at Frecport. L. I. 

— Notes from the American Stock Co., 
Terry A Wngnor, proprietors: Wo opened 
the Summer senson at Ludlngton, Mich., 
June 4, and business has been very satis- 
factory. Our roster: W. J. Wagner, H. J. 
Terry, A. A. Mudge. R. Shannon, D. Cam- 
pion, W. C. Smith. Chas. Fayc, Maude Clif- 
ton, Nellie Montgomery, Mrs. Julia Hurley, 
Boda Bartrnmb, Little Leah and Jo Terry, 
with John A. Ctark at the business end. 
Our show is giving tho best of satisfaction, 
and for our regular season will carry full 
scenic effects for each production. Tim 
Old iikliaui.k reaches us every week, and 
keeps us In touch with our professional 

Wlllard Howe has closed a successful 
regular and supplementary season with the 
Shannons' "Legally Dead" Co., and will 
spend tbo Summer at bis homo at Detroit. 

— Edgar Younge and wife (Maude be 
Longe), after a very successful tour of the 
Middle States, om resting at their plensaat 
Summer homo at Bcrryburg, W. Va. 

— Chas. T. Fales' Comedy Co. Rotes: 
We are now In the Adirondack Mountains it 
the retorts, Businesss since our opening 
has been very good considering the rainy 
weather. The company Is strong, and ye 
expect to go Into stock In about two weeks, 
at a large Canadian resort. Mannger him 
JuBt received an elegant new threo and d ne 
sheet, which was especially made for UItb. 
We are all pleased with the success we have 
so far obtained. „ , _ 

— Bessie Palmer, professlounlly mom 
iim .nUle. Aslta, premier ballerina of tin 
Costle Square Opera Co., who Is slowly 
recovering at her homo In Chicago from i 
severe wound, would be pleased to liear 
from her professional friends, not leu 
arm Is disabled, but the doctors glvo ever; 
hope of recovery in a short time. , 

— Edward Trout, musical director ol 
the Bpooner Dramatic Co., closed u two 
years' engagement with that company si 
AuBtln, Tex., and 1b spending the Summer ot 
his home In Altoona, Pa. ... 

— Harry Moore, comedian, hns closed wi ti 
tbe Castle Square Stock Co., under C.t. 
Allison's management, as be opcncB, July f«, 
wltb the Campbell-Stratton Co., uailer uk 
management of C. J. W. Roe, waking »U 
second season with the latter company. 

— H. Stanley LcwIb, proprietor and man- 
nger of the Eric Mansfield Co., hna ''ncoKru 
Marry Wible to create tbe role of Jj*» n 
Joskins, In Mr. Lewis' play of that nninf. 
Mr. W-lble, who was a valued monitor ot 
tbe Pawnee Bill staff for Severn seasons, 
will also direct the stage. Merrill do Soto. 
Inst season with the McPheo Company, »•» 
play Dan Kelly, the detective, and introduce 
his specialties. , _,_ , 

— J. M. Ward's production of «!?■ K 
BobertB' melodrama. S A Human Wave. *"' 
have its opening at the Albambm Hen re, 
Chicago, early in August. Among the iMWj 
now engaged are: Olive Martin, Nellie i Du» 

Maude Estes, W._ li- 

st EUnohllffe. 

the middle of July. ..„_ >i>e 

— Ralph Rollins, who Is spending HJ 
Summer at Cincinnati. 0., will '["'..Sd 
play one of the leading parts In "''a*" 1 
Buhler's production of 'Taul Itewif- 

— Henry K Wlllard A Co. Nole; I gj 
following people have been engaged for '« 
Mabel l p algo Co. : Horace V. Noble, VjUJgf 
W. Barms" John Clark, Geo. U. 1 '>'"°"| 
Dan B. Holt, tho Maivelous Hermlon, 1"" 

Izabeth Hcbs and Marian fWW 
re Comedy Co. : Thos. B. DJMJ- 
Paige, Shepherd Camp. DgW 
is. l'elrson. Amy Ltilrd, e«w"J 

ion B. lion, me aiaxveious i«' ™""- r : M( |, 
Lorraine. Elizabeth Hcbs nnd Marlon (.cnm 
l«'or tho Paige Comedy Co. : Thos. h. »< 
Barrow Le Pa' 

Longnn, Chas. peirson. Amy ""■■»• —Hi 
Sampson and Margharlto Shlplnr- *g 
repertory for both shows promises i« 

nioallnnr nnA Maura Wll ard A t "■ "'.. 

excellent, and Messrs. Wlllard A 
purchased a new automobile for Mi-- - ■ 
which sho will carry with her next Benson 

UU lUU (UUU. . , i t 

— Notes from the Carroll Corned J -to, . 
Wo closed a season of forty-nine «WL| 
Salem, W. Va., July 4. During th Is jm 
season the following territory was l, 1 '"*^, 
New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan. LOW* 
Maryland and West Virginia. The (WPP 
season will open again Aug. 81, a' „ 
wood, W. Va. The compnny Is .book »™ M1 
as far as Texas. A car load of scenery « ( 
bo carried to mount the productions, » 
new bills will be used, including WEZ. 
of Oronter New York." by Fred II. « J 80 ,- 
"A Soldier's Pledge." ''From Out ol : tl M I "£.. 
"Shadow of the Cross," "LoBtlu LjW B .. 
and a scenic revival of "Rip, Van }\' nK £,, 
The following people have ■signed for «jj 
season: Geo. and Pansy Stanley, sir. 
Mrs. Walter Wilbur, W. tf p !°^' n ,,"u» 
Donna. Harry Lee. Oskara and °'Z C »\ 
(second Beason), Frank Clayton, WSJ, 
comedlnn: Fanny Kane, singing « ";' r r l .A. 
Ernest J. Lister, Ion Carroll, monni.r. 

J. Young, business mannger ; Will J- • ll 
treasurer. _, , , K .i. 

— Lee J. Kellem and Janle Woo. '£« 
lam) closed a successful seasons •"'ifc, 
men nt St. Louis, Mo., with the CM* f JJJ 
Vondo Stock Co., and have been J»*SE 
for next season with the same comp"'i>- 


r„rre H. Benton hag sold his play, ' — Charles I? mm..,. . 

«rZ im'c of Silence." to U. L. Crew/, who Euro|* on June ft ami Ti , .r""?* 1 ASP 

m .reduce it next season. Mr. Benton plans: ••" w III manage f.i *3 *"h ke .. ut "■ 

*U53K the atage with Mr. Crescy's i^gSatStftt 



L..ks the season closes at Owcgo, N. Y.. 
Ef, 11, when Mr. Dllger takes his Brst va- 
iiinn In over five years, visiting the scenes 
STB childhood In Old Virginia. Mr. Cor- 
Z\\ mends his well earned rest at the lake. 
,«L,ris The No. 1 company opens next 
22? at Greenville. Pa.. Aug. 17, this 
Sine Its third season to open there. It Is 
tooked solid to June, 1004, In desirable 
«Vrltorv The Dliger-Corncll Co. (Western) 
iotas at Connesut, O., Aug. 10, and Is booked 
ifirmmli Ohio, Indiana and Illinois. Royally 
iil«ya that have not yet been seen In rcper- 
inrr will he presented by both companies, 
with special scenery and people selected with 

Srtitt care from hundreds of applicants, 
ur recent ad. In Tub Clipi-kr brought us 
aver three hundred replies from some of the 
best people In the business, including high 
class specialty people. 

_ Engagements for the Chase & Lister 
i'n bit : Clint and Ilesale Bobbins, llarvle 
Akcrs. M. Adelaide Powers, Will J. Coxc 
md lloraer Powers. 

_ KHiiard G. Williams goes with "The 
Charity Nurse" Co. 

— Monarch Repertory Co. Notes : Wc will 
obtn our regular season Sept. 14. Among 
the ueoiile engaged are: Mr. and Mrs. Frank 
Tiirker, Mr. and Mrs. U. 8. Allen. Next 
hf««on we will present "Ingomar." "The 
Vtndetta" and "The Three Musketeers." 
Time is booked almost solid In the best 
towns of Northern Missouri, Iowa, South 
Dakota and Minnesota. Special scenery will 
lie used for each production. 

— Notes from Marks Bros.' Attractions: 
Arnold C Baldwin, past two seasons thu 
featured leading man of Marks Bros.' No. 1 
Co., has signed with Tom Marks for 1003-4. 
ranking three years with the same mana- 
ger. Mr. Marks clot>cd his senson In May, 
at Ann Arbor. Mich. Mr. Baldwin will join 
Mr. Marks and help select new plays for tho 
next tour. Mr, Murks has good time of- 
ftrcd lilm, and 1ms decided to put out two 
com pan's*. 

— Jno. A. Illinnicleln's Stock Co. Is play- 
ing a moBt successful engagement ut the 
Whitney Urand, Detroit, Mich. 

' — Jack Prkbard writes: "1 am very buoy 
with four scenic artists, painting my scenery 
lor next season, which opens Aug, 31. I 
will carry fourteen people, the best that 
ran be engaged, and two agents ahead, with 

ness' as the lending characters and 
Millie James will appear In It n InVlnY tah 
roles, t will be ready in Jan ai-Y?unU imt 

iSE: #J ba .XF another play by Mr. i'llch 

,« er i 0w , n „ Wu y. "> which I will present 

2H Ml jlita'"?!"'! 8 ' " ,0 . ,;ilrrl,k Theatr., Scpi 
£8. Julia Marlowe will continue under my 

chi n ,".?f, mc , nt n ^ xt wa>wn ' *PPe«rlng here at 
tie Criterion Theatre, In Henry V. Esmond" 
'I'oo s of Nature.' Frank Worthing wl II 

Lng Ish actor also engaged— W. T. Lovcll— 
irk. « 8 V |,I,ort - ™« arrangement by which 
.Miss .Marlowe and E. ir. Solhcrn will appear 

- JSW ,IL "ow at *he Comedle 
!• rancalsc, which Margaret Anglln and Henry 
Miller may present In San Francisco. I 
have Madeleine Lucette Kyley's dramatiza- 
tion of Henry Harlnnd'a -The Lady Para- 
?,'r ', int * . tt . nd *. lH0 .a musical play, 'The Wire 
Wa kcr, by Hugh Morton, who wrote "Hie 
Belle of New York,' and Bernard ltoll, who 
has composed a lot of popular songs. Frank 
Daniels, loo, Is also on my list of stars next 
season, and will appear In 'The Jockey,' by 
Harry B, Smith and I.udwig Knglunder." 

— James K. Ilaehclt and wife, Mary 
Munnerlng, suited for Kurope last week. 
While abroad Mr. Huckett will consult with 
l'lerrc Wolff, author of "The Secret of Toll 
chlnello," regarding the American produc- 
tion of Hint comedy, and will arrange the 
Hnal details of Martin Harvey's American 
tour. In London be will give copyright prr- 
formanccs of two plays, "Alexander tho 
Great," by Victor Mapcs, and "The Celeb- 
rity," by Winston Churchill. It bus been 
decided Hint Mr. Ilackctt will not open bis 
season In "Alexander tho Great" because of 
his inability lo get the production ready In 
time. Me will probably oiicn In "John Kr- 
mine," a play from Frederic Ituoilnglon's 
book of that name, Inaugurating the new 
Glolw Theatre In Boston early In September. 
"Alexander the tireat" will be produced here 
later In the season. Mr. Hackett and Miss 
Munnerlng will return In August. 

— Notes from Allen Bros.' Comedians : 
This company will o|ien Its season Aug. '_M. 
with everything entirely new and nil special 

tlte best advertising system, two car loads paper, and will play all the principal cities 
and electrlcul effects, and In the middle West. We will feature 

of special scenery 

positively the grandest repertory organisa- 
tion West of the Mississippi. Sly Southern 
company open* us usual lu Southern Iowa, 
playing South and West, which company Is 
exactly us strong as this one, but under the 
management of Jas. K. Krundall, whose 
season o|o?ns Sept. 7." 

. — Marie Da Truce und Robert I lynian. nt 
present connected with the Eclipse Park 
stock Co. In St. Louis, announce their 
marriage In tbut city on June 20. Both 
have been re-engaged as a feature with tho 
Harris-Parkinson Stuck Co. for next season. 

I.dyth Aglcsley, who will be supiiorted by 
the following well known players: Hurry 
1/enurd, stage manager; Cbns. Hatllchl, Gavin 
Dorothy. Jim Laugh. Al. Gancll, Hazel Me- 
Cumb, Virginia Harvey, Dorothy Blanch 
Lewis, and Jessie J. Bruit, Prof. William 
Allen and u bund of teu pieces, and Prof. 
W. II. Morris und an orchestra of seven 
pieces, lirntt and Lewis, illustrated songs 
ami moving pictures, and one more big vaude- 
ville art to be engaged. Willi Manager 
Chus. Allen ten days ahead of the company 
of stars, and our excellent line of bookings. 


— Auttvrficld & Broinilow have signed for we should easily Is; the best repertory show 
thas. A. I^der Co.. the Four Emperors in the middle West next season. 

of Music, Morris and Daly, Edna Murrlllu, 
and the Arlington Sisters. 10. W. Bromllow 
In in the city, after a six weeks' trip to 
Chicago and St. Louis. W. B. Biitterfleld 
and wife will spend tho mouth of July In 
.Maine, fishing and bunting. Caroline Kelly 
McCord will spend her vacation at Bethel, 

— Hi'oad burst & Ciinlc Notes: George 
Henry Trader has signed with Broudhurst 
* Currle to play the part of Jeun Glrurd, 
In "A Fool aud His Money." Broadhurst & 
lurrle will be early In the Held. Rehearsals 
for the Nut M. Wills "A Son of Rest" Co. 
will start on July U. This musical comedy 
in hoiked to upeu at the Fourteenth Street 
Uientre on Aug. 17, for a run. The pro- 
duction, it is said, will bo a sumptuous one, 
trcnlcallv, and the costuming will be claim 
rate and costly. The company will number 
oyer llfly, with a chorus of sixteen, ten show 
grls sad a ballet. The Allisons, John und 
Maude, have been engaged for Nat M. Wills' 
(omnony. Mr. Allison will play a character 
Part, and Mrs. Allison u Swedish maiden, 
iney will also lutroducu tbelr specialty. 

— Hubert Labudle's "Fsust" Co. closed 
a successful senson of thirty-eight weeks ut 
lOscunnbu, Mich. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert 
Labadle are spending a few weeks urutind 
Del roll before slnrtliig for their camp on 
the banks of the Little Munlsteo River, 

— Anthony Hope, the novelist, was mar- 
ried In London, long., on July 1, to Kllxa- 
belli Sheldon, a nou-profcsslouul, and sister 
of Suzanne Sheldon. 

— ■ Muclyn Arbucklc und Elizabeth Shel- 
don Carlisle, non-professional, were married 
on July 1, ut the Grace Episcopal Church, 
Newton, Muss., where Mr. Arbucklc formerly 
' — N. Sheldon fowls, formerly of the Mur- 
ray Hill und the Daly stock companies, has 
been engaged by Harrison Grey Flake to ap- 
pear In "Murtu of the 1/owliinds," the Span- 
ish pluy to be produced at the Manhattan 
Theatre early next season. 

— Fay Robinson, daughter or the late 
"Yankee" Miller, who has been very III for 
the past few months, has fully recovered, 
and Iiub Just signed contracts with Al. \\. 

• In tho 

as, (Me Important player In the production, 
NCMMM she has demonstrated remarkable 
"hi Illy ns a lead lug woman. 

. — Clifford Wodeukl general ngent of the 
umt llydo Shows, will pilot the Eastern 

VVeury Willie Walker" Co. next season. 

. — Margoiot Bower, leaning woman of the 
Arnold Stock Co., closed June 17, after a 
successful season of one hundred weeks, and 
is resting atOier lioiue a* Mineral City, U. 
_'— -Vie Sawtelle und Gladys Seurs have ui ( 

f gned with Murray & Mack's "Shooting the playing mostly al tho Southern parks in our 
tputcs" Co. for. next season. new sketch, entitled 'A Man of Sense. 

. List of company : Frank P. Haven, 
manager; John K. Kelly. W. IS. La Rose, 
A. L. Fiinshawe. Arthur I>envlr. I red 1 Ige- 
low, Fred It. wlllurd. Frank Powell. 1'rof. 
Vundcrgrlft, Harry VY. Reeves, Arthur i. 
Davis, lola I'oinerov, Birth Somervllle, Shir- 
ley Nelson, Leslie I'ulmor. .... 
'—(Jeorge X. Wilson writes: "I w|sh lo 
stale that I have recovered from my acci- 
dent whi.e playing In 'Dangers of Jk Lieat 
City.' and will resumo work with Ada^paly, 

— Thos. W. Walsh, formerly Cmitkii cor- 
lejjlKiiKlQnt at. Waterbury, Conn., was ap- 
Minted ofHclal stenographer of the Superior 
'inrt, Slate of Connecticut, last week, by 
}H Judges of the Supremo and Suiiorlor 

„~o«h Cabell Hulsey is visiting his relu- 
gJWi ami shaking liands with his many old 
friends ut Lynchburg, Va. 

— 1). Kdwln Mellon is nt Ryo Beach for 
the Summer. He goes with Geo. Sidney, to 
Pi")' Hie lough lu bis "Busy Isxy" Co., next 
b ennon. 

— Notes from tho BIJou Comedy Co. : 
After four successful weeks utSarnlu, ont.. 
we closed there to open at I'lnufore Park, St. 
Thomas, for a run of live weeks j thon wc go 
to Owen Sound for three weeks, with Brunt- 
ford, four weeks, to follow. We have msdu 
a few changes In the roster, and the com- 
pany Is now stronger than over, a hit ros- 
ter to date Is : MurJIc Adams, Adelaide Se- 
cord. Manic Florence. May Pencil, Jaincs 
II. Rowland, II. W. Young. D. O. Secord, 
Win. Dyer, Scott Williams, Kiliunnd Stnuffcr. 
Will. Conlln, K. Chus. Morse, Muster Uoynnd 
Fred Pencil, und "BIJou," our mnscot.. 'J line j 
Is fust filling for our regular scusou, which 

— Aubrey Stock Company Notes: Tho 
company now playing n twelve weeks' en- 
gagement ut the Theatre Francals, In Mon- 
treal, has won the hearts of the (heatrc- 
Rocrs in that city by presenting such elabor- 
ate scenic productions as: "Devil's Island." 

Dangers of Purls," "WcTns of Tennessee" 
and "Hie Fire Patrol." F.nrh Individual of 
i the compnny Is making a hit, und the man- 
ngeiuent Is trying «o arrange to extend 
the engagement. The Boston Music Hull 
lias another Aubrey Stock Company plaving 
a Summer stock engagement, which Is at- 
tracting crowded houses. "licUI's Island" 
was the magnet that drew the largest au- 
diences „f the season. This Is the llrst sea- 
son thut the Music llnll has attempted 
stock In the Summer, und, Judging from the 
large attendance, the iniiniigeineiu seem to bo 
well satisfied. 

— Mrs. Mary Armsteiul. aged ninety years, 
died nt Urand Rapids. Mich., June L'4. Sho 
was grandmother of Clara TnpshVld. 

— Bon Greet has engaged Alldn Crawlrv, 
n well known Kugllsh Shnkcaiicurcan nct- 
resa. for the title role In the "Everyman" 
company thai will present the morality play 
In the West next senson. 

— Notes from Sewnrd Shows : The Sum- 
mer theatrical question for Pniluciih, Ky., 
seems to Iravc l>ecn solved most satisfac- 
torily by Fred Seward, for this company Is 
now In Its fourth week of success, and plav- 
ing to crowded houses night I v. The com- 
pany Is large and evenly balanced, so that 
every play can be given a full and com- 
petent cast. 'Ilic I'liducali pilars agri-e that 
the show Is the best Summer stock yet seen 
there, and Its season promises lo continue 
most successfully. There arc fifteen peoplt 
In Hie show, including : Minnie Seward, 
Nellie Manning. Arthur B. Lynds, llnrrle 
M. Hooper, Arthur Ilhicknller and Fred 
Seward. In the principal roles, and Will 
Sanlschl, singer of Illustrated songs. The 
regular season -ls-glns In August, when eight 
more people will be added, making twenty- 
three In all. An entirely new repertory will 
be played, and Manager Chiasm Iwlleves his 
comiuiny will Is' the only one on the road 
to produce an entirely new repertory of 
plays never before seen at popular prices. 
Time Is all booked, and new scenery Is being 
made for cadi piny. 

— Ilnnualr Price Co. Notes (Win. N. 
Smith, managed. — Our rehearsals will begin 
July 'JO. Among the engagements so far 
are: Walter S. Fredericks. Geo. W. Mur- 
dock, Harry 10. Chase, W. G. Ilozell. Chas. 
J. Young. Julian Reus*. Itonnulr Price, Helen 
Trowbridge, Mrs. Ilozell and Llbble llrit- 
tnlne. 'I he special vaudeville features will 
be the Rozellcs. in n novelty musical net and 
Illustrated songs: Nona, spcctuctilnr lire 
dancer. The repertory will nil ls> new. with 
a special feat are of one of the best druma- 
tlziiilons of th" "Resurrect Ion." 

— lOnrl Burgess mid wife, F.iniuu Hunting, 
have been detained nt the home of Corwln 
W, Burgess. Marathon, N. Y„ by the Illness 
of Mr. Burgess. He has been conllned to 
his bed for two weeks with typhoid fever, 
hut hopes to be able to continue Ills business 
nt nn early dull'. Preparations are completed 
for both of Mr. Burgess' nltructlons, "The 
Daughter of the South mid the lOmiiia Bunt- 
ing Co. 

— Notes from .Miller & Bryan's Slock Co. : 
We nre lu our sixth week, and our business 
has been beyond our fundest expectations, 
iinr company numbers twelve people and 
our reiHtrtory contains some of Ihe best pro- 
ductions. Wc luivo procucisl from M. B. 
Streotcr his entire rc|s>rtory of plays on 
royalties, and will control them for the com- 
ing season. Our rosier Is us follows: llrynii 
A. Miller, proprietors: Prof. A. L. Bryuii, 
manager: Jits. C. Godley, stage manager; 
Mrs. Walker, musical directress: M. it, 
Streeler, F. F. Miller, Fred ltcllu, Harry 
Tnisdell, Chas. Bailey, Al. Bryan, Blaiiclui 
lllga III. van, fieriildlne Godley, Kllthryil 
Komi, Bertha Leslie. We remain In' Baton 
Rouge, La., iinlil the middle of August, when 
our regular season o|iens, when we are 
hooked th rough Texas mid Hie Wosl. Wu 
ore located on one of the most historic lo. 
cations in Louisiana, It being Hie battle 
ground of one of the big buttles of the lie- 
hellion. The mime Is iptlte appropriate — 
Baltic Park Casino, Union Rouge, La. 

— Frank J. Slnntoii, manager of the Starr 
Comedy Co., writes: "I am summering 
here nt McGregor, la., with Manager Ben 
It. Warner, of Ihe Warner Comudy Co. I 
inn having excellent time offered me, mid 
before opening will undoubtedly lie hooked 
solid for the season. My show will go out 
next season stronger than ever before, wllh 
plenty of new and special paper. Last sea- 
son was the Istsl the Starr Comedy Co. has 
ever had, und Indications arc now Hint next 
season will he still better. Manager War 
tier Is having more time offered him than 
he could by any possibility (III In two sea- 
sons. He is lo put out the strongest com- 
pany since he organized, fourteen years ago. 
Some of his paper Is a marvel of the art 
of lithography. Both of these companies 
bid fair lo make good." 

— Wtevens Comedy Co, Notes. — We are 
playing u ten weeks' Summer season In Wis- 
consin, to good business. Roster: 11. A. 
Stevens, proprietor and manager; Ed. .Mack, 
agent ; T. J. Lyle. pianist ; Roy A. Arnold, 
W. K. De Witt, W, H. Mack. Vlolel Kernel). 
Alice Liiiulv. Kitty Uing. and Mack and 
Lyle. The leading lady, Violet Verncll, Is 
making a lilt with her clever acting und 
'inagnlllecnt 'wardrobe. Wc carry special 
scenery for all our plays. 

J— Bam J. Black writes that he has been 
'imiged for the coming seuson by Frank .= «.— ■.■■■-» -. 

mi on ?, Co KU ltt * aymV ° ° f '" l ' b0 01d Pl8U - °"- Char s' Frogman "on "uly », signed a 

with Francis Wilson to apjieur 
~ tho 

Muck will last 

f has also "arnrnged with Rich 

t. on Aug. 30 as a stock house, changing of Hie Irish cj "WW" •» i'ni.^"^ TeriVs 
™» ptt/l once a week. Mr. Morris was for "My Lady Mollis, now innnii g at 
•niiuiocr of years comedian at ""•>•'-»• "»—*■» tendon. Lnir. 

'fleutre and lust season starred II. 

aEa t.'lulm," wlilch he had rebooked for tho then t 

'•oping season, but will cancel all bookings man s engagement^ oi air 
jajw to give his entire time to the new 
t neat re, 

,,,■— - Notes from Dllgar-Cornell Co.: We 
nose our second seuson of forty-nine weeks 
■MJWOgu, N. Y., July 11. We had a very 
prosperous season, and, after a few weeks' 
\c ",°P' wl11 - "Pen ° ur third Beason Aug. 10 
"e will have two companies on the road 

— The Carrie Stanley Hloek Co., after 
a successful snison. Is spending a couple of 
weeks ut Clear foke, So. Dnk. 

— Notes from the Crescent Stock: Busi- 
ness wllh this show remains excellent, and 
tho big canvas theatre Is nightly packed 
with audiences which thoroughly enjoy the 
good things provided for their nmiisemeiil by 
Manager Eaglelon. We urn making a num- 
ls>r of changes In the ts-rsunnel of the com- 
pany, owing to a change of isillcy In Hie 
plays which we will offer for the remainder 
of our tented season. Farcical comedy will 
now predominate In our repertory. Wilbur 
Symonds and wife (Louise Robinson) close, 
and will be replaced by Jim Hall and Adorn 
Parsons. W. (.'. Lockhnrt Is our new musical 
(Hi-color. TlKwr I harming little children — 
the fo Blanc Sisters— urn still the crowning 
Het of our vaudeville features, snd their 
nlglitlv receptions are very convincing. Busi- 
ness Manager K. I. Dcvlno continues bis 
clever work ahead of Hie show, and our open- 
ings have always been lo rapacity. 

— Arthur II. Nelson, of this city, has been 

engaged to play Ihe part of Dltmur mid Has- 
"iKSLlSL? M'h™tre BU, fon<ion? Engl' The" "play" will be i,m wllh "The Sultan of Sulu" Co. now pluy 

' W ,h ...od, ,e.'l ira In Boston. Ill DoccuilH!r. and | ng at Manhattan Beach, N. V. 
"^ A % i ^ transferred toSSw York. Mr. Froh- — Cnrrlo Stanley Co. Notes: We will go 

:ed for tho then ™.„ lu , r .r. „„» ,„,„ ,.„ rap f „ r , w „ weeks at Plliel, Cleur 

I^uke,' Neh., for fishing and recreation. We 

...1*1 — — — — lit* St loiii. -on lllll' *■■! VI' 11 I I 11 l'l- 


, ■ , - < ■ — » w l .!-. i.wiu|inuiva v» *^«-w - -- — — ■ 

'"Wing season, the present company being 
n^lgnsted aa Dllger-Cornell Co., No. 1, liast- 
^!". and the new company Dllger-Cornell Co., 
5J '-'. Western. We have secured all royalty 
pja.vs, with special paper and scenery for 
«rh production, from the Brudley & Sclillllng 
M.iidfos. at Reading. Pa. . .. . 


0V 21 ^arr^nnerlnrwho will be under 
Frank McKee's miinagement again next 
season, wl I appear during October. Novem- 
ber and December n the larger cities out- 
side of New York, producing three new plays. 
On Jan 4 she will' open, nt the ««''rlck, .Is 
city, and will continue there for live months, 
demoting the closing wee_k« of her engagemen 

of the three new plays to he Presented Is 
"Judith." a modern emotional drama, ny 
llamssy Morris She also has an orlg nul 
modern play by Leo Dltrlchslcln. and u 
JostHmc "lay. bused upon a li M»rh*\ ep I- 

M -J?^d?r&s% June 110, Vesta JJ A. L &g^Sg^-%?^ 

gaged for 


Tlllotanii. Ihe Vlrgl..... 

of Ihe novel. Mr. Levering has nisi ■ en- 

Eiiged W. S. Hart for Ihe part of Patrick 

Ilenry. and Eloulna Oidcaatle tor the part 

of the Redemption Woman.__ 

[Joward. daughter of Dr. and Mrs. George 
"■- Sawtelle. waa married to J. Fred Zlm- 
nteiinnn. Hie well known thentrlcnl mnnn- 
¥!"!■• " f . Pbllndelphln. by Hie Rev. Frederick 
rewards, rector of St. Paul's Episcopal 
( Hurt*, | n Maiden. 

nlT^r"." ' H - «llhert Is spending the Sum- 
■» *'.8l«««Q»et, Nantucket Isl.nd, Mass. 

n. In "Hearts Courageous, nus en- 
'or Ihe lending Indy of Mr. Johnsons 
i" Maude Fenfy, for the part of Anne 
in. Ihe Virginia belle nnd Ihe heroine 

will VeoiMrti our season July 20. We have 
had forty ronllnuons weeks, to excellent 
business. All Ihe old people will be retained. 
Mr. and Mrs. M. II. Randall will visit re- 
latives nt Dunlnp. In., for two weeks. Earl 
Slanlev, Trlxey Nelson. C. B. While, Mrs. 
Wlille. Carrie Stanley, Chas. B. Burns. Mas- 
ter Walter, and Geo. Arnold nnd wife will 
tlsli at Cleur foke for two weeks. 

— Henderson Stock Co. Notes: We closed 
a hlghtv successful senson of two hundred 
nnd ihirtv-llve weeks ut West Marlon, In., 
May .'H>. W. J. and It. It. Henderson goliu 
Immediately to Chicago, where they will rest 
a few davs before organizing t heir company 
for (his Hummer nnd next season. Bevenl 
new plavs will he added lo the repertory, but 
"Dr. Jeityll and Mr. Hyde," In which Rich- 
nrd Henderson mnde such a creditable repu- 
Inllon. will sllll be the feature- piece. The 
Hendersons are enjoying their much 
rent In Chicago, after their continuous season 
of four nnd one-half years without closln;;. 
The company reopens about the middle of 

— A. L. Dolson. business manager for 
Henry J. (■sin's traveling fireworks spec- 
tacle, "Last Hays of Pompeii," and formerly 
Willi the lime nnd llolossy Klrnlfy spec- 
ial lo. has been engaged by Gils Hill as man- 
ager for his iloyai I. input tans next seuson, 
which will then 1st seen In an entirely new 
production. Unit will, afford nn opportunity 
for the successful prosctttullnn of u series 
of bullets, ensembles, tableaux, and for tho 
display and iitlllzittlon of new scenic and 
electrical effects far grander than anyth'ng 
of the Kind heretofore attempted by this or- 
ganization, and will even more than sur- 
pass the splendor nnd miignlllcence which 
has won for It such unlKMtnded success and 
tame for the mist three seasons. The new 
product leu will be lu three nets and half u 
dozen scenes, nnd will be almost rnllrclv 
s|s>claculnr In coest ruction, n little singing 
i. nil some comedy of typical charui ters vary- 
ing the bullets and dances. The scene of 
cncli act Is laid In a different country, and 
each ensemble will lie characteristic of thu 
fete diiys of the different nations. Mr. 
Hill has secured the best procurable talent 
In everything, nnd has also associated him- 
self with several master urllsls and artisans 
wlio have so largely contributed In past years 
to many noluble successes lu both America 
nnd Enrols*. 

— Nolls from (lie Londnlr Tlicnlre Co.: 
We are lu the fourth week of our Summer sen- 
son, nnd so fur are meeting wllh success. 
Our rosier Is as follows: Hal. Burlier, mini 
nrei" Lelghtoe Slnrk, second senson: Frank 
RnniKdell. third season: W. S. Lnckiiye, 
fourth season : Chus. Avers, second seuson ; 
Leo Kendall, Al. Leyburne, Malcolm Wilson, 
Nellie Slnrke, second season ; Gerlruile Rnins- 
dell, third senson, and frysfnl lieuvui. Wu 
nre hooked solid lilt April 1. run, nnd so 
feel happy toward all the world. 

— Notes nnd roster it .National Slock Co. : 
The. comimny will open at Port Huron, 
Mich., week of July lit, with nil new issiple 
und printing, und a complete new set of 
scenery. We will play the following reper- 
tory: "Fiiiisi," "East Lynns," "Dr. .lekyll 
and Mr. Hyde," "Dad's Girl," "Mini In 
Blnck." "I'ncle Tom's Cabin," "Flnnlgan's 
Fortune," and others. The following Is the 
ciwnplete rosier : J. Albert lAiwson, Uolsu I 
Turner. Win. Reynolds, Dun Elllol, lloycc 
Bros., Prof. Sehultx, musical director ; Maude 
Burgess Dawson, Alice Perron Roy, Little 
Gladys, Ella Vogel. Minnie Boyee, nnd Mr. 
Dawson's great Dane dog actor, "Col. Irish." 
This will Is- the best company we have ever 
■ airlcd. Mr. Turner Is busy palming u com 
plate set of scenery. 

— Charles Francis llryntil, u singe iniinu- 
ger fur David Belasco, was mnrrlisl .liiiui .'ID, 
nt I iiiirlot le, N. C, to Mnrion Convore Jones, 
Ull actress. 

— Notes from Ihe Kinsey Komedv Co.: 
Wc opened our Summer scusou under canvas 
nt Woostei. ti., June --', to big business. 
Our roster la as follows: M. L. Kinsey. Geo. 
Moore, Ben W. Stone. Prof. 11. E. Henry, 
Allen Lee, Doiinle Gonser, Charles Cnuff- 
niali, "Suildy" McGreuur ("Ilisit, unni" I, Mrs. 
M. L. Kinsey. Leslie l.iimbert. Ilullle Run- 
nels. Florence Gllpinii Henry, und Baby 
Gnyle. Frank I.ainberi, business manager. 
Ibihy Madge Is taking u well earned vacation 
"down on Hie farm. 

— Clara George, who Is resting lit West 
Superior, Wis., has signed wllh Hubert II. 
Harris, of the Hiirrls-I'iirklusou Slock Co., 
for the coming season, lo do Juveniles and 
henvles. Next senson Miss George will lake 
out her own compuny through the Eastern 
States, where she Is well known. She will 
nave a Hist class company, playing royally 
plays only. 

— Jonncltn Cn row lias signed Willi Hidden 
Bros." "Denver Express" Co., for leading 
soiibrette. Senson opens Aug. 10. 

— W. K. Milium, malinger of the l lord & 
Fenwlck Co., reports thai the bookings for 
the mining senson are ull thai could be 
asked for. They are selecting only tho best 
of iiiietii. nnd will curry eighteen people, 
bund und orchestra. The plays will be ull 
royalty pieces, wllh sjs>cliil paper for same. 
Shi J. Dcschuiie will look after Ihu advance. 


Ncnlile. — Grand Opera Mouse (John 
Colt, manager >. - June :ill-.liily 1, ", E. II. 
Sotlierii, In "if I Were King." Nat Good- 
win lo follow. 

SKATTI.K Thi;ati;k (J. P. Howe, iiiuiiagcr). 
—Dark mil II July CJ. 

Tllllin AVKNI.'K Tiin.i riti-. (Will. Russell. 
manager). — Waller Sanfoid's Plnvers week 
June 'JN, "Fust Lyiitic." Week July C, "Not 

lO.Mi-iio; Paiik TlllATm, — -Powers nnd 
Theolsdd, Lorraine and Howell, foster and 
Curtain, (luthiiwav nnd Walton, World mid 
Kingston, Little Blossom, Hank Wbltcoillb, 
Tom Hill, bioscope pictures. 

Siiikuiis' Viiia.vii.i.r:. Leschl Park. — New 
people: Three Mullaly Sisters, Mr. and Mr<- 
Al. I'leiiti, polyscope moving pictures. 

IOiiisiin Tiikatiir. — Prof. Win. Ilnlley's 
■log show. Rose Nivcrns, Jos. Geruialii, -lliu 
Dalion. Morey Long, klnelnseope. 

M.Uiison Tiikatiik. — Dark unlit Kept. 13. 

Ciivmtai. Tiikatiik. — Tho Wsllons, Ihe 
lliimlliis. J. II. Friedman, Frederick Itubortu, 
moving jilctiircs. 

Pctitk Tiikatiik. — Whlllng und Whiting, 
Price and Lyle, Waller Orr, Edna Foley. 

IOmpiiik. Tiikatiik. — Dr Rulx and Granville, 
Allen Doone, O'Dell and Hart, motion pic- 

Pkiici.k's am) Paiik Tiikatiiks (.1. K. 
Smith, manager) — New people : Seuor unil 
Henoru FriiDcelln, Connors and Connors, 
Rynor and Melbourne, Antune Pcrrl, Thos. 
C. Mies, Flotxl nnd Hayes. 

CoMiriiJH Thkatiir. — Odoil and Whlllng, 
Signs Roberts, the (iuiillcrs, lkey l'euil, 
Jackson Sisters, Louisiana. 

< in, nit Aim. 

Ilen vrr. — Al the Broadway Then tret Peter 
McCoiirt, managed. — The June linker Slock 
Co., In "Barbara Frlolchle," played, lo good 
houses, week of June 'M. 

IOi.itch iIaiiiibns (Mary Elltch-lsmg, ttlilli- 
nger). — Aubrey lloiiclesull, with Jane Ken- 
nark and the Bellows Hloek Co., In "Harbor 
Lights," had good business week of "d. 
Week of July 5, Mauds 'i'enly nnd company. 

■MAMiA-rrAs- IIkai.'H (J. Edgar Clifford, 
managed. — A good hill, week of -H. drew 
crowds. Margaret Date Owen, US lending 
Indy in the slock, presented "Betsy Baker. 
John II. Mack, Phillips und Sliiup, Three 
Tannullus, Claude Tuna, aud Chas Fox inadu 
Up the programme. 

CllVSTAl, Tiikatiik (Geo. Irs Adams, uiau- 
agcri. — Stanton and Primrose, Myrilu 
Franks, the ('larks, tho lie Lucys, and Elsie 
St. cialr was the bill week of 'M, to good 



Meiniilils. — Al the New Lyceum Thea- 
tre (Frank Gray, malinger). — "Marltano" 
was presented wllh success by the Lyceum 
Slimmer Oiteru Co., June 24-U7. to good 
luminous. Claudia Albrlghl, as Laxnrulllo, 
opis'iiied lo advantage. She sang and acted 
with much rredll. Tom Greene was cast. 
for. Don Ciesar, but on account of n bad 
lliront Frank Smiley ivns substituted. Henri 
Li'ouc and Miss t.'ainpbeli came In for tbelr 
share of upiduuse. "II Trovatore," June -H- 
July 1, with Mrs. Marie Greenwowl Gulber- 
son In he role of foonore. was the best pro- 
iliictlnii of Hie Slimmer opera season. The 
nndlence wns enthiislnslle over Mrs. Oillhcr- 
sou's success and Ihe applause wns denfcnlng. 
Tom tireene. Henri foonc and Frank Crox- 
(on gave satisfaction, The chorus bus been 
greatly Improved and received several en- 
cores. For week of 0, "Martha." 


Houston. — At the Auditorium t Hamilton 
A. Rogers, managers). — Kllery's llnnd, after 
n week of excellent business, closed June ".7. 
The niunagrrs of (his house have concluded 
to close up Hie house nnd throw up the lease. 
It has been nn iinprollliible venlifre. Thev 
went to considerable expense In lining up 
the honso beautifully, and getting excellent 
attract Ions, lull, in spile of all, thev could 
not get Hie crowds. Grand Opera House Is 
still dark, for want of n suitable iiiiriiellou, 
nnd Manager Hvliwnru says It's very luiril 
to get u gisul one, nnd Hint he would rather 
keep Ihe house closed than to kill It forever 
Willi poor attractions. 

TllH N'Kir Stammiik Tiikatiik opened lis 
doors 'JP, Instead of S3, with Alvlilo k fos- 
eerre as managers und piiinrlvlors, to a huiisn 
crowded to suffocation. Tho crowd was en- 
Giuslastlc over the Interior, for. Ill up with 
ninny liimndcsccnts, the place looked like u 
miniature fairy hind, and It Is outi of tho 

F rott lost vaudeville Ihenlres In tho South, 
lewlette Jd Black's llurlesi|iiers were Hie at- 
traction, lu the "Black Crank," which caught. 
the crowd Immensely, and encores were 
numerous. Thu people: Lienor lumbar, .lames 
Livingston, R. A. Hewlett.', lewis J. Mack. 
Ella Kaufman, Gussle Addison, Bessie L. 
King, May Muhpiecn, Pearl Gilinore, .loo 
Kelly, Frank Peres, HI Tom Ward, Ella 
Howard, Doille Gregory, Lulu De Mnr, Vinn 
Campbell, l-'ay Delmar, Brit Boone, .lake 
Coy. and Ernest Bailey. 

Notks. — Jim Black, of llewlclle ft lllnck, 

tins been .appointed stage manager 

Charles Gates has gone lu Fort Worth to 

fill an engagement Tom Kelly left on 

a visit to Albany, N. Y., for the Summer. . . . 
.1. M. Evans, of New Orleans, scenic nrtlst. 
Is busily engaged on scenery for the new 
Standard mid Sweeney ft Coombs' Opera 

Ft. Worth.-- At the Risif Gnrdcn Them in 
(•list /. Wheal, managed. — Business week 
ending June 117 wns satisfactory. The Cur- 
tlss Comedy Co. continues as the ullriiclloii, 
presenting "llnael Klrke" week of "P. All. 
Holt Is the headllncr lu the vaudeville pnr- 
llon of (he progrmnme. which Includes lh« 
Morrisons, and (eel la Staples. 

Ciiow.n Tiikatiik (Phil Epstein, iniitiu- 
geri. — "German Disturbance," a comedy, lu 
one net, preivdes one of rim Is'st bills seen 
at Ibis house recently, Harney nnd llavneu 
oiiencd, mid brought down Hie house wllh 
their ragtime specially. The other people. 
Chns. W, Pop", Font el In, Chus. Ilocy, Alvlli, 
Rose B. Mitchell, Alvln Dnshluglon, Nat 
Blossom, Jas. Wolfe, Nellie Williams, and 
Ada Yule. Business Is big. 

Stanpaiiii TIIKATIIK (Frank De Domic, 
manager),— John It. Hcsulnn, Little Mile 
Dully mid Georgia Powers, lu "Edllhii's 
Burglar," oiien a good bill week of ;!ti. De 
Mon and I'llrton, Chirk and Euimotis, and 
Ihe Verdlers were the openings. The other 
people: Jen mid Georgln Powers. Jack WU- 
llnms, Llllle Weston, Ethel Biissell nnd Lulu 
fowton. The week opened In big house. 

UnllMN.— At 'Cycle Park Hummer Theatre, 
li;. R. Me Ada Ins, miiunger). — Week of Julv 
Bit, Ewlng-Tuylor Co. aru drawing liiimensn 
business nightly. "Tim Ijidy of Lyons" is 
tho bill for the week. at. popular prices. 
♦ »» 


INirllnnd. At Hie Miirnumn (Irund (Cn'. 

vln llclllg. niaiiiigeri. --■)■;. II. Hutliem plnved 
to Ihe capacity Juno L'U, 27, In "If I Were. 

King." Nat. C. Goodwin comes July 'J, ,'l, 
wllh "Tho Alloc of Friendship." 

Makkk'h Tiikatiik I George L. (Inker, mini. 
iigerL— -The linker Theatre Co. wua entliusl 
ilsllciilly greelcd by -good business on Its 
return, week ut Juno 21, the pill being "A 

Glided Fool. I'hu Arabian Nlghla" was 

presented at two performances June 28, lo 
crowded houses. Thu senson of ihe Hienlrn 
will close wllh "Bust Lvime," by tin, stock 
company, week of July ft. 

lO.Mi'ini] Tiikatiik (Gemgo L. Baker, mnna- 
gi'i-i. Ilinhl linn hers, Raymond and Clark, 
Arthur Halm, Ciilimiuii and Mexls, llrookn 
1011 1 A in, .lames Dunn, Wldls Brothers, An- 
drews ami Thompson, and Ihu liloscopu.' Paiik (Edward Shields, munn- 
P'l'l. — Hugh Eiumetl, Ihu Alhoii-Wllsou 
Clark Co,, Cnllforiiln Duo, Hie lloolovs. 
Leona mid l.conu, tho Diigiiiars, Joe Welch, 
Rooney and Forrester, mid tits pnlvscope. 

I'iuiv.h Nkw TllKATItU (A, (lolliiiaii, inuii 
iigerl. — Wnlters mid llagan. Norwood Bros., 
Bragg und Ashion, .toliu p. Ilmee, Pnnrl 
Weslon, Electru, Louise Lister, Jennie Gtllch- 
ni'd. nnd Alt. P. James. 

IOiiii'khii.v's Music Ham, (II. D. Grlinn. 
iniimiger).— -Mao Truseott, Ella lluwiird. 
Ladles' Ideal Urchcstrn, Mao 10. Gllddeii, 

lll.A/.lni'K CilMKIIT 1 1 A. J.I, (BR ||. Ilavls. 
msnnger). - Helen Bilslillell, Rose llaiprr, 
Leonore, and Louise Lister, 

Ckntiiai, Paiik (I llilor Bros., niiimi- 

nrsl.— Harry Steele, lino.. Milliird, Nellln 

I Ipcr. Leu Nanfoi-d, ,11m Magratli, Aincrli an 

vliiigiiiph, unil the Broa Leomlor. 



1. 1. ills. Hie. .- J,H-ke,v Club I'nrk (H. J. 
Winn, iiuiniigii'). — forge crowds nttumlcd 
the concerts nt I his resort week of Jiinn 'JH, 
In hear Kiirkniup and his hand, which had 
been substituted for Brooke's Chlciigo Marin.. 
Bund. K ii rks mp's Band has been entirely 
leorgaiil/.ed und enlarged, seven of the mem 
hers of Liberates Band liuvlug joined lifter 
the Liberal! engagement. Mr. Klirkanip hi 
very isipuliir lu this, his home city, und his 

coiicciis were enthusiastically r Ived, lie 

responded to three or morn encores during 
Hie evening. Agnes Chuiiiponx, soprano, 
rendered some popular songs mill made a de- 
cided fill. 

Nutk. — James B. Cuiup has made an agree- 
nielli With the execuli.ra of dm will of the 
hits Cupi. W. F. Norton by which he will 
have exclusive management of the Audi- 
torium properly, nnd absolute authority In 
the conduct of the theatre. Extensive Im- 
provements will be made by Mr. Camp before, 
the seuson opens. 

+ »» 

hiilhiiinnolls. — Al Fnlibiiuk Jess 10. 
fulii, basso, and Mahal Hudson, soprnnn, 
mid listeiiilorf'a Bund did very big business 
week of June -U. 

I'AinviKw Paiik, — Lllsiriill's Baud played 
lo ireineudous crowds week of "li. 
i s 

I0> nitsvlllr. — oak Summit Theatre con- 
tinues lo draw large crowds nightly, and 
week of June 'Jli offered un cxco|itlonall.v 
strong bill. The Greysons, In singing und 

dancing ; Leo Vogge, bag piiuclilng anil lump 
rolling ; Munvro : Billy . .Ward, liiiulolst : 
Harold Moran. nnd the klnodrome. 

Cook's Paiik Tiikatiik (Harry Lututma, 
innnsgeri.- Week of June Ull Hie hill was: 
I. viie and Kennedy, Arthur und Bessie, His- 
ters Keeley, De Varo and Ho Curio, and Prof. 

Wkst Hkiuiits Paiik o|n>iik July 4 with 
vaudeville, mid will run during the Summer 
senson. This park has lieeu o|s>ned by tho 
lOvansvllie Ilrewlug AssoclAlluU. Wnllucs 
Circus comes July <l, 

<«» i 

Twenty Hours to Chlosco. 

The train nn Hie New York (Vniral and 
Lake Shore, making the OHO miles between 
New York and Chicago dally In twenty 
hours. Is appropriately named Tho Twen- 
tieth Century Limited.— Ailv, 


THE jSpgy YORK -.fflIJ-3PIfEIR>.; 

fey u. 





SATURDAY, JULY 11, 1903. 


AflWtliement*— 12.80 per lack, BlD|l«eol> 

odd. ' ' ' 

. Advertisement* iet with border, 10 p*t 
rent utta, 


One year in auvauce, $4; lit mOQtbf, *2 ; 
tprea months, »i. Foreign poiui* extra. 
Single copies will be tent, postpaid, on re- 
ceipt Of 10 cents. 

Our Terms are CMk. 
THB CLIPPER It Issued every Wednesday 
morning. Tbe lilt four (advertising) pages 
00 TO PBESS on Saturday at 11 a'. U., and 
the other pages on MONDAX and TUESDAY, 
The Form* Cloiln* Promptly, ToeS- 
' day, tit iO o'clock A. M. 
Please, remit by express, money order, check, 
P. O. order or registered letter. All caah en- 
clbaedfrltb letter la at tbe risk of aebder. 
Addre>» A 1 * CommonicatlOBB to 
4T West 28th Street, New York. 
negbterei Cable Aildrcit, " AvrlfoBirx." 


Of Till' Curries li located at Itopm 002, 
Aibland Block, Chicago, Walter K. : Hill, 
manager and correapondettt, where adver- 
tisements and subscriptions are received at 
our regular rat£a,' : 


Located at 48 Cranbourn St., London, W. C, 
J. P. Cougblnu, manager aftd correspondent; 
where advertisements and subscriptions are 
received at our regular rate*. 


bIli and bbtail, at bur agents, Brentano'i 
news depot, 87 Avenue die I'Opers, Parle, 
France; M. Lllleothal, Frledrlcb BtraaM 
101 (TermhW Hotel), Berlin, N. W H (Jer- 
riany ; Diamond Newa Co., 07 Prtdo, Ha- 
vana ; Manila Book and Stationery Co., 128 
Kicolta, Manila, P. I.; Albert * Son, 187- 
130 Klilg St, Bydbey, Australia. 

THE SM W YURlt CLIPPER publishes 
ualr ene edition, aad that la dated 
tram New York. 


■ i 

No Replies \<r Mall or Telegraph. 


BR. AiivnnTWBn. one whbk only.).. Iv tub 


. fiiiAJlA'PllC., . 

W. W. B., Patereon.— We lutve no knowl- 
edge of ..lint . present whereabouts of the 
purtv. AddresH n letter In imr en re and we 
will advertise Itlla Tin: cmpi-kii letter Hat. 

.J. B. atClC, Providence, 

\V. J. T., t'aJCKtlue, 

J.. J. li.. i'lttsneld, 

J. W. H., lii-iiukJyii. 

Mrs. O., Sun. Francisco, 

H. (). S, &. Hon*, MnulHtee, i , 

. Mim. L. 'I'.. .Kiuisus (Illy, 

.1. t'./M., .National Shirk YnrdH, 

1'. K. C.,Scrauton, 

•C. F., StreBtor,' end ■ . 

. D. S. M., Bridgeport, see nuswer to W.W. 
B., above. . . ■ •■ . 

• Mas. K Li B.. St. Louis.— We have no 
meuiiH of knowing. 2. Deniunti Thompson. 
B. lea. 

W. T, 1L, New York.— Aildrwas party In 
care of. the Professional Womnn'B Uutgue, 
New York City. 

Mum. F. La It.. St. Louie.— We have no 
record of tin' dentil of tin- pnrlr. 

\V. 11. »)., Denver.— I. It 1h printed In 
book form. i.'. Snuinel French, L'tt West 
Twenty-eeeond Slreet. .New York «!ltv. B. 
AddreHH l lie Miner Lltlm. Co., i:tr>H llroud- 
wuy, New York City. 

J. F. P., Untie. — AddrenH Martlnka ft Co., 
-l!i:s Sixth Avenue, New York rliy. 

"t'AUi'KNTBH." tlnrdiler. — Addreiw Frank 
Howe, Loudon Thentre, New York City. 

M.. SI.. CblekaHhn.— Cnhh'H Uutde, puh- 
llsbea by Jiillim cahn. Kmplre Theatre 
llulldlng, New York City. 

1. A. R.. St. 1-AtiilR.— AddreKM the Slmbert 
Hcor., llernld Sipinre Tlieotre, New York 
• 'It v 

' jf.'ll., Brooklyn. — Harlow * Wilson at one 
time, mid Ueoige Tlinlclier nl auotlier. 

V. V., Cnlrci. — Wiili'h our route lint eneli 

T. "n., CarrolMon.— Wateh onr route Mat 
enrh week, or addreRH the iinrty lu.enre of 
Tun Ci.ii'i'Kii. and we will advertise the 
letter In our letter lltd. 

M. (I., Ilnvre de (iruee.— 1. Yes. 2. It la. 
'A. Advertise your wants lu Tiik Ci.iPt'fcn. 

K. A. H., New York As lite eoinpttrutlve 

nU'rlts of different plays arid onerus «re 
greatly a. mailer 'of Itlulvldiial opinion, we 
inn not answer your query. 

H. X. S. — As you have fulled to give the 
name of. the clly lu which the thentre Is 
located, we nre unable lu answer your query. 

It. C. P.. Norwlejl, — Ah you word the bet 
A,losi>s. II whs not betting thill the Chi- 
rugos would win. . He was Hiking only the 
negative of A's proposition, and ihoreforo 
wn«. wBgerlnit simply Hull the New Yorks 
wo»i Id not .win. If, litiwcvor, 8 expressly 
bet Hint the ChlcitKos would win, thru, an \ 
had bet Hint Hie New Yorkti would win the 
Vie game uiiule il tllltw bf tile 1ft. A nitty 
not have Intended tflvlng II oilds, but he 
should have stilted what he meant. 

T. W. II.. Cluriiillutl.— (In Mnnibiy, May 
18. New York vs. Plllsburg, the attendance 
aiiliniilieed was 7,5118: 


M. K., New York City.— Ally straight 
Hiish Is what .sonic pemuiis term a- •'royal" 
tiiidh. The latter term tlrtds, im> place In 
atiy stnndard work on, the gitiue of iiokitr. 

J. S. M„ Sun Francisco. — Itlile It reads 
us„ follows^: '"Kfleh Jack turned up by the 
dealer counts. one point. for him In the gninc, 
unless a misdeal should occur hr/orc the 
Juek Is turned." 

I. it., St. Loots. — The ruu> hearing on the 
qilestlon rends thus: "Any player betting 
with mure or less tlitiu live, cards, lu ills hniul 
loses the ilbril. Unless his allflbllcntK till throw 
up (heir llnuds before disrritiet'lbg Hie ftlnl 
hand." When a. plliyer itlrows up Ills hnrid 
be goes out of the game fur Hint hnhd. nu'd 
cRbilut. under any elrcliibBtdUce, participate 
further- therein, . _, ,. 

C. T., North Bi-ooklleld. — A, who needed 
but one holnt, won with jock, 'which 'scored 
before game, 

Baltimore Beaobh. — Althuugb B mude. In 
play tile two He bid, A, who wanted one 
iKiini only, won 'the game when be played 

A. P. B., SrHeneetody,— tlie rare to which 
ynu refer took place at Manchester, N. II., 
Sept. It. 18IW, Patrick Igo beiiig In recelpr 
of 140 yards from (J: B. Tlncler; and winning 
the event, which was nt one mile, llie 
slakes were *2riU a tilde. 

Tl Bf. . 

. F. E. S.,. Mersellles. — llerrals la A four 

year old, nud the price stated to have been 

paid for hi in by his present owner, K. it. 

Thomas, was $00,000. , 


D. Mi, Virginia.— The light l>elween Chris. 
Lilly and Tom McCoy took place at a spot 
between YonKers and Hastings, N. Y., Sept. 
l.'l. 1H42, nn ,d proved HAf I to Mc Coy. 



\V«-s t <cii llnreaa 
Of tae N civ York Clipper, 
Room K02I, Aslilmiil Block, Chicago. 
Summer came with a rush last Sunday 
and reigned throughout the week. The days 
were blistering hot and the nights sweltering. 
business, as a consequence, being to capacity 
ut the Summer |iarks, while, the theatres 
played to little more than their advance 
sales. These conditions, however, have not 
as yet mude any change In the managerial 
plans, Hie continuation of our Summer shows 
being still announced for an Indefinite period. 
These down town attractions- Include "A 
Chinese Honeymoon," which enters upon 111 
eighth week nt. .the Illinois Sunday: "The 
Tendcrfixil ." which then opens Its thirteenth 
week ut Hie Hvurhorn; the Whitney Opera 
Co.. which starts Its third month at Mv- 
Vicker's, ami "Babes In Toylnnd," last In 
the Held, und entering upon Its fourth week 
nt the lirsnd Opera House. Henry K. Dlxcy, 
who opened last Monday, continues Indefinite- 
ly ut Powers' ; there l» nothing said about 
the end of "Lovers and Lunatics" ut the i,n 
Salle, and the it. L. Crescy production of 
"Out of the l'old" caters Its third week at 
the (ticur Northern, booked for a mouth. 
Hurlesque stock, continues the attraction at 
Sum T. .luck's and the Trocndero, vaude- 
ville reigns at the Chicago Opera House and 
Masonic Temple, and Sous Soucl and Water 
Chutes Park provide the leading factors. In 
onr out of door amusement. The Bush 
Temple tand Dilckmauli'H were tbe last i ile- 
al res to close the season Saturday ulglit, 
nud the melodramatic Bilnu Is the first to 
open. Facing the reign nt llenerol Humidity 
tbe maiiiigeiuMil . of tills popular West side 
house courageously annoituces a preliminary 
Btinsou of a stuck dramatic company to begin 
Sunday afternoon, July ft. nnd .end In three 
weeks, with the opening of the regular sea- 
son of combination tssiklngs. 

. li.i.iNiUK Thkatbr I.Will J. Davis, mana- 
ger!. — "A Chinese Honeymoon" finishes Its 
second month -with the current days. Fa- 
vored by a goodly advance sale, there was 
business enough (list week to Him a prollt 
III spite of the weather. Ah the engagement 
lengthens the piece gains in jsipulurlly, nnd 
satisfactory business is hoped for. during Hie 
rest of Its stay. 

•JdcVn'KKB'B TilKATtiB (Sol Lltt, business 
manager). — The Whitney Opera Co. begins 
tbe third, .morith of "When Jbliony Comes 
Marching .Home" on Sunday night. The 
piece has hoeh so extensively and. attractive- 
ly lillletl is probably the .best known 
of our hunch of Summer shows,, and business 
ban been proportionately gra.tlf.vlug.. The end 
Is. not yea — iilt hough the tint wave may wash 
nway some of the inanagerliil hopes.. 

. Oranii: Opkra IIoiisk (Fred R. Hamlin, 
business innuager). — "Babes In Toyltknd 
(■* third week Sunday. With ft 
llls'ral ndvnnee mle.> Tbls will -help some, 
and It helped Inst, week, when the house was 
Inrgelv sold onr for e^ich performance. The 
guigeolts spectacle. Its hosts of pretty g'rls, 
ht-a ii l If ut costoilii's anil elubnrntf scenic eipiip- 
iiienls.'eo'nslltiite ri greater feast for the eye 
ilitin ftir the vat, althoilgli sdnif of the songs 
are, orelty, . , ., 

WAMnuV TfthXTnt: (W. W. Tlllottson, 
mauugui>. — ^"Tbe Tendetfoot" has luf^sed Its 
hundredth performance and Is UUIIOimi'ed to 
Bt'ov until well. Into. August. Although 
housed ' In ■ li ' fhehfre where ventilation Is 
utleclv out of the quest bin. .large iiiidletires 
were sntlslled to swelter .last week, while 
It jchnrd Carle' nnd his, merry assistants kept 
tlieui ulternul'ply Iniigbllig and npplaudliig. 

'PowHluV TfiKATBK (Harry J. Powers, man- 
«ger).-TT-'l'bc llrst week of llenry F. lllxey's 
enguegnietit resulted ill fall' business In spite' 
of the bent. "Facing the Music," which Ik pre- 
ceded by "Ov«>r ■ Welsh Hurebit," Is con- 
tinued lllls week. 

Cheat N'oiiTHEh.s Tiieatiie (Kdwnrd 
Sililth, manager).— r Patrons of this theatre 
are uiiforluiiate In having "Out of the Fold" 
brought to them In hot weather. The piece 
Is ho cleverly played and has so much ranrlt 
In Itself that It Is to be regretted that Chi- 
cago had lio chnnce, to enjoy Its pleasing 
qualities at a more propitious season. The 
third week begins Suiiuiiy, with one more 

week to follow. 

La Sai.i.k Tukatum (lilark C. Lewis, busi- 
ness manager). — "Lovers and Lunatics' con- 
tinues the attraction here, announced (or 
nil. Indefinite eilRagemeiit. Dave I.eWls. John 
Ford. Mhvme iielini, Adele Farrlngloii and 
ctu'rle Liunoiu are the lendera of the pre- 
senllng forces. . ... ....... 

Mahonio 'ItistPt.R TtfBATitB (J. J. Munlock, 
manager). — About Hie ..coolest place In town, 
lust wivk. was the top of Clilcago'H Inllesr 
building, and the vftutleVllle jiroRrnmine was 
of excellent class. Mme. Herrmunn mude 
n hit Willi ber.dalnty ledgerdemaln and mys- 
tifying "Sleeping Ileiiuly," and the, artistic 
preseulotlon of "ParlB," ,by, Clayton While, 
Slnrle Stuart & (>i.. H/'orwl a treinetldoiis 
huccesa. Lloyd and Waltone's singing was n 
feuture of a splendid bill, and scored .heavily, 
For the current, days the bookings ore: Marie 
Dressier, Ctuw. Otckson and Co., Porothy 
Kenton, Stuart and Logan, Bruno and, Rus- 
sell, . I,nw Sully, Fcrmano Urns., and tbe 
Kuufiiniilin Troiuie. Manager Murdock's 
*:i,lMH) act la bookeil for Aug. 2. but he will 
not disclose, any parllculars filrtlier than 
(hut there nre three people In the act. 

ciiiciiiii iii'hiia IIiiIibe (Kohl A CnRtle. 
managers). — Hot wcul'lier linn linsluess ut 
(his lionae last week, lint those who uttclidcd 
were well entertained by an. evenly gisul 
bill of uontlnuoil* vnitdovllle. For July 0.-11 
I he booklugi name : Marcel's living statues, 
for it third week, ns a feature. Others 
hooked nre: Intro Fox, Coun mid Cobrnd. 
Claude llllllngwaler nud company. In "The 
Wrong dan ;'' llltwiird Leslie, Khox Wilson, 
Flo Adler. (he lilt I leys, nltd olhers. 

Ri.iou Tiikitrk (Wttl. Newklrk. resltlellt 
manager), — Tile Franklin Stock Co., present- 
ing "A Mnn Of Mystery," logins a preliminary 
seaaon df three weeks at tills house Sunday 
nftevhoon. I'erformimcpR will be given twice 
tlriliv, as Ir chRtolnttry here, nnd s|ieclnltles 
will lie Introduced ;ls»tw«Mi nets, 

SAM.T. Jack's TtfRATnn,( Sidney J.Erltion, 
nihhrtger).— -The blirlempte stock rmii|mi.y 
com lline<i In profitable eyltlente. I«ast Week's 
IntrlesqitPS, 'With Hew specialties IntetiMilntcd, 
will be cqlltllltied durlttg the rtii'tetit ilnys. 
HOli Vnii qstcii. l'i'fltik l'[liliey,,Jnllte» TImtup- 
soli, I'M. Mori-Is. Patllo ntttl Dikn. Alleen Vin- 
cent, nay veinon. i*w ajsMiceK Delia ow- 
ler. Citnillle Ke.nynli, and PIi.tI1Ir Courtney 
me lenders in file Merry tnnklng. TitrAttip, (Hubert Fulton, man- 
ager).— Evetil.v gonij shows, by the lilit-leiidite 
Block company, continue to. attract pay fug 

business, In spite of thi beat Vera Bart, 
Illlth Everett,, A'cx Cnrr, (Jny 
Kuwooil, Patsy Iklrrttt, and. Frank DaUuivl 
lead the stock forces, which -also embraces 
tbe largest and liveliest chorus of its -sort 
in these' parts. "The lilrl In Blue" returns 
this week, os a special feature. 
. Hanb Sonri PaIik (Afred Russell, mnn- 
nger). — Harvest days begun with Inst Sun- 
day and a Wealth Of crowds were reaped, 
afternoon nod. evening, throughout ibe week, 
"l/Oop the Loop," the Japanese Tea Harden, 
"Ye Olde Mill, the miniature railroad, the 
beauty show, and. a score of other attractive 
concessions served to entertain the crowds, 
nnd the vaudeville played to capacity bilsl- 
uess at every show. For tbls week tbe bill 
names the Colby Family, Prevost arid Pre- 
vtist, Lawrence aud Harrington, Median's 
dogs, and Hidctila. It Is to go In for Jollity 
at Sans SfcitcJ— Chicago's elite resort. 
■ Watkii CirurxH Park (Wm. II. Strlckler, 
geiieral manager). — Chicago's populace 
(locked here In . throngs of monster pro- 
portion lust week. "Shoot the Chllles," 
"Looped the Jioop" and "Ate lite Klgbt." 
There are n score of enierlululng concession", 
nhd Chss. II. - Nlebieyer's vaudeville show Is 
ii feature. The bill here for this week 
itiihtei a dozen good little acts— all for I 

Ci.aiik Stki.kt Mi:hki;m (Upo. Mlddleton, 
nintinger). — Swimming under water, life sav- 
ing ilnd other acquntlc feats will be ex- 
emplified In « monster lank us this week's 
nirlo hull feuture. other altriu-tions will 
be: Wbnle ol! Hus and LIHIe Monday, the 
Hnrtley Twins, with tweuty-four lingers nnd 
twenty-four toes: and Sailor Hus, tattooing. 
The theatrical attractions will Include: The 
Hetinlglons, the llurueys. Mamie McKay, 
Have Plrkett, and the Seminary Trlpets. 

Avtkiimatk. — Conductor Thomas Itrooke 
nnd his Chicago Marine Band, thanks to the 
wea tiher man, have been enjoying their in- 
ning nt the Coliseum Harden, where crowds 
hiive congregated during the week. The 
Itlsmarck Garden also cOme in for great 
hlislncss, nnd llunge's Bund Is plnylhg ex- 
ceedingly popular programmes. Chicago s 
jdnny concert gardens, where free vaude- 
ville Is featured; also came in for their Hrst 

good Week Baseball will be played at 

American League Pork, Thursday afternoon, 
Isitween nines selected from "A Chinese 
Honeymoon" and "When Johnny Comes 
Marching Home." The proceeds will be do- 
nated to the Chicago Vacation School 

The Western Association of Vaudeville, Man- 
agers held Its annual meeting In their Arii- 
land Block offices July 1. The association 
represents the Kohl te Castle and Orphetim 
circuits ; Max Anderson's theatres In Cln- 
cinnarl and Indlabapolld, and the Columbia 
Theatre. St. Louis — eighteen weeks. In all, 
for vaudeville performances. Max C. Ander- 
son was elected president ; C. K. Kohl, vice 
president; Mnitiu Beck, ginerul manager; 
Deo. Mldlefon, secretary; Deo, Castle, treas- 
urer, and M. Meycrfeld. chairman of the ex- 
ecutive board Margaret Keeler, of the 

Mnson-Keeler Co., while playing the Chicago 
Opera House, hist week, was taken suddenly 
III. Mabel Russell, of Bruno and Russell, 
who was In the nitdleilce nt the time, was 
called upon for her services, nud within a 
half hour's 1 1 trie was given the lines, coached 
lu the. business, and played the part in the 

sketch with excellent effect Harry L. 

Baker, a young iiinn who has Been for a 
long time connected with Wlldmiin's lira- 
iria tic Agency, but with Is now with A. MIL) 
Bennett's Agency, was married In this City 
on J u he IS (o Oral re Benedict, of Minneapo- 
lis John M. Ward and wife nre ex- 
pected In Chicago soon to begin rehearsals 
of "A, Human Slave." the production of 
which Is now Mug built In this city. Mr. 
Ward writes' me Hint Ills play-opens at the 
Alliambra Theatre early in August, nnd- la 
iHioked solid over the Stair & Hnvlln circuit. 

• '■ ': > ■ > -: — 


(FROM OUR OWN con 111-: SKIN PKNT.) 

Clipper Bureau, 
4R CrnnlMiiirii Street, 
Leicester Square, l.ooiloii. W. C. 

"CoitRln Kale," n three act comedy of 
modern life. M lliibeh II. navies, wna pro- 
duced at the Jlayiitpikef Inst Thursday even. 


Hie prediction I made mi the occasion nt 
tile product Ion of the same author's "Mrs. 
Corringe's Necklace." : lt is sufficiently a 
success to show Mr. Bavles has lu bint the 

making of, a "lendlnjr dramatist." "Cousin 
Knte" shows -the good points of the earlier 
play more pronounced and . Its bad points 
less accentuated, 'lite scene Is laid In' a 
country village nnd the incidents of the 
three short nets cover n period Of about live 
hours. Mrs. Spencer, her daughter Amy, 
nnd her little con Hobby, much upset by the 
sudden disappearance of Amy's dance. Heath 
Desmond, only two days before the wedding 
day, are anxiously waiting for the nrrlviil 
of Cousin Kate, a successful novelist, Aud a 
woman of resource, who hus always helped 
them out of their difficulties. Meanwhile 
the local .clergyman, Mr. Bartlett, culls, and 
it soon appears that Amy, a demure little 
Puritan, Is more distressed liv her sitppqsed 
disgrace than by the loss of iter |over, and 
would be much hnpnler as a parson's wife 
than united to Desmond, nn artist nnd a 
Holieinlan, The parson begins a proposal 
to Iter, but Is Interrupted. Cousin Knte 
arrives nnd announces Hint she has been 
greatly, ehurmed by a pleasant sfntUktr. on 
the way down. Amy confesses that Des- 
mond had left her after n "tin" caused bv 
her lecturing him for Sabbtith breaking. 
Cousin Knte rulvlsrs her to write and beg 
1 teamond's forgiveness, arid she does so. Then 
Cousin Kate goes to the cottage that Is to 
he Amy's home, and there meets again her 
pleasant . railway companion. Neither sus- 
pects (he other's relationship to Amy, and 
they fall hopelessly Ip love. When they 
discover how matters stAnd Desmond Is for 
telling Aihy everything, but Kate will hot 
mar Iter niece's happiness. Ip the end. How- 
ever, Kate and Desmond, Amy nhd her par- 
son ftre happily mated. The humor- of the 
entire piece Is admirable, and again Mr. 
Duvles displays his skill In delineating 
fctnltiliic i'liJtniclerlstlcR. He Is not quite so 
happy when attempting to secure setlous 
Interest .for some of. his love passages. 
Cousin Knte Is an excellent part, ulul Miss 
Ellis Jeffreys played It with charming grace 
ntul distinction. She differentiated the vary- 
ing moods of the clever woman novelist wlt'h 
wonderful expression. Cyril Miidae was very 
clever, Indeed, as Hie illnci'ittah hero, 
had not, always that air of eBay nUuiidon 
that should mark tbe part. Itmlge Harding, 
ns tile curate, was sttpprctlllons And srthetl- 
mouloiis, anil made his part nil that the 
author Intended. Carlottn Addison, BetvtHce 
Fetrar. Miss iliiylbdrue and Master cyrli 
Smith also contributed to the successful ren- 

dering of the pluv. 

Madame Jane Hading has scored an un- 
mistakable success ns "Ln Secunde Jliidnuie 

Tahqlieti)iy." at the Coronet Theatre. She 
wBs very different, ns may be Imagined, from 
either Dime or Mrs. I'at Campbell, eucli of 
whom Is remnrktihly good 111 Hie role. One 
of Hie llrst to hasten and rnhgrtttnlale Mine. 
Hading itttoti her success ns lMuln Trttniiie- 
riiy wis Mi's. I'at Calillilipll, No sooner lirtd 
she. nnlslied her rnrtgrnttiln Units , tllnn Mr. 
Pinero '.wis nnnounced. Mh Plnero's.trtH 
la . fdthnlis, but olie wotltlers lllitv, I. d 
foreign tnhgiie, he. managed, tin the spur nf 
tlie tnrtlnent. to frntop Jtist the pteelse phrase 
of eulogy suited to Hie flattering Of Mine. 
H"flllig and tlie satisfaction of Mrs. Camp- 
boll,' Hofrever,; I yarn ; assured t«Ht both'S were delighted with tile- even dis- 
tribution of llohnFs by Mr. Plueros hsull. 

Al the, Kelinlngtoii Thealre. on MohUnv, 
waa.prodin.'ed, for-the- llrst. Hme, lu- London, 

a new, and original force, ,ent tied The 
i/ady rtlllcr." The lyrics-are the work of 
,1 lllckoy Wood, una Hie music by Frank 
lieu T. Johnnie Srfioneld appeared Intbe'prm- 

C,1 *The WlValnW/' a musical comedy, by 
Seymour ifid"". with mil.ilc by Ivan- caryll, 
of which I hnve-fllrenily made mention. Is 
to be proilucwl ot tbeAddnbl Ih tl|e Autumn. 
■ H Is aubounced here that' Margaret Aiig- 
lin will shortly be seen In Uindon, Intro- 
duced- by Charles Frtdimnn. 

Unavoidable dlfilcnltles in the WJI» 
Hon of tbe French version of "Iris for the 
stage have resulted in Madame Bernhardt 
postponing her production of Mr. Plneios 
day In I^ndon during her present visit. ]t 
will, accordingly, be llrst presented Bt her 
own theatre, In Paris, during tbe Autumn. 

Cordon ('ralg Is giving an exhibition of 
lils designs for stage scenes and costumes nt 
the imperial Theatre this week. 

J. K. Sullivan has been released by rom 
B. Davis from his engagement In "The Xleda 
nhd Hip Maid," at the Lyric Theatre, and 
the part, of Levanter, the music master, Is 
now played by Ijinrence Calrd. 

Ellen Terry brings her season at the Im- 
perial to a close on Saturday, aud a shore 
holiday, followed by her provincial tour, will 
keep her out of London until the beginning 
of December. " Am— 

Edward Terrv Is back from South Africa, 
after a successful six months' tour. As his 
otvn theatre Is occupied with "Lady Molly, 
hi will go on tour early In Anguat through 
tbe provinces. . . . 

French versions of "The Admirable Crlch- 
tdn" and "Sherlock Holmes" are being pre- 
pared fOr production In Purls. 

■'Did llclldelberg" reached lis 100th per- 
formance at the. St. James' on Friday night. 

A copyright performance of a muslrnl ex- 
travaganxa, entitled "The Babes In Toy- 
liind,' F was given nt Victoria Hall last Mon- 
day week, under the auspices of M. Wltmark 
& 'Sons. , . 

The 700th performance of "A Chinese 
HnnevmiM>n" was celebrated last week. 

The Williams & Walker Show appeared 
by special request before the king yester- 
day, and, according to all accounts, the 
il'uskv company made an Immense hit with 
Ills .Majesty. IJKiinlly when a performer 
nbpears before royalty a token In Hie shape 
of a bin or other Jeweled trifle Is presented. 
In this cose conjecture Is rife as to whether 
Williams or Walker will he the favored one. 
At all events this showing before King Ed- 
ward will prove n big "ad." fiir "In Da- 
liomev," and nn extraordinary business 
should result at the Shaftesbury. Even ns 
it Is, despite the draw hack of the arrival of 
the much delayed spell of good weather, the 
crowds that await nightly (be opening of 
the theatre Is of proportions to swell tbe 
Willi glad 

dre;: •Bonnie Coodwln aud 1." • p ckT.nnni''''' 
Cunimlnver and While, at L'WA 
MoiiSrord and Walsh, at Hie Cam, at ' 
•Margaret Aahton, Clark ami Ham, 'o, '"* ,1 
the Collins Trio, ot the Tlvol; Jack Cam* 
at the Canterbury: Belle Dnvls, at' 

„ - Vl nnd 

managerial heart wllli glnduess. 

Mile. Anna Thllmud. who recently achieved 
a great success at ScBIa, Ih Pdrls. opened 
at the Empire oh Monday, in n repertory of 
what may be descrllied as ibusicnl monologues 
rather than chansons, their subjects ranging 
from humorous to the pathetic 

Lallah Selhlnl. uniler tile name, Mile. 
Phnzetier. opened at the Albambrn on Mnn- 
dhy night, lb a slbgle bicycling net. She 
does n little bicycle trick work. Juggles a 
Utile nnd alligs a song. Altogether she does 
a very pretty and clever act. 

Horace liol-lin hiought his big magical 
net to Hie Phliice this week, and now we have 
a Hidden nt the top nnd a H-.iidln nt the 
bottom of the bill nt this house. He has 
promised a number of new nnd sensational 
features In bis net. hut did not introduce 
tllem on -Monday. We nre looking forward 
to them next week. George Fuller Golden 
(ontlmiPs to make the house roar with bis 
clever monologue. He is how doing what 
Is practically a different talk, but It. Is not 
a -whit less successful than the-innttcr with 
which, he llrst opened. The Motoglrl .(now 
in her last weekj, and Hurke and a mints, 
are Blsa here and doing well, having (he 
favored 'poRllions nn the hill next to thu 
two Mara 

Mile. Florence, the little lady who Inst 
week accomplished the feat of walking to 
I'.rlghton, a distance of fifty-two miles, on 
tile globe, has been -engaged by the Empire 
nud will make Iter hrst appearance next 
'A variation of the Animated Song-Sheet 
Is produced nt the Middlesex this week, 
entitled "Tlie Factory Hlrl." The back 
cloth pr.->sehls -the exterior of n chocolate 
factory, , the windows being arranged with 
flaps, Hi rough Which pop the heads of the 
chorus. Joe Petermnn was responsible for 
the production. 

Cooke and Mlas Rothert are .at the 
Denrrbes Theatre, Munclieti, where they ore 
t'ipktiig a big hit. They seiid me nn at- 
tractive compilcutlon of laudatory press 

I. hear that Mile, Adeline Gebee, the pre- 
mier danseiise at the Empire, has been en- 
gaged for a. filrtlier term of two years. Tbls 
lady Is undoubtedly the. cleverest Bud most 
charming dancer of tlte.nge, and one wonders 
what Would become of the Empire ballets 
without her. 

T. .Nelson Downs remains at tbe Empire, 
BR does also, tlie Pautsier Trio. 

Robert linker nnd his company appear in 
"Spring-Heeled, Jack" at the Hippodrome 
next Monday. On the same day Jerry Hart's 
team of net-boll players, wlll.nppear. 

,0. K. Sato, who shortly goes to tbe contl- 
ncnt to fulllll n lengthy series nf engage- 
ments, wbb a Clii'1'kr Bureau caller this 

Cbna. De Camo has returned to London 
from a successful tour of Ibe Mosh and Stoll 


Fallardo, tbe Tnstrnmentnl Man, is In 
town, playing a prosperous engagement nt 
Sadler's Wells. 

Manning's Entertainers, lu their highly 
successful sketch, . "The , Turkish Bath Rub- 
ber," are nt'thU ErHplfe, Birmingham, this 
week. At the Gaiety, lu tlie some town. Is 
Harry Taft, the whistler, and Bt the New 
'tivoii Kelly and Gillette are featured with 
their springing billiard table act. 

I regret to hear Of tlie Itidlsposltlon of 
Miss Hamilton: of (.'lark and Hamilton. 

Delulorc and, Wilson make their European 
deb m ot tlie Pavilion next Monday. Frank 
arid Jen Lntoun ate now presenting ot the 
Pavilion nn act that Is much Improved In 
cvel/y direction. Tbe greater part of the 
Improvement, however, Is to be found Iq tbe 
work of Miss or Mrs. I.atomt, who has de- 
veloped Into n most artistic and finished 
performer. She is to he praised for the 
modesty and repression of her style. 

Barton and Ashley spent Inst week at the 
Palace, Chelsea. 

I'ltroso Is tbls week at John Latvson's hew 
house, In, as a special feature, 
lie goes to Paris next week for a month nt 
the Moulin ltotlge. ' 

The American comedy Ftiilr are engaged 
at the, Palace, MnlicheRtor, for two weeks. 

Morretl and Evans go to the Metrotmtlton 
aett ;week. 

Lulu Darren, the. possessor of an uhiirunl 
(otiftaltp villi*, .inride a hit at Barnard's, 
flrbeuwlch, tills. week. 

.Everhnit. Is tiifljlllrtg. an etjgabehlent at the 

Palace,, Mauchestel', where be ltt'dfls the bill. 
He Is now pteprtHng mlillyniew trll-ks for In- 
troduction dvtrllig Ills forthcoming American 

UoHdlnl His beeh u proltihged In , Moscoiy. 
iissln. Lrt Belle JaKie fs at Aiirtidnt's, in 
hdt city, artd^rtiBklhii.a.blg h|t. The Mnu- 

'"•yC". W"!, tohr'are a lab Ih Rttsslfis 
■ ,|,< S- h .l •-■•(.*.' nfldflte doing retjiftrknlily well, 

thHr drrvni frutJ) ArherlcB Ibey bavk ,lh 
ivety llislajlce, thppell every bill on vVhlcb 
ihey played. This Is indeed an excellent 
record. . 

Tlie educated hdrae, "BbpUer,", Is another 
tiewcolber ito tbe Hlrip^fidtte next HbudaW 
. ^Haraeen.arilTedilniLoiidan'.Saturaty, 

Mnrtlne and Sim, at the Ilnclless 
t.he^New. ilotbams, at. " 

i' dnd 
t .Straitou,' at' iile 
Russell, nud Maj. 

the Lulalne Trio, at' Barnard 1 s, (ireeuwi, 
Oueenle I^lgMop, o Gaiety favor to „„'.'; 

her tauslc ball debut (his Week, at the Tivoll 

— : — ♦ >' » 


Boston. — A hot wave decreased the In 
door patronage nnd greatly Increased tha 
number of outdoor antiisement seekers |-,« 
week. There are thousands of visitors iii 
(own, attending conventions, etc., and the 
theatres are more or less benefited bv t I 
Influx. Blch. Harris & Charles Fro'hinin 
are not to build a theatre on the site of tha 
Home of the Children's Mission, on Tremont 
Street, as hns. been staled, and as was 
planned by this llrm. 

TbrMont Theatre (Jno. B. Schnerfel 
manager). — Last- week's thermometer rbnnn 
hud little effect on tlie business ot »|C, 
from 'Paris;". the. houses being hear caiuieltv 
even on the hottest nights. with even-. 
Hi lug in Its fnvor this show Is bound to do 
a: remarkable business. I'nitl Nlcliolsoa sue 
ceeds E. J. t'nnnellv this week. Current 
week Is, the ninth -of the engiigement 
; Ma-Ikstio TiiEAttiH (Stair k Wlthiir, man- 
ngew). — Seventh and final week of "York 
State Folks", opens Monday, July ii; ntten- 
dunce continues Idg, hut It was thought | H . XC 
10 dose thei.'ngiigement on Sn'iirdtiv nleiu 
of this week. B 

: Mi'Bu: Ham.' (Stair & Hnvlln, managers) 
— "Toll Gate Inn'; was Immensely pleaslne 
to patrons hist week, who turned nut ij 
goodly numbers to witness the product Ion 
•The Fire Patrol" Is the selection of the 
Aubrey -Stock for this week. "We 'Pus ot 
Tennessee" Is In rehearsal. 
• Castlb Sql'ark theatre (J. H. Emerv 
manager). — The house stock, In "A Texas 
Steer," Is this -week's attraction. "A Mid- 
night liell" found fnvor with getiermislr 
filled houses lost Week. "Tlie Bells of Hnsei- 
toere" Is the next card. 

Keith's Theatre (B. F. Keith, manager). 
—This Is one of the local houses Ike warm 
Weather has no terrors for. Thi- mauv 
visitors in town nre availing tlieiiiseives of 
the chance to- see a model sliowbouse, lis 
furnishings hdrtg wotith the price of udiuls- 
slon fllone to see. Frederick Bond nnd com- 
pany. In "My Awful Dad," top notches Oils 
week's offering. Others nre: Selhlnl and 
Glovlnl. HOey and Austin, Sidney Wllmer 
and company, Reese Brothers, Hip Leslies, 
Corbley nnd lW;rke, Frank Hush. Hie Barrows, 
Stevenson, Eil. J. Rice. William Redmond, 
Pndetles. Woman's Orchestra, nud uew mo- 
l ion pictures. 

■ Howard ATlir.N-AEi'jt (Wm. MeAvoy, man- 
ngert, — Edmund Hayes nhd Co., Maddux and 
Wayne. Lillian Shaw, Breen nud- Carroll, 
Otto Brolhers, Joe dayman, Rohee and liv- 
ers, Gordon Sisters, Kitty Hoffman, Fred- 
ericks, aild Hie house burlesque, In "Venus 
vs. Jttno," constitute this week's bill. 
Jimmy Briggs, the boxer, who made Young 
Cot'bett hustle. Was ndded to last week's 
programme, and with Chester Goodwin, an- 
oilier local mnn, gnve a three round exhibi- 
tion at every performance. Good business 
rewarded the' enterprising management. 

1'ai.acr Theatiif. (Charles H. Wnldrou, 
mannger). — A new first part by I#w II. Car- 
mil, an olio consisting of the Norrlses, Lewis 
Brothers, : Frank Emerson nnd others, and 
an afterpiece. Introducing Thomas nod Wat- 
son and other members of the burlesque 
company. In the show for this week. 

. i.vcei:m Tiiratre (G. II. Batcheller. man- 
nger). — This house closed Saturday night Its 
season of fnrty-atx weeks, nnd the most pros- 
perous one lu Its history. After the cus- 
tomary overhauling, tbe bouse will lie opened 
early In August. 

Austin A .Stone's Miiski'm (Stone & 
Shaw, managers). — "Fashion Plate Beauties 
of. the Post nnd Present" again bends tbe 
curio hall exhibit, and- Is as taking a card 
as seen in tills museum in many years, lu 
the theatre ore seen- Mason nnd Kdwnrds'. 
Mildred Cantield. Madlsnn Brothers, Devene 
and Shui'tz, Hilda Tucker. Caldwell Brothers, 
Archie Deacon, Finn and Warren, l,eah La 
Jole, Gaines am! Hazard, and others. 

.NieRKMUiEox (L. B. Walker, manager).— 
Current bill Includes: Sailor's convention, 
mysterious barrel Imp, Auger Brothers, 
Salem Sid and the Cannon Variety Co., In 
"The Golden Link." 

Nouiwiiieua Park. Atiburndnle.— J. W. 
Gorman's Imperial Minstrels Is the attrac- 
tion In the rustle theatre for week of July 
(I. The show Ih said to be. of n high order. 
The attendance showed great improvement 
lust: week, July 4 being a 'banner day. 

Cbkscent Gardens (Wm. II. O'Neill, man- 
ager). — Lizzie B. Raymond bends tbls week's 
bill. Four .Melrose Brothers, Wills nnd 
Collins, Gus Bruno, and Wood and Rav are 
other features. Crowds attended Inst week's 

Point op Pines (Wm. H.' O'Neill, man- 
ager). — "The Telephone Girl," as presented 
by the Pines Musical Comedy Co.. Is really 
a treat and one seldom found In outdoor 
theatres. The production compares quite 
favorably with the Indoor performances of 
Ibis piece, ond there Is nothing Inciting to 
make it n big success. Irving Brooks has 
scored heavily as Bans Nix. This is the 
second week of the musical comedy. A 
coheert, was given July 5 bv the eompnny 
nnd Maggie Cdne, to big receipts. A chil- 
dren's festival commences this week and will 
continue a fortnight. Special features are 
itutloilhced for' their henelit. 

•Lkxi baton Park.— Week of July (I: Cnr- 
lln and Otto, JanteR Irwltt, Crosby nnd How- 
ard, and Mr. ond Mra. Neil Litchfield. 

■Mum-fini) Bnni.EVAim theatre (J. W. Gor- 
man, manager). — Three Mllletles, Fnvor nnd 
Sinclair, tlie narrows, Morrlsey ond Rich. 
and the Knight Brothers are current cards. 

GohkIp.— Edward J. McCarron, tlie vet- 
eran stake manager of the Howard, oud Ins 
wife celebratejl. July 0, the thirtieth anni- 
versary of their marriage Mrs. 0. H. 

Gilbert Is spehdlUg the Summer at Slnscna- 

set, Xahttlcket Island "I'egg.v Irani 

Paris" will be seeh at Wnllack's Theatre, 

New York, beginning Sept. 10 John 

CfBlg Is at Betlflehem, N. rf., with Ills family, 

nnd will remain there until Sept. 1 

('.Blanche Rice, of WBIIham, will next rpb; 
Ron be a member of "A Great Temptation 
CO... ....Lottie WestiPt'. a Boston girl, lias 

been ebgaged for Bryant's rttrlesqiiers for 

next season Henry W. Savage will first 

prodtlee George Aile's comedy, "The Coitutv 
Chnlrmdrt," at the Sttidebaker Theatre. Chi- 
cago, 'on Sept. 1 George B. Lothrop. 

of Hie ' Bowdoln square and Howard 
Athenaeum. Will sail lor Rllrripte; July li- 
nn tile Iverrtla. . "The Yanked Consul, 

llrst crtlled "The Lieutenant Cotnninhder. 
will lie bresenfpfl nt the Tremont on Sept. 
21, by Henry W. Savage's Co. ...... George 

H.Nlcolnl, A. L. Wilbur ond "Hap" Ward 
nt* Bmohg the pntty how enjoying a tr\' 
lng. cruise on the great lakes on E. D- 

stair's steiirn yacht Grace. . J. Fred Zlm- 

nterm„h nhd Mhckiyn Arbuckie were otar- 
ried' In this city last Week to non-profes- 
slnntiis...... Isabel Hall, prima donna, last 

RPdsoh With tbe ".San Toy'' Co., Is a hle« 
of cotitnlh Cain. Well known police official 
ot this city. Judging from tbe notices ot 
tbe lefidldg araantlc critics of the country, 
Misa-HalMS-one of 'thetflnda of tbs- season 


in the light opera Held, und Is In much de- 
a,nd for ncxtjieasoii. 

-'J"li« week Just pasl. was the 




Urn theatre hundreds were tiitntsl nwnv it tful " 1 
£& JKSff' fouowlng^Ue 

Saw I" S"« ln ln favor at ever y Performance. 
"555 Mascot" was _ very ^ubly given. George 

Margaret Baxter mid Mdrlu 

ivler being ,l,c " l0!,t prominent. For (I and 
ui-ek (he same company. In "Hlllcc Taylor." 
WiM-'iwMiF. Park (J. It. Tulbetts, mini. 
a . er i. — This pnrk and theatre had Its Initial 
cjcnlng ■*■ with Prof. Jack Crosby, In balloon 

£™iemy of ,<iusle. In ^Kl«7S5, In Au" 
SiUSHM^""!!* lb . c dlow «M lute In ar- 

riving In that city, and. an a result, the man- 
ai?f n »«{ l ° }'< lt «"t the iMirad... to the .Its- 
Mppoliitiiicnt of several thousand people, 
the unloading was nut completed until 1 
l. M., jmd .after a lively hustle the doors 

ascensions, aa Hie outdoor attraction, and an were <i|M'tied at fi o'clock, and the only ner- 

excellent vwidevlllc for the theatre, Includ- formnnco waa started an hour Inter The 

Ine: Miirvellc and Oleuscn, Lorraine and umJn , tent wua well lllled, despite the un- 

rinton. Klmi and Morran. Cooke and Hall, us,lal uour tlll! 8ll " w waa given. All oxeel- 

mul Jones and Sutton, L'uslncas was very lent programme was carried out, nothing 

reml both afternoon and evening. The pnrk "•''"S omitted. 


manager). — The Amsdcn Opera Co. continues 
to draw large crowds lu ttiv, theatre, which 
Is now completely tlnhdicd. at n coat of 
ttH.lHMi. Its seating capacity, which Is all 
on one floor, Is over L'.iHXl. There are, be- 
sides, many park attractions. 

c'oi.k Yuii.mikii tt Frank Jamkh' Wild 
mm will Ih- at McG rami's Park t>. 


rt„ws many plenums additions for Huvcon-' llolyoke — At -Mountain Park Casino (W 
vfulenrc of pntrpns.^ The same attractions II. Mill, manager) •■■• 

nill be offered for and week 

The Mikado" was the 
attraction during the week of June 117. and 

L'a.nohib liAKH Tark TI1EATBK (J. W. Gor- the opera company gave It a most "urn lie engagement) 
nan! manager).— This park and theatre were worthy production The aUenAmce - ' ' » *"■■»" 

Krlr.— At Wuldcmere, week of Jiuic<2U: 
Hart and Co., (it-net and ( inlet, Princess 
Chlmpillla and Ktl. Newell. F.dw. Hart und 
Mile. Hesse, and Manning und llucruw gave 
great satisfaction, afternoon and evening, to 
vast crowds. Coming July II: York, Horlicrt 
Trio, the Knno ltoyal Japanese troupe, litis. 
kirk nnd lllch, and Frank Whitman (return 

filled Willi pleasure seekers during the past tlnues to Increase as each week coes hv Th„ 

week, the management offering many extra opera for the week of July II will be "The 

features for the holiday attraction. The I'lmtes of Penzance." .Ilarcreave's SS 

theatre bill Included :■ Favor and Sinclair. — —■■■"•-« •■ — ' ■ •.•••»"c 
Karl ami Wilson, Solaret, the Fowloys, and 
lleno and Smith, which was enjoyed by many. 
Kor current week the Tliree Macarte Sis- 

A concert was given u 
the Pnlusvllle, O., Cornet Hand. 


cus exhibited here J, to two large audiences. 
. . . .Walter Main s Circus Is booked to show 
here July 17. . . . A number of the members of 
Hnrgreavcs Circus were Initiated Into the 
tors. Hie Three Shamrocks, Geo. II. Diamond Ilolyokc Aerie of Fugles on the circus' recent 
and Al. Moon, Fred 8. _ Stuber, and Ward visit to this city. b uc c 

Allodnn — At Ijikeinont Park Theatre (K. 
W. Marks, manager). — The Lukcmunt Stock 
Co. tested the capacity all week of June 211. 
The Cole' Younger and Frank James Wild 
West Show la hilled to exhibit at llolll- 
duygbnrg, Pa., July 1(1. 

« '» 


and Raymond will constitute the vaudeville 
numbers. - 

llAMiTow BUACII Casino (J. h. Stcln- 
l^rg, manager). — This jKijmlar resort enter- 
tained big crowda during the past week, with 
en extra large number 4. The thentre of. 
freed a very pleasing bill, Including: Tlll's 
Marionettes, Bros, Lnnole, Frank Mitchell 

I,nivreiic<> — Wen Forest (Jos. J. Hynn, 
innniieor).— Coming week of July (I, the 
American 'Minstrels, In. tin up to date pro- 

giamme, Including: Mullen and Corelll, the 
lIols> Quartet, Dan Coleman, Corrigan and 
l>orr, and Prof. Hand's American Orchestra. 

-Juno took her weeping 

{tranibin and Freeman, und Col 
great Danes. 

i PixKintjisT Hunt (S. lOdgar Whltaker, 
n'anager). — Tlila park bus enjoyed good pa- 
tronage the past week,- especially 4. The 
special attractions are the concerts, casino 
and dunce pavilion. The theatre will open In 
the near future, nnd offer high class vaude- 

iMimvAV, City I'amk — Several very nc- 
i-eptable entertainments were given under 
canvas .'I, 4. Moulin Itouge Co. (I,, is. 
Walker, manager) offered : Hartford Sisters, 
Annie McDonough, I.n Belle Freda. Susie 
Ciirvln, and the Great Helene. Nelson's 
Museum t HI lip Nelson, manager) : I'rof. 
('litis. Wolcott's Museum, nnd Parisian 
Ileimty Show (Harry Klake, manager) 

I'hilnileliihln,— Mr. Keith has things 
all bis own way now, so far as Indoor en- 
tertainment Is concerned, only the HIJou and 
the new theatre on Chestnut Street remain- 
ing open. Ileal hot weather arrived last 
week, after Its prolonged deluv, and 
as a result the bulk of business was 
Immediately transferred to the parks. 
A tine day on the Fourth, In conjunction 
with the special fireworks display at the dif- 
ferent rarks, was the cause of patronage 
which very seriously laxed all the trans- 
portation facilities. 

KbItii's Bt.iot: Tukatiib (John J. Kelruns. 
resident manager). — "Mixed Pickles" Is the 


skied with her, and following the dawn 
July the sun commenced to work overthne, 
and by the time the Glorious Fourth arrived 
the canine population wasn't doing all- the 
panting. The weather wes calculated to drive 
i-verybudy to cool spots, and the resorts all 

Ciirmtkii Pahk (I. M. Miirtln, manager).— 
The Chester Park Opera Co., after playing 
"11 Trovatore" nil week, will begin the nee- 
oiui week by staging "Martha" July .">. 
Floyd H'Aublgne, hum new tenor, was well 
received, J. Stuyvesant ICInslow Is to make 
bis appearance during the week as Plunkett. 
At the Vaudeville Theatre Torcat, Armatroug 
und Wright, Hon Gordou, Josephine Coles 
aud Al. Weston are billed. Kiislness is great. 

1,1'iil.uw" I,A(iooN (.1. J. Weaver, manager). 
— Vaudeville 1'lredor Mux ltoactilicrg has 
engaged for S: Marguerite Favor. Not Ilia 
anil Minn Arinant, and the Diamond Conledy 
Four. The Hoyal Huiigiirlnn Hand Is com- 
ing, l'hlniiey's Cnltcd States Hand Is still 
giving dnllv concerts. Huslness Is good. 

COMBS Island t\V. J. Clark, manager). — 
'"The 1-ast Days of Pompeii." Hie rains' 
great spectacle. Is drawing crushes Ui the 
up river resort, now reached both by trolley 
nnd steamer. At Ihe Vaudeville Theatre, " 

. The 
olio Included : Joe and Helen Klllot. Jennie 

Friiser, Fuinui Henrtett. Jennie Armstrong, offering liy the stock company at tills house there will he seen: Phil and Cntrle llussell 
Tliresa Curtis, Augusta lilnls, and GrlRln tllls week, while .the comedy, "Jane." Is In and their trick dog, lit "Clarence's Mis- 
em! Thompson. AH reported very stitlsfac- preparation for the coming week. The nu- ' 
lory business. dlcnces were of excellent size last week. 

the house continuing well filled even during 

Xotk.— Joseph Smith, who broke his arm 
recently at the l.akevlew Theatre, will be 
able In return to the company next week, lu 
"Snld Pasha." 

the very hot weather. The perfoi niuuces of 
"Sweet Lavender" were entirely praise- 

KKtm's New TmtATitK (II. T. Jordan, 
resident manager). — The bill this week is 
lirad'si by James Holnn and Ida I.enliarr, 
In "A High Toned Hiirglnr," while other 
entertainment Is supplied by the Montrose 
Troupe, St.insnii and Mertou, Joe Flynn, 

lake;" .Mints. Forlier, and M. Samnyso, Ihe 
iierltillst. Huslness Is big. 

Thk Zoo (Wnlter Draper, mnuageri. — 
Weber's Military Hand Is still n great mu- 
sical magnet. The Fourth's fireworks dis- 
play wns a great one. 

OfKBN Citv llATltlNti llKACIl (W. K. Kro- 
ger, manager). — Miiayaii's Orrlirstrn Is an 
added ut traction at this new resort on the 
Kentucky shore of the Ohio Jllver. 

Gossit'.— Al. I.tine, one of the old theatri- 
cal guard. Is now one of the It. & O.'s ndver- 

l.ynn — Shay's .Summer Show House (J. 
J. Shay, manager!.— Business last week was 
fair, and, now that the Summer season has 
»it under way, big houses are looked for. 

Marian 'narwfcli^'iie^omlwln %Sa ^ T I?SL Wm' and" KinerleTIVjIk" "nndCoTllns.'Saiiie t JiTlint "meji '.". '.'. Huliert Heuck und Ids family 

und Cavillc. and I Kdrtle Mumfird L ' ' SI emblcr, Watermelon Trust, Gallagher and have gone to their Summer home nt Che- 

Harrett, Howe and Scott, Henn ana Iiunill- nt-aiix Islands, In the lake region Legal 

ton, Hayes and Wynne. (Jladstoue Sisters, steps have been taken to secure a clear title 

Mnrtlne and Hnlno, and Keith motion pic- to the properly on Vine Street, near Fifth, 

Hires. which Is to be the site of, the new theatre 

Wiu.ow Gliovti t'AKK (Management Phlla. promised by the Heuck Opera House Co 

Hapld Transit Co. ) — "The Kilties" Baud he- Several thousand paper balloons were scut 

Ban a short engagement ut this park last up on the Fourth of July to advertise the 

Saturday, und was greeted by Immense Fall festival iJertrude McLaughlin linker. 

crowds at the opening concerts." Last week a concert hull singer, commit tea suicide it 

und Cavillc, nnd Kddle Mumford. 

1/iWH (M. J. Doyle, manager). — The J. W. 
(ionium Alabama Troubadours' drew good 
houses last week. Tho leudlng feature ut 
this week's performance Is tho 'cycle vclo- 
uroine, with sensational developments. Then 
there Is the Km pi re Specialty Co., In which 
iilipcar the Quaker City Quartet, Hubert 
.leycau, In a chalk sketching part: Kllleen 

ii till \l 1 1 i.i il i .■ t - 1 i I .... .> r r ...... -_ i «r ■ 

nnd Murphy. Giirov, I luynes and Mon'tgemcry !"■ 1 I> r ', ,u " , ', ,y the most v. Proaf*"" 1 ", '•»-' 1»'* 
and John D'Alma's dog and moi kev ™cus "»» , luld ?\ U «™»°<<- , I'ovitll, magiclun, and 

l-y taking earliollc acid. 

Jiincnter Co., who, with Frankic (Mrs. 
(■rally ), Is summering ut- Onset Bay, made 
a dying visit to his Lynn home the past 
week... — rem McAulllTc writes from New 
Dirk Clly that he has secured a good list 
"', I' 1 ".™ for next sensun. Mrs. McAullirc, 
with Master Jean McAiillno. Joins him next 
week, to spend the remainder of Ihe Sum- 
tm-r at Atlantic City.; . . , .Fred Gage, of tliu 
(urn miner Co., whose home lain Lynn, 
will beaten next season with the Thomas B, 
Niea Co... .. .John K. Gilbert, another n( 

l-yiins residents, will begin his eighth nan- 
"JJ.Wln tho Thos. 10. Shea Co. Sept 7, at 
Nil Hirer.- Mr. Gilbert Is now the guest 
W Carl Lee, in Camden, Me, .... .Nellie 

ohliison, sister of William Selman, Is nt 

tie mm of a repertory company now tour- 

"g Maine and the iirovlnces P.llly 

[■"«??". jy'll "U'lln lie ' n. niembcr of 

i.v,„il , 'i,"", fr ?. < ;' ) " !* H,B K" cnriienter 

ii . iil^ y**»» *■« also signed with (he 
;icrt,iuifTe Co. for the coming season 

nomas -H. shea will play Lynn the third 
a. . l 1 n li >M! l>tembef. This will be Mr. Shea's 

urst visit to Lynn for several seasons 

Horciiei. M tl) . k nnt , ],,.,. hMtWrnt, Fred Rus- 
sell, buye signed with the May Fluke Co, 
u '_;r.' . l ' l,r| ond of frame work and a scenic 
artist fur the -May Flake Co. arrived at the 
I'Min Phnatre last week, and a force of 

and the other uttructlons remaining un- 
changed. Fi-nnclsciis, magician, Is still en- 
Joying popularity In the theatre. Large 
crowds were at the park throughout last 
week, and particularly on Saturday. 

ClIKSTMTT llttt. 1'AIIK III. P. Auchy, llllltl- 

ager). — ICxcellent business fell to the lot of 
tills park last week, and the extra fireworks 
display Saturday night -served lo draw the 
biggest crowd of the season. Chluffarelll's 
Hand and tho Hilar attractions continue 
unchanged, though next week free vaudeville 
will again supplant the music. 

'NVriis.— Llllluh Randolph Bailey, of Bal- 
timore, has been engaged by Nixon A Zlm- 

Cleveland At the Colonial (A. F. 

•Marsh, manager). — The Weber tc Fields 
comedies are proving Immense attractions, 
and draw crowded houses. Week of July « 
"Barbnru Fidgety" Is file bill, with a clever 
company. Week of June -'V* "Whlrl-1-Glg" 
wns the attraction, with excellent principals 
nnd plenty of fun. "Flddle-Dce-lJee" week 
of July IS, 

Lvcblji (J. K. Cooksoii, manager). — The 
Vaughn Ulnser Stock Co. has decided to 
prolong lis run during the entire season, re- 
gardless of "the weather. The opening week 
(June ail), when "The Prisoner- of JSenda" 
was' presented, proved so successful that 
this decision bus been arrived at hr the man- 
agement. "Lost Paradise" Is being played 
week of July It, Mr. (Jlaser having augment- 
ed his company to meet the requirements of 
the play. The excellence of the company, 
und the cure with which the details have 

merman, and will make her professional fogen arranged, are both contributing to the 
debut in "Miss Bob White" nt the Purk The- ponnlnrltv of the organisation. Next, "The 
aire, Aug. 17, u.uler the name of Lillian private Secretary," week of l.'l. 

Randolph The extensive Improvements 

to the Walnut Street Theatre Will not lie 
made until next Summer. 'These hcttcrmelttl 
are to be made by the recently organized 
Walnut Street Theatre Co., at the head o( 
which Is Frank Howe Jr. The company ulso 
expects to have tcvcral attractions on the 

road Ueorge W. Bnrblcr, who gained 

considerable popularity at tlie Glrafd Avenue 
Theatre, has been engaged as lending man 
for Forcpatigh's next season Inten- 
sive und badly needed repaint arc to be' mudu 
lo the Academy of MUslc. These include a 
new roof and considerable renewing on the 

Gaiiiikn (C. L. 1m Marche. manager).— 
"The ltoyal Middy," with Its tuneful and 
Jolly music. Is ls?lng snug week of (I. "The 
Beggar Student" was sung week of June iit», 
the company, doing splendid work. A special 
programme of fireworks and a grand Illumi- 
nation of the gardens was n tea hire on the 
Fourth. When two performances were given. 
"Said I'asha" will Is; given week of July 111. 

■Manhattan Hkacii. — Tho Bostock animal 
arena has two women animal trainers week 
of Jnlv (f, Princess Orn peril having been 
added to the bill. She .goes Into the cage 
with n collection of leopards, piinuis, Jaguar* 

carpenters Jtnd artlsti nro ii*- imirk Vw : Mm. " KW "'"' """ consiuerauie renewing on roc w it h a collection or leopimts, pumas, jaguar; 

1Mb ft • tl" opening of f the Whiter wSsESt K, "K ,! anii in th< ' »"dltorlutn. _tlie est mated llnd panthers, and shows how they are first 

' ....'"'- opening or the « infer season. ,.,.„? ■„,._„ f,.,„„ siooim to s t.-,.iiot). .......i.* ,.. nn ,.r^,,< tri.-tm (U iIm eonthiiiea 

.Manngcr llnt'ry Kntxcs, of the Jerc 
i.i i V '"?, <: °- nnw ln Atlantic City, will 
win Tor Luropo the coming week, to witness 
mi close negotiations for n lilg KitroiiiMin 

production The Knrnuin & Bailey Circus 

will appear In this city 8, and In Salem 0. 



cost being from Slii.OOO to $ir.,oqO; 
• * 

HiirrlMliiirK.- — Hot weather drove big 
crowds to the outdoor resorts. 

I'axtanii Park (Felix M. Uttvls, mana- 
ger ).— The second week of the Paxtang 
Stis'k Co. drew good crowds, it wns one 
of tlie most successful weeks In the history 
of the pnrk. Theodore Frlebus, the new 
lending man, was most favorably received. 
This company will be continued for several 
weeks. Fred Chauncey, of this city, who 

(l. i.* r Sf"** p » — ' rlj o Worcesler »«, 
'rellx Wemlelschncfer, luanager) .— Week of 
•inly ii dm. n cw . xork . Players will ap- 
pear In Haly's famous piece, "A Night Oir.' r 
Mst week "Itnsfcl'KlrJcR" ' 
tnelly l)iisliioss, with t 
jay houses, on the F 
(Mr house. 

Ukk TiiKA-nir.. 
«lll entertain the .. 

ivl. ot vnudcvllle Cuu.^ 
uomian vrnvvn Vl . ry ., op , 

,„, 'iNnuunsT Rustic Tiikatiii: (Alt. T. Wll, 
i. manager).— The second week's bill at 
litis pretty little theatre will be Grnhnm'E 
Aieth.|H>iii nn Vaudevilles. The well known 
,.oi !' H,cr favorites. Fred nnd Ilessle Luclcr, 
win i be welcomed by their many friends. 

iiAitmtAVB'H itio ItAiwtoAi) Snows are 
wind at the Grove Street grounds July II. 

' I.V? the Opera House, will succeed Fred Alles 
'"' as manager of the Norrlstowu. Pa.. Oistrn 

ot House Joseph Franks, of Ottawa, (.an.. 

' will look after the M. Itels Interests, all the 

taught to perform tricks, (telle* continues 
with her lion troupe, hut has changed lifer 
net considerably. Happy Hooligan, with 
his funny hears nnd other animals, has a 
truly remarkable act, his animals being won- 
derfully Well trained. Bobby Mack, who has 
an amusing net with his trained mule. 
Dynamite. Is seen another week. Professor 
Brooks, the magician, whose marvelous box 
trick has puzzled everyone. Is unable to 
perform that trick at present, owing lo tho 
fact Hint, he was kicked by the tralnnd mule. 

Jtine 'J7 - 

ton. Mass., and lit now at his home In this 

eltv Manager Jess fc'ryslnger, ot tlie Hnr- 

risiiiirg Athletic. Baseball Club, will be In ad- 
vance of one of Hie King companies next sea- 
son,. . .'Manager N. Appnll's new theatre, the 
Lvccum. will be under roof within teu days: 
.'.... .Charles J. Carpenter, of this city, for 
twelve years general agent for .N. Appell. at 


<■!■■■ II . 11. ' " c 'rlllttllivt . . 

tretiifably, on «hort notice. 


m.T- ™J on — Snhbntla Pnrk (J. J. Klynn, 
i mager for week of- Jtily-ll will have the 
l-esmopolltan Specialty Co. 
„ l *MQi!KaA Park |H. V; Bevlns. man*- 
£«.:"~;t or ' wc * k ot July U: Lothrop & Tol- 
8H, * Jwaaatharttc Wtars, us follows: New 
iTini . uui «<ly l''otir. Anna Caldwell, Murphy 
i ",' Andrews, O'Brien and West, Carlotta 

i"J "'■»•, "nil John Chinese I#nrh. 
'n.'.J Wastcoat. of Ihe Taiiiit on. Mnss.. 
c,m?„'!',' «'"> nmiingo the stage of, Tnla- 
" *•" I arl; for the remnlnder of the season 

N. Aptiell theatres being Included in he Itels 

circuit Spencer C. dinners, of this city, 

who has ls?en re-engnged for heavies with the 
Thomas K. Shea Company, will, after n 
thiw weeks' sojourn at Atlnutlc Clly. take 

up his work for next senson George 

liawlstoii. or this city, has been re-engaged 
for the Corse Paytoti road company for 

l.ext season D. It. Phillips, representing 

the Cole • Younger, und Frank James wild 
West Show, was here SO, arranging for the 
appearance i»r his attraction here July i. 
Mr. Phillips tuinoiiiicoil Hint he v.inild "gain 
hnve clinrge of the Western business for lyl. 
Lush Mminger Felix M. Iciv's lias - 

. " r M , " ,, sn, " ,oni rangeil forn'spe^l engnge'inent n* Ihe Kll- 

,,,?»r»h AiiiiniN. -At Vnllev Park Thentre ties Puxmiig Pnrk. July Si. f>. -»• 

a, 'u. I'. XIMd*" ntananer) -- Huslness Ml W. ll.'Thonins will lilBililgc the "A 

"» t« the eundard SSSVl'tt* W»58 SW 'a Ihe Jungles'' vWpany, which will 

entertainment* of the Summer stock com- 
pany have proved very popular, and for this 
weeek's show several of the leading people 
who made a big hit the first week have been 
retained. They are:. Fields und \Voool.ey, 
the two German soldiers; Talcntt, singer of 
coon songs; Harry Hustings, F.ngllsh char- 
acter artist, having the comedy work In Ihe 
iwo burlesques: Charles Flilke. tenor, who 
offers' new songs, nnd then there nre sevlrul 
speclnl extra features. i 

■ "Ancient Uomk," the most recent offering 
of llenrv .1. Pain, will he presented In Clevei 
land for two weeks, opening .Inly 0. nnder 
the personal management or Mr. Pain and 
General Manager II. 11. Thenrle. 

YiHimratou-n. — Idora Park Casino The- 
ntre »M. Stanley, manager). — Week of June 
211 Includes: Belle lib*, the World's Comedy 
Four. Han and I>olly Mann. Besnsh nnd 
Miller, and- Cook and Clinton. Hooked for 
week of July (>: -Young and Brinks, Art 
Hondo. Miller end Kreska, Murphy nnd Wll- 
lard. Illce and Prevosr. and tihe Norrlses. 
ntul Mrs. CnrHe Nnllnn will be here *, for 
onediiy. , ■ • ■ ■•- 

Ayi/s Park. Uoh, W. Wcss, lessee nnd 
(uaiiauer). — Manager Wcss presents for week 
rtrlnni 'J» : "llhward ahd' r,lhden/theGagi 
uvux, Frank and Ida Williams, Mortvnana 

llussell. John LecuUr. the Plmlu Midgets, 
Hay Cox, the Burns Fout. and 1). tl. Har- 
rington, engagements for week of July. 6 
ure: Cnillcux, lloker lmhuf unit Hiigby 
Conn. Morlwi llussell, Miss lllarlia, Howard 
and Katl. itittl Caroline Young. 

.VoTRH.— Metier weather during the week 
made a. difference In the box office receipts. 
The hills at berth of , our parks are good, nnd 
well deserving of gtssl patronage. The Cen- 
tennial ot loungstown wll tie elnlsirntety 
celebrated oh July 4. MxtensiTe prepara- 
tions nre l«i|ng mnde, sparing no ex|s<nse, 
nnd over one hundred thousand visitors are 
exiM'etcd. Managers Stanley nnd Wcss, ot 
lilora nnd Avon Parks, nn> provlillug un- 
usually 'linn shows nnd other nit raid Ions. 

Kngene ihwik, who fur nearly fifteen 

yenra hits Is'cn muiiager ot the Yoniigsliiwn 
(l|K»rn House; has retlnsl from that rapacity, 
and will devole his tltne herenflcr'to his 
bill iHisling huslness. Mr. Ihsik linn been an 
Ideal manager, and will be greatly missed 
by the opera Itoltst* patron*. Mesms. Burt 
and Alliaugli, lessees, have not us yel luiined 
his sur«-essor. . .. ..Manager Wess has Intro- 
duced n novel way of advertising doings nt 
Avon Carte by moving pictures, exhibited 
nightly, at Ihe public square. 
■ ' ' 

Toledo.— At the Frtrm Theatre (Otto 
Kllvies,- manager) patronage was splendid 
week of June "Jli. - l-.d. I.ntell, lu his tuitslcnl 
specialty, was easily the star of ihe bill. 
Mat Stephens also made good. People week 
of July ft; Hall and Keirnnn, .losrnhlii< 
linssmnu. Cooke mid Clinton, Ihe Three Trim- 
liailoiirs, Cnrletou atnl Terre, and Howard 
and hinder. 

Cakino'TiIkatrk I frank Hurt, nmnager). 
— "Said I'asha" wns well given by the Ca- 
sino opcm (.'o. week of Juue !!H. Till' work 
of Ktnllle Canlner and (irncle Hasnrd was 
especially good. Both are becoming favor- 
ites here. For July . r i nnd wee, "Chimes 
of Normandy." 

llKt.t.Rriin Paiik (J. W. MeCormlck. tnnn- 
ngerl. — Them hns lxs>n a marked luerease 
in business- the current Week. The bill was 
pleasing nnd putrotis were will satisfied! 
July 5 and week: The -Musical Klelsts, the 
.losselin Trio. Trullr-y 'Cnr Trio, Phil W. and 
Nettle Peters, aud lllehnrds, 

.S ii' i. 

(Milton.— At the Pnrk Theatre (T. K. Ah 
liaugh. mnnngeri.'— I'Yir week ofJnly fi the 
bill Includes: Flood Bros.. Hubert Mack. 
Kilylhe Doyle, Idn Hell Fni'iiuiii, Kelly nnd 
Vlolutte. nnd Ihe. Ilelstons. -. The very ex- 
cellent bill of Julie SH drew' tine business, nnd 
each act made a distinct bit. 

Gariikn TllKATlit: ID. J. Mullen, malin- 
ger).— The people here week of June lib 
wen': Morris nnd Italy. l-irneslHip Whlninn. 
Ktltel Collins. Viola rinrle. and Win. Mack. 

NirTES.H. Cain's "Igist llnys of Pompeii" 

comes July VIII. for three nights The 

Gnsklll-Mtiitdy Co. supply the carulvnl at- 
tractions for ihe home week, riiutmcnclng 
July 27. Hurry llnrrty Is hem Isxnnltig Hie 
aggregation. The arl ah- will he under ihe 
auspices of Ihe Business Men's Association. 
..... .Arthur K. Ilertwrt hns signed as first 

advance ngent for Hie Orlentnl Hurlesquers 
for next season, opening In llaltlinore the 
Intter tinrt of August.- - He was second ngent 

for this company last season Al. Van 

Hal Ik lending the band and orchestrn Willi 
call's Comedy Co. ■• ' • ■ 

. i i 

Dayton. — At Ijikeslde Pnrk (Jas. A. 
Kirk, manager). — Young nnd llrnoks, In 
"The (hilnshoroiigh Girl." opened here June 
-'.h and week. Their act was pleasing, nnd 
drew well. Prank Ilnrch, comedian, opens 
July a, 

Faiiivikw Park I.'asino (C. G. Itoss, man- 
ager I. — The Ghissgow Hlis-k Co. opened June 
'A for a three weeka' engagement. They pre- 
sented "Maud Muller" 2M and -week.- Spe- 
cialties were nlso Introduced between acts, 
the Itoitells being the heiidllners. 

Thr Tn i an 1Ii-:iii.mknt i Day ton company I 
will hold a street carnival at Library Park 
week of July SO. Tlie (Insklll combination 
has been secured. c 

■ I i 

Akron. — Lakeside Park Casino (Harry 
llawn, manager). — A very gisul bill, of 
which Kelley and Vlolette. nnd John G. Mc- 
Dowell were features, hnd big' houses week of 
SO. Kor week of July H : The Troubadour 
Four, Vera King. Marvelous ijl Page, Cas- 
mori" and ITorencc, nnd the Three ( 'amp- 

I'.i.ri-ritir Park,- Kent (IL 11. Moffalle. 
ninnngeri. — The bill for week o( II' Dan and 
Dolly Mitnn, Doherly's dogs, l^i (ielle, Klsle 

SfjtMiT Lakb Paiik Thkatiik will reopen 
4. having secured better transportation fa- 

Columbus — . (Hciilangy Park (J. W. 
Dusenbery. mnnngeri.— • Ttlg business ruled 
at this resort last week. Will' present", 
week of July 7. "Camille." 

Kmi'Hii: . Tiikatiiu (II. Wlseinnn. ninnn- 
geri. — The l-bniilrc Slock played to packed 
houses lust week. Will present, week of 
7, "Harlaira Frletchle." 

ShihIiisUj . . Ai Cedar Point Pleasure 
Itesort (Gen. A. lloeckllng. uiniiageri. — The 
bill week of June Hid Included: Murphy nnd 
Wlllard, llengb and Gage, the Pnrros llrotb- 
ers. and Hie kluodromri The bill week ot 
July ."• includes ; James W. Thompson, 
singer: Hlslers McConiiell. dn no*rs : ■ licit) 
niui (filbert, comedy ; the Four It hums, ac- 
robats, and the- klnodrome.1 Business con- 
tinues fur In excess of previous seasons, mid 
the' season promises to be a moid breaker. 

Mansfield,.— Luke Park Cnsliio IK. Jf. 
Kndly.ina linger ». —The Wilbur .Mack Comedy 
Co. has hnd excellent, business during Its 

three weeks' engagement here, ending July 
4. Tlie olio, beginning (I and week, com- 
prises: II. V. ITtzgerald, Liiurii Deiine, Dnr- 

imsly. Frniik aud Clara Sylvan, and Harris 
and Klllot. 

. 4»» • 


Viisbliigiiiii. — At Ihe Tjifayclle (Ira J. 
La Motto, mnnageri. Inst week, the (flllli 
Conilc Otwra Conumiiy presented "The 
French' Maid." to excellent business, This 
company, headed bv Mlss-Deyo, wlilinsirong 
niiptkirt ■ of, bus. taken a strong 
bold upon our music lovers, and, notwith- 
standing the almost Intolerable heat of lust 
week, drew almost capacity houses. This 
week "The Lady Slaver" Is the bill, with 
Miss Devo lir the principal role. 
■ Omsk's Thkatur (Miss II. Wlnnlfrcd Do 
Wilt, manager i. — Last weik the season 
closed, with "The Singing Girl." The au- 
diences were more than pleased, anil the 
closing night's performance terminated lu 
an ovation to tlie splendid stock compuii:' 
which for the past two months hns delighted 
the patrons. This week the house Is turned 
nrer lo the builders, who wilt completely 
frniisler the. Inlerlor. lobby, niidllorlum nnd 
stage, prcpn in lory to the reopening, which 
occurs in September. 

cm. i -.uiii a TllKATRE (Luckclt ft Hwyer, 
mnnngers).— Ned Hteln's Stock Company pre- 
sented "Camille," Inst week, to fair business 
(inly. Allda Cortelyou, the leading Indy, was 
taken III July '.'. and was unable to again 
appear during' the week. Grace Alwell as- 
stums! ' the leading role most successfully. 
Ibis closes the season ut this bouse. 

LVClil.'M TllKATiti: fl-iugene Kermiti. nmnii- 
gen. — Lust wi>ek m. house company, bended 
by Pat llellly. furnlshifd great amusement, 
to excellent business. , This week, the Black 

Cjimtk LuT.-Tlie Cole, Y'ouiigerl'rnnK 
.tnmes Wild West Co. gnve lira perform- 
ances S. lo very large patronage. 

Caiiin John IIrhmik ami Ciikvv ('iiAsr, 
Lakk I 'am if hna band concerts, atti'Hclluif 
Immense •crowds. '■ - ■' •■• 


It doc, not seem lo he generally known by 
members of the profession that when lit 
Chicago ih'vy can place advertisements lu 
THK NKtV VtlttK i.'l.ll'PKIt at our 
Western llureau, ,",(il' Ashlund lllock, on 
the same terms as nt our main of- 
fice lo New York. The Western Bureau 
Is not merely an agency, hut Is a part of our 
oi-guiilriiiloii und entirely under Mir control 
u hd suis'tvlsliin. It bus been established for 
the benefit of Ihe large army of players who 
limy he tempo rniily or prrinnncntlv located 
III the West. Tlie lliircuu In nailer the 
inniiageniciit ot Waller K. Hill, who- will bo 
pbuM-d io have you cull on him ut any time. 
A. Ilbi of Till-' CLlPPLIt Is kept there for 
Ihe use of nbv who mar wish to consult Us 
columns. Mr. Hill wilt also he ghnl to re- 
ceive any news Items Intended (or the col- 
umns oC THK CLIPPKIl. 



ALBlrtt J. BORIC, 

■ ■ ■ Editorial jnd Biwlnm jimgy. 


%e»v Orleans.— At Ihe West Kud (Jus. 
Corcoran, uiiini)jfer),--TI|e usual big crowds 
Hocked out to this popular lake resort dur- 
ing week of June sh. mid enjoyed n good 
vaudeville bill, as well ns the splendid con- 
cert music by Vrnisle's Military llnqd. Win. 

Heed and his vltagrnpb, with a line lot ot 
new nnd lengthy tllins. pleased, nu usual. 
Ilniilou mid Singer, the hying ring experts 

« ess. ami will always lie welcomed back by 
West Klld pill rous. lieorgo Austin Mom-, 
who scored big hero two years ago, was 
wnrinly received, mid will prove oue of llui 
season s lilts nt this popular resort. Me will 
hold over, week July fi. while Ihe new fenl- 
iiio will Is- McCnrl s trained dogs mid mon- 
keys. Amateur night hns been changed to 
Wednesdays, and tlie aspirants for footllght 
honors urn always greeted by S. It. O. 
bouses. A monster enke walk nnd other 
special attrucllotis were on Ihe bill July i. 

Atui.mtc Paiik iKd. F. Seanions, nuin-i- 
ngevl. — A most elnlmrale product Ion of "The 
Isle of Champagne" wits offered the natrons 
of this beautiful Summer pnrk week .lomt 
"H. .itid the efforts of Malinger Seiimon weru 
rewarded by large and rushloimble audi- 
ences lliroiiglioiii the week. The debut oC 
Hie two new meinliers. Carl llavdii nnd Kli- 
ne* Clarke Drake, was nnallcil with much 
llllt't-esl, ntul hull, scored big. They liuvii 
already heroine popular with the patrons of 
Hie park, aud will prove a big acquisition in 
this splendid company. Jolly I'd. Kngleton, 
lis mm ii ii l , gave entire snllsf action, nnd his 
Work ns the king could scarcely have been 
Improved lipuii. Charming I. utile Kendall, 
as lil. inn. looked mill luted Ihe purl to per- 
I'cclloii. Cm-rick \|ll.|or, Leo Adde nnd Harry 
Llghtwoiu't nre deaervlng of special menlloii, 
while ihe chorus wus fully up to the stand 
mil, mid "Tlie Isle of Champagne" can be nut 
down us one of the season's successes. "Tna 
Three Itltlck Mantles" Is underlined for week 
of It, lobe followed by "L'xet'lslor Jr." 

Xi)-ri:M..-iliHi. Austin Mobi-i', at the con- 
clusion of his engagement here, will rest up 
iiiilll he Joins tho linger Bros,' "lu Loudon ' 

Co., for rehearsals, during August 

The IsHikings out of here,' week of 5, for 
Vlcksiiitrg. Alius., were: Hilly Trimble, Prof. 
K. Ii. Balfour, and Ihe Maddens (John mill 
(Vila). The Lawler Children are resting 

iiii here, rehearsing ft new net Mabel 

lllle (Mrs. Geo. Austin Moore) arrived here 
it, Joining bee husband, Who is lining u West 
Kud engagement. She goes with the "Cliupe- 
i ons'' I'o. next season, tilling nu Important 
rule Kiln carllngton is enjoying a va- 
cation In the Crescent Clly 'Phis city 

Is to hnve nuol.licr isipiilur price theatre, to 
be creeled nt the corner of lluinpiirt ami 
tilvslnn Streets, and to ls> known ns tho 
Third District Theatre, Win. It. Wilson, 
i lie promoter of Hie venture, Is to bo' the 
iiiii nuger. Plans ure now being drawn up 
lor the new house, which will huvn a seating 
cajmrlly ot MHO, mid will 1st ready for tho 
opening Nov. 1,' The following com- 
prise the hoard of directors: I', A. Ciipdun, 
A. I'muiHcr, It. U'gler, Dr. J. K. Cnpdun, 
Hr. J. M. Snare/, III. Villa, W. II. Wilson, 
T. llebotte, J. Connets, W. .1. Illinium, A. 
Parker, W. I itiphl nils, I. Sunrez, Dc, L. L. 
Ilaboulu, (I. Hyinel, M. Htiares, J. Darlberc, 
P. J. Schoen, A, IjiiciisIo, Donlul Moure, uud 
Driuie und (larle, 

"»»» k 



The wealher Hie pusi: week 
along the cisisl line softened up a bit mid 
wns a little more favorable to health giving 
pleasures lu I tin open. Tho ever glorious 
Fourth was t rented with great respect b.V 
Ihe. Clly -Put hers, who, having- voted sev- 
eral thousand dollars for Ihe purpose, pro. 
ccedcil lo do I It" grand 111 good shape, there- 
by .attracting ninny visitors, who, lu Hun, 
emptied their purses unit* freely In distri- 
bution of the coin among the deserving man- 
agers of the aiiiiisctueut resorts lu this lu- 

Mi'Ci'l.l.cil'H TiiK.vrui;, Cape Cottngo 
Park I Hartley MeCiilluin, uuitiiigeci. — Tins 
house, bus enjoyed line business thus fur, and 
Ihe patrons are extending rougrntululhiiiu 
lo the iiiiiniigcuiout that a company of play- 
ers so well selected to entirely meet tin: 
r.fihllc's approval should have been ■ secured. 
Much regret Is expressed ut the departure, 
for an engagement abroad, of Helen -Hubert < 
son, nnd a warm welcome will bo extended 
lo her successor, Leslie Leigh, who Joins II, 
liot li leading ladles being old favorites bet". 
"Cnpl. Swift" was presented- throughout the 
week of June ll'Juiy '-Ii with great success, 
anil the next offering, ll-LI, will bo "Mom 
Than a (Juccn.". Business Manager K. ,1.* recently been lu Boston, niTiiiig- 
lug for the next jirudilcllon. 

7(KM TllKATlit:, 1'KAK'H ISt.ANII (C. W. T, 
Godlng, iiiiitnigeri. -Stiimpcd with the pub- 
lic's seal of approval, nothing less Hum a 
small htirlcane at sen can affect the nt- 
tendanre here; the whole coiiililmttbiu, trip 
slid • evening's cntcrialtiuii'M nt this then- 
tie, seeming, lo be, the pnr excellence of en- 
'oytni-nt, The stock company ptfyi'iifs from 
neck lo week n high class piny, In a milliner 
u.ost pleasing in- the Summer contingent id. 
Poilk's and iielgbtlmrlng Islands, ns Well ns 
the large pntroniiae from the city. Por Hu; 
week of June 'ill-July 'I "Held by Iba 
linemy" was given, to be followed, ll-ll, by 
"Lord Chutnlcy." 

Ji:iti:iisIin TliKVrio: (Calm ft Gi-nnt. ninii- 
ngersi. — Tills handsome i hem re, so advan- 
tageously shunted lu the beiirt of the city, 
seems lo have very easily developed Into an 
nil-Dle-yenr house, Ihe luirbfiii-Kdwiirds 
Mora Co.'s I'ligageiiieut for Hie Siiimoer 
nionths receiving the full support of the 
public nnd vacationers, The utmost sue 
• ess was registered for Ihe prndurllon of 
"Camille." June 'JUJuly I. Tile bill for 
(Ml Is lo be "My Friend from India." 

ItirinVnt.v I'Ana -iH. A. .Newninn. manu- 
gen. -Willie. l|ie attenilnuce Is usually good 
at (his resort In pleasant weal her, If Is n fore- 
gone conclusion that the grounds and rustic 
theatre will be crowded when a holiday oc- 
curs. The fact thai July 4 fell on Saturday 
this year, allowing pleasure, seekers a good 
opportunity to rest up on Sunday, was an 
Item In favor of. I his place, rounding out a 
loin I of extra large attendance for tlie week 
June Ull-Julr 4. I'niler the lllle of Ihe New 
York Vilinleiille Stars, the following Intent 
appeared: Mncarte Sisters, Wmsl mid Buy- 
lliond, the Luskys, Tliree Hhumrucks (Cordon. 
Vldis'o and Klynn), and Diamond and lloon. 
The Wll was of extra pleasing minlltrf 



Jttly n. 



Milwaukee; — The Intense heal cut lulu 
the receipts till" week, and although only 
two iioimt* were open, at do time during the 
week wn« there anything like the usual 

Ai.ha.mbra Theatre (0. F. Miller, mana- 
ger). — The Boston Idea] Opera Co. continue* 
to find favor at tbe band* of the patron* of 
this house. "Fra Dlavoio" was t*» offering 
week of June 28, "Jolarithe" la down for 
week of July 3. 

Academy (Edwin Thanhoueer. manager). 
—The fifth consecutive aeeaon of the Than- 
lion Her Stock Co. will open «, with an elabo- 
rate production of "A 'Midsummer Nigh fa 
Dream." Eugene Moore, an old tine' fa- 
vorite, lias been specially engaged for the 
opening week. Morris McHugh. Angela Mc- 
CM and Gertrude Parry, three new mem- 
here, will make their flrat appearance with 
the company. "Because She Loved Him so 
Will lie put on week of lft. - > 

Fobst Kellcb (JUrbard Becker, manager). 
— People week of (I Include: Krankle Camp- 
hell. Carl Fisher, I, y no re and Armand, and 
Klnnrhe Davis. 

Rank Houci Music Hai.l (Chan. K. Witt, 
manager).— Clarice Sinclair. Williams, and 
Evans, and the McCall Trio make up the 
hill week of 0. . __ _ 

Pabht Theatbe. — Wednesday, 1, "Brother 
Joe's Spectacles,", aa produced by Riley C. 
rhamberlln, supported by his friends, Eugene 
'Moore, Albert Brown, Gus Weinberg and 
others, waa a distinct success. 

Notes. — Manager Leon Wachaner, of the 
Pabat Theatre, who la at present In Berlin, 
wrltea that he haa secured Julius Nledt, of 
Hrealan,' who Will stage a number of the pro- 
ductions at the Pabat Theatre, aa well as act 
In them. Mr. Wachaner, Instead of making 
hla nana! vlalt to Marlenbad, will spend 
four weeka at Klaaengvn, followed by a tour 
or Switzerland, and, returning to Berlin 
Julv 30, be will sail for home Aug- 6, on 
the' Hluecher.. .. ..Edgar Baume's vacation 

lina been extended for one week, and Manager 
F.dwln Thanhouser baa arranged with Ktl- 
ncue Moore to appear at the Academy for week, commencing 6, In "A Midsummer 
Night's Dream."..... .Hlglsmund Blfeld. of 

the Pabat Theatre Co., who waa Injured by 
falling on a banana peel. Is recovering at his 
Summer home at Okanrhee Lake.. .... .John 

J. Foley, who has been re-engaged by Tim 
Murphy for next season, will soon leave 
fur the East. Mr. Murphy's new piece, which 
Ih by Rose and Herbert, baa been named 
"The Man from Missouri." The piece haa 
twenty-one speaking parts. • Louise Werba 
has been selected Jig manager.. :.. .W.w. 
Wlttlg. manager of The Star Theatre, Min- 
neapolis, who was 111 all Winter, has JUst re. 
turned to Milwaukee from an extended West- 
ern trip, and Is much Improved In health. 
./....James Hlgler. secretary and treasurer 

of the Albambra Theatre Co., was married 
July 1. Mr. and Mrs. Hlgler were presented 
with a handsome mantle clock by the em- 
ployes or the Alhambra Chan. McGinn, 

tidverllalng agent of the Dewey Theatre, St. 
Paul, wllf put In ibe rest or the 8ummer 
lining the Morris Carnival Co... . . . .Fred 

lliiemmer has been transferred from the 
Star to the Albambra Theatre, where he la 
now In charge of the stage The supple- 
mentary season at the Star Theatre closed 4. 

• ' ; # >. » 


"The Girl In Red:" Arnlta Esmond. Cavana, 
-aad-the-Tbree- Franklin-Sisters. The- farce. 
Bibbs * Blubs," was given. The nelghbor- 

the"it7.'cilon YtVospe™ Heights Park Ihf "5linfiV."Md big 'dally trafflc augment A „„ exclT1S0 , „ well a. highly amus- 

fl ifl Wee* of" no ToVrf ormancealvVn the - attendance • perceptibly, and Canadians » of b g^ball was played atj-.ley 

Sst's tXtb. '(P? r^^ropriS: and Yankees .HkeVet here In mntnal pleas- &*•,&„, July 3. Ybe^.T^'slde'nt's or 

e H. Primrose and Gus. ^- p^'and Centrcporf, a suburb of 

4. to witness the Gardner- IT" r. wn . The Greenlawn team consisted 

Prorla.—PhJnney's United Slates Baud 
was the 
July . 


tor). — Business holds up well. Week of tt: 
I'llnt and Bessie Bobbins, Smith, anil Ixirado, 
Hay/nan and Henry, Rlgg* and Curran, 
l/oulse Grady. . , '.' . 

Jacobs' theatre (A. F. Jacobs, proprie- 
tor). — Week of stock will produce Kapler's 
"Karl, the Half .Breed;" specialties by Potta 
and Harte. Freese Brothers. 

Terminal Pabk (A. F. Jacob*, proprle- J no ™ ,, ^ ll,J, . J2ft**ff hLHTte'TS "ti heaul ""P u ■""■"""• 

te-O.-^f ofJJ^M^am^Bonnle, Lorenos. &&*%&£££?& "STS, SLJTMSSS 

first base; Al. Belman, second^base 


Notes. — George 
Rogers came 00 
Hoot contest acr_ 
F. W. Kraft has written a three act 

Root" contest across"** "Niagara Rlver.^.. ^SJJJ'h. WaldroaVpitcher ; Frank Pierce. 

"Eft cat-nfr; Smith O'Brfea, flrat base; J. Her- 

"By Proiy," which will have an early £U~Mack, second base; Nick Long, third 

staging...... K. A. Well, of -Pain's Ancient D |£.'j ™ n K . Cam. abort atop; Harry C 

Rome- F e>shibltlon, at the Athletic Field, was BgJ^S ne |,i; Dan Hlntt, centre de'd: 

thorougblv pleased with the reault of, hla "f*"" "lohnson. right field. _ The Centre- 

Do'lpb Johnson, right j— muh Morrle 

halloon[at " » • performance. a r »t base; A. Belman, second oase, ino». 

"•notes".-?, a. Weast left « for New York. , .- NJ-— *V»&?IS&&\£££ j^f&ntS 

and sails thence for Europe, to place his AHsa*y— Hot weather Is .uponoa. but gtop . cias. Barton, left ^ld, Joe Cbaffeur, 
talented young daughter under the care of three theatres continue to do good biial- Mntre field, and Ed. ■£"%? ,„';•„ ?{£ 

some noted artist. Hla wife accompanied ness, notwlthaundlng. . . t _._ Held. At .the end_of tte _««, »^ing Jf» 

him and will rimajn-'wlth the daughter, while 

Pete will be back In a month Messrs. 

Mattox. of . the Baraum Show, and Brady, 
of the Rlngllng forcea, have been la town, 
doing aome tall hustling. The Rlngllng Show 
Is due July 9. and the Barnum Sept 21. 
The latter Is fighting bard, and It covering 
many Illinois towna with paper already. 
The war waa on at Bloomlngton, and Rlng- 
llng showed to 28,000 people 20, 

Thi Empibi Thbatbe (H. B. Jacobs, man- ^ re mood 77 to 7, la favor of the Green 
gerj has the Klngdon-Courtenay Stock Co. | awn n i ne . Captain H 

for ita second season, and doing very w. 
Wheels Within Wheela," June SflJuly 1. tne desert, they folded their tents and re 


waa creditably presented, and 




9-11.. .„ _ . _t escaped 

Habmanis Bleeckeb Haix (H. R. Jacobs, tne merits of the next game. 

•manager).— The Mortimer Snow Stock Co. May and Niles, who recently flnlahed a 

Pavilion The- presented "The l\*dv of Lyona' June 20- two we t)u- engagement at Cook a Pa rk. m- 

atre tFudize , taffbrd ana»n.\ —lISu July 1. and "Held By the Enemy" 2-4. A ansT ] lte , wer e last week at Olppla Park. 

)rj d,. mana^gem).— Loula ^ f ' „ owlng comt/lo thli theatre after- cbAUanoo ga, Tenn., and have -Vaahvllle and 

The company will other dates to follow. 

oatmw fik at Mmtnl SSSfe 

to:the tallest piece. jof scenery, J« brand £2? 
and the costumes, after dealgoa hv Bsro 
are dreams of the costtuner'a art. OwrnVV' 
the demands of the directors of nA* 
wheel, and the ever increasing bnq|n f „ "J 
the burlesque world Mr. DlnkTna hisT.,, 
ered around him a bigger company than k. 
has ever sent out before, among whom aZ 
be mentioned Madden and Jess, the ai.V 
anders, Emmooda, Emerson and EnimmwiV 
McBae and Wyatt. Nice and Cot, «!„; 
Alexander, Belle Harvey, Annie Meek Klt^t 
Evana,' Inez George, Lottie Knight ' ki t . 
Dayton. Hattle Benjamin, Ella stauhii. 
Nancy Tempest, Catherine Lewis, Jessie lint 
Margory.Easton, Ruby Parker, Blanche Row 
Mamie Ashton, Ada Adler, Marie Guthtnann 
Josle Kampfer. end Ida Iler. Jess Burni 
will continue as: manager; W. V. J en Mom 
business manager; M. Zelenko, leader- chi,' 
Cox, props, and Harry Leater, electrician 

Bohee and Htebb write: "We are platlnj 
the Howard Athenaeum with great siiccenL 
and are re-engaged for next week, when «i 
will Introduce our dramatic musical act " 

arry Morris concluded 
hUteam'hacl'e'nouihrand, like the Arab on 
the desert, they folded their tenta and re- 
turned to Centreport. '"!**««»««*• 

HH LTVUIIBUIJ UlCBCUltTM, «at«j «w- — ■ — - lUTUrti IV t.'uu»i«»' - — -•- _-- __» „__ — , _ __ «... 

tdv Algy," 2-4, repeated the aucceaa of hwt Gurney took his life In his hands and urn- Damel J. HABBtNGiON, ventriloquist, waa 
*r. The next playa produced : "AnAmeri- vire ^ cn< game. With the exception or a last week at Avon Park, Youngatown, o „„ 
m Cltlien" 6-8, and "Men and Women" Jpralned arm and a badly _battered face, he the J. R. Burke circuit. 
11.. escaped unharmed, and will live to Judge Edwabd Doyle, the juggler, wrltea tbir 

all his American time Is Tilled, and he wii 
gall for hla European tour, under the direction 


-Falrvlew Park 
,ir A Stafford, mana S , 
Kogera, coatortlonlst ; Billy Randall, German Iftr «* fo J' ow «L 

magician: McCoy and nw ? n ". a !S n fiSSfV n" 1 
etctea, and the .moving P'S?"* P." ^K.J; 11 ", 

comedian ; Jarman, _ 

Knight, songs and sketches, 

pictures. New people for week of July 

• M Th. Ca «hJ£!f ? (?iii , c?£ %?"?I*«i W iSn- paVronV wiTh"V'ttock"compan"y thla Sum- "edwa^Kabt and Mlia Bebsib are play- 
fu.V ieltV K w!S*&a and^Car?,!! BS" '^A Gold„Mlne' : _was_ ln f tne F/ajlk ^ Melvllle^pajka, .presenting 

■Mat Cabboll waa married to John C, 

S" Prociob'b Theatkb (Howard Graham. Hayaen, » non-professional, at Washington, 

' resident manager) holds the attention of Its D c Jlme 2 2 

with lm- 

maea race comeaia ittstors, sketches j *£«* <>' la , ot f ™- i? h "f "^Si'lm'be or* thelr co ? edy ' e'li^S^'J^Li nre« 

th» Markleva musical dim-- wflllam n«l» troducts of four Albany writers will r>e pro- p ersoB aUons of great men, past ana present, 

inu Fm: Howell Gentrv Bros ' Doe °"«° W 6 » na *«*■ 4 S?"*" 1 "? and are making a hit with the quick changes 

■B TinmtmVim Imi jgujJskTl«iJ? *E3, m "7 JoM P b L ". w, f, n , V 10 . 8lm *°f ^ of costumes Introduced by Mile. B*Bsle. 

■7 Barnum *^lev ? s rX T^dtertlslna 5<"»! ""'» Neighbors Window," by John fbancis Pieblot. comedian, has been »Pf- 

c*r *as he^Julvl lllllna the town fo? Wnif Galrt, and "A Pair of Trunks," by , n engaged to play three weeka with the 

■*• * • ' tor Andrew. Thompson. The playa will be pro- FraD ui a s stock, at the BIJou Theatre, Chl- 

duced under the dlrecUon of the authors, g^- . . . 

and a large sale la anticipated. Feed S. Stubeb, banjolst, will remain with 

» . .J. W. Gorman until Sept 14. 

lttc».— At the Majestic Theatre <War- Maboie Hilton la apendlna; her vacation 


«»»» — ■ 

ren E. Day, manager).— The Majestic Stock with her mother" in her new home stW» 

Ca deserved the large patronage thev i ng ton, D. C. Miss Hilton will he with one 

•The Fire Patrol • had good houaes during wce | Te d last week from the manner In which f Weber *: Buah's shows next season. . 

w ** k . of 1 £P? ~°-J«)j^ 4. Next week's pro- J ney presented "The Uttle Minister." The Cabl Maio, formerly with RlngUng Bros;, 

Muatveal.— rfheatre Francals (F. Ha< 
worth,.. manager). —The Aubrey Stock, In 

ductlon, "Thfe tand of the Living/* pVaya ThUweek will be "Carmen" and "The reporta that he Is clowning this aeaaon with 

Theatbe Rotal ..(IT, W. I* Clair, tnana- 6iS» tr - f Daughter." Special matinee will the Great Wallace Shows, In some new char- 

?;er). — June 2B-Jaly A «i~i«- — ~« b •#■■.•« jb 
irant's Stock Co., ' 
business big. Extra, 

4, closing week of De given Friday afternoon for the benefit of « c texs. 
In burlesque and o»o; (b^ehndren's play grounds. Keifpeb axd Diamond are In their sixth 

acta were: The Marti- ijj, CA Pabk.— Last week waa the opening wee k at Pittsburg, Kan., with the Summer 

nettea. the Wilsons. Cushman and St. Clair, (Wk ot vaudeville attractions, and drew big gtock. to do parts and specialties, 
and Honan and Kearney, crowds. The prize for amateur vaudeville Notes op the Adamb Bbos.' Own 

Sohmek Pabk. (LAvlgne A Lnjole. mana- actg wag awar ded to Henry N. Marlon, at tU# attbactionb.— Manager' Jas. R. Adan 

Mobile— A tlie Monroe Park Theatre (M. 
A. McDermott, manager).— The bill llrat part 
of week ot June 20 whs Goctbe'a "Faust, 
which waa well rendered by the Boston Ideal 
Opera. Co. "The Black Iluiiar" and "Paul 
Jonas'' will be the bills week of July ft. 

Masoott* .Theatbe (Doucournau. Broa., 
mniiagers). — Good business continues at this 
Iioiim", and the following new faces opened 
week of June 20: Young and Foster, , and 
t'loe Bamoya. Tbe favorites remain and 
pleaae nightly. . _ ... 

Notes.— The Mobile WgUt and Railroad 
Companv Is siiendlng tboWMmh of. dollars 
lu Improvements to their entire plant, which 
now gives Monroe Park, three lines of cars 
for the handling of the opera buslneiw, which 
lucreaaea each week. Among (he ninny liu- 
provementa made the lustalllng of a 
1.200 horse power Cross compound engine, 
couueCted directly with an SOU K. W. WohI- 
Inghouse railway generator, litis will be 
used exclusively for the street car system, 
and will supply 00 per. cent, more power 
than the generator now In use. The electric 
avstem Is also being remodeled, and will In- 
clude the most modern circuit .controllers 
mid general equipment to be had, When this 
work has been completed Mobile will |K>s- 
fcfux one of the lurgcat electric power and 

lighting plants Ih tlie' South In spite 

of the slight accident Which liefell the "Gold 
Medul" special at the Park Wednesday. 24. 

good bualnesB prevail* dally l'nifessor 

Wright, the aeronaut, closed his engage- 
ment at the Park 2», »ud left fur Meridian. 
Miss., where he opens for three weeks July 

gers). — Tbe park did big business during tbe 
week. The eels were : ' Evelyn ' Tanner, 
Eraser Family, May Evans, Prof. Goleman, 
Onda, and Slg. Ale«,sandronl. 

ItiVBBBlDE Pabk (Tremblay k O'Farrell, 
managers). — The stock company put on "The 
Soldier's Honor" June 20. Extra acts were: 
-M. R. IlHrmant and wife, Frank I. Frayne, 
and Ladles' Orchestra. Business fair. In 
future the park will be run wUb straight 
vaudeville acts, the stock company disband- 
ing on July 4. 

Thbatbb National Fbancaib (Geo. Gauv- 
reau, manager).— The stock company bad 
splendid houses to «ee "Le Pauvres of Paris." 
week of June 20 July 4. Next attraction, 
"The Two Orphans" and "Martyne" 6-11. 
s f 

st. John.— At the Opera House (A. O. 
rikluncr. manager).— Tbe Castle 'Square 
Stock Co., No. 2, closed a week of light 
business June 27. May " 

Own New 
Adama re- 
Friday night show.' This" week: John P. Veived" word from John Henry Cooke, pro- 
Moore, vocalist: the Fowlers, change per- prletor of Cook's Royal Circus, of England 
iorraers: Beauchamp and Bailey, acrobats. an d Scotland, that be had signed contracts 

Summit Pabk. — Last week waa a hlc 
week for attendance, and the show took 
well. This week, Daly's Imperial Minstrels. 

a it 


wWh a novelty danc* team, Mons. and 
Mile. De Compo, for tbe Adams Bros, at- 
tractions. They will leave Liverpool, tug., 
during the latter part of August. John H. 
Cooke la a cousin of the Adama Bros., and 
Is well known In this country. He sends 
very flattering reports of the act. Geo. H. 
Adama has received the. full manuscript 
of their new farce comedy, "Show Folk. 

Detroit.— At the Avenue Theatre (H. H. 
I amkln, manager). — Tbe Weberfleld Com- 
pany, beaded by Bobby Harris, Sam Sldmau an d | B going over same to arrange all tbe 
Hnd Jake Bernard, presented "Pouaae business relating to It. Lily Adams Is re- 
Cafe," to almost capacity business, week of hearsing a new single specialty that she 
June 20, notwithstanding the weather. was w m introduce In one of the comedies. It 
very hot. Tbe members of this company, )„ on [De ee rlo comic order, she being a 
Including also Arthur Whltelaw. Billy Taylor, very clever mimic. Henry Plncus, author 
'led Burns, Josephine Newman, Freda Gal- f the- "8portlng Craxe," will rehearse the 
lick and Jane Bernard, In the principal roles, Adams Bros.' Company In tbe work. 
are all very popular In Detroit, having Howard McCabveb a-nd Lilt Gabat have 

— i for 

of Richard Pltrot, during tbe early pari of 
August, opening In London the latter Dart 
of that month. He Is also booked to anneir 
at Pastor's on his return here In June iihi4 

Oi.lie YOUNO and Brotheb, hoop rollern 
have concluded their Eastern engagements' 
and after a short rest at Atlantic city \' 
J., will begin their Western tour at Masonic 
Temple, Chicago, early in August. 

Humes and Lewis, acrobatic clown and 
circus queen, were tbe special attraction 
at Gananoque, Ont., Dominion Day; July \ 
and at Ogdenaburg, N. Y.. July 4. Ther 
report that their comedy acrobatic anil 
aerial act Is In demand, and that ther are 
meeting with success. 

Ton Finnioan, of the Finnlgana, while 
alighting from a street car at St. Louis Mo 
June 21, fell and broke one of his legs. Con- 
sequently the team bad to cancel several 
weeks' engagement. 

The Taut Ho Dro report a very suc- 
cessful Summer opening under the manage, 
nient of Al. Haynes, In his musical comedv 
"Too Much Married." which la plavlng over 
the Jake Wella Southern nark circuit. The 
show haa been making a big hit. - The com- 

Rany Is headed by tbe clever ectresa, Julia 

('has. Heclow, eccentric comedian, has 
Just finished Hticcessful engagements at Elec- 
tric Park.. Baltimore, Md. ; Avon Park 
Youngstown, 0.: Idlewllde Park, Newark" 
and Is at Collins Garden, Columbus, thla 
week, with tbe Edward Shayne and Frank 
hurt's circuits of parks to follow. He Is 
booked nearly solid until March. 1004. 

Nkp Newell, of the team of Newell and 
Nlblo, Is very 111 with typhoid fever at hit 
home In Chicago. 

Castle and Collins, blackface comedians 
and dancers, have been engaged by the 
Faust Minstrels for the coming season to 
do ends and their specialty. 

H. T. Kino and- Geo. Pickett are doing 
very well with Jones A Harrison's Theatre 
Co., River Park, Winnipeg, Can. 

Martin and Cbocch. comedv acrobats. 
closed on June 27 with Busby Bros'. Shows. 
and will play fairs and parks the rest of 
the season. 

■♦■ » 

The company 

Miss Nanner 

Hlltm, are both natives of this city. In ad 

d It Ion to these two ladles' the company In 

dudes: Lena 'Lorraine.W. B. Dalley; ;Mon 

Temple Theatre (J. H. Moore, manager), 
-—The attraction tor week of la: George 
Cf Boniface and Bertha Walzlnger, pieeent- 

roe Salisbury, Frank E. Jamison 'and John lng "The Woman Who Hesitates Is Won; 
Webb Dillon. The balance of tbe company Ethel Levey (Mrs. George M. Cohan), com- 
cvive aplendhl support.- On July 1 (Dominion edlcnne : ' Uoppttt and company, Bertie Fow- 
lhty) the company gavo two performances, 
pU'wiitlug "The Diplomats" and "Too Much 
Johnson, to. crowded, houses. These two 
hills will ill) out the week. Ellnoire Hatch, 
the tnciio soprano, appeared with the com- 
pany, giving selections from grand opera, 

some original parodies' for Lawrence and 
Barrett, and a sketch, entitled 'Jungllng In 
tbe Jungles,". for John S. Houlihan, Denver, 

Colo. ' - i .. 

Habbt W. Williams' Jb. Impebial Butt- 
I.EHQIER8 Notes. — Our roster Is: Harry W. 

up to the usual standard. 
Whitnet Theater (B. 

D. Stair, man- 

nnd made no i Immense, hit. The bills under- ager).— -Hlmmelein's Imperial Stock Co. pre- 

llned for week of 6 are: "Face to Face" and 
"Toll Gate Inn,". 0-11. 

Notes. — ;','Paoe .to. Face." a society melo- 
drama, by, Mrs. (.'has. Doremue, and pur- 
chased by Miss Nannary, will receive Its 
tlrsl production- on any stage 6.- Roster of 
May Naunary Co. : May Nannary, ficne- 
vleve Itllnu, l.i'im Lorraine, Charlotte Hunr- 
lngton. W. ..IL. . Dailoy, . Monroe Salisbury, 
John .Webb Dillon, Frank Andrews, C. . V. 
Newsnu, Max , Harper, P. A. Nannary, . and 
Prank E. Jamison, stage manager. 

".ml — *»» ~ — .*■•"." 


ler. (aias. and Lva Parcor John Donahue Williams Jr.. sole proprietor ; James Weeden, 
«nd Hattle Nichols, Cliff Gordon, Hal „,,„„„. Geo. H. Hamilton, buslneBS man 
Stephens, and tbe American blograpb. Last a « r ; Thomas Carey, muilcai director; Wm. 
week's bill was good,, and the attendsnpe B » an gtaje manager: Byron and Langdon, 

Cliff Gordon, Johnny Cain, Jake Moore, Edna 
Crllne, Grace Forrest, Burke Patty, Carney, 
Lizzie Sheldon. Minnie Sheldon. Sadie All!, 
Marie Healy, Lulu Williams, Mildred Davis, 
May Desmond, and others. Two new bur- 
lesques have been written especially for the 
company this season, tbe scenery and print- 
■ .... „ lng Is all new, while the costumes worn by 

Kalamasoo. — The Academy of Music (B. the pretty burlesquers are sold to be drearus 
A. Bush, manager) remains dark, and from f feminine fancies and a revelation. The 
present appearances nothing will be offered reason will open Aug. 5, at Cumberland, Md. 
till the opening' of tbe season of 1003-4, George H. Hamilton, business manager for 
which occurs Sept. 1. Harry W. Williams Jr.'s Imperial Burleaq- 

Lake View Casino (Sam Mlttentbal, ergi had a narrow escape from drowning on 
manager).— The Barlow Minstrels, week of June 30, while hatblng at Atlantic City. He 
June 21, played, to splendld_buslness, J>re- wail caught In a strong undertow, and carried 

aented "Knobs o' Tennessee." to good busi- 
ness, week of June 20. Tbey close their sea- 
son here. In "Tlie King of the Desert," week 
of July «. 

M(>ntNC»»irr>'. — Wells' Casino, Picket t 
Springs (Ernest Louiiey, hmnnger). — All 
llavues' Musical Comedy C'ti., presenting 
"Too Much Married." pleased excellent busi- 
ness week of June 20. The following people 
were In tbe cast : Jus. A- He*". Frank IS. 
Itoyle. Al. Haynes. Jos. F. Morgan, . Will 
Itnrtell, Marguiet Rosa. Edith Cruue, Lilian 
Bortell and Julia Redmond. The vuudc- 
vllle features were good. The musical num. 
her of the Hat-tells and the character sketch 
of Margaret Rosa uibhIp enthusiastic hits. 

Note,— Jas. J. Ueall, of tlto Al. liny nek 
Musical Comedy Co,, Is an old Montgomery 
Imv, and has been the recipient of much 
intention from hla many friends during his 
ntny In the city. 

' « i » 


Via Pennsylvmila. llallrostd, Aceownl 

■ U. A. It. .Nallnual Kseampiuest. 

Oii account of the national encampment 
of the Grand Army of the Repahllc at San 
Francisco, Cnl.. Aug. 17 to 22. the. Pennsyl- 
vania Railroad ('t.inpnu,v offers n persoimlly 
ivudurted tour lit the . Pacific, coast at re- 
nmi'kitbiy low rates. :^..,, \ ... 

Tour will leave New York. Philadelphia, 
Baltimore. Washington, and other points on 
I he Pennsylvania Railroad Kast of Pitts- 
burg Thursday. Aug. n. by special train of 
the highest grade Pollnmn ctpilpuieut. An 
entire day will lie spoilt at Hie. Grand Can- 
yon of Ariz i, two days st I.os Angeles, 

imd visits of a half day or mure at Passu- 
ilena, -ikuila .Barbara, ltel Monte itiul San 
Jose. Tiiree days will la- K|ient lu San I'rnu- 
i-lsi'o during the encsnipmeut. A day will 
be spent In l'orlliuid on the return trip. 
And a complete tour of the Yellowstone Park, 
covering six days, returning directly to 
iteMluatluii vl-i lllllliigs and Chicago, null 
arriving Washington. Biilllmore, Plillndelphla 
and New York Se|it. I. 

Ilouuil trip rate, covering all ex|H<nsps for 
Iweiily-seven days, except three days spent 
lu Kan Francisco, Jtfis ; two In one berth, 
K200 each. 

Ilouud trip rate, covering all expenses to 
l.os Angeles. Including traas|i»rtatlon. meala 
lu dining car, and visits to Grand Canyon 
and Pasadena, and iriiii»pci,fnl/uii ohI/i 
through Callfornlu and returning to the 
Fjisi by Oct. IS, via any direct route. In- 
cluding authorised stop overs, % IK, : two III 
<ine berth, *1 05 each. Returning via Port- 
Ihnil $11 additional will be charged. 

Rates from Plttaburg will be five dollars 
less In each case.. 

For full Information apply to ticket agents, 
or (ten. W. Boyd, General I'asseuger Agent, 
Broad Street Station, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Buffalo.— At -the Tcck Theatre (Walter 
8. Baldwin, BMUia'ger). — The Buhl win- Mel- 
ville Stock Co, la appearing week of July fi 
In "lu Mlsxouru," ''Cyrano -de Bergersc" 
week of I.T, ' "Monte CrlBlo'" drew very 
nicely, especially the Fourth. Manager Johu 
It, 'Stirling- and - Peter C" Cornell take hold 
of this lioime lu Heptember, and many of Mr. 
Stirling's, high priced attractions will appear 
here Instead of .at the 8mr as heretofore. 

Stab Thhateu ' { J. B. Stirling, manager). 
■ — For the llrat time In many years Summer 
darkness prevails here, but the usual bright- 
ening nil Is being effected and the opening, 
Aug. HI. will celebrate tbe event of the 
limnchlnc of Rogers Brothers In their new 
MeNally farce, "The-' Rogers 'Brothers In 
London," ■ ■ , » 

Co.wMNTtuN Ham«— The- veteran manager, 
Henry. L. Meech, has again been chosen to 
look after the welfare and destinies of this, 
the city's b)g Institution. 

Lyvkpm TiigATBE.-T-The Baldwin Stock 
Co,, tinder Charles Fonrtoo's management, is 
progressing nicely and the hot weather at- 
tendance Is well< maintained. "Tennessee's 
Pnnliier" Ibis week, with Dustln Farnum 
and Lansing Rowan In. leading roles. "Tbe 
Wages of Sua" Vrlllbs played uext week. "My 
Pa it ne r" did well. 

Academy (Dr. Peter C. 'Cornell, mana- 
ger). — "The RedJ Cross 'Nurse" this week, 
wlili Beryl Hope lit the title role, and Violet 
Stanley will continue In pictorial songs, which 
have become a winning feature. "The Slaves 

■entlng a 'tine programme. Raymond Teal, 
heading a -fine vaudeville combination, drew 
large crowds week of 28, - "Coontown 400" 
week of July 5. ■' • 

Edison's Electbic TiiEatbb, under the 

far out, and found It Impossible to swim 
In. He was taken with cramps and was 
rescued by Geo. Bovyer. 

Sammy Chabcoal, the humming coon, with 
J. W. Gorman's Alabama Troubadours, Is 

Cedar Rapids.— At the Audltorlnm 
(Barry Gilbert, manager). — Mme. Rors 
Matum, Bohemian prima donna, or the Na- 
tional Theatre at Prague, gave her third 
concert In America June 20, assisted by Nel- 
lie Sm|th, violinist; Bohuoll Janaa, cornet- 
tlst, and John Mokrelsh, pianist, under the 
auspices of the local Bohemian' Turners. 

Rinolino Bbos.' Circus Ih due July 15. 

NOTES. — Crego's London Ghost Show of . 
8 people, organized here, left 2r> to join 
Snyder's Cosmopolitan Carnival Company at 

Streator, III Harry C. Stuart, chief 

doorkeeper at Greene's Opera House, was 
married June 29 to Edith Wolf. . ; : : .C. V. 
Chubb and Joe Klat, of Rlngllng Bros.' ad- 
vertising force, were here 2. 

Fort Dodge. — The Midland Theatre 
(Beth Meservey. manager) opened the Sum- 
mer season In vaudeville June .10. to a fair 
sized house. Lou Bader and' Edith Lavelle 
are the headllnera and made a very favor- 
able Impression. The bill for this week 
comprises: Bader and Lavelle. Herbert and 
Fletcher, Gardner and Sorentl, Edna Mer 
rill, and Daniel and Daniel. 

Olebon P.vbk. — The Fifty-sixth Regiment 
Hand (Carl Qulst, director) drew enormous 
crowds' 28. .. • 

management of Prof. Wm. Ayton, opened a at Portland, Me., this week 

four days' engagement July 1. 

-Mavlaav.'.— At Jeffere Theatre (T. D. 
Bamford A Sam Marks, managers)! — Week 
of June 20: The Five Nosses, Martini and 
'Maxmllllan. Harvey and' Moore, the Rexos, 
Ellpor Butler, Wlndon, the Potters, and the 
vltagraph. On occount of extreme heat this 
house will he cloaed for six weeks, begin- 
ning July 0. 

HivEBHiDE Pabk Casino (John McCarthy, 
manager). — Week of June 28 the bill was- 
Harry Gosellne, Mile. Olive, Biekell and 
Watson, Harding and Ah Sid, John T. 
Tlerney, and the klnodrome. . 

■ , » ■ 

tiraml Jtaplda. — At Ramona Theatre 
(Orin Stair, manager). — Week of July 5: 
Adelaide. Herrmann, tbe Columbian Trio, 
t'arson and W.lllard, Zara and Zara, and Geo. 
II. Adams and company. 

GoDrxoY's StiHMF.B Pavii.ion (Chas. God- 
frey, manager). — Week of 5: iMr. and Mrs. 
Frank Beverly. Stlaaul Bros., Bernstein Trio, 
Fannie Donovan, Jack Gardner, O'Rourke- 
Bnrhett Trio, and Illmm-Horoin It-r-r-r. 
i —i- m 

Bay City. — At Wenona Beach Park Ca- 
sino iU W. Richards, manager). — The fol- 
lowing people appeared week of June 28, and 
were well received t The Two Kings, Brown, 

Alvoua Is In bis tenth week at Inman's 
Casino, Coney Island, N. Y., aa one of tbe 
features, doing hla act that keeps them 

Huston, Juggler, was held over the second 
week at Grand Falls Park, Joplln, Mo., and 
was on the same bill with Pelot tbe second 
week ; notwithstanding tbe two Jugglers on 
the bill, both went btg anil had u line time 
together. . ' 

Louis J. Mack and Joe K. Kellet and wife 
(Belva Brooks) sailed, July 8. for New 
York rrom fialveston. Tex. Kelly, Mack 
and Brooks played eighty-nine consecutive 
weeks in Texas, In four theatres. 

Babtelmes, foot Juggler, opened at the 
Novelty Theatre, Oakland, Cal., June 20, 
making bis second week on the circuit. 

Talbot and Rogers report great success 
with their new act, and have signed with 
the Henry Lee Vaudeville Combination for 
next season. 

The Lavabnie Sibtebb closed a very suc- 
cessful engagement at Rich Held ■ Springs, 
N. Y. ; Columbia Garden, Cortland, and are 
at Branson Park, Painted Post, N. Y., this 

The. Colby Family Is meeting with -suc- 
cess on Edwin Sbayne's circuit of parks, 
and at the conclusion of. their park dates 
will spend a few weeks Ashing and resting 
at Eagle River. Wis., before opening their 

Keoknk — At the Casino Theatre (Ed; 
mund Jaeger- Jr., manager). — North Bros.' 
Comedians, In repertory and specialties, at- 
tracted good houses week of June 20. and 
gave good satisfaction. Coining: Phlnnejs 
V. S. Band July 7. Breckenrldge Stock Co. 

12-18 Gentry's Big Dog and Pony Circus 

drew a large attendance here June 27. and 
plea Bed Immensely. General Manager W. F- 
Prlngle, a former Keokuk newspaper man. re- 
newed old acquaintances during the alios's 
stay here. . ..Miller A Hickman are get ting. out 

a fine lot of scenery for their repertory com- 
pany, which Is organising here. Their road 
season will open earlv In August. .... .Cirrus 

agents may again feel encouraged to visit 
this section of the country, after the recent 
big floods on the Mississippi. Farmers have 
replanted their crops, and weather con- 
ditions have been favorable. There Is plenty 
of the circus man's "long greeu" In sight. 

Dec Moines. — Atlngersoll Park IFred 
Ruchnnan, manager). — 'The Beggar Prince 
Opera Co.. In "Said Pasha," drew iBrge audi- 
ences last week Rlngllng Bros.' Cirrus 

comes July IS. 

♦ »» ■ ' 

of .Russia" will JMJMIM next week. Harrlgon ; >nd Brown, the De- Mutbi Carson BeaaonTt WasY.inaton" iTc" Vth1h U e*He"nr'v 
•IkingcrH of a Great City'' were vividly snd.Wlllard. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eamonde, k! fie VaudevlRc 1 ?S: 

|Hirl rnv'd lust. week. 

Shea's GabDKN Theatbe. — Mary Hampton 
i.iul company, in. Edmund Day's "The Melo- 
drama :" O'Brien and Havel, Yankee Comedv 
Four, 'Five Nosses, Stilly Family. John and 
Bertha Gleeson, Zarrow Trio, the G lockers, 
and new klnetogrAph pictures. 

I.ak.w ktte Theatbe (Charles M. Bngg, 
iiiniiHgerl. — Itrciinsn and Ruse offer the Inno- 
t i'ii t Beauties tills week, Billy B. Van mak- 
ing his last Appearance here In burlesque, 
In the olio' appear Druiumond Quartet, Cun- 
ningham and Grant, Agnes It. Itchier, Fred- 
crick Bros, and Hums, nhd the stock. Bual- 

In "The Soldier of Propvllle." Good business 
ruled. Week of July .> the bill Is: Roberts, 
Haves and lloberls, Rose Maynon, Csstel- 
lett and Hall, Wilson Trio, and Carl Charles. 
<«» . 

Atlanta.— At Ponce De Leon Park Ca- 
sino (Jake Wells, manager). — The Pan- 
American Minstrels were responsible for the 
flattering returns enjoyed at tbe casino June 
20 and week. Tbe flrat part was well re- 
ceived, while the specialties that made up the 
ness Is excellent. Unfortunntel), owing to second part were clever. The monologue of 
the removal of supports at the rear of tbo Johnny Healv, tbe acrobatic act of the La 
theatre, on the Tlfft House site, which Is Tov-Bros. the aluglng and dancing of Leigh- 
Itelng transformed Into an Immense depart- ton and Lelghton. the Musical Martina, and 
inent store, the performance, evening of tbe the Pan- America a Quartette all "made 
Fourth, could not be given with safety to the good," rounding out a splendid evening's en- 
stage, i • .. . ■> . tertalnment. The Kllgour . Block Company 
i'iiyhtal Beach <B. M. Garfleld. booklDg comes for a week July 8. 

manager). — The coxy covered theatre and 
excellent offering* have tended to popularise 
this hlg lake resort In a marked degree. Mr. 
Uarfteld offers this < sveek : Raymond Foe, 
Fledora Sisters, M. Roeder, Edward Vinton. 
The afterpiece Is entitled "House of Too 

♦ «■» 


The Keystone Vaudeville Co. Is now 
booking Summer parks. The company In- 
cludes : The Pennys, musical act ; Farrel and 
Delaney, songs and dances; and tbe only 
"Cancle," card expert and illusionist. 

Kiskb and Mcclain, musical team, will 
Join Ward A Wade's Minstrels at Mansfield, 
«)., for rehearsals, making their fourth sea- 
son with this attraction. 

The Hewitts, rolling globe equilibrists, 
who close with the Wright Carnival Co. 
at Newark, O.. next week, will come on here 
to Join W. B. Watson's American Burleanuera 
for tbe coming season. The Hewitts have 
been three seucon* playing street fairs as a 
free attraction with Col. Wright's Co. 

Rice and Adams, acrobatic grotesques, 
are In their second season with French's 
New Sensation. Tbey report big success 
with their new act. 

Perry ano Ale via, ami sin. and Mbs. 
Fbask Vennala are spending a few weeks 
la the Berkshire Hills, inhaling tbe otone 
and getting renovated for the coming sea- 

Wheeling At the Park Casino (Con- 

. rad Hlrscb. manager). — The Robinson Opera 
'Much Trouble." Departure*. 4, were: Axelle Co. Is booked to appear at thla retort July Cousins Big City Show, doing bis Juggling 
May Fowler and company, who appeared In u 18. sad hoop rolling act. 

.The Gbeat Cabmen.' the |_ wIth mgnT 
hoops, Is being featured with the Three 

Norfolk. — At Ocean View Casino (Jake 
Wells, manager). — Business week of. June 
20 was excellent The damp, disagreeable 
spell which has been with , us for over a 
month has at last broken and we are lu the 
midst ot a hot old time— Just the klud of 
weather the managers of open air resorts 
have been longing for. Vaudeville will hold 
the boards for week of July 8. 

Bijou Theatbe (Abb Smith, manager).— 
New people for week of are : Alma Marx- 
ham. Monroe and French, Grace Turner. 
Carrie La Delle. and Chaa. M. West. 

AttDrroBiUM Theatre (J. JL Barton, msn- 
ager). — For week of 6 the following people 
are booked: The Rodman 8lstera. r reach 
and Allen, Edna Wlllla, Abe Hnnshaw the 
Three Rentxes, Johnson and Sullivan. Molli' 
Barry, Flossie Holden, Mel .Grant. ""I 
Charlie Rentz. Manager Barton has oneuefl 
his enterprise at Virginia Beach, Vo. 

Titb Youngi:r-Jamkh Wild West gave two 
performance* here June 20, to tremendous 

l.rnehborjt, — At Rlvermont Park Ci' 
alno (Jake Wells, manager).— During the 
warm weather the crowds at this resort nave 
been splendid. People seen here week pi s» 
were: The Two Schrodes, Farrell and lurey. 
alnglng comedians ; the Marvelous Cotton*. 
In their mind reading : Emlle Benner. vo- 
calist, and Herbert Lloyd, "the king's Jester. 

P*t#rab«rar.— At the Academy of Music 
(Wra. E. French, manager).— The Harrison- 
Adams . TheBtre Co. presented ' "The i-o'J 
Paradise" for the benefit of atrlklng street 
car men, July 2. 

JULY 11. 



\ii« rlliHH'r's AnmlotcH. l'orsomtlllloa 
niul (.'onimouls Conrerulug »t»ge Folk. 4.'.;t 

Kathryn Ostcnnan— Sketch 454 

£ I {'re»cy— Sketch 41 

Vbde'r the '« , nt» . . 



4[i4. 4(15 

■MlMMM •. *>Mk <f 

STimS llarhecks— Sketch 4!U 

Krfrtl* anil Minstrel... 4nr.,4.-,0. 4*10. 4«r. 

KJule I^iuml-Sketch Show News 4Sli 

aSS V- t'liirk — Sketch 4.-.I! 

•S3 In* Phiyew 4M1. 457 

Our (hlrtgo Letter 4B8 

Our Chicago fitter .... 
Our 1-nndon Letter . 
Uiesi by Telegraph 
im the Itoad . 


TMO UmimA, July 7.— Hot wenther sent 
irimils t«> the imrks Inxt nlelii. Munich 

iiIHj llll ki-ltl, « Thratrc hihI the llljoii. 
!?S? r l. Ta *?Si e T , , l,e . Hni1 the 9twk company. In 
i,^,^v 1 o„^ l ? kl t 8 ' "-"oP^Mwly. furnished 
highly satisfactory entertalnmeut. 

— SS?*h U i J .'- v "•— Kurkaiupo Rand 
ojs-niil Km sttontl week's eiiKaKeiuent Sun- 
dny. at Jockey Club I'nrk, u. Immense 

On tit Road. 

.,, Vlie I'toad .7 461 

*»» York dty— Itevlew and Comment... 494 

"\» ide »Mle Koitte Wat 401, 462 

£55r rnrks, Etc 46B 

r..v "anil Sketches Copyrighted 46tt 

(he'ss ond Checkers 4J4 

ouerles Answered 4(18 

flipper l'ost Ottlce 4U 

< I pper 1 v»* >^*m. <r 

KfirVfor IH03 

With the Bill Posters... 
Stage Mechanics ....... 

Deaths in Mie Profession 
Mnale and Song 

. 40.1, 466 
. . 465 
. . 4U.-I 
.. 404 

Music and song 484 


TVaatilugton. Colorado 457 

Tennessee, Texas 457 

Oregon, Kentucky 457 

UiSiisVtis '.■.'.*.'.'.'.'.'.' ...... 458. 451), 404 

Penusvlvanla 450, 402 

Ohio 'District of Columbia 459 

Louisiana. Maine 451) 

WUconsin 400 

Ahtbaaia 4JJ0 

Illinois «|B 

Canada 400, 40 ; . 

Vtv York 4«0 

Michigan 4J>0 

deorgiii 4tK) 

West Virginia 400 

ss; ::: jg 

. . . Mil 

. . . 404 


. . . 404 

Virginia . . 

New Jersey 



Rhode Island 


Monday Night's Openings In All the 
Bis Show Towua, 


Good Business Iliilea at the Viirlous 

Special Uhpntchen to The Nrw Yobk Cmppeb 

Sin I'nA.M'isru, July 7. — flood business 
rubs! :it all the local houses last week. 

ColJiMHtt Tllc.vritK. — Amelia lllnghnin be- 
wail lust night her second week In "The 

■ California Theatre. — Nnnce O'Neill, for 
fbls. her third week, will present repertory. 
"Madga," "Kllzalieth," "Hcdda linbler." "The 
eciress" and "Oliver Twist" will be the 

' Alcazar Theatre. — For this, the eighth 
week of the engagement of White Whittlesey, 
"Brother Officers" will be the bill. 

Central Theatre. — The second week of 
James Corrigan opened last night, with "Kid- 
napped" as the bill. 

(iitANo Opera House. — "In Central Park" 
began Its second week last night, to contin- 
ued good business. 

Tiviii.i oi'era House. — "Wang" was pre- 
sented last night. 

" Fischer's Theatre. — "Twirly-Wulrly." 
now In Its fifth week, continues to be 11 
strung magnet. 

Orpiikiisi Theatre. — This week's hill in- 
cludes: Chas. Dickson and company, Mosher, 
Houghton and Mosher, Young and De Vole, 
Mabel MeKlnley, Julian Hose, Wangdoodle 
I'uni , Evans and St. John, Kngan. and Byron, 
aud the blogrnpii. 

i.'iiutkh.— Bill week of (I: Robinson and 
Craut, Karlelll, I.utz Bros., Kred Wadell, 
Waldron Bros., Krafft and Daley, and anu- 

i limiuiAN'fl TnEATBE. — Bill opening 0: 
Uarrle and Cnrrle I.a Kola, the Three Mal- 
vern Bros., George W. (Moore, Clinton Mont- 
gomery, aud the bioscope. 


Summer Weather Induces Good At- 
tendance at the VarloiiM Open Air 

' HeMurtH— A Nunilter of Fatal Acci- 
dents Mar Fourth of July Festivi- 

/ Ciiicauo, July 7. — Cooler weather Sunday 
aud .Monday helped the theatres, but left 
great throngs for the Summer parks. Suns 
twuel n nil the Water Chutes played to tre- 
uirndous crowds the Fourth and Sunday, 
loe continued attractions were: "The Teu- 
derfoot" at the Dearborn, "When Johnny 
• junes Marching Home" at McVlcker's, "A 
tliliiese Honeymoon" ut the Illinois, "Babes 
in 'J'uylnnd" ut the Grand Opera House, 
"Lovers and Lunatics" nt the La Salle, and 
Heury K. Hixey at Powers', all prospering, 

weatls-r considered Stock burlesnue at 

*»Ui i\ Jack's and the Trocodero thrived 

Mfopiiriloiiately Four deaths and one 

?ertuiis Jujury resulted from Fourth of July 
•iblblilous In. this vicinity. At Fort Dodge, 
[u.. Cliirii Fox, in making a slide for life 
iroui the court house tower to a uearby 
iclegrnph pole, broke her harness, fell a 
hundred feet Into the crowd below, killing 
oersetf mid fatally injurlne a spectator. 
Aear Davenport, la., T. 11. Bergqulsta, pro- 
'".iHloiial high diver, was killed by the break- 
ing of u ladder which hail been placed upon 
» Imrge lu the middle of tJte river. As ho 
»ns iibout to dive Into the water the ladder 
broke uud he fell an the barge. Karnest 
'."'jNley, an aeronaut, was killed at Vir- 
ginia,. III., by his balloon striking against 
•' iree and precipitating him fifty feet to the 
itruund. He ^vus unconscious until death. 
*l (Inwnvllle, III. Prof. Curlee Edwards 
"tieiupted n high dive Into a box of straw, 
tie missed his bearing, and was picked up In 
«" unconscious condition, hut may recover. 
,, Xt - Louis, July 7. — Sunday's openings at 

"J" J» /rc»co resorts were big, the weather 

T. f. . ,lle sennltte Summer variety 

S , ih i ' Umi "' «*den the revival of "1402." 
*"b Itlchard Harlowe, was enthusiastically 
,,ivived ^ on* of the largest audiences of 

be season Forest Park Highlands, with 

!.'"'»; vaudeville bill, did a big business 

"ie Hnnley-ltntemau Stock Co., ot Koerner's, 
liresenicd r 'Tlie Silver King." and has a good 

week in prospect At the Suburban 

^'rrpiirlnn's Banda Kossa licgun its second 

..11S w,,n "'K huslness The new bill 

"' r "»"t Knd Heights was well received by 

I'.i ljr lttr K e house Maonlon's Park, 

witli new vaudeville, has a good week In 

8I ", Ilnshngen's Park reported a good 

', ' ."'"'"B lamp's Park, with brilliant at- 

i-neiioiis and generous free features, mnln- 
">lils Its iKipulnrlty. 

JJ'AMiiiNflTOK. July 7.— The Olffln Opra 
' nmn opened Its third week at the La- 
"•yette mat night. In "The Lady Slavey." 
11-S. ' l ' vo ' ln »»• tltla role, was euthnslas- 
*"7 l '!- v "PPlauded. This opera has never had 
n "Iter presentation than this In this city. 
ihJ'" A " ,h<> other theatres are closed for 

jShT^Sfir Cbevy Chase Lake. Cabin 

J|>iin Ilrldge and the river resorts ore 

_ Kama, City. July 7.— An immense crowd 
1 hi 1? t '.". t al K'ectrlc Park yesterday, la 
m 'Hopkins' Theatre the headllners were: 
^rpjson and M(M;k and Tajlk aad Rugers . 

Oani Park b,g erowd " nearu ,aun ' 

All Route Most Reach Va Not Later 

Than Monday. 


Aubrey Slock, Western, Mlttenthal Broth- 
ers IW u. Fltstgerald. mgr.j— -Boslou, 
Mass., July 0, Indefinite. 

Aubrey Slock, Kastern, Mlttenthal Broth- 
ers (W. It. Hill, mgr.>— Moutreal. Can., 
July 0, Indefinite. 

Anderson Stock — Anderson, Ind., July tf. In- 

American Stock, Terry & Wagner's (Hnrry J. 
'lerry. mgr.)— Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., 
July 0-11. 

Bingham, Amelia, la "Repertorv (Frank Mc- 
Kee, mgr.) — San Francisco, Cul., Julv '>- 
Aug. 1. 

Bnldwln-Melvllle, Repertory (Walter S. Bnlo'- 
wln, mgr.)— II11 (Tain, X. y„ July 0. In- 

nufuntou Slock (l'higeno Phelps, mgr.) — 
>.ew Hedford, Mass., July G, Indefinite. 

Ihitllnton Stock (George A. Hill, mgr.) — 
Pawtuckel, It. I., July C, Indefinite. 

Bullinton Stock (James E. McKlroy, mgr.) — 
Fall River, Mass., Julv 0. IndeHnlte. 

Burrlll Comedy (Charles W. Burrlll, mgr— 
Champaign, III., July 0, iudellulte. 

Burrlll Stock (Charles W. Burrlll, mgr.)— 
Springfield, 111., July 0. Indefinite. 

Breckenbridge Stock — Keokuk, la., Julp 12- 

Bryan Stock— Zanesvllle. O., July 0, In- 

"Breezy Time," Heth & Martin's (Grant 
Heth, ingr.) — Rumford Falls, Me., July S, 
Canton », Livermore Falls 10, Farmingtou 

Clinton, Kate, la "The Two Orphans" (W. 
■V. Randall, mgr.) — New Glasgow. X. S., 
July 8, Halifax u-11. 

Corrigan. James. Iteiwrtory — San Francisco, 
Cal.. July 0-18, 

Curts Dramatic (M. H. Curts, mgr.) — Chap- 
In, 111.. July 0,-8, Virginia U-12, Chandlei- 
ville 1.1-15. 

Curtlss Comedy (S. It Curtlss, mgr.) — 
Fort Worth, Tex., July 0, Indefinite. 

Chandler-Sturgeon Comedy — Defiance, O., 
July 0, Indefinite. 

Cutter & Wllllnms Stock IW. R. Cutter & 
J. W. Williams, ingrs.) — New Albany, Ind., 
July fi-:il. 

Clinse-Lister, Northern (Joseph Fnrrell, 
mgr.) — Iowa City, la.. July O-Aiig. SB, 

Crescent Stock (C. T. Ikurleton, mgr. 1 — St. 
Johnsbury. Vt.. July 6-11. 

Carroll Comedy (Ion Carroll, mgr.) — Clarks- 
burg. W. Va.. July 0. indefinite. 

Dixie. Heury F... lu "Welsh Itnreblt" and 
"Facing the Music" (Nathaniel Roth, 
mgr. )— Chhiigo, III.. July 5-18. . 

Dllger-Cornell, Repertory — Owego. N. Y., July 
0-11, Greenville. Pa.. 12, Indefinite. 

Durbnn-Rdwards Stm-k — Portlaud, Me., July 
0, Indefinite. 

Edmunds Stock iW. 0. Edmunds, mgr.) — 
Quebec. Can.. July 0, Indefinite. 

Eclipse Stock (Lloyd & Genter, mgrs.) — 
Brazil, Ind., July 8-11. 

Ewlug-Taylor — Dallas, Tex.. July 0-11. 

Empire Stock — Columbus. O.. July 0-11. 

"Karl of Pnwtucket" (Kirke La Shelle, mgr.) 
— N. V. City July 0. IndeOalte. 

Ferris Comedians (Hnrry Bubb. mgr.) — St. 
Paul, Minn.. July 5, indefinite. 

Ferris Stock— Omaha, Nebr., July 5, In- 

Franklin Stock (A. A. Jack, mgr.)— Chica- 
go. III., July B-26. 

Goodwin, K. C.. In "The Altar of Friend- 
ship" (George J. Appieton. mgr.) — New 
Whatcom, Wash., July 8, Seattle », Spo- 
kane 11. 

Grant's, Ben, Stock — Montreal, Can., July 

Olffln Stock— Richmond, Vs., July 0, In- 

(ioddlug Comedv (O. M. Cotten, mgr.)— Al- 
bion. Mich.. July 0, Indefinite. 

"Olrl from Cuba" (Lloyd & Genter. mgrs.) — 
Clay City. Ind., July l«, Vreedersburg 14. 

Hall. Don C Repertory — Mankato, Minn., 
July 0-8, Lake Crystal 9-11, Madelln It-IB, 
St. James 10-18. 

Illmmeleln Imperial Stock— Detroit, Mich., 
July 0. Indefinite. 

Hunt Stock (M. A. Hunt, mgr.)— Flint, 
Mich.. July 0-11. 

Hunt ley-Moore Stock— Atlantic City, N. J., 
July 0. Indefinite. 

Hulbert, Laura, Stock (Charles W. Burrlll, 
mgr.) — Kankakee, III., July 0, Indefinite. 

"Joshua Slmpklns"— Snranac Lake, Me., July 
9, Lake Placid 10. 

KIngdon-Courtenay Stock — Albany, N. Y., 
July 0-18. 

King Dramatic — Altoona, Pa., July 0, In- 

Keystone Dramntlc. Western, McGIII & Ship- 
man's, (Max A. Arnold, mgr.)— Gallon, O., 
July 0-11. 

Kllgour Stock— Atlanta, On.. Jnly 0-11. 

Lewis. Rnchael, Stock — Osbawa, Can., July 
0-11, Trenton ia-18. 

Luciir Stock— San Diego, Cal., July fl-Sept. 

Leads-Duberg Comedy— Calais, Me., July 0-8, 
Eustport tt-11. 

T.vcpnm Stock (E. O. Grosjean, mgr.) — 
Wlchltn. Knn.. July 0-11. 

Londnle Theatre (Hul. Barber, mgr.)— Red- 
Held, So. Dak.. July 9-11. Madison M-IB. 

Mack. Wilbur, Repertory— Catleltsburg, Ky., 
July ll-Aitg. IP. 

JlcCullam Hartley. Stock — Portland, Me., 
July O, Indefinite. 

Miller & Kaufman Players— Atlantic City, 
X. J.. July 0, indefinite. 

Moon Brothers Illg Stock— Dululh, Minn., 
July 0, Indefinite. 

McDonald Stock (G. W. McDonald, mgr.i — 
Eureka Springs. Ark., July 0. IndeHnlte. 

Majestic Stock— Utlro, X. Y., July 0, In- 
definite. , _ . 

Mlller-Bo'an (A. L. Bryan, mgr.)— Baton 
Rouge. La.. July 0. Indefinite 

"Muldoon's Picnic," Boon's (Wm. A. Mason, 
mcr.)— Cxbrldgc. Mnss., July u-11. 

Nelll-Morosco Stock—Los Angeles, Cal., July 
0. IndeHnlte. „ , . „ „ . 

Nnnnnry. May, Stock— St. John. N. B.. Ju y 
0-12. Moncton 1.1, Amherst 14, Summer- 
side. P. K. L, 15. Charlottetown 10, 17, 
Pirton. X. S.. 18. 

New York Players — Worcester, Mass., July 
0. IndeHnlte. „ _ _ ._ 

Owen. Wm., Repertoiy— Halifax. N. S.. July 

O'Neill. Nance A Co., Repertory— San Fran- 
cisco, Cal.. July 0. IndeHnlte. 

Ookcr, Jane, Stock — Denver, Colo.. July 0, 
Indefinite. __. , 

"O'Flvnn's Stone Wall" (Tom Waters mgr.) 
— Waldoboro, Me., July 8. Warren 0. Dom- 
arlseotta 10. Wlscasset 11. 

Post Theatre Stock (George Ix» Solr. mgr.) — 
Battle Creek, Mich.. July «. IndeHnlte. 

"Peck's Bad Boy" (I#roy J. French, mgr->— 
Moncton, N. B., July 8. Windsor. N.S.. 
13. Annapolis 1.1. St. John. N. B.. 10-18. 

Rober. Kntherlne, Repertory— Providence. It. 
I., July 0-18. _ . . , . . 

Roseadl Stock— Denver. Colo., July OAug. 1. 

Russell, KJngsley, Re[iertory— Marcellue, Mo., 

Rice's Comedv (Herbert Hlacklston, mgr.) — 

Milton, Del.. July 8. 
•Rorreo and Juliet." Slmvclle's (R. h. Tn>- 

vellick, mgr.)— BJchlleld Springs, S. Y., 

Cortland 13, Oswego 10, Pols- 

I Were King" 1H1111- 
-Duiilh, Minn., July 

July II. 

da III 18. 
Soilicrn. !•:. II.. In "|f 

lei I'mli mini , mgr. 1 

S|)ooner Dramatic. F. K. and Allie (W. Dick 

Harrison, mgr.l — Austin. Tex.. Julv 0-11. 
Snnfiinl's, Waller. Stock — Semtle, Wash., 

July 0. Indefinite. 
Snow. Mortimer, Stock— Allmiiv. X. Y., July 

0. Indefinite. 
Steins. Ned, Slis-k— Wushliigliin, D. I*.. Jnly 

Seward Show (Arthur J. I'hlsaui. 

Pndiicab, Ky., July 0-Aug. Hi. 
Stanley, Carrie, Heperlorv (Charles 

mgr.) — 

Burns, mgr.) — Spalding, Neb.. July 0-18. 

Scott's Stock (George W. Scott, mgr.) — San 
Antonio, Tex., July 0. Indefinite. 

"Tracy the Bandit" (Lloyd Genter. mgr.) — 
Ridge Farm, III., July 10, Cayuga, lad., 
11. Rosedale 13. 

"Uncle Tom's Cabin." Stetson's, WeRtern 
< Wm. Kibble, mgr. ) — Mount Clemens, 
Mich., July 8. Pontine II, Adrian 10, Mon- 
roe It, Ann Arbor 13, Charlotte 14, Cold- 
water IS. 

"Bucle Tom's Cabin," Stown's — Mllverton, 
Out.. July 9, Brussells 10, Blytb 11, Sea- 
forth 13. 

Vau Dyke & Eaton, Repertory (C. Mack, 
mgr.)— Daveuport, la., July 0, ludeflntte. 

Van Dyke & Eatoo, II. Walter Van Dyke — 
Hnunibai, Mo.. July 0, Iudellulte. 

Vallnmont Stock I.V. Appell. mgr.)— Wll- 
liamsport, Pa., July 0. Indefinite. 

Viiughn-Glaser Si irk- Cleveland, O., July 
li, IndeHnlte. 

Wledemouu's lllg Show (Willis Bass, mgr.) 
— Cheyenue. Wyo., July 0-12, Laruiule 13- 

Wliltaker Sto-k— Buffalo, X. Y., July 0, In- 

Wlnnlnger Brothel's, Rep<>rtorv — Superior, 
Wis,. July 08, Iron River 9-11, Phillips 

Weber & Fields' Comedians— Cleveland, O., 
July 0. IndeHnlte. 

"York State Folk" (F. K. Wright, mgr.)— 
Boston, Mass., July 0-11. 
Ml' SIC A I.. 
-Lancaster, Pa. 

Amsden Opera- 

Boston Ideal Opera— Mobile, Ala 

Boston Ideal Opera — 'Milwaukee. 

0, Indefinite. 
Brooke's ltnud — Chicago, ill., July 

IIIJou Comic Opera — !.ong Ilrancb, X 

July 0-Sept. 

July 0, 

Wis., July 


July 0. Indefinite. 
[10m s Co 



'.. July 

. July 


W. Savage, 

0. IndeHnlte. 

W. Savage, 

K'llgbt's. C. II.— Homier. IX, July S, llol- 

gule 11. Coiillni'iitnl IP. Melrose II. 
Ki'VBlnpc 1 Sum lUick. mgr.l Iliilnhrlilgc, 

IV.. July S. Kllxahelhtown P. 
l.ovveiy llriilliers— Butler, I'a.. July S, Fills- 

hunt H. Indefinite. 
Mill-, IN alter L. -Laroulo. X. H.. July S, 

I'l> nmtitli II, Littleton ID. Lancaster 11. 

I'liireiiiiint 13, Bellows Falls 14. Keene, 

N. II.. IS. Xortlmiiipluli. Muss., 10, Hoi- 
yoke 17. Sprlliglleld IK, Mei'lden -'II. 
Xickcl I'hite iW. II. Ilnrils. mgr.i - -Hot' 

Booms Comic Opera (Adolph Mayer, 
— Athol. Mass.. July 13-18. 

"Babes In Toyland" (Hamlin & Mitchell, 
mgrs.) — Chicago, 111., July 0. Indefinite. 

"Beggar Prince" Opera (F. A. Wude. mgr.) — 
;Des Moines. la.. July R, iudellulte. 

Cluise Comic Opera — Washington, D. C 
0. Indetlnlre. 

Colonial Comic Opern — Lowell, Mass, 
0. IndeHnlte. 

"Chinese Honeymoon" (S. S. Shllbert, 
& Zimmerman, nigra.) — Chicago, 111 
0. IndeHnlte. 

Dnss' Metropolitan Opera House Orchestra 
lit. K. Johnston, mgr.) — X. Y. City July 0, 

Grltlln Comic Opera — Washington, 1). C, 
July ti. Indefinite. 

Herald Square Opera (Frank T. Klntzlng. 
mgr.) — Hamilton, O.. July 0-11, James- 
town, X. V.. 13. Indefinite. 

Howe, 1-euun, Orchestra — Albany, N. Y., 
July Sept 5. 

Kilties' Bund (T. P. J. Powers, mgr.)— Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., July 0-18. 

"King Dodo," A (Heury W. Savage, mgr.) 
—Chicago, III.. July 0, IndeHnlte. 

"Lovers and Lunatics — Chicago, HI., July U, 

Manhattan Opera— Elmlra, N. Y., July li, 

Northwestern Opera — Dululh, Minn., July 0, 

Olyuipia Opera — .New Orleans, Ln., July 0, 

"Peggy from Paris" (Henry 
mgr.) — Boston, Mass., July 

"Prince of Pllsen" (Henry 
mgr.) — X. Y. Cltv Jnly 0. Indefinite. 

Ring, Blanche, ln "The Blonde lu Black" 
(George W. I^derer, mgr.l — N. V. City 
July tf, IndeHnlte. 

Robinson's Comic Opera — Wheeling, W. Va., 
July (US. 

"Runawavs" (S. 8. Shubert. Nixon & Zim- 
merman, mgrs.) — N. Y. City July 0, lu- 

Sinter's Brooklyn Murine Band (Wm. 10. 
Slnfer, conductor) — Brighton Beach, X. V.. 
July 0, IndeHnlte. 

"Sultan of Sulu" (Henry W. Savage, mgr.) 
— Manhattan Beach, N. Y., Juiy 0-11. 

•Tenderfoot" IW. W. Tlllotson, mgr.)— Chi- 
cago, III., July 5, Indefinite. 

"Voyagers" — Chicago, III., July 5. Indefinite. 

Whitney Opera, presenting "When Johnny 
Comes Marching Home" (Fred C. Whitney, 
mgr.) — Chicago, III., July 5, Indefinite. 

Wllllnms, II. I... Operu— Providence, It. I., 
July ij. Iudellulte. 

"Wizard of Oz" (Hamlin & Mitchell, mgrs.) 
—X. Y. City July 0, Indefinite. 

Bohemia, Boom's (Wm. H. Williams, mgr.) 
— Putnam, Conn., July 0-11, Merlden 13- 

Boom's Colored Company (Sam W. Cousins, 
mgr.) — New Britain, Conn., July 0-11, 
Mlddletown 13-18. 

Vernon's Vaudevilles (BenJ. B. Vernon, mgr.) 
— Greenport, N. Y., July 8. Rlverhead II, 
Northport 10, Huntington 11, Bay Shore 
13, Snyvllle 14. Putchogue 15. Center 
Moriches 10, Good Ground 17, Southamp- 
ton 18. 

Vnudevlllo ond Dauclng, C, II. Kernan's— 
Murblehead, Mass., July 8, 9, Newburyport 


American (James Gorman, mgr.) — Lawrence, 
Mnss.. July 0-11. 

Bryant & Savllle's — Pittsburg, Fa., July 0-11, 
Butler 13-18. 

Boom's (Fields & Hanson, mgrs.) — North 
Adams, Mass., July 0-11. Webster 13-18. 

Beach .« Bowers' — Scotland, So. Duk., July 
8, Tyndall '■>. Armour 10, Pnrkston 11, 
Mitchell 13, Wuonsocket 14, Howard 15, 
Madison 10. Egan 17, Flandrnti 18. 

Dockstader's, Lew — Atlantic City, N. J., July 
0-11, Manhattan Beach, N. Y., 13-25. 

Barnum & Bailey's — Lynn, Mass., Julv 8, 
Salem 0, Gloucester 10. Haverhill 11, Port- 
land, Me., 13, Dover, N. II., 14, Lawrence, 
Muss., 15, Nashua, N. II., 10, Mnnclicstei' 
17, Concord 18. 

Buffalo Bill's Wild West, Col. Wm. F. Cody 

—Cardiff. Wales. July OIL 
Burns k Co.'a — Ogema, Wis.. July 8, Pren- 
tice 9, Phillips Hi. Flflcld 11. 
lllg Southern — Corning. (>., July 8, GIous- 
ter 9, Athens 10, Mlddleport 11, Mount 
Pleasant, W. Va., 14, Raymond City 15, 
Charleston Id, Cannelton 18. 
llusbv Brothers' — Vermillion, So. Dak., July 

8, 'Elk Point l>. Akron. la.. 10, Hawarden 
11, Sanborn 13, Spencer 14. 

Colorad'i Grant's — Osgood, Ind., July 8, 
North Vernon 9. Medora 10. 

Fly's, George S. — iCnzeuovia, HI., July 13, 
Lnrose 14. 

Porrimugb & Sells Brothers' — Rochester, 
Minn., July 8, Mankato 9, Marshall 10, 
Watertown. So. Dak., 11, Aberdeen 13, 
Mitchell 14, Sioux Fulls 15, Sioux City, 
la.. 10. Council Bluffs 17. Creston 18. 

Gentrv Show. No. 3 — Schciiecludy. N. Y., 
July 9, Snratngn 10, Whitehall 11. Rut- 
land. VI., 13. 

Ilnrgrnve's — Clinton. Mass., July 8, Hudson 

9. Wnitham 10. Cambridge 11. 

Halls. II. V.— Grceu Uke, Wis., July S, 
Rlpon 9. Plymouth 10, Sheboygan 1 1, Mil- 
waukee 12. 

uclUvlllc. N. V.. Julv S, Addison II. Wn- 
verly lu, tlwego II. Corning 13. liill.h 14, 
Mount Morris 15, La Roy III, llntnvlu 17, 
'INinawandu 18. 
run American— Sackvllle, X. B., July 8, 
.Newcastle 9, Compbelltou 10. Itlinouskl. Q., 

II. Arthabnska 1", Rlcliniond 14, St. Hv.i- 
clnth 15. 

ruwnce Bill's Wild West— Elizabeth, X. J., 
July S. 

IVIbnm Pavilion Theatre — Falrvlcw, Pa., 
July Oil. 

Rlngllng Brothers' — Galesburg, III., July 8, 
Peoria 9. Lincoln 10, Surlugtleld 11. Bur- 
llugtou. In., 13, Miisenilue 14, Cedar Rap- 
ids 15, Waterloo 10, Fort DisJgc 17, lies 
Molues 18. 

Slg. Sautelle's — Houllon, Me., July 8. Fort 
Fal riled 9, Caribou 10. Blaine 11, Ashluud 
13. Island Falls 14. Dover 15, PIltsllcM 

III, Skowhegnn 17, Fnrmlugtou IS. 

Sim Brothers' — Hudson, Mass., July 8, Clin- 
ton 9. 
Silver Family — Beiilah, Mich., July 8. Honor 

9, Umpire 10, Glen Arbor II, Cedur 13, 
Lelaiiit 14, .Northport 15, Ouleuu 10, Nm- 
lou's Hay 17. Traverse Clly 18. 

Stewart's, Cap., No. 1 (J. C. Shoot, mgr.) — 
Sherwood, 1 nil., July II, Urewersvllle 13. 
Zenns 14. Lock Springs 15, 'Piickertun 111, 
Millhoiisen 17, Smyrna 18. 

Sparks, John II. — Brockwuyvllle, Pa.. July 

10. Bldgway 11, Johnsonburg 13, Mount 
Jewet 14, Bradford 15. 

Miml.i-k lUm 1'srk. 

II11111.. Ilnrrv. Timihllim Hun Turk. Hililiii'ton. .Inly Oil: 

I'iiImii Ijike I'nrk. Millvllle, 1 1 IS. 
(liner. Itiilv, llHiii|sl«it l\uk. Siirliijtili-UI, Ms.s.,.l,ily it II. 
I'stibtell in ... . A. * S.. li..>i,in, .fuly Ml. 
r.iiTivll, Kin., Wjuliluiitoil I'nrk. lUvoun*. July 4". II. 
I'Ssulora 4 >'l«r«ln'e,'.hln I'nrk, AVrun. Ok. .Illtv Sit. 

Oarllu ,t Otto, l.e\luirioii Purs, Leilnaliiu, Mum.. .Inly 

l'am|il«ill Hn». Killnm., Jul) I II I'srk, 

Seattlr. Ills. 
i'ioii A lluiller, Hnvuioie. H, ,l...llllvl! II. 
I'alterv * ilralil. I.yreiiui. I'lillmlel|i|il». July II II. 
l'iini|ii>all. Ktnnkte. )'ur»l Keller, \fllnniikee. .Inly li II. 
rRlhriiil.ituwiiintor'- .Ailioo lc. t'liy , July il II. 
I'luiii', Slii>i>i>anl, rimer Pink, N. V„ July II II. 
<aniplH>ll< < -la. |j>k«.lile Park, Akron, July D II 
rmlleiix. Mhos., Areti Park, naNwatawaj Jatjt rt II. 
Calew A llityes, lluveruator's, Atlautlel II V. .Inly l! II. 
I'a.ile A rullliK. Itlvvr.lUe I'ark, Aurora. 111., .Inly ti 1 1 

Tin Top (George It. Doremus, mgr.) — Mc- 
Afee, N. J.. July 0-8, Vernon 11-11. New 
Mllford, X. V.. 13-15. Kdenvllle 11118. 

I'aatamis, Ttte, ItlltCTurllle 1'ArK, Allantuwu. .Inly ti II 
I'arann A Wlllnrit, luuniina I'ark, ilrauil llikplds, July ill. 
Carrie. Mile.. i\ u. It. ciiie»«....Jniv o-ll 

Welsh Brothers <M. II. & John T. Welsh, 
mgrs.)-- Plymouth, Pn„ July 8. B. Stronds- 
burg li, Bangor 10, Nnxnretle II, Wash- 
ington, N. J„ 13. Dover 14, Bismton 15, 
.tiorrlstown HI, Newton IT, Passaic 18. 

Rostock's Trained Animals — Coney Island, N. 
Y.. July 0, indefinite. 

Bennett's Big Show- -Winnipeg, Man., July 
0, IndeHnlte. 

Cosmopolitan Specialty Co. — Tnuiilon, Mass., 
July 11. 

Dobbin's .Military Carnival -- Springfield, 
Mass.. July 0-11. Troy, N. Y„ 10-30, 

De Kreko Brothers Aniusvmeiil— St. Louis, 
.Mo.. July 0. ludeflnlte. 

l-hiiersoii's Comedy— .Marengo, N. J., July 0- 

Great tiny and Klace Feddcssas — Nashville, 
Ten n., July 5-18. 

Hubert, hypnotist — llrlstu, Conn., Jny II, 
Walerbury 10. 

Lambrlggers Zoo (Gus Irfimbrlgger, mgr.) — 
Ionia. Mich., July 0-8, Greenville 9-11. 

O'Brien's Glass Blowplexnm (John II. 
O'Brien, mgr.) — Nantucket Point. Mass., 
July ti, Indefinite. 

Prescelle, hypnotist (Charles IHite, mgr.) — 
North Hut ley. Que., July 0-11. 

tjiieen Zeuorii Gypsy Cninp— Dayton, Ky., 
July l'.'-lO. Clncluantl, I)., 17-19. 

Robinson & Socman Amusement Co., Western 
— Cambridge. 0.. July 0-11, Jucksou 1318. 

"Rabbit's Foot" Comedy (Pat Chuppelle, 
mgr.) — Murdeesboru, Tcmi., July 8, War- 
trace 9, Manchester 10, I.uwlsburg 11, 
Fayettsvllle 13, Huntsvllle 14, Ijecatur 15. 

Spark's Glass Blowers — Wiunliieg, Mini., Juy 
0, indefinite. 

Todt. Wm., Show— South lllver, X. J., July 
9-11, South Ainboy 13-15. 

Wrlglrt's t.'arnival Co. (II. W. Wright, mgr.) 
—Shelby, P., July 0-11. 

Uauflettlle Rome Cist 

This Hat la made ap as nearly ao- 
eoraie •• It 1> poaalble to nikt a 
list ol vaudeville bookings. Errors 
which roar appear In this depart- 
neat from time to time will !>• 
owing- to late oaaeellatlona or trans- 
fers of datea, of which we have to 
depend upon the performers for no- 
llfleatloa. We therefore aak all per- 
formers to co-operate with us, anal 
send us all cancellations and trans- 
fers as soon is ther occur. 

Umpire. Hi. Paul, .Inly till. 
, Kbniilnir limit N. V. <:.. July II II. 
mi, People's, Hcherierlutty, .lull till; 
ie...........L.. iv m 

Ailuinlol t Taylor, Avon I'nrk, ViiullKiHumi, July till; 

Kurai, Tohsbi, I'J 17, 
Aituins, new, II. A Co., Kiiumim Park, (Iraml Knplils, .Inly 

l! II; Itlvumlile Park, NskIiuiw, 12 17. 
A<Uiun. .Iiiiiibn It. A (to., Ludii Park, (tnuey I .inn, I. N. V. 
Atie.-Mii.lroiii, Htv, HnljIUHr I'nrk, Mnnlieitl, July 1} II, 

Allen A Hrlxht, l.em|i's Park, Ht. Louis. Julys II. 

Allen. Vlnlet, Klillilra, HI Piml, July ill I. 

Allen A lirlnuiln. I'liHiur's, N. V. I.'., July II II. 

Alton. ,Mlle...leir,,rs, Siutliiair. .hit v it II. 

Alexius, The Ureal, Music hall, Hrlgluim Bearli, July 

AlllsoiK, Tim, Kh-etrlc Park, Halllinure. July 611. 
.Manila A Manilla, l-rl.'s l.'aallln, Nnrlli Heacll, N. V„ July 


Antrim * Peters, Psalnr'a, S. V. C„ July 6 II; Kltiernvllle 

Park, AllentiMin. 1.1-IS, 
Aiulrewa A Tell. Kleetrlc Park, .Nnwiirk, July nil. 
Anas) Trniiis', Hutler, Pa.. July 11-11. 
AuilrvWK. Hilly. Kiilnni'i Park, klMlttreul, July nil 
Auilerwm, Mailtie, Psrk, .Mlilillotnwn, Ciuiii,. July li II; Ht. 

Kv, Park, Nurtti Aiienm, Maaa., IS- is. 
AnOrewaA ThNiiiiiHnii, Kiupln*. Seattle, July il 11. 
Armstrong A Holly, H|irluiilinuk I'nrk, fsmibui. (tan., July 

ill I : Smith Heilil, flat .. MIS. 
ArinstniagA WrlKllt. Park, Cllli-lnnull, Julys II; llnylon. 

l>„ IJ.^ 
ArmstrouK A Wrliflit, Chester I'nrk, Cliielunatl, July HI';, 
AraKOii, l'«|iltn, lliiiiiineratiilu'N, N. V, C„ Jnlyil-IH. 
Austins, To*. Ins', llayUin, o . July 0-11. 
Antlion. Wilson A Clarke, rilileluV I'nrk, IVirtlaiul. Ore., 

July Sit; Shields' Park, Haleui, a is. 
Hates, Ismle, Sprlnn Urove, HprluxaeM, (I., July Ml; 

Casino. Cincinnati. II IS. 
Harr A Kvana, llainpilen Park, H|irlii||llnlil, Mass., July 

Maker. Hen. I'rortor's Utli A»n., N. V. <!., JulyB II. 
HailerA l^velle. Midland. Ft. Undue. July II. 
Haua, ueasle, Bellevuu Park, Toledo, July Oil; Caalnu 

Harden. Tlrre Haute, M-IH. 
Ilaker A Doyle, lluveruator's Atlantic City, July (III. 
Harrows, Jusle A Willie, Keith's, Huston, July 6-11. 
Havary, l-orlne, Oouvernutnr's, AtlaiittcC'lty, July G-ll. 
Harlow, Hilly, Henderson's, Coney Island, .V V., July (111. 
iteverh, Mr. A Mrs. Frank, llainnuii Park, (Irund llaplds, 

July's. 1 1. 
Heail A Hamilton. Keiths. Plilla.. July 6-11. 
Heaiins, Tlio. Kh-etrli- Park, Trenton, July 1 1, 
lleailsy, Musical. Mayllnwir drove, Plyinoulti, July 6 11. 
Herustefn Trio, I'nrk, ti rural Itupids, July 611. 
HISMOnntte A Newiaun, Mini 1'j.luce, N. V. t.'., July 6-11. 
Hixley. I'slgar A lto,,l\aahlugton Park-, Hayomie.JulyS-ll. 
Hlarlia, Ml.a. Avon Park, Younfsp.wrj, July 611. 
Hlnaaoiu, l.lttle, Kuiplre, Houtlte, July 6 II. 
Huliee A llyurs. flowanl, Hustnn, July 6-11. 

Himnle. Mill'-., r.-ruiinat Park, I'enrla, .Inly fill. 

il, nil u .1 Picks. Atlanta (.'asliui, Hra/lley llcacli, X.J., July 

Hiiluuulnn Ttlo. l.lori Palace. M Y. I'., JnlyS II. 

Hoyil, Harry P.. Wabash Pavilion, fsiKiuispari. J uly 6 II; 

Weill Knd llelgnts St. Isnil., n IS. 
Hnnil. Fred.. A IUi„ Keith's, Hustnn, Julv A II. 
lines. Kilt)'. Casino, Cleveland, July 6 IK. 
Hoiulu, Ail. lilnrn I'ark. Yminit-.fown. July li II. 
HrillinA Itusaell. HsavSlls Temple. I'hlisuo, .Inly (', II. 
Hrncliard, Mils . CoriiuKilu Hearli, Hun lllu H o, Cal,, July 

Hriiuka Bros.. Proctor's »l Ht,, S. V. It, July 611, 
Brooks A Kctaiii, Oakford Park, llreinstiurn. July S II ; 

Cu.lno Park, Put la Hay l.'l£V 
Brittnns, The, Iteove*' I'ark Kn.l/u in. O.. Jul) li II. 
Hnnwi A Hartcleltl, Maaulnn V I'ark, HI. l-nuis. July 611 ; 

'IJehuar Park, (iklal a City. Ill Is 

Rreen A Carrnll. (InveroaUir's, Atlantic City, July 6 11, 
Hranw A Nina, Wauaau, July 6.11 ; I.a Crosse, 1.1 Ana*. I. 
Hraiiiloo A Freeman, Hampton hVioh I'asllai, t.nwsll, 

July r, II. 
Hrotin Hrua. A Lillian Wrliilii. Ailltorlum, Maiden, Jul 

Hush, Frank, Kolili's, s. V. C, July <-ll. 
Hurrli, Frank. I.ukeslde I'ark, barton, July 611. 
Hurka, Jutallng. Olyumla, MrKeesporl. July 611. 
Butler. A. ft.. Kioplre, Ht. Paul, July 611. 
Hnrkl-'a Musical DuKa. Forest Park, HI. l/iol«. July 611. 
Bums, Harry, Museum, Boston, July 611 ; McKeespnrt, 

Pa., is is. 
Burton A Brooks, Fort Hherldnii Park, IIIkIkvkkI, HI., 

July G-ll. 
Blidd Bros.. Kioulre. Portland, lire , July S II. 
Horn", Musical. Iilyiopla Perk. McKees|sirl, July IS ID. 
Buskltk A HO-rt. Italdeinere Park, Rrle, July B II; Park, 

Dunkirk, N. V., u m. 

QMS* A he Clair, Henderson's, fancy Island, N. V.Julf 

I'astellalt A Hall. Wtininu Heach, Bay I'll)', Mich.. July 

Canlteld, Mlhlnnl, A. AH., Boston, July Ml. 
Carter A Pollard, I. inn Palace, N. V.t:.. 
Carlctnii A Tcrre, Farm, Toleilo. July 611. 
Charles, carl, vtlnoiui lleach, Bay City, Mich... Inly til; 

Bit Ul ll I'atk. siuiuaiv. 12 IS. 
Cherry A Bates, Plnehurs, Park, Wnrrestrr, July i. il; 

Fn-ehody Park, Newport, IMS. 
Claudius A Cortilu. Forest I'ark. HI. Isiills. .lull ti II. 
Cfatta A Claws, Music Hall. Hrhtlitiui lleiu'b, Julyil II. I 
Clayton, Jenkins A Ja-t-er, Riuplre, Punsmoutli, KnK-i 

Cluii-eu Sisters. Casta, i, itiakaway Heneli, Julv llll; ilur- 

eroator ., Atlantic City, 1.1 IM. 

clerk * Temple, Hvraciise. N. V., July a II - Plica It Is. 
Clark A Uiluenn, t'oney l-loinl. I'biciiinall. lull 6 II. 
Cooper A Halh-y.Tauulou. Haw, .lull 611. 
colllirls Mldiiels, I'lirulTiil Mreel Fair, Ue Knlli, III, 

Julv llll. 
Cu.iper,Jss, a Lucia, i'!,i,-i,„'s-Jt,l si , \ v. cJulySII. 
Culton'a Ciuneily Ikinkevs, HI. Joseph. Mo., July 6 Is. 
CiHtrtenay, Mnyuie, Casino, I'lnvelanil, July 6 In. 
clircnrnn, IV. J.. Klcctrlc I'nrk. Newark, Julv it II. 
Cooper, l.unu, Ktecirlc Park, Newark. Julv 6-11. 
Collins .« Collins, Lyceum. Plilla.. July 11 II. 
Colliy Fiunllv. HansHoucl. CblcuKO, July > II ; Forest Park 

llli< Illinois'. St. LoUls, I.' It. 

Cnlbv A Wav. Kleclrle I'ark. Halt linure, July C II. 
Cnttims. Marvelous. Proctor's ttl Ht., N. V. I.'.,. Inly 6-11. 
Cook ,t Hytrin, Preclmdy Park, Newport. Jnly u II 
Cook. Clinton, Farm, Toledo. July 611. 
Cairo))-. Knimtt, Curnlvnt, Toledo, Jnly S II. 
Collins A Hart, Keith's. S. V. C. July 611. 
Coin nildait Trio, lUmnlla Park. Orsn.l Itapiiis, Julv 6 II. 
Collins A Iteynnlik lllulilivnil Park, York, Jult 611. 
CiirbleyA llinke, Keith's. Hostnn, July llll. 
Coulhoul, Jesse, Frootnsly Park, Newport. July 6 II. 
Coleman, pmr.Huluner Park. Muntrea), July li II, 
Co\, Usv.Audhorlum, south Mend. Ind.. July S II ; Hpi-lng- 

hank Park, tdiulon, lint,. 1.1 is, 
Craui. \Ursh. 0. il. II.. Portland. Ore., July rt I" 
Collim's Corned)' Ihinkeye, Hi, Joseph, Mo,, July 6 If*. 
Crawford Histers, II, lolerson's, Coney Islaail, N. V',, 

July 6 1 1. 
Crnlu-A Aolell. Prnetar's, Newark, July ft II. 
funis A Ailame, Pruclor'a full Ave., N. V. I'., July 611: 

Proctor-. -in St.. 1:1 IM. 
Curtis, lilts. Henderson's, Coney Island. N. V, July 6 II. 
li Arvllle. Hlitvrs. Kmplre. Hi. Paul, July B II. 
Iliu-lev A Foiitello, ' 
llalv, Tnlu A Itonim, 

Husk Isike Park. tVoonsuckel, 1.1 Is. 
Davis, llorolhy pun, lie, Ht. Paul. Julv S II. 

Harrow, Mr. A Mrs. Stuart. Iloulcvml, M.ili'ord .InlvO II. 

Iiuvls. Illanclie, Kurai Keller, Milwaukee, Julys II. 

Ilarunslv, Man-Held, (I , July ll II : Fn.lorhi, t.l IS. 

Daly A Moron, C. (>, ll„ i hlcauo, July 1:1 IS. 

Da, Lawrence A Kiln. HIJiiii, Hall IIIh«i,. Cul , July 6 II. 

Iliiriuody, .,. . I illy ii II. 

Daniel A llanlel. .Midland, Ft. Iiielso, July II II. 

Dairiiiars, The, Hhlelils' Park, Tacoioa, Wash., Julv 6 II ; 

Lei-til' s I'ark, .-eiittie, l.'-ls. 
Devrau. Iliilierl, Willow Unite Park. Haleui, July Kit. 

lie Acu. CI), lireeusl.airo, N. ('.. duly till, Wllmiueluli, 

n. c.. w is. lire I'rra tor's nl HI., N. V. C, July Oil. 

D'Kstelle Meiers, lilvermunt park Cnsluo, Ly'uclihuri,', 
July 6 II. 

lie Fine Hl.lers. Proctor's tVUh HI Jul)' 6 II. 

lieinoiilo A Belle, WisHlfyne Park. Camden, N. J., July 

Heucon, Archie, A. A H.. Boston, July S II. 
Pe Isira. .Maude. Cnsluo, fjtke lloorue. N. Y , July 611. 
Iievanuuy A Allen, Kuiplre, Portland, Ore.. July 6 II. 
He Witts! The, Hampton Heacll Casino, Lowell, July I II. 
Deltiney A Kslelta, (luvnriiatur's, Allunllc City, Julv 6 II. 
He Haven, Carter, Trio, Frindsuly Park, Newport, July 

HoOnto Bros., FreeUslv I'ark, Newport, July ft II. 
DeltihluoA Delmore, Kniplro, Porilauil, ore., July 6 II. 
in- Mollis, The, lilveraldo I'ark, Simlnaw, .M ich„ July ft II ; 

Italuolia Park. (Iraild Itupids. IS IS. 
De Via', L'ddlc, WashliiKtou Park, Havmine. N. .1 . .Inly ti- 
ll: Palace, llosion. IS is. 
llevene A Hliurti, A. A H.. Hustnn, July II II. 
lilntuluant Trio, Pns'tur'p, Newark, July (111. 
Ulukersou, Cliaa., Haiiluu'sPului, Turoiilo. Julv till. 
Diamond A Hooti, Canohle Lake Park, Lowell, July II II. 
Dickson, C 'has., A Co., Masonic Temple, I 'hU-iu(o. July II . 
Diamnud ('allied/ (4), Lnit'ioii, Ludlow, July 6 11. 
Doyle. Trim, Parlor. Dulutli, Julv All, 
Donley A Tell llrooke, Teiuple, Detroit, Julv IS IS, 
llulan A I.enharr. Kultb'l, Pllllu., July II. 
Dutmvan, Fannie, Godn-ey'a Pavlllun, ilrauil Kapltls, 

July 6 il. 
Doliin, lloiier A Hullo. Wlntun, Coun., July ISIS. 
Doherty'a Hoia, Kleclrle Park. Akmn, July II. 
Dorian, Hertltu, Cnslnu, Nreshvlllc, July 611. 
Din li. Kilvtlie, Park, Cautiin, Julv 611. 
Don, idea Hlslers, Hock HprlllK Park, K. Lheriwsil, July 

6 11 ; Junction Park, Heaver, IJ IS. 
Dressier. Marie, Miisnnln Temple, Chlcauo, July 6 II. 
Dwyers, The, Ouvernator's, Atlantic Cltv, Julv tl II. 
Km-ln A Nil Our, Cruinp'i Park, Macon, Oa„ July 6 II. 
Kurt A Wilson, lAike (Juiaslxanmiul Park, Worcvsler, 

July li II. 
Karno A Itliliioan, Parlor. Dulutli, July 6 II, 
Kilwnril* A llooney, WashhiKton Park, Ituyoime, .Inly 6-1 1. 
l-IldrldRe, Press, Jtornev park, Alleiilowu, July 11)1. A (liiiesa. Keith's. N. Y. (',. July (ill. 
I-Iuimett. Iluitli, shlolds' 1'aik. Hulem, Ore., July till; 

Hhlelils' Park, Tecnuui. iVusli., HIS. 
Kppa. (Jeli. A l.uretia, Trocsdnni, N. Y. C., July 6 II. 
Kniln A IhiUCKer. Nutatoriuiil Park, Spokane, Wash., 

July SIS. 
Ksmnnde*, .Muslnil, Hhlelda' Park, Tncomn, Wash,, July 6- 

II ; Leachl'a I'ark, Heatlle, I'J Is. 
1 -: - 1 1 ml lil Id.'. IIiisIiukIu'i, Hi. Isiuls, July 6 II. 
Kilns, Muv, l.'eloron I'ark, Jamaslown, N. Y„ July All; 

Kleclrle Park. Ballliimre, 1.1 IS. 
Kvniis A Hi. John, orplieum, Hun Fran., July ft II. 
Kverott Hlslers. Tmcailero, Clilcaifo, July 6 11; Huulh 

Hi rot. Ind., Ills. 
Kvillie A Cleiiienla, Al.illnta Casino, llraslley Beurli, N, 

J. ,0-11. 
Falkn A Heuioii. Prta tor's XVI Ht., N. Y. (!., July 6 II. 
Pndeltc Orchestra, Kolth's, Boston, July « IS. 

Kailoy, Jiiinea A llonnle. Pastor'., N. V. (,' , July S II, 
Pentua ('.'). HI. Ky. I'ark, PiiUsvlllii, Ph., July 611. 
Falkea, cdaa., Star, cievi-laml, July 6 ll. 
I'sruuiu. Ida lli'lh", Park, Cautiin, July ll 11. 
Pewusiiu A Dupree, Wissllyillie Park, Camden, N. .1., 

July nil. 
Faitau A Hyron, Orliheiltu, Had Fran.. July <■ II. 

Pei'KUeull A Mack. Iloirklna' I'ark, Kansas City, July 6 II. 

Fentelle A lladcllire, Oraiid Fulls Park, Jupllii, Mo.. July 

Feruoson A Paisroore, Unlmore (lardena, (IkluhumuCtty, 

Fisher A Carroll, Ki'llb'e, N. V. C.. July 6.11. 

Fisher, Carl, Porst Keller, Milwaukee, July I) II. 

Fields A Wisiluv. Slur, Cleveland, Jnlyli II. 

Field s, Harr v A Hnrlle. Pastor's. N. Y. (!.. July 6 II. 

Pinlkowskl, Pruclor'a Vkl Hi., N. Y. c.. July if II. 

Fledora Hlslers, cryslnl Hem h, Can., July ft II. 

Fiorede, Nellie, Woulworth Olnlen, Liiuenster, I'a. Julv 
611 : llendersn Coney bland. N. Y., IS IS. 

Flood Bros., Meyers Ijike. Cuiitou, July 6 11. 

Flahet tv, lluiihey. Proctor's VA Ht . It. Y. C. July (II. 

Florence Histers. IIIJou. Norfolk, July SI I. 

Flyiin. Joe, Kelili's. Plilla., July Oil. 

Ford, Lottie D . Parlor, Dulutli, July S II. 

Foiiariy, Frank, Keith's. N. Y. C, July 611. 

Fin, Haymond, Cryeial lleocli. Can., July II II. 

Father, Moos , Cunoy Island, Cluriuiielt. Julv C II. 

Fully Trio. Washington Park, Huvonrrn, Julv 11 II. 

Fonl Hlslers, Henderson's, Coney tsluiul, ,N \,, duly S II. 

Frascr A Mac. Kmplre, IIihiihi, Lnudou, Kiik., July 6 11; 
Alluml.r.i. Ilrliihtoii, IS IS. 

I'n.yoe, Frank I . Illverslile Park, Mnntreal, (tail., July 

Froiirh A Allen. Auditorium. Norfolk. Julyil II. 

Frist, llu i no) l-.l khurt . Ind, July II 1 1. 

FreosetHros., Jacobs', Penile, Julyu 11. 

Fredericks, Howard, llostoia July S-li, 

Fyne A Dandy, Pastor's, N. Y. I.'., July llll. 

Unrrlly Hlslers, Keith"-. N. V. C, July 6 11, A Horenll, Midland Fl. Ilisuje, July 6 II. 

ilnr>ui, Andy A Ma/.n-, Casino, Hea, Isle Clly, Jnly Oil; 
Doyle's. Atlantic City. Is is 

(luvlli A Piatt, Lake drove I'ark. Ant, urn. Me., Julv I) II. 

(Inliardou A Kslellltn. Shield.' Park, Tni-oiiei. Wenli., 
July all; Isisclil's Park, Haallle, II IK. 

llassuiari, Josephine, Farm, Toledo, July S 1 1. 

liarrli.v, Histers, Keith's. N. Y. c, July nil 

lliillelll's Monkeys. Ilammersteln's, N. Y. C, Julyil II. 

llellsKfier A Barrett. Keith's Philadelphia, July C II. 

Ilinlner, West A Sunshine, JlHershly Park, Ksirlnaa, July 
611: H-i'uniia Heacll, Bay Clly, III is. 

Hardner, Jack, tlodfrey's Orand Kaplde, July 6 11, 

ilates A Nelson, Klcctrlc Park, Newark, July 'ill. 

Hispard Hios., Ontario Heacll, Charlutle. N. Y., July 611. 

dandy, Lntilie, Wessi's. Peoria, July 6 II 

il.ibestHlslen, Music Hall. llrlliliUiu Hearli. Julys II. 

(lette, \*, Kleclrle Park, Kent, July (III. 

Helper, Joltn, ilovermior's, Atlantic Cby. Jnly 6-11. 

OIlflhanA Murray, (laiiKliiiii's.HprinKlleld. Ill , Julv (I II; 
Manulan'a Park. Ht. Louie, 1.118. 

Hlllen A Fonda. Masonic Temple, colciiio. July 6 II. 

(Jllleite'a Musical Units, Music Hill, Hiluhiuu Bench, 
July Oil, 

tlleuroy, limes Itlcbmnad, Music Hall, Hrlnliti.ii Beach, 
July 1.11. 

(Ileoaou, John A Bertha, Sln-a's Bultalo. July OIL 

(limine. Mayflower drove. I'lyilionth, Mils . July 6-11. 

(Hailstone Histers, F.lectile Park. Ha wark, July til, 

(Dockers, The, Shea's, Buffalo, Jul? til, 



July ii, 

(Innlun * llnye*. HprtMlAab Para, London, (lln., .luly 

nil ; Lnki'slile I'ark, Akron, 0., J-'i-ln. 
linnlun Sister*, llowanl, Ronton, July HI: A. * S., Boa- 
rim, 1S-I8. 
• iroiriny Hn>*., Sirntfonl l*ark. TMnivnra, 0.. .tulya-ll. 
(iiililob,=Frrd * Any, Weant'n, I'wrla,. Inly iHl; Inland 

I'ark. Klkhwt. 13-W. 
< lumen A Hninnl. A. A s., Ronton, July nil. 
iliurnin A Davis, Umpire. lltrnhiiy.KiiK . July 1MB. 
iiratiatn * OnnnlilKm. I'arlnr, Huliiih, .Inly ii-11. 
limy A- <lrnliiuii. Iicran Vlun- Cnslim, Norfolk, July 5-11; 

dliy I'nrk tlanlnn, Lvn*liMinr, IX.IH. 
limvi'* CI). Slaiium I'nrk, KiMilnTivllln, O. July (1 II. 
ilnint, STilney, Brlirtitnn Reach. K. V., July 1*16. 
Hiillny A MnWian, I'antor'n, N. V. C, July Ii II. 
Hall, Win. ]>.. fianhin I'lar. fu'eau t'lty. July (III. 
Ha II A K Irrnnn. Knnn. Tnlnhi, July 6 1 1 . 
11*11. 1.yilln. Ilsiu1i>mnir*, dinar Inland, N. Y„ July 611. 
llninpton. Mnrv A Co., MieaV. Kurtilln. July li-ll. 
Hatliway A Walton, KuiiiIit. Ki-attl*. July il II. 
lUUInm. Harry, War, I'k-vilnnil,. lull Ml. 
Ilnnroy A Doaro-, I'nlnrv. Halt Ijike. .fuly C I". 
llnn-lcan, Morrison'*. Ratkaawr Reach. N. V,, July t II. 
Ilawkln*. Law. Kiireur I'nrk. XI. Uuil*. July 6-11. 
Ilarrnant. M II., Itlvnrnlno I'nrk, \luiiin.»l. July All. 
Hnlne*. Lnla. HantMl I'ark, Dunkirk. Julnili. 
liayman A lli'nry. ttvani'a, I'r-orla, July 1.11. 
Haven, M * On.. Iluwanl, H.uuon, .lultft-ll. 
Malm, Arrluir. Kiiipln-, I'uri 1 ■■■<<!. lire.. July n II. 
Ilart.i Kdwanl |* Mil*. Renntf.. reutrnl I'nrk. Dnnklrk,; Alaitimla I'urk. miller, is- in. 
Harmed Trlu, HamiHlen I'urk, sprlnmlelil. Mann., July 

Hardy. I.unn I'nrk, fumy Maud. X. Y.. July 611. 
Ilartourt A May. Kniplra, Aalualniln llurlmr, JulyC-ls. 
lla-nllton A Wlli-y. I'antnr'n, S. V. «.. Jai»ll. 
llnrn-y, W. H. A lie. St. By. Park, Mlildlctown, Conn., 

July 6-U ; North Aitanie, Nana, M-IM. 
llntfihornu A Burt. I.lnn Pnlaca. N. Y. i:., July 611. 
llnlluiwiy, Belle, I'mrlnr'a IV\ Ht„ H. Y. i:„ July 611. 
Ilnyea A Wynne. Kelth'a, 1'lilla., July 611. 
Ilnyinnn, Jue. Ilownril, Munion, July (lit. 
llelston*. The. 1'irV. I'nnlon, July Ii II. 
Holonn. With, llnnimornwlu'n. N. V. i:„ July 6.11. 
Iluyt A ,.Ni'ir, MorrlMiu'n. Ilucknway Beach, N. V., July 

llralli A Encella, (Inycrnator'*, Atlantic City, July 6-11. 
Howard A Karl, Avon Park, Vpungstiiwn, July 6-U. 
Hcrkman lima. (3), Keith'*, Ronton. July Oil. 
Iluwanl llro*.. Celurnn I'ark, Jamestown, N. Y., July 611. 
liner A Ailstlu, Keith**, Boston, July 6 II. 
Ilnlili'ii A Kliironce. rroctur'a, Newark, July G-ll. 
Huwii, Berry A YYalwr*. Shea'*. Buffalo, July IMS. 
imminn. KUly.'llowaril. Rontun, July 8-11. 
Iluwe, A Scott, Keltlrn, I'lilln., July>0. 
Ilnluinn, Hurry. Ilanhapeu'ii. sr. Louis, July 6-11. 
Hnctm, Munlcal, Royle'n 1'avlllon, Atlantic City, July 

llayenA Whlti-lmail. flilelila' I'nrk. Tucoraa, Wash, July 

D II ; I .will's I'nrk, Nanttle, Wis. 
Ilelina, Harry, rabnt Bitrk, Milwaukee. JulvO-lW , , 
lleinna'nn, Adelaide, fianmna I'ark, (Irnnd Kan1d»,|July 

nil; Wrnonn Hr-acli, Bay City, Mkh., 1! I& 
llnclrm-. Chan., Collin* 1 Harden, Columbun, O., July 611 ; 

Itiililimon I'ark. ft. Waynr, lnd., 1MB. 
lledrlr A Prewolt, llendcreon'n, Unney Inlnnd.N. Y., July 

lliTliert A Fletcher, Hldland.r't. Dixlirn. July fill. 
Ilpnahaur./lia, AuUlttirlnm, KnTJliDt. July (-11. 
lllltnnka, Thr, (Jrean Vle«» Caninu, Norlblk, July 611. 
Howard A l.lnder.-r'nrni. Toledo, Jdly6ll. 
Iloirley A Vann. liuvenuitiir'n, Atlantic City, July 611. 
HoliNwnrtlia, Lima. A l.esllr, Olvtn|iln I'nrk, McKf rapnrt, 

July Oil. 
Hunan A Kennedy, Inlet. Allnitllc City, JulyC -II. 
Ilnlhrmikn, Munlcul, liuvernauir'n, Atlantic nty, July 6- 

lluo'alur Jliitiavea. llniiiiiieratalii'a, N. Y. C., July (-11. 

Ilniier. Linn Palace. N. Y. t!., July 61 1. 
HymerA I.IiiIb, flileldn' I'ark, Wtvali., July all; I«adil'n 
Park, Si.'aiilp. IJ in. 

linhiin", Conn. A Corlnnn. Avmi I'ark, Younuntnwn, July 

Oil; iMvinpla I'ark, HcK«ca|iort. ISIS. 
Ininaii, Tito llreat, Luna i'urk. Coney Inland, N. Y., July 

lnne«n A Itynn, l^hannn.Tonn.. July Oil. 
Italia. Kiimm, Ittreraide Park, .Mnniroiil, July 611. 
.leirnrnuti, l>rll, Caalno. St. Jnaupli, Mo.. July 6 11. 
.inaiuiettn, Lillian, Bargen Uracil, July Oil. 
.IrvinoUe, Itiiae, Floating Kuof llnrdin, N. Y. C, July 

.liinuin A CrniH-li. oklnliotnn City, July o II. 
.liilmmin, V. M.. Parlor, liulutlt, July OIL 
•liilinnona. .luggllng (S). Freebody I'nrk. Newport, July 

Jnlinmiti A Wella, Star, Cleveland, July 0-11. 
.inaklln Trlu. Hnllcruu I'nrk, Toledo, July nil. 
.inlm-tone A Wnlllrnn, Andltorlntn, Nnrfnlk, July 611, 
Juiien A Sutton, Lowell, Maw.. Jtily(i-1K. 
.Iindaon, Harry. Cnptnln'a Pier, llalli BBncli, July Oil. 
KntiihiannTrnupi', Hanonlc Temple, Chicago, July (.11. 
Kniiluian, lletn, Kelth'a, N. V. C July S II 
Kane, lAwrenco, IToctnr'n, Newark. July 6 11. 
K«n» .1apn'nei<eTron|>o. Krle, I'a.. July II. 
Kartitlll, Chuten. San Iran.. July 611. 
Kano. Mntlle. A Co., I'riiclur'a, Sowark. July II -II. 
Kcenudy A Wllaou, Auditorium Pier, Atlantic City, July 

Keatunn (.V. I^eren' I'nrk, 1'reilorla, t).. July 6 II. 
Kernall, Jnlin. Cantor'*,. N. V. C July 0-11. 
Kdllnr. Onn. I'-oclnr'n. 'JM St., N: Y. 0. July 6 II. 
Kelly A Ylolettn, Park, (Ulitoli, July (-11. 
K-'-nnAColo, VftWb city, Mo, July 11; (Iklalionm t'lly, 


Kelly, Art. l'roctor'a»l St., N.Y.C., July (-11. 

Ken i, F-dwarJ, Shield!' I'nrk. Tacmna, Wanh., July 6 II ; 

Utebr* I'ark, Sdttle, »W. 
>im i T Wnrron. Ilnrarnatnr'a, Atlantic City, July (-11. 
Kennedy A llayoa. Lycnilln.l'hlln.. July (II. 
Kontnn. Uorntliv. Manoolr. Temple, Oldcugn, July 6-11. 
KiuaA (lottliuU, Pmelnr , aililtit.,H. Y. ft, July 6-U. 
King, Vara. Lakenlde 1'aTk Akron, July (.11. 
King. .loo. Coney lilmiil. Cincinnati. July li-ll. 
King A KiIiIIh Trlcmer, Wert Knd llelglitn, Erannrllle, 

JiuyO-ll. . ... 

Klpii, Klnlo, Kleclrle I'nrk, Akron, July All. 
Klralfo Urue., liieun Trout, riondwoml, July tl Aug. 1. 
Klnln. (ItlBro*. A NUkcraon, llurlderaon'a, Itoney laland, 

.V. Y„, Inly (-11. 
Klnn A Ofttfltilld, Pnclnr'n JM S!-.. N. V. C., July Oil. 
KlelaiH. Mimical, Helli'vuc I'ark. Toledo, July (-11. 
Kuupc, llock Sprlngn. Kn« Liverpool, II., July 6 II; Mnn- 

roe Park, Turonto. Can., WIS. 
K rntll A Haley, Cliuloa, San Krau... Inly Oil- . „ , 
LaChilr A Went, Arcade I'ark, Irwntnn, July 6 II ; Motrin' 

Oarilen, Limn, WIS. . . ... 

Lawronco A Hvlrtnlrr, I'antor'a. V. Y- C, July 61 1. 

La Uolle, Frederic. Pavilion, Lelutnon. Tenn., July All; 

oxloi-d Lake I'ark. Annlaron, Ala., 1.1-18 
lit MoH A Beatrice, Fort ghartdnn'Park, Clilcngo,.liily5ll. 

1,-iNoleBroa., inner, N. II.. July (-11. 

l,n /.idle, Kdw.. Olean city, N. J., JulyO II; Spring Lake 

Pink. Ti-onton, 13 IS. . ... 

La Jean, Nnfrlnvver tlnire. l'lynioulh, July 611. 
La Jnlo. A. A S.. Itoaton. July ti II. 

La IW1. Carrie, lll|nu. Surllilk, July (.11. 

Lnndu i«), llenderann'K. Conev MM N. »•, .fitly oil. 
1,1 Tanker, Mile.. Piiivldi'iice, July Oil. 
Lakola, Hurry A Carrie, (Iraninnn'n, Sni| Fran., July il-is. 
l.n Varule Siatern, Rrunaim I'nrk, Palntcil I'oat, N. Y., 

..ulydll. ... 

Lnngdnn, llimlle. I'nrk, Suutli Bend., July 8 II. 
Lat.y llrnllier*. Muutgouiery, Ala., July oil. 
Laaaira, The, Lake nmve Part. Aulnirn. M«., July (111. 
l.nun'ueo. Al., Ci'lonin I'ark, Jniiicatown, July (11; 

Yimngatown, 13IH. • _ 

Lii Vine A'Alnia. Ili-eau Vlo» cimIiio. Norrolk. July (II. 
LelglllutlA Leluliton. I':irk, .Montinuilory, Ala., July (II. 
Leater. llnn-y if. Frcoliody I'urk, Nuwiwirt. July (II. 

La Page. MiirreliHia, l*konlde I'arl.-.' Akr July (11. 

la'ater A curtain, Kuiplre. .Seiitlh', July (II. 

Liidlc, Kdwanl, C. tl. 11.. Chicago. July 11-11. 

I.eiinlc. Mile. A Slkter. Ternilnril I'nrk, Peoria, July (II. 

Leiinu A l.nuun. Shlelila' Park; Sitltuu, Ore., July 6 II; 

Shlolde' I'nrk, TWoinn,, UK. 
Lnallollropi.. Kellli'a, lluatiiu. July (II. 
Lee«. The, llndfrvy'a, ilratul Itapldn, July 11 IS. 
lawnl, Little, Klcctrlc I'ark, Newark, July (-11. 
Leonard A l.onunrd. ProcluCa l^thSt., N.Y. C.,, fitly till, 
lllalic Slalpra, St. Joliiialniry, Vt., July (-11. 
I.e II ir. Inland I'nrk, IMHanet'. July till. 
Leni A Hyatt, (luvernaror'a; Ailaullc City, July 6 II. 
LIltluA Pntakow. I*ik« Pitrk, Wnrceater. July (-11. 
LHclitleld, Mr. A Mrs. Nell, Park, Lexington, Man*., July 

l.lntuu, Harry. UaCTM .Sl«l»r«. Morrlwm'a, BocWnwuy 

Union. S. V., Julydll.'aSpaulela Prniitleitfe. .lulyli II. 
I.orene, ileotge, liuvernator'a. Atlantic City, July (.11. 
Liirell, Mnrrytiierllng I'nrk, Bnmnwlck, Me„ July (II. 
Inireuui., The, Terminal Park, I'aoria, Julydll. 
Loiena, Om.. (lurernatiir'a, Allanllr- City, July (-11. 
Lutt llni«..t?lintca, Snn Krau., Joint II. 
LvnoraA Artnnnd, Form Keller. Mllu-aukee. July (I II. 
I.rur* Kennodv.Hlendalel'nrK, Nenlivllle, July (II. 
Minllnntl tiro*.. A. A S., Ilnatlill, July fill. 
Mnc A Mac, Summit. I'nrk, I'llcu, July (II; Lakeside 

I'ark, Syraellai', I.1IS. • 
Manu.l'aliA Holly, Klecllir Park, Kt'ill. II, July fi-ll. 
Mat«a ,v Maiine, Henderaon'a, Couey Inland, N. Y., July 

MaMin A KihtanlK. A. ,V >.. Iln.lnn, July (II. 
Mayunnl. Clnlro, I'lenMtte lleacli, llriilgenort, .Inly fill. 
Martinet!! Bros.-. liurernatuCa, Atlttullc Cily, July (-11. 
Mack, Until.. I'nrk, Cautoit. Julytl II. 
.Miuldox A- Wayne. Ilownril. llnnion. July tl II. 
Mannlm, Sndle. FJVfanstl. rant. July n II. 
Mnrru Twlna. Foreal I'nrk. St . Loitla. July ( 11. 
Maltle^ Clara. Nelauii. B. IV July (17. 
Macartn Slnrera (111. Cnnolila Lake Park, l.nwell, July II II. 
.Mack A Kllluii. spiiuklinnk Park. Lnmlon, Can., July 

Miirlinetll 11m-. (31, liuvernator'a. Atlantic City. .Inly ( II ; 
Malvern Hm*. (ill, linintnmt'a. San Fran., July (I I. 
.Manello A Clcnnon. WUIou'dnll' llrnve. I.iuvpll, July (11; 

laluud I'ark. Kail Hirer, III IS. 
Mnrnlioll. Spring Lake I'ark, Trenton, July (III. 
Vaiwteii. Adelaide. I'aptolu'n I'lur, Bntli llenili. July it 1 1 , 
>laiUnoill A llro'nt. Maiutlon'a Park. St.\ July Ml. 
Minn, linn A Hotly, Kleclrle Park, Ketil, July (II; 

Meiern' Lake. fantnil, ISIS. 
Martina A Bain", Kellli'n, Phlla., Julytl II. 
Malnr Sl>ter», Spring llrnve I'ark. Hprlngnrld, II.. July 

(llilleevaa 1 I'nrk, Vontorla WIS. 
Miidu, A Mattel. Foraat Park, ScLonla. Jitlyd I. 
Mav A Mlle>. illvmpla I'ark, Chattanooga, July (VII. 
Maiuilng.t Hit t'rnar. Central I'nrk, Inniklrk, .itilyii II. 
MnthleiK. JiliKlInt:, l'rh«perl I'ark, I'eiirltl. III., 
.Miivuim, I!im>, \Vli|,1 lleai'h. If m v I'll) Mli'li„li II 
UeMnlom A I'happelle! WnRlllugllno I'nrk, lunnnne, Inly 

■III. . . . 

.MiCnvve' A Hurray, Saermticillo, Vol.. Jul} Ml] »(U 

Fran, WW. 

McPhee A Hill. Hlppndrmne. l»ndon. Kng.. July (-IS. 
Mclntyre A Heath. Mimic Hall, Brighton Bench. July 611. 
MeRana, The, Hampton Beach Caalno, Lowell, July Ml. 
McKlnlev. Maln-I. orplieoui, Snn Fran., July (II. 
McVey, Hugh. I'lneiuirat i'ark, Wonenar, July 611. 
McDowell. John II.. Detroit, July (-11 ; Winona Bufcli, Ray 

City. IS W. 
.VrKi'iina. Teddy. Ilnnluigen'a. Si. Lniiln, July All. 
.MelVuitiell Sirt'arn, Cilnr I'ulnt I'leaanre Iteaort, Han. 

•luaky, o„ Jitlyo-ll. 
Mcllnwell. John (I.. Helrolt. Mi.-li . July ( II. 
.Mrlotiiali. Tom. Park, Siotlilogtnn. Conn.. July (II. 
Mi-CallTrlo, Sana Sum I. Milwaukee, July ML 
Merrill. F.dua. Ft Dmlge, July (-11. 
Merer A Mrt«on. [Agoon latnml. Albany. July (II. 
MrlniieA Klnier, Hinilllnnlen, Baltimore, July C-ll. 
Mneker BnkerTrlo, I'nwtor'n. Newark, July (-11. 
Mareilitb slatera; Pnn'hir'n »l St.. K. Y. C, July (II. 
Mrer* (.1), Alcauir de HI a, I'arin. July A-18. 
Mlley, Knthrvn, Alameda I'ark, Bnthir, I'a., July 6 11, 
Miller A Kreaku, Iduni I'ark, Yuuugnhiwn, July (II. 
Mltcliella. i:i,, 1 1 i-it.i.-r-i.ii'K. Coney Inland, K.'Y... Inly All. 
Milan I, Trlu. HenderMurn, Coney Inland, N. Y., July 611. 
Mllletlea, (.1). llimlernid, MedforJ. July (-11. 
Mltchi'll'n. I'D. Ilenileriuui'n. Coney laland. NY., July > 1 1. 
.Mnrtnii, llirlrude. Highland Park, York, July oil ; Con- 

trnl Park-, Alleni/iwn. IS IH. 
Morion. Jnmea.I , Foreet Park. St. 1/uiln, July (II. 
Morton I'hll, Pnlaee. 
Morin, llnniiti ii„ Uecaior, III. Julvii H. 
.MoDroe, Lucy, I'roelnr'e, Newark, July (-11. 
Miirrla. Leon, I'onlc*, lllppodnune. London, Fng,, July 

MOnlro*e. IjOidne, Morrlnon'.*. Bockaway Bench, M, Y., 

Monroo A French, RIJoii. Norfolk, July 6 II. 
Moaher, Houghton A Muaher, (Jrf4ieuin, San Fran., July 

Monlrell, Theatre Armour. Moacow. Ituanla, July A IC. 
MliMrtcomadr (t). I'roetor'n nd St, N. Y. c„ July 611; 

Proctor'a.'Newark, l:t|M. 
Moon' A Kimtln, Parlor, Dnlutti. July (II. 
Muoro. lieu. VY„ llrauinan'n, San Fran.. July 6 II. 
Morrln, Joe; Waaltlngton Park, Bavonnc, July 611. 
Morrlii A Daly, l'antor'n, N. Y. C, July (II. 
Monroe A Murray, Catlno. Pitman Grove. N. J., July6ll. 
Mnntmne Tronpe. ■ Kelth'a, 1'llla July 6-U. 
Montgomery. Clinton. (Itaunmd'n. Han Fran.. July (II. 
Moore. John A Mable, (MN I'ark. EyanaTllle, July HI. 
Moian Comeilr Four. I'roritor'i^Vl St.. N. Y. C„ July 611. 
Morphy A Wlllard. Idora I'ark. Youngntown, JulX-ll. 
Milrphy A Andrawn, Talaituega Park, Attlelmrn, July 611. 
Molvcy. Ben, Klcctrlc. Hark, Newark. July (-11. 
Myern, SIMorn, CJnvern'ator'n, Atlantic City, July (.11. 
MUM A Wood, Klectrlc Park, l'e«««klll. JulyAII. 
Newton Brti*.. Nor nmliega Park, Auburndale. July (-11. 
Nclnonla, Klectrlc, Vancouver, R. C, July (-11 ; Popular 

New York Comody Four, Talmiuega I'ark, Attlcboro, 

Mana.. July HI. 
Nlnera, The, Empire, Denver. July CIS. 
Nlco A Coy, Floating Roof. N. Y. C, Julr ( 1 1. 
Nice Twin*. Lion Palace, N. V. C, July (-11. 
Nlghtonn (41, llamtnemwln'ii. N. Y. C., July 6-11. 
Noiaen (8), Shea'a, Buffalo, July 6-11. 
North, South A Dixie. I'ark, Spokane, July 411. 
Norrlnnei. The, Palace. Boaton, July 611. 
Nutria, Mantle HanwkV. Emplre.St. Paul, July 611. 
Norrlnn, The, Idora Park, Yonugrtomt. Jnly 611. 
Noel Lucille, Rlvervlew I'ark, Aurora, 111., July 611; 

Hodfroy'n, (Irnnd Itapldn, W-K 
O'Rrlen A Havel, shea'a, Mia July All. 
o'Nvlll. Polly, Kmnlre. St. Paul, July ML 
iirpheun Cotnrdy Knur, Maaonlc Temple, Chicago, July 

( irvllin A Frank. Ilendernnn'a, Coney Inland, N. Y., July 

(-11 ; Erb'a Canlnn, North Bendi, W-1S. 
CHI n Broa., Ilownril. Bontoti, July (-11. 
O'Brien Troupe. Allcott Beach. N. V July Ml. 
( twluy A Itandall. Savin llock, New it tven, July 611. 
I'nttarnon. Chentnut Hill I'rtrk. Phla. July (II. 
I'urker'n DogClrcun, Park, Peuacunk. N. II.. July 611. 
1'uacatel. Reevea' Park, Fontoria, July ( II ; Cedar I'mnt, 

Sandiiaky, WIS. 
l'alamoTrlo, Hhielda' I'nrk. Salem, Ore. July ML 
Parker A Alvorn, Electric Park, Newark. N. J., July 1.1-18. 
Pallrny A Hilton. Kelth'a. N. V. C. July 611. 
1'arlBh, David. Electric I'ark. Charle«ton. W.Va.. JnlyS II. 
Payne, Billy, Atalanta Caalno, Bradley Beach, N. J., July 

Palmer, Jennie, Klectrlc Park, Baltimore. July A-ll 
I'ettlngill A De Forrent, Proctor'*. Newark. July (II. 
Permanc Broa, Maaonlc Temple, Chicago, July 6-U. 
Pelut, Lake Contrary, SI. Jowph, Mo.. .Inly 8-11. 
Peter*. I'hll A Nettle. Hellenic Park. Toledo, Jnly (-11. 
I'hllllpa Slater*. KdgawaUT Park, Cellna, July fi-H; Lud- 
low, Lagoon, Ky„ July 13-IS. 
Piper, Franco, llnininorntoin'*, N. Y. C. July All. 
I'oworn A Theobald, Empire. Seattle. July Ml. 
Pongo ALeo, Caatno Park, Terre Haute, July 611. 
Pott* A llnrto, Jaeoha'. Peoria, July iv 11. 
Clean, Mr. A Mra. Al, shield*' Park, T aroma, Wash., July 

Polk A Kollln*. Kelth'a. Phlla. July 6-11. 
Power* A Tlieohald. New (irand. Seattle. July 611. 
Prevoat A Pravonl, Snna Soucl. Chicago, July 611. 
Prior A Norrl*. Kdgewater I'ark, Cellna, July 611. 
Itavmotid A civerly. (1. 0. K., Ran Fran., July (-11 . 
Itninney Slatera, Alauicda Park, Rutlcr. Pa-. July 61.1. 
KamzA A Arno, Kiirest I'arJc. Knnaaa Cltv, Mo., July O-ll. 
Itnlelirh A Heard, lluntnrllle. Ala.. July ( II. 
Kaymond. Jonuph, Proctor'* !2iUi St., N. V. C, July All; 

I'roetor'n SSth St., HIS. 
Hnckett A tlainrd, Empire, llolloway, London, Eng., July 

Rnya (S), Ultln-nn' lly. I'ark, Muncatlne. July MI; Iowa, 

Davenimrt, l.n*. 
Kado A Bertutan, Duveruator'a. Atlantic City. July All. 
italmund A VacV. Itohltinnn Perk. FL Wayne, July (II. 
Henn ARlchurdd, Morrlnon'*, Rockaway Beach, N. Y., 

July Ml.- 
Held A (illbert. Cedar Pulnl Pleanure ltenort,Sandu»ky, 

i)., Jnly 611. 
ltolau llros.. Kelth'a, N. Y. C, Jul)- 611. 
Hcynntd. Ed. F., Paator'a, N. Y. CI Julv All. 
Knnu (S), Auditorluin, Norfolk, July (-11. 
Itemlngtnn.Mninle A llcka, Kelth'»,N. Y. C. July All. 
Ilennlo A tlorhln. Itlvoralde Park, Montreal. Julr 6-U. 
Rice A l'ruvnnt, Idora Park, Youngntown, July (-11. 
Ulce, C. O. II., Chlcaso.'July (-1 1. 
Itlann* (4), Cedar Park, Sahduaky. O., July 6-11. 
Nice, Mlddh'town.Cdnn.. JulyMI. 
lllco Bio*., Wnahlngton ('ark, Bnyonne. July 611. 
Itlggn A Cnrrnn, Weant'a, Peoria, July 6-U. 
ltlcohnno'n llorsea, llainmei-nteln'a, N. Y. City, Jnly 6 II- 
llleliurda, RePevus I'nrk. Toledo, July (-11. 
Itlclmnln. Ellen, Pructor'a Oth Ave.. N. V. C„ July 6-U. 
Uohvtm, Mr. A Mrn., Kelth'a R. Y. C, July 6-U. 
Houder, M.. Ctyntal Rnach. Can., JulyMI. 
Itmlohili, Kmnk. Proctnr'n Bth Ave.,N. Y.C., .InlyAll 
Itonltlun A Steven*, Mualc Hall, Brighton Hrach, Julr 

Ito.lmim Sinter*, Auditorium, Norfolk, July 611. 
Roberta, Hayaa A llohert*. Wlnnna Beach, Ray City, 

Mlt h„ July (II. 
ituhlimuu A (Irani, Chute*, Snn Frau., July All. 
Uonetll. M..'llammentnln'a, N. Y. C July 611. 
Itotli. Katheriuc, Uniuptou Beach Cnnluo, laiwcll, Julv 

llohlnnm.Chn*., Floating Itoof, N. Y. C, July( II. 
Ituliiiln*. Clint A Ronnie, Weant'n, Peoria, July All. 
Knae, Julian, Ornheuin. Sail Finn.. July All. 
Bunnell A O'Neill, Henderson's. Coney Inland, N. V., July 

Itunnell A Rurkley, Elertrlo I'ark, Newark, Jnlv All. 
Kuanell A Klngaler, lllnwou-. Mo., July IMS. 
Itiuuudl A Morton. Avon Park, Youngntown, July All. 
Kuanell. I'hll A Cnrvlc, Coney Inland, Cincinnati. July All. 
Itudolpii, Frank, Proclnr'nSth Ave.. N. V. C July 6-11. 
Saharet. Follea Marlgtiy, Pari*. l"rance. JulyAIS. 
Sitwielle Slatera, A (ihulva Sear*. Park, Weh«ter, Mann, 

Julv Ml; P»rk. New' HeilftrnJ. PS-IS. 
Snnfiinl SMem, Puntor'n, Ni Y. 0.. JulyMI. 
Sutnumn. Kellh'e. Ronton. July Ml. 
Sailor A Hnrtuireltu, Morrlnon'n, Rockaway Beach, N. Y„ 

Julv Oil. . . 
Snioiir, Limine, Pnatur'n 8Sth St., N. Y, C, July Ml. 
Suivyar. Henry Clinton. ShlehU' Park, Reaule, July (IS. 
Scott A Wilauii, lleuderaon'a, Coney Inland, N. ¥., July 

Si'otlllro*., llninuiernloln'a, X. V. C. July AW. 
SrHwlegiTlIng, l"nul. Sohmer Park, Montreal, July Ml. 
Selhlul A (irovlnl, Kelth'a. Boaton. JulyMI. 
shaw, Lillian, Howard, Boat on, dalyO-ll. 
Sheiilioiil. Caleb ll„ Empire. St. Paul. July 611. 
-ShftinrnekrUai, Callable Lnke I'nrk, l.ouell, July 611. 
Shan-, Mr. A Mrn. Larry. Mlddlctown, Conn.; July 611. 
Sherman A De Knrreat, llanimeritelu'a, N. T. 0„ July 6 

sheiin A Warner, Klectrlc Park, Baltimore. Jnly 611. 
Shulia'n ilrcnt Dauea, Hampton Beach Caalno, Lowell, 

.filly ML 
Slum Ttnin.T., Chentnut lirnvo. Providence, July 15 IS. 
Sllyvru A l'merle, Kellli'n. Phlla., July 611. 
Sltiip.<un, Klectrlc Park, Baltimore, JulyMI. 
Shluula, Sana Soucl, Cliicaim, July Alt. 
SmlrlA Keaaner, Merry Meeting I'ark. Brunawlca, Me., 

July OH. . 
Stuart .tlairado, IVonnt'n, Peurla. JulyMI. 
Surder A Buckley. Foront Park, SI. Loul*. July 611; 

Wennnn I'ark, Ray City. 13 n. 
st|*nell Bro*.. Codivey'n Park. Cram! Rapid*. July (-11. 
sti cinir. Clarice, saun Soucl, Milwaukee. Julr fill. 
StelKon, Waller A Co.,tluveruator'a,AllaotloClty,Jiily6ll. 
stuber, Fred S. Cauoblc lJike Park.Salem.N.ll. JulyMI. 
Stnvurdale gulutet. Hli'pndroine. Lnmlon , Eng.,July ( IS. 
Sialyl, ,\ Inlet. Aeildemy, Huti.llo, .Inly II 
Scuidler A t." Roy. Myera' Plar. Ocean City, July A 11. 
stVniMer, Sallle, Kelth'a.' Phlla.. July Ml. 
Stcpheua, Paul. Ilntuiulen I'ark, S|irlngffeld. Mean, Jnlv 

Stuart A Logan. Masonic Temple, Chicago, July Ml. 
Stanley A Caminetta, Wella' caalno, Durham, H. ('.. Julv 

Ml. „ . 

se. John A 1# Fevre. Rouf Harden. Mt. \ ernun, N. Y., 

July (II; Bergen Bench it-is. 
stnln-r. Kiwi S., Canohle Ijike Park, Lnwell, JulySII. 
si,(iiiguBiti*.. Fuuntatn Park, Ureal Harrington, Jnly 

All. • 
Sully, Lew, Mnnuuic Temple, Chlungo, July Ml. 
sllllv A Phelp*. rtinriinHii'I'artt. Peril. 111.. July Ml. 
sntl'ium. The. Went Kud llnlghlsSL Lutiln. July l< II. 
Sully Family. Slu-il'n, RiilTnln, July (It. 
Tniiean Broa., KeRh'i. N. V. C. Jnly 6-11. 
Talltut A llugem. Wniertmry. I'onu.. Jnly 611: Wluntiit, 

IS IS. . 
T;dmr. Ilailtl, Shield*' I'nrk. T.uinna. Wash,, Jnly Ml; 

f.ewhl's Park, SetlUle, Ii IS ' 

Tullt llu Hun. Caalno Theatre. Aintusia. (la . Jolt (11. 
macule Star, Clei eland, .Inly 6 11.' 

Tenlchl Troupe, Luna Park, Coney Inland, H. \ ., July 

Thorne, Mr. A Mrn. Ilarrv, Ijike View Park, Syracnae, 

JulyMI; Summit I'ark.'l'tlca, IMS 
Thnrnpnon, Jamea W„ Orlar Point Plnumre Renort, San- 

duaky.n.. JulyMI. ... . 

Thurne A llohlaworth. I'tlca, N. V., JulyMI; (lurerna- 

tor - *, Atlantic City. « ». . .. . , , 

Thompnon A Serbia, Forest (Mmiio. Ri cky Point, II L. July 

Tlppel A Kliment. Olympla Park. Chattanooga. July A-ll. 
Towner. Pun la A Towner, Scharer'a Oarden, Columbun, 

ti, Jnly Ml. 
Tirreat. CheaUT Pnrg.innelnnatl. Julv All. 
Tubln Slatera, Murrlann'a, Rockaway Beach, N. V., July 

Troulindourn (11, Farm, Toledo, July Ml. 
Tucker, Hilda. A. A S., Boaton, JulyMI. 
Ty rnlmn (julntel. Lluu I'alare, N. Y. <'.. July Ml. 
Trolley Car Trio. Bellevue Pirk, Toledo, JulyMI . , 
Treloar«„Th|., ijinhaway Park. E. Krooktlelil, Man", July- 
Trank A Hl.-idilrn, Keith's, N. Y. C. JulyMI. 
Trainer A Button, Rrook, Marlon, liiil, Julv A 11. 
Trtn, Helm, captalu-n Pier, Rath Reach, July Ml. 
Tronba.luur (4), likeable Park, Akron. July 611. 
I'nthnn, C. II.. Ilelmnr I'ark. Oklahoma city, July Ml. 
Van, Chan. A Faunle, Pastor's, N. Y. C., July Ml- 
Venn, The (.real, Surf Avi-uue, Coney Inland. N. Y-, Jnly 

ML „ . 

Varrlck. Virginia, Atalanta Casino, Bradley Beach, N. J., 

\atie. Kthi-1. HorTinan Park, Derby, July 611. 
\' --drier. Debbie, Kuitdre, St. Paul July All. 
Vice A Viola. Walllngrnnl. Conn., JulyMI. 
Vrnla, Belle, Prnctnr'i Sih Aye., N. Y. C, July'611. 
Vinton, Kdwanl, Crystal Bench. Can.. Jnlv 611. 
VnntelloA Nlnii, Lovuon, Ludlow, JulyMI. 
Ward A Raymond. Canoble Lake Park. Lowell, July 611. 
Waterbnrr Rron. A Tenny, Kelth'a; Phlla.. July 611. 
Waiigiloodh'(4), Orphenm.San Fran., July 6-U. 
Waller A Moglll.Erb's Canlnn, North Reach, N. Y., July 

Warsaw Hrm., Kprlugbank Park, I»ndon, Can., July 611 ; 

.South Rend, lnd., IMS. 
Waddell. Fred.. Chute*, Kan Fran., July 7-11. 
Waldrnn Bros.. Cliutea, San Fran., Jnly (.11. 
Wanaerman, Ram. liuvernator'a. Atlantic City. July HI. 
Wayne A La Mar, Hill * Orove Park, Trenton, N. J.. Jnly 

Wanl*A King, llaahagen'n, St. I*uln, Julv 611. 
Wagner. Chan., (luremator'n, Atlantic City. July 611. 
Ward, Rlanche, Parlor, Dulnlli. JulyMI. 
Warren A Howard, Oxford Lake Park, Annlnton Ala., 

July 6ii. 

Ward. May, Floating Roof. N. Y. C. Jnlv 611. 

Ward, Chan. H., Clontlna Roof, K. Y. C, July Ml. 

Watermelon Trust . Kelth'a, Phlla , July All. 

Wella Bron., Empire, Seattle, July Ml. 

Welnti, Chan, A Jennie, Park, Lima, JulyMI; Llnden- 

wald Park. Hamilton. IMS. 
Weston. Al. 11.. Cheater Park. Cincinnati, July 611. 
Webb, Margaret, Penacook, N. II.. July 6-11. 
Want, John A., Lakealde Park Caalno, Webb City, Mo., 

July 611. 
Went A Williams, Mnyffower drove, Bryuntrllle, Ma»., 

July 611. 
Went A Van Klcklen. Park. Woonaocket, July All ; Cren- 

cent Park, Providence, IMS. 
Weat. John A.. Lakealde Park, Juplin, July Ml; Rani 

Soucl, Chicago, 1.1 IS 
Whitman, Frank, Waldamcer Park, Erie, Pa., July 611; 

Dnnklrk, N. Y. IMS. 
Whitney, Annie, C. O.ll .. Chlrago. July All. 
Whllcomb. Hank, Empire, Seattlo. Jnly 611. 
Wllmer, Sidney A Co., Kelth'a Boaton. July 611. 
IVIInon, Minnie It., Parlor. Diiluth, July 6 [I. 
Wilson. Louis Riverside Park, Montreal, July 611. 
Williams. ("Chinese"; Johnnv. Prurtur'* I25tli St.. N. Y. 

C, July 611: I'roetor'n 58th St., 13- in. 
Winter. Banka A Winona, Sanlabnry Beach, Saulsbury, 

July Ml. 
Wllsona Trio, Winona Beach, Ray city, Mich., JulyMI. 
Wilton Bros., Hanimersteln'*, N.Y. C, July 6-11. 
Wlllard t Wilcox, Proctor'a Zkl St., N. Y.U.. July IMS. 
William* A Evan*. Sana Soucl. Milwaukee, July Ml. 
Wletiell, Jan., Keith'-, N. Y. c, July 6-11. 
Wine, Harry, Hummer Park Theatre. Durham, N. C, July 

Winn A Mack, Hampden Park, Springfield, Mens., July 

William*, "Chinene" Johnny, I'roetor'n 125th St., N. Y. C, 

Wood. Francln, Vallev, North Adams, Julv All. 
World A K ins-Moo, Empire, Seattle. July 611. 
Woodfonl A Marlboro, Empire. Portland, Ore., July All. 
Wyoiau A (lamer. Alameda Park, Hutler, Pa-. July 6.11. 
Vankeo Comody (4). 8bea'n. Buffalo. July (-11. 
Yeoman. Ceorge, Olympic Park, Mckeesport, Pa, July- 
Young A De'.Vole, Ornheum. Kan Fran.. July Ml. 
Young, Ollle A Bro.. Freelmdy I'nrk. Newport, July 611. 
York, Herbert, Trio, Krtc'Pii., JulyMI. 
Yocomulo Rron., Solimer Park, Montreal, July 6-11. 
Ynungi A BrookJ. Idora Park. Youngntown. 0., July 611. 
Vnnng, Caroline Avon Park. Youngntown. July Ml. 
Zara A Sietaon, Proctor's Oil St.. N. Y.C., July 6-U. 
/.arrow Trio, Shea'a, Buffalo. July 6-U. 
/.am A, Runona i'ark. Grand Rapid*, Jnly (II; 

Bellevue Park. Tuledo. H 18. 
'/.eon. Carl A Zeno. Paln'a. Manhattan Reach. Julv Ml. 
Znller*. The, Proctor'* 6th Ave., N. Y. C. July All. 
/.Iminer, John. Forest Lake I'ark, Springfield, Mann., July 

Zimmerman, AL A Pearl, Central, Henley, Wis., July M8. 

We k»we prepared handy mailing 
card a which will greatly facilitate) 
vaudeville peMormen ta ■endinr aa 
their booking), In ualitB theae carda 
the performer merely has to All oat 
the datea, name of theatre, and city 
or town and State, place a oae ceat 
at an ip In corner and mall. Ther will 
he fnrnlalted on application to thla 
olee cither perso nally or by letter. 


Teal, llaviuoud, llivori lew Park, Aurora, 111, JulyMI; 

n.idii cy'a Parllldn, Hrtnd Itapldn. ISIS. 
Terry .Uilnu'r, Csplaltt's rivr, BMh Btadi, Jul}' Ml. 

Atlantic City — Ocean Pier Music Hall 
(Harry D'Estn. representative). — "A Chi- 
nese Honeymoon" closed one of the bleeest 
weeks in the history of this house July 4. 
Coming: Lew Dockstader's Minstrels week 
ni' G, "A Chinese Honeymoon" (return) 13, 
for an engagement of several weeks. W'l- 
liird's Juvenile Pinafore Company continues 
lit matinees. Pikr Tbiatrb (Harry D'Ksta, rep- 
resentative). — The 'Miller & Kaufman Play- 
ers continue to draw good business. Their 
production, week of 0, will be "The Hunch- 
buck of Notre Dame." 

Ochan PiKU- Aruna (Harry D'Esta, rep- 
resentative).— Bostock's Trained Wild Ani- 
mals continue to please good audiences. 

Buou Thkatur (Huntley. & Moore, man- 
ngers). — -Business here, with the Huutley- 
Moore Stock Company, remains good. This 
ct-gnnlzatlon will continue to present reper- 
tory for the Summer senson. 

Doyle's Pavilion Thratbr (Frank Goldle, 
manager). — Excellent business Is the rule. 
Billed lor week of 6 : The Duilia and Bedcay 
troune of uerlnllsts. the Folly Trio. Panll- 
netu and Plnun, l'alkluer Family, ICmmoritls, 
I'.merson and' Emmonds, Ulnes and Kimball 
Trio, the Gregory Family. Will G. Hafford 
(i nd Louis Worth, Ix>lo Bigger ami Minnie 
Drelicr, Hughes Trio, Seymour and Seymour.. 
Jlowley and Leslie, Chas. H. Russell and' 
Angle Dunbar, the Carrays. Edna Fltzpat- 
rlck and Nellie Tapper, the Klnesburys, May 
Walsh, Itenzctla and Iji Kuc, Harry Court- 
land, and Goldle, St. Clair and Goldle. 

Governator'r TncATse (Sidney Fern, 
mnnnger). — The sarne big business main- 
tains. Performers tveek of : Three Mar- 
tlnettl Brotliers, John Gelger, J. Warren 
Kenne, Henry and Francis. Arthur J. Cnth- 
iRrt, Chits. W(Bntr, Lorcnc, Brecn and Car- 
iiill. llitdn (Hid flei-tmtin, Myers Sisters, Lent 
nnd Hyatt, Loraie Bayard. Delancy and 
i:«(elln, Heath «nd Excellii, Waller Stotson. 
ihe Dwycre, Carew and Hayes, Hawley and 
Vnss, the Mtisleul Holbrooks, Baker add 

INI.RT Bohp GAmms (CHIT W. (it-tint, tnan- 
ngcrt. — 'J'hls liouM] opened for the Stiuinter 
« with Cllflf Grant's Big Iondon Gaiety 

Steel Pikr (J. Bothwell, manager). — 
Business here Is up to n high stnndnrd. 
Uoynl Italian Band. Orchestra Verdi, and 
Murphy Se Gibson's Minstrels continue. 
■ Tiltop's s-rr.r.pi.Ki'iiASE Pirr (Giles Cle- 
ment, manager). — This resort opened 1, with 
vaudeville and many novelties In the shape 
«r Illusions, tricks, etc. 

Jtn.viMi l-'iiASii's Otpry Camt (Frank 11. 
Ilillilfi, liniKiigeri. — The same g«."Ml luislness 

' PawnW: Hill's Will West Is billed to 
give two |H>r[t>nuaiii'<'« here 11. 
' AllIcatiiu .inn's Farm Im now open nnd 
enjoying witlsfnctoi-.v patronage. 
i e 

In mil en. — The same musical features 
and oilier attractions are continued nn-, 
• hanci'il nl Hie llinv. ipililmtr parks, wlili-.i 
l.tve la-iii ciijiivliit: irmillv Itnit-nviMl liunl 
iipsa ' ilnrliM; 1 1|«. pafil week. At Washing- 
tun Park .lull's l.evy. cnrnottlHt, In ndvertlseil 
to'iiPIH'Rr iwieo dully during tills anil licit. 

week,, . i . .... ,., 

Clipper Po<( Of f ice. 

In order to awold nUtakea tg»j» 
Ineore the prompt delirrry of lava 
l"ter. .dv.rtl-ed to .t»S ;« ■ »,«»■ 
envelope plainly addreascd mast 
be cent for each letter, and a «gMn 
order tor the letter, .luned with the 
full name and addreaa and the line 
of iJDRlneM followed bj the sender, 
mast also be enclosed. 

Please mention the date (or nam- 
ber) of THE CLIPPER In which tha 
letters aeat tor were advertised. 
Karle, Marg. Monroe, Trlzte 

llmsrnM 1SL.II McMllluD, Lida 


Anderson, May 
Allen, Violet 
Arnold, Mrs. G 
Allyn, Muth 
Adams, Glor. 
Allen, Marie 

Marlon, Co. 
Adgle's Lions 

Flo (Cc) 
Austin, Belle 
Austin, ldella 
Aikens. Sadie 
Kenton, Margie 
Bigger, Josep. 
Benson, Maud 
Blackford.- C. ■ 
Butler, Laura 
Bloomer Girls 

B. B. T. 

Blackford. Lot 
Baldwin, Edna 
Bowman, : Ivy 
Barrett, Htla 
Barnett, Nett. 

Brown, Laura 
Bryce, Roe 
Bonsail, Marie 
Bates, Hilda 
Barker, Emma 
Bernard, ElBle 
Burt, Fan. L. 

Coleman, Millie 

Church. Minn. 

Julie I,. 

Mrs. Frank 

Louise (10c 
Clnyton, LII. 
Chambers MJss 


Carrol), Freda 

Mrs. L. H. 
Collins. Myra 

Edna M. 

D'Estelle Slst. 
DaHon, Ada II 
HeMlli, Gertie 
Doniello. Mile 
DeFoe, Josle 
Donegan, Nell 
Dean, LII. 

Dudley, Theo. 

Dutton, Kflic 
Donovan; Fan. 

Dale, Virginia 
Delmore, O'lle 
DeVernl. It. 
Diamond. Mln 
J>eVcr, Herm. 
Davis, I'earl 
Duprcc, Almy 
Earle, Evelyn 

Emerald. Nell 
Kspey, Lulu 
Fryer, Miss 


Doll I. 

Franklin, Lyd. 
Fox, K.ttle A. 
Fowler, Emma 
Kord, L. De V. 
Floyd, Slay 
Garrett, Cecil 
Granville, Nell 
Grey, Vera 
Gale, Victory 
Grant, Cessy 
Gilbert. Minn. 

Mrs. Barney 

Mollle M. 
Gypzene, — 
Grant, L'essy 
O&ssmnn, Jose 
Gale, Ruth 
Gardner, Bona 
Garland, Rose 
Gale, Frances 
Hoyt, Ethel 

Mrs. P. T. 

Mrs-W. H. 
Hawkes, ' Car. 

Haines, LII. 
Haze I ton, 

Howard, May 
Hansen. -Marie 

Helm, Anna V 
Hillycr, Maud 
Hasklns, Varn 

Mrs. K. B. 
Henry, Louise 
Hill, May 
Hunter. Grace 
Holland, MJld. 
Judge, Ada 
Janice. Elsie 
Keegan. Lulu 
Kelso, Mrs. M. 
Keene, Alma 
Kldiler, Knth. 
Kelly. Julia 
"Kelly, EllaZ.S. 
Letter, Sylvia 
Leslie, Mild. 
Lamondc. Bess 

Mme. R. E 
Leon, May 
Lewis, Fiankle 
Little, Marie 
Luelleta, — 

LflTiTence, Mae 
I.evett, Marie 
I,e«Ue. Est. 
Leakly. Maud 
Lund, Pearl 
I.elan. Lela 

Mrs. Al. 
Lane. Alice F. 
Lottie. Miss 
Millard. Laura 

Merrall, Mazle 
McCnbe, Jane 

Edwards Daisy 1 McKlnnev, 
Emerald, Alice Margaret 

Emerald, Mon. May.Lone 8tar 
Evans, Marlnelln. 

Mrs. Thos.t Mrs. V. 

Esmeralda. Mack.Mr».DIck'5?eb, Zona 
EdnajMcCabe. HelenlYale, May 

<Mohr. Goldle I 

H1L.IAU1UU, mils 

Madison, Maud 
Me Keen, Marg 
Montrose, Bes. 
Mills, Kitty 

Airs I'hll 

Mrs. A. F. 
Majfleld, Marg 
Mason, Nola 
Nelson, Mollle 

Maude L. 
N! co b. I, Iota 
Ockerman. Flo 
Ordlar, Mile. 
Onrl. A. P. 
Pessiom, Ang. 
ralmer, Catn. 
Purtell, Jenn. 

Potter, Nellie 
Porter, Al'ce 
Rice, Blanche 
Raymond Ruby 
Bandal, Plor. 
Ramsey, Marie 

Daisy L. 
Reece, Leslie 

Russell, Bijou 

Baye, Mile. 
Ronaldo, Eva 

Ramsey Slst. 
Rosalie. — 
Shaw, LII. 

Seaman, LII. 
Stanley, Minn 
Smith. Ad. B. 
Saunders, Al. 
Sugemoto. Mile 
Striker. Flor. 
Starr, LII. 
Sawyer, May 
Stevens, .Mln. 
Stlckney. Rose 
Sharp, Bessie 
Sully. Grace 
Stewart. Liz. 

Stewart, Liz. 
Treahey, Heleu 
Tucker, Hilda 
Thorne. Mln. 
Vpllnger, Ida 
Vernon, Glndj s 
Valberg Slst. 
Verdler, Myrt. 
van, Ethel L. 
Vermont, LII. 
Wright, Cora 
Wet*. Myrtle 
Ward, Carrie 
Whytc, Bertha 
Wells, Kitty 

Winter, Cora 
Wagner, May 

Warren, Hm, 
Walcott, Plor. 
Westlakc. Agn 
Wilson. Ella 
Wood. Frances 

fillllck, Jos. 
Gorman 4 

Ford Co. 

Galettl, Mgr. 
Graham, Ferd. 
Gllmore, Barn. 
Gllllland, Kobt 
Gorden, Frank 
Gorman, Dick 
Grendell, Dave 
Greene, L. L. 
Gregory, Fra'k 
Gallagher, J. P. 
daring, Athol 
George, Har. 
Greene, B, J. 
Garrett, I. T. 
Griffin, Ted 
Guy, G. C. . 
(jarnett, C. II. 
Glynu. Nick 
Glocker, C. 
Ferney. Ai. 
Grimes, T. J. 

Gentry. Frank 


(drum maj.) 
Allen, A. It. 
Adams, J. 1L 
Ashley, J. H. 
Adnms, Al. 
Arlington, BUI 
Allen, Archie 
Arlington, Bill 
Adnms, R.'J. 
Anderson, J. It. 
Austin, H. Z. 
Allen, Ernes: 
Alberte, Frank 
Andrews, Edw 
AlHger, J. 11. 
Arthur, C. A. 
Bryan & Miller 
Bci-ol, Max 
Black, Sam 
Bergen, Tlios. 
Barteno, Har. 
Button, Guy 
Itnssett, M. 
Bedlnl, Art. 
Balaly, J as. 
Bnrto, Joe 
Barker, R. A. 
Burnette & 

Brooks, Lou 
Brady, J. B. 
Beeson, Fer- 
guson k B. 
Bclmcr, Mr. 
Balz, Edm'd. 
Bnckeye, 8. 
BIttnor, Wm. 
Boyle, Chas U 
Burr. O. V. 
Bnssctt, It. 
Benedict, Lew 
Brookes, Corn. 
Brezsllle, Otto 
Blnncliflrd, Al. 
Bollinger, Hobt 
llarhler, Gnbr. 
lieaeley, Al. 
Brooks, G tOc. 
Bragdon, Louis 
Black, J. J. 
Kanaltan. Th. 
Bterbn. Ted 
Belmont, Har. 
ltud-sow Bros. 
Brown. V: *'. 
Itealtli', J. W. 
Bowen. C. A. 
Biicnes, Jot; 
Barnells. The 
Burton. F. ('. 
Bennett, Jules 
lnrwIeR. A. T. 

Bar i in, Teddie 
Brownlcc & 

Barns. Donald 
Heatly, B D. 
Burns, Chas. 
Burns, Har. 
Carter, P. C. 
Chopin, Har. 
Cbaiiln. L. C. 
Carieton, Al. 
Conn, Hugh 
Clayton, Frank 
Carrol, Ben., 
Comar, F. D. 
Coleman, A. J. 
Coburn, A. J. 
Cully, Joe 
Copel & 

Curtis, Sam 
Cavanaugh Jas 
Conboy. Kels. 
Connolly, D. C 
Clifford & 

Cowley, Billy 
Clayton, Frank 
CUerllT, HadJ 

Clifford. J. W. 

Cooke, J. B. 
Colemnn. B. B 
Cuban Giants 
B. B. T, 
Curts, M. H. 
Clnrk. Billy 
Conboy, Kclcy 
Clayton, Fra'k 
Claxtun. Beau 
Carlos, C. B, 
Coccln, G. 
Crawford & 

Crnncr, Ben 
Chirk, J. T. 
Cook. Ben It. 
Culver. C..-H. 
Conroy »t: Mack 
Cross, W. B 
Clifford & 

Col ton A 

Dj rruw 
t'lubiiui. F. W 
Davis, B. 
Dnproe. Gen. 
Delaney k 

DuVrles, Sam 
TVWolfe. Wm. 

lloi'Ji'lll, .l.iiill ;lliHi.iliN,in,c..\ 

llurtdti. II. I.. 
HnrnoM, Siunrl 
Bright,. Mzr. 
JTotihenr Bros, 
WIU, -UnF, 

• • •'• ... 

Dal.- Hiii* 
DeVoe. Etl. 
Dacouia, Art. 

Dehlman. Will 
Deter, Harvey 
Davis. Jas. 

Denollls Jc 

Dotta & 

Drexel, Ham. 
DaJlev, Fred 
Davles, Bert 
Davis. Austin 
Davidson, J. W. 
Dale. Jack 

DeRue, Billy 

Dennon, Jack 
Pongon, Art. 
Devlnnop, J. J 
Dabn, W. 
Denton. G. F. 
Drew. John 
Dobbs. Wllb. 

W. E. 
Eddy, Albert 
Emery, H. B. 
Edwards' Zoo 
Edwards, C. F 
Emerson, J. H 
Emperors of 

Music. 4 
Everhart, Wra 
Mack & Elliot 

Stock Co. 
Kgliert. A. W. 
Eckel. Joe 
Hspey.: Ed. 
Eck.- Tom 
l'sdwards. Al. 
Everhart.- Grt. 
Edeson, Robt. 

rag, a. a. 

BM & Dandy 
I rench,Irv..Co 
Ferris. Dick . 
Frfy. Frank 
Fivhrney. Har. 
Fuller. L. j; 
Fenberg. G. M 


■ Dave 

Fflmiim. Dh'i; 
Frtriftiaoii, J \|. 

Pbfeer & 


laverslinm. , 


CliiaiKHi, B«tt, ■ 

Gray, F. G, 
Gorman & 

Gale, Geo. 
Gaokel, A. E. 
Griffin, H. P. 
George, Har. 
Glynn, Nick 
Grelves, Walt. 
Graves, H. C. 

Lindsay, w. p 
Levy, Phil 
Lynch, H. U. 
Lambert, H.W. 
Leavett, Ben 
Louzon, V. 4 h 
LaMarr, Har. 
Luder, I'aul 
Lntz, Clar. 
ljiferte. Grant 
Lyle, II. J. 
Isco, Frank 
Lynn, Jno. 
I.cvlne & Alma 
I^fever, II. C. 
l.eonl. liar. 
I^wls, Oeo. W 
lawman, G. N 
May, Allen 
Merrltt, P. T. 
Mack, It. J. 
Martin, II. V. 
Martin, Will 
Mangean. Jack 
Maxon, D. A. 
Meat, C. J. 
McCall Trio 

Glasgow, J, G. JrcAullffe, Jere 

Mix. C. L. 
McHoJe, Trlx 

Mason, W. K. 
Martin k. Hetb 
Malone, W. H. 

Gillette. Wm. Magee, J. 
Hays, Ed. _ .Maveno, G. II 

Henderson Gus 
Harding, Chas 
Hume, Boss k 

Hurd. Fred W. 
Hastings, Fra'k 

Stock Co. 
Hobos, Fred 
Henella, — 

Hand, Carl 
Harris, Andy 
Hayes, Carew 
Herbert, Tbos 
Hunter, G. W. 
Herliert, Gun- 
ning & Mur. 
Hoyt, W. B. 
Haney, Felix 
Hoevct, Al. T. 
Horner, S. J. 
Harrey. J. C. 
Held. U. C. 
Hanford, C. B 
Hanson. H. L. 
Hayes. Tommy 

Hays. Ed. 
Hawkins, Low 
Hornmann, — 
Howe, Den 
Holt, Alf. 
Hope, W. P. 
Hnwklns. Sid 
Hlckey i* 

Haines, Wm. 
Harris & 

Houch, A. J. 


Geo. H. 
Hatch Bros. 
Havens, Jack 
Hnlnes, R. T. 
Humes, F. T. ' 


mii.n. h. 

Hymer. J. B. 
Hlne, Chas. 
Howell, Jas. 
Halpln, J. G. 

Hllliard, Bob 
Irish. Frank 
Ireson, F. 0. 
Jones, E. W.- 
Johnson, Car. 
Jones, B. J. 
Joyce, P. F. 
Jones, J. J. 
Jacksons. 2 
Jordan, Fred 
Jaxon, J. J. 
Jennings k 

■ Rentfrcw 
Jacobs, Geo. 

S. C. (8c. 
Jones, E. W. 

Alb. C. 
Jacobs, J. M. 
.Tones, Irr. 

Johnson, P. Wl 

Merwln, G. C. 
McRade, Har. 
Murray, Wm J 
Milton, Frank 
Morgan, J. A 
MellTn, TbeoG 
Maltland, C. L 
MUllgau, Max 
Montrose, Har 
Meach, Cliff 
Murphy, Stan. 
McKennln k 

Miller. N. 
Meloney & 

Murphy. 1*31. 
k Riley 
Marshn'l, Th. 
Morrell. Art. 
Marshall. J. 
Meyer, K. A. 
Mathews, Mr. 
Madden, T. J. 
Mal'.oy. Maj. J 
Miles, B. A. 

Monerlef, Etl. 
McClaln. Billy 
Mack, Dick 
Moore, Har. 
Miller, J. M. 
Mason, Henry 
Martz, Al. 
Melrose, Wll. 
Martin. G. W. 
McFnrlnnd, P. 

F. P. 
Murphy, Mike 
Marlon eU'earl 
Noble, H. V. 
Neff. R. C. 
Nolan, Fred 
Nygard, E. J. 

Kevins, Chart 
Newman, AI. 
Nalon. John 
O'Harlan, Wm 
O'Conner. Her 
Oclrlcb, E. 
Oliver, Ed. 

Olson, a; d: 
Olcolt. Chiiuu. 
Pavers, Al. 
Powers. J. T. 
Peake, W. H. 
Protbroe, J. F 
Pearson, A. Y. 
Perkins. J. It. 
Peck, W. K. 
Pourner, Chas 
Parker. L. B. 
Pickens, S. U. 
Perry k 

Pukall, Carl 
Parker, H. C, 
Powers A 

Phelph. V. E 
Perry, E. I/. 
Packard. T. C. 
Powley Jr.. 

Prevost, Louis 

Paten auds, 


Jennings, Arc. Paris, Lionel 
Jenny, J. A. jPoter. O. 
Kultow, Max Plgott, R. S. 
Knight, 0. S. Qui;?, John 
Knee3e, Wal. Rloton, — 
Kelly & Kent Robertson, 
Kennedy, B. S ■ Frank 

King, Phil Rio, Adolph 
Kanter, Alf. ; Raymond, Ed. 
Kennedy, Pete'Rae. J. G. 
Kane, J. H. ! Rockwell. J. C 
Knox, Geo. W. 'Roads, Chas 
Klngsburv.Geo Raymond. Cyr 
Kllpatrlck. [Rozells, The 

Chas. IRussel, P. & C 
Kuhle. Chas. Ranler, Gus 
Kendrlck,_ iRIce, Lew 

Hoth. Chas. 
Reeves, u, 

Dram. i' n . 
Rozlno, v. W 
ISrS Wl L 
Bobbins, V. V 

8°w, f. ii. 

Reno, \v. H. 
"ynar, H. r 

Jipwl'e & Ross 

«lch. A. 'l^ 

Roberts, 1L 
Rummell, c v 
Rale, II. W. 
Raymond, 4'U 
Rk), Adolph 
Samuel, It. \i 
Scott, W. il. 

Sheck, Mack 
Strong, Mark 
Sun, Gus 
Silver, J. R. v 
St.Onge, Fred 
Savllle, G.™ 
Stevens, \V. h 
Short 4 Sweet 
Symonds, Jack 
Smith, J. w. 
ft.Cyr, S. A. 
Seeley, Wra. 
Sullivan, C. s. 
Simmons, It. r 
Stone, O. J. 
Stlllwcll. iu r . 
Shields. Will 

Scanlon, G. H. 
Sylvnns, The 
Sparks, Chsrl. 
Sabell, D. II, 
Smith, D. 1). 
Shields. Win 
Sloui lnilln.u 

B. B. T. 
Saunders, H J 
Sassarla, c. (i 
Stewart. J. J. 
Scott, R. A. 
Snow, A. W. 
Sands, A. W. 
Strong, Hilly 
Sellery. Wm. 
Shea. J. J. 
Stafford. B. 
Smith, Win It 
Starr, John 
Spey. T. It. 
Slegrlsr (i-alile 
Sully Family 
Summers, la-c 
Scrlbiicr. C. (1 
Sims, E. I'. 
Swartx. W. A. 
Sullv. J. F. 
Sollike, tins 
Scott. Cecil 

11. Lilt. 
Sasllle, lVrry 
Khraik. Fred 

Mnt k J. 
Sutllff, Kim. 
Smyth, A. II. 
Thomas, Dirk 
Tuthlll, II. II. 
Turner, Email. 
Turiitn. Ben 
Talagricro, T. 
Trast, G. 
Turner, Itnht. 
Tuthlll, II. A. 
Tinmen. J. M. 
Tape, C. I* 
Teal, Ben 
Tnllwt, W. J. 
Udell. C. K. 
Van, Billy 
Van. Wm. B. 

n. n. 

Van. C. A. 

Vlrrten. I.etv 
Vontella & 


J. II. 
Vincent. Fra'k 
Van, Art 
Vernon, J. W. 
VanOstsn. Bull 
Vont-'lU. k 

Wallace. C. II. 
Williams. M.n. 
White, ('. r. 
Wood, N. S. 

Fred (Hh-.l 
Wlllerd. Chna. 
Wnllni-e. J. •'. 
Wilson. T. L. 
Welch. Iiem 
Winn, E. II. 
Ward, Hapny 
Warde. A. K 
Warsaw Bros. 
Wade, Fred 
Weaver, Fred 

Fran-.'ls ft I '» 
Watson. <!. I '• 
Warren. Geo. 
Wlxtrnm. It- '< 
West. DeKnr 
Warsaw, K. A 
Wilson, Giii- 
Ward sWokcs 
Ward, Jue 
Watson ft 

Newt un 
WIIIr. H. Z- 

Wilson, J. W. 
Wagner, Ssm 
Wilson. Frun. 
West. W. G. 
Wrlghter, U"t 
Ward, Frank 
Walker. Jack 
Vottngcr. Cole 
Vorke, Oust. 
Yalto. Karl 
Young, Ollle 
Yalto, Karl 
Zello, — 
Zlmnier, Dave 

Robt. Reece, Leslie 
Koplln. J. W. RoblnBon.Chas 
Lunn, Leo Reynard, E. F 

Lowande.'Mart Rlano, J. W. - 
I^amar, Art. Robinson. 
Lewis, Andy Frank 

Levlno, D. * 8 Rowley. Fred 
Leslie, W. M. Rossi Bros. 
Lawrence, J. P Both, Natn. 
Lyle, H. J. Roberto. C. W. 
Lee, Wm. G. Rio, Adolph 
Loralne, Har. Rles, Geo. 
IJalloo, -Mr. Ross, Charlie 
iRoItalre, Prof. 

PENNSYLVANIA.— (See Page '••"••••i 
W llllotnaport. — Vallamont l'BVlllou.-- 
The Vallamont Stock Co. still continues n 
break the record, producing last week. Jim' 
». throughout. "The Girl I Left Belili.d 
Me." and scoring a big hit. Due . "A I'lR'^ 
fur Honor" July 6-K, "Three ^Giiardsuien 

Ml. "F«nehon' r 1.1-ir, Gentry Bron.. 

who showed here June .'in. to hlg business, 
wore visited hv n severe cyclone, which col- 
lapsed their tents at the afternoon ■perform- 
ance. -Fortunately ■ no one was seriously 
hurt, and the evening performance t*" 4 
largely attended; with mud knee deep. , 

, aflttnliara-.— Mnnnger A. S. McSwigan. "j 
the DuoiiPHne Garden, nnutnini-es n fry itai 
of "The Plratea of Penzance" for July ■ 
nnd week. "The Bohemian Girl" bade m 
gootiby 4, having held largely «»t , ' nrt , f ; 
receptions. There Is absolutely nothing rise 
of Interest In the theatrical line In our 
burg nt- present, i ,. 

♦*♦ «.r 

■ — .Josh K. OKUeii, leswe and nmiianer «r 
the \Voonwu:ket Opera House, Wisonwuk'H. 
It. I., .was a CMPM-a caller July 0. lie utait-u 
that "the house was well Iwoked for neit 
aeasoq with a line llu) of titlntct Ions. 

JULY 117. 


FAI BS FOR 1903. 

r-'inwln" our annual custom, we present 
. ii«i of fairs for tlie eonilng season which 

-l; been announced up to the present time. 
.i<?,. riasrulug of dates, the frequent changes 
Art nracilcnf Iinposelbiilty of collecting all the 
tiriul combine to make a list of this kind 
! approximately ' correct; nevertheless, 
?££» fairs we record here, made op from the 

flicial fair Hats, etc., will be found useful to 
",;, classes of showmen who have not yet 

.wised their routes for the coming season. 
ShV letters preceding dates stnnd for the 
ioatbs as Jo. for June, Jy. for July, A. 
ES August, S. for September, etc. When no 
fnfiifll letter precedes the date It signifies 
ml the month Is that lost Indicated. 

State Pairs. 
COLORADO.— Pueblo, S. 14, 19. John It 

^OKOuVllA-Macon, O. 21, 31 ; George Ket- 

""kkNTU&KT— Owenshoro, 8. 21, 2U ; fa |l, 

^fS^SSU, O. 12. 17; J. B. Stetson, 

'"i'u.INOIS-Sprlngfield, 8. 20, O. 3; W. 
c Garrard, secy. 

"INDIANA.— i Indianapolis, S. 14, 18; 
chnrles Downing, accy. 
IOWA— Des Molucs, A. 21, 20; J. C. Slmp- 

%IC&GAN.- Pontine, S. 7, 11; I. H. 

BU MWNKSOTA— Hanillne, A. 31, 8. G; B. 
W Randall, secy. 
MISSOURI— Sednlla, A. 17, 22; J. It. Klp- 

•^EnKASKA— Lincoln, S. 4, 11; Robert 
W. Furnas, scry. 
NEVADA.— Reno, S. 21, 2G ; Louis Revler, 

^NEW HAMPSHIRE.— Concord, 8. 1, 4 ; 
Charles B. Hoyt, secy. 

NEW JERSEY— Trenton, S. 28, 0. 2 ; M. 
ft. Mnrgcrum, secy. 

NEW MEXICO— Albuquerque, O. 12, 17; 
p. F. McCanna, secy. 

NEW YORK.— Syracuse, 8. 7, IS I S. C. 
Shaver, secy. 

NORTH CAROLINA— Raleigh, O. 19, 24 ; 
Jos. E. l'ogue, secy. 

NORTH DAKOTA. — State Fair, Mandau, 
s 29, 30, O. 1. O. H. Klllnnd. secy. 

SOUTH DAKOTA.— State Fair will be 
held at Yankton, S. 14, 1C, 10, 17 and IS. 
Walter B. Dean, secy. 

OHIO— ColumbuB, A. 31, S. 4; W. W. Mil- 

OltKUON— Solera, S. 14, 19; Wyllo A. 
Mourea, secy. 

TKXAS— Pillas, S. 2C, O. 11; Syduey 
Smith, secy. 

UTAH.— Salt Lake City, O. 1, 7. 

WEST VIRGINIA— Wheeling, S. 7, 11; 
George Hook. secy. 

WISCONSIN— Milwaukee, S. 7, 11; John 
M. True, secy. 

WYOMING— Sheridan, 0. 7, 9. 

County ana District 1'nlrs. 

UEOItGIA. — Athens, Northeast Georgia 
Association Fair, O. 0, 10 ; C. N. Hodgson, 
tvry. Atlanta, Southern Inter-State Fair, 
7, 24 ; Frank Weldon, secy. Savannah, South 
Georgia Association Fair, N. 5, 10; A. B. 
Moore, secy. 

IDAHO. — Lewlston, Inter-State Agricul- 
tural Association Fair, O. 20, 31 ; Van W. 
Hiibiirouck, secy. Caldwell, Canyon County 
Association Fair, 7, 10: fa 8. Dill, secy. 

ILLINOIS. — Aledo, Mercer County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, 8. 19, 18; W. D. 12m- 
merson, secy. Anna, Union County Fair, A. 
25, 28; Frank II. Kroh, secy. Atlanta, Lo- 
gan County Fair, 8. 1, 4 : W. B. Stroud, 
ntcy. Avon, Fulton County Agricultural 
Society Fair, 8, 11: Julian Churchill, secy. 
Helvldcre, Boone County Agricultural So- 
rlely Fair, 1, 4 ; Myron D. Perkins, secy. 
Iluulinell. McDouough Couuty Fair, A, 17, 
20; J. II. Johnson, secy. Camargo, Douglas 
County Fair, S. 8, 11; George A. Haines. 
eecy.- Cambridge, Henry County Agricultural 
Society Fair, A. 17, 21; Tbeo. Boltulsteln, 
aecy. Carllnvllle, Macoupin County Fair, 0. 
11, I; George J. Castle, secy. Carml, White 
Cminlj Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 1. ; R. 
L Organ, aecy. Carrollton, Greene County 
Association Fair, O. 13, 10; S. A. Simpson, 
scey. Champaign, Champaign County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, S. 1, 4 : A. Burpe, 
seey. Charleston, Coles County Fair, A. 25, 
20; V. K. Curd, secy. Clear Creek. Putnam 
County Fair, O. 7, 9 : Edwin C. flelim, secy. 
Clinton. De Witt County Ffllr, 8. 8, 11 : C. 
M, HartMook, secy. Danvers, McLean County 
Fair, in, 18: John S. Popple, secy. Delu- 
vau, Tazewell County Agricultural Board 
Fair, A. 25, 28; J. O. Jones, secy. Blm- 
wood, Peoria County Fair, 8. 16, 18 ; C. A. 
Snyder, secy. Palrbury, Livingston County 
Fair, A. 31, 8. 4; M. M. Jacobs, secy. 
Farmer City, Farmer City Union Agricul- 
tural Fair, A. 11, 14 ; J. It. Robinson, secy. 
Galena, Jo. Daviess County Fnlr, S. 29, 0. 
2; W. Barnes, secy. Golconda, Pope County 
Fair, 8. 30, O. 3 ; II. V. Hesaclman, secy. 
Greenup, Cumberland County Fnlr, 8. 1, 5; 
Wia. Wylde, aecy. Urlggsvllle, Pike County 
Agricultural Society Fair, A. 4, 7 ; Will J. 
Coaners, secy. Homer, Champaign County 
Fair, 25, 28; J. Dennett, Becy. Jollet, Will 
Couuty Fair, S. 1, 4; Thos. J. Kelley, secy. 
Joncsuoro, Union County Fair, 15, 18; Thos. 

Iambus Fair 8. 'l t ;■ Kd. Uedmam' JS' Cor£ 
9^.1^11 A:. 2 * 28; Ami! \Veav"r. seey. Fair, 22, 25; T. II Harr tZSa. 
Last Enterprise Fair, A. 18, 21; It. S 
iboinpsou. secy. Elwood Association Fair, 
18. 21; Frank E. De Horlly, secy. Fulr- 
mount Association Fair, 10. 14 : Geo A 
« SHIV^X- r, I , rank , fo, 1 Association Fair, 
ii ■ . ' V-..°- nimmelwrlght, secy. Frank- 
lin Association Fair, 25, 28; W. 8. Younsr 

F«7r f, Ft ii W i U ?? e W Ft - ,^ ttyne Association 
l'alr, O. 13, 17; Wm. Johnson, secy. Ha- 
gerstown, Wayne County Association Fair, 
jy -8, 31: L. b. Bowman, secy. Huntlng- 
tiurgDuBols County Association Fair. §. 

J,\JV 5 W ; J, 1 "* 011 "". »ecy- Kendall- 
vllle, Eastern Indiana Association Fair, 20, 
. .7 : ., ?• \°nlogue, secy. Kokono Asso- 
ciation Fair, Jy 28, 31 ; II. H. Leaoh, secy. 
Lnfayette Association Fair, S. 1, 4 ; C W. 
'i'nivls, secy. La Porte Association Fair, 
I, 6; J. E. Howell, secy. Lawrence Associa- 
tion Fair, A. 11. 15; II. L Nowlln, secy. 
Lebanon Association Fair, 11, 14; Klley 
I la user secy. Liberty Fair, 8. 1, 4: Milton 

heart, secy. Muncle Association Fair, 24, 
28; M. 8. Claypool, secy. New Castle Asso- 
callon Fair. II, 14: W. fa ltlsk, secy. New 
Harmony, I'osey County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 24, 28; Geo. C. Taylor, secy. 
Newtown Association Fair, 27, 28; Thos. 
Shnllz.secy. Oakland City Fair, 24, 29 ; II. W. 
Vedder, secy. Osgood Association Fair, 4, 
7; R. A. Crclgmlle, secy. Portland Associa- 
tion Fair. S. 28, O. 2; James F. Graves, 
secy. Princeton, Gibson County Fair, 8. 7, 
13; W. T. Hopkins, scey. Ramelton Asso- 
ciation Fair, 9, 12 ; B. S. Campbell, secy. 
Rochester Association Fair, 9, 12 ; F. Dillon, 
secy. Rockport Association Fnlr, A. 18. 22 ; 
James A. Payne, secy. Itushvllle, Rush 
County Fair, 25, 28 ; J. Q. Thomas, secy. 
Salcn Fair, S. 1, 4; V. W. Stevens, secy. 
Shelbyvllle Association Fair, 1, ; C. B. 
Amsden, secy. Swayzee Association Fair, 
8. 11 ; W. II. Amnion, scey. Terre Haute, 
Vigo Couuty Fair, 1, 4; Charles R. Dullln, 
secy. Valparaiso Fair, 8, 11 ; 10. 8. Beach, 
secy. Vlncennes Association Fair, O. C, 
10 : James M. House, secy. 

IOWA.— Adel, Dallas County Society Fair. 
S. 9, 10, 11; II. 11. Crenshaw, secy. A!- 
gona, Kossuth County Society Fnlr, 8, 9, 10, 
11; T. II. Wadsworth, secy. Allison, But- 
ler County Society Fair, 15, 10, 17: II. F. 
Wild, secy. Alta, Buena Vista County So- 
ciety Fair, A. 18, 10, 20, 21 ; C. E. Cameron, 
secy. Anaraosa, Annmoja District Society 
Fair, 24, 20, 20, 27, 28 ; E. II. Moore, secy. 
Atlantic, Cass County Fair, 8. 14, 15, 10, 17 ; 
8. W. W. Straight, secy: Audubon, Au- 
dubon County Society Fair, 1, 2, 3. 4 ; O. B. 
Train, secy. Avora, Pottawattamie County 
Society Fair, 8, O, 10, 11; Caleb Smith, 
secy. Bedford, Taylor County Society Fair, 
15. 16. 17, 18 ; W. F. Evans, secy. Bloom- 
llelil, Davis County Society Fair, 15, 10, 17. 
18: J. C. Broubord, secy. Brltt, Hancock 
County Society Fair, 10, 10, 17; John 8. 
Fisk, secy. Buffalo Centre, Buffalo Centre 
District Society Fair, 8, 9, 10 ; J. W. Wood- 
cock, Becy. Burlington, Burlington District 
Society Fair, 8, 0, 10, 11; C. M. Garmon, 
secy. Central City, Wapsle Valley District 
Society Fair, S. 22, 23, 24, 25 : E. E. Hen- 
derson, secy. Charles City, Floyd County 
Society Fair. 7, 8, 0, 10; C. M. Carr, secy. 
Clarion, Wright County Society Fair, 8, 9, 
10, 11 ; W. C. Brown, secy. Clinton, Clin- 
ton District Society Fair, 8, 9, 10. 11 ; 3. II. 
Aureus, secy. Columbus Junction, Colum- 
bus Junction District Society Fair. 1, 2, 8, 4 ; 
It. 8. Johnson, secy. Corning, Adams Coun- 
ty Society Fair, A. 24, 25, 20, 27; J. M. 
Dovore, secy. Crcston, Creston Society Fair, 
8. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; J. M. McCornack, Becy. Decornh, 
Winneshiek County Society Fair, A. 25, 20, 
27, 28 ; II. fa Cotfeen, secy. De Witt, Clinton 
County Society Fair, S. 15, 10, 17, 18 ; L. D. 
Winnie, secy. Donneflson. Lee County Society 
Fair, A. 20, 27, 28; E. P. Armknecht, secy. 
lOldon, Eldou Big 4 District Society Fair, 
8. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; W. 0. Bagley, secy. Eldora, 
Hardin Couuty Society Fair, 1. 2, 3. 4 ; C. E. 
Grecf, secy. Elkader, Elkadcr Fair and 
Track Association, A. 25, 20, 27, 28; J. A. 
Kraiuer, secy. Enimetsburg, Palo Alto Couu- 
ty Soclely Fair, 18, 19, 20. 21 ; P. V. Hand, 
secy. Fulrfax, Pralrlo Valley Association 
Fair, 11, 12713, 14: H. II. Knickerbocker, 
secy. Falrtleld, Jefferson County Society 
Fair, 8. 8, 9, 10; U J. Marcey, secy. Fon- 
da, Big 4 District Association Fair, A. 4, 5, 
0, 7 ; N. Ik Norton, Becy. Greenfield, Adair 
Couuty Society Fair, S. 8, 9, 10 ; W. W. Bur. 
rell, secy. Grluncll, Poweshiek Central So- 
ciety Fair, 1, 2, 3, 4 ; C. II. Verbock. secy. 
Grundy Centre, Grundy County Soclely 
Fair. 8, 0, 10 ; J. W. Pepperman, secy. Guth- 
rie Centre, Guthrie County Society Fair, 8, 

0, 10, 11; A. H. Grlssell, secy. Hampton, 
Franklin County Society Fair, 8, 9, 10, 11 ; 
J. W. Cummiugn, secy. Humboldt, Hum- 
boldt County Society Fulr, 1, 2, 3, 4 ; F. C 
l,ovlern, secy. Iudependence, Bncbonau Coun- 
ty Society Fair, 1, 2, 3, 4 ; C. W. Stiles, secy, 
ludhuiolu, Warren County Society Fair, 8, 
U, 10; C. F. Moorman, secy. Iowa City, 
Johnson Couuty Soclely Fnlr, 1, 2, 3, 4; 
John Oakes, secy. La Porte City, Lo Porte 
District Society Fair, 22, 28, 24, 25 ; B. 
L. Mnnwell, secy. Le Mars, Plymouth County 
Society Fair, 1, 2, 3, 4 ; John R. Shaffer, secy. 
Malcolm, Poweshiek Central Society l'alr, 
A. 18, 19, 20, 21 ; James Nowok, secy. Mal- 
vern, Mills County Society Fair, 8. 1, 2, 3; 

1. J. Swain, secy. Manchester, Delaware 
County Society Fair: 0, 10, 11; James 
Bishop, secy. Maouoketn, Jackson Couuty ho- 

•fcy. Macomb,. Macomb' Agricultural Society ^fg^J^SsJt} UnVon^Soclefy FaJr! 
fair, S. 17, 2b; F. II. Kyle, secy. Moldta C "V ft?*. K F Pahie secy imrengo 
!» Wljl/Cpunlj. Agricultural Association gj&Ji^ftAfi Fair Vl? 7 2, 3. 4 ; 8 'Gl 

Stoddard, secy. Marlon, Inter-Btnte Associa- 
tion Fair, A. 17, 18. 10, 20, 21 ; E. E Parsons, 
secy. Meehanlesville, Mccuanlcsvllle District 
Society Fair, S. 10, 19; A. F.Falrchlld.secy. 
Milton, Milton District Society Fulr, S. 8, 

ltixlebea, secy. Joslln, Rock Island Couuty 
Fair, 15, 17; F. J. Whiteside, secy. Kanka- 
kee, Kankakee County Agricultural Society 
Fair, 7, 11 ; Lew Small, secy. Cewanee, 
Kewanee District Agricultural Fair, 7, 11 ; 
A. B. Huckens, secy. Knoxvllle, Knot 
County Fair, 1, 4; It. W. Sweeney, secy. 
I* Hoy, Lo Roy Agricultural Association 
Fair, A. 18, 10, 20, 21 ; D L Duckworth, 
secy. Llbertyvlile, Lake County Agricul- 
tural Society Fnlr, 8. 1, 4 ; 0. E. Churchill, 

l'alr, 8. 10, 17; Elcy Spangler, secy. Mor- 
rison. WhllcBlde County Fair, 1, 4; C. C. 
Fuller, B«cy. Mount Carroll, Carroll Count/ 
Agricultural Socloty Fair, 16. 18; Cal. M. 
I'rcpzen,. secy. ^Mt- Sterling, Brown Couuty 
l'alr, 1, 4; J. O. Keyser, secy. Murphys- 
boro, Jackson County Fair, 1, 4 ; J. J. Peuuy. 
««y. Newton, Jasper County Agricultural 
Society Fair, 15, 18 ; J. C. Vnmlerhoof, secy. 
Gluey, Richland County Fair. 8, 11; D. P. 
Moore, secy. Oregon, Ogle County Fair, 8, 
11 ; Ben], Chaney, secy. Paris, Edgar 
County Fair, 8, 11; S. B. McCord, secy. 
i'luckueyvllle, Perry County Fair, O. 0, ; 
James H. Trover, secy. Princeton, Bureau 
County Fair, & 1, 4: Chns. L. Trimble, 
■eey. Sandwich, De Kalb County Fair, 8, 
II ; C. L. Stlnson, secy. Saybrook, McLean 
County Fair, A. 24, 28; Frank Woolley, 
**cy. Shawneetown, Gallatin County Fair, 

les Couuty Society Fair, *•**>*%,">' 
17, 18; W. 0. Ellers, secy. Mt. Ayr, Ring- 
go d County Society Fair. 1, 2, 3, 4; Thos. 
Campbell, secy. Mt. Pleasant, Henr, Coun- 
ty Socloty Fair, A. 11, 12, 13, II; O. N. 
Knight. Becy. Nashua, Big 4 District So- 

clcty Fair, 8. 1, 2. 3, 4, C; I. t.. Eck, 
* National, Clayton County Society 

v. National, Clayton county oocieiy 
Msr. 1,2. 3. 4; it I-uebsen, Jr.. secy. 


Shelby County Association Fair, 8. 8. 12; 
George^A. Roberts, secy. Sterling, Mineral 
Hprlngs^Park Association Fair, A. 25, 28: 
W. 8. K.T 

2S h 29; Marsh Wlseheart, Becy. 8helbyvnic, 


_ 25. 
-'.'Igour, secy. Warren, Jo. Daviess 
Cunnty Fair, 18, 21; U. C. Cullen, secy. 
Watseka, Mroquols County Fair, 8. 1. 
4; L. F. Watson, secy. Watson. Efunghnm 
County Fair, 15, 10 ; L. P. Mauts, secy. 
Weuona, Marshall County Fair, 10, 18: Bt- 
Ho Thierry, secy. Woodstock, McHenry 
County Fnlr, A. 25, 28: George A. Hurst, 
fee/. Wyomlug, Stork County Fair, 25,28: 
George ft, MacClyment, secy. Yorkvllle, 
Kcudall County Fair, B. 1, 4 ; C. 8. Williams, 
•ecy, X si . . 

„ INDIANA.— Anderson Association Fair, 
8.1, 4; D. H. Durbin, secy, Angola, An- 
gola District Fair, O. 0, 9; Orvltle Goodale, 
»f«y. Bedford Association Fair. 8. 1.5 : 8. 
T. /oilman, secy. Boonville Fair. A. Jl. 
o- 5; J. p. niclinrdson, secy. Boswell Fair, 
A- 24, 28 : W. II. McKnlght. secy. Bourbon, 

Now' Sharon,' New Sharon J»***J£ 
cloty Fair, 8. 10, 17, 18; N. D. Botes, 
secy. Newton, Jasper County Society Fair, 
7, 8, 0, 10; C. W. Campbell, secy. 0«™ n > 
Koone County Society Fair. 8, V>i\.j-} j 
F. W. Thomas, secy. Orange City, 8loux 
County Society Fair, 10 t 17, 18; U. Sllkker- 

Choi Ported sec;. ^dOak Montgomery 
County Society Far, A. 17, 18, 19. »|B 
li Sunn, secy. Rock Valley. Rock VaUey 
District 8oclety Fslr, 8. 9, 10, 11; JMMjQ 
Walpole. secy. Sac Cltv. Sac County Society 
FalKA. 11. 12, 13, 14 : /v. Heoly. secy. Shel- 
don, Sheldon District Society Fair. A. 20. ^7, 
28 ; W. M. Barrlger, aecy. 8honandojh .Shen- 
andoah Association Foir, 11. l-\ 13. 14 It* 
Young, secy. Sutherland, O'Brien County So- 
ciety VaJr, 3. 2, 8, 4 ; J. C. Brlgn, , secy. Tin- 
ton, Tipton Association Fair, 1.2,8. 4 : Li i J. 
liowell. secy. Toledo, Tnma County 8ocl«ly 
"SlrflO. 10. 17, 18 ; A. G Bmltb. sect. Victor, 

l-srks, secy. Broiil Fair 8. 2, 5: Arthur "L^ffifys, ], ? :l , 4 '. in.rl lieu- 

Is, ns its title states, a monthly umguxlue 
for those who nro. and those who ought to 
lie. luti'iTsteil in Hiiburbnii homes. The July 
iiiunlter rimtiilns: "Two Yenrx' Frrah A'r. 
•■Wuler Lilies at II. mud Hrnok," "How AlKiiit 
the Wafer?" "Axlnir.v l"nrk rroni Hie Wuler," 
"'Phi' New Anbury Park and lis Future," 
"A Characteristic hM It Ocean Grove," 
"When- to Live and Get the Most for One's 
Money," "Comfortable Suburban Howes on 
the New Jersey Central," "Cosy Plain field 
House Renting fur $40 a Month, "Amateur 
Photography for the Suburbanite," "A Crau- 
ford Home for Sale," "Red Bank on the 
Shrewsbury," "A View of Bed Bank from 
the Water." "A Shaded Street lu Red Bank." 
"Kdltiirlal Notes" and "The New Steamer lo 
the lilghlunds." It Is embellished with beau- 
tiful Imlf tone Illustrations, and Is baud- 
Kuinely printed on mated paper. The Hllb- 
•erlptHSl paire If fifty cents per year; single 
copy, live com*. PuhliHiied liv i'lissi'iigor llc- 
imrtnieat. of Ceutral It. it, of New J ersey. • : 

Society Fair, A. 18. 19, 20. 21; W. II. Snip- 
man, secy. West Point, West Point District 
Society Fair, 8. 15, 10. 17. 18; John Wall- 
Jasper, secy. Went Union, Fayette County 
Society Fair. 1. 2. 8. 4: II. P. Han- 
cock, secy. What Cheer, What Cheer Dis- 
trict Society Fair, 22, 23, 24. 25; Geo. A. 
PolT, secy. Wilton Junction, Wilton Associa- 
tion Fulr, S. S, 9. 10; W. A Cooling, secy. 
Wlnllclil, Eastern Iowa District Soclely Fair, 
A. 18, 19. 20, 21 ; L. T. Roderick, secy. Win- 
terset, Madison Couiily Soclely Fair, S. 15, 
10. 17, 18; T. J. Hudson, secy. 

KANSAS— Frankfort, Frankfort Agricul- 
tural Association Fair, S. 1, 2.- 3, 4 ; J, D. 
Gregg, secy. Ness City, Neas Couuty Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, i, .1, 4 : II. C. Taylor, 
secy. Seneca,- Nemaha County Agricul- 
tural Association Fair, 1, 2, 3, 4; A. it. 
Spauldlng. secy. 

KENTUCKY— Bardstown, Nelson Coun- 
ty Fair, 8. 1, 5; J. I* Drulcn, secy. Rowling 
Green, Warren County Agricultural Asso- 
ciation Fair, 15, 18; J. B. Klrby, secy. 
Crab Orchard Fair, Jy. 22, 25. Cyntblauo 
Fair, 20, 80, 31, A. 1. Danville Fulr, A. 4, 
7 ; It. C. Bright, secy. Klisabethtowu Fair, 

8. 8, 11. Fern Creek Fair, A. 18, 21. 
Florence, North Kentucky Agrlcntnraf As- 
elation Fair, 20, 20; Alvln Perry, secy. 
Glasgow, Warren County Fnlr, 8. 2, 0; J. 
Ilrlggs Klrby, secy. Guthrie Fair, Jy. 20, 
30, 31 ; A. 1. Henderson Foir, S. 29, 30, U. 
1, 2, 3. Horse Cave Fnlr, A. 20, 29. Law- 
renceburg, Lawreuceuurg Agricultural Asso- 
ciation Fair, 18, 21 ; G. G. Sneer, secy. 
Lexington, Lexlcgton Agricultural and Me- 
chanical Association Fair, 10, lo; Frank P. 
Ketiney, secy. Madlsonvllle Fain 4, 8; 
Maysvllle Fair. 19, 22; II. L. Hamilton, 
secy. NIcholnsvllle Fair, 8. 1, 2, 3. Rich- 
mond Fair, Jy. 13, 18; D. It. Tevls, secy. 
Shelbyvllle Fair, A. 25, 28; J. XL Logan, 
Becy. Sbepbcrdsvllle, Bullitt County Agri- 
cultural Association Fair, 18, 21 ; 8. W. 
Bates, secy. Somerset Fair, 8. 1, 4. 

LOUISIANA— Arcadia Fair, 0. 8, 10. 
Calhoun Fair, 28, 31. Homer Fair, 1, 8. 
Lake Providence Fair, 21, 24. Mineral 
Fair, 14, 17. Huston Fair, 8. 23, 20. 

MARYLAND— Arlington. Electric Park 
Association Fair, S. 8, 11; W. II. Gore, 
secy. Baltimore, Gentlemen's Driving Pork 
Association Fair, 1, 4; J. A. Ellis, secy. 
Baltimore, Prospect Park Agricultural Asso- 
ciation Fair, 8, 12: Grunt Stockhora, secy. 
Belalr, Hartford County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, A 20, 28; F. 11. Gorrell, secy. 
Easton, Talbot County Agricultural Asso- 
ciation Fair. IK. 21 ; M. I). Nichols, secy. 
Frederick, Frederick Couuty Agricultural 
Society Fair, O. 20, 23; H. C. Keefer, secy. 
Hagerstown, Great Hagerstown Fair, 13, 10; 
G. H. Hager, secy. Pocomoke City. Wy- 
connlco County Agricultural Society Fair, A. 
1, 14 ; John W. Ennls, secy. Tlmonlum, Balti- 
more County Agricultural Association Fair, S. 
1, 4; J. F. Anderson, secy. Tolcbester, Tol- 
chester Agricultural Society Fair, A. 25, 
28; G. E. Noland, secy, 

MASSACHUSETTS. — Amesbury, Araesbury 
and Salisbury Agricultural and Horticultur- 
al Society Fair, 8. 20, 80, 0. 1 ; J. H. Brier- 
ly, secy. Amherst, Hampshire Agricultural 
Society Fair, 8. 22, 23 ; Ralph 11. Smith, 
secy. Athol, Northwest Worcester Agricul- 
tural and Mechanical Society Fair, 7, 8 : Al- 
bert Ellsworth, secy. Barnstable, Barnstable 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 1, 2, 8 ; 
T. C. Day, secy. Uarre, West Worcester 
County Agricultural Society Fslr, O. 1, 2: 
^Matthew Walker, secy. Illandford, Union 
Agricultural and Horticultural Society Fair, 
S. 10, 17 ; E. W. Boise, secy. Boston, Mas- 
sachusetts Horticultural Society Fslr, O. 0, 
7 ; Wm. P. Rich, secy. nrldgcwater, 
Plymouth County Agricultural Society Fair, 
S. 10, 17, 18; G. MT Hooper, secy. Charle- 
mont, Deerfleld Vnlley Agricultural Society 
Fair, 17, 18; 8. W. llowkcs. secy. Clinton, 
East Worcester Agricultural Society Fair, 
10, 17, 18 : Warren Goodale, secy. Cuip- 
mlnglon, Hillsdale Agricultural Society Fair, 
29, 30 ; C. M. Cudworth, secy. Fruru- 
lughain. South Middlesex Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 22, 23 ; G. !•!:• Harrington, secy. 
Great Harrington, Housutonlc Agricultural 
Society Fair, 8. 80, O. 1; W. H. Brlgga, 
accy. Greenfield, Franklin County Agricul- 
tural Society Fair, 8. 23, 24; Henry J. 
Field, secy. Hlnghnro, Hlngbam Agricultur- 
al and Horticultural Society Fnlr, 29. 30; 
William It. Thomas, secy. Lowell, North 
Xtiddleaex Agricultural Society Fnlr, 17,- 18, 
19; Frank J. Sherwood, secy. Marshfleld, 
Agricultural and Horticultural Society Fair, 
A. 20, 27, 28; I. H. Hntch, secy. Middle- 
field, Highland Agricultural Society Fair. 8. 

9, 10; J. T. Bryan, Becy, Nantucket, Nan- 
tucket Agricultural Society Fair, A. 20, 27 : 
J. F. Murpbey. secy. North Adams, Hoosac 
Vnlley Agricultural Society Fnlr, 8. 7, 8, : 
A. P. Curpenter, secy. Northampton, Hamp- 
shire, Franklin and Hampden Agricultural 
Society Fair, t). 7, 8; C. A. Montgomery, 
secy. Oxford, Oxford Agricultural Society 
Fair, 8. 10, 11 ; J. K. Darling. Bocy. Palmer, 
Eastern Humpdeu Agricultural Society Foir, 
O. 9, 10; L. E. Chandler, secy. Peobody, 
Essex Agricultural Society Fair. 8. 22. 23, 
24; J. M. Danfortb, secy. South Wey- 
mouth, Weymouth Agricultural and Indus- 
trial Association Fair, 17, 18, 19; T. L. 
Tlrrell, secy. Spencer, Spencer Farmers' ond 
Mechanics' Association Fair, 24, 20; II. U. 
Cnnen, secy. Storbrldge, Houth Worcester 
Agricultural Association Fair, 17, 18 ; C. V. 
Corey, secy. Taunton, BrlBtol County Agri- 
cultural Association Fair, 22, 23, 24, 26; 
Cnrleton V. Sanford, aery. Uxbrldge, Black- 
stone Volley Agricultural Association Fair, 
16, 10: Augustus Story, secy. West TIs- 
bury, Martha's Vineyard Agricultural Asso- 
ciation Fnlr, 22, 23 ; V. A. Look, secy. Wor- 
cester, Worcester Agricultural Association 
Fair, 7, 8, 9, 10; J. iC Glllord, secy. 

MICHIGAN — Adrian, Lenawee Count/ 
Society Fair. 8. 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 ; II. if. 
Ferguson, secy. Allegan, Allegan County 
Society Fair. O. d, 7, 8, ft; W. II. Warner, 
secy. Armada, Armnda, Society Fair, 8. 3U, 

0. 1 ; A. J. Freeman, secy. Bad Axe. Huron 
County Roclety I'nlr, , 8. 22, 28. 24, 25 ; 
Geo. M. Clock, secy. Boy City, Bar Couuty 
Society Foir, 15, 10, 17; C. fa Fox. secy. 
Cnpnc, Capnc Socloty Fair, 8. 22, 23, 24, 20 ; 
Alvln Baldwin, secy. Cass Clly, Tuscola, 
Huron and WW Socloty Fair, 20, 80, 0. 

1, 2 : li. L. McDermott, secy. East Jor- 
dan, Charlevoix County Society Foir, 8. 22, 
23, 24; C. A. Hudson, secy. FoWUrtllle, 
Fowlerirllle Society Fair, 0. 0, 7, 8, 9 j D. 
C. Carr, secy. Grand Rapids, West Michi- 
gan Agricultural and Industrial Fair, S. 14, 
15. iff 17, 18: C. A. French, secy. .Illflo- 
dale, iIllliilnlB County Agriou I lural Roclety 
fair, 28. 29. 80. 0. 1, 2 I C. W. Terwllllser, 
secy. Howard City, Howard City Society 
Fair, 8. 1. 2. 8, 4: B. J. Lowrey. secy. In- 
lay (Mly, Imlsy Clly Society Fair, JlO, 0..1, 
2; .Frank Ratusutirff, secy. lotia, loos 
County Association l'alr, H. 22, 23. 24, 25; 
li. A. Murpby,' secy. - Marquette, Monjuett* 

M. Foster, secy. Home, Oneida County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, 14. 15, 10, 17, 18 : J. 
B. cushmsn, seey. Sandy creek, Bnndy 
Creek, itlcliland, Urwell unci Iloylston Agri- 
cultural Society Foir, A, 25, 20, 27, 28 ; 11. 
Louis Wallace, accy. Sandy Hill, Washing- 
ton County Agricultural Society Fair, 25. 
20. 27, 28; 8. II. Ambler, aecy, Scheuevus, 
Scueneviis Volley Agricultural Socloty Fair. 
18.10. 20 ; Chas. W. Stever, secy. Schoharie, 
Schoharie County Agricultural Society Fair, 
8. 1. 2, 3, 4: Clydo H. Proper, secy. Ktldnoy. 
Sidney Agricultural Society Fair, 16, 10, 17, 
18 ; James L, Clark, secy. Syracuse, New 
York Statu Fair, 8. 7, 8, U, 10, 11, 12 ; Stnn- 
ton C. Shaver, secy. Troupsburg, Southern 
Steuben County Agricultural Society Fair. 
1, 2, 3, 4; U. II. Austin, secy. . Trumansburg, 
union Agricultural and Hortlcnltural Suclery 
Fair, 1, 2, 8, 4 ; Myron Bonrdman, secy.- Ver> 
noil, Vernon Agricultural Society Fair, .22, 
23, 24 • L. A. arl* wold, secy. Wnlton, Del- 
aware Vnlley Agricultural Society Kalr, 1,2. 
8, 4 ; P. 8, McNee, secy. Wftrsnw, Wyoming 
County Agricultural Society Fulr, 14, 15, HI ; 
David M. Cuuffmnu, secy. Waterloo, Seneca 

County Agricultural Society Fair, Utf, 23, 24 ; 
Ifclwurd Nugent, secy. Wntertown, Jeffer- 

County Society Fair. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; M. E. Anlre, 
secy. Marshall, Cnllloun County Society 
Fair, 8, !), 10, 11 ; W. H. Arthur, secy. MM- 
ford, Miifoid Society Fnlr, 8. 29, 3ti. O. 1, 
2; Ford R. Cate, scry. Muskegon, Muske- 
gon Agricultural Association Fair. 9. 12; 
Charles I. Giles, seey. Rved Clly, Reed City 
Society Fair, S. 22, 28, 24. 25 ; A. C. Goch- 
rend, secy. St. Johns, Clinton County So- 
ciety Fair, 22, 23. 24, 26 ; George N. Ferry, 
secy. Vussar, Tuscola County Society Fnlr, 
29, 30, O. 1. 2; It, 8. Weaver, lecy. 

MISSOURI — Centralis, Ccntralla Agricul- 
tural Society Fair, A. 4, 6, 0, 7 ; J. K. Poole, 
secy. Colombia, Columbia Agricultural So- 
ciety Fnlr, 11. 12. 13, 14; B. E. Ilntton, 
secy. Illgglnsvllle, Hlgslnsville Agricultural 
Society Fair, 25, 20, 27, 28; A. T. Keith 
secy. Iloldcn, Hulden Agrtcullurnl Society 
Fnlr, 25. 20, 27, 28 : Mobcrly, Moberly Agrl- 
(iiltural Society Fair, Jy. 28, 29, 30, 31; E. 
W. Roberts, secy. 

NBW HAMPSHIRE— Loconla, Belknap 
County and Lnconla Grange Association 
Fnlr, 8. 7, 8, 9: F. M. Ileckford, secy. 
Niislnm, Nashua Association Fnlr, 7, 8, 0, 
10; M. C. Mullen, secv. ltorhestor, Koches- 
ter Agricultural mid Mechanical Association 
Fnlr, 22, 28. 21, 25; Chas. M. Ralley, secy. 

NEW JERSEY— Mt. Holly, RuMlnaton 
Comity Agricultural Assoclntlon Fair, 0. 0, 

7, 8, Snmitel W. Shlnn. secy. 
NBW MEXICO.— Hoswell, Hoswell County 

Agricultural Association Fair, S. 7, 12 ; Jerry 
Simpson, secy. 

NEW YORK— Afton, Afton Driving Park 
snd Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 14, 15, 10, 
17, 18; 1. W. Seely. secy. Albion, Orleans 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 17, 18. 10: 
1.. II. Reach, secy. Altauiout, Albany County 
Agricultural Society Fair, A. 26. 20, 27, 
28 ; Fred Keenholts Jr., secy. Angelica, Al- 
legany County Agricultural Society Fnlr, 8. 

8, 9, 10; II. E. Dudley, secy. Hnllstou 8na, 
Saratoga County Agricultural Association 
Fair. 1, 2. 8, 4 ; N. V. Wltbeck, secy. Ha- 
tovln, Genesee County Agricultural Society 
Fair, 21, 22, 23, 24 ; Albert E. Brown, Becy. 
Hath, Steuben County Agricultural Society 
Fair, 8. 29, 30, O. 1. 2: Chas. A. Shults, 
secy, illnghnmton, Blnghamtou Industrial 
Exposition. 8. 20, 30, 0. 1, 2 : Henry S. 
Martin, secy. Uoonvlfle, Boonvlllo Associa- 
tion Fair, 8. I, 2, 8, 4; Henry J. Vollmar, 
eecy. Hrockport, Monroo County Agricul- 
tural Society Fair, 28, 24, 20, 20; Geo. ii. 
Harmon, secy. Hrookflcld, Brookaeld-Modi- 
sou County Agricultural Society Fair, 14, 
15, 10, 17 ; N. A. Crumb, secy. Cairo, Green 
County Agricultural Boclcty Fair, A. 18, 10, 
20; Jobn K. Polcn, seey. Cambridge, Cam- 
bridge Vnlley Agricultural Society and Stock 
Breeders' Association Fair, 8. 1, 2, 3, 4 ; 
Eliot It. Norton, secy. Canandnlgna, Ontario 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 17, 18, 10; 
Homer J. Reed, aecy. Canton, St. Lawrence 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 15, 10, 17, 
18; Worth Chamberlain, secy. Capo Vincent, 
Cape Vincent Agricultural Society Fair, A. 
20, 20, 27, 28 ; F. L. Burdlck, secy, funnel, 
Putnam County Agricultural Association 
Fair, 20, 27. 28: James E. Towner, aecy. 
Chatham, Columbia County Agricultural So- 
ciety Foir, 8. 1, 2, 8, 4; W. A; Dardess, secy. 
Coblcsklll, Coblesklil Agricultural Society 
Fair, 21, 22, 23, 24; 8. C. Shaver, secy. 
Coopcrstown, Otsego County Agricultural 
Society Fair, 21, 22, 23; Eugene D. Stocker, 
secy. Cortland, Cortland County Agricul- 
tural Society Fnlr, A. 26, 20, 27, 28 : W. T. 
Greenman, secy, Cuba* Cuba Fair snd 
Racing Association, 8. 16, 10, 17, 18; Geo. II. 
Swift, eecy. Delhi, Delaware County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, 8, 9, 10, 11; W. A. 
Elliott, secy. Dryden, Dryden Agricultural 
Society Fair, 16, 10, 17 : J. U. Wilson, secy. 
Dunkirk, Chautauqua County Agricultural 
Corporation Fair, 1, 2, 8, 4 ; H. M. Clarke, 
secy. Ellcnvlllc, Ulster County Agricultural 
Society Fair, A. 26, 20, 27, 28; Wm. 8. 
Doyle, secy. ISlralra, Chemung County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, 8. 14, 15, 10, 17, 18 ; 
George McCann, secy. Fonda, Montgomery 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 14, 10, 
10, 17; J. B. Martin, secy. Fort Edward, 
Washington Couuty Agricultural Society 
Fair, A. 20, 20, 27. 28; 8. B. Ambler, eecy. 
Frnnkllnvlllo, Frankllnvllle Agricultural and 
Driving Park Association Fair, 25, 20, 27, 
28 ; W7 N. Bill. aecy. Fredonla, 
County Agricultural Corporation Fair, 8. 1, 
2, 8, 4 ; II. M. Clarke, seey. Fulton, Os- 
wego County Agricultural Society Fair, 15, 
10, 17, 18; H. L. Piatt, secy. Oouvemeur, 
Gouverneur Agricultural and Mechanical So- 
ciety Fair, A. 25, 211, 27, 28 » D. A. I.eggett, 

secy. Greene, Riverside Agricultural Society Cbinfty- Falr.-O. £ V, '8, 0";""lV"m' Y.aeHh 
Fair, S. 8, 9, 10, lit 0. Winston, secy. Hnm. stay. Jefferson,. Ashtabnin County Aitrlcti - 
burg, Hrle County Agricultural Socloty Foir, turnl- Hoclety Fair, A.- 18, 19, 20; Chns, <• 
8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ; J. C. Newton, secy. Hem- n»»-~i.i. • ~r.. t -.!...— .'.A"V. .."^.^"■"•.«" 
lock, Hemlock Lake Union Agricultural So- 
Fair, 8. 29, 80, 0. 1 ; 8. Parker Hop. 

W'l»«IM OTWVMt. *UKJ. >Y lll'-l IOIVO, jeil^r- 

son County Agricultural Society Fair, 1, 2, 
3, 4 : W. 11. Bkeels, socy. Wotkins, Schuyler 
Couuty Agricultural Society Fair, 8, U, .10, 
11: li. fa l'lper, sc>y. West Phainlx, PIiomiIx 
Union Agricultural Society Fair, 22, 23, 24, 
25; C. K. Williams, secy. Westport, Ksnet 
County Agricultural Society Fair, i. 2, II. 4 ; 

C. E. Stevensv secy; West Bund Lake, Hens- 
seiner County Agricultural arid 'Horticul- 
tural Society Fair. 10, 10,. 17, is; iiai-ur J. 
l^wla, secy. White Plains, Westcbesler 
Couuty Agrlculturui and Horticultural 11... 
Clety F'olr, S. 28, 20. .10, O. 1, 2. II; Edwuril 
K. Long. secy.. Whitney's Point, Rrouino 
County Agricultural Society Foir, H. 1, 2, 3, 
4 ; Fred IS. Allen, secy. 

NORTH CAROLINA— Bnrllfixjton. Ala- 
mniiee Fnlr, 0. 0, I); J. A. Turrentlne, seey. 
Charlotte, Mecklenburg Fair, 117, 30: .J. H, 
llurdeit, socy. Greonsboro. Ceutral Carolina 
Fair, O. 13, 10; J. fa King, secy. WIiihIoii- 
Snlein, Forsylh County Fnlr, 7, 10 ; 11. II. 
Webb, secy, • 

OHIO. — Akron, Summit Count7 Agricul- 
tural Association Fnlr. S. 20, !10, O. 1, 2; 
Albert Hale, secy. Athens, Athens Couuty 
Agricultural Society Fair. A. 2B; 20, 27; II. 
II. I Inning, secy, llellefonluliic, l.ognu 
Connly Agrlcullnrnl Society Fair, 18,' III, 
20, 21: H. P. Chuniberlnln, secy. Boron, 
Wpbi Cnynhogn Agricultural Assoclotlnn 
Fnlr, 8. 15, 1(ii17; O. R. Stone, secy, ilou- 
ton, r.'lcrmunt County Agrlcultiunl Fair, A. 
26, 20, 27, 28: John Rownn, secy, Howling 
Green, Wood County Agricultural Hncleiy 
Fnlr, 8. 22. 23, 24, 26, 20 : J. II. Newlon, 
socy. BucyriiB,. Crawford County Agricul- 
tural Association Fair, 0. 0, 7, 8, ; U, W. 
Miller, secy. Burton Geauga County Agri- 
cultural Society Fulr, 8. 15, 10, 17, 18; V. 
8. Ford, secy. Canal Dover, Tuscnrnwuaj 
County Agricultural Society Fair, O. 13, 14, 
10, 10 1 J. 8. Kern*, secv. Canfleld, Ma- 
honing County Agricultural Association Fulr. 
8. 22, 28. 24 ; B. fa MnncliCHter. aecy. Clin- 
ton, fitnrk County Agricultural Hocletv Fair, 
16, 10; 17, 18; J. II. Lehman, socy, Carroll- 
ton, Carroll County Agricultural Association 
Fair, O. 0, 7, 8, ; C. A. Tope, secy. Cu- 
ina, Mercer County Agricultural Society 
Fair, A. 17, 18, 10, 20.2 Is Fred Helby, aecv. 
Chagrin Falls, East Cuyahoga Agrlculturui 
Association Fair,- 8. 8, 9. 10, 11 ; F, C. 
Gates, secy. Cincinnati, Hamilton County 
Agricultural Society Fair, A. 18, 19, 20, 21 ; 

D. fa Hiiinpuon, seey. Coshocton, Coshocton 
Agricultural Society Fair, O. 0, 7, 8, ; 
Robert Boyd, sety. Daytfln, Montgomery 
County Fair, 8. 7, 8, 9. 10, It; W. J.Vergii- 
son, secy, Delaware, Delawnro County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, 15, lfl, 17, 18; W. 8. 
Pollock, secy. Eaton, Preble County Agri- 
cultural Association Fnlr, 14, 16, 10, 17, 18: 
Henry H. Farr, secy. Klyrla, LornlnCouhty 
Agricultural Society Fair, 8, 0, 10, 11; An- 
thony Nledlng, secy. Flnrtlay, Hancock 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 30, 31, O. 
1; BjJi; William Demlond, secy. Fremont. 
Sandusky County Fair, O. 0, 7. 8,9; A. W. 
Ovcrmyer, secy, Georgetown, Brown County 
Agricultural Socloty Fair, 0, 7> 8, 9; 3. W. 
Hedrlck, socy. Greenville, Dartb County 
Agricultural Society Fair, A. 24. 26, 20, 27, 

p. M. Harrlsoni secy. Ilniniltuu, Ilutler 

Habcock, secy. Konto'n. i'lnnilii Cmiiily Ag- 
rlcultural Society Fair, 25, 20, 27, 28 ; J. A. 
Smith, socy. Lancaster, Fnlrlluld ffuunty 

S&tPESSt H 01 ; 10 '' lf8lr ' °- »*. io. in, " ; 

W. T. McCleunglmn , secy. Lebanon. Warren 
County Agricultural Society Fftlr, 8. 22, 23. 
28, 24, 25 ; Geo. W. Carey, secy. Lima, Alien 

clety _ 

pougb, secy. Herkimer, Herkimer County 
Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 7, 8, » : 1. P. 
Hasback, secy. Hornellsvllle, Horuellsvllle 
Fair, A. 24, 26, 20, 27, 28; oiyde H. Shults. 
tecy. Hudson, Columbia Agricultural and 
Horticultural Association Fair, 8. 10, 10. 17; 
W. J. Greenman, secy, ltbaca, Tompkins 
County Agricultural and Horticultural So- 
ciety Fair, A. 26, 20, 27, 28 ; Bert X. Baker, 
aecy. Johnstown, Fulton County Agricul- 
tural Society Fair, S. 1, 2, 3, 4; Klraer J. 
Horn, sery. Little Valley, Cattaraugus Coun- 
ty Agricultural Socloty Fair, 1, 2, 3, 4 ; J. 
II. Wilson, secy. LuckporL Niagara Couuty , 

Agricultural Society Fair, 17, 18, 19; C. fa doll, secy. Miirysvllle, Union County Airrl- 
Nlcholls, secy. I<owvlllo, I^wls Couuty Agrl- cultural Soclely Fair, 29, 30, Oi 1 2' W 
iiiltural Society l'alr, A. 20, 20, 27, 28 ; W. M. Tltswoith, secy. Medina, Medina County 
8. Wlndccker, secy. Lyons, Wayue County 
Agricultural Society Fair, M. 28, 24, 25, 20; 
E. Sautter, secy, Malone, Franklin County 

Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 0, 10, 11, 12: 
John 11. Coss, secy. Mnrlettn. Washington 
County Agricultural and Mechanical Ahso- 
elation Fa Ir, 81). O. 1, 2; Kdwnrd Best, 
secy, Marlon, Morion County Agricultural 
Society Fair, 8. 22, 98, 24. 25: J. B. Wud- 

Agilcultural. Society Fain 22. 28, 24, .20, 
W. J. Million, secy. Margarolvllle, Cattklli 
Mountain Agricultural Socloty Fair, A. 25, 
20, 27, 28 ; W. II. Bells, secy. Mlddletown, 
Orango County Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 
16, 10, 17, 43; David A. Morrison, seey. 
Mlneolu, Agricultural Society ol (Jncern*- 
Nussau Counties Fair, Ju. 17, 18, 8., 22, 28, 
24, 20, 20; fa Van de Water Jr., secy. 
Montlcello, Sullivan County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, A. 20, 20, 27, 28 ; Leon P. 
Stratton, secy. Moravia, Cayuga. County 
Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 1, 2. 8; John 
1'. White, secy. Morris, Morris Association 
Fair, 8. 29, 80, O. 1 : D. C Wlnton. 
secy. Naples, Naples Union Agricultural 
Boclcty Fair, a 22, 23, 24; H. ■ C. 
Clark, secy. Nassau, Ilenaaclaer County 
Agricultural and Liberal Arts Society Fnlr, 
7, 8, 9, 10 ; Delrner Lynd, secy. Newark, 
Newark Association Fair. O. 1, 2, 8 ; W. 11. 
Hyde, secy, Newark Valley, Northern Tioga 
County Agricultural Society Fair, A. 25, 
20, 27 ; G. B, Purple, secy. Hew City. Hock- 
land County Industrial Association Fair. 8. 
1, 2, 3, 4 ; A. A. Yanderlillt, sacy. Norwich, 
Chenango County Agricultural Socloty Fair, 
1, 2, 8, 4 ; Meison V. Booney, aecy. Ogdsns- 
burg, Oswegstchle Agricultural Soclely Fair, 
1, 2, 8, 4; Robert 8. Waterman, socy. One- 
onto, Oneouta. Union Agricultural Society 
Fair, 14, 15, 10, 17 ; 8. L. Huntington, secy. 
Orangeburg,' Rockland County Agricultural 
and Horticultural Association Fair, 7, 8,0, 
JO, 11,12; Elbert Tnlman, secy. Owego, 
Tioia County Agricultural Society Fair. 1, 2, 

Agricultural Society Fair, S. 1, 2, 3 s Frank 
Spelluiun, Hocy. McCnniinlsvlllo, Morgan 
County Agricultural iHoclnty Fnlr, 29, 30, 
O. 1 ; John A. Floyd, secy. Mlllersburg. 

ruliiuia I'iiiiiiIh ki,i.L,.N.,..i ct..»i ... i«_ .i . 

Holints County Agrlciiltiirsl Soclely Fnlr. 
O.' 14, 16, 10, 17: P, O. Palmer, secy. Mont- 
pollor, Williams County Agricultural Hoclety 
fm, S. 8, ft 10. 11, 12 1 C. C. Latlanner, 
secy. Mr. Gileud, Morrow County Agricul- 
tural Society Fair, 29, HO, O. 1, 2; 0. J. 
Smith, secy. Mt. Joy, Scioto County Aitrl. 
cultural. Society Fair, A. 20, 20; 27, 28; W. 
A. McOeorge, socy. Mt. Vernoiii Knox County 
Agricultural Boeloty Fslr, 8, 10, 17, 18, 111; 
Isnac Hrrett, secy. Newark, Licking County 
Agricultural Society Fair, 20, 80, 0.1, B; .1. 
M. 1 ''urmur, secy. New f^xlngton, Perry 
County Fair, H. 10, 17, 18; W. A. Allou, 
aecy. Ottowa, Putnam Couuty Fnlr, 0. (I, 7. 
8. 0, 10; r A. P. Handle,, secy, t'nulil/iig 
Paulding County Agricultural Society Fnlr. 
H. 1, 2, 8, 4 ; Sv. II. Jflckion, secy/ l'onit 
eroy, Meigs County Agricultural Roclety 
Fair, 9, HI. 11; J. W. Hliavnr, secy. Ha- 
veilna, Portage County Agricultural Hncliity; 
Fair. A. 20, 27, 28; Lafuyettii Smith, secy. 
Sundusky, Krlo County Agrloiillurnl Hoclcly 
Fair, 8. 16, 10, 17, 18; V. H. Zerbe. secy. 
Surahsvllle, Noble County Agrlculliiral So- 
ciety Fair. 10, 17, 18; 0,-M. Graham, secy. 
Sidney, Shelby Couuty Agricultural socloty 
Fair, 8. I), 10, 11 j J. B. Russell, socy. Smith- 

J IOKU uouiilf /igricunurui oucicl/ can. a, a, 

3 ; fa W. Kingman, secy. Palmyra, Palmyra 
Union Agricultural Society Fair, 24, 25. 20 ; 
H. B. Averlll, secy. Perm Yan, Yates Coun- 
ty Agricultural Society Fair, 1, 2, 8, 4 ; 
James A. Thayer, secy. Perry, Silver Lake 
Agricultural and Mechanical Association 
Fair. S. 29, 80. 0. 1 ; 8. W. Hart, secy. 
Plattsburg, Clinton County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, S. 8, 0. 10, 11 : W. T. Burleigh, 
secy. Poisdam, Racnuetto Valley and Bt. 
Regis Valley Horticultural and Agricultural 
Society Fair, 8. 0, 10, 11 ; Frederic A. Weed, 
secy, Poughktepele, Duchess County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, 1, 2, 8, 4: J. M. 
Dooth, secy. Pfattsburgh, PrattabUrib 
Unlou Agricultural Society Fair, 10, 10, 17; 
Geo. E. Hayes, secy. Pratttvllle. Prntts- 
vllle Agricultural and Horticultural Society 
Fair, 8. 9, 10: I) wight Conine, secy. .Reed 
Corners, (lorham Agricultural Society Fair, 
- O. 1, 2, a ; - T. '. Ueutou . Pierce, secy. ' Rich- 

Clairivllie, Belmont Couuty Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 20, 27, 28 ; Chas. fi, llymi, sury. 
Tlflin, Seneca County Agricultural Hochity 

Fair, 8. 8, 0. 10, 11 ; M. M. Ink, sscy. Troy, 
Miami County Agricultural Society Fair, 21, 
22, 23. 24, 25 ; W. I. Tennoy, secy. Upper 
Sandusky, Wyandot County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 29, 30, O. 1, 2: ft F., 
secy. Urban*, Champaign County Fair. A. 
11, 12. 18, 14; J. W. Crowl, secy. Van 
Wart, Von Wert County Agricultural Soclely 
Fair, S. 22, 28, 24, 25: J. F. Long worth. 
secy. Wspakoneta, Auglalie County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, 20, 80, O. 1, 2. 3; 
A, B. Bcboffer, secy, Warrch, Trumbull 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 8. 1, 2. 
8 ; James fa Kennedy, secy. Wauseon. 
Fulton County Agricultural Socloty Fair, 
8. 10, 10, 17, 18 i Thos. Mlkesell, secy. 
West Union. Adams County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 8, 9, ID. lit T. W. Blllsmi, secy. 
Wou'Jslli'liI, Monroe Comity Agricultural So. 
clcly Fnlr, I, 2. 3; Geo. p. liorr, ■ sscy, 
(t'oiitlimcU on jiuyo i'iC.) 



July a, 



Review and Oramnl, — During - the 
pMHt week a few real Summer nights made 
iu« managers of outdoor resorts happy, and day, July Q, good' sized - 'audiences stamped 

Proctor's Fifth Avenue Theatre (J., 

Austin Fynes, general manager). — "The Sen- 
ator" was the bill cboaen for prestation 
by the H'ock at thla bonne for the correct 
week, and at the opening performances, Mon- 

crowda enjoyed the various open air amuse- 
ments. .... .On Wednesday night, July 1, 

"Japan at Night," after many postponement* 
on account of the Inclement weather, began 
IU second season on the Madison Square 
Garden Roof. On this occasion occurred 
the first New York production of "dtoyo," 
ii Japanese comic opera, In two' acta, book by 
Henry Plncus and Kelvin G. Wlnstock, 
lyrics by Robert I', lleeeher aud mualc by 
W. Frederick Peters. The resorts of all 
kinds around the city did an enormous busl- 
lies* July 4...... With tbe end of the 

week the , St. Nicholas Gaiiiirk closed 
Us' doors.' ., .The ' continued attrac- 
tions fox the week ending July 4 were: 
Blanche Ring at tbe Knickkkuockkh, "The 
Kafl of Pawtuckel" at the Manhattan, "The 
Runaways" at the Casino, "The Wizard of 
Ok'.' at tbe Majkhtio> tbe Duss' Orchestra at 
Madison Square Garden, "Japan at Night" 
ut the Madison Square) Roof Garden, Surn- 
uier opera at Tf.iiiuck Gabden. Dramas 
by the F. V. Proctor stock companies, with 
added vaudeville features, were presented at 
Piiuctur's Fiktii Avenue, FlETf-BtoHTH 
Street and One Hundred and Twbntt- 

n ith Street Variety entertainment 

was furnished at Proctor's Twrnti-third 
Street, Ton* Pahtob's, Keith'b Union 
square, crystal garden, st, nicholas 
Garden, Pabadihb Gardens, Lion Palace, the 
Dewey, and Hurtio & Seamon'b, the last 
named house closing 4. At Hubbr's 
Museum the usual vaudeville and curloa were 
Keen Bummer vaudeville was also pre- 
sented at Briohton Beach, Henderson's 
Mimic: Hall, and Luna Park, Coney Island, 

the production with. their approbation. Mr. 
Abbe, as Senator Rivers: Mr. Bryant, as the 
Austrian Count; Mr. llamllton, as Silas 
Denmnn : Florence Heed, as Mrs. Hillary, and 
liOla Tabor, as Mabel Penman, all won favor 
for their work. The others did well. The 
cant In full : Senator Hannibal Rivers. 
Charles 8. Alibe; Richard Vance, Wlllard 
Dliickmore; Alexander Armstrong, Myron 
('slice; Count Km est ' Von 8tahl, George 
i:dv. In llrvnnt; I.uv Clilug. George Friend; 

Devrer Theatre (Kraua A Sullivan, 
managers).— What the programmes announce 
an Young Corbett's Polite Vaudeville and 
Burlesque Co. began a week's engagement 
at tbe matinee of July 0, with an audience 
of good size In attendance. The show starts 
with an olio of vaudeville, which contains 
the names of people who are entirely ca- 
pable of entertaining their listeners, as fol- 
low* : Henner and Gaudier, John B. Drew, 
Hush-Devere Trio, Mathews snd Ashley, and 
Foster and Foster. Ifoung Corbett Is Intro- 
duced In tbe musical burletu, A pbonaky 
and Gaatonsky " which closes the bill. 

Floating; Roof Garden.— -This amuse- 
ment enterprise opened for the Sutoaujr sea- 
son Wednesday. July ). This week s bllMn- 

tures have been added. The theatre has been 
changed I Into a fine swimming pool which U 
sunDlled by an artesian well. The loop 'the 
Zp P "till continues to get *»Jg£9> **$* 
new attraction Is the circle swing. A tine 
sounding shell has been built, jisssssf jsg 
from the German Village, and Innes and bis 
band are a nightly attraction, wblch large 
c?owds B %oy listening, to. ^Manager Sam 

. t0 .V.,» »f%ffai™ B* 1 ^; I ,rlnla donna : Margaret Robin™ 

Benjamin fs once more In charge of affair,^ hlne Bart | €tti Wm . <£, ?°£ in W 

Forest Pabk (Moyd i Brown .manager). _, £ utta Harry Da^g, Jobn /"^i"™ 

Packed from fence Ufence^lej.tllMhj.rty. Wffl Dlxon dlrector . Pln Heynolds »ta» 

music and $on&_ 

The Duqnesne Summer Stock Opera Co •• 
Pittsburg, Pa., under the management' It 
John B. Reynolds, opened Its regular «, 
eon, In "The Bohemian Girl," June M S 
roster of the company Is as follows: Kibei 


ea L, 
Hon of the entertainment Included : The 
lent, In an aerial act; Curtis and Adams, 
German romedlnns; Bert Baker, Irish com- 
edian; Frank Rudolph, baritone singer; El- 
len Richards, novelty wire act, and Belle 
Veola. acrobatic dancer, each of whom was 
ncconled a share of tbe approval bestowed. 
The kalatechnoscope continued. 

Proctor's FiftY-elBThth Street Thea- 
tre (J. Austin Fynes, general manager). — 
The bill for the current week has for an 
attraction James Foster Mllllken's farcical 
comedy, In three acts, enHtled "The Captain 
of the Nonsuch," with tbe following cast : 
Captain Augustus Bennett. Robert Cum- 
mlngs ; Captain Frank . Bennett. Claude 
Cooper : Mr. James Foster, Verner Clarges ; 
Hon. Henry Varnish, Frank Currier; Jack 
Brace, Richard Lyle ; George Jackson. Dun- 
can Harris ; Matilda Bennett, Edna Archer- 
Crawford : Mrs. Deborah Samson, Rachel 

closed July 0, for the sesson. 

Piioctob'h One Uuni.HEu and Iwf.nty- 
iikth Street Tiibatbe (J. Austin iynes, 
general manager).— The stock t company of- 
fering for this week Is "Pink Dominoes, 
with all the house favorites and several new 
faces In the cast. The performance was 
given to the satisfaction of the large audi- 
ences wblch turned out, despite the * 

Mlllington and M. Faelder. 

Roster of Burt Cutler's Band, located nt 
Oakwood Park, Meadv)He, Pa., for the Sun- 


CLtPrERiNOS.— Manage. 
tlylng trip here from New York last week, 
to look over some detail work at the Or- 
pheum. He reports a fine Hat of bookings 
for next .season...... Lester lonergan and g rt H ch M k cloge --^ ™; 

wife (Alice Treat Hunt) will *°to «•""*• E t Atlg. Delentl, Bud Farnum, Henrv 
ipolls at the close of their engagament here, BaJ , • j „«, Weln| 8olon „ ^ «« y 
where Mr. Lonergan will put on an open s Walter Frederlcb. Carl Downs, Pa" 

air production of "As You Like It. ■;••;• Lalonde, Wm. Cawley, James Harass. Ew 

kalatechnoscope furnish the between the acts a P*gi ratR8 * Amusement Company, who con- an S.*2." a _/ ly ,£!: 
entertainment. __ . 

Lion Palace (J. H. Phipps, manager).— 
Business Improved considerably during tne 
past week. This week opened up with bright 
prospects for a big week, the place being 
well filled at tbe opening performance. The 
bill Includes: Nice Twins, Carver and Pol- 
lard, Marie Person, Four Musical Kings, 
Bohemian Trio, Blssonnettl and Newman, 

is. Burgess Amusement Company, 

trol the Willis Wood and the Auditorium 

Theatres, this city, and the Boyd Theatre, 

Omaha Rlngllcg Bros.' Circus Is heavily 

billed hire for July 20. 

♦ »♦ 



Blake; B ddy Heffernan, Alice Gale; Miss Tyro iean Quintette, Huber, and Hawthorne manager),— The Northwestern Opel 

Angelina McReagey. Leslie Bingham; Klasle and Burt. P 8n /. '» ln Ji a f S: U ^ h „ St^i 

Bpangler. Elizabeth Gale. Edna Archer- Is Winy good for t hew eek en ding 

&*&«•» «",• ^«! t ' n ^..^' ! w "2 Brooklyn-The ,ast of the house, to ^.Mascot *•.. tf« »™t thre. .tj 

heavJIy, as usual, Robert . Cummings and 
Richard lyle being favorites of the male con- 
tingent, The laughable situations with 
which the piece abounds appealed strongly 
to the audience, and elicited rounds of ap- 
plause. De Faye Sisters, In their novelty 

close Is tbe Orpbeum, which leaves tbe bor- 
ough to depend entlrey on the beaches for 
amusement. Excellent bills have been pre- 


Manhattan Beach.— "The Sultan of Sulu" 
continues for another week. . it_played to 

Proctor's Twenty-third Street The- 
atre (J. Austin Fynes, general manager).— 
Good attendance continues at this resort, 
and the entertainment furnished each week 
cecum to give satisfaction to tbe house's 
clientele. Fnlke and Bemon, In their wall 
known act, were favorites, as of old. De- 
tends and Breen, In their club swinging and 
Juggling, were well liked, as usual. Joule 
Klne and Phil Gotthold, In their sketch, "A 
Medical Discovery," were prime favorites. 
The Mozart Comedy Four, In comedy and 
Ming, well earned the applause which fell to 
their lor. Tbe Brooks Brothers, In their 
singing and talking act, met with their usual 
hearty reception ; the Meredith Sisters, In 
"Hiawatha ; ' Zara and Stetson, gun spin- 
ners and baton jugglers : Louis Flalkowsk 

sketch, helped materially to while away the .. aDac | ty bouses all of last week. Next week, 

Lew Dockstader. Pain's "Last Days of Pom- 
pell" continues to attract large audiences. 

Briohton BbacH. — At the Music Hall 
(Wm. T. Grover, manager).— This week pre- 
sents a very good bill ; many old time favor- 
ites are seen. The beadllners are: Mcln- 
tyre snd Heatb, In "Tbe Georgia Minstrels. 
Others are: Gillette musical dogs, Alexis. 
trick bicycling; James Richmond Glenroy, 
Roatlna and Stevens, In a singing and danc- 
ing act; Gebest Bisters, in a musical sketch, 
and tbe vltagrapb. As a special feature 
Claws and Claws appear. 

Coney Island. — At Henderson's Music 
Hall (F. Faber, manager. — An excellent bill 
was presented to the usual audience of a 
Monday night. The bill Includes : Scott and 
Wilson, Klein. Ott Brothers and Nlclerson, 
Crawford Sisters, Mllanl Trio, Russell and 

waits between the acts, and Louise Sntour, 
in ballads and coon songs cleverly rendered, 
made herself a favorite. Sunday's concerts 
attracted fair sized crowds. Next week, "Tbe 
Baby Chase." 

Keith's Theatre (E. F. Albee, general 
manager),— The cozy, cool interior of Keith's 
on July 6 was a grateful relief to those who. 
while partaking of the capital bill prepared 
for this week, could forget, at least for the 
time, tbe torrid . atmosphere of tbe streets. 
Draped In Its Bummer garb, and aided by 
artificial means to create a cool tempera- 
ture, tbe theatre was many degrees cooler 
than the street Mr. and Mrs. Robyns bead 
the bill this week, presenting "The Counsel 
for the Defence," which Is conceded to be 
one of the strongest and most legitimate 
sketches In vaudeville. The capital work 

■The Lyceum (C. A. Marshall, 
Northwestern Opera Corn- 
July 4. 
ights and 
matinee; for the last three nights, "Pirates 
of Penzance." Bertha Haydofl, as the mas- 
cot, and Bylveater Cornish, as Flametta, 
played well their roles. E. H. Sothern is 
booked for July 11. 

Metropolitan Opeba Hodsb (J. C. Con- 
don, manager). — The house has been dark 
since June 24, when the Wilbur Opera Com- 
pany closed. Manager Condon has returned 
from Chicago, where he engaged a dramatic 
company, woo will open on July 13. 

Parlor Thbatoe (W. J. Wells, mana- 
ger). — The business, at this house Is fairly 
good, considering tbe hot evenings we have 
Bad lately. The company for July 6 and 
week are: Blanche ward, F. M. Johnson, 
Minnie R. Wilson, Earne and Richmond, 
Lottie D. Ford, Tom Doyle, Mark Graham, 
Allle Donaldson, W. J. Wells, Mark Graham, 
The piece for the week Is "Laughing Gas." 

Notes. — The Moon Bros." Theatre, under 
canvas, closed June 27, after playing to fair 
business for three weeks. They opened at 
the West end of the city for two or more 

weeks: Alfred Davis has gotten together 

a concert company of local talent from Du- 

Notes of the Savage Enterprises. — liar, 
mond Hitchcock, who has made such a suc- 
cess in "King Dodo'! for tbe past two sea- 
sons, will' create the leading role In "The 
Yankee Consul," the new comic opera, by 
Kobyn. Mr. Hitchcock Is at present In 
Italy. "The Yankee Consul" will be nm- 
duced upon an elaborate scale by Mr. Sav- 
age early, next season. Maclyn Arbnckle Is 
to create tbe title role In George Ade'g new 
spectacular comedy drama, "The County 
Chairman." next season. Pauline Hall, 
later In the Summer, assumes the role of 
Mrs. Madison Crocker, the widow, In "The 
Prince of Pllsen," at the Broadway Theatre 
Up to that time Trlxle Friganza will be 
seen as the widow, and will Be with one of 
"The Prince of Pllsen" companies on the 
road next season. Josle Sadler has signed a 
three years' contract with Mr. Savage. Rich- 
ard Golden, who will be King Dodo neit 
season. Is building a Summer home at Port 
Washington, -L. 1. In his leisure moments 
he Is getting up In his role In "King Dodo." 
It is likely that Reml Marsano, tbe well 
known baritone, who recently arrived from 
abroad under contract to Henry W. Savage, 
will be seen for the first time with Henrv 
W. Ravage's English Grand Opera Co., in 
Brooklyn, In September. He will nrobablv 
make his debut as Escamlllo, In "Carmen." 

Harrison Grey Flske has arranged with 
Homer Llnd to present during a series of 
matinee performances next Kail several op- 
eratic novelties. 

Carrie Bridewell, of the Metropolitan 
Opera. Co., sailed last week to visit Mute. 
Ternlna, la Munich, and study wirb her some 
of the contralto roles In the Wagner rener- 

IIUIH 141IU union UAJtlcm, i.ouib riaiftunDBi, nnvLvji» tu lauwiui^ *uc *ajjim»i nvm f rntvmrri Misters MliaDI ATIO. ItUSgeil H11U , .\_ . «,, r * ,, s — ., "i lu? uwuaiLV ivivb in lur iiohuci I'i'i 

mimic; Gus Kcllar, bag puncher: James and of Mr. and Mrs. Robyns elicited rounds of o'Nell, Hedrlx and Preecott, Mitchells, Casey ,utn and Minneapolis, who gave a matinee tory . 8ne w m 8 | ng . t„ concert lu London, 

Lucia Cooper, in repartee, and the kola 
technoacope rounded out the bill In good 
style. ...... 

Madison Square Roof Garden ( Ru- 
sh Ibl & Aral, managers). — Preparations for 
the opening of this popular Hummer resort, 
atop of Madison Square Garden, were de- 
layed by .the excessive rain' storms, until 
Wednobday night, July 1, when tbe opening 
occurred, with most promising aspects of 
nhother season of success. , The general Idoa, 
as shown last Summer, "Japan by Night," Is 
still .In vogue, but a noticeable elaboration 
of tbe plan is evident. Also there are Im- 
provements looking to Increased comforts 
for 'their guests, and attention has been di- 
rected to changes whereby the stage people 
acquire larger dressing rooms, also better 
exits and entrances In the way, of added 
space.' A large audience on Wednesday 
night witnessed ■ the . first .presentation, of 
"Otoyo," a new Japanese comic opera, In 
two acts, by Henry Plncus and Melvlu G. 
Winstock, with music by W. Frederick Pe- 
ters, and lyrics by Robert L, Bucher. Tbe 
vast: Ten Yen, James P. Macdonald: Ar- 
thur Roberts, Hobart Smock : Con Slick, 
Abbott Davison; Sallle Scruggs, Hattle Ar- 
nold; Pollle Roberts, Irene Jermon: Ban 
Kc, Jefferson Hall ; Matauba, Mark Lane ; 
Tokl, Harry Truax ; Willie Scraggs, Harry 
McKee; Mignonette Soraggs, Rose Parker; 
Yama, Viola Prince; Toma, Naomi Arnold ; 
Undertaker, Samuel Sandgran; Hermanese 
and Otoyo, Bottlna. Gerard. The opera was 
well received, and will be retained as the 
ill let feature of the . programme. Bettlna 

well merited applause. Fisher and Carroll, 
In their Irish patter and songs, easily 
added another success to the many 

f lined during former visits here; tbe Stein- 
retto Family displayed their usual grace 
and perfection in their marvelous acro- 
batics ; Mamie Remington, efficiently aided 
by her "picks," won applause In songs and 
dances ; Collins and Hart again proved to be 
clever comedians; Palfrey and Hilton, ex- 
pert bicyclists ; the Qarrity Sisters, in songs 

_nd Le Clair, Orvllle and Frank, Lydla Hall, 
Four Lambs, Reta Curtis, Billy Barlow, May 
Evans, Masse and Masse, and the Ford Sis- 

Luna Pabk (Thompson & Dundy, owners). 
— There Is something new being given at 
tbls park every week. The latest is a high 
wire performance by Hardy. His act Is 
most sensational. The Ten Ichl Troupe are 
mvstlfylng large audiences, while Hagen- 
beck's trained wild animals are playing to 

and dances: Emerson and Omega, In a laugh- cttpttC | t y. "'Twenty Thousand Leagues "Un 
able skit, "Don t Notice It r Trask and ^pj ^ - 

Gladden,, nimble dancers; Frank Fogarty, 
comedian; James Weltzell, sensational jug- 
gler ; Reta Kaufman, vocalist ; Bros. Tanean, 
musical cotnlques, and the motion pictures 
complete the bill for this week. 

l'sitnr'i Theatre (Tony Pastor, mana- 
ger). — A bill that tends to make one forget 
the heat of the streets Is surely composed 
of excellent material, and this Msnager Pas- 
tor has succeeded admirably In doing. Com- 
edy abounds. in its makeup, and the laughter 
was, almost continuous on Monday night, 
July 6. Beginning with John Kernel], who 
Is among his loyal, old time friends bere, 
and Is In every way qualified to head this 
week's bill, the programme Includes : Ed. 
F. Reynard, ventriloquist, and a stage full 
of trlqk houses and dummies that create 
much laughter; Fyoe and Dandy, clever 
comedy acrobats; Harry end Sadie Fields, 
In one of the best bits of low life characteri- 
sation seen In vaudeville today ; Jas. and 
Bonnie Farley, in tbelr sketch, "The Mes- 
senger Boy," In which tbey show Improve 

der the Sea," the latest Thompson & Dundy 
spectacle, is causing more wonderment than 
did • "Trip to tbe Moon." 

Heroes- Beach. — "The Telephone Girl" 
still continues to draw crowds dally. 



>y." in 
Gerard was a pleasant surprise, singing even ment ; Hallen and Meeban 
better than In the old days. James F. Mac- dlans ; the 
dontild did well as Ten Yen. The opera Is 
prettily mounted and well staged. The Bos- 
ton Ladles' Orchestra Is an Important ad- 
junct of the bill, and during the Intermis- 
sions a troupe of Japanese magicians per- 

.Atlantic Garden (W. Kramer's Sons, 
managers). — The Onrls, comedy ucrobnts and 
Jugglers : Lytton and Llttlctlcld, singing and 
(lancing specialties: Madeline Hurdettc, oper- 
atic soprano; Stelner and Thomas, German 
sketch team: Walter Vernon and Lillian 
Kennedy, In a comedy sketch, Introducing 
singing, dancing and comedy boxing, are 
here for this week. • 
< It is learned that the Casino Is to be 
brought to the level of Broadway. As soon 
as the leases of the stores on the Broad- 
way side expire, which will be In about 
a year and a half, the managers purpose 
tearing out the Interior, of the building, and 
reconstructed It, with the orchestra on the 
ground floor. The ' main entrance will bo 
from Broadway. . 

Madison Square Garden. — The sixth 
week of John S. Dubs und his Metropolitan 
Opera House Orchestra began July 6, to con- 
tinued good attendance. 

Broadway Theatre (A. W. Dingwall, 
manager). — "The Prince of Pllsen" began 
July its seventeenth week, with business 
still big. There were several changes In 
i lie cast on Monday night, among which were 
those of Trlxle Friganza and Almyra For- 
rest, who succeeded Helen Bertram and Ida 
llowlcy, respectively. 

. Majestic Theatre (Geo, H. Nlcolal, 
general manager). — "The Wizard of Os" con- 
tinues lo draw big crowds. Its twenty- 
Ill th wTsk begun Jiiiy 0. 

Knickerbocker Theatre (Al. Haymsn 
& Co., proprietors 1. — Tbe fifth week of 
Blanche Ring, In "The Blonde In Black." 
begau July tl. The piece has been revised 
mid eomluusctl and several new songs have 
been Introduced, nil of which has Improved 
the show. 

, Manhattan Theatre (Harrison Grey 
Flske, luiuigci i. — There Is no indication of 
nanlng popularity of "The Earl of Paw- 
tucket." which remains a stroug magnet nt 
this boiire. The sixteenth week of the cn- 

f;ugement began July it. Teresa Maxwell 
ins succeeded Marlon Glroux In the role of 
Harriet Fordjce. 

Paradise Hoof Gardens (Oscar 11am- 
uiorsteln, manager). — The current bill names: 
IVpllii Arsgon, Scott Brothers, Rlccobono'e 
horses, Franco Piper, the Ilooslcr Zouaves, 
Galcttl'<< trained monkeys, Sherman and Tie 
Fores!, the Four Nlghtons, Edytlic Helena, 
Wilton Bros,, M, Roseltl and "Punch, Judy 
ft To." 

Crystal Gardens (Klaw ft Brlanger, 
managers). — "The Darling of the Galferv 
i Sods nnd "The Dress Parade." and "The 
Minstrel Misses" and other vaudeville Ui'ls 
continue to drnw crowds nt this resort. 

I.oiim llKiisTKiN. of Shapiro. Bernsleln A 
Co.. has returned to New York In excellent 
health, after u tour of the principal Euro- 
|iphu rcsoru. 

. black face come- 
Sanford SlBters. in e neat musical 
not ; Antrim and Peters, in "A Meal Under 
Difficulties." Introducing some excellent Imi- 
tations ; Hamilton and Wiley, In a comedy 
sketch, entitled "Hearts," which was well 
received ; Allen and Delmaln, who also appear 
in a comedy sketch, which proved very 
tntertalnlng; Morris and Daly are lively 
Irish comedians, and their efforts were 
greeted with laughter and applause: Chas. 
nnd Fannie Van, as "The Soubrette and tbe 
Irishman;" Lawrence and Sylvester, comedy 
ring gymnasts, and the vltagraph brings 
the long bill to a close. 

Casino (Sam 8.. ft Lee Shubert, mana- 
gers). — "The Runaways" opened July 6 the 
ninth week, to, continued good business. 

It is reported that there are to be two 
"Mother Goose" productions next season. 
In addition to the one which Klaw ft Er- 
Innger have announced, It is stated that 
Weber ft _ 
Goose" si. 

authority for the statement that bis firm 
has purchased Edgar Smith's "Mother 
Goose play, which they contemplate pro- 
ducing on an elaborate scale. "The Englisn 
Daisy," the spectacular musical play In 
which Christie MacDonald will have a lead- 
ing part, under Weber ft Fields' manage- 
ment, will be produced at the new Globe 
Theatre, In Boston, following the engage- 
ment of James K, Hackett, and then It will 
be. brought to New York. 

Edward Harridan's new play, "Under 
Cover," wjll have practically Its Initial 
sentntlon at 4he Boston Theatre, Boston 
evening of Aug, 81. There will probably 

St. Loots.— All of tbe theatres did well 

lag* WApk 

Hiohlandh (Col. Hopkins, manager). — 
Last week's bill was satisfactory, although 
perhaps not quite es clever in the aggregate 
as is to be expected at the Highlands. Mau- 
rice Spyer, violinist ; Lew Hawkins, and 
Itanizo and Arno were tbe leading features. 
This week Marco Twins, James J. Morton. 
Burke's Dogs, Lew Hawkins, and Claudius 
and Corbln are here. 

Mannion's Park (Mannion Bros., mana- 
gers). — There was an extremely good bill 
here lest week. Will Fox, and Adele Purvis 
Onrl were the headltners, and the whole 
show made good. Martlnetti and GrosBl, 
Leo and Chapman, Brown and Bartelettl, 
the Bnckeye Trio, and Anna Whitney are the 
current attraction. 

Delmab (J. C. Janapoulo, manager). — 
It was an excellent production of "Belle 
of New York" here last week, and It drew 
big business at every performance, Nellie 
Nicola, as Fifi, won much Applause, and John 

concert at the Lyceum 28, and were well 
received. They will sing In all the large 
towns In the Iron country of Minnesota, and 
all the mining towns In Wisconsin and 
Michigan. Mrs. James McAullff, who sang 
"Carmen" nt the Lyceum some time ago, Is 

a member of the company Gollmar 

Bros.' Show passed through bere 28, bound 
for Minnesota Iron mines Big prepara- 
tions arc making for the Dulutb July fair 
und carnival, on tl. The Fcrarls will be 

the big attraction Thomas Gale and 

Kitty Mscl, of tbe "After Dark" company, 
were married on tbe stage of the Gem The- 
atre, West Superior, Wis., after the perform- 
ance, June 25 Dick Ferris sues the 

Metropolitan Building Co. for >20,(KH) for 
being ousted from the theatre on June 1. 

Forepaugh ft Sells' Circus pat up a 

small city of canvas and gave two perform- 
ances 20, and as the weather was fine the 
tent was bank full. 

■ ♦*• ♦> 

MASSACHUSETTS (See Page 458.) 

sprlnirneld.— Hampden Park (J. F. 
Burke, manager). — The usual number of 

Eleusure seekers enjoyed a good vaudeville 
III in the theatre last week. Bill for week 
of July 7 : Winn and Mack, Barr and Evans, 
Masse and Masse, Bill Carter, and the Hay- 
seed Trio. Beside many special features, 
Including amateur night, prize waltzing and 
other features. Prof. Lockhsrt has been en- 
gaged for balloon ascensions during the week. 
Forest Lake, Palmer (P. J. Casey, raana- 

fer). — Tom Brown's Troubadours were the 
Ig drawing card In the Rustic Theatre. 

The amusement this week Is to be furnished 
by the Manhattan Comedy Company. 

Circus Notes.— Walter L. Main's Circus 
wilt take up Its residence here for a day 
17, and will receive a good reception from 

Its many local friends Among tbe other 

circuses which have played the surrounding 

operatic scene that pleased everybody. ti>i« low - 

Hashaoen's (Hasbsgen Bros., managers). 

' iculor 
wek we have Harry Holman, Wardo and 
King, Teddy McKenna. and Esmathllde. 

koerner's (H. E. Rice, manager). — Law- 
rence Hanley and Victory Bateman, with 
their company, were well received last week. 
In "Romeo and Juliet.". The production Is 

Berlin and Paris, and return for the Metro- 
politan season in November. 

"A Princess of Kensington." n comic open. 
lately produced at the Savoy Theatre, !.> - 
don, will be presented at the Broadway The- 
atre, this city, on Aug. 31. 

Mrs. Gustave Kerker (Rose Lclghtnni 
sailed for Europe last week. She will he 
joined by her husband In London In Septem- 

The Kilties Band, of Belleville. Can., is 
again at work, after a few weeks rest. It 
la at Willow Grove Park. Philadelphia, where 
It will remain until July 18. Its record 
breaking crowd of 150,000 lost year was 
exceeded by 15,000 on the opening day this 
year, July 4, the receipts on that day ex- 
ceeding those of last Fourth by J7.000. 

J. II. D. Wilson, trombone virtuoso, late 
of GIKmore's Band, has been engaged by S. 
XL Curtiss, as solo trombonist, at Wheat's 
Roof Garden, Ft. Worth, Tex., where tbe 
Curtiss Comedy Co. Is playing a Summer en- 

Charles Frohraan has acquired production 
rights of Clare Hummer's song. "Egypt." 
from tbe publishers. Jos. W. Stern & Co.: 
the latter have purchased another compos 1 ■ 
tlon by the same author, untitled "A Rich 
Coon's Bsbc." Tbls song is nt present one of 
the hits of "In Dahomey" and Is sung by 
Mrs. Walker, of Williams ft Walker, lu 

At the twenty-fourth annual benefit of 
Pittsburg Lodge, No. 11. B. P. O. Elks. Man 
ager James P. Dunlevy Introduced a patriotic 
tableau called "The Spirit of TO," snd sanj; 
"The Old Flag Never Touched the Ground. 

Rlanca de Jeneppe (better known In the 
profession as Blsnca Lyons), who has 
charmed the music lowing public with her 
masterful performance on the violin. Is now 
devoting her talents to musical composition. 
One of her recent efforts Is a charming song. 
"I,et Love Decide," which has received many 
flattering notices, and bids fair to become a 



Providence, — "II Trovatore." wblch fol- 
lowed "Mascotte" at tbe Providence Opera 
House (Felix R. Wendelschacfer, msnageri 
the last half of the week of June 20. Is being 

§lven again the first half of the week of July 
, on account of the favorable reception in 
first performances were accorded. The tl. 
mmm uiu »u»v<u».r< ..-. ».. .^.a, ■»».,. — »».- v,.» ouku i '» Williams Opera Company will give 'The 

Fields will produce a "Mother rentino's Banda Rossa, In concert work, was himself the head of the military musical Bohemian Girl" the last half of the wees, 
pectucular play. Lou Fields Is welcomed at Its opening last week. As a organizations of the British army Mr The announcement for 13 has not been matte. 

■ Godfrey was born In 1830 and educated at Tn ' 8 '" ,ne Mtb wecK ot " lc c ' snt wcel( 
the Royal Academy of Music. He owed engagement of the company, 
his appointment as bandmaster of the Grena- 
dier Guards to the Prince Consort, and his 
first duty was to play Into London the brl 


Lieutenant Dan Godfrhy, the famous 
bandmaster of the Grenadier Guards, died 
In London, Eng., on June 30, from psraly- 
deservlng of much praise. This week the sis. The son of a bandmaster and the father 
company offers "The Silver King." of bandmasters, directing the music of the 

Suburban (F._N. Innes, manager). — Sor- crack English regiment, Dan Godfrey was 

,j, In Ana* A AW*. a»n,»i1> nvn u nl m r, n \ *. V. — L __ J _ M Zi .*■■* ** 

side attraction the management had Walker's 
high diving horses. 

Lbmp's Pabk (J. L. Wallrapp, manager). 
— J. Edmund De Noyer, the Burtons, Car- 
ter and Ross, Lulu Leopard, and Howard and 
Alton are the beadllners of a pleasing bill 
that draws very well Indeed. 

Notes. — Sunday, June 28, saw an ex- 
citing attempt at a hold up at Deimar. The 

£Rde of guards returning from tbe Crimea, 
when the Boston Peace Jubilee took place, 

All thb Oomvorth ok Home" followed 
"I-ord and Lady Algy" ut Keith's (Charles 
I.ovenberg, resident manager) the week or 
0. "The Little Minister^ Is to be played 
13. Packed houses continue at the per- 
formances by the Albeo Stock Company, hi 

J 8 3 2, , Da P Godfrey was asked to repre- ; 
sent England. It was the first occasion on th , e .glft of souvenir photographs, ' members 
theatre had Just closed, and thousands of which on English military band had visited ot tlle company Is a popular device, 
people were in the grounds, when the would the United States since tbe war of lnde- Kathkrine ltonr.K nnd her company P'"- ye v 
be robber jerked his revolver In the face of pendence. He was extremely well received "Romeo and Juliet" st the Empire (^P" 1 ,.? 

— I the weelt of 0. >™ 

' will be the bill. ll«»y 

treasurer of the house. 

benefit iiorformance. 

rre . Mr. La Barge, assistant cashier, who was and looked back to the visit with great srut- Nntlianson, managers! 

t on making the rounds of tbe different cashiers location, making it a point to Introduce into VA "T° e Gallov Slave" 

r be ""d collecting the receipts. La Barge put his programmes American national aire ren- Y °ung. the popular t 

- derlng them familiar to tbe English public wl " shortly be given 
throughout the country. He returned to this Outdoor auusemi^ 

country In 1808, for a tour with a band com- tended. At Crescent . 

posed of picked bondsmen from all the real- canvas covered open air theHtre, the ""ei; 
ments of the household troops, cavalry and • ts'ners In which tbe week of H ipc'" / '• 

Infantry. ' ' Mines and Remington, the Rice Family, '»■ 

a preifmTnAryVrformance glven F U^™8atur- U P a ?K nt " na '" tnc "t ,l,ue hls Httle"flngcr derlng "them famiilaV'to - the*Eagilsh'pubirc wl U shortly 'be' given a bene 

tort. The was 8hot "*■ The highwayman beat a re- throughout the country. He returned to this Outdoor amusements are being wen ai 


Kansas city. — Auditorium. — Lester Lon- 
crgaa's players presented "Elsie Venner," 
by Lester Lonergan, at tbls theatre on Sun 

play was well re- 
flu " 

day evening preceding, In "Newport. 

attraction will remain at the Boston Tbeatro treat, with George G tie, cashier at the 

for two weeks, when Jt will come direct to WH Jj"l 8 ,J )ar ; '?„ P»™«»- . Mr .' G . lc ' e , b ?, m : 

the Murray kill Theatre. Time at the ?"*?? J? e ' u 8 |tlv c at intervals, hut failed 

Murray Hill has been reserved for the entire ,° $>}?■ nlm i VJ" » ny of tue "•"J spectators, 

season, and for the season following, If tho luckily, and tbe management refused an en 

engagement proves as successful as It Is now 

believed It will be. The cast will Include : 

Ed. Hsrrlgan. Dan Collycr, Jos. Sparks, 

W. H. Bray, Henry Burt, Ann Scaifc, Jobn 

Pierce, -Maurice Drew, Geo. Merrltt, Annie 

Yearanns. Harry Fisher, Fannie Batcbelder, 

Adelaide Manola. J. II. Wilson, Burt G. 

Clark. Ed. Mack. David Christie, Jennie 

Venmans, James Lambert, Ada Wild, Louie 

Wild. Lillian Eldrldge, Clara Dow, G. L. 

Btnut, Alvln Davis, Herman Corbley, Harry 

Smart. Leo Raney nnd Alice Sargent. 

Klaw ft Erlanurb's Company that will 
present "The Sleeping Beauty and tbe Beast" 
at Manhattan Beach, Aug. 10, will begin 
rehearsals July 6. Tho cast will Include 
'Harry Bulger. Joseph CawthOrne, William 
H. McCart, John Hysms, George Clennent, 
I<ella Mclntyre, Viola Gillette, Phcebe Coyne, 
Gertrude Mackenzie, Qucenie Vassar, Anna- 
belle Whltford. Ethel Hopkins, Adela Archer, 
and others. The entire big production, It Is 
said, will he presented just as It was given 
si the llrondwny Then! re. 

John 11 FimiKti will produce- nt the 
Brondwny Theatre. Aug. 31. "A Princess of 
Kensington." a comic opera, by Basil Hood 
and Edward German, 

.. Mn8 .'. Cak,i * a Jordan, a nluywrlght and 
the wife of M. J. Jordan, who was a mem- 
ber of Mrs. Flake's '•ompnuy last season, 
died on July 1, at her home In Mount Ver- 
non, N. 1., from heart disease. Among her 

' ,p At 

!k« *-i m ~ «# k"-^ vL a P Prince, 

day afternoon June 28 nnd continued It . "P 8 '. he r death she was engaged on a tenor r^rts In the grand opera, offerings ' 

all of be week It wsa'the flret DroauSlon 5 Uy tor A1,ce F'"<*er. Mrs. Jordan waa «tc Williams Opera Company, at the Pro'l- 

*•' * * .i rormerly an actres8i an( i created u tb ° ""J dence Opera nouse, has resigned to accept a 

zelle and Bearann, Morris and Blair, acd 
Julia West. The Forest Casino, ft WseW 
Point, runs a vaudeville bill, and at Chestnut 
Grove the Olympla Vaudeville Compsuy ■ 
well received. ... 

Mkriam Bruce, who has been Blng ng tne 
era offerings of 

In "Darkest Russia," sev- 

of the countess 
eral years ago. 

Edward D. Peiper, who became well 
known in theatrical circles as "Teddv" 

on any stage, and the 
celved and enjoyed by the large audience 
which had assembled to pass judgment an 
It. Mr. Lonergan has made s Bplendld 

dramatization of the peculiar story, and the i>_i_.- -^ ._ wi — --«■«. ». 
first performance showed that the play will i,fi£5 r 'th-«.J n i JR 1 " c }& on i" 1 ? 2. He 
neod very little pruning to be a success. The If*?", tS?,*,". 1 .'' ,lf f vit Ji , J ", y Rla ' " " nncle 
slock company did good work In handling i» m * l"!' 1 ?.,.!; " ln .wM«* be played small 
the different parts, and only demonstrated ' 
thnt when the characters are played by peo- 
ple specially ODgtmcd the result will be more 
satisfactory. The company will close Its 
engagement this week, and the house will 
be dark until next season. 

Elkctrir Park (Sntn Benjamin, mnnn- 
tter). — This popular place throw open Ha 

call's on Sunday. 'J8, to an Immense crowd. 
The opening was to have occurred 1, but 
the flood changed all plans, so the dclav 
changed the date to Inst Sunday. Every- 
thing It Ip fine shape, and several new tea- 

parts, and later was In the employ of Mraile 
4 Henderson, In s business capacity. He 
was for a time tbe secretary «>f Lillian Rus- 
sell, and had recently played vaudeville en- 

r Jf AN ? McNeujii, professionally known 
as Frank Hall, of the team Hall and Staler, 
died lu IViivor. Col., on June '2'2. 

t-otitn Bates was at Conor Island, N. Y. 
last week, and reports success. He Is ot 
Springfield. O., this week, nnd has Cleve- 
land to follow. 

role In the forthcoming New York production 
of the Japanese opera, "Oyoto." 

Sie Hassan Ben Ali Informs us tl[»J| 
Trlnce Mohamed Ben Abdallnh, row »i J 
Pawnee Bill's Wild West, has fallen he r o 
a fortuno through the death of nn uncle m 

Africa. _. 


tin to 

MM <ftietlut* 


JULY 11. 



Seism 1903-04, 


Producing Twelve of the Latest New York Successes, 

Among which are several pUjr. that have mw been produce* »> ■ Repertoire Co. MORE MONK Y INVKMTBD THAN IN ANY TWO STOCK COD. ON ill K. ROAD. CAR- 
l.(IADOF8CE.\KKY. SPECIAL PAPKH, All the latest and moat improved electrical effect*, Including Moon .ml *t«.i Light, Siinicl, Sun rl.e, Writer Ripple, Running 
Water, Moving Clouds, Turbulent Water, Snow.torm, Raln.torm and every lllu. Ion u.esl by the big metropolitan production-. 


WANTED, STOCK and RKPERTOIRK PEOPLE In all llrtei, Including Advance Agent, Aaaletnnt limine. Manager, one who dm had experience la the Bait. 
Mu*t give good Reference*. Musical Director, one that cm arrange! Property nan, Two Kbrclrlclnn. and Scenic Artl.t, Leading Lady, Leading Man and Man for 
Eccentric Comedy Old Men; mint be the very beat. All people tend photograph!, which will be returned. State all briefly. Pay you own hotel. 

P. S.-MANAOKRS In Ohio, Pa., N. Y. and New England states tend Open Time. LARUE CITIES ONLY. Address all communication* to 

Suite 1226 81, lames Bldg., Broadway and 26th St., lew York City. (Phone 1610-ladlsoo. In Calling Phone Call Ho., Then Ho. ol Room.) 


• at, Big, Long, Loud Laugh. 

Now IcJdaa.. 

• • 





Featuring the Famous Little Comedian., LITTLE BILL SULLY and MASTER JOHN V. BULLY, .Til. Tun of the Brlghteid. Cleverest and Most Versatile Juvenile Artists In Hi.- Profession. Time of art, 
gftmlnulcs. Now booking. Address all First Clan Agents. Get the Habit. SINGING AND PANC1NU AT SHEA'S THEATRE, BUFFALO, N. Y., THIS WEEK. A few Prase Notice* from New Haven, Conn. t 



TbeSnlly Family offer a new vchlrlo In i lie sketch tliey hive named "An imer- 
nipied Honeymoon." Two youngster* In the principal rolcH afford Hie biggest 
snitucment with their untie, and they have an entirely new chancier to present 
lo the veil educated boy against the more strenuous one. The educated youth la 
rMllra rcmarkalile actor, and with his long drawn out sentences furnishes no end 
of amusement. The wild boy, with the Idea of always panelling and breaking some- 

thing, 1* really given some good quiet lips by tho well educated and really college 
bred lioyj Tin: sketch Is a good one. and Is a winner tills week.— RKOISTKK. 

THK OLIO —It has the lalented Sully Family who introduce a new character In 
their sketch that la great. It is the well educated child, something on the order as 
the Boston children are supposed to !*•. This rnrnlsnea a good contrast to the other 
youngster Introduced In the act. The other fellow la quite a boy. Tho two make a 

good combination, and when tlio four, or the entire family, have tho ilonr the fun la 
clean and bright. "An Interrupted Honeymoon" Is the name of Mm sketch, and It Is 
Of tho hr.»!.-l'AM.AI>IN. 

The Sully Family, with the educated youth and the less educated, but mnro 
Strenuous one. aro making good with the sketch, "An Interrupted Honeymoon."— 


Under tie Celt*. 

HiEsni * Bailey. Snow Notbs.— The 
birthday of American freedom la also the 
utsl day of James A. Bailey, the proprie- 
tor' and uiuniiclug director of "The Greatest 
Know on Kami." The dual occasion was ap- 
propriately and enthusiastically celebrated 
In Greenfield. Mass., which picturesque tittle 
place sheltered the "Big Show" on the Glori- 
ous Fourth. The necessary dally labors of 
the circus people were lightened on this oc- 
casion by the Inspiring sentiments of the 
day. Tim stars and stripes Quilted bravely 
from Hie tent tops, the big circus band 
played patriotic airs, and bursting bombs 
and riotous rockets pyrotecUnlcatly pro- 
rlsimed Dm Individual nnd united Joyonsncss 
nf the snow folks. In the dining tent a 
sumptuous bumpier, was served to a thou- 
ind men arid women, and "The Uuv'ner," as 
Mr. Bailey is endcnrlngly termed, presided. 
In a brief after-dinner speech Mr. Halley 
reminded his faithful people of the many 
years when the American nntlonal holiday 
lias been celebrated lu foreign lands, far 
from home and country. Now that the big 
show was In Its blrtblnnd once . again, he 
said that the occasion was one calling for 
more than ordinary satisfaction and recogni- 
tion, and that the gathering of the Ha mum 
&' Halley people around the banquet board 
afforded an opportunity to him to express 
bis gratification at the safe return of the 
rlmis from abroad, and his pleasure at the 
enthusiasm with which It had been received 
by lis own country folk. Loud cheers 
greeted Mr.- Italley's remarks, and when his 
health was proposed by George O. Btarr the 
lompany' rose en matte, nnd with loud ac- 
claim wished him many happy returns of 
the day. The dreading rooms of the artists 
were decorated with the national colors, and 
a pleasant feature of tho afternoon was a 
visit to the gentcmen's dressing room by the 
lady artists rind the members of the 
chorus and ballet. The ladles, numbering 
nearly three hundred, formed In col- 
umn In their dressing room, led by Mrs. 
diaries White, mistress of the Barnum & 
Halley wardrobe, and marched around the 
tenllemen's dressing room. ■ It Is needless 
[o say the fascinating procession was warm 
ly welcomed. On the return of the ladles 
je their own dressing room they were visited 
|y Mr. :ialley, who was accompanied by n 
body guard, bearing huge tubs of lemonade. 
•Mr. Bailey was loo modest at first to enter 
lis- sacred precincts, but was taken a willing 
captive by a bevy of his own beauties, who 
'ompletely surrounded him and escorted hlni 
if Hie centre of the room, where the com- 
p.iiiii-ntH of the day were extended to him. 
imrliig ihc excitement the rules of the show 
»eri for once forgotten nnd the men con- 
gregated around the door, and as Mr. Bailey 
rata,, out greeted him by lustily singing 

cor Ilea a Jolly Good Fellow." Mr. 
'""ley was completely. unnerved by the cor- 
oiaitty of his greeting and escaped as quickly 

f ! H ,'' iKlulc *" the quietude and retirement 
w his private office. The banquet menu 
«■ an elnborate one, and .a vote of thanks 
•»as tendered Mr., and Mrs. George Arling- 
">n. the caterers; Chares Henry, the 
m |sr ntendent and W. J. Thall. the chef, 
i ne bin of fare was as follows: fc'otip — 

titeken, consomme. Pith — Tenderloin of 
■nail- a n Antoinette, fillet of sole, anchovy 
wire, baked blue. Rou«t— Philadelphia 
•'»r«>ii. n let of beef, aux champignons. Bbort 
i»«i. **'• brown potatoes, roast Spring 
ioibii.. mim mncfi prime r | D s f beef, n ux 
m W JTed leg of veal, roast loin of pork. 
"I file satire. Wit treat— Kricasse of turkey 
h i ."• rr| caw3 of lamb, green peas, chicken 
piel saute, curry of rice. Veqctabtes— 
■rtiuee, npw 8triDg beans, radlsheB, green 
•nous. Btew ,, d cnTB „ nd „ „ 

wilding up with Kochefort cheese. Benfa 
",'.,, "ackers, .pickles, chow chow, as- 
ff™ putB, fruit. Jelly roll, assorted 
'".vers i re Prcum- £ novc | dexMratlon 

■ i„. .Gentlemen's dressing room was 
"uuge placard, surrounded by the flags of 
l„' b "»«hk. and Inscribed with appropriate 
"V Ihc laat week In this month. 

AnWeTI ^ n " >t RtJRf " i & <'°'* N KW n - * 
en. ■?' T " r "va^on eame to an abrupt 
v,t K 'L" ne 30 - •"■ Colby. Wis. A terrific 
,„' ," 1'"', water spout struck our mammoth 
Iiei' ' '" r| "K our night performance, while 
Mr ■', lrHmn JuKBlcr, was doing his act 
nn.i EH . , ." ok tbc situation In nt a glance 
£8. '""'"ntly shouted at the top of his 
I \X, !.'<"' ev , p rybody to leave the lent at once. 
rS . .i B """hed nnd thunder crashed, then 
forn?,.sl he t C0 "»J»e of the large tent. Per- 
ti,,,?; P, dre f 8e< f I" their make uys. leaving 
Ine Ln lon SlDgs to seek Bhelter In neighbor- 
niter T", ^ti^as menwnded knee deep In 
nae i. rjr| . n * t0 8aTe Property: luckily no 
»"n» ... i '"iffea- f-ou Hershel's trained 
ilroie",' 1 ""f trained mule came near being 
,„,,""• ,'Tiey were rescued tinder BE 
Rm« fc?.S" I"*"* our bos* canvas man. 
Mil i., , t ' ne morning, when Hie sun came 
•«Mi.M.. R . • Ifrformera found their trunks 
Me vi.i ". n "Be pond of water. Kvcry- 
ruinni: : l,1,pr ,ed.up.lhnlr belongings, while our 
liNstv"! •. Me " BrB - nurns & Iloeffler, held a 
rbsi: ''""'less consultation and decided to 
l««7c' ,Snl!,r|p ' 1 were paid In full to every- 
»,.[ """"■'•"•d with the show. Mr. Ilunis 
«s hi- . a U " B anrt P° n y "how Just as soon 
. bl * ""' tent arrive* 

ScIi.^mi Ai '■oWAxriR will Join Forepaugh- 
wits jj UuK lt MaJBkat0|p maa> Ju]y B# B 

ltUKb's Etnoi'KAN Snow Notes. — We 
closed our fourteenth week July 4, at Fred- 
ericksburg, Va., giving three shows during 
the day to capacity at each performance. 
At every stand, when It did not rain, we 
have showed to overflowing crowds. This 
Is our eighteenth season, and up to the pres- 
ent time has been the most successful Man- 
ager Reed has ever had. Although we have 
encountered swollen streams, bridges washed 
away, flooded lots, etc., we have reached 
every stand, except during April and June 0, 
we Inst shows on account of hard rain, hut 
tbe show moved every day since our opening, 
April 4, at Petersburg, Va., and we have 
been in the State ever since We arc now in 
Ihc trucking section of Maryland, where 
money Is plenty, and are reaping the dol- 
lars at every night show, this being the 
first big show In Ibis section in four years, 
mid we will remain here until close of the 
MMMI. The advance has done some clever 
contracting and routing under tbe charge of 
J. Geo. Htidglna, wlih three bill posters. 
What Is most remarkable, we have been Hie 
first show in this season and have not liiul 
any opposition since our opening date : In 
fact, the advance has not covered one sheet 
of paper belonging to other shows, untl! 
they reached Alexandria, Va. ; there they 
revered the Hnriiuiu & Bailey paper, this 
being the lirst tent show at Alexandria In 
several years. At both performances we 
played to the capacity and the concert was 
the largest this season. Everything around 
the show Is moving smoothly, not one change 
lias been m.ide since we opened, nnd we are 
happy to report host of health and good 
feeling — everyone working for our success. 
We now hiivc twenty-two wagons, with llfty- 
ftve head of horses, to move the show with, 
two single and one double teams In advance 
and curry a hundred foot lop, with two 
thirty foot middle pieces, slxtv by thirty 
foot horse fent. There are thirty-eight pciv 
pie with the show and we can safely say 
we have one of the neatest wugon shows 
traveling, although we arc some days away 
fioni railroads nnd boats, 
sentiments by the principal members of the 
circus company. It read as follows: "We 
the Undersigned Citizens of the World, and 
members of the Itarntira & Halley Greatest 
Show on Karth, desiring to appropriately 
celebrate Independence Day, lllu;), and to 
commemorate the birthday of the Amuse- 
ment King, James A. Bailey, have decorated 
nur canvas home in honor of a great country 
and a great man." Then followed a long 
list of performers with the show. 

Mn. and Mhs. Job W. Cousins have Joined 
tbe Walter h. Main Shows. 

Notes vnoiw Cait. Siewaiit's Hiii Nn. 1 
10 and HO Cbnt Shows, J. C. Shouts, mana- 
ger. — We are still In the Indiana oil fields, 
and playing to good business, and everybody 
Is well. We eat three square meals every 
day, and a good lunch every nlgbt after the 
show. Capt. Stewart Is at home at Fort 
Wayne. Ind., nttltie out his No. 2 show for 
the falra, which will open at Xenla, O., dur- 


We are still on tbe road, nnd business Is 
fine. Tho rainy weather was bad all through 
June and show neither made or lost- any 
money, but July, so far. has been fine. We 
hold our same performers that oi>ened wlln 
the show. 

Notes ml Indian Bill's Wii.ii Wknt. — 
We played Watcrbury, Conn., three days 
behind the Barnutn & Bailey Shows, and 
succeeded In turning people away at both 
performances. The actual number of paid 
admissions was 14,320 for the two iterforra- 
ances In that city. The side ahow receipts 
■were over $800 for tho day. As our entire 
advance force are union men, we had the 
advantage In the billing, and under General 
Agent Whlttler's able direction, we had the 
best showing In the city. Augustus Jones, 
manager of Indian Bill's Wild West, has 
purchased a valuable piece of proi*»rty In 
Florida. Tho tract embraces a handsome old 
mansion, stables, green houses, and fine 
orange grove. A. X Anderson Is doing the 
announcing, and has the banner privilege 
with the Indian Bill Wild West. In tnewt 
towns one can hnrdly sec the side wall for 
his large display of banners. Bill Ilrnlnard 
reports big business In his Oriental annex, 
with the Indlun Dill Wild West. He has 
Ave genuine Arabian dancing girls, and four 
Arabian musicians. ..... . „ 

W. W. BUOWN, of tbe Norrls £ Howes 
Show, had the misfortune to lose one or his 
lingers while the train was being loaded at 
Wallace, Idaho. .__ „,.., 

P. P. Chai-t, press agent of Indian Bill a 
Wild West, will again manage Conroy & 
Mnek's Attractions during the coming seo- 
aon. He will close with the Indian Bill 
Show Sept. 1. „ ,. 

Thb Cook Sistf.hs. somersault riders, re- 
port making a bit with tbe Pan American 


CANAD A.— (See P age 4«0.) 

Toronto The Howe Comers' Festival 

brought a great number of people to the city, 
and all the places of amusement did a big 


Mashkt MttHic Ham. fStewart Houston, 
mnnnger).— The Home Comers' concert. July 
::. was a great success. Thine MMM were : 
S. T. Church, Harry Hlch Jr.. Mw Uleken 
win, S. Homer Hutnn. Kale Archer, llora 
Illgglna. W. Francis Firth, Will J. White. 
Hilda lllclinrdson. Donald Mai-flregor. Ger- 
trude Black Edmonds, Jas. Fox, lereaa t Ian. 

fgiin, Geo. Smcdlcy. II. K. Arnot, Ditvld 
Jones, lOthrl Schohcld, Heauchamp B. Tes- 
seman, W. Unities, Walter Hoddls, Arthur 
Dancy, und Chas.' I-;. Musgrave.'s Point (Matt Dee, manager), — 
June 20-July 4 .played to big business, with : 
Crawford and Finney, Armstrong and Holly, 
Gaspard Bros., Minnie May Thompson, and 
Turton and llnswell. 

'MliNttoB Park (W. Banks, manager). — 
June 'JO-July 4 put up a good show, and 
played to good business, with : Clan John- 
stone, Crawford and Duff, Kelly and Mens, 
Cornle Ford, Maxtor and Connelly, Will and 
Dolly Falrman, illustrated songs, and the 


Winnipeg. — At the Winning Theatre 
(('has. C. Lindsay, malinger). — The Harold 
Nelson Company had very good busluess week 
of June Ml. Melbourne McDowell and com- 
pany opened n three nights' engagement 21). 
and have played to good bouses, presenting 
"Ijt Tosea and "Fedora." "Ileaiirrectlon 
Is the hill for July 1. The Wilbur Opera 
Company open a limited season of opera U. 

'Tin: Nohi.k Tiikathk Co. sill hold the 
boards nt the Klver Park .Summer Theatre, 
and is drawing good crowds. 

With je Bill Posters. 

Roster of the Golden Nugget No. 1, ad- 
vance car, of the Itanium A Halley Show. — 
I<ester W. Murray, car manager ; Oliver 
Lester, boss bill poster: Kdward Guyoa, as- 
sistant boss bill poster ; Joseph Currie, .lack 
"Kid" Sharp, K. L) Kirgun. Jos. Fitzgerald, 
Harry Cook. Thos. Burke, 10. Davis, "Shine" 
Berry, Jos. Huffhcs, A. Hamilton, Slg. Marsh. 
bill posters: G. Getting Fuller, one sheet 
ltonrd man ; I>. J. Sweeney, head litho- 
grapher ; 13. Hubbard, Wm. Merchant, Thus. 
Glynn, assistant lithographers ; W. It. Jacobs, 
programmer ; Clarence Herbert, chef; II. 
Ityley, assistant chef; Duke Burke, porter: 
W. Cocornn, assistant. On Sunday. June 2N, 
at White River Junction, the town men 

played the country men a game of baseball. 
The town men defeated the country men, 
allowing them only two base bits all through 
the game. The feature, nf the game was the 
baso running of Hubbard. 

F. H. Layer, manager of the hill posting 
plants at Plymouth. New Haven and Chi- 
cago Junction, (>., will manage the Opera 
House at the hitter place season of lUliu 4. 

Nick Petit, lirst vice president N. A. II. 
P. and B. of A., Is with the Mingling Hi-oth- 
ers' Circus as a twenty-four hour man. 

Local No. HI. N. A. II. P. nnd II of A., of 
Minneapolis, Minn., reports affairs In a pros- 
perous condition. The local Is only twelve 
months old and has already grown to con 
slderuhlc size, lis membership Increasing at 
each meeting. Joe Rosenthal, of the Fore 
pnugh-Sclls Brothers' Circus, Joined recently, 
and I. II. Mosaic, contracting agent of the 
same allow, was made an honorary member. 

Chas. McGinn, advertising agent of the 
Dewey, at St. Paul, who has lieen spending 
several weeks In Milwaukee, will take the 
road ahead of the Morris Carnival Co. for 
the rest of Hie Summer. 

K. II. Shaw, of Local No. 2. Is with the 
Barniim & Halley Circus, Cur S». 2. 

George Lucas, of Ijoeal No. 2, was In 
New York City July 2. He la with the 
Gentry Show, and was c» roufi: to Middle- 
town, N. V., where the show played :i. . 

K. I.. Coding, secretary of I.oc!il No. ||, 
N. A. II. P. & »., writes: "Local No. II, of 
Louisville, Ky., have Just closed a most 
pleasant week wllh I he Wallace bill posters, 
They are all good members, and It Is a pleas- 
ure to meet such men." 

5jj5jjj£ and minstrel 

Bl'i.i.a ano Raymond, after closing a very 
successful season with Hiirtlg A Seamon's 
Transatlantic Company, are spending their 
Summer at their home at St. James, I.. I., 
K. V. 


after closing six siiecirsaful weeks ut I'erlca's 
Garden Theatre, Memphis. Tenii., June 27. 
opcucd nt the Standard Theatre, Ft. Worth, 
Tex., for four weeks. 

l.oniiKTT. the dancing Juggler, who has 
been hooked on the J. W. Gorman circuit 
of parks for the bummer, opening last week 
at the Lake Park, Worcester, Mass.. Is booked 
up solid until June, 1004. He has a new 
novelty act In preparation. 


W. W. Kpperaon, manager. — Business still 
continues good at this popular resort. The 
following people were in for week of June 
20 : Italelgn and Beard, refined sketch art- 
ists ; Monroe, Juggler : the Orrs. novelty 
sketih team; Misses Karnnah anil Cartiif, 
Illustrated songs: Hurd, maglcliin, and mov- 
ing pictures. Raleigh and Beard niudn such 
an instantaneous bit that they were held 
over for week of July ii. 

'I'm; CiiAMiiEtiLAiNK. expert lariat throw- 
ers, have concluded a five weeks' engagement 
at llnmmerateln'a Paradise Roof Garden, Ibis 
city, nnd are Isioked III mid nenr New York 
City until Sept. Id. when lliey snll In open 
In Kurope, where they are booked solid lu 
the la-st theatres only. They play Manager 
llammersleln's house two more weeks, in 
August, before they leave tliU country. 

Our Great Semi" 
AnnualRemnant Sale! 

For $15 this year there is more value than we've ever hud fortune to 
give at any previous remnant sale. Half Ihe Spring season was washed 
away by rainy days, leaving us a larger stock of woollens than July has 
ever found 'Us withl These goods must give way to our big Fall imports, 
which are already at the Custom House. Tisn't a time to t|uibblc over 
losses and profils — we've halved cost on half our goods, There isn't a 
pattc in the sale that has a right to be made up for less than $20. Just 
as many arc $30 and $40 qualities. We'll fashion suits in just the same 
way that we've made them all the season, and the most and the least you 
can pay is $15. We'll make. coat and vest for $11, or trousers, $4. 


Broadway and 9th St, N. Y. 

fon SALE, Show Properly, good aa new, only 
used six weeks, consisting: 18x',Wr., uiarqiic, ooft. 
i>lg top. with 60ti. middle, lufL wads; iio.vtori. 
dressing room, poles, ropes, stakes, complete; 
carved band wagon, seals 13.,UiubIcIiiiis; also 
ticket, baggage, cook houso, chandelier wagon-; 
photographs If desired; our runs; 12 band uni- 
forms, circus paper. CHAN. I.KK'S GllKAT 
LONDON SHOWS, Wllkesliarre. Pa'. 

AT L.IBKHTY- Kor Winter Season Iliua-llKW. 
Band Leader with lots of experience. Sober and 
si i Icily reliable Best of references. Loud cornet. 
Responsible partlos only. Per Hddrosa W, H. 
e A V LOR. So. 2H11 Sonlli list., Kl wood, 'Hid. 

WANTKU-Sketch Team, Irish, Hutch, and 
B. V. Comedian who can sing, dance; also Cornet 
and Violin for Orchestra. Will' buy second hand 
Films and Hong Machine. 

W. J. MANnFIKLH, Towpvljle, I'enna 

WANTKD-SomersAiilt Dog, Wotting World, 
any gooil Store or Platform Show. For Sale, 
Kllius, Trained float. PROP. IIAHRV SMITH, 
Howard, Ph., July U-13; Beech Oreck 14, Hi, MIH 
Ball in, 17. 

WA1KTKD- Good All Hound' Comedian; hot 
after piece worker. Live In camp. Uliange for 
week. State ago and lowest salary. Money sure. 
Wire or write FRANK RAYMOND, Week July H, 
Blandlnavllle, III.; July la, Fountain Ureun, III., 
German Med. Co. 

Fair violin, Host'er and Properly Man. no fancy 
salaries paid. Must eal and sleep on lot and as- 
sist In general. Address KU. P. HAItl.n w, 
Uigan, Hocking County, Ohio. 

Kiiaxic II. ('Aim. Jirojeclcir of the Inde 
pendent Circuit of Burlesque Houses, an- 
nounces Hie following '.'Hies as among I hose 
In which t heal res liuve been secured: Bos- 
ton (Howard At hcmeuui i , Proviileiici-, Man- 
chester, Lowell, Full River, Hart ford, Bridge- 
port, Baltimore, Worcester fl,ntlirop'Mj. New 
llnvrn, Springfield, New York Oily. Brooklyn, 
Philadelphia, Toledo, Cincinnati. Indianapo- 
lis, Louisville. HiiiTiilo. Chicago (two houses), 
St. Louis nnd Cleveland. The companies 
Include : The Howard At IiPiiieum .Star Bur- 
lesque Co., Thoroughbreds. JuHv Grass 
Widows, Indian Maidens. City Club, May 
Howard's Itiirloaniicrs, New • II (jury Bur 
Icaqiiers. In Oay Puree. Wine,' Women and 
Song, Iiuzzler Kxtrnvagnnm Co., Big Sensa- 
tion. Bowery Mnsqucrnders, New York Girl, 
lntlnly Puree, Night Owls,- Innocent Beau- 
ties. Bro.idwiivBurlesiiiil'rs, Slaves of Opium 
Biiresqiters and Providence Belles. 

Stage mechanics. 

I. A. T. S. K. No. .111. recently held Ha 
election. Tho following list of ollleers were 
elected and Installed for the ensuing yeHr: 
President, <.'. F. Ntrlebeck ; vice president, 
['rank Jones: recording secretary. 1 Gus. Gue; 
financial secretary, Norman Farnsworth : 
treasurer, Wm. Connors; guide, Chas. F. 
Hchlegel ; giiurd, I0d. Curry. Finance com- 
mittee: Claude Marline, Chna. 1*; Hchlegel, 
Kd. Curry, John Tull and Sherman Perry. 
Trustees: John Bowlby, Kd. Billot and C. 
G. Miller. Delegate to Central Labor Union, 
at liidliiniipiillH, Ind., Chas. V. Sehlegel. 
Ileleitales to I. A. T. H. K. Convention, at 
Columbus, o„ PL Connors and Norinnn Fnrtis- 

Fred lluetuiiier, of the Shir Thcatri'. Mil- 
waukee, has Isreti Ininsferri'd to the Album 
lira Theatre, iim stnge nirpenter. 

Joseph Mencheii has contracted wllh John 
linbhltt. nf Cohoes. N. Y'.. for the construc- 
tion of n "MiiiiiiI I'elec." n sbo\y tbe hurlior, 
illy mill moiiiiliiln, 'nefnri', ilililfff; nnd after 
Ihe eruption, by means of electrical effects, 
nnd] similar to the production of the "Johns- 
town Flood." which Mr. Mencheii Installed 
•t Revere Bcacb, Uoitoa, Mas*. 

New Slot Machines. 

Klcclrle Light mowing .Machines now ready, fao.otl. 
Send for circular. J. II, (lasser, Webster, Mess. 

Face Singing snd Talking Comedian; HYIITIK 
wkavku, Swent singer; piays piano or organ, put 
on aois and make ilmin go. 

WW Vermont. St., Qnlncy, III. 

JIVaT NKIiIj AT OMtMtWtt. It. T. with im. 
M.; (in. side wall, cotiiplole and In A I condition. 

Iihjii Model Kliicio-cone, l.tskift. New Films and 
four sets Sung Slides, all lieav; one Parker Meelialll- 
cal Shooting Uallcry, Al coiidilloti, 

MIH, H, PKKI.BIt, Box Ilk Sa l lsliury. N . (1. 

WANTKD, for the Albino Family and Musical 
Wonders, Man and Wife igooil pcrfornieis , and 
maiiagrrs willing hi work, to lake ), Interest In mu- 
sical, concert, magic, Illusions and uiai'liinnlte en • 
terlalnnient. We I ravel liv wagon, plav small towns. 
PROF. W. II. McMI M.AH, Nacogilocdes, T exas. 

■KKTL'HIBH.TRA VKHTIKHanrl ovory form of 
vaudeville novelty written to order; high grade 
work. Joseph Knrsli»w, hvo Hultonwnod St., , I'hll a 

WA.VTj«i>, for Fowler's Uombuied overland 
Show, Ham Rlglit and Ida, Frank Drown and wife; 
other Performer*. Kat and sleep on lot. House 
wagons with beds In them furnished loallpor- 
formers. A. W. Fowl er, flryant. Ark , nnl'l July vn . 

WA«jT«lO— a.i 'rWUinl Mud. nluiw People, 
Organ Fakirs, Hoiihrolto up In acU. Work In tent, 
board III hotel*. Low, sure salary. Join on wire. 
If you can't Join don't wrlle. FRANK MF.LIIOSK 
(leu. Hcl., Clarksburg, W. Va. 

WANTKD, for llenilorson'a lllg Top Cent 
Show nnd Mcohrlne Co., organ Player that deea 
Specialties, Musical Acta; other Performers thai 
change for week, Fake Organ; must Join mi wire. 
Slate lowest. saUry. Kd. Henderson, Lorn City, 
Guernsey On , O hio. 

"ALUMINUM HAlli'AfiD HACK, played 
with gloves; slightly usoil: will sacrifice for less 
than half; cost tin; will ship for inspection pro- 
viding express charges arc paid. 

JOB jjjjjjgjR m S. stale St., Cb lesgo. 

If OH MA1.K— Illustrated oulig and SurpiiulHie 
lianee Outlli, silk Ureas, Stcreonllcon, Cloak Slides, 
n Sets of Sons Slides, Views, (Us Generator, |fio; 
Black Art Outlli. fP), Magician Painting, *s; Lot 
of Tricks, 110. Stamp or no list ' No postals. Mrs. 
Wm. Ijari, 41 Fran klin St., Ibi chestiir. N. Y. 

WASTKD, OPKihlATOll, for Moving So- 
la re*. Musi la> a thorough electrician. A perms - 
nenl. uiigagunienl in a reliable young man with 

flood reference*. Sive sgc, salsry and exissrlence 
n first Idler. THK LYMAN II. HOWK Moving 
Plctnre Co., soli Suulli River St.. Wllknsbarro, Pa. 

WANTKD, r"Oll IIHIillHUD'S Clrousanii 
Wild West, People In all lines, Male and Female, 
with or without stock; Sensational Features, 

Ground and Aerial Ads, Slater Acts, Hinging and 
Talking Clown*, up to ditto Hand Leader and Mu- 
sicians of ill kinds Cowboys. Cowgirls and In- 
dian*, Ropers, Mexicans and Crack Slims: would 
feature Lady sharpshooter. All acts suitable for 
above show, write. Lady Acta can always lie 
placed. All must do two ot more turns. Htateall 
with lowest salary and Join at once. Kducated, 
Trick and Trained Animal* of all kinds wanted 
(wild and domestic). Ilitlbtird'a Wild Weal, Phils- 
del pbla . Pa. 

"IrvlltiirBD, For tlio firth season of tho Hen- 
derson Slock Co., Man for Character snd Heavier, 
Al Comedian wlUl strong specially, capable of put- 
ting on one or more acts; Property Man for flen. 
HI/.., one doing spcclalUc* given preference; Piano 
Player, lady capable of suiall parts preferred. An 
engagement, with the company Insures Inngieason 
and sure money. Address 

BrPrUBI. Ht«ltM8H<m. raw rW. MMUf W I I. 

►'Oil HAUB-I.AIM will sell some handsome 
■treet and evening Gown*, Killing Habit. Bargains, 
aaj. OKSSAU, Z46 W. llulh St., 1st apartment, K. 


*HE NEW" YORK clippee; 

JtJU 11. 


The best Song df the year, arranged for orchestra as a shottische, will be the most popular n Umber this Summer for dances. 

are always Two Sides to a Story. 

Tliit Is the Song sung by LIZZIE B. RAYMOND in the production of 

What THE BOSTON GLOBE of May 26 says: 

There have been no material changes in the book of the comedy, but 
a number of new and very catchy songs have been added. Of these none 
made so pronounced a hit as "DOWN WHERE THE CONGO FLOWS,' 
which was sung by MISS RAYMOND in the- last act The song, which, 
by the way, is not the same as the one MARIE CAHILL sings in "NANCY 
BROWN," has a refrain with a swing to make it stick in the memory, and n 
melody of genuine merit. Last night it was given with unique scenic 
effects — a star sky in which a big silvery cresent floated and dropped out 
a little pickaninny, who "assisted" MISS RAYMOND in singing the 


We will send COMPLETE MEDLEY ORCHESTRATION OF THIS NUMBER on receipt of 10c, to all Orchestra Leaders. 

Popular and pleasing compositions arranged for Orchestra and Military Bands that are hits. 

Regular prices 50c. to SOc. each. Sent, post paid, on receipt of 25c, or any five for $1.00, 

Professional Copies to Recognized Performers. All those sending up-to-date 
'programmes. No cards recognized. 

633 Washington St., 


Mhxican (Ioi.hhn Hhiui Ciiiih Co. Notch. 
— \V» it i« playing tin* Summer resort section 

Of MIllllCSIllll. tO Uliml llllSlUt'NS. Hunter: lir. 

J. It. Hu'wuril. labile t.'ulllim, Chan. K. Ten- 
llfj, ■ UuIhj • CulliiiH, mill the Nix MuhooIh. 
At OsoklH, Mlim., Ori Steward chartered n 
ileum Ittiincli htul I'utoi'tuliiiil the followlug 
liietiiljerH or, the INinil Stock -On., who tire 
hpendlug the Summer nt Osnkls : Hurry U 
Schroder, l!eo. M. I* I'otlt, Lucille Wilson, 
(iiid Mr. and Mrs. N. TirrtWW, uf Alexandria, 
Minn. We retnrtied tit night wllh 11 Wis 
mrlug ot iinli ami hearty worda of praise 
for Dr. Stewurd a. a. host. Mm. Kildle 
Collins presented hi'r huHbanil wllh a buiiur- 
lug baby boy on June '.'(I. Mother and child 
doing well. 


are tonrlug Now Mexiro and Arizona, M 
route to California. Have been In New 
Mexico fiva weeks. playing to good business. 
Our company, ..ten In iiuiuber, la: Dr. v. h. 
Sloan, manager oud lecturer ; Joe Sloan, 
(reinsurer and Boubrette; l'erry Scott, black 
fare monologlst ; CIii-Ih. ChrlKtoidihr. Bluffer 
and violinist; Kay Abbott, banjo ami vocal- 
ist i Claude HesHPiit, niouologisl ; Auule Scutt, 
mimical director; Maggie. CurlKtopuer, wrlo 
romle; Mortimer Scott, buck nud wing 
dancer; Frankle Scott, our little ninscnr. 

Vxt Chafiw made a living trip to Ho- 
ilnllu, Mu., Oils week, ami bought a flrst 
rlniiH Pullman car from Then Kdwnrds. "A 
llabblfs Foot" Co. la doing big business litis 
season, under canvas, through the South. 

Hontrr or WmuiiT'H Carnival Co. Hand, 
under dlreetlou of Prof. O. \V. 1'lxley.— 
I'rof. O. \V. I'lxley,' nolo cornet ; C. K. Ilnner, 
hoIo cornet ; 1*. \V. Nutice. clarionet : John 
Hover, clarionet: liny to, lubn; (leo. 
Cady, baritone: Charlie Klwyn, slide troui- 
bolie: George Keiuljlc, slide trombone ; Mur- 
tlu Tenuey. auare drum; Fred ltnner, 
drum ; Fred Johnson, iucle|ihotie ; llahy 
rlrnoka, meieplioue. 


rtiiis ion hmki. 

clot* fair. S.H, », 10, 11 ; H.^T. White, secy. 

OUKOON-J-La Grande Fair, O. 0, 10. 
Portland, North Pacific Association Fair, S. 
21, W. The LlalleB Fair, B. 118, O. H. 

11I10DH ISLAND.— Kingston, Washington 
County Agricultural Society Fair, S. 8, 11 ; 
John A. Allen, secy. 

THXA8 — San Antonio, International As- 
sociation Fair, O. IT, 2a ; J. M. Vance, secy. 

WIBCON8IN — Amherst, Portage County 
Agricultural Society Fair. 8. IS, 10. 17, 18 ; 
A. 3. Smith, aecy. Appleton, Appleton Agri- 
cultural and Driving Association Fair, 2, 
», 4; M. II. Rurlenu, secy. Ilnraboo, Sauk 
County Agricultural 8ocloty Fair, 22, 23, 
Hi, 25 : 87 A. Polton, secy. Beaver Dam, 
Dodge County Agricultural Association Fair, 
28, 29, 80. O. 1, 2; C. W. Uftrvey, secy. 
ifelolt, lnter-8tate Association Fair, A. 18, 
10, 20, 21; D. II. Pollock, secy, lierliu, 
Clreeu Lake County Agricultural Boclely 
Fair. 25, 20, 27, 28: II. IS. atcdman. secy. 
Black Hiver Falls, Jackson County Agricul- 
tural Society Fair, 22, 23, 24 ; T. 0. Mown, 
B*cy, Bloomlnglon, nioomlngton Agricul- 
tural' Asocial Ion Fair, 10, 17, 18; Lincoln 
Abraham, secy. Cedarburg, Osaku County 
Agricultural Society Fair, 14, IB, Id : Jacob 
Diet rich, secy. Chilton, Calumet County 
Agricultural Sorlety Fair, 14, 10. 10: Ueo. 
A. Scliuinaker, necy. Chippewa Pulls, North- 
ern Wiscouslu State Fair,. IS, 10, 17, 18; 
Ueo. it. McCull, aecy. CumberlaDd, Cum- 
feeriana Agricultural- and- Driving Aasoclv 

AKsoclatlou Fair. 8. II, 11); J, A. Neltcs 
secy. Ollinvn, Central t'uuutla Agrlcull 


tlou Fnlr, II, 10, 11 : A. II. Larson, secy. Dar- 
lington, Lafayette County Agrlciitural So- 
ciety Fair.' A. 20, 2U, 27. 28 ; W. K. Collins, 
secy. Dodgevlllc, Iowa County Agricultural 
Boclctv Pair, S. 8. II, 10, 11; E. A. Klllott, 
secy. FlkUorn, Walworth County Agricul- 
tural Boclely Fair, 10, 1U. 17, IN: Samuel 
Mitchell, secy. Kvansvllle, F.vausvllle 
Agricultural «nd Drlvlug Association Fair, 
1, 2, :i, 4 ; W. W. Olllles, secy. Kllaworlh, 
Pierce County Agricultural Society Kulr, 22, 

23, 24, 26; l3. S. Doollttle, secy. Gnleavlllc, 
Trempealcuii County Agricultural Society 
Fair, A. 25, 20, 27; A. C. Hagestad, secy. 
Gay's Mills, Ceutral Agricultural nnd Driv- 
ing ASHOclktlon Fair, O. 0, 7, 8 ; M. G. Brlggs, 
aecy. Horlonville, Outagamie County Agri- 
cultural Society Fair, 8. 10, 17, 18; Louis 
Jacuuot, secy. Jefferson, Jefferson County 
Agricultural Society Fair, 22, 23, 24, 20; 

0. F. Hoessler, Becy. La Crosse, La Crusse 
luter-Statc Association Fair, 21, 22, 2a, 24, 
25; C. S. Van Anken, secy. Lancaster, 
Grant County Agricultural Society Fnlr, li, 
10, 11 ; (leo. B. Uudd, Becy. l.odi, Lodl 
Union Agricultural Association Fair, 8, 11, 
10; A. 11. Hinds, aecy. MadlBOn, Done 
County Agricultural Society Pair, 1, 2, S, 
4 ; M. w. Terwilllger, secy. Maultowoc. 
Manitowoc Comity Agricultural Society 
Fair, 10, 17, 18; Edw. L Kelley, secy. 
MeUford, Taylor County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair 22, 23, 24. 25; A. II. Peleraon, 
secy. Menominee, Dunn County Agricul- 
tural Society Pair, 10, 10, 17, 13; Ueo. Cut. 
lowuy, Becy. Mineral Point, Southwestern 
Wisconsin Fair, A. 18, If), 20, 21; Joliu 
W. Horn, secy. Monroe, Oreeu County Agri- 
cultural Society Fulr, 8. 1C, 17, 18; W. II. 
McGrnth, secy. Nclllsvllle. Clark Couuty 
Agricultural Society Fair, 1, 2, 8, 4; II. C. 
Clark, secy. Oconto, Oconto County Agrl- 
•"lltural Society Fair, 1, 2, 3, 4; J. P. Prank, 
■ecy. Phillips, Pierce County Agricultural 
Society Fair, 23, 24, 25; W. 11. Orahnm, 
secy. Plattevllle, Flattevlllo Agricultural 
Association Fair, 2, ». 4; C. II. Cribble, 
secy. Plymouth, Sheboygan County Agricul- 
tural Society Fair, 1, 2, 8, 4 ; Otto UaiTruu, 
secy. Portage, Columbia County Agricul- 
tural Society Fair. 15, 10, 17, 18; J. K. 
Jones, secy. lttclilnml Centre, Richland 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 2!l, 30, O. 

1 , 2 ; \V. F. J. Foflo, secy. Seneca, Crawford 
Couuty Agricultural Society Fair, O. 1, 2, 3 ; 
J. F. Sprostv, secy. Viroipiu, Vernon 
Couuty Agricultural Society Fnlr, S. 10, 10, 
17, 18; P. W. Alexander, secy. Wautouin, 
Wuusharu County Agricultural Society 
Fair, 23, 24. 20 ; W. 11. llerruy secy. West 
liontl, Washington County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, 17, 18, 10; W. P. Rlx, secy. West- 
(klil. Marquette County Agricultural So- 
ciety Fair, A. 17. 18. Ill, 20; Chas. U. Uos- 
mer, aecy. West Salem, La Crosse County 
Agricultural Society Fair, S. 1, 2, 3. 4; A. 
J. Philips, secy. Woyauwegon, Waupaca 
County Agricultural Society Fair, 22, 23, 

24, 25; Win. Woods, secy. 

Other FulrM. 

MISSOURI.— St. Louis, St. Louis Agri- 
cultural ABsoclntton Fair, O. 5, 10; John 
llsckmolster, socy. 

OHIO.— Beaver Fair, S. 8, 10 ; A. II. Wilk- 
Iuk, secy. Croton Fair, 0, 11 ; W. II. Sieg- 
fried, secy. Gruve City Fair, A. lit, 22; 
G. B. Darnell, aecy. Ulcksvllle Fair. S. 15. 
18 ; F. M. Blrdsall, aecy. Kinsman Fair, A. 
20, 28: II. J. Fobcs, secy. Napoleon, 8. 1, 
4 ; J. L. Halter, secy, ltlchwood, Trl-Coun- 
tv Fair, 0. 0, 0; 11, C. Duke, secy. Hume 
Fair, S. 24, 25 ; B, T. Mend, secy. Somer- 
set Fair, 0. 21, 22 : George N. Dcvlue, secy. 
Summorfleld Pair, 8. 23, 25 : C. II. Dew, Becy. 
Washington Court House Fair, A. 11. 14 ; 
Hell Allen, secy. Wellslou Fair, Jy. 20, 31. 

WYOMING.— Cheyenne, Frontier Days As- 
sociation Fair, 8. 2, 3, 4 ; Clarence U. ltich- 
urdsou. secy. 

CANADA. — I<oudon, Loudon Agrlcuturul 

" illes, 

umi Dmilile Slide Titmibolie, after Kept. ft. llenl or 
Asooclatlou-Falr,. 11, 19 ; li.-McMaUou, secy, - references. .-K.-W. WIlJiON, Carry, -1'a, 

It Is one tiling— umi a 
cosily one, If you live nt u 
illstnncc-to come (o New 
York, I b« metropolis, for 
your clothes. H in another 
—a now way, lo have Now 
lurk dollies enme tn you: 
niaitc hy a celebrated 
Krcuilwuy Tailor hi Ihe 
liilem. fashionable shapes 
umi styles. 


iasn perfect (hut he guar- 
antees ii 111 or no pay. 


with self meiMuromeiK 
blanks on our original 
plan, perfectly plain and 

MEN'S SUITS, tin, lu Kngllsh tweeds and 
Worsteds, Scotch Cheviot* and Suitings, Serges, 
Casslmeres, Tlilbei.s, Vicunas, Oxfords, Clnv Diag- 
onals— any sort you prerer, In hue patterns of end- 
less variety. 

The catalogue shows stylish business clothes at 
$15; also Cutaway Suits, Prince Alliens, Tuxedo 
and Evening Dress Hulls tit various prices up lo 
foo. Between tlicso two extremes wo uiui surely 
satisfy any reuHunable taslc. 

"We pay express charges everywhere." 

W. 0. LOFTUS & CO., 

Custom Tailoring only, lltttl llroailway, N, Y. 

M'ftiii l/iiu rfsK AVtto 1'nrfc cimis in unit tiiwt 
Mr. /.((rtiis. Our store fs ?icxf to JWcliir's fifth 
Arrniw Theatre. 

Is Edison and Lnbin Moving Picture 

FILMS from 31 UP, 

JOAN OP AUC, NIHIft. (like new) - .<C.ii.iiu 
PASSION PLAY (like new), KKlft. $55.0(1 
STi;UlH)ITItH)NS. - From ¥12.(10 up. 
CLOAK SLIDES, colored, - 25c. each. 
LONG 3L1DP.8, colored - 25c. each. 




All supplies. 11 Slot Machines, $150.11(1. 

138 E. 14th St.. N. Y. Tel. 3812— 1811). 



Achlrcss 1121 DAKOTA HT., I'lillaJelphla. 1'a. 



Orchestra Leader 


For a I tiildii., Hoail toiiijiniiy, l'lny- 

Inu City Dalii. Only, 
Tlmtcuu play brass (for stage only). Will i-ou- 
slilor itiilivliliiiil applications, and form i|iiurlcllc 
at. ruliearaals, Only sober, cxpcrlcoceil uud re- 
liable people nenl apply. Address, soiling vliico 
and instrument played, together with salary ex 
peeled. (Management pays K. K. fjires only.) Dale 
lirollicrs, please write. WlllTAKKK & NASH, 
Academy Theatre, Unlfalo, N. V. 

\A/ A IM T E O , 


Hast have two or more Lions, with traveling 
cages. Can nivc long season to rlglil pariv, open- 
ing Aug. 'JO. Weeks stands. City theatres. Ad- 
dress, Riving full particulars of act, lowest salary 
anil photographs t which will lie returned). Address 


Must, change week and make good. State 
what you can do and salary first letter. Don't 
waul, auy boozers. Preference to those who play 
organ. Salary low, but mire. Vaudeville under 
canvas. Hoard hoick, I p»y all expenses. 

HAROLD FLINT, buck's Harbor, Maine. 

Winttd, Musicians for B. and 0., Leader of 

Orchestra, Sketch Team. 
Mnstslng and dance and play small parls; Song 
anil Dance Comedian, Gen. Bun. Woman. Mu- 
sicians of all kinds, write. Week stands under 
cover. Our show, (lues South for Winter, show 
has nut closed for 4 years. Address 
. 0IIK8TBRGENTKR, Brazil, Ind., July 8-11. 


Of experience. Must be vonng. good looking and 
have plenty good, modern wurdrolHj. stale full 
particulars, ago, lielglit anil weight, ami semi 
photos. Uusl Join at once. J. F. AKNOI.D, 
HR r ;.<*HKO_U> BTOQg. CO.. Danville. Va. 

Hunt's Vaudeville Circus 

WANTS First Violin, lo Double Brass (Tuba pre-, 
rerredj; Clarionet for Baud and Orchestra; Acro- 
batic Singing Clown, and Strong Acts of All 
Kinds. No fancy salaries. Address AmenlA, N. 
Y., !l; Sharon, ct., 10; Mlllertnn, N. Y., 11; Flue 
l'lalus n. Annum 14. Be ready tn Join on wire. 

Wanted, TEHT About 30x45; Dust be 

Complete Add good as new, Willi privilege lo 
examine. Teui makers, write. Also gissl bint 
inilllllng. A.J. Webb, ilOgtleu Si., (ileus Kills, N. Y. 

Vtfsntntl Ull5lciail'... r '" ntt Vi0,ln < second violin, 
II0II1BU, BUSlliiaHS— viola, 'Cello, llasa, Flute 
Clarionet, Cornet, Tromlione and Drums, summer 
eugagemement. Address c. I)., 
46 Vauxhall Flats. Nashville, Tonn. 

SECOND HANDColCs Ttaiuf or 'Aiitoiiiollc Feed 
Arc Ump; also Itbeostat; must be cheap and In 
good condition. Write qulok. 0. B. SYK.KS 
Columbia Oat-den Theatre. Cortlant, N. Y. 

Will 10 Pitt OINI MI 


(-'are Satitelle Slinw, us |ht route. 

Lucile Addis, 

Juvenile Leads, Heavies. 

- Ter. Add., we W, o. W, Bld'g, Omaha, Neb< 



(lfp-lo-ilale In every detail.) 
Buck. Jig, Skirl, Novel Cake 
Walk,, Siuglni; and 
Ilug-Tlmo Songs, VaudevilK 
Art*. Klc. 

PKOK. I». J. It I DDK, 
Mbts Annie O'Day and uitiers. 
(Opcu all Siiiiuiirr.) 

I Indorse PROF. RIDOK as the unlv Fcrfnrmtr 13d 
Professional Danelng Teacher In Chicago. 

FRKD J. W1LDMAN, Theatrical Ageat, 

187 La Salle St., near Madison, Chicago. HI- 



B. F. COMEDIAN who cau put on uels and nuke 
them go, Irish ami Dntch Comedian, good SilcM 
Tarn. Must be versatile and change for one wert. 
Stale In llrst letter all jruu cau do. Say d )»° 
play organ. Must Join nu receiptor wire. Aildr.*i 
HON-DU-RO CO., LakewiHMl. K. J.^ 







llralncrd, Minn., or Two Harbors, alliin. 



M. IIUOOKS, LH)7 K. 14tli St.. N. V. I'l'T- 
Just the thing for vaudeville art lslsaiidirau-a«k 

people. Small and light bi we ight. 








POSTER for a season of as weeks; good sa»r 

every week; also to make himself .generally "• 

fill around the Opera Douse. Write lo. maiw ■ 


IMS Broadway, Riissel-Morgan^. >_Li- 

Wanted Quick, Canvas Man, to Take Charge 

of small lent ; 1 and a week stands. M 11*1 J*" 

uud reliable. 

Join on receipt or wire. Addrwj 
HON-DD-RO CO., LikewnodJ^^i, 

AND ALL THEATRICAL O0OD8. Scenery P»l nlw 
cheaply and quickly. Amateurs mippllcd. 
ohas. K. Ml LI A. «»T w. 4)«t St.. WawTg«gU 

At Liberty, 

.. j: , 

LADIES' OllCIIESTKA, 7 Idcces.slrlcll) I - 
Tor Vaudeville or Concert uork. Aiwui» 
L'AULKTON, ueueral Dcllv«ry,.Cape May, »• '• 





W© Will Spring 3 Couple of Houses Next Weak 







The last Eight Houses TUjC /M ICCADH Al VIVID I A t~*f\ JOHN J. STREAM, See. and Treas. 
will be run by Infc^LlrrUKUULYlYlrlA OU., ROUT. FULTON, Manager. 




The Howard Athenaeum Star Burlesque Company, 50 People. 

__ _ __ ._ _ " - — Al-S IO A COMEDIANS 4 










For Further Information Concerning the 
Independent Circuit, nddress the Projector, 


1364 Broadway, New York: City. 


S, 3, 4, 


Privilege, tu let. IH.OOO people lut yi-t»r. Address 

W. S. LOCKHM. Secretary. McDonald, Pa. 


The Bon Ton Stock 



WASTED A ^"""K Leading Man who can sine Illustrated songs, Leading Lady, llcavy Man to 
J i.r,!i, „ ' rtlrcct <"»«<!. tS B rn m Man. Character Woman, all must do spechilllj*; Jiivunthi Man. 
-,,,. h V°«»n. S. A 1). Comedian. 8. A D. Sonhretlc Willi Bironjr spcrlnltlcs, Man Willi ph lure 
iir'L,.- 0, , . ropcr 'J r M »" for small pans bi»1 spermines, Al Pianist, must be sift-hi raa^f^yd-ejil 
MLsr.!^ Aeci " who know s his buslnoss and is a hustler: all must l« good drosserson and otr. Dun f 
gfel or jou will lw closed llrat rehearsal. Season opens In August, rehearsal Aug. 10. 
-we owcatgHhiry. Pay your own. Send photos iiikI programmes, which will he returned, 
wrn h™ fcw "P™ w <**» »fi«T Jan. 1, 1001. Mar*. Olilo. Pcuna. ami .New \ i ork send In your 
"I" " lime. Address, l.y latter only, SAM CAHJLTOflf, Mgr. HON TON STOCK CO., 

Cure Wa rner Show Print Co., IIS I tauo Slreci, fnliaih'lphla. 1'h. rrcrt (.rey, nrlle. 


QRS!>ill brandies of the Circus Business, Kldc'rs vrilh their own stock, Oyinn«st^Acroli»ls. 

s ! iigii 1 Ar I , 1 "' B,ir »nd Bro. Ants. Contortionists. Wire Acts, Trained Animal *««■ *' I^ 1 *,"* 
n,'?i *4 WDl Advance Agent who can contract. Billposter*. I^adcrof (« Band, with np-to-dBie 
Sam SI Z ' wo Cornets, 1st or 2d 
Hr »rr" P J .?!"« .Who donblc Drum. 

»«*, etc. 

Nnihnc tocorrc 

a Lady Partner for Double Trapeze Act. 

''' ACCEPT A GOOD aSaTEI:K. KOT AKKAlli TO CO HUSH. (JihmI Salary. Answer quick 


• J. 8. Us ca'reof CLIITKH. 


reiiur*'.".".". - •*lsowsnlllluslonorlilSliowon nrr.ciilage. Would like lo hear from L»l» Cools. 

* Bl "i Machines ,bI1 kinds, wanted. Call or addrcs* F pi .kihi-kr 1'AI.ACK. Souili llearh. Slalen Island. 

Sjgg | QUICK, Al HACK FACE S. AND 0. i ' 

•■>•• w.i. ,',,/ tnr Ned. Show under canra*. Sahm ! 
w. alMier, ill., Callwuu County, 

JAPANKHK 1-i.KJlsTuK PALACK. Houih Hearh, Stalon Island. 

merry no-Boraq wmr nmtEBE. 

In Cm*! Paving Tatf; cheep. Address ; 


"A Boy Wonted" Co. 
WANTKI), tu rnmiilclc cast, Dutch Cmmtdlaii, 
Man ror Swell Hum Login i Men fur Light Cotn- 
I'dv, Cooil I'roduccr, H Soilhrcllcs, Slater Team. 
Those witli strung specialties and having BXOKL- 
I.KST SlNlilNli VOICES Bivm preference. Only 
Pianist, must lie sight reader and arranger. Stale 
ago, weight and height, lowest salary. PA Y OWN: 
Send photo, same returned. Rehearsals Aug. -23, 
noar New York. WANTED, to complete casl fur 
STOCK COMPANY, Leading Man and Woman. Qhar- 
aclefMun and Woman, Soiibrotte, and Actors for 
Cicuoral Business, Solo Cornel to double K or B Hal 
Clarionet, Baritone to double- Viola, Hlldu Trntn- 
iionc 10 double 'Cello. Want only Al People. Slate 
lowest salarv. Management pays board and Iraos. 
Rehearsals near St. Paul, Minn., Aug. 31. St. Co. 
gncstn Coast and rclnrn; S night stands only. CI'H 
RAPIER, Ell. BARNSTEAD JU., wire your address 
quick. C«n place Manager wiih dramailc nxpe- 
ricuec; must furnish 81,000 lldellty bond. I)ln»:l 
all correspondence io R. II. MUTTON, care tleneral 
Hollvury, rilca, V. Y. » 



toraody Ilia inn — Kttll I,lnc of Paper. 


A S'.insillloual Meliidnimn — to In Cast. 
.1. II. IjA 1'KAUL. 2H7> K lliilliina Sl„ l.'hlrago. 

Slot Machines 

hh; BARGAINS. Save tu io )'ju on each ma- 
chine piirc'liascd of us. Punching Mnrhlln-a, MS, 
worth J4.' ; Iron Weighing Scales. i'>. worth }.',<>. 
Loudesl of Talking Machines for drawing crowds. 
Elegant Oulllt, i-oiuplcte. whli twelve n-iords, J30, 
worth «A0. ROtlEltS mUt. CO., 

174 Lincoln St., Huston. Mass. 

Parodies, Monologues, 

4$">0 Woi'llk of C|>.lo-I)«t.' l|»l,rlul foi> 
10 IV ii n. CHAM. A. I.ollKIt ,uloj , I'ii . 

Standard Theatre, 


FRANK DEBEQUE, - - - Manager. 


Dancers and Comedians. 





l^^n.t>^i^g: (Stock Coi 




Address CEO. M. FENBERG, Room 305, Knickerbocker Theatre Bldrj., Now York. 




WAWTUIO-Coiueillaiis mid Oplo Date S|iei:laliv Peopli- of all kind*. YOUNfl, ACTIVKCIIHRim 
lilHUS, Leader who can iirraiiuu. Address A. C. KICII, Cam Al. Tanner, In K. Ulli St., N, V. CHy. 

For Gentry Show. 

Wanted, Repertoire People 

I.i'iiillnc I.aily Willi Wnrilrolii'. Appeuruuic ami Kxperlimee. Alsti Man to rijfrttktHk 
Thorn' Mini do n|HS'l.'iltli-H pri'fi'iri'it. We fi-uliui' sliiiuhii'il iIiiiiiiiih, put on mm ami 
Iwn I'.uch wi'i'k. St'inl iiliiilnui'iiplis. prnKi'ii in mi's, mid sny nil iilnmt yourself. 'I.'IiIm show 
baa Just ehisrfl livi- with* in Flmllcy. olilu. and pluyi-d n> ovi'r l.">7,00O |ieopli> during Ihn 
i'Iikiiki'IiiimiI. .Mnkp your Summer Miliary low. WluK-r ronlruilH will In' olti-nrd l« gmal 

(NMipIl'. Wl" IM'lll |irillll|. 1,11 HIT., Hill of sllllll'KH. 

1)11. \V. I. SWAIN'S TIINKAWAV fOM'KUT I'll.. Minn, Ohio. 
The Inrui-st irovelliiK Mi-illHne l'o. In tin- world. HciilliiK rnpnclly, 4.IMHI. 


■c or N. v.. 

Plans, wire. 

KlichnsMit, July II: Malnwo,', I 




lllo.lrai. il i,y llMinllVnlly Colorwl Hliilns, nspsi Ully <'o»ril nir hV CUsttm 
IH III A.\H, of I lie Ci.iuiiilnK'a Iiidlnn l'oni|ii'n, St ««|ilccliane 
■ ft, V. 14 mi.idkh. r.O CKN'l'H BAt II. 

for liy rif/niHirew'B 
l'aih, I'oiiry I. In nil, 

TKL.. :wl2-]sili. ALFRED L. HARSTK St CO., 138 B. Uih ST.. W. T. 

Big Sliow Acts Tippel m§ *Lliia^e*it, 

Twur, rriwuhoti*,- Al!«i 
»R9»'. »H«W»; OnrtUer 

, Antw.r SUN" I COMKHY Wt.Slf'Al. AKTlhTH, Invite olfiT-. lor ne*l neason. (IIMh ii 

Arts). Regards to out u'luier. 









aa^^ULH^MMOMMMW )■ n- I I II ■ ■ — .1 ■ ■ — i ■■■■ MMMMMM I I IMI MM Mil III Ml "- T **mm IMtfM *riMMMMM MM ^^mM^ MM IHMMI^HMM iMIWgl* llllFM ■"- " f 1 



h?t f s I NEW YORK CITY. 




A strictly Al, Tall ami Good Looking Mini for Lends. Must have the wry besi wardrobe. Tall Woninii 
tor emotional Leads am) Heavier. Hesl of wardrobe. Hlrlotly tlrnl class Tall Heavy Han, good Clmrai'- 
ter Woman, Comedian for Musical Act; hum |ilay plaihi and lie aide to direct orchestra, mid people In 
all lilies, with or without- specialties. KKMKMBKR— Wo pay siilurles every week (:lx weeks last season), 
and if you Imve not got the wardrolie, cannot net, ami ir you drink, don't write, as Incompetents, 
limbers and drinkers will be closed after the first iierrormauce. None tint tbe hest. wanted; others save 
stumps. Write at once. W. II. (tltAOKY, Manager, 

Hotel Km leseiie, Arkansas Ave. and Heaeli. Atlanliu Oily, N. J. 
MANAllERS— Week of .Ian. 4i>iien (or Pennsylvania. Weeks uf Fell, 'JB, March 21 and UK open In 
New York. Other Hine all BOOKED 801.111. 

Stimlay, July 19, Open 


Iluiul la pliiylng Willow Gmvd PurU, Philadelphia, until July 18, and 
Han I.Lmii k, 1*11., on July Mil. Add. ess ran Willow Grove, 



At Tampa, Flei., 

HAH CIIANOKD HANDS, and wawutihl lie pleased lo hear from 8KKTCH TKAM8, 
SINTKH 'I'M A MS and SINU1.K l.ADIKS by letter ur wlrn. 

joe schaggs, Buiinass M»moor. Q. HOLMES, Proprietor. 

A Great Show, a Winner 



Was produced at tin- Aeudemy uf Mink, Baltimore, anil matin n gi 
HecogllUed mannaem milium OI.IVKH C, ZIKOKUI.D, 

" YVIUIg's Music Store, Baltimore, 

great hit, 

One of the HITS al the Howard This Week, Who ? Why the 

■."-. GORDON SISTERS *«-„. 

With Their Bag Punching and Boxing Act. 

Alwavs working, and lntve signed Tor 42 weeks next season. NO OPEN TIMK. Tills diws not look 
as If we rilliM get no work. UUHUOH SISlBttS, 830 E. lain St., New York oily. 



Wanted, for Kempton Komedy Ko.'s 

Both shows "pen early ill Ann. near Kansas Oily, Ho. Versatile Loading Lady, Singing ami llaneluit 
Suuhrettfe, Man for l.enils. Heavy Man, Singing ami Dancing Comedian, Man fur ttenertil business t tint 
can do Specialties, 4 goml Specialties; must plav parts:2 clever Olillilren lo plav parts ami do Special- 
ll«H. Men, with Picture Machine; must have up I" date Pllma ami Slides. Tell all In llrtil letter, Send 
ohoto, Mill pronmm». Address liore, hut remember we OPEN near Kansas Olty.S 

t l„ A. KKMPTON, 14I17 Knox Court, Denver, Colorado. 

P. S.— Watch for "In n Woman's power,'' opening Oct. 10. 


Performers and Musicians to enlarge the show, People to double concert; also outside free atlr.oitous, 
b Vetch Teams to dontdc Dig show, Orpau Plaver for concert orchestra, Man lor ads. aud stand. State 
aUUratlctter. Addieas WM. TOUT, South River, N.J. , Jtily 9-11; South Ambov 13, 14, lj. 


tiRKK NSBOHO, N. <'. 

Week June 29, 1903. 

Cufielond nnd Cojieland. 
' Minnie Warden. 
Ki cil miller. 
Aln tile Palmer. 

Smile Hurt. 
Frank Clayton. 
Hall)' Dorla. 
Marie Clark. 

Frank William., Lender of Orchestra, 
■ ix pieces, held over second week. 

KUWAMll WKB.TI.KY, Manager. 
ED. Ill IX. K, Secretary. 





Nearly new. J. IV. HKNTI'KOW, Pinna, o. 
Al Repertoire People treated with ut all nines. 



Now ami Second Hand Stcrcopticous, KIIiiih, 
Souk Slides and Supplies. Picture machine* re- 
built with all Improvements. Rheostat* any volt- 
age. Mechanical effects for acta made, Expert 
repairing done. NEW YORK FILM EXCHANGE. 
N. POWER. Mgr., 117 Nassau St., New York. 

Ptiotie aauo Cortland. 

Will pay cash for Scenery that will siand road 
use; must lie In Hue condition aud cheap. Fine 
interim's, with practical stairs, statues, etc, drops, 
exteriors and landscapes, etc. Tell what you have 
and give price. Address 

READ Y CASH, care o f 01,1 PJ>ER. 



one that ciin teach t'nke Wnlk. Ladles tlmr 
wrote hefore ph-nse write again ; Itiimedlnte 
engagement : f> mouths: come over; lake IL'ird 
St. Kerry lo Jersey I'lty. lo Hilton, lothedoor 
— I.'. cents. Kitrle. Hotel Hilton. Hilton. X. .1. 



Wire or Write. FRANK Kl.l.KT. 

Cure of Wnlter 1.. Mnln Show, ns per route. 
P. S.— 1(. l,ozell. write. 

Street work: loud voice. Must make good. Wire. 
MOT SPRINGS KfcMLDV CO., O'liknsh, Wig. 

H. S. EJVB A1$RTT(3, Sole Owner. 

WILL E. CULHANE, Manager. WM. H. CHACE, Bus. Manager. 

WANTKD-Mu.i clans, Couiedlans, Vocalists, Dancers. Strong Wnvellj- Aril, 
Property Man to Double llruaa. Forty weeks. bealn m New Verli 
Aug. 10. oprinij. Slate -very lowest aulary, age, height, weight, Wepny"" 
expense*. Stop at hotels. Address 

WILL E. CULHANE, 158 55th St., Brooklyn, N.T. 

^W A.JV'TKU, £^OR 

Military Carnival and Circus 

AVSPICKS id RKtll'., Ti. «. N. Y., YOVNQ'S GHOVK, TROY, N. Y.. JULY i<i'i-'< 
midway, Shows. Free Acts, Prlvileuen and Games, Ferris Wftwli 
Ulggest thing In New 1 ork State this seusun. Address 
^ WM. E. DOBBINS, Manager, Armory, Troy, N. ^. 



No. 1 Rep. People in 111 Linos. 

Preference Riven those with specialties. Wunt Band Leader and all People Putting HMMi wH» 
state ail In llrst letter and be ready lo join li.v wire. This company travels In own prlvale car. .t»t»f> 
low, lint sure. , J. PKK8COTT, Mgr„ Boone, loaa- 


Stetson's Big Uncle Tom's Cabin Cos., 

For Winter season, People In ufT lines, Imlli white and colored. Also Strong Feature r»r parade. 
Agcuis, Proifratuiiiern mid an Kleel rlclan who can play brass In hand. Address. I>y letter only. 

_ _ _ _ LKON W. WASH lilJKN, Manager, 214 W. 4'Jcl Street, New V>rt. 

P. S,-fleorge Harris, send me your address. 




WANTKD-A1I kinds or Tent, and Side Shows, Merry Oo 'Round, Swings, IVrrls Wheel, etc, '«' 
rent or pereeulatfe. Uljr Free Atiracllons wanted. A.ldress . . 
HWARU U. WHl'li:, lTOMarkell St., Patcrsnn, N. J. Headquarters onoli dally j*"*— 



Kiiropean Novelty Acrolmtlc Dnncers-lnvlte Olfcrs for Xext Season. 209 East 141 li St., New VnrliW- 



ATT L BE B^TT^ Singing nnd Danclue Ir sb C 'ouiedla u. I l« d 
CSki ST ^* ^T r ^ * "" eood pans. (Would Join, good dngius 

dauilng comedian for aketchj. JOE KENXEDV, 105 E. 49th St., N. X. City. 





Engaged as SPECIAL FEATURE with ihe HENRY E. LEE VAUDEVILLE CO., Season 1903*04, Management off LAWRENCE WEBER. 

(Our Encasement Arranged by WILSON «fc PLIMMER, No. 853 Broadway, N. Y. City.) 


s> B.-CUWT WJHOW U the man. Who booked u. with HYDK'B COWMP1AW8, Nmm IOOQ-s. three years* sngsgeraent. 


jig ger Parts, 6<c 

Below we g' T « * Hat of Slimmer park., 
Jt garden, and other resort, where vaude- 
T.. dramatic or operatic performance, are 
I ,«• or are Hkely to be irlTen : 
', VfRfiv —Lakeside Park, Barry A. Hawn, 
'Ker fiSSoU Park. Harry A Hawn, 
£in!i« : The florae. Harry A. Bawo, 
ElSager; »"■» "*• Park', L. G. Lee. 

hjunY^'N. Y.— Lagoon. Island. John P. 
A Webei ''manager: Island Park, P. Bern- 
rtda. inanaier: Klnderaook Park. 

*'fflj ttiwiger: Central Park, Manhat- 
Sp«fc *WllW Grove Park, BRteravllle 

itwoNA. Pa.-r^Wopsonouock Park (near 
*AlWnel,'Ukemon7 Park Theatre. 
iNNISTON, Ala— Oxford Lake Park, How- 

«rd W. Seiton, manager. . . . 
ASHEVILLE, n: C— Electric Park, C. W. 

i8 HJ^N"'^y.-CIyffealde Park, Nat S. 

iTHOL' Mas&rook.tae Park, ,W. D. 

.AfVSMj n*. t. . m. 

Poole, manager; Ponce De Leon Park. 

j. 0. Boss man, manager; Piedmont Park, 

(■'flat Lake Park. 
ATLANTIC CITY, N. J.— Guvernator's The- 

aire James J. Sheeran, manager ; Fortes- 

«i. Theatre. James IVO'BHei. manager; 

Columbia Garden, Empire Theatre, Doyle's 

Paflllon, Auditorium Pier, Casino Gar- 

ue», Young'a Pie* Theatre, Steel Pier, 

ocean Pier. 
ATCHISON, Kan. — Poreat Park, J. A. Ben- 

dure, manager. „ _. , 

AUBUKNDALE, Mass. — Norumbega Park, 

Carl Alberte, manager. 
AUGUSTA, Ga.— Monte 8ano Park, Geo. 

H Conklln, manager. 
AUSTIN, Tex. — Hyde Park, Austin Electric 

Railway Co., managers. • 

BALTIMORE, Md.— Flood's New Park The. 

atre (Curtis Hay). Wm. L. Fltsgerald; 

manager; Klectrlc Park, Hollywood Park, 

Hirer View Park. ■' 

BAY CITY, Mich.— Wenona Beach Park, 

Frank Burt, manager. 
BAYONNB,. N. J,— Washington Park, Free- 

mm Bernstein, manager. 
BKAVKR, Pa.— Junction Park, W. B. Mc- 
Callum, manager. 
BELLEVILLE, III.— Hufl'a Garden Theatre, 

K. I).. Clifton, manager. 
BINQHAMTON, N. Y.— Hose Park. J. P. B. 

Clark,, manager : Ross Park. 
BIRMINGHAM. Ala.— East Lake Park. 
BOONE, la.— Whltcomb Park. 
BOSTON, Mass.— City Point Pavilion, W. H. 

O'Neill, manager. 

BRANTFOKD, Can.— Mohawk Park, Charles 
VY. Burrlll, manager. 

BRADFORD, Pa— Clarkslde Park. 

BRIGHTON, .Pa'.— Junction Park, Beaver 
Valley Traction Co., managers. 

BRIDGEPORT, Copo.— Avon Parkv Joseph 
W. W em, manager ; Pleasure Beach, D. C. 
Blbeaa. manager. , v 

BRISTOL, Tenn.— Clifton Park, Oliver Tay- 
lor,' manager. '- 

BRISTOL, Conn. — Lake Compounce, P.- P. 
Shea & Co., managers. 

BROOKLYN, N. ■ Y.— Brighton Beach Music 
Hall, W. T. (irover, manager; Henderson 
Music Hall, Coney Island. • - 

BRYAN, Tei.— Kernole's Park. 

BUFFALO, N. Y.— Lelns' Park, Crystal 
Beacb, Elmwood Beach, Elmwood Beacb 
Co., managers. ' 

BURLINGTON, la.— Ferris Wheel Park, 
Madison Avenue Park, 

BUTLER, Pa— Alameda Park, W. B. Mc- 
Callum, manager. 

CALUMET. III.— Houghton Co. Street Hall- 
way Park, 

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.— Charles River Park. 

CAMDEN. N. J.— Woodlynne Park. 

CARLISLE, Pa.— Cave Hill Park. 

CARTHAGE, Mo.— Lakeside Park, Midway 

CBDAB RAPIDS, la.— Athletic Park. 
I AIU.B8TON, 8. C.— Chlcora Park. 

CHARLRBTON, W. Va.— Beecbwood . Park. 

CHARLOTTE, N. C.— Lottn Park Audito- 
rium. ■■•-.. 

CANTON; ©.—Meyer's Lake Park, Geo. W. 

„, 'oiinils, manager. . , 

CHESTER, wrva.— Hock Springs Park, I. 

n.tlv*' Mw ell, manager. 

CHICAGO, III.— Ferris Wheel Park, L. V. 
Rice, -manager; Son Soucl Park. Alfred 
Russell, manager ; The Chutes, William H. 
Strickler, manager; Masonic Temple Hoof 
1 lieal re, J. J. Murdock,' manager ; Coli- 
seum , Gardens, Electric Park, Bunnyslde 
Park. ■• 

CINCINNATI; 6.— Chester Park, I. M. Mar- 
tin, manager; Coney Island Park, Wm. K. 
Clarke manager; Zoological Gardens, C. 

nin? WlHlsms; manager. ■ 

£ f;AH LAKE, Ind.^-Tuxedo Park. . ■ 

Ji'EAHFlELD, Pa.— Clearneld Park. 

•l.tVRLAND, 0.— Garden Theatre, Chat. 
J;- La Marcbe, manager; Euclid Beach 
Park, F 0re 8t Clt , p 4rk Manhattan Beach, 

..fjjjjjyorth's Gardens. 

COLUMBIA, B; C— Hyatt Park, Smlthdeal 

rvSrSJteShi manager.. 

COLUMBUS.. Ga.— North Highland Casino, 
"tenon and Springer, managers; Wild 
wood Park, Peterson and Springer, man- 

C 'W.UMBU8, o.— Seuaefer'e Garden Thea- 
tre trank.BCnaefer,. manager; Olentangy 
■C*t*S ank Burt, manager; Minerva Park, 

Ji™* Hurt; manager. 

,SSSgBABT-LAKE"T Pa.— Exposition Park. 

t0 ''NING, N. Y.— Painted Post Park, Bron- 
son Park. 
rtifc BLUPPS, la.— Lake Manawa Ca- 

CUHTia BAY, Md.— Flood's New Park. The- 
h' C ? R Pik. N; H;— Contoocook Blver Park, 

$}'&' Te *-- ; <!ycre Park Theatre, C. ». 
DAMMinS"' »">«ger. 

a2?« RY ' <^»mVK«ho»la Park, F. A. 

shear, manager ' ■ ' 

"ANVILlb, Vs.— Electric Ca.lno, C. W. 

«nanattr?"* 8r: El6 ? tr ! cP » rt » °- *• Neul ' 
Haytom I, ' b ^ I«'--Schueti.n Park! ' \ ■ '< 

Kii° Ni O—Lakeslde , Park, James A. 

j'^'.pannger; Falrvlew Park Casino. I.. 

Burt m »nager; Lakevlew Park, Frank 

n^^g4^ ban P ' rk * "• J 

■^SaSSif' Be^h. Blltch 

BRTRo?i N ^ 8 r J«— Ingiwoll 
Derby * -«'«»•— Stock's Blverslde 1 
Dovrb' S"»nv— Hoosatonle Park. 
i»rd raa H._ central Park, F. B 

''^'"OTY.-Cenlral P.rk, W. B. Mc 

.. Park. 
Blverslde Park. 


BAST HAVEN, Conn.— Momaquln Park, 

. Jas. A. Blake, manager.. 

EASa* ST LOUIB, 111.— Edgemont Park. P. 

H. Traband. manager. 
EAST LIVERPOOL, O.— Bock Springs Park, 

W. B. McCallum, manager. 
SI-GIN, III.— Street By. Park, National Park. 
ELMIRA, N, Y.— Bldrldge Park, E. M. Lit- 
tle,; manager; Queen City Gardens, M. U 

Sullivan, manager ; Borlck*. Glen Park, 

Henry V. Dixie, manager. 
EL PASO, Tex.— Washington Park, Frank 

S. Byan, manager. 
END1C0TT, N. Y.— Casino Park, J. P. H. 

Clark, manager. 
EVANSV1LLE, Ind.— Oak Summit Park. H. 

O. Moran, manager; Meaker Park, Frank 

Burt, manager. 
FALL klVBR, Mas.. — Mt. Hope Park, 

Lincoln Park. 
FINDLAY, 0.— Sam BeeveB Park. Geo. C. 

Blcbards, manager. - - 

FLINT, Mich.— Thread Lake Park, Campbell 

A lugersoll, managers. 
FT. W>YNB. Ind.— Robinson Park, A. L. 

Scott, manager. 
FT. MADISON, la.— Ivanhoe Park. 
FT. SMITH. Ark.— McCloud's Park. 
FT. WORTH, Tex.— Grunewald's Park and 

Pavilion, P. C. Grunewald, manager; Her- 
mann Park, Tyler's Lake and Pavilion, 

Roof Garden Theatre. 
FREDERICK, Md.— Athletic Park. 
GALION, 0.— Seccolum Park, Frank Burt, 

GLENS FALLS, N. Y.— McGregor Park, Wm. 

II. Buck, manager. 
GLOUCESTER, N. J.— Empire Pavilion Park, 

Jaraea E. O'Brien, manager. 
GLOVERSVILLE, N. Y.— Sacandoga Park, 

C. H. Ball, manager. 
GRAND ISLAND, N. Y.— Elmwood Beach, 

W. J. Ziegele, manager. 
GBAND LEDGE, Mich.— The Seven Islands 

Park, J. S. Mudge. manager. 
GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.— Godfrey's Pavilion 

Theatre (Reed's Lake), Chas. G. Uodfro;. 

manager ; Ramoaa Park, Frank Burt, man- 
ager. . 
GREEN BAY, Wis.— Hagemelster Park The- 
atre, Street Ry. Park. 
GREENSBURG. Pa.— Oakford Park, W. B. 

McCallum. manager. 
HAMILTON, O.— Llndenwald Park, John W. 

Foster, manager. 
HAMILTON, Can.— Sherman Park, Wm. B. 

Sherman, manager; Sherman's Garden, 

Wm. B. Sherman, manager. 
HAMPTON, Va.— Buckroe Beacb, C. W. Rex, 

HABRISBURO, Pa.— Paxtang Park, Felix 

M. Davis, manager. 
Hartford, Conn.— Capital Park, .P. J. 

Casey, msnager. 
HILTON, N. J.— Hilton Park, Louis Schulti, 

HOLYOKE, Mass.— Mountain Park, William 

R. Hill, manager. 
HOUSTON, Tex.— Magnolia Park, T. D. 

Casey, manager. 
HUNTINGTON, Conn.— Pine Rock Park, J. 

E. Sewell, manager. 
HUNTINGTON, W. Va.— Camden Park, Nat 

8. Smith, manager. 
IRONTON, O.— Beecbwood Park, Nat. B. 

Smith, manager. 
ITHACA, N. Y.— Renwltk Park, Gen. Lcary, 

JACKSON, Tenn.— Highland Park, Woer- 

ner & Tuchfeld, managers. 
JAMESTOWN, N. Y.— Celoron Park, Jule 

Delmar, manager. ■ _ • 

JERSEY GITY, N. J.— Jersey City Park, 

F. M. Gordon, manager. • • 
JOPLIN, Kin.— Lakeside Park, Fraqklln M. 

Smith, manager; Olympla Park. 

KALAMAZOO, Mich.— Lake View Casino, 
Samuel Mlttentbal, manager, 

KANSAS CITY, Mo.— Electric Park, Saro 
Benjamin, manager ; Troost Park, Fair- 
mount Park, Frank Burt, manager. 

KENOSHA, Wis.— Central Park, Peter Steln- 
-bacb, manager, 

KENT, O.— ITIecrle Park, I. B. Moffotte, 

KEOKUK. la. — The Casino, Edmund Jueger 
Jj„ manager; Hublnger Park 

KILLINGLY, Conn.— Wlldwood Park, Wor- 
cester & Connecticut Eastern By. Co., 

KINGSTON, Can.— Lake Ontario Park, H. 
C. Nlckle, manager. 

KOKOMO, Ind.— Athletic Park. 

LAKE MABSABESIC, N. H.— Lake Massa- 
beslc Park. 

LANCA8TEB, Pa.— Rocky Springs Park, 
Coneatoga Park, Woolworth Roof Garden. 

LANSING, Mich.— Grand Ledge Park. Has- 
lett Pane 

LA PORTE. Ind.— Tuxedo Park. 

LAWBBNCE u Maas.— Glen Forest Park. 

LEAVENWORTH, Kan.— Electric Park. 

LEBANON, Pa— Mt; Gretna Park. 

LEXINGTON. Ky.— Woodland Park, James 
R. Banta, manager. ... ■' _ „ 

LIMA. O.-McCuflough Lake Park, G. M. 
MeCullough, manager; McBeths Park, 
Daniel O'Brien, general manager. . . 

LINCOLN, NEB,— Lincoln Park, 8. H. Burn- 
ham, manager. . _ . 

LITTLE BOCK, Ark— Glenwood Park. 
Club Park, M J. Winn, manager; Phoenix 

LONDON. Can.— The Park, A. E. Carr. man- 
ager; dprlngbank Park, Frank Burt, man- 

I.O^G r BBANCH, N. J.— Pleasure Bsy Park, 

George S. Starling, manager, 
i LOS ANGELES, CaT— Chutes Park and ZOP. 
Henry Koch, manager. . ' • 

LOUISVILLE, Ky.-fllnawebPMk,8umniers 
Bros., managers ; Shady Side Park. C. r. 
Rn^esrmanage;: New Louisville Jockey 
Club Park, MTJ. Winn, manager; Pbamlx 
Hill Park, Cbas. A. Weber, manager. 

LOWELL, Mass.— Wlllowdale Park, Lake- 
view Theatre. . 

LYNCHBURG, Va.— Rlvermont, Park. 

LYNNFIELD, Mass.— 8untag Park. ,• 

LUDLOW, Ky.— Lagoon- Island Park, J. J. 
Weaver, manager. " ', 

MACON, Oa.— Crump's Park. 

MANCHESTER, Conn.--Laurel Park. 

MANCHESTER N. H.— Lake Park: „ , 

MABCUB "HOOK, 'Pa.-Llndenthorpe Park. 

MARBLEHEAD, Moss-Seaside Theatre. 

MARINETTE, Wls.-Lakejlde Park, Marl- 
nette Electric Light and Street Uy. Co.. 

MABSABESIC, N. H.— Massabeslc Pavilion. 

MAY§ VILLE. Ky.— Electric Park, 

McKEESPORT, Pa.^-Olympla Park. 

MADISON, Me. — Lakewood Park, H. o, 

MANfsTEE an vnch.-Orchard Beach Casino. 

Will 8. Knsell, manager. • . 

MANSFIELD, 0.— Casino Park, H, R. Endly, 

MBADVILLE. Pa.— ««*S<>od Park. 
1IBDK0HD, Mass.— Combination Park. Hick. 

Brothers, managers; Boulevard Theatre, 

J. W. Gorman, manager; 
MEMPHIS, Tenn.— East End Park. 
MERIDEN, Conn.— Hanover Park. 
MEBIDIAN.Mtae.— North Park. 
MRNDON. Mats.— Lake Nlponlc Park, B. W. 

MtDDLtloW" View Park. 
mIodLetown; N. Y.— Midway Park. 

MILFORD, Mass.— Mendon Park. 
MILWAUKEE, Wis.— Coney Island Park, 

Senilis Park. >■ • 

MI8HAWAKA, Ind.— Century Park. 
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn.— Lake Harriet Park, 

W.-J. Hleld, manager. 
MOLINE. III.— Prospeot Park, 
MONROE CITY. Ind.— Park Washington. 
MONTPRLIMR, Ind.— Pyle Pork. " 
MONROE. Micb.— Johnson's Island, Oeorge 

Waht, manager. 
MON'IKEAL, Can— Sohmer Park, Uvlgn. 

A I.nlole. managers. 
MT. VERNON, O.— Lake Hiawatha Park, B. 

T. 8ellg, manager. 
MUSKEGON, Mich.— Uke Michigan Park. 

W. R. Reynolds, manager. 
MOBILE, Ala.— Monroe Park, Mike McDer- 

mott. tnnimgt'r. 
NAHANT. Mass. — Shay'. Summer Theatre, 

J. J. Sbay, manager. . 
NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Glendale Casino The- 
atre, Yeatman C. Alley, manager; Natural 
Park, Frank Burt, mauager: Sbelby Park. 
NEW BRITAIN, Conn.— White Oak Park, 

P. L. Terry, mauager. 
NSWBDRG. N. Y.— Glenwood P.rk, Chas. 

Plsher. manager. 
NEW BURY PORT. Mass.— Salisbury Beach 
Park, E. P. Bbaw Jr., manager; Plum 
Island Park, E. P. Shaw Jr., manager. 
NEW HAVEN, Conn.— Savin' Rock Park, 

James A. Blake, manager. 
NEW ORLEANS, I*.— West End Park, New 
Orleans Ry. Co., managers ; Orpbeum Ath- 
iftlc Park. East Bids Park. Mllnetrur. 
NEW BRITAIN, Conn— Rentcbler'a Park, 

White Oak Park, 
NEW PHILADELPHIA, 0.— Bass island 

NEW CASTLE. Ph.— Oaecnde Park, W. B. 

Mh'hNiiiii, manager. 
NEWARK. X. J.— Electric Park, «'. B. Dun- 

ion. general manager. 
NEW BEDFORD. Mass.— Lincoln Pork. I. W. 
Phelps, manager; lakeside Park, Rntcklon. 
Mlddleliorn & New Bedford St. Railway 
4'o.. malingers: Pone Bench. J. W. Cunning- 
ham, .manager; Marine Park, John I. Shan- 
non, manager. 
NORFOLK, Va.— Buckroe Beacb Casino. 
NORTH ADAMS, . Mass.— Uoosac Valley 

NORTH BEACH. N. Y.— Deuplln's Casino. 
OAKLAND, Col.— Oakland Park. 
OCEAN CITY, N. J.— New Oeean Pier. 
OCEAN VIEW, Va.— Ocean View Park. 
OIL CITY, Pa.— Smttbuou's Park. 
OGDEN, U.— Glenwood Park, C. H. Klrch- 

ner, manager. 
OlyCOTT, N. Y.— Olcott Beach, Harry Per- 
ren, manager. « „ 

OLD ORCHARD, Me.— Sea Side Park, J. W. 

Gorman, manager. 
OLEAN, N. Y.— Rlverburst Park. 
OMAHA, Neb.— Krugs Park, Courtland 

Beach, Lake Manawai 
ORANGE. Mass.— Brookslde Park, Orange 

Street By Co., managers. 
OSHKOSU, Wis.— Electric Park. 
OSWEGO, N. Y. — Oswego Park, 
OTTAWA, Can;— Victoria Park. 
PADUCAH, Ky.— La Belle Park,: George W. 

8cban*er, manager. 
PALMER, Mass.— Forest Lake Park, P. F. 

Shea A Co., managers. .... 

PARIS. III.— Reservoir Park, H. Dollarhlde, 

PARKEKSBURG, W. Va.— Terrapin Pork, 
ParkeraburgMarletta A Inter Urban Ry. 
Co a managers. 
, PATERSON, N. J.— Passaic Falls Park, 
Harry Kouclere, mauager. 

PHNSACOLA, Fla.— Kupfrlcan's Park, V. J. 
Vldal, manager. ■• ' 

PEORIA, III.— Pfelfer's Palm Garden, Chas. 
G.' Pfeifer. manager; Stone Hill Garden, 
Terminal I'ark, Prospect Heights Park. 

PBRRYSBURO, O.— Eden Park. 

PERTH AMBOY, N. J.— Old Homestead 
Park, Lester J. Underbill, manager. 

PERU,! Ind.— Boyd Park, J. A. Ewlng, man- 

PETERSBURG, Va.— Ferndale Park, Martin 
L. Semon, manager. 

PHILADELPHIA, Pa.— Chestnut Hill Park, 
H. B. Aucby, manager; Woodslde Park, 
Frank Howe Jr., manager; Willow Grove 
Park, Union Traction Co., managers ; 
Washington Pork, Wm. J. Thompson, man- 
ager; New Central I'ark, H. D. Le Cato, 

PHOENIX', Arl.— East , Lake Park Theatre, 

F. W. S tech an, manager. 
PHILLIPSBURG, N. J.— Cedar Pork. 
PITMAN GROVE, N. J.— Alcon Park. 
PINEY BEACH, Va.— Imperial Theatre. 
PINE BEACH, Va.— Imperial Theatre, C. 

W. Bex, manager. • ' . 

PITMAN GROVE, N. J.— Alcyon Park, 0. 

W. Carr, manager.- 
riTT8BURG. Pa.— Inter-Urban Park, F. J. 

McDonougb, manager. 
PIQUA, O.— Midway Park, C. C. Bank, man- 

PLAINFIELD. N. J.— Calvin's Park, Jantos 
A. Galvln, manager. ■ ..." 

PLYMOUTH, O.— Beaton's Park, 8. H. Sea- 
ton,- manager. 

PORT HURON, ,Mlcb.— Lakeside Park. 

PORTLAND, Me.— Gem Theatre (Peak's Is- 
land). C. W. T. Qodlng, manager; Btv<>r- 
• ton' Park, D. . B. Bmltb, manager; Port- 

. land Theatre, Cape Theatre (Cape Cottage 
Park). Underwood Springs Park. . . 

POTTSTOWN, Pa.'— Kinging Rock. Park, 
Ralph IC. Sbaner, manager. 

POBTBMOUTH, Va.— Columbia Park. 

POUGHKEEPBIE, N. Y.— Upton Lake Park, 
Blverslde Park. . , 

PBOVIDENCB, B. I.— Roger William* Park, 
R. A. Harrington, manager; Rocky Point 
Excursion Grounds, R. A, Harrington, 
manager; Chestnut Grove, C. A. Potter, 

PUEBLO, Col.— Grand Stand Park, Joseph 
D. Glass, manager. 

PORTLAND, Ore.— Shields' Park, Kilwnnl 
Shields, mnnuger. 

QUEBEC, Can.— .Montmorency Park, I. W. 
Baker,- manager; Tlvoll Gardens, A.- O. 
Brman, manager; Savard Park, Kibbltlou 

READING, Pa.— Carsonla Park, 0. S.Gelger, 

It I : V ERE, Mass.— Point or Pines. William II. 
O'Neill, manager; Crescent Garden, Wil- 
liam H. O'Neill, manager. 

RICHMOND, Vs.— Westbampton Park, W. 
Francis Thomas, manager ; West Eud Elec- 
tric Park, B. Prlscbkorn, msnsger. 

ROCHKSTFflt, N. Y.— Ontsrlo Beacb Park, 
J. J. Collins, manager. ' 

ROCKFOKD, III.— Chautauqua I'ark, Frank 
Burt, . manaser. 

ROCK ISLAND, HI.— Black Hawk Watch 
Tower. ■ • ■ 

ROCKVILLR, Conn— Snips! c Park. 

ROME, Ga.— Mobley Park, J. B. Marvin, 
manager. _, _ 

SAGINAW. Mich.— Riverside Park, John B 

- McCartbey, msnsger;, Jeffera Theatre, 
Remford « Marks, managers. 

SALEM, Mass.— Garden Theatre ( Salem Wll- 

, lows), Summer Theatre (Salem Willows), 
J. W. Gorman, manager. 

SALT LAKH CITY, U.— Lagoon. Park, J.'B. 
' CrUcblow, manager: Salt Palace, Mltalr 
Eeach, Caldsr'a Park. 



Send for New Film Supplement, 'No. 17.1. glvlug titles and descriptions of Over 
Hue Hundred New Subjects. Following are a few of (lie latest : 

Shamrock III and Sir Thomas Liplon's Fleet 
Leaving Scotland en Route to America. 


Little, Willie's I-nst Fourth of July. 

Illuming Rocks In Harlem, 

Soup vs. B lucking. 

London Zoological Garden. 

Rattan Slide and General View of Luna Pnrk. 

nihilities of Venice. 
Street Scene lu Hyderabad^ 
Klug Edward's Visit to Paris. 
Eating Macaroni lu the Streets of Naples. 
"Feeding Pigeons. In Front of St. Mark's 
Chinch, Venice. 

Ilnpiir Hooligan's Fourth of July, 
Washerwoman and Chimney Sweep. 
Dnvlight Burglary. ". . '. 

Shooting the "llaplds," Lima Park. 
Mury Jane's Mishap. 
The Vatican and St. Peter's Church, 

Home. . .. 

King Edward and Presltlenl Isiubet Hcvlew- 

Itig French Troops. : ■ i -, 

Egvpthiti Fnklr witli Dnnelng Monkeys. 
Egypt Inn Boys lu Hw I in tiling Knee. 

Ediion BxhlUtlM linitucof »', 1 11 5.00. Ediien Klieteieipi, 175.91. 


Ursagt, M. J.. It. I, A. 

llllblll. M ANUf AL I LlHINb LUMrnNT, new yw* ..Tki.t hi cimmur, Bt. 

OFFICE FOR UNITED KINGDOM: 53 Grays Inn Road. HoIlmiH, London. W.C.. England. 
. . EUROPEAN OFFICE: ,TJ lleiiipnrt Sulul Georges, Antwerp. Belg. 




1 OI'fll'AL CO... 

.41 r 

'.'1st St., New York City. 
..VJ Stale St., Chicago. III. 

Il,'t:i Market St., Hull Franclscu.Cal. 

SAN ANTONIO, Ter.— Mirth's Garden, Wil- 
liam Muth, manager. . \, ' 

SANDUSKY, a— Cedar Point' Park, 0. A. 
Boeckllng, manager. 

SANDWICH, Can!— lagoon Park, B. H. 
Itotbwell, mauager. 

SAVANNAH, Ga.— Tlvoll Park, Thunderbolt 
Park, Savannah Street Railway Co., inaua- 

StiltANTON, Pa.— Laurel Hill Park. 
SEATTLE, Wash. — Shields' Park, Edw. 

Shields, hinhngei'. 
SKDALIA, Mo.— Hednlla Park. 
SELMA. Alii.— Elkdnle. Park, W. R. Hall, 

manager ; Riverside Park, W. It. Hull, 

manuger : Rlvervlew Pnvlllnn, II. K. L. 

Nell, manager. ■ i . ..--• » 

SENECA FALLS, N. Y.— Cayuga Lake Park, 

W. C. Gray, manager. 
SHARON, Pa.— Dewey Park, 
SINGAC, N. J.— Grotto -Park,' Harry Rou- 

clere, manager. 
SOUTH BEND, Ind— Bprlngbrook Park, J. 

Mc.M. Smith, mauager.- ■■.•..• • 
SOUTH FKAMINtlHAM, Mass.— Lake Wan- 

ahakum Park, Wm. H. O'Neill, manager ; 

Wayside Park, Lake Mendon I'ark. 
SPENCER, la,— Arnold's Park, Arnold A 

Boardmao. managers. 
SPOKANE, Wash. — Shields' Park, Edw. 

Shields, manager. 
SPRINGFIELD, Mass.— Hampden Park, P. 

J. Casey, msnager; Suburban Park. 
SPRINGFIELD. O.— Spring Grove Casino, 

L. J.. Dalle, manager ; Uprlngfleld Lake 

Park, Geo. W. Rounds, manager. 
STAUNTON, Va.— Highland ■ T?irk, City 

Street Car Co.. manager..' ' 
BTBUBBNVILLfl, O.— Stanton Park, T. 8. 

Molleaton, manager. 
ST. JOSEPH. Mo.— Lake Contrary Park and 

Casino Theatre, E. P. Churchill, manager, 
ST. LOUIS,, Mo.— Lean's .Park, John L. 

Wallrapp. manager; Mansion's Park, Men- 

nlon Bros., managers ; Forrest Park High- 
lands, Delmar Garden, Universal Park. 

Eclipse Park, Koerner'e Park,' Oakland 

Gardens. Suburban Park. ' 
ST. MARYS, 0.— San, Soucl Park, V. 8. 

Sebmld, manager. . 

ST. PAUL, Minn.— Como Park, W. J. Hleld, 

manager : Wlldwood Park. 
ST. THOMAS, Can.— Pinafore Park, O. 

Staeey. manager. 
STONBBOHO, Pa.— Lake: Bide Park, 8. W. 

Dermltt, manager. 
SYRACUSE, N. Y.— Lakeside Park. Iron 

Pier Park, Elmwood Park, Klectrlc Garden. 
SYHACUSl:. N. V.— Lakeslile Pnrk. Mercy A 

Corrolo, proprietors ; Pier Park, Elmwood, 

Electric Garden.'...' . ■ <• ■■ 
ST. JOSEPH, Mlcli.-^-SIIr«r Hencll, Freder- 

Ick E. Howe, manager. ;,.. 
TAt:OMA, Wash. —..Shields Pnrk, Edv. 

Shields,' mn linger. ■■ i.- 1 ' • • 
TAUNTON, Mase^-Nlppenlcket Uke Psrk, 

I). F. Ubou, . muuager; Sabhatla Park, 

Lakeside Park. Dlgh to ii Rock' Park. - 
TEHRB HAUTE, Did,— Robinson's Psrk, 

Frank Burt, manager? - 
TOLEDO, O.- Lake Erie Park I and Casino, 

Frank Burl, luasager; The Farm. 
TOPEKA, Kan.— Vlnewood Park, F. G. Kel- 
<• ley, manager.. 

TRENTON. N. J.— Spring Lake Park. 
TORONTO, Can. — HsiilutTs Point, Mini Dec, 

niniinger; Jliniro .pink, Win. Ranks He, 

lllllliugec. ■ ■ 

UT1CA. N. Y.— Caslm. Park. Frits Brand, 
manager.; Vltlca Park, ■ Utlca and Mohawk 
Vy. Hy. Co,, managers. 

WAKEFIELD, Mass.— Quannapowltt Park, 
Charles W. Eddy, manager, ■• i 

WASHINGTON,' D. Vi~tjtW View and Ex- 
cursion Resort, (lien flcbd Park. 

WASHINGTON. Ind.— Street Ry. Park. 

Theatre. ' . "t. i J .. 

WATF.BBUBY, Conn.— Forest P.rk. W. W. 
Hanns, manager; Lakewood Park, Belle- 
view Lake Grove. 

WATERVILLK, Minn.— Totonka Park, Jos. 
Robblns, manager. - n 

WATERTOWN. N. Y.— Glen Park. • 

WEBB CITY, Mo.— Olympla Perk. - 

WEST HAVEN. Conn.— Savin Rock Theatre. 

WESTFIELD/ Mass — Warnuouo Park. 

WEST ORANGE, N. J.— Esgle Bock Psrk, 
John Cox, mauager. 

white hear Lakh,.- Mri*— wtidwood 

Park, W. J. Hleld. manager i Lake Shore 

I'ark, White Bear Beach. 
WILMINGTON. Del.— Khelipot i'ark, T. B. 

Malln. msnsger ; BrantlyWIne Spring Pork. 
WILKEBBAKRH, Pa. — Keystone Hummer 

T beat re. . 
WILLI AMSPORT, Pa.— Vallamont Park, N. 

Appeii, manager. 
WoIiCEHTER, Mass.— Lincoln Park. 
WACO. Tex.— West End Hummer Theatre. 
WHEELING, W. Va.— Pork Casino. 
WINNIPEG. Chii.— Illver Psrk. Thomas II. 

'Morris, manager; Sherman's Garden, Wm. 

II. Slier inn n, inn linger, i ..... 

WOODSTOCK,. ..Co ii. -i Fair mount ..PUrk, Tom 

H. Walsh, manager, . .• 

YOUNOSTOWN, 0.— Idora Park, B. Stan- 
ley, manager ; Ferndlffe Park, Frank J, 

kfrDonougD. insusger. 
fANHSVILfJEi. O.-Grani Park, L C. Few 

ler, a4na|*r, ■ .. . rm 


Comedian; must 1st versatile. Also Organist. 
Week stnmls under lop. State what you can and 
will do ami lowest salary. We are playing around 
Chicago. Tickets for short Jump. Dr, Geo. Lester, 
Bencher, I II. ■ 

KOHlAhK or Kent, Mechanical Wax figures, 
Illusions, Pine Hnakes, Marloneltes, Paintings, 
Htuffed Animals, Show St utr. Send utarap. I buy 
Hhiiw MlnlT. J . I). BWKBT , Atlantic Oily. N.J. 

KIMU; smallest III the world. ... ■ 

II. II. LANKY, Beaumont, 
— — — — I I" iM" 1 " 


"At tlio Parcel (.'onnter." Copyrighted by 
J. II. Sleele, Snrluglleld. Mnss. . 

"By Woman s Wit," ft comedietta, In one 
act. Copyrighted by Walter II. linker A- (Si., 
Boston, Mass, 

"The llniid of Fate," nu original four act 
inelmlriunii. Coiiyilghteil by E„ M. Sim- 
iuoikIs, New York. 

"Klug Capital," n comic <ijM>rn, In three 
nets. T.'opyi'lghted by J. M. Lcveipie and 
Henry Wehrmnnn, New Orlenns, La. 

"My Pretty June," comedy. In four acts. 
Copyrighted by Florence Hopkins, -Phila- 
delphia. ... 

'The Revolutionists," a comic operu, In 
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mid William UooduTl, Ilnlleil Slates. •■ 

"Robert Hums;" 'ait historical romantic 
dranui of Ills life, In four ucts. Copyrighted 
by t 'lu v t.»ii Lcgge, New York. 

"A 'J'oiH-h or High Life." flnpyrlglited hy 
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"The Village Burglar," a four act rural 
comedy ilmiiui. Copyrighted by La Verne ' 
A. Hnilier, Pleasatitvllle. |>u. •' 

"A Yi«r and a' Day. 1 ' Leon E. Francis, 
Chicago, III., owner of copyright . 

"HeMne," on Eastern romance. . prologue 
and six acts. Copyrighted hy J, Arthur, , 
Pel ham Mn nor, X, v. 

"Virginia Lee," a four act Southern 
military piny. Copyrighted hy Hurry P.' 
tl'Meiillo, Jersey Clly, NV J, 

"The' First Kentucky,'' a war droiDq. 
Copyrighted by Wllllnm W. Gordon, Hose- 
dole, Kan. 

"At Duty's (.'nil," n dramatic composition. 
In prologue ami linen acts. Copyrighted 
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"Disputed (iroiind." Il Western ilruuin. III. 
four, acts. Copyrighted by K. S. Webb, Nciy 
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"Her Fatal Hlii," n inelodrnnm, In four 
acts. Copyrighted by C, W. Fonda, Spring 
Held, Muss. - 

"Her-Flrst Step." Copyrighted by Chariest 
E. Hlauey, Newark, N. J. ' ' r ■; " 

"Dlltlei WiKMlen HIiimvs," a mimical coine- 
dleltii, In one net. Copyrighted by Wllllnm 
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"Mii>. Peggy o Nenl Esliin." ni piny,' in 
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Chicago, HI. 

"Molly Darling," a piny, In Hired acts. 
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"The Si i|er /ilrls;'' a riniielcnl.' Comedy, 

In two arts. Copyi'lgliteil by G. E, Hall anil 
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"Frasipilln." II comic, opera, In three- nets. 
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"The Idle Horn," « jiliiy, In rour acts. 
Wrltlea nii'l coiiyrlglilnl by Reginald Do 
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('lilted Hlnles. ! 

"The Sultan of Sulii,"' nn original satire; 
In two nets, li/ George Ade. Coiiy righted 
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"The lluffnlo Mystery." it piny, In frmr 
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"The Temple of Hymen/' a ramie opera, In 
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"The While HllHerAy." a sixteenth cen- 
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"Dimmed for Life," n drama, la live nets. 
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"Ellglhles," n rnmedlettn. In one act. Copy. 
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"Among Southern Pines, or Ihe Daughter 
of the South." Written nnd copyrighted hy 
Itol«>rt W. Hperry. Bridgeport, Conn.- 

"The Quest of the Queitarre," n musical 
comedy. Written and copyrighted by 11. "E. 
Russell, EvauKton, III. 

"The Hafron Trunk," .comedy. In four gets, 
•Written and copyrighted by Bather B. Tif- 
fany, Cambridge, Mass, 



July n 

ffyv 'A^^fpAV Asn>, Kpj*bpi3>Ai?* ^Ai^%|?lif^^ B f#^^'^|^^^ 


t.**. .-.i 

^ • si *».' 


«X AC its s l.y Ml.i SADIE ClAIWON M. IM.N AM., Phenomenal Conical to, tt«l Mil.. MILDRED HANSON, Soprano Extraordinary, In the Moil Sensational BLACK FACE ACT on the American Stag. Today, Enim t(l 


Ihe wardrobe of the finest and mart expensive design and produced l,y llnydon ' and Uowley, New York City. Scenery and alt electrical uflecU l'»l««««. »"'»* ""m^VTV.^^J".??" * "'*"■» 
Btodlo, Brooklya, (». V. Automobile designed and l.ullt by Waverly Automol.lle Co., Indlanupolli.Ind., That's nil. Watch us grow. That', all. Onr Sole Agent, WM. JIOUIUH, W. 4HO. St., iy. y. u , y 


■viFThava known each other a long time and have oonoluded to combine our Mutual Inter Jsta. For our Initial Enterprise, we have purchased 7,000 acree of Comedy Land upon which wehav. 
erected a Fun Factory; a regular Flat Iron Building of Laughs. We have a few Joke Building Lots for Sale. Next Beason we will dispense Ha Has witft Fred irwins MejeaHci. 
WB HAVE A FEW BUMMER WEEKS OPEN. For America's Representative Irish Comedy Stars, address , 

2 AMERICAN MACS 2, Metropolitan Hotel, Broadway and 27th St., New York. 

When Yon Are In Need of Money 

, CALL AT . 


SQil Pint Avenue, 

lirt. Mill and 15th hi*., N. Y. 
II Makes No Dlllercnco How 
Larue or finish tho Amount 
Required, or What. tho Article 
You Wish to Fledge, You Can 
Ho Better nero Than Elsewhere. Exceptionally 
Literal I/>ans to tho Frofossloii. (londs Forwarded 
to AH Parts of the United Stares and Canada. 
A II Pledges Kept One Year. Established SO. 

LATE EDISON liwa Model Project] lug KltMclC- 

scopo; 3 sets sonif slides ami ten tint' Wins; f loo 
only; only used :j litticn. Chas. Iluv, Cumberland, Mil. 

music "composed and~aTuian6kT> 

For any Instruiooul or onmnur of Instrument*. 
Bongs, wordBandmuslo.skclehcs.eto. Sond stamp. 
0IIA8. L. LKWI3, 43B Richmond fit,, Cincinnati, 6. 


4U and 51 W. iiStli Street, N. V. 
DIDP1IUC Sloieoptleons,.Song, Toning and 
DHnUrtlllO. RIToet Slides, List for Hiamp. 

WANTED, FOH V. S. ARMY, Competent 

Hand Mtislolans, aldit bodied, unmarried men, be- 
tween ages of 21 and OS. citizens or Hulled bintcs, 
of (I"'"! eli&racutr atul tcinpurat r lialiltH, wlio can 
speak, road, and wrllo English. For Infuriuallon 
apply H> Rer.rtilHiiK Olllcer, 73 Hanover St., Hus- 
ton, Mass.; T.< Third Ave,, Now York CTtv : .'Mil Pill- 
' i hi Si,, Brooklyn, N. V.; 613 llroitdway, Albany, N. 
V.; Main and .Seneca Sis., Buffalo, N. V.; Unstable 
Building. Syracuse, N. V.; L'lltl Filbert St., I'hlla- 
delpliU, Ha.; wt WchI Fayette St., llHltltnorn, Mil.; 
.too West Fourth St., Cincinnati, Ohio; 82. Weal 
MudlBim SI:, Olileiign, III., or Third and Olive Sis,, 
W. Louis, Mo. 

WANTMD- Vaudeville Team. Sketch- ArusT, 
etc. Correspond at. onto with the underpinned. 
Two show* a wock, Wednesday and Thursday. 
Suite act, tonilH,«tc. 
C. P. IIA1I.K, Mur.BIJon Theatre, St. JoHopli, Mo. 

CASINO TO LEASE, for balance of summer 
Hc.iaon, at Summit Lu'vo Park, Akron, 0., very 
rcBBonablolemiH, Kvorylltlngllinniuglilyciiiilppod 
up to (late In first claas style, ready for id/, on a 
moment's imi ice, Oapacliy 1,000. A ureal npeulUK 
lor elicirl cast repertory, comic opera or farce 
comedy. Oilier httsltKvs requires alt of our nine 
anil altenUoii.nuil want, nemo good company of 
recognized alilllly and merit to handle, the caslro. 
for ?urtJicr Infiirmallon anil full particular!! ad 
tireii MKHCIIKS BHOS., Akion.O. 

best lino of. goods fur loast tnonoy. Ships, pipes, 

wines, silvers, pens, baby hollies, tubing and '■arte. 
1'rtklrH* Miippllea, .Write for prieea, Chicago Vial 
A Mf g, Co.. 1633 Wait L sko .Stre et, Ohloago, III. 

FIT, 18x20 and inxll tenia, now lift, roped lopaMl 
tin'Mom Bldewnll (HMlft.), stage, Rials, pnlea, cur- 
tains, cola, iKiiblliig, 3 burner gasoline stove, cook- 
lug titonslle, dishes, table, etc, Used 4 weeks. 
( takes Ihc com pic to outfit. Address, THE 
DILLONS, 44 S, Market SI., Ml. Cariuol. IViin.; 

PLAIN IfOR ItEPKltTOIItE— The follow- 
ing plays can bo arranged for by responsible Rep- 
ei'lolro Oonipiihlcs on very low royalties. They are 
all tried succcssea, mid nave, always made good. 
The; are not. old plays under new lilies. "Mary, 
Oijnim of sools," "Ttiolmn," " Res u man inn," "Tho 
Heiiiitlful Slave," "The I'lanlor'a Daughter." "A 
Filial Marriage," "Tile Sultan's Daughter," "A 
Btuliclnr's Housekeeper," "The Story nl a crime," 
"Under the city's Lights," "A Mllle HltsylMidy," 
"The liunmiikerof Moscow," "Nun the Beggar's 
Daughter," "Annette the Dancing llirl," "Jack the 
liiaiil Killer," "LIIHe lied Riding lined/' "Cinder- 
elln," •lAlui.lrlln,'' and ethers, all short easl. Hnii- 
brotle and omot lonal londs. Have also Hie farce rem- 
edy, "The Doctor's WarmRoooptloit." Address The 
Brooklyn Play Bureau, A4.K. 7th St., Brnoklyn, N. Y. 


lisinl Madt) Iiseo Dreasna ntatlo to order. Made of 
gold, silver, blnck, ctcBitl or ecru. Braid* and 
leweled -If preferred. Alto Lace Slippers, Hats, 
KlAchus, Stoles, Berllins, mid all kinds of trluiiiilug. 
Mend oniera at once for eomlng season and later. 
Mile. Shepherd, 14 W. 4ih St., :id limit , Cincinuail. 
Klilo.'nnlil Septeinliei'. 

AT LIBERT Y-.Sitiuiiior anil next aeasiui (hit 
oriiil Violin and Trombone!: Lady Pianist also. 
Write • F. M. tiKITIK.-Mt. Sleilln g. III."; 

HOWORTirS Tableaux of Kiln, 46 beautiful 
see lies of Ireland, 4 Irish Comedies, CostumeB for 
Living Pictures; coiuoantlaee It; good, like now, 
i-eadv for road. JOHN HOWORTII, 1311 libation St., 
Maiden, Moss._l^ir Snir_ Ohoap. 

PARROTS, Monkeys, Dogs, Squirrels, Calm- 
rloH, Fish. The largest variety of live slook In the 
world always on hand. THK ATLANTIC AND rA- 
I ilFIC BIRD CO., 214 E. Madiso n 81., Chic ago, HI. 

open for engHgenients; good show town. First 
Class Small C\i. wHle to FHKD I |. TROUT. 


Should apply for lowest rales of piisssge. e.vehiinge 
and full particulars at the Gxchange otllce, «3 

Knst Mill St., 41BKMANSAVINt.'SMK.BliDll.,N.V, 
B slsbllshed 26 reals. . 

~A. OO4IDRI01I, LAWYKK,U1 West Msdlson 
SI., Uhlcago; eslahllshcd 1804, Unsliiess legal and 
qnlct. Branches and facilities In other Stains. 

Fill! SALE- - 'Lithograph-' I cent each, tin 
leileied iiu---lluuiir spaee; Vaudeville, It*- pi r- 
mire, Biulet.jue, Drauuim, i>|wra semi ti Iw 
100 sample*. Opera House counsels 40c. per Ida. 
iJ, DAVKNlWl'i m V, Y«U UUIVU St.,VlUVI>l(«i 


:': r wibLTKIL YOH ALL ABOl'iT 


Five dlll'ercDl kluds or dye; three kinds of Water 
Color Scottcry, and new Ideas 111 frauicd alull. 
Don't be foolish. Write Us before placing eiders. 
We will deliver In NKW YORK, 


■■ 2321 Walwsh Avenue. Chicago. 


Character Heavies and Old Men, 

Address No. Ydl Boulevard SI., Baton Rouge, La. 


Throe Good Tom Dogs and 
Two Monkeys. 

Address BOX 1S2, NIAOARA FALLS, X. Y. 



Find class Ooriicllsl lo Double II. A O.; iilsnTrom 
hone to Doiihlu 2d Violin. Address II. L. UOLTON, 
care of Onrnoll llo ne erl Com pany, Anderson, l ml. 


70ft. 11. T., 30ft. Middle Pleco, 'lufl. wall; one fAxftu 
square top, 7ft, wall," nil ciunplcle; ready to set. up. 
up. 20 lengths ol Blues ti Tier Iron Brackets. 
Address M. N.STONK, Corry, Fa., 

Cam I'mnvsh Dralmillt: >'". 


SHOW NO. 3, 

Snkl Men, Canvas! Men and llaxnr Hacks. Address 
W. ft. TAKKINOTON, Munagor, per rotilii: 
cflliftiieelady, N. Y., 0; Saralngu 10, Whlteluill II, 
Rutland, VI., 13. 


At reliable man, to lour lite Weal 
li'ng It. August. Must give one hour 
tci'lalmuiiiil. Write all. 

J. s. HA lit 

No. ::i.1 Hudson Av 

lieglli- i 

'3 Cll- > 

iflMAN, > 

Bh Chlcagb. S 



Roman Sivord Comhai and (.'anient Ball .higglers. 
Mlle.Su/.luelln Is Iho Only Cannon Hall .hig- 
gler lit the World. Free Attraction, Mitchell's 
orlgjuai lloy itl Carulvsl Co. 


Wan) ttood Hen. Bus. Man ami Properly Man. 
WardrolK 1 and speelaltes. 0|vn In Aug. Stale all. 
WILL II. l.QIJK K, Mound City, Mo. 


TDK DANCKR. She Is less limn 4fl. high, ItaRii gmul 
iippcaraitceaiid perfect llgurc. Now open for alien- 
gageiuenl with a good company. Address 



SKKTGIITKAMS that do doubles and play organ. 
Musi change fori) nights, everybody cat and sleep 
in i-iinni. Tell all you do llml letter. 
MINNETONKA MF.D. CO.. Nemaha. Sac Co., I». 


6. SHIndhELM, Theatrical Wig 

M AKKR. flood work for low prices. 
118 West Jtilh STRKKT, New York. 
Send stamp for price list, 


Pel r.iriuors III All Unes except riding. Must Join 
on wire. Can place niusli-hiu* at all limes. I.KK 
Tl loMPW'X, Mgr . fnritoOlretw, Xurwalk. o. 

Address _^_ CjKO. 0KOVB8, Ciimoerlanil. Md. 

WANTED, PARTNER with fSIKI lo $1,000, 
to bike .'« hiterest In New Farce Comedy Co, spe- 
cial Paper and Seencry. Hooked solid IW-I. Co. 
organised to open Aug. Eier.v thing imnpeie. 
Add. Farce Coined v Co.. Hlllbosvd, Clclnnatl, O. 

WANTED, (lood Lecturer, Coniedhius, Tor 
Med.' Show. Sober and rcllnhle. No llckols. Mrs. 
Susie Tlminas, HrccDSbiirg, Westmoreland Co., Pa. 
Med. Show, 

WANTED, l-'or Vara A Nyo\ Vaudeville and 
Medii'in* Fhi.w, A I Xkoich Team, man ami wile: 
one or luv ji inn t take or^su, do singles and dou- 
bles. CUaiigc tor niie week Salary sure, .loin 
ai oure. Ticket if von heed 111 Write .Mink. 

' DJt,U,\Y.''M'fi,VI»Ml'«,ll|. 


No. 8i, Ijidlps* or (IcntR 1 
(inlfl Shell KlniTt fft with 
two 20tli Omury diamond 
Cut iii'lll.uiti llku cut. 
Knch 75c )>y mall. fiend 
fur our CnlulotrilD of 
Hntrhrt, ieitr-lrj. Rllfprirarr. 
Ninfii- U HI Hints Mrdlriov and 
(-UI Hhow (It.nrJn, HfiRif Hn«p, . 
1'rof. tTarn'iaoa'n Qrfiu 
I'niiiH, Burol Cork. Fir* 

rorrrlcr, «lr, noMllcr'l PttnC 

Honha. lirfct plan (» l>nj. 


B. O. I iMRH & CO. 

Si Wabash Av,, Uleaga, 111. 

To Park Theatres, Etc. 

We have for Kent Up To Dale Films, 
Moving Picture Etc., by Hie 
Disy, Week or Season.. 


N«. III! Den. -ho. 1 1 St., CHICAGO, ILL. 


For Orchard Beach Casino 



II. It. .SCtll'TTKIl, Manager Casino, 

Manistee, Mich. 

For Summer Stock 


JOIN ATONCt:. Summer salaries. Fav your own. 

Mgr. Union Park Theatre, Clarksburg, W. Va. 
P. S.- Wanl Vaitilcvlllc Acls toetmngo iveeklv. 

The Oard-Fenwick Co., 

People in All Line* of Repertoire. 

Long season, pleasant engagement. Fares ad- 
vanced lo responsible people. We pay expenses. 
Stale all In llrsl letter, lowest salary, ele. Send 
pliol os, which will be relumed. Also wanted for 
llaiul and Orcheslrti, Violin lo Haritoite, 
Cornel ami Troiiilioiie, Muslohins doubling stage 
preferred. Address W. K. MAXAM, Mgr., 

•J»i R. St., St. Paul, Mlun. 


New Turf Theatre, 

Klvst Purt Ladles, Sony un.l Dance 
', Single Spin In liy. Will send 
tickets. Four to alx weeks lo good people. 


If you waul the latest, gel one of our Cotntiiiiailon 
Machiuos, lilt Ihc Coon and Bowling. Special 
made ror parks, parlors, ele, 

(lithe tcnilFacloiy, UTi K. ad Street. N. V.Clly. 

STOCK, '" nt A INI wmr seenenr, 
nrp UlflVV Frlnllng and 

MCf., llifl I A Time Booked. 

SPECIAL. 1 UJ1 1 U i i my |.;<| in ppe.1. 

T. H. WINNK1T, Mtii Il'wi.y, New York City. 

W«ITEB l llEW»EraKElAlLlh1ES. 

Itoosers, clgarcllc smokers, and mashers, save 
slumps. The Scotch Remedy Company, Cumber- 
mere, Out., Canada. All piiiilcnlars In llrsl letter. 


MKHICINKLKCTIIRER. (VeS, the same one.) 
1 8117 II S T.. N. W„ Waaliluglon , H, C. 

WANTED, Good Boss Canvas Man, Man to 

Work on side show top, Canvas Men and Mu- 
sicians, WILL HOUiiUTON, llcrinltdc, WcBlinore- 
lauil Co., Pa., care of Jlarkimsa A b'ux Slu.-w 

"mrTkf -trm.j.^4 -jl re ■ W 9 
Specialty People who play parts. Salary 1 sure 
Long eiigagemeiil to the tight parties. Never clone' 
Address S I KIIL INH HKAMATICCO.. Llgoitler. Fa' 

Ran For Sample Switchel Quick. 

JAMBS SILVER, Mlddlebtirg, N. Y. ' 

At Liberty, A No. I Office Worker and 

LP.CTFHKR; work In acts; songs with guitar. No 
bad habits, Ootid wardrobe. Reliable people. 
write"*. DF, WOLFE CLARK.West Wlnlield, N. V. 

Glass Blower at Liberty, 


JIEHBBRT IWSK,S7 Lower.i, ^, Y. 


Stale specialties and lowest salary for sleady po- 
sition. Would be friends and disorganizes, keep 
OIL O. LOPE/, and wife, wrllc. 

II. W. YOUN'll, St. Thomas, Ont., Canada. 



Bus. Manager, Treasurer. 

Experienced, sober, rcliublc. Also Cornel Flnycr, 
leud band: good refereuces. Address 
B.C. ANDRKWS, 47 Uiiliov er St., Huston , Mass. 


Dramatic People to Complete Company. 

Send photo and stiite agre, size anil experience. 
Open middle of August. Address 

tllbney Slock Co., Dou glas, Mich. 

tifniini mm 

That, double Bund and Orchestra; also good 
Specialty Team that double in Drama, Slate low- 
est salnix In tlrst lelle.r. Long, sleady engage- 
ment. Sure money. Address CHAS. h. HFRNS, 

Mummer Carrie (Stanley Co., I'lhul, Wheeler 
County, Neb. 



Young Lady Willi Good .Specialty for Small Part.Cor- 
nei and Tuba to double stage, IT possible; Ltght 
Coutcillan ol (air size. Say all you can and will do. 
Address _ CEO. 1). KWKKT, Storm Luke, Iowa. 


Aerial Acts and Horizontal HnrTcnm; slate salary 
In llrsl letter and make It low us It Is sure. Must 
join on wlte. Address us pet rniuo, 



Has open lime -Oct., Nov., Jan,: Wo lira 40 
miles west of lltilclililson,' A.'T. .V S. F. II. R. A 
Mo. P. R. R., Willi Hack oniinceilohs. A 
bumper wheal erop and good show toivn; UN 
people In town and thickly settled country, 
(■nod percentage to llrsl class companies. 

8. 'ft, A- E. 


. , ' . WANTED AT ONCE, 


Performers utld Musicians; MUST BE IT. I will 
nay fair salaries If you can deliver the goods. 
Write or wire. «. MITE SILVER, Sheboygan, 
Mich., July 0: Indian River, Mich., July 10; Otta- 
wa)', Mich., July tl and 13. 


The Williams Stock Co., 

Held. People In all Hues for balancu of Summer 
and next season. Musi, be At. Those doing 
Spcclslllus prcrerrcil. Join at ouco. Tell nil In 
llrsl teller. Address A. A. BHSBKE, 

Camden, Me^jluly n, 10 , II. 


High Tener Vocallat, Slide, Trombonist, 

One Slro.iE Acrobatic or Novelty 

Sp.-r.lnl>)-. Other Singer* 

and ni.tMicluiis. 

Answer Immediately. Fares advanced. 



Al Male Pianist, w ho rait piny two purls ilnrlngHtim- 
lucr. Want, for regular season, opening Aug. lo, 
Strong Seoond Business Woman Willi Spcclallv, 
Man for Lends and Heavies, others ■write. Must 
have wardrobe, and learn Hues. (leu. Bus. Man lo 
run Stage. Stale all, II. A, STEVENS. 

' . Milton Junction, Wisconsin, July 15-18. 

WE WILL pXY~«m>D~^lTicES _ li ; OK 


Mml iw in good condition; Will p»v express otto 
way c.o.d.. subjuct lo examination: wo buy Stere- 
ntilleoiis, Moving Picture Machines and Films. 
THORP A- CO., No. llil Dearborn SI.„Chlcngo, III, 

AT RFRTV Vcitollle Teaui.Comedliiti- Dntch, 

Hi LiULiiit Black Face. Irish, Ruhe, etc. -.Red 
Hot Comedy, Mind Kea.llug, Slide In Blind. Son- 
i>retic.l)eserlptive,Cmiii, character nud Ills. Songs. 
High ltlvlog Uog.i Parks. Vaudeville or Al Med, 
Cos, THESHAllfSTEENS, Keokuk, Iowa. 

■1*1 h.— For Snle Cheap, Soprano Ha.taplionc. 

t Will Discontinue the $1 Typewritten Sketches 

during stmimer. If you wish any send stamp for 
list, orlglna.1 up to dale sketches. Plays whiten. 
A M. Hr rBa K Kllng. I'lav wrlght. lat W.wth st.N. V 

Ail jsici Aiv m. 

Family Hand el 4 or a pieces; Performers for Big 
Shows. We never close. Mi:*- he low. Sure salary. 
UKO, S. Kl.y v. AtiON SHOW, Larose, 111, 






{1 • Ul rVTtl % Rroadwny and :i9th Slrwt. 
V/JVCTIiH ^jr Fives., R:l. r >. Mat. Sal.. i:\s. 



International circuit. Theatrical Enterprise* 

E. F. ALBEF;, Gctieral Manager, 


8. K. HODGDON, Booking Manager, AssoclsUon 

of Vaudeville Managers, St, James Bldg., IlrosJ- 

way and 20th St.. N. Y. 

Huber's ^..Museum 

GEO. II. HC1IKH, Propr. 
WANTED AT ALL TIMES, Living Curiosities, 
Freaks of Nature, also First Class Vaudeville Ada 
for Theatre. Address J. II. ANDERSON, M anager. 

The Bickeit Family, 

Address (IRAN I) RAPID S. Mich. 



2 Ladles and 2 (louts, permanent address, 
CHAS. IIANV A llU.liaS M otitlcello Avc^OhlcagoJII. 



In Ihcir original comedy, entitled '"MIXTURE." 
Etiro iileJ. W. Ooriuan's rtirks. __ 


JOE BIRNE S, _ ; , ■_ BOP; 



Arc the Originators of Spinning and Juggling T»m- 
hrturlnes ou Hands, Knees, Head and Feet simul- 
taneous. Ant copyrighted and patented. 
Flvnn's Circu it for Vi weeks . , 

Garlin and Otto 

The Musical Holbrooks 

"DIG HIT." „.., 

Address No. 130 Wushlnglon Ave., lilinl sea, Mus i. 


I'H<>\ ' I11ENCK, 11. L 


It you liiivo next week open, wrllo. 

CHALK HACrVDEIlS, Wanaijer.^ , 


-My Hook on Juggling loaches you how to it;;;, i'"- 
Ihc world's g realcsl. , Address 01.11 fW ; 

$lO.— Rewe 1 "^ 

c'apluro of oil-ltO!'© % MlirlOW, .«Arll.t, 
O. 1)..CIcvelntiu,(ji. 



Till ('week, Willow Dale P arku, LowelLWsst^. 


WHO!" CO. (flth-Weekl, , 

Dick Gorman and Nellie Bell Leninl. 



. HAKI.r.s ivtil.i' - , 

Show Pnlnjtinijft 

ISODBOret Sirtct, Bronklyu.X. ^.; F" 11 ; 1 "" 
King Stteetj Ferry from >e\V >>'"" 


THE TSmw YORK CLIPtfEi*. - 1 




s!«SoTi.ow^'A^ frri8ams%i ^"tivxrsr^^^^ B * »°™- 


Everything Nsw •nd Original. \V«r<l ■ <»l»i- lli« Pineal ilntl Unify tun Pi ,.enr.--,\ M> 

Vt/ll T |_IA.IVI | MORBI9, 41 W.aeth St, (Mow Yprk Olty. 

ill CHORUS LADIES ENGAOED with the above Company ASSEMBLE FOB BE. 
BE1BSAL AT BEETHOVEN HALL, 210-212, East Fifth St., Hew York Oily, ON 
I30B8DAY, JULY 16, at 10 o'clock A. EL, sharp. Kindly acknowledge this call by 

letter to IABB8 WEEDEl), 1439 Broadway, J. Y. 

p. a... -Principals aid Specially Artists REPORT MOBDAY, JULY 20. 

vjj i ■ aa a ■' : I ± _ »__ 

2 i ENUAOED FOll ■>--.. 


H»cs, New York CHy, MOMDAY, JULY S40, at in A.M. The M«Mli«ri of 




Acknowledge this call by letter to 

, ROBIE & MACK. 14 tiO Broadway, N«.w York. ' 


A certain cure lor Inflammatory, muscular and 
throulc rheiiniatlHin. gout, sciatica, colda, la 
irlpw, pains la the shonlders, tit-ins, legs, linek, 
M Joints, neck, etc,; riOc.J» box. luuulie ut 
dtligglsis. or a«iit by mail. FOR FURTHER 
PROOF a trial package will lie malted to you mi 
KKipt of a 10c. colli. W. U. UR1KFITH. Ph. II., 
Prescription Pharmacist. BJ Third Avenue, cor. 
llth Stteet, New York City. 

Mr, Ed. Lester, of "Nugget Trii," 

UK. WM. 11. liltHTITII-IIKAK SIR: It adonis 
lite ureal pleasure In mill my testimonial in Hie 
iiiatii ynii receive, and M richly ileserv'e, ami ilo- 
lug so I ilei'iu It i ii v iluty, nut mily to my brother 
Hinl sister professionals, inn in am win, sic 
iilllicltil. I can cheerfully vouch tor lite immedi- 
ate relief wy wife experienced after nue trial of 
your ttheliiuttlc, Neuralgia and Headache Tablets. 
1 will highly recommend your Tablets in all 

•im^mm ■— — i— — — M— 1^ 

MAN Aftl> WIFE, 

For Hide Show that does Second Sight, Magic, and Punch and Judy Man to take full charge of Sido 
skow and Candy Mauds. Above people must Tie sober, honest and RELIABLE and attend strictly to 
business. Year's work to right people. Waul a Two or Three Biol her Act that do some other good 
tun. Address route, < has, sparks, 

Eroclwajvllle; Fa., Jtik 10; BrUlgeway, Pa., July 11; Johnsoiibiu-g, Pn.,.lulv 13; Mt. .lewet, pa., July 

H: Bradford, Pa., .Inly 15. 

Specialty Artists and 
Burlesque Women • . 

CHAS. M. WALDRON, tittffi.W?™' 



linll I LU MEN. Full tin riictiliii's llrKt'lcltcr. Season opens .1 illy -ill. 
' IIOLOF.N BROS., Rochester, Intl. 

wanted; T 
Swiss Entertainers, 

■mull i mr)M| wrU a. Op«n -Tul y M. J. OKIEBB, Rugby, N. D. 

Specially Engaged as OEN. AST. 

Ted E, Faust Minstrels. 

n a 


. . Will be Assisted, by TED liAhUHl 
• aw aw Three Expert Second Men 


) III I'lItmiURAPH ON A POSTAL OAK!). Let I hem see how you look. If yon cnntiot call for 
■ tog we will make your Postal Plitilos from anv pl.mnc vuu may send us, and return mime With the 
"»'ler lined, Me. for Three 1'ttotos, $1 a schkRKH, • Kot»«riar«i-. ,»„,„„ 

I Ulii Broadway, New York, hloclt from CLIPPER Ofllce. 



bit.?« r '/ e "i ,,le mK * |,|l<:0 comedlaii; i*r« miin 
*.. 'i. , M "" t ,IC »"'o t° ii1b Hb good fr»r two 
,,.'.','" ; , ul,r ''iHkeU!hTeilm, Lady to play piano in 
tSSSSfl Mlln '" ' ,0 W* M* »M Dnleh alllitllig 
aril n'" ,K "PecluitioH mtii do second comedy In 
rm*n£! ?» IW} M»e » Man with late, moving plc- 
tluu. ua. r - M "*'' lllive plenty of up to date 
ffM2H.!!'? e,, P H *» ntlaolied. Man must ulso 
iiiii ihT r" ™.««fc There la nothing wo good par 
\SmSS' !.. llBVe ,lie ntoney and you iniiBt have 
ttlr ii, ?' , We e " rr y °««' 0W P upright piano, elec- 
SriSS" Pl»«i.uiuf have the 1lii?sl Sluing alul 
Hon jSE, ''ir/'I'iilifl'lMlone of iihy.slmllar 
*iaUm, 1 '. Utotl . ,ll i road. iilwrlllliV elite Ihst 
Ki "iii Ii !' " I . 1 . tl S""J expected. I ply all. Allen, 
H jpV ' 'l v . " l,Rue '"«''• V. Ruoki'uru. write. 
_J^J» LLON, Lciiii'.s Concert Co., iOtrvllle.O. 

*«=«wiri W. Holtkarnp. 

!rtui3£I d -.*^ m *• Otibe. Colony, South Afrlra, 
MoSRS „V'£m1 t ' ° r Moijoiw.Cb. ArrailBteinclils 
ol BISES * wl1 , 1 »'«|hlre his preeeuce, d> hbt powe r 
vZStwSk llt ""I'lon, Te,\as. Kjutlly conimii- 
ewm ' ■OTTO HOnTRAMP, 


020 Travis SI ., Houston, TeXna. 

n^fiBzy Time Waut» 

Jgjll 80tJBEftE8, ACT0B8 

lsTLitti^?.'""' 1 '' 13: Kelly U. lark Rapidl 
'»i uttie Fiusio, sink Cdaler 18. 



OornelH, Trombones, or. any other Instrument 
that doubles ntuge. KIJ.K. DAVIS, 

Undo T om's Cabin Co.. Ca w, Mich. 

Wanted Qitlel*: 


Stale everything ilrnt letlt'r. , l*»y X o yr own. 
j OTTtl H. K itAUSK, Ma nag er, Sirtchrz, Mil 


WORKER, if' venrs' exp.; 40 years old; good 
fWiul on HWI sillier. Can ami will make good. 
AildressJJ. N. M A YO, e we^CLU^PKK. 

Animated Picture Machine, 

With Electric aud Ctdchim Light, 125; lH»solvlilg 
wireoittlcon, ■»; Wouderfp' rtsa ouint for He- 

tim. mm m id. biz. 

Join at once. Must dahce or fake organ. Address 
J PB0F. 0. L. SANfJKft, Canton, N. Y. 









Ami the Pretty Unllail Wnlti Song, 


M. WITM ARK & SONS, Publishers. 


WITMARK BUILDING, 8 West 29th St., New York. 

VERY SOON, NEW WITMARK BID'O, Ui-14t! WEST »1tli ST., Juat below Marlborough Hotel. 

(LOOK I OK llll.-,HKK-IIIV|.;-l l.tlt K-'IOW I.II.) 


rirst Class Circus Acts suitable fur Neat 
Wagon Show, Bars, Brothers, Contortion, 
Traps, Etc. Conceri Team, Musicians. 
Performers must do two or more acts. 
Single Performer who is Oood Bar Ian 
and Acrobat. 

People who, wrote before write again. Slop at 
lintels. Address 

M. J. RUN, Tidioute, Fa. 



New last summer; ftifl. Uaggage Car, new this 
spring; uilft.,.Kound Top, two ML Middle Pieces, 
new ttiis season; Horse Tent, new this season; 
•jio Folium; Chairs, new; 'JW Koldlng Camp chairs, 
new: 14 lengths of Blue Seuts, Dogs, Ponevs, 
Donkey* and Horses, line Cabin Wagon, tine lot 
ol Scenery, Banners, Baud Uniforms, Parade 
Coats. Tile lluesi lav out ever pill on tile road hh 
a Tom Show. Also fikve a large set of Ten Nights 
Scenery for saw, new. 





In All Lines thai can 1'hungc Often. 

IPitiraO Plnyers 

That cnu Work on Singe; state salary, when you 
cmi open, aud all particulars. Can infer Ioiik en- 
gagements to I'sefnl People. 

. KATUKK'S Ui:.Mi:iiY t'O., Phlhulelphln, Pa. 


A riiiiin Player; one who can fake and read. Also 
good Med. People, for Company No. •!. Would 
like lo hear from people having second hand 
Musical instrument* for gale, a set of Sleigh Bells 
and Mereiiiaphoiie In good condition. Iteganlsto 
old friends. Address 


Passnmanunddy Med. Co., tlruliam Neb. 

Two weeks' silence;* polite neRutiye. 




Willi PAPER. 

ED. F. DAVIS, Kalamazoo, Mich. 


One that does some boxing: Address FRANK 
A.MOim. late of Three fortune llrus., 142 Union 
St., Wuterhury, Couiu 

P. S.— Winter's work; all hooked. A Chnpintn, 
please wri te. 


Mens. VIDETTES. Marie 

Trombone, Duettists, Cornet, 


I'cnnaneni adilress, ciiro nt ; (JLIITKK. 




Kli. PA VnK, Manager. 



Per AiLJaM JPHOSPKCT AVB., MyMcinw^' N; Y. 

t ■ i"i'V ' s vn ■ tan, 

Ana other i; veful People. Write. 

UORMANl)& PuKD, Natma BrlJg#, N» Y. 


Standish and Silberberg's 



"The Smile That Won't Come Off," 


I5lVCOI«15 X r l$I*SI$«S GAI^OKG. 

H. WITMARK & SONS, Publishers. 

rOrC i Proreaslonal Conlei to Recognlceil Performers UA AlBltC 
ritCC"" or llin.o Sending I p-fn-Unle 1'rograiiuiie, "nil VHrllldl 

Witmark Building, 8 West 29th St., New York. 

VERY ICON, NEW WITMARK BLDQ.. 144-148 West 37th St., Juit Below Mitlborou B h Holil. 


Every Performance Under Personal Supervisien of MR. FRED SEWARD. 

Now in f mirth week, summer Slock, I'ttducali, Ky„ and the biggest success In the lilstnry of that elty. 
"The work of TheSuwurd show la farabove the eirortsofevbiiiltn belter cIiiks of one night, stands. 
— HA1L.Y NKM'S." "The com nany 4s the best over seen III Paducah at popular prices, • » * Already Is 
agreat favorite.— DAILY ItKMOCKAT." "The audiences arc growing larger each nlglil. * * • Com- 
pany ha* caught Hie populur fancy, aud Pred Seward has mure thai) redeemed hi* promises before 
opening. DAILY SUN." Regular season hMMM III August, WITH TIMK ALL KILLKII. Woilf.ll LIKK 
•Id 1 1 1 A it 1'IUJM TUB VKIirBKBTPKOI'LK IN KKI'IIUTDIRI; 10 enlarge company for mail season 
and for balance of Suiiiiiior, TO JOIN THIS MONTH: SWKLL JUVKNII.K LKAIUNll MAN, PINK 
and all 'round Atri'HKSS, a MKHITY CLKVKK SKETCH TEAM, Man and Wnimil) wlin nlny parla; 
HI'KCIALTIKH, MUST IIK A FKATUBK: other first elnss People, tiarllcularly Ihowi doing s|>eelu|||es. 
SO SALAHY TOO 111(111 IK YOU CAN UELIVKIt THE (JlltiltS AND THIS YOU MUST llll; full year's 
Kiiiageinentlu best houses under coiliteou* management. ALL PARTICULARS IN ITItST LKTTKH, 

ARTHim J. CIIIHAH, Wallace Park casino, rAlniCAII.K-V. 

WAHTEO, Repertoire People to Support Beth Klneey and Baby Madge. 

Al Singing and liancliigi:oinedhin in piny strong line or Char, and Light Comedy Paris, Slugliig uud 
Dancing. Houbrette; licit lint Specialties change nightly: capable of playing soulirmio, ingenues, 
iio.vs and Juveniles. A I Cell. Hit*. Woman for lleiivles mid Chunicleis Willi specially, either violin, 

cornet or slide tniinbouo: Leading Man, \U'*vy Man ror llt-avlea ami Char. Heavies to Manage Hinge; 
Hen. nils. Man for Char, and Comedy, Al lilr«:tor, Biieelulty Man I'apalilii or pluilng Hgm Juveniles 
etc.; properiy.Mau with Hinging nun Dancing Specialties, Small parts; Piano Player, Scenic A rust. To 
right people we will pay a good salary, toil MltST have Homelhlug ror our money, can use* flood 
Specialty iitld Hen. Hum. Man. Now tinder canvas., Oiien Aug. III. Wo tiav isu 
M. L. K1HHEV, DeOrafi 



THE THOMPSON MUSK; CO., 'J7B Wabash Ave.. Chicago. 

Carner Stock Co. 

Wants, Balance Summer and Next Season, 

comedian Willi Dancing specially, Character Mint, Oeneial llus, Man. Cilrlieiiler or Properly Mail who 
Plays Paris, Al AgeHt, WoiiiuiirorcliarniileNiirtd Heavies, vvonisfi with Strong Demliig speclaltlee, 

twii Vaudeville Feature Acts. 

Address, with full pari Inilars and illiutiili, 

HARRY L. WEHH, Manager, Niagara Palls, N. Y. 


Complete. wllh Electric, Calcium or Aectjleue lliiinei, Illustrated Hong Slider, colored, «e. each. We 
miiiufaeture everything In Hie slereo|illcuii aud mnvliig ptciiue nmcldne llhc, uud will save you money. 
urn* forcimildeu'iial inl'.Til-t. . ' •• .'. > '• , 

Li.Ili 1 HH AND OPTICAL ro„ IOIO Michigan Ave.j Ckieaga, 

- i ft i m wsW ii flrii * jiti 



tl_— J j U S LX-M ■' » JIM— V— BBS KBSS&S . ..... ggfatA ii3 t=WP 



Al Liberty for cimlllg >e«.i.n. Addreso WM, BL'NNI.NH, 1'PJS Ravine St., CliK'InDiill, Ohio. 

P.H.— I islion plays piano, IBaiwe all play parts. 





First Time in the World— Motor Paced 'Cycle 
Run on a Perpendicular Wall, with 


11 MA. 


Moat Daring Aot Evor Attempted 
IIIvXKY ROSS, Manager, 
Address 113 HARRISON AVE., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Permanent Address, earn of NKW YORK CLIPPER. 

Return Engagement at the Howard 
Athenaeum In 5 Weeks, 

Otto Brothers 


Introducing Burlesque Opera (using 3 Distinct VoiceB). 
Also Buck Dancing in Wooden Shoes. 

• Hsve signed with "Looping the Loop" for iixm-iu. Have all llnw open until Aug. fl. Address 
Regard* lo Burton and Brooks and Arthur Dunn. OTTU BROTHERS, Howard, Boston, till July 12. 

Miller-Bryan Co., 


Frank F. Miller and Blanche Olga Bryan, 


IAIA8EHB in Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas, Send Open Time. 

Havo secured from M. R. RTRKETER (he rights lo "Grit, the News Boy," "The Will of Iron," "The 
Census Taker" and "The Mysiery of Cralgsiiiarc." Will let ssnio on royalty. Will prosecute any one 
Titration "any of these plays Address 





Booked Solid Until February. WANTED— Heavy Man. Home leads; Strong Dramatic Actreaa for Heavlea 
and some Character*. Comedian with Al Specialties, Ingenue with Specialties. Pianist, sight reader; 
Two General Hnslnrcs Men, Advance Agent who can do something liesldcs talk. Sketch Teams. Musi- 
cal and Novulty AcIk, wi ho. All must play parts, (live full particulars. Including what salary you 
win accept, not what you want, for lilly-two weeks' engagement. Wc will par what we offer, and will 
not otter what we canuut pay. Don't want any "deliver the goods" people. N. B —Would like to hear 

r >..» ■ », RECORD STOCK' FARM, Carrollton, CattarangUB Co., N. Y. 



For balance of Summer and regular season, full aeilnji Repertoire Co., Comedian and Smihrette who 
t'.tn change Specialties, a young Woman for Juvenile aud Characters, capatile Han for Leads and 
Heavies, two good, ueeful Actors, Properly Mau to play Paris, Specially People who can play Fart*. 
write; a thoroughly experienced Piano Player, Advance Agent capable of booking. Send photo and 
elate full particulars first letter. Pay your own. Friend* wtlte. Managers send open time, 
s WILLIAM cURiil EK, care Hen. Delivery, (iranvllle, N. Y. 


{Starr Comedy Co.. 

Supporting Stanley sod Jule Warner Starr (all lluesi. particularly Monwnd Women fur Characters and 
Gen. Hu«, State ALL Drat letter. SEND PHOTOS, and programs. Stair specialties. If any. Only want 
Ladles and u.iitletnrti In every sense; good dressers on and otT; hoard and trans, paid; mostly 3 night 
■lands; open last week In Aug. Salaries must he luw as tliev are SURE. 

FRANK J. STANTON, Mgr., McGregor, Iowa. 


Bijou Circus 

I -• ' JULY 27-AUG. 3-10-17 ONLY OPEN TIME. 



Population, 3,000; Sealing Gap., 400, Wild Gallery. 

Dimensions of atage, l»«i. F. L. Hl'NT'S -KING PlNtl PONG" PLAYS OCT. 31. Play on guarantee 
or PER CENT. Address for partluulr* and open time, F. N. ROOD, Mgr. 


lOMoreChoruiOlrlj. Wardrobe Fumlihad. Booked Solid 40 All Week Stands. Time All Filled. 
" P.'fl'.-ThU la the show Dial broke all records on week stands before and will do II again. Watch the 
great big Isux office attraction. Newarenery, gorgeous rosimnes and all new special pictorial print- 
ing ,hv 'the Donaldson I.llho. Co. A plpo this will la) the big money getter. JACK SYDEI.L. Sole 
Owner and Manager. Address THE OIUWFDRD, Atlantic City, N.J. 



Handnnmc Japanese Cnalutuea, Elaboraie Japanese Stage Selling, Insliunienia all OKIGINAL 
h'ELTIKS. Run bv electrical and ruoohanli al devices. A FEATURE VAl'DK.Yll.LE ACT fnr any 
action. Reaponaltilo Roportolre preferred. Address W. L. POTTS, Red Wing, Minn. 


attraction. Responsible Roportolre prcfen 



Repertoire People with anechililea, .luvcolle Woman with specialty, Yandcvllle Team lo feature: also 
Al 1'laalst. 1 want the above people lmmcdlalcl\ for balance Summer season and regular season. 
Reference— First National Hank, Hock Haplds, Iowa. . Address HAL BARKER. 

Rcdileld, 8. 1)., July I'-ll; Madison, S. D., July 13-16. 






People in All Lines, for Stock. 

WOMEN: Leads, Soubretle, Character. MEN: 
Leads, Heavies, Character, General mutt (Asm. 
Stage Manager). Must have good wardrobe, and 
stock or rep. experience. State full particulars. 
Send photos, which will be returned. 


76 Plymouth Place, Chicago. 


Musical Director 


Past Two Seasons Leader ef Orchestra 
Columbus Theatre, Chicago, ill. 

Owing to change In management of this 
theatre, I am AT liberty for next season, 
for first class theatre engagement, or will 
ncccpt Al Iioad Show. Best references 
from Chicago and Hostnn theatre managers. 
Address, li.110 STATE ST.. Chicago, III. 



1 BOT for Agents. Belle e»erj- 
wber«»ndtof,Tfrjb<xijr. Abonanufor 
Picnic. Falr.Rbow and Slnat Salesmen. 

It's a summer cooler and ganeratM 
a it rang- draft or air wiTROVT rt Tints 
and with HO IXIKTIO*. .mat • ■H|U 
■ m a u l if Ik. Una. It hu a thrw 
bladed polished Aluminum Fan, Pollened 
Wood Handle, few parte, Is nmmtlj 
•tracts. nolMlett. light and artistic Owe 
a oocooe t*ta>7 r», nH but jeer. y»t 
epmparatlralr few people ha»« seen on*. 
c.terMo rvikr aiV, woata on enrta, 
, Mm, paaaje aaja It ma. A pent, and 
dealer, wanted everywhere. fTI,flemeai 
Write ror partlealan. 
rr.«r-:,.*k ENTERPRISE MFG. OO. 



Comedy Part. No specialties required. Want you 
to do strong Dntch Comedy In a :n minute act. (20 
per week and transportation to the right man. If 
yon are buy or afraid of hard work, don't write. 
Tickets advanced If needed. Waller I'iorce. wire 
me. Address CUT. W. D. AMENrS GREAT 
London GHOST snow.cieariieid, Pa., week July 
6; Greensburg, Pa., week IX 

Wanted, a Sketch Team 

(Man and Wife) for Rep. Show, who can change 
specialties tor week. Man must bn capable of 
plHTlng Strong Character Comedy Parts. Also a 
PROPERTY HAN ror specialties and Play Baritone 
In Band, and TUBA PLAYER to Double String 
Hasa. Other good people, write. REHEARSALS 
AUG, 13, State lowest. Pay your own. Address 

CHAS. ALLEN, Box 458. Sioux City, Iowa. 


1st Class Violinist and musical director, and teacher 
on all Instruments. Double la brass. Would like 
a good location where there Is a first class theatre. 
Strictly sober and reliable. Large repertory. 
Address MUSICAL DIRECTOR, 446 Barnard St., 
Care of Mr. E. Coleman. Savannah, Ga. 


Of All Kinds Built lo Order. New SitertaciUnr 
Stuff and two complete Kaust Sets un band. 

the Tirrn SCENIC CO.. 
tifftji, omo. 


SKETCH TEAMS who Knke and Head Or- 
gan: must lie bustlers. All Medicine Per- 
formers write and give full particulars. 
Kickers. .Mashers autl Boozers, save slumps. 
Write at once. Pit. MITCHELL MED. CO., 
4111 X. 12 St.. St. LuitlB, Mu. 



Cornets, Clitrlouels aud Trombones. Write 
or wire. II. H. THHNEH, Blouinliiglun. Iml 



To Double StiiKe. ACTOItR who double Brass 
Exm-rlenced WAtiON SHOW aVUKJPT. 

Colt laud, Ohio. 


Three Kino Illusions and Picture Machine. 
Stamp ror particulars. WM. BENJAMIN, 
•Jti:i'.* N. loth St., Terrc Hntite, lud. 

A ISood Animated Picture Machine, also 
Films add Songs, or a Dissolving Stereoutl- 
ron._ AIIPENT. Care of CLJPPEtf. 


1XG COMKDIAX. Any WothI People write. 
Dr. W. It. tioodenough, Decornh, Iowa. 

Wanted, A Good Ltoklng Young Lady With 

Good figure, that can sing and dance, to Join Ber- 
nard Kllng, Playwright, In vaudeville. The lady 
must have au indent means and good wardrobe. 
Address RERNARD KLING. Playwright, 13-1 West 
-.>sth St., N. Y. Oily, ilntervlewa by appolnment.) 


LEWIS— No. l comedian, change for week, put 
on avis. NORAH— Banlo (Jiicen, Guitar Soloist, 
sings lb, latest ballads. Good wardtotwon and on"; 
salary must be sure. Address. THE KLINES, 
Turtle River, Minn. 

EDISON Exhibition KIBET08C0PE 



S0N6 STEREOPTICON (Fill Lenses) with 

Electric lamp, rheostat oxy. hyd. Jet, acetylene 
Jet, generator and carbide; only 186; also a lot of 
Films, cheap. FRANCIS WHITE, can of CLIPPER 



/ Hon.Oeo.WPeck j 


HOWE A HUMMEL, Counsel, 

MeW OI ' BOSTON, July 1 1OT3. 

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: All theatrical 
managers, agenta and proprietors of theatres 
throughout the connlry are hereby respectfully 
noilflcd that I am the owner, and have been for 
many years, of the real and only farce comedy 
knewn ai "Peck's BBd Boy," authorized by HON. 
GEORGE W. PECK, ex-Governorof Wisconsin, the 
world-famoua humorist and author of the cele- 
brated work on which the play Is founded, and 
that I have granted to the following persons ex- 
clusive territorial licenses as therein get forth to 
book, advertise and play said comedy, viz: 

To L. M. HEATH, of No. 8 Beach Street, Boston, 
Mass., a license for the States of Maine, New 
Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode 
Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jereey, Penn- 
sylvania. Ohio and Indiana, and also for Canada, 
cast of the ninetieth degree (90") of longitude, and 
for the season of 1903-1904, commencing on Sep- 
tember 14, 1903, and ending on May 7, 1904. 
(MR. OEORliE W. HEATH, of Boston, for many 
years past a inccessful manager of Peck's Bad 
Boy companies, duly licensed by me, is manager 
for L. M. Heath). 

To LEROY J. FRENCH, proprietor of French's 
Opera House, Hyde Park, Mass., a license for the 
States of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Kan- 
sas, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Michigan, for the 
season or llaM-MOl, commencing on September 7, 
1(K)3, and ending on May 7, 1904. Mr. French' haa 
also been licensed by me tor a Summer season In 
Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Brunswick, 
Nova Scotia, Cape Breton, Prince Edward's Island 
and New Foundland, commencing on June 1, 
1903, and ending on September 6, 1908. and one of 
bis "Northern" companies Is now playing In that 
territory to excellent business. 

To CHARLES F. BROTHERTON, of the "Audi- 
torium," Ashtabula, Ohio, a license for the Dis- 
trict of Columbia, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, 
West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Caro- 
lina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Missis- 
sippi, Florida, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, 
Okiohoma, Indian Territory, New Mexico and 
Arizona, for the season of 1903-1904, commencing 
on sept. 1, 1908. and ending on April 30, 1904. 
' The above licensees are now organizing and 
booking ror their respective territories six first 
class companies, the largest and best, I am as- 
sured, that ever played the piece. There will be 
new people, new features, new acts, songs, dances, 
etc., and plenty ot new and elegant advertising 

The genuine Peck's Bad Boy comprises In Its 
cast nine star parts In addition to the minor pans. 
viz.: SOHDLTZ, the Dutch grocery man; HENRY 
PECRjlhe bad boy; MINNIE, Ills best girl; JIMMY 
DCFFT, his chum; PUFFY, the Irish policeman; 
LIZZIE, the servant girl: the DOCTOR. MAJOR 
PECK and MRS. PECK. These are all very strong 
character parts, and are original In this romedv, 
Aud as substantially all managers and proprietors 
of theatres throughout the United States and Can- 
ada arc familiar with them, and also with the 
act*, text, icenss, situations, properties anuloiber 
features peculiar to said play, there ran be no 
good or valid exouse or reason whatever on the 
part of any manager tor Infringing my rights by 
booking, advertising or playing an unauthorized 
version or Imitation or said comedy. 

Peak's Bad Boy is universally conceded in be, 
by tar, the brightest, runniest and moat success- 
ful fare, comedv of lis class ever written. No 
oilier, with -perhaps one exception, has been 
plaved to so many millions of people, produced so 
much merriment, or given more perfect satlataC- 
tlou to both managers and the public. 

For the above reasons this play has sometimes 
bee, the prey of certain unprincipled parties 
known t,o the profession as "pirates," who "live 

liability of trouble, costs 
and heavy damages, are respectfully cautioned, 
ID applying for s copyright for a play the appli- 

cant In his petition furnishes the natncnriiiitct 
play for which be seeks a copyright, and allno* 
that be Is either the author or owner of the sane 
On the receipt or the application at the Copyrlitji 
Office with a fee of one dollar, the name or un. 
an lurnlahed Is generally filed or registered n 
once, and acertlrtoau to that effect sent to if,. 
applicant, no examination or search, la sn<-h , 
case, being made to ascertain whether the mat 
name or title had previously iicen filed or reib- 
tered by smother party, or whether the applicint 
was either the author or owner as alleged, i?u 
procedure being rendered necessary by the e»>.r 
mous number or titles on file and the low fee; 
charged by the office. 

1 have been informed that by taking advanute 
of Ibis state of things, some persons, without nr 
knowledge or consent, hsve recently applied fer 
and claims to have obtained a copyright for a piar 
lo which he gave the name of "Peck's Bad Bet,'' 
notwithstanding the fact lhat the same name wh 
filed or registered in the Copyright Office row? 
years ago, and that the popular farce coaenyof 
that name has been almost constantly before the 
public ever since. 

The object In obtaining a copyright as stated, if 
one was obtained. Is too apparent to need « 
planatlon, and it Is believed that very few, If tsr, 
responsible managers will he deceived therelii 
should It prove to be true, or take any chance, in 
that regard. 

The Copyright Office Is merely an ofltrc of rriwii. 
and the Librarian of Congress In granting a rest 
right does not thereby settle the question either 
of lis priority or validity, nor anything relallru to 
Infringements, these matters being left entirely t» 
the courts. 

The common law furnishes ample protection to 
the owners of dramatic compositions or plays, the 
protection under It Irelng considered br manr pin 
Terable In all respects lo copyright protection. H 
may be Invoked to obtain an injunction and re 
cover tor all losses, costs and damages caused nt 
Infringing the owner's rights, while the penalties 
liable to be Inflicted under It are of the seietw 

The estahllslied name ot a play under the con 
mon law, Is considered an Integral part of the p!«r 
to which It was first applied, but is also In lu s»- 
tnre a "Trade Mark" to the exclusive use of whirl 
the owner of the original. play is entitled, not oalj 
with the original play but also with aoy other plir 
or dramatic composition with which ll ma; l« 
used. Several Stales hsve also passed specul 
trade mark laws covering substantially the sane 

I therefore respectfully notify the proprietors of 
theatres and all theatrical managers and agent? 
that I shall holil them strictly accountable to the 
full extent of the law for booking. anJvcrll«lns : or 

Slaying the farce comedy known as "Peck's Bid 
oy," or anv essential part thereof, or uslnc tee 
name ot said play, or any essential part thereol. 
wlihout my full written license and authority so 
to do. ' 


(Of STONE ,V SHAW, Proprietors of AUSTIN * 

STONE'S MUSEUM, Boston, Mast). 

P.S.-ln this connection attention is called <? 

the following noticed Issued by HON. GEORGE v. 



MILWAUKEE, Wis., JulyS, W»- 
This Is lo notify all theatrical manager, m 
ageuls, and Itie proprietors ot theatres wherei(. 
located, that CHAIII.KS ALRERT 9HA«, of V'.l 
Trcmont Row, Boston, Mass., Is the' sole «?«' 
elusive owner or the farce comedy known a- 
••Peck's Bad Boy" and that no person wlioniao 
ever has any n«ht to book, advertise or ?>«*"* 
comedv, or any essential part t hereof , or w n« 
the name of the aame, or any essential pin jaw 
of, or to use ray name in any way or manner n 
connection with Bald play or any other r"> w ",. 
out full written authority and license front »«io 
Shaw. GEO." Fbt'"- 

All People' Eugaged for Sruson of lI»ti:{-4, will pleuse assemble at Heliiehunil H""' 

;i4tli St. aud 8th Ave.. MONDAY. JULY 20, at 10 A. M. Can use a Uood Leader- 

nlso a few mure Chorus Ultls. Long sen sun of 4U weeks. Address „ „.,, 

T. W. DIXK1XS. Room ^07. UjB Jwajtjgf. X. Vl»v- 


J, flUTICK I — 


IN ' ' . 



New Crystal Beach Theatre, 

*}!,? r + h0 ''i . BE J* T 8U *«» 8 !l RESORT. Now booking all kinds of Refined Vaudeville Ae» 
willing to work tor Summer resort salaries. Address B. M. OAP* ,E, - n - 



toubie- « 

m older »ue*' 

, f; sioff fc 

-IS- u JI? i" ? wh '.' "* n ,'! Cl,t * * na ,,ro "K foncen lurn; also man lor St. Clare, to double 
3„& 1 £T»£!. , ,' 0nWl , e ' «» »>lvanrc fares'lf required. Two Good BUI Pouter,. Oj*" 1 * 
•inegHUve. Writ, or wire, Mllvtrton, Ont., 9; Brussels 10, Blyth ll, Seaforth 1». JXO. 

in her* 

Jt J Y 11. 





Arrives Steamer BREMEN about July 7. 
8 Months Open for America. Address Station A. Cleveland, O. 

The Cutlery King 


Tht man thai know* your wanta and aanda 
th«m quick. Writs for Catalogua-THE MOST 


C BO E. Madison 8t., CHI CAPO 


All Fresh Stock. 


made of the best French rubber 
In three colon, red. bine and 
green, that Inflate fall size, war- 
ranted best quality 4 piece robber. 

Ho. Per Gross. 

aw. Assorted colors $3 76 

1. White rattan switches... 88 
00. Fancy covered whips.... 1 SO 


No, Per Gross. 

45. Assorted colors $1 76 

66. Assorted colors 2 00 

68, Assorted colors 2 60 

68. McGlnty 800 

160. Serpents 800 

8a Flying Serpents 2 60 

We also carry full lines of 
■Walking Canes.CbeapJewelry 
Pocket Knives, Plckout Prizes 
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